SOCIAL Sector: Branches
Sphere's Objects / products: P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 Resources P1
Employed in the sphere = SOCIOCLASS
Resources I1
Sphere's information
Resources O1
Sphere's organizations
Resources T1
Sphere's material-technical basis (MTB)
Education People (P) Educators, etc. Pedagogical Educational Education's MTB
Healthcare People (P) Doctors, etc. Medical Medical Branch's MTB
Sport, tourism People (P) Coaches, etc. Sporting Sporting Branch's MTB
Social maintenance People (P) Social workers... Related to social maintenance Related to social maintenance Branch's MTB
Emergencies Ministry People (P) Rescuers Corresponding Rescue Branch's MTB
Trade unions People (P) Trade union officials Trade unionist Trade unionist Trade unions' MTB
Philanthropy People (P) Philanthropists Philanthropic Philanthropic Branch's MTB
Church People (P) The clergy... Religious Church Church's MTB
Family, humanitarian employment People (P) Parents, children, family members Family humanitarian Organization of humanitarian employment MTB of family's humanitarian employment
The individual; humanitarian employment Person
Humanitarian needs/abilities Individual humanitarian Humanitarian self-organization MTB of individual's humanitarian employment
Product P = the sum of all lines P1 = the sum of all lines I1 = the sum of all lines O1 = the sum of all lines T1 = the sum of all lines