SOCIAL Sector: Branches
Sphere's objects / products: I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4 Resources P2
Employed in the sphere = INFOCLASS
Resources I2
Sphere's information
Resources O2
Spheres' organizations
Resources T2
Sphere's material-technical basis (MTB)
Culture Information (I) Workers Museum etc. Culture Branch's MTB
Science Information (I) Scientists etc. Scientific Science Branch's MTB
Philosophy Information (I) Philosophers Philosophical Philosophy Branch's MTB
Divinity Information (I) Theologians Theological Divinity Branch's MTB
Art Information (I) Artists etc. Art Art Branch's MTB
MMC Information (I) Journalists... Journalistic... MMC Branch's MTB
Designing Information (I) Designers Design Designing Branch's MTB
Publishing houses Information (I) Publishers etc. Publishing Publishing houses Branch's MTB
Advertising Information (I) Reclamers... Advertising Advertising Branch's MTB
Communication Information (I) Signalmen etc. Communicational Communicational Branch's MTB
Soft programs Information (I) Programmers etc. Appropriate Appropriate Branch's MTB
Nation creativity (spiritual) Information (I) Self-actors Appropriate Amateur Branch's MTB
Family, infoemployment Information (I) Family members, them infoemployment Family information Organisation of family infoemployment MTB of family infoemployment
The individual, infoemployment Information (I) Person, her info needs / abilities Individual information Selforganization of infoemployment MTB of the individual infoemployment
Product I = the sum of all lines P2 = the sum of all lines I2 = the sum of all lines O2 = the sum of all lines T2 = the sum of all lines