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February 5, 2006

Leo Semashko

Financial resources for Global Movement

"Making Children a Priority in the World"



In the market capitalist world the financial resources play a key role in relation to other resources. A key role they play and for our Global movement. However its new quality requires the new forms of investment, which are opened below.


Our public, noncommercial and not governmental Website spend the large work, which the basic part make the translations of materials (documents, articles, reviews, responses etc.) into at least o­n three and further o­n ten languages of the world and their publication. Now, since 2006, the website co-authors are crossed to organization of Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World", to the appropriate sociological researches of public opinion about peace culture, children’s suffrage, children’s priority etc. Till now, during o­ne year, this work spent o­n a volunteer basis. Now it requires serious and constant financing. The traditional ways of financing are insufficient and inefficient. Therefore since 2006 the new investment/financial policy is entered.


The new financial policy, which enters the shares but does not reject traditional noncommercial ways of investment: donations, reception of the awards, grants etc. With the remarkable offer of the Japanese Professor Reimon Bachika the special shares of two types are established for financing of: 1. Our site - the "Harmonious Peace" shares in the USD 10 and 2. Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World" - the "Children’s Priority" shares in the USD 20. Each website co-author, which has published o­n it the opinion about harmonious peace, CAN buy any number of the shares "Harmonious Peace", and each human in the world sharing idea of the children’s priority, CAN buy any number of the shares "Children’s Priority" and to become the participant of Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World". Simultaneously these shares will be the form of a member payment. These shares are long-term and will bring the dividends to their owners, their children and grandchildren as the future harmonious peace o­n the basis of children’s priority preventing wars, terror, violence and poverty. They will save our children and grandchildren in the future from death, wounds, famine and other damage of wars and poverty.


Therefore they have maximum value and highest level of the profit for all. They provide not o­nly profit in the future but also spiritual or symbolical profit in the present. The price of these shares will grow, though maybe, not so fast as the price of the oil shares for example. It will create in the future the appropriate stock exchange and shares market for "Harmonious Peace" and "Children’s Priority". These shares will transform both the Website and Global movement into Joint-stock companies having an own source of investment. These shares create a new form of the capital sharing, which differs from economic. Its possible to name as the humanistic, harmonious and maximum o­n dignity. Briefly: it is the Hi-shares and Hi-capital sharing. Such form of the capital-sharing opens before each responsible citizen preferring harmonious peace to war and also each responsible parent, grandparent and before parent preferring a child priority to his discrimination and social neglect an flexible and powerful form of participation in their progress and statement in the future world. It will ensure also a new, effective way of management for the Website and Global movement.


On the initial stage the named shares are bought at the website director and are given out by him personally behind the personal signature and code number. At the request of the persons already financing our site they can receive the appropriate number of this shares at their choice.


(Discussion and other opinions about policy of investment for our Site and Global movement are welcomed and will be accepted with gratitude).


 February 12, 2006


Reimon Bachika


Building Support for http://peacefromharmony.org/


As a faculty member at a hard-working private university, I have been postponing cooperation with admiration for Leo Semashko's Peace-from-Harmony Movement that focuses o­n children. What can be more appropriate to tackle the problems of modern risk societies? Problems, there are many. All societies o­n Planet Earth seem to follow the same pattern of creating wealth and craving for more. The big corporations, no doubt, are the engines of the economy, but there are many ‘unintended’ consequences:deterioration of the environment, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, increasing profanation of culture, the breakdown of family life, violence, loneliness, the erosion of other traditional values. Admittedly, the causality in all these things is foggy, but the symptoms are real. The future is uncertain. Is the lawlessness/chaos of the Internet not an image of a future world to come? That is, if we let it happen. Symbolically, a child is an image of simple love, innocence, playfulness, unspoiled nature, the basic goodness of life and hope for the future. This movement concerns a New Enlightenment, not for science, but for greater human fulfillment, peace and harmony in the world. However difficult or utopian, this movement merits all the support it can muster. It merits also financial support. Having felt Leo’s pain with his limited resources and last year’s site database crash, I have thought of a different strategy of financial support in the form of a more imaginative membership system and symbolic investment in the future.




The idea to leave membership free of charge, as Leo intended it from the beginning, has a good point, but I feel that, apart from communicating ideas and views for a better future, a minimum amount of membership fee is necessary. Psychologically, o­ne does not feel to be a member without paying a fee. I thought that a combination of obligation and choice might constitute an attractive membership system. What about making 20 US$ the obligatory membership fee per year, with the option of ‘buying additional shares’ at the same price? In this way, we could become members and shareholders, co-owners of this website. As private persons and families we have many financial needs and duties that are different at different times. Persons, who feel economically secure, may feel inclined to be more supportive of this movement and buy symbolic shares at 20 US$ a piece. Another token of choice could be to have two different kinds of shares: “Children’s Priority Shares” and “Peace Shares.” This is at the same time an expression of personal intentions and preference.

This Movement is a very serious matter. It is longing for a better world, a better future and a common humanity. But then again, it is good that we ourselves continue to nurse and enjoy the playful attitude of the child within us. Buying symbolic shares is intended to increase happiness and human dignity, not wealth. It will bring dividends in better human culture for our grand children and great-grand children. This shareholder system may put a little to shame all those who o­nly invest to increase their bank account. It is o­ne little step toward challenging and changing the culture of capitalism, just as the introduction of a Peace Calendar is a step toward changing of the raw industrial, military culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. As Hilarie communicated, the present information society is hard-core and its culture will not easily dissipate, but multiplying little steps can become a big stride toward a world of greater Peace and Harmony.

Other ideas may come to mind to round out the system, such as issuing certificates for the shares and code numbers for the buyers, fixing an Euro rate (other currencies?), and setting a different charge for less affluent societies. Ways of sending the money have to be spelled out (an International Postal Money Order to be arranged at a post office is probably a cheap way to transfer small amounts of money). Further, a system for children could be devised. Another for students! Still other ideas may be needed to keep the system simple! Its explanation should be no longer than o­ne page!

Hoping to have contributed a little to the Peace-from-Harmony Movement, I send peace and harmony wishes to all.




Reimon Bachika,

Professor of Sociology, Kyoto University, Japan



I very highly appreciate Reimon’s ideological contribution and very grateful him for his innovative offer of the symbolical investment or shareholder system, which gives the large hopes and for our site and for our Movement "Peace-From-Harmony-And-Children’s-Priority". Reimon also has made the largest donation in the USD1000 o­n restoration of our site, which has ensured effective restoration. o­nce again many thanks to Reimon for his strong support of peace, harmony and children’s priority. Could the site co-authors and other adherents of these values to share with Reimon his idea of the symbolical shareholder and to follow his example?


February 15, 2006


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