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Corruption. "Full" democracy is overfilled with corruption freedom confirmed by the millions of facts and is insurmountable by any measures up to the death penalty. It also expresses its anti-democratic character, its incurable internal pathology and its focus is not o­n the interests of the people and o­n private corruption interests.

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Harmonious state of SPHERONS:


Corruption in a number of the countries threatens the existence of the state and democracy. For example, in Russia, in connection with the scandalous facts of system corruption voices sound: FURTHER SO TOLIVE IMPOSSIBLE: : FURTHER SO TO LIVE IMPOSSIBLE (in Russian).

In contrast, the sphere harmonious state is NON-CORRUPTABLE by definition. The harmonious state distributes the legislative, executive and judicial power EQUALLY among sphere classes by selecting representatives from them in each state body. EACH sphere class is equal o­n force to other sphere classes within the branches of governmental power. Therefore each sphere class will provide the full control over activity of others, making ANY corruption impossible. But the main basis for all state bodies of the sphere classes becomes the general IDEOLOGY of harmony, which is incompatible with corruption. This distinguishes this ideology from all other ideologies and democracies, which are compatible with corruption.


All sphere classes (SPHERONS) have o­ne goal: social harmony. And all sphere classes have o­ne social ideal: a harmonious civilization. Therefore, sphere classes, by their nature, are harmonious. Simultaneously, every sphere class has the SPECIFIC way to realize this goal and ideal albeit at different levels (global, regional, national and local), in different spaces (West-East, North-South, Continents, etc.), in the different conditions defined by its different levels, and by the quality of development of each sphere in each concrete place and time. Every sphere class has political parties (one or several) that, as well as classes, have o­nE political end: social harmony. But these parties, as well as their classes, have DIFFERENT political ways of movement toward this purpose. The primary goal of parties is to coordinate and harmonize among themselves the political ways and methodology to reach o­ne political end and to provide politically coordinated and harmonious movement of the sphere classes to o­ne purpose and o­ne ideal. Such parties create the HARMONIOUS STATE and HARMONIOUS POLITICAL SYSTEM.


That is why the harmonious state does not know corruption — why it is BEYOND corruption. Therefore, this state essentially differs from the industrial states that are always corrupted and differ o­nly in the amount and degree of corruption.


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