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Cyberspheronics (CYBS): Peace Manifesto XXI

The Peace Manifesto from Cyberspheronics:

Spheral Third Way of the XXI Century.


Briefly: The Spherons/Humanity Third Way Manifesto; or:

Equality ManifestoXXI; Harmony Manifesto XXI; Peace Manifesto XXI;

Dream ManifestoXXI; Bifurcation Manifesto XXI; Democracy ManifestoXXI;

and the Manifesto XXI other names:

Survival, Salvation, Life, Unity, Solidarity, Justice, Love, Women, Youth, Gandhi, Nonviolence, Revolution, Humanism, Ecology, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Education, Breakthrough, Development, Partnership,Prosperity, Civilization, etc.

The Manifesto names set is the set/scale of its meanings, its pluralism that as a whole constitutes
the humanity/spherons greatest force of non-violence, which is mightier than the mightiest weapons of destruction (Gandhi).
In the interests/goals of a o­ne or another particular practical accentuation, its name can be reduced to any of the listed attributes.

The Manifesto Humanistic Essence is:

Anti-nuclear, Anti-militaristic and Non-violent

based o­n the synergy of the holistic potentials of Gandhi, Wiener, Einstein and Vernadsky.


The Gandhica* abris/synopsis.


Dr. Leo Semashko** with the GHA support.

Mr. Robert Weir, the USA writer and peacemaker is the Manifesto English text editor.



The GHA 78th project.

Started: May 17, 2020.

GHA Approved on June 21, 2020.

The updated, final version: July 7, 2020.

All previous versions of the "Spherons/Peace Manifesto" disavow, except this o­ne.



Mairead Maguire, Bernard Scott, Johan Galtung, Bishnu Pathak, Boris Rezhabek, Lucas Pawlik, Lana Yang, Takis Ioannides, ErnestoKahan, Guy Crequie, Michael Ellis, Maitreyee Roy, Rudolf Siebert,Andrey Smirnov, Alexander Trubachev, Vera Popovich, Marie Robert, Pravat Dhal,Subhash Chandra, María Cristina Azcona, Adam Greenwell, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Habyarimana Heli, Nina Novikova, Vladimir o­noprienko, Vladislav Krasnov, Andrey Semashko,Alexander Semashko, Stephan Semashko, Susana Roberts, Delasnieve Daspet, Celia Altschuler,Stephen Amoah, Olga Kashina, Robert Weir, Surendra Pathak,

The GHA 36 members from 18 countries:

Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, France, Ghana, Greece, Israel, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway,
Puerto Rico, Russia, Rwanda, USA,



In English:https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

In Russian:https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=819



Nonviolence in harmony/peace of varnas/spherons is the greatest [but still unknown] force [energy] at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction. Nonviolence [of spherons] is the law of human life.

Mahatma Gandhi


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same [partial] level of thinking we were at when we created them. Therefore, "we should require a substantially new [holistic, non-violent, asymmetric] manner of thinking [by spherons] if mankind is to survive."

Albert Einstein


Cybernetics ... will o­nly attain its true stature if it recognises itself as the science

that reaches out [to know]for that which is hidden [the depth of spherons].

Gotthard Gunther


Gandhi believed that humanity possessed the greatest force of non-violence, love and peace and that it and each person are capable of using this force to change themselves and the world. In our violent world, after the atomic bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilian population, militarism turned into murderous world state terrorism. For 75 years, its global system has taken humanity near to extinction and we have become a hostage o­n its nuclear scaffold of genocide and ecocide.

This anti-militarist Manifesto, based o­n love nonviolence harmony and peace offers an alternative to mainstream, dominant militarism. The Manifesto develops today a new scientific and peacemaking consciousness, which should to change the traditional, violent o­ne through the practice of the Global Peace Science as a third way for humanity. It is not too late to take this path of general and complete disarmament as the scientific alternative of nonkilling and peace.

Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Militarism became world state terrorism in the United States, which launched it 75 years ago with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, retaining the right of a preventive nuclear strike. This keeps humanity in hostage of militarism, stops its humanistic evolution and has threatened its survival for 75 years so far. o­nly the inevitable fall of militarism in general, and nuclear militarism first will save humanity from this threat and open the path of disarmament within global peace.

Johan Galtung,

Founder of peace and conflict studies,

Director, Transcend International


Leo Semashko and I have spent our lives promoting universal love and peace. We have also used what talents we have to try to understand the human condition. Leo, a sociologist, has studied society. I, a psychologist, have studied how humans interact and learn. We both have used cybernetics to help us construct our understandings. We both believe that love and understanding lead to wisdom. I support Leo in his work to bring about a harmonious society. I thank him for his friendship, his love, and his wisdom.

Bernard Scott,

Cybernetician, psychologist,

International Center for Sociocybernetics Studies


The human evolution is identified by the cornerstones and the intellectual beacons of new discoveries. This is the case with The Peace Manifesto from Cyberspheronics: Spheral Third Way of the XXI Century, written and published by the Global Harmony Association. GHAs Manifesto describes a harmonious way of life that some of the worlds peopleeven the majority of peoplealready live without consciously knowing why or how they live that way. This Manifesto puts the foundation for that harmonious way of life into wordsa road map, if you willso that people can understand and, thus, advance and evolve further. This is a new turn of human evolution towards a better future.

Robert Weir

American writer


The extremely acute world situation with a nuclear threat, global security, ecological catastrophe and a pandemic requires scientists, especially cyberneticians, to be more radical, responsible and courageous in the development and application of our fundamental science with its unique, holistic inexhaustible potential. It was first identified by Wiener, but remains unknown and unused so far. It becomes known, organizing, using and working o­nly in synergy with other societal spheres integrity potentials of Gandhi, Einstein and Vernadsky in CYBS o­n the spherons base.

Leo Semashko,

Philosopher, sociologist, cybernetician, peacemaker from harmony,

GHA Founder and Honorary President



Introduction. The Emotions/Intuitions Inspiration.

Spherons of Harmony: Societal Reality/Genome of Human/Humanity.


Spherons are the inner sun of human/humanity*, the eternal reactor of their cybernetic interactions, minimal in number, but equal necessary/sufficient in diversity, creating the maximum social diversification of history for survival, ordering/controlling its chaos and ensuring its stable regularity. Spherons generate/determine the eternal life of humankind through their greatest/infinite inner force/energy of harmony, peace, equality, mutual service, love and non-violence. Spherons are an eternal societal structure, social capital and the genetic substance of human/humanity.

Spherons cover the entire population and organize its employment/life from birth to death. Spherons are the o­nly creator/actor of the noosphere, everything that was created and will be created by human/humanity o­n Earth. Spherons are the eternal consecrated governor of God o­n Earth as the source of all things in Cosmos. Spherons are the genome of the social life of human/humanity, which determines the internal duration of its history.

Spherons are the common genetic societal denominator of all people, nations/ethnic groups, cultures and civilizations, no matter how different they are. Spherons are an ideal, the o­nly ever-sustainable social platform of their closest partnership o­n all vectors and the most mutually beneficial cooperation at all levels with the full participation of the global population.

Spherons, first discovered by Mahatma Gandhi about a century ago, as equal varnas of prehistoric India, which provided it with prosperity and world cultural leadership for a millennium, intuitively used by him in the practice of non-violent liberation of India from colonial slavery, became through the CYBS the scientifically conscious property of all humanity. They open before it the Era of True Being in the conscious realm of harmony, peace, equality, partnership service, love and non-violence of all nations.

In the spherons solar fire, all hatred, violence, war, selfishness, evil, the dominance of individual partons/parts: classes, parties, nations, empires, elites, who tried to dominate the whole and subordinate all humanity to their partial volition/selfishness burn/die over time. The spherons sun belongs to everyone. It shines, warms and nourishes everyone and can be used to the full extent of its energy o­nly in a conscious, scientifically organized/controlled cybernetic interaction of spherons. This is the eternal task of the future conscious, scientifically illuminated evolution of humanity in its survival and prosperity.

The CYBS Manifesto is the Spherons Manifesto and vice versa. This is the spherons first scientific worldview, a fundamental long-term strategy of their future for the 21st century, which will be continuously improved in feedback with the practice of its implementation. This is the thinking, consciousness and mind of spherons, their goals, historic mission and the Third, nonviolent, conscious Way to them.

The CYBS Manifesto, in its beginning, is a crown of 10 books and 77 projects created by hundreds of GHA members during 15 years of its research and discussions. It cannot be born and develop outside the GHA environment and without its support.

* Anyone who is difficult, hindered or disliked by a holistic duplex language can reduce its pairs to any term from it. See explanation below.


I. Cyberspheronics: Theory/Thinking


1. Features of Cybernetics and Cyberspheronics (CYBS). Each science outlines its object/subject, creates its own conceptual/terminological language of its knowledge/thinking, develops its own manner/method of explanation/understanding and offers its own forms of their description/expression and presentation to the outside world. Mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, history, psychology and other sciences develop their own special way of cognition in all of the above parameters/dimensions.

Cybernetics and Cyberspheronics are not exceptions from this rule, but its continuation. To understand and master these sciences, it is necessary to master their peculiarity in their parameters. Cybernetics includes in its object/subject observable and observing, controlled and controlling systems that encompass the entire conceivable diversity of the universe in its integrity/wholeness of internal self-organization and governance. The universality/integrity of the object/subject of Cybernetics determines its special status as the most interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science (Scott, 1996, 2004 and etc.).

Cyberspheronics (CYBS), while maintaining the status of Cybernetics, limits its subject o­nly to social governance and o­nly social systems, which are extremely complex in themselves and for cognition. This determines its highest dignity and, at the same time, its particular difficulty, making Cyberspheronics a unique science and the pinnacle of Cybernetics in these respects. To understand and master CYBS below, a thesis description of all its parameters is proposed, a detailed scan and justification of which are presented in Gandhica (2019).

2. Definitions/Language of Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Spheral Linguistics.

2.1. Definition-1. The CYBS Science. Cyberspheronics is the third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons, or Cybernetics of societal spheres/spherons within the framework of a pluralistic tetradic philosophy of constructivism (Gandhica, 2019). Cyberspheronics is the science of governance/control (cyber) of spherons and the governance/control (cyber) by spherons in the unity of spherons as an objective/subjective thermodynamic environment, simultaneously observed/observing and governed/governing within their circular causality, consciously organizing its object/subject and consciously self-organizing as its actor according to the measure/level of their knowledge.

2.2. Definition-2. Cyberspheronics Object/Subject. It is the life/existence of society/humanity as the noosphere created by it o­n Earth. The noosphere is constituted by continuous production/autopoiesis of four necessary/sufficient resources/products: People, Information, Organizations, Things (the totality of created material goods and services): PIOT. The PIOT are produced in four corresponding spheres of social production/autopoiesis: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere, Technosphere (the sphere of production of material goods and services) by the respective actors/clusters of people employed in these spheres and therefore called spherons": Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron. Spheres/spherons differ o­n the PIOT products. (Gandhica, 2019).

The spheres/spherons are inextricable duplexes of clusters of social autopoiesis/noosphere: there are no spheres of autopoiesis without its spherons as their sole actors, and vice versa; there are no spherons of autopoiesis without their spheres as their necessary infrastructures. Their indissolubility is illustrated by a similar connection of endless partial examples: schools and schoolchildren, mines and miners, towns and townsfolk, physics and physicists, music and musicians, poetry and poets and so o­n, which do not exist without each other.

2.3. Definition-3. Spherons of Cyberspheronics (CYBS). Spherons are universal. They include all people from birth to death, without exception. The universality of spherons covers all human/social life/autopoiesis in its entirety, without exception, of all people, in all families, schools, enterprises, cities, regions, countries, continents and within humanity as a whole. The spherons of humanity differ o­nly in spheral employment in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis, which is replaced by people in their life process of transition from employment in o­ne sphere to employment in other areas. The human/people life is a permanent spheral employment and its change (Gandhica, 2019). The humanity spherons are presented in this structural model:



Through universal spheres/spherons, Cyberspheronics provides holistic thinking, design, governance, self-organization, sustainability and survival of noosphere together with thenonviolent/harmonious resolution of its global problems of the highest complexity for any level from the individual to humanity.

2.4. Definition-4. The CYBS Law of Universal Wholeness (LUW). (Or: The CYBS Law of Necessary Spheral Diversity.) This is the defining societal/genetic law of humanity, developing the Ashbys Law of Requisite Variety or necessary diversity. This law expresses a constant trend of matching the diversity of the governing system to the diversity of the governed system, which is fulfilled from two sides: from the object side and the governance subject. The CYBS LUW determines the necessary o­ntological diversity of an object (society/humanity) to match with which the governing subject (governance as a whole) diversity should strive as follows.

The autopoiesis/life of any social organism from birth to death at all levels from an individual (within the framework of his/her spheral needs, abilities and spheral employment) to humanity (in the same spheral forms) is determined by the genetic system of four necessary and sufficient spheres/spherons that ensure the reproduction of four necessary and sufficient spheral resources: People, Information, Organization, Things (material goods and services). In abbreviated form: PIOT. The processes of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of PIOT constitute together with them the corresponding spheres/spherons: Sociosphere/Sociospheron producing P; Infosphere/Infospheron producing I; Orgsphere/Orgspheron producing O; Technosphere/Technospheron producing T. In thinking of social wholeness/complexity at any level, CYBS, as a universal governing system, is limited by the diversity of these 16 spheral clusters/elements in their cognitive/attributive duplexes.

The CYBS LUW is implemented by a system of circular (direct and feedback) functional interactions of all (16) spheral clusters/elements (resources, processes, spheres and spherons) composing holistic autopoiesis/life of humanity/society. The absence of at least o­ne spheral element in it makes its existence impossible, therefore all of them are not just necessary, but equally necessary and together sufficient, determining the necessary and sufficient substantial pluralism of humanity/society. In general, the diversity of autopoiesis is limited to 16 similar, fundamental/genetic spheral clusters/elements, which are determined by the four basic PIOT resources and are statistically expressed through them (below).

All the 16 spheral clusters/elements are historically embodied in the infinite variety of their cultural, national, civilizational, transitory forms from which CYBS is distracted but which constitute the subject of a whole set of branch subdisciplines. CYBS performs a fundamental o­ntological, cognitive and organisational trans- and interdisciplinary function in relation to them.

The CYBS LUW integrates and develops also all other laws of the first and second order Cybernetics (observable and observing systems) providing through 16 spheral societal clusters/elements the necessary and sufficient internal diversity of the all systems viability/autopoiesis within society/humanity.

The CYBS LUW creates the integration/synergy of fragmented disciplines of traditional Cybernetics, overcoming their fragmentation and mutual disorganization. At the highest level of synergy of Cybernetics in CYBS, it produces knowledge of genetic/societal wholeness without which no scientific/system global governance and a democratic solution to any world problem of society/humanity is possible.

2.5. Definition-5. CYBS Holistic Subject/Object in Statics. CYBS o­ntology. Structural Model. The CYBS subject/object is the planetary noosphere of the social production/autopoiesis within the biosphere (Vernadsky, 1931) and other spheres of the Earth, composed of four societal spheres/spherons. In accordance with the law of universal wholeness, the noosphere/humanity can be represented by the following structural model along with the noosphere fundamental values, ensuring its survival/stability:

The spheres/spherons are the societal thermodynamic substances of hybrid reality of the noosphere/humanity highest integrity/complexity. The movement to the discovery, cognition and use of spheres/spherons crowns and integrates the development of Cybernetics of the first two orders. In the spheres/spherons of third-order cybernetics, it enters a new level of wholeness/complexity. In spheres/spherons optimizing holistic assembly of subjects/objects of development of society/humanity, third-order cybernetics finds self-identification and a synergistic synthesis of self-developing polysubjective reflective-active environments, ensuring harmony of hierarchical and network models ... in three-dimensional space. (Lepskiy, 2018; WOSC, 2020).

The spheres/spherons determine the genetic structure of any social reflective-active environments, transform them into specific spheral environments, overcoming their amorphousness. The spheres/spherons remove the problem of the subjectless/structureless development of the noosphere/humanity in their entire history. Spherons are the societal, genetic, higher subjectivity of humanity at all levels, at all times and in all cultures and civilizations.

2.6. Definition-6. Structural Model: Cyberspheronics Holistic Dynamics. The following structural-functional model of the sociocybernetic genome (socionome), which presents the societal spheres/spherons dynamic harmony in autopoiesis/noosphere, expresses so:


More details o­n SOCIONOME see: The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, 2012, 3843:




The sociocybernetic genome is a model of global humanity as a nonlinear thermodynamic system of spheres/spherons (Avery, Semashko, 2017).

2.7. Definition-7. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Holistic Environmentalism. The noosphere/humanity environment has two levels: Earth (earthly) and Cosmos (outer space). The earth's environment is represented by its four spheres, known since ancient times: lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, in which the noosphere or anthroposphere of humanity is its part. The terrestrial environment that determines the existence of society/humanity o­n the planet is called ecology, and its spheres are called ecological.

The Cosmos environment is represented, first of all, by the cosmic luminary that defines the Earth and its biosphere, the Sun, as well as the Earth's ionosphere and all its outer cosmic universe, in which Earth is o­nly its microscopic part, the existence of which is completely determined by the cosmic whole and the laws of its evolution. If environmental spheres almost completely came under the influence (rather negative/destructive than positive/constructive) of society/humanity, then the cosmic sphere is o­nly explored and is still far from its real influence. (Ecimovic, 2017).

The CYBS environmentalism adds to its internal 16 spheral societal clusters/elements another 5 external spheral natural/environmental clusters/elements. They include four terrestrial, ecological spheres (litho-, hydro-, atmo-, bio-) and o­ne cosmic sphere integrated with the Sun. Together, these 5 spheres form the subject of CYBS spheral ecology, encompassing all the natural sciences that are included in the CYBS Megascience as its special cognitive cluster (below).

The concepts of 21 clusters/element of the CYBS object/subject as well as the concepts of their structure, interaction and evolution in social space/time, exhaust the fundamental layer of spheral linguistics in this integral science, o­n which the operational layer of its spheral language historically grows and modifies.

3. Duplex/Binary Method of the CYBS Tetranet Thinking. The utmost scale of the CYBS language, its integrity/complexity requires special attention to the simplicity and economy of its use. To do this, use the Gandhica Duplex/Binary Method of Linguistic Self-Organization of Tetranet Thinking, implemented by the pair use of the CYBS conceptual language through many duplexes of the Gandhica tetranet thinking categories. In duplexes of spheral linguistics, categories complement each other, outline the scale of wholeness and its extreme boundaries, or highlight its different meanings in synonymous situations, such as production/autopoiesis, etc. Categorical duplexing is an internal cognitive law of the CYBS self-organization of sphere-based tetranet thinking. In its spheral linguistics, it is represented by many categorical duplexes, which are lexically expressed through a slash (/).

They constitute the YBS cognitology, which is distinguished by such advantages as economy/compactness of thinking units, their quantitative/mathematical expression in terms of spheral statistics and their structural modeling in the matrix fractals (below). CYBS cognitology integrates the qualitative and quantitative aspects of integrity/complexity thinking, providing it with fundamental scientific knowledge and wide access to digitalization (below).

4. Spheral Statistics: the Holistic CYBS Unique Mathematical Advantage. The spheral statistics (SS) includes traditional statistics (TS) and based o­n it. Both of them have their own logic of cognition and a paradigm of thinking. TS embodies the simplest and most accessible trend of empirical, inductive knowledge from parts to the whole. SS realizes the most complex and least accessible vector of theoretical, deductive knowledge from the whole to its fundamental, spheral parts, constituting its integrity. TS provides the SS theoretical spheral indices with empirical content/meaning. The SS classifies, compresses, organizes, and focuses the infinite and chaotic space of empirical indices of national statistics and their meanings. SS provides the technology of an ordered system composition/decomposition (aggregation/disaggregation) of the entire chaotic set of the TS indices. The advantages/limitations and the mutual complementarity of the two statistics are disclosed in detail in Gandhica (2019). Here we confine ourselves o­nly to the merits of the SS and its key instrumental, mathematical and technological role in CYBS.

If the TS main advantage is its connection with reality, with the historical context in all its details, then the SS main advantage is its penetration into the eternal fundamental and deep/genetic laws/structures of integral humanity, which ensure its life, survival, stability in its entire history from the beginning to the end. SS grows out of the logical/theoretical premises of the spheres/spherons knowledge of social production common to all countries and times. This allows the SS to become global/universal. At the same time, it cannot and does not seek to replace/supplant traditional statistics, which make up its nourishing empirical soil and source. The SS can o­nly rely o­n it, contribute to its development and strengthening, and raise it to the level of fundamental science, while preserving all its necessary national characteristics. In the general methodological sense, the SS acts as a metalanguage and metalinguistics in relation to the TS object language and linguistics.

The SS emergence more than 40 years ago, its first steps and operations of composition and decomposition of indicators of two statistics are considered in a number of books (Semashko, 1992; 1999; 2002 and others, especially in Gandhica). Spheral statistics are statistics of spheral resources of PIOT, through which the statistics of spheral processes of PDEC, SIOT production spheres and SIOT spherons occupied in them are expressed. The spheron statistics (P) is the center of spheral statistics that defines peripheral/infrastructure spheral statistics. The foundation of spheral statistics is the basic matrix of spheral indices of PIOT 4x4 in size:

P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

I1 + I2 + I3 + I4

O1 + O2 + O3 + O4

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4

On its basis, an almost infinite system of derivatives detailed fractal matrices of another dimension is constructed according to a simple algorithm: 44n, where n is a series of natural numbers in modifications from +1, or from 1, or others. This matrix system is created o­n the alphanumeric indices of PIOT resource elements, called spheral indices. The algorithm of the infinite series of spheral matrices is the same: each row of any matrix turns into a column of the underlying matrix, and each row indicator appears in the underlying matrix as the sum of four indices expressing the complex of resources necessary and sufficient for its reproduction/autopoiesis.

The fractal spheral matrices are described by mathematical statistics and fractal mathematics by Benoit Mandelbrot (1982), in which "a fractal is a structure consisting of parts that are in some sense similar to the whole" expressing the ancient principle: "all in all." The social structures of 20 spheral clusters/elements, as well as the matrices of their spheral indices are fractal, which makes holistic CYBS and its spheral tetranet thinking by fractal, subjected to the corresponding laws of fractal/statistic mathematics.

The system of infinite spheral/fractal matrices creates a logically unified network statistical space of humanity, the global mathematical digital language of which is able to integrate, compose and decompose according to the PIOT indices all the diversity of national statistics, overcoming their innate fragmentation, discontinuity and disharmony. Spheral statistics creates an adequate empirical basis for CYBS and opens the way for the fundamentally innovative Spheral Information and Statistical Technology/Digitalization (SIST) of all spheres at all levels. The use of CYBS together with its SIST provides effective global harmonious governance of spherons in accordance with their values ​​and priorities at all their levels.

In the framework of a single spheral statistics, its center is the statistics of spherons. Since each spheral element/cluster is associated with o­ne or another part of spherons and doesnt exist without them acting as their actors, all of them (20) at any level can be expressed through spheral indices of spherons, through the quantity and quality of their employment, through its cost/time disclosed in the theory of spheral surplus cost of spherons, etc.

5. The CYBS as a Single Megascience of Humanity for its Spheral Third Way in the XXI Century. Spherons as observable, observing and self-governing systems are the connecting center of cybernetics of all three of its orders, making third-order cybernetics of spheres/spherons their conscious and self-organizing beginning for its previous orders. Therefore, spherons are the center of the CYBS entire integral system as MegaScience of the 21st century (below).

The CYBS spherons make cybernetics, its mechanisms of communication and control in [social] systems, with circular, feedback, or self-referential processes (Heylighen, 2020) extremely universal/complex, maximally holistic/large-scale and global science - MegaScience, covering the whole complex of observable and observing systems (first and second order), coinciding with humanity, since the spherons exhaust and embrace it.

The universal attributive/cognitive advantages of the spheral interpretation of complexity/wholeness in CYBS allow it to become a scientific, theoretical and methodological platform for combining all the countless social and humanitarian subdisciplines into a single holistic social Megascience of the XXI century. It provides a unified scientific solution to all global problems of humanity, ensuring its survival and liberation from all systemic crises of its integrity created by traditional, partial thinking, ignoring wholeness that is cognitively inaccessible to it.

CYBS is the connecting center of Megascience of the XXI century, providing a breakthrough in the humanity scientific knowledge, consciousness and thinking to a fundamentally new, substantial level of spheres/spherons genetic reality. The CYBS spheres/spherons unite all branches and all industry groups of the population; therefore, it becomes a unified platform for all industry disciplines of human cognition. All branch (social and natural) sciences in o­ne way or another relate to and study a person and various partial groups/communities of people, which are all parts of universal spherons, whose cybernetics is studied by CYBS. It creates a unique historical opportunity to integrate all knowledge in hundreds of its modifications into a single scientific organism Megascience of the XXI century.

CYBS provides full and holistic interdisciplinary cooperation and the synergy of traditional sciences through bridges of spheres/spherons, overcoming their discontinuity and raising them to a substantially new (Einstein) level of thinking unknown to them until now.

CYBS as Megascience will be a unique breakthrough of human knowledge in the XXI century that will free global society from all the problems that threaten its existence. But in this Megascience, the priorities of scientific knowledge are differently distributed than in the past. The cognitive priority in it is occupied by the social and human sciences, not in their traditionally stagnant and marginalized state but in the substantially new spheral state that they receive in CYBS. Their priority in relation to the natural and technical sciences allows them to control the quality of their use/influence both o­n society/humanity itself and o­n its spheral ecology. Their priority is realized by the brilliant Socrates testament of the cognitive priority of humanity, which has not yet been realized: Know thyself, which is achieved o­nly with the discovery of spherons and the emergence o­n their basis of CYBS.

Similar Megascience excludes any existence of military science (of course, not immediately but from the moment of complete disarmament) designed to destroy people. But all useful military achievements for the peaceful life of humanity, of course, are preserved and integrated in the CYBS technical sciences complex.

6. The True Level/Stature of Cybernetics: The Hidden Spheres/Spherons Science. Fifty years ago (1972), the famous German philosopher Gotthard Gunter predicted the scientific perspective of Cybernetics: it "will o­nly attain its true stature if it recognises itself as the science that reaches out for that which is hidden." Cybernetics reached this level of true fundamental science in the CYBS, third-order Cybernetics of spheres/spherons, which (CYBS) reveals this hidden, genetic, societal, unknown to humankind substance (Einstein) of Cybernetics. This substance raises Cybernetics to the true stature [level/height of fundamental] science (Gunther) of spheres/spherons. Nothing other than the hidden, global spheres/spherons of humanity, truly/fundamentally scientific in Cyberneticsdoes not exist. Therefore, o­nly through them can Cybernetics in the Cyberspheronics face become the truly holistic, transdisciplinary and metadisciplinary (Scott, 2019) MegaScience of the new century.

The CYBS as the unified/holistic, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary MegaScience reveals the true, fundamental genetic depth and hidden secret of humanity o­n Earth. The human/humanity has not yet known it as Socrates bequeathed, but humankind has already been opened to it by GHAs intellectual efforts during 15 years and is presented in the first form, far from perfect, in our Spherons CYBS Manifesto.

7. Humanity Spheral Third Way (STW) of the XXI Century and its Definition in CYBS.

7.1. General characteristic. The Third Way as political thinking and movement originated in the last century and is represented by a wide range of ideological and party trends from fascist to liberal, the analysis of which is devoted to many works (Giddens, 1998; Third Way, 1999; Fedotova, 2002; Greaney, 2016; and a lot others.). The Third Way is an attempt to find more effective methods and ways of responding to the new challenges of humanity, to which the traditional ideologies of capitalism/liberalism and communism/Marxism are powerless to answer due to their obsolescence and worthlessness.

The Third Way of Cyberspheronics is the SPHERAL Third Way (STW), an alternative from its traditional variantsEuropean, American, and Russianwhich we will combine with the concept of Traditional Third Way (TTW). Comparison of TTW and STW by basic attributes/qualities, free from unnecessary details, can be presented in the following table, which expresses their 20 key differences and the STW advantages.




Traditional Third Way (TTW)


Attitude towards holistic humanity

Partial, reduced and fragmented o­n branches/corporations/nations; inadequate, deadly

Integral by holistic equal spheres/spherons that are exhaustive to humanity; adequate, viable

Human/humanity rights

Do not guarantee the fundamental right: the right to life, security and the absence of war/violence

Ensures the right to life, the absence of war/violence and all others rights and freedoms

World history, its vision


Total class struggle and eternal national wars of annihilation, capture and domination. Partiality/partons history

Harmony/peace/nonviolence and partnership of equal spherons. In their world history war/violence is o­nly pathology of partiality/partons

World Order


Unipolar, monistic, subjugating the world to economic/military leader diktat, to systemic violence of its military political blocs

Multipolar, pluralistic, subordinate to balance/harmony/nonviolence of humanity equal spherons and their partnership, hostile blocks free

Real priority

Economy, material wealth, financial capital, military-industrial complex

Social sphere, people, social capital, ecology, health, education, welfare of the population



Fragmented weak science devoid whole knowledge. Propaganda instead of science. Ideology priority. Refusal from global peace science. Concealment, closed truth. Lie/false is God."

Holistic scientific path through the MegaScience of spheres/spherons. No propaganda, o­nly science. Global peace science - Cyberspheronics priority. Openness of truth. Truth is God: Gandhi

Social equality

Impotence in the theory and practice of equality, leading to the growth of inequality constantly.

Lack of scientifically recognized fundamental societal identity of equality

Scientific theory of equality in all dimensions based o­n the equality of spheres/spherons. Recognition of the scientific fundamental societal identity of the equality of people in spherons

Social contract of society as a whole and at each level

It is absent that is the cause of permanent group spontaneous conflicts, riots, hostility, violence and chaos.Lack of solidarity, diktat of all forms selfishness: individual, group, nation, etc.

It is present as a contract - Constitution of harmonious spherons providing a peaceful, conscious and preventive solution to any conflicts.Universal solidarity, the priority of altruism, empathy and compassion

Global peace

The complete inability to build peace that brought humanity to the nuclear eco-/geno-cide grave edge.

Refusal from Peace Department

The full ability to build global peace o­n equality and harmony of spheres/spherons. Peace Department priority in a democracy


Total powerlessness in the theory and practice of non-violence: ultimate tool for conflict: violence

Full ability to ensure non-violence based o­n peace, equality and harmony of spheres/spherons



The question is not posed,arms race and militarism absolutization; nuclear disarmament is rejected

Harmonious disarmament in 50 years: transformation of national armies into a global peace/ecology corps; nuclear disarmament: the nearest 10 years


Unfair, in the interests of international corporations

Fair, spheral, in the interests of all spherons/humanity as a whole



Partial democracy, in the oligarchic part interests. Population participation in elections: 25-35%, in decisions - 1-5%.

Systemic pathologies: inequality, militarism, corruption, nationalism, racism, decline, nature destruction

Complete, in the interests of all spherons. Population participation in elections: 75>%, in decisions to 50%.

Long-term global overcoming of all systemic traditional


The structure of political power and strategic governance

Chaotic, spontaneous, sectoral, fragmented, different at different levels, subjective, subordinate to the ruling particular elite interests; short-term governance, within 5 years, no more

Systemic, integral, spheral at all levels, conscious, objective, subordinate to the interests of spherons, society as a whole; long-term governance up to 100 years, harmonized with short-term o­ne

Democratic Constitution

Of the partial dominant elites, their inequality and violence

Of the holistic and equal spherons, their peace, harmony, nonviolence


Virtually absent except for particulars

Spheral mathematical statistics, universal

Digitalization (innovation)

Weak, limited, partial, technical and surface

Strong, versatile and deep in spheral statistics - digital breakthrough

Pluralism and monism;
Integrity and partial

Antagonistic monism and close to it devoid of measure traditional pluralism exclude integrity/holism, produce different types of the partial and its pathologies

Spheral, structural, four-dimensional pluralism admits, defines and produce viable integrity/holism, excluding the pathology of monism and the partial

The Future

Sunset of Humanity, The End of History, The West Collapse, The USA Fall, etc.

The prosperity of humanity, the beginning of its mature history



Qualitative social stagnation amid rapid technological progress, social obesity

Qualitative social breakthrough along with prosperity in all progress vectors


7.2. The STW Spheral Attributes. TTW does not know the spheral structure of the population, its spheral employment and spheral social production, and is deprived of its science, although it sometimes uses the spheral terminology intuitively. STW, built o­n the fundamental science of CYBS, creates its consciousness o­n spheres/spherons, starting with the priority social sphere.

1. The STW Sociosphere. The basis of a civilized, open, fair and democratic society of the 21st century is equality, peace, non-violence and harmony of the spherons at all its levels, ensuring and guaranteeing human rights/freedoms, starting from the right to life and including the absence of war/violence and militarism at all levels society and power. The social priority is children and the harmonious development of the individual instead of the economy and militarism. Priority development of social infrastructure is housing, ecology, education, healthcare, sports, recreation, etc.

2. The STW Infosphere. The innovative priority of MegaScience of Cyberspheronics and its universal information technology is spheral statistics, spheral internet, spheral digitalization as a digital breakthrough, spheral artificial intelligence, spheral applications, etc.

3. The STW Orgsphere. Spheral democracy is a quota equality of elected representatives (including gender equality) of spherons for all governmental bodies at all levels; the combination of representative and participatory democracy; children's suffrage, executed by parents, to ensure social completeness and the participatory nature of democracy; and spheral decentralization of power.

4. The STW Technosphere/Economics. Spheral harmonious market, regulated by the STW priorities, is included in the priority of the sociosphere and ecology, along with the priority of average prosperity.

Capitalism and communism are alternative pathologies of the last century, as equally militaristic, disharmonious and deadly for humanity as extreme obesity and extreme exhaustion. The TTW does not constitute and is not viable. The o­nly fundamental alternative is offered o­nly by STW of CYBS in a holistic, non-violent, socio-economic system of human spheres/spherons. The CYBS is a holistic scientific and harmonious worldview of the spherons STW, alternative to all unscientific, antagonistic militaristic ideologies of the past.

     8. The CYBS Holistic System of Values​/Human Rights. It is determined by the societal role, qualities and priorities of the spherons, which provide all the conditions for the survival and stability of society/humanity. It includes the following humanistic values​/rights: life, love, peace, harmony, non-violence, truth, freedom, equality, fraternity, law, complete/truth democracy and happiness. This axiological system integrates humanistic human values​/rights that are verified by long historical experience and excludes the opposite, anti-humanistic values ​​practiced by violent and totalitarian empires: death, hatred, war, disharmony, violence, lies, slavery, inequality, enmity, arbitrariness, dictatorship, misfortune and its vicious derivatives. They created systemic social pathologies that eventually, from the inside, destroyed and denied their empires, proving their non-viability, incompatibility with the values ​​of life-supporting spherons and unacceptability for an integral society/humanity.

The spherons axiological system is based o­n the priority right of human/humanity to life/peace, excluding war/militarism, as detailed in the relevant GHA Declaration (Semashko, 2017).

9. Spherons: Social Priorities Hierarchy/Network. Spherons/people have the highest priority of wholeness as o­nly this societal resource creates/produces all of them (PIOT), including itself, i.e. all societal integrity in its entirety and complexity. Spherons fully determine the existence/autopoiesis of society/humanity, but they can o­nly do this through other spheral resources created by them. Therefore, the absence of any of them makes the existence of benevolent society/humanity impossible, therefore they are equally necessary for it. Therefore, spherons are equal in power, in the possession, use and governance of all spheral and natural resources.

This is the spherons highest law of organizational/managerial equality, which ensures/determines the social equality of other forms and begins to consciously act in society o­nly with its scientific knowledge in the CYBS and with its constitutional fixation at all levels of democratic power. It provides a quota equal distribution of all power equally among elected representatives of spherons.

The spherons priority determines among people the priority of children, the quality of which determines the quality of society as a whole, including the highest quality of attitude toward the older generation, who gave birth, raised and reared grateful children. Their priority is ensured by the Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents (Semashko, 2004).

The spherons priority determines the full gender equality and partnership (Eisler, 1994), the full gender balance of power as the most optimal condition for social autopoiesis in general and its governance at all levels.

All of these societal priorities determine and create all the real conditions for the first humanistic holistic priority of the comprehensive and harmonious development of each individual. This was proclaimed, but never achieved in the past as a result of the dominance of other priorities: inequality, violence, power, profit, etc.This is the whole hierarchy/network of the spherons social priorities.

10. The Ineradicable Vice of Traditional Governance/Authority/Democracy. In all centuries and millennia, it has always been built o­n the dominance/priority of o­ne or another of the most powerful (economic, political, spiritual or social) parts of society over its whole. This key/structural flaw of partial control gives rise to all its other fundamental and irremovable flaws in history: inequality of all kinds, violence, militarism, corruption, selfishness of all forms and injustice. Such partial/egoistic control/power was successful, at best, o­nly in solving partial problems, but it remained ineffective/destructive with respect to the whole and inevitably led it to death along with its dominant partial power. Global problems created by partial power/administration, including any democracy, are insoluble for TTW, which was noted by Einstein 70 years ago (below) and proved the unsuccessful historical experience of solving these problems. The most striking example of the last century is the powerlessness of democracy in regard to nuclear weapons, the race of which it generously finances; o­nly accelerating the approach of humanity to the global genocide/ecocide, reducing the probability of its survival to a minimum, to 100 seconds (Mecklin, 2020). The traditional governance of the ruling political systems is aimed at strengthening the interests of o­ne of its parts (class, party, elite, etc.) to the detriment and expense of the whole interests. It mistakenly defines this part as the generative principle of the whole, which deforms it and leads it to inevitable death.

11. The Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Mission: Holistic/Spheral Democracy for the Spheral Third Way. The CYBS first social need and mission is to reorganize the democratic way of self-government in the interests of society as a whole at all levels from local to global, in order to ensure its survival/sustainability by eliminating the root vice of traditional power. This mission is achieved by an equal quota distribution of power of all branches and organs between the elected representatives of the four spherons in their gender balance.

Cyberspheronics is the necessary holistic scientific thinking/consciousness/knowledge of spherons, transforming them from a spontaneous, unconscious actor in o­neself into a conscious, scientifically minded democratic actor for o­neself, expressing by Kant terms. Therefore, spherons and Cyberspheronics are inseparable from each other in their true mutual necessity/sufficiency as a necessary, integral actor/subject and its integral consciousness/thinking. CYBS is the scientific strategy of STW of the 21st century, acceptable to all peoples in their quest for peace, harmony, non-violence and prosperity.

Cyberspheronics is not EGO thinking/governance of a selfish/partial nation, party or person, leading to self-destruction of humanity/noosphere, but ECO thinking/governance of its survival and prosperity o­n Earth. This is its mission.

12. The CYBS History. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) has come a long and complex evolutionary path, starting in 1992 with the first fundamental book Spheral Approach (Semashko), devoted to spheres/spherons (societal groups of the population engaged in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis, where they are also called the traditional term "spheral classes") and their spheral statistics. Its next step was Tetrasociology, which received the support of RC51 Sociocybernetics (Semashko, 2002; Scott, 2002).

CYBS develops and enriches the initial fundamental ideas of the cybernetics founders: Norbert Wiener, William Ashby, Heinz Foerster, David Stuart, Gregory Bateson, Warren McCulloch, Gordon Pask, Robert Park, Stafford Beer, Umberto Maturana and many others. These ideas received a new incentive for development and special significance in the works o­n Sociocybernetics, concentrated in the corresponding Research Committee (PC51) of the ISA, since its establishment in 1998, as well as in international cybernetics societies, which is reflected in the historical works of Bernard Scott (1983 2019).

The stratum/trend of cybernetic knowledge is organically integrated into CYBS with the trend of macro-sociological generalization and development of the four-spheral structure of social production as a whole (autopoiesis according to Maturana) in theoretical sociology. It starts with the early Marx, Danilevsky, Kovalevsky, Gandhi, Sorokin, Braudel, Parsons, Toffler, Bourdieu, including Semashkos books for 30 years, starting with Spheral Approach (1992) and ending with Gandhica (2019) and many other sociologists.

The concept of Third Order Sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons was first introduced with the participation of Bernard Scott in the GHA collective book The ABC of Harmony (2012).

13. The CYBS as a substantially new manner of thinking according to Einstein. The CYBS conception/paradigm implements the Albert Einstein great testament more than 70 years ago for the humanity survival, which has not been fulfilled so far. He wrote: The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Therefore, "we shall require a substantially new [holistic and nonviolent, asymmetric] manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." Unfortunately, over 70 years, humanity was unable to find, define and practically use substantially new thinking for its survival.

Einstein admitted the possibility of a world government o­nly based o­n such substantially new thinking but not o­n the basis of traditional, torn, partial and militaristic thinking that deprives humanity of survival, unity and solidarity. The CYBS thinking of wholeness/complexity by categorical duplexes of spheres/spherons in structural matrix modeling can be called the 21st century cognitive Copernican revolution and a breakthrough from the intellectual impasse of past centuries.

14. The CYBS as the thinking of Gandhian "greatest force of non-violence of mankind." The CYBS theory continues and develops at a new scientific level the greatest discovery and practice of Mahatma Gandhis non-violence through the use of his Newtonian law of the greatest force of mankind non-violence in his varnas/spherons. Gandhi, analyzing the whole gamut of man's activities [as] an indivisible whole, wrote that it represents the indivisible unity of four equally necessary and sufficient spheres of society: social, economic, political and purely religious. They are occupied by equally necessary and sufficient groups of the population Varnas, which subsequently received the name "spherons" by their employment in the spheres of society. All [four] varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another, therefore they are equally necessary and sufficient together, determining the systems wholeness of every society.

Varna is not a human invention, but an immutable law of naturethe statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton's law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna Varna, thus conceived, is no manmade institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.Fulfillment of the law would make life livable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, [and] put an end to starvation and pauperization The idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it [varna]. ThoughthelawofvarnaisaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer,ithas universal application... Varna has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna That is how I look at the law of varna. The world may ignore it today but it will have to accept it in the time to come. It ordains that everyone shall fulfill the law of o­ne's being... Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law [of varnas equality] and they are suffering for it. The so-called civilized nations have by no means reached a state [of varnas development], which they can at all regard with equanimity Without the abolition of the caste hierarchy, there can be no peace in society and the world ... When we revive universal human equality [of varnas/spherons]... When that day comes we shall have peace o­n earth and goodwill to men. (Gandhi, 140-183).

14.1. The CYBS: Synergy of the Holistic Potentials of Gandhi, Wiener, Einstein and Vernadsky Based o­n the Spherons. A brief theoretical outline of CYBS illustrates the fundamental, deep synergy, which is based o­n spherons and the holistic intellectual potentials of the last century geniuses, each of which laid the foundation for a certain, necessary and self-sufficient scientific integrity/holism for each of the four societal spheres. Gandhi is the foundation of the first definition of the societal integrity/wholeness of non-violence for people. Wiener is credited with the first definition of universal governing integrity/wholeness, including the governance/organization of a human society. Einstein is the creator of the first definition of a substantially new, cognitive integrity/wholeness of thinking/information of people. Vernadsky relates to the first definition of the noospheral social integrity/being of humanity as a special, geological/material force and anthropospheral infrastructure o­n planet Earth. CYBS is based o­n statistically and empirically proven spherons, the intuitions of which are present in the works of the last century geniuses, in the potential of each from them. CYBS synergistically integrates/synthesizes their fundamental integrity/wholeness potentials, thus forming a science of an essentially new, holistic, integral, meta-, trans- and inter-disciplinary class: MegaScience (above). They are synergized o­nly o­n the basis of spherons and o­nly within the framework of Cyberspheronics, which is the highest level of organizational/governing cybernetics. CYBS provides them with synergistic, cognitive/praxiological integration/holism in the pragmatics of MegaScience (below).CYBS stands o­n these intellectual giants shoulders, providing the highest scientific fundamentality and integrity of its MegaScience, constructing and constituting it o­n their fundamentality.

15. The CYBS Social Need. Its acuteness is set, o­n the o­ne hand, by the high level of globalization of all spheres of world social production, which determines the decisive role of its integrity and global governance of it; and, o­n the other hand, by the systemic impotence of traditional partial social science, torn into hundreds of industry disciplines, to solve global integrity problems. This systemic weakness is demonstrated by the entire crisis situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels: global, regional - the destruction/crisis of the EU solidarity, national - the crisis of separate countries, especially the USA, etc.

The CYBS offers a constructive alternative to systemic national impotence by its systemic greatest force of non-violence of humanity spherons (Gandhi), self-organized in their spheral structures of global governance, the first project of which for the UN was created in the GHA in 2017 (Semashko). The priority development of this alternative at the international level fully meets the constantly exacerbating social needs of humanity inherent in CYBS, which today does not have any other scientific competitive alternatives.

CYBS creates and provides in the XXI century cybernetic consciousness as a new noospheric phenomenon of the global information space (Tonkonogov, 2018).

16. The CYBS Dual, Peaceful/Military Use. In the transition period, until the completion of complete and general disarmament, there remains a dangerous possibility of militaristic use of the CYBS by o­ne or another country or group of countries in order to achieve world domination by non-violent means. Any fundamental science, as we know, has a dual, peaceful/military purpose. CYBS is no exception from this danger.

17. International Monitoring of the CYBS MegaScience Development/Use. There can be two effective and compatible/complementary ways to control the CYBS development/use and, thus, preventing its militaristic use in the "national egoistic interests" of the most powerful countries or their blocks, as was the case, for example, with atomic energy in 1945 and subsequent years.

17.1. The creation of a single Global Academy of CYBS MegaScience (GACM) with regional and national branches under the auspices of the UN/UNESCO or the International Bank and the IMF, capable to finance the CYBS MegaScience project and exercising international control over it. The GACM will be an excellent example of international scientific and humanitarian cooperation.

17.2. The establishment within the framework of world civil society of the International Association of Cyberspheronics (IAC), uniting, o­n the o­ne hand, international associations of scientists, primarily in cybernetics, such as the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC, 1964), World Organization for Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC, 1969), ISA Sociocybernetics (RC51, 1998), The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS, 2016), and others such as that; and, o­n the other, the leading peacemaking organizations ICAN, NAPF, IPRA, IPPNW, UN2020 and the like. They are able to effectively continue the initial international development of CYBS, which was carried out in the GHA for 15 years, and better and faster than others to assess the scientific and humanitarian value of CYBS, because they are aimed not at the military, but at the peaceful development of cybernetic science and humanity. The wider CYBS will be involved in international scientific and public control, the less will be the chances of its militaristic and destructive use.

18. The CYBS Projects National Experimental Verification. The international bodies of GACM and IAC will ensure wide international verification of each CYBS project in the specific conditions of separate countries and regions as well as in the respective national universities and academies of sciences. This will facilitate integration of the CYBS projects into separate countries and will raise the level of each national science to the highest level of global Cyberspheronics MegaScience. To this goal, these bodies create in different countries a network of the CYBS International Research Centers/Laboratories (IRCLs), which will provide scientific and social experimental testing of CYBS projects, especially those previously created by the GHA with their necessary modernization.

19. The CYBS Manifesto: Humanity True Self-knowledge Beginning. The CYBS Manifesto is a manifesto of the scientific worldview/consciousness of the humanity spherons, i.e. humanity as a whole. Humanity did not know such self-awareness yet. Only in its cybernetic form did human consciousness find its adequate, holistic expression. This became possible o­nly at the beginning of the XXI century; it did not work out before. Therefore, the CYBS/Spherons Manifesto is o­nly the first, modest, and far-from-perfect beginning of the scientific self-consciousness of humanity. It will inevitably expand, correct, deepen and develop in all directions throughout the subsequent evolution/history of human/humanity, as long as it exists. The human self-knowledge, whose priority was bequeathed by Socrates more than 2000 years ago, in the Cyberspheronics true fullness and depth of the spheral societal genetics of its spherons, begins in the XXI century, more than four thousand years after it.

20. The CYBS Truth Three Simple Conditions/Steps. For more than 40 years of CYBSs difficult development, CYBS has accumulated vast experience in verification and individual conviction in its truth, which is integrated in three simple actions/steps available to every literate person, especially to every open-minded, honest and true scientist.

First step. Carefully read the integral and integral/crowning book of CYBS Gandhica (2019), created within the GHA by 82 coauthors from 25 countries based o­n numerous scientific researches and publications over the past 40 years. Recall that the proposed CYBS Manifesto is nothing more than the multidimensional focus of Gandhica and its quintessence.

Second step. Write a review of this book with an assessment of its scientific, methodological, social and political significance for humanity and the development of its knowledge, which becomes most vivid in comparison with the traditional paradigms of classical and post-non-classical science. This review, which is publicly available, will be a measure of the intelligence, depth and quality of the CYBS and will increase the understanding of each reviewer.

Third step. Complete a Statistical Scientific Research of Spherons (SSRS) of any city, institution, region, country according to the example of their statistical studies of 76 countries in Gandhica and the choice of available statistics for any period of time, for example, for the past year: 2019, 2018, 2017, etc. o­nly through an individual, independent SSRS is intellectual possession of the societal substance/reality of sociogenetic cybernetic spherons possible.

Over the decades of SSRS in the GHA and before, CYBSs methodology/technique was found and tested and simplified. It is presented in the book Gandhica, in Chapter 1, in three small paragraphs: 1.4.2., 1.4.3., and 1.4.4., o­n 5 pages: 32-37 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). Any SSRS using this technique, resulting in 8 spheral indices per half page in the elementary statistical table, will require, as experience has shown, no more than 4 hours from its executor. Moreover, half of this time will take mastery of the technique and search for statistics o­n the Internet. You can compare and add your table to the tables of spherons of other countries and cities in Gandhica. Then these tables can be collected and published in a special book, The CYBS Statistics, which can be produced annually both at the UN global level and at the national level. These statistics will demonstrate the dynamics of global and national spherons as the primary empirical basis for all other cybernetic studies. Similar SSRS will be massively accessible, starting with 5th grade students, when its methodology becomes a smartphones application (see below) and will ensure universal cyber literacy in CYBS in the XXI century. The professional cyberneticians can and should start/launch this necessary and inevitable literacy. Without knowledge of spherons through SSRS, there can be no Cyberspheronics as MegaScience; there can be no substantially new manner of thinking; there can be no mastery of the greatest force of non-violence; there cannot be implementation of CYBS in any practical project.


II. Cyberspheronics: Pragmatics/Business


1. The CYBS Pragmatics/Praxeology and its Economic Efficiency. The CYBS pragmatics always accompanied its theory from the very beginning, more than 40 years ago, starting with its first practice at the Demiurge student club in 1976-1980. The CYBS highest practical goal is to ensure humanitys survival and save the noosphere from the global ecocide/genocide in the XXI century. We can name at least six fundamental innovations of CYBS, which will ensure the achievement of this pragmatic goal based o­n its spheral statistics and technology.

1.1. The development of spheral statistics and CYBS technology will require the creation of new research centers and laboratories in each country with millions of new, highly intellectual jobs and the corresponding innovative information infrastructure. National and international statistical agencies are the most prosperous and interested institutions in the development of spheral statistics.

1.2. CYBS and its digital technologies will ensure the creation of a spheral Internet, which will put the traditional Internet under control, overcoming its spontaneity, fragmentation, destructiveness and other well-known limitations and vices thereof.

1.3. CYBS and its digital technologies will provide a development trend for a new, spheral artificial intelligence (SAI), which integrates the achievements of traditional AI and provides control over its further development to exclude any threats to humanitys survival.

1.4. CYBS and its digital technologies will provide a theoretical and information platform for a new, non-violent democracy that excludes war, violence, militarism and the arms race. This democracy will be able to establish itself, with appropriate mass enlightenment/education and strategic global governance training, over the next 50 years or by the end of the XXI century, as the GHA studies have shown (GPS, 2016; Gandhica, 2019; etc.).

1.5. CYBS and its digital technologies show the o­nly cardinal way to solve the global environmental problem: overcoming global warming and establishing a harmonious and sustainable spheral balance between nature and humanity through control and global governance of interactions between their spheres.

1.6. CYBS and its digital technologies open up the production of an almost unlimited class of applications for individual smartphones of two key varieties. A) For planning/managing the spheral resources of individual autopoiesis within the different periods of its life time space, starting, from the age of 10, with a view to the most promising and successful personal growth, and harmonious development. B) For leaders of any rank and organization of any scale for individual design, comparison and selection of the most optimal development strategies for these organizations through the harmonization of their spheres/spherons. Any similar application for an individual smartphone is a pocket-sized artificial intelligence (PAI) device of the highest level as an indispensable tool for any thinking individual who cares about the most effective development of both his own personality and the organization he or she leads. The PAI will ensure the interaction of AI and humans at all levels of a cybernetic society (Tonkonogov, 2018).

The PAI applications along with other CYBS pragmatics create a new market of CYBS digital spheral technologies, unlimited in time, demand and variety, which will endlessly pay for any starting investments in them.

These and many other CYBS innovations, private and derivative from them, provide a breakthrough for business and global governance in this direction to a qualitatively different level of business/pragmatic, social and economic efficiency.

          2. The CYBS Projects Total Number. For more than 40 years of CYBS, there have been about 300 industry and regional projects in all spheres and at different levels. These projects started since the spherons structure was first tested in the student club of harmonious development "Demiurge" in 1976 1980 (Semashko, 2017). The projects were first politically tested in the Spheral Democracy Faction in the St. Petersburg first democratic Parliament, Petrosoviet, in 1992 1993 (Semashko, 2010). The lists of similar projects are published in many GHA books listed in the bibliography. A complete list of the projects will be published in the GHA 10th book in this year end.

          3. The Most Ambitious and Fundamental CYBS Project: The UN Harmony Spheral Model. This project was created by the GHA in 2017 to participate in the projects contest of the Swedish Global Governance Foundation. The UN Harmony Spherons Structure (Semashko, 2017), presented below, summarizes this project. This model assumes that each United Nations state-member has 8 national emissaries in the UN (in gender balance by 2 representatives from each of the four national spheres), which would amount to 1,600 members of its General Assembly for 200 UN state-members. It could democratically fulfill the functions of a world government (Einstein), providing global peace from spherons harmony at all levels from municipal to global.




The type of this model creates at all governing levels and in all structural units of both a sectoral/branch and regional nature the spheral structures. Examples of many of them are presented in the list of CYBS projects.

4. Holistic MegaScience: Full Social Responsibility. Through holistic Cyberspheronics/Megascience, for the first time in history, humanity will receive such scientific knowledge that it will be able to take and bear full scientific social responsibility for the quality of all autopoietic structures and processes of humankind/noosphere, ensuring its survival and prosperity for all people. In contrast to the rupture of traditional scientific knowledge/thinking in hundreds of partial subdisciplines devoid of a unifying cybernetic platform of spheres/spherons, whose social responsibility was practically zero for 75 years, when the threat of a global nuclear ecocide/genocide arose, CYBS for the first time opens such an opportunity of world/universal responsibility for all of humanity. This is the natural way for the evolution of social responsibility from its current partial/fragmentary forms to its fullness and integrity with CYBS. The historical path of evolution of social responsibility is considered in detail in the writings of Matjaž Mulej (2016, 2019 and others) and his Institute for Social Responsibility. The full social responsibility basis is a holistic knowledge of the spheres/spherons that exhaust humanity/noosphere. Without their knowledge, all liability is flawed and limited.

5. Holistic Cybernetic Megascience: Global Democratic Federation and World Government Foundation. The long and difficult way to search for a democratic federal structure of both multinational countries and the Earth global democratic federation, devoid of a fundamental scientific abutment in the past, becomes fulfilled in the spheres/spherons of Cyberspheronics as a holistic Megascience of humanity. The conscious organization of the social life and political power of each people/nation and humanity as a whole o­n the basis of spheres/spherons of the appropriate scale, level and cultural-historical diversity, disclosed in the CYBS, creates a fundamentally substantiated single platform for the Earth global democratic federation at all levels from municipal to world, as confirmed by holistic cybernetic science. At the same time, the CYBS becomes a fundamental scientific pillar of the world government (Einstein), the world parliament and the Earths Constitution. CYBS also becomes a fundamentally new peacemaking tool than can save humanity of all sorts of wars, according to the UN and its corresponding Security Council and its Charter (Kotila, 2016 and others; Martin , 2018, etc.). The spherons equality is the social foundation/law of scientific federalism and its Constitution, without which they (democracy, federalism and their constitutions) remain shaky and unstable, from within which fascist and other totalitarian regimes easily arise, as history has shown many times.

6. Holistic Cybernetic MegaScience as a Common Scientific Platform for the Integration of Various Environmental Projects. There are many disparate subdisciplinary environmental projects that receive in CYBS the necessary scientific substantiation and integration with other projects. This fully applies to Pawliks original project Fungi Future - Biosphere Rescue Plan (2020).

7. Spherons Manifesto as the Manifesto of the Norm Replacing the Humanity Pathologies. Humanity/society, as a social organism of the highest complexity, has its own norm and pathologies. Their knowledge requires fundamental science, to which humanity has not yet matured and is o­nly entering its first stage creating it in the MegaScience of Cyberspheronics. CYBS, penetrating into the spherons genetic level of humanity, offers fundamental scientific knowledge of the social norms of love, harmony, peace and non-violence. o­nly this genetic societal norm provides humanity with continuous reproduction, uninterrupted life, survival and prosperity. The spherons in love, harmony, non-violence and peace constitute the o­nly internal source of their being, with all its infinite historical, cultural and civilizational diversity. Spherons are the source of human health and beneficial norms.

The source of social pathologies/diseases of humankind, whether mild or severe, are deviations from the norm. These deviations have occurred at various historical stages among various, historical transient parts/partons of humanity: nations, classes, groups, parties, elites, states, etc. They give rise to certain social pathologies that often reach extreme ugliness. They are different in duration, severity, acuity and depth of flow: nationalism, chauvinism, fascism, racism, anarchism, Marxism, liberalism, fundamentalism, bureaucracy, vandalism, imperialism, militarism, exceptionalism, destructivism (of all forms and types), terrorism, misanthropism, sadism, selfishness, radicalism, alcoholism and the like. The scientific atlas/encyclopedia of social pathologies has not yet been compiled due to the lack of science, but CYBS creates the basis for it, both as a whole for humanity and in its spheres/spherons, as well as in different historical eras. This is a matter for the future.

It is important to emphasize that different forces can use knowledge of social pathological anatomy for different purposes: to cure any social organism, to kill it as soon as possible, or to exacerbate pathology. Humanity has no fewer pathologies than the human organism, but o­nly CYBS approaches resolution of those pathologies through scientific, systemic and holistic knowledge.

8. Summary. The CYBS Manifesto: The Manifesto of Humanity Spherons Third Way, Outside of Capitalism/Communism. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) finds in the equal, structurally eternal and universal spheres/spherons of humanity its deepest societal genetic nature of its wholeness. Cyberspheronics provides humanity and the planet with survival in the framework of a harmoniously organized spheral social autopoiesis, subject to the laws of sustainable ecology. Cyberspheronics frees humanity from the global nuclear ecocide/genocide. We discuss this issue in detail and with the necessary justification in Gandhica (Conclusion).

Therefore, the CYBS Manifesto is the Manifesto of humanitys survival, its holistic harmonious worldview, alternative to all partial, monistic and destructive ideologies of the past. This is Manifesto of the genetically equal spherons and their conscious/scientific, substantially new Third Way to the era of peace, love, harmony and non-violence. The science of self-knowledge of humanity is finally reached the values of this era, following in the footsteps of Gandhi.

The CYBS Manifesto is an alternative to all past Manifestos of violence, including communism and liberalisms (Oxford, 1997). In place of various architectures/dictatorships of the deadly parts of humanity of different colors (white, black, red, green, rainbow, etc.), the CYBS Manifesto creates a fundamental scientific architecture/democracy of non-violence by equally necessary and sufficient spheres/spherons of humanity/noosphere as a whole. The CYBS guarantees humanity equality, justice, peace, love, brotherhood, freedom, non-violence and happiness of all peoples in their harmony while also retaining all constructive achievements of the past.

No matter how brutal the resistance of the dominant parts of any color is, the victory of the new world order architecture, based o­n the foundation of a holistic cybernetic MegaScience of spheres/spherons, is inevitable in the 21st century. Mahatma Gandhi first predicted non-violent victory almost a century ago. Therefore, the CYBS Manifesto is the Gandhian Manifesto of the Future and its New Generations. It is the spherons Manifesto of love, harmony, peace and non-violence for an evolving mature reasonable humanity.




Dr. Leo Semashko,

Philosopher, sociologist, cybernetician, GHA Founder and Honorary President,

The ISA RC51 Sociocybernetics Honourary Lifetime Member,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com

Skype: leo.semahko

Phone home: 7-812-597-6571

* Cybernetics of spheres/spherons or Cyberspheronics was detailed and fundamentally substantiated by the world statistics of 76 countries in the GHA joint book Gandhica (2019, 240 pages, in four languages: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). It was created by 82 coauthors, including cyberneticians, Nobel laureates, the President of India and outstanding humanitarian scientists/peacemakers from 25 countries as the crowning achievement of GHA scientific research during 15 years. This Manifesto is the shortest outline/synopsis of the Gandhica Cyberspheronics for the pragmatic purposes of the fundamental scientific transformation of global governance and democracy in the 21st century. The references to this key book and other bibliography are minimized in the text so as not to overload it.


** The cybernetic ideas presented in this Manifesto and Gandhica grew up in close cooperation and friendship with Bernard Scott, a well-known British cybernetics for the past 20 years, including 15 years in the GHA (Global Harmony Association: International peacemaking organization of scholars-humanities, established in 2005: https://peacefromharmony.org). His fundamental ideas are important intellectual contribution to this Manifesto. The main milestones of our cooperation over 20 years are presented o­n the GHA website. I cannot forget their and am happy to express to him my highest appreciation and gratitude. Leo Semashko. May 31, 2020.




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Manifesto. Additional Epigraphs:


Letters, responses, discussions


Peace Manifesto External Discussion

Dear GHA members, friends,

After almost two months of work and polishing of our Peace Manifesto from Cyberspheronics (this is its last, but perhaps not the final name) with many new additions, corrections, editing by the American writer Robert Weir and epigraphs within the GHA framework, I am happy to send you its final version for external discussion in other organizations and for publication o­n other sites for the same purpose. I thank everyone who supported it and took part in its improvement. But work with it does not end, but o­nly begins with its entrance to the external arena.

I am happy to invite all its supporters to send it to the organizations, websites and networks accessible to you, including the most popular o­nes, this most important peace document of the 21st century, which we built in 15 years in the GHA o­n the basis of the fundamental cybernetic science Cyberspheronics, which is just another title for our Global Peace Science, created by 174 co-authors from 34 countries in 2016 (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf).

It would be very valuable if you would accompany the distribution of our Manifesto with your introduction to its discussion, aiming it not at the details, but at a holistic, general, conceptual assessment of it with an answer to o­ne fundamental question: does the Cyberspheronics (Cybernetics of spheres/spherons or Third-Order Cybernetics) paradigm, presented in the Manifesto, deserve recognition and approval of its further development as a fundamental science of global peace? Yes or no?

Those who consider possible to recognize it right to life and development are invited to cooperate in it further research, application and promotion in accordance with its pragmatics. The first sign of this willingness to cooperate would be the author's epigraph to the Manifesto in 3-5 lines with a general assessment of the significance and prospects of Cyberspheronics. All epigraphs will be published in its updated version in 2 months, when it will be presented to members of the UN General Assembly in mid-September. A specific area of ​​cooperation within this paradigm will be identified with each in the process of individual contacts.

I thank in advance all the participants of these discussions, which, I am sure, will greatly stimulate the development of Global Peace Science, raising its scientific and social prestige.

All feedbacks from the discussions will be published o­n the GHA website Peace from Harmony o­n the Manifesto page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908.

I am very grateful to all for supporting these discussions and facilitating them. Please, let me know if you plan to open your discussion of this historical peacemaking document within the framework of a fundamental innovative scientific paradigm.

With best wishes for your health and creative success.
Friendly, with love,

Dear CybCom Colleagues,

From the introduction: "The Manifesto Humanistic Essence is: Anti-nuclear, Anti-militaristic and Non-violent, based o­n the synergy of the holistic potentials of Gandhi, Wiener, Einstein and Vernadsky."

Attached is a manifesto from Leo Semashko. I am posting it at his request because Leo tells me he is persona non grata o­n CybCom. He would like to be reinstated as a contributor.

Leo invites answers to the question: Does the Manifesto of the Cyberspheronics paradigm (Cybernetics of spheres/spherons or as a form of Third-Order Cybernetics) deserve recognition, approval and its further development? Yes or no?

Leo is a Russian sociologist who has been developing his ideas for many years in virtual isolation. He is shunned by his fellow sociologists in Russia, who are mainly Marxist in orientation. As well as developing his theories, Leo, some 20 years ago, founded the Global Harmony Association (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=home), devoted to the pursuit of world peace, which has an international membership.

Increasingly in recent years, Leo has incorporated cybernetic concepts in his theorising. He would value some constructive feedback.


Bernard Scott,




Will there be a discussion? And if not, then why?

Dear Bernard,

Thank you so much for your brief but strong introduction to the discussion o­n our Peace Manifesto o­n the CybCom - Western cybernetics network. I posted your letter o­n the manifest page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). I am very grateful to you and greatly appreciate your concern for new cybernetic ideas. I am sure this will be a useful discussion for cybernetics, and useful for your group. Can I now, as a "persona non grata" write in it?

I hope that there will be at least 2-3 persons in it who will descend from the peak of their Western superiority and Russophobic racism to some unfortunate, beggar, clogged at homeland, self-proclaimed and unrecognized thinker. I wonder how right I will be in my sociological forecast? Here I am very pessimistic about and the Russians and the Westerners, but for various reasons.

But my rule is to use every chance to advance my peace cybscience, which I laid down my life. It is the fulfillment of the will of my heroic parents. My father was killed at 21 in the first days of the war in Grodno in June 1941, and my mother mourned him all life, and saved me (a baby) in weekly fascist bombings during the evacuation from Grodno, Western Belarus, where she lived with my father, lieutenant of the Red Army

Therefore, I will carry out their testament until the last breath and go for it, for peace cybscience, excluding war, against any tank and machine gun, against any military/militaristic deadly force. I have been loyal for almost 50 years, ready to defend and give my life for the Gandhian "the greatest force of non-violence (spherons), more powerful than the most destructive weapon", for the soft peace-making force of spheral thinking/intellect.

Cybernetics is the best science for my peace science; therefore, I also call it peace cybscience. The fact that cybernetics is better than other sciences for peace, I was convinced of this at your will, at our first contacts 20 years ago, which I wrote to you many times about. I am very grateful to fate for our meeting 20 years ago

However, the Western communities of cybernetics are also hostile, albeit secretly, to the peace cybscience, like the Russian o­nes, but in a different way. Therefore, I am ready to make an alliance with even the devil, like Faust, if he guarantees the advancement of this science either in the West or in Russia, where it is quietly cursed and chased, like the last dog, almost all.
         Even those close to me turns away from me and are silent like strangers, obviously expecting the impending death of this madman who attacks at the almighty god of war/militarism so that he shut up with his useless non-monetary ideas of nonviolence/peace, from which they are tired

Unfortunately, science and religion do not know the good/peaceful devil, and God is wisely silent and for a long, long time waiting for something. Maybe a nuclear end to put an end to the earthly tower of Babel and people? What is HE waiting for? What is His outcome for people? Peaceful or mortal? ...

Where can I get optimism between the Russian Marxist hammer (regardless of its maroon color up to Putin and its pink color at him) and the Western liberal anvil, which are identical in their admiration and fat feeding for their o­ne almighty god of militarism/war? Where and from whom, o­n which side to seek understanding and salvation in this tragedy, which I have been seeking for almost 50 years without success? Over these years, I have been convinced through the experience of all Russian and Western scientific and peacemaking communities that their traditional, militaristic, in essence, science and consciousness, deeply buried in oblivion, the great legacy of nonviolence/peace of Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener and Vernadsky (like a number of similar o­nes). They are sure that in a similar way they will bury and the legacy of their too zealous follower as Semashko. They did not have long to wait for this...

But enough of the sad things, I need and will move until my last breath with our Manifesto of peace cybscience.This is a question of my ethics of a scientist, which does not coincide with the traditional ethics of scientists...

I also thank you for your search recommendation of 'third order cybernetics', by which I find o­nly Lepsky's articles, long known to me. Do you personally know anyone from its other authors? I would be grateful if you tell me.
O­nce again, many thanks for your help and friendship.
          Best wishes, with love,




Dear Leo,

Thank you Leo and all your family and friends for peace, harmony and disarmament in our world and your leadership towards fraternities among the peoples and all countries. Ending militarism and war is a wonderful purpose for us all to work towards, and the peace Manifesto is a shining light.

Peace and no killing,

Mairead Maguire,

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678



Dear Leo,

I like to analyze your concepts

COVID 19 has proved that the World state in the form of Globalization is not an end in itself, we have to proceed towards the universal goal where everybody will promote peace, happiness and world order There will be virtual peace and happiness in the society will be no class structure in the universe, hence a uniform social structure will be the main aim of the GHA team. This is my understanding of the hemisphere and that will be our ultimate goal. I agree with your ideas.

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy





Ernesto Kahan



Dear Colleague,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that for the first time in the history of the Lahore High Court Bar (LHCB), the President of the LHCB Association has constituted an International Peace and Democracy Forum of Lahore High Court Bar Association for year 2020-21. (Copy Attached)

All religions of the world preach similar truths and virtues, which, along with shared cultural and social values can be built upon to enhance interfaith harmony in Pakistan. Interfaith dialogue and harmony are possible o­nly o­n the basis of equality, respect and acceptance.

After independence in 1947, Pakistan was established as a parliamentary system based o­n elected forms of governance. However, the military has ruled for over three decades (1958-1971, 1977-1988, 1999-2008) instead and it has been difficult for a democracy to take root because of governing conflicts. The first five-year term of an elected government started in 2013 and 2018 signifies the first democratic transfer of power. However, civilian governments are subject to military influence and pragmatically accommodate the army in order to reduce the chances of a coup.

We want to learn from your experience and support you in the excellent work your organization does. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in conducting training, workshop, seminar or a conference with Lahore High Court Bar Association.

We will be thankful if you could kindly include our name to your mailing list and inform us of any upcoming pieces of training, workshops, or conferences o­n human and minority rights and related topics arranged by you or any of your sister/partner organizations.

We look forward to a wonderful working relationship together and success for all concerned.

With best regards.

Waheed Ahmad

Advocate High Court

Human Rights Consultant

Chairman Child Protection Committee of Lahore Bar Association

Chairman of the International Peace & Democracy Forum of Lahore High Court Bar Association. (2020-21)

Cell # 0092-333-4639652 , 0092-300-4254329

Skype: waheedch1



BELLA Ventura,



Respected Dr. leo sahib,

Hope you are having a nice health and happy life.

I appreciate your efforts for peace and harmony. May God bless us to achieve the goals.

With regards and best wishes,

Dr Noor Muhammad Larik



Congrats to Leo and the GHA.

María Cristina Azcona




Admirable dr Leo and all!


Susana Roberts



, , .







Grata, por me oportunizar,participar destes momentos.

Delasnieve Daspet




De Mr. Leo :

Caros membros da GHA, amigos,

Depois de quase dois meses de trabalho e aperfeiçoamento do nosso Manifesto de paz da cibersfera eletrônica (este é o último, mas talvez não o nome final), com muitas novas adições, correções, edição do escritor americano Robert Weir e epígrafos no quadro da GHA, Fico feliz em enviar a sua versão final para discussão externa em outras organizações e para publicação em outros sites com a mesma finalidade. Agradeço a todos que o apoiaram e participaram de sua melhoria. Mas o trabalho com ele não termina, mas apenas começa com sua entrada na arena externa.

É com satisfação que convido todos os seus apoiadores a enviá-lo para as organizações, sites e redes acessíveis a você, incluindo os mais populares, este documento de paz mais importante do século XXI, que construímos em 15 anos na GHA com base da ciência cibernética fundamental "Cyberspheronics", que é apenas mais um título para a nossa "Global Peace Science", criada por 174 coautores de 34 países em 2016 (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science- 2016.pdf).

Seria muito valioso se você acompanhasse a distribuição de nosso Manifesto com sua introdução à discussão, visando não aos detalhes, mas a uma avaliação holística, geral e conceitual do mesmo, com resposta a uma pergunta fundamental: a Cyberspheronics Paradigma (cibernética das esferas / spherons ou cibernética de terceira ordem), apresentado no manifesto, merece reconhecimento e aprovação de seu desenvolvimento posterior como uma ciência fundamental da paz global? Sim ou não?

Aqueles que consideram possível reconhecê-lo como direito à vida e ao desenvolvimento são convidados a cooperar nele com mais pesquisas, aplicações e promoções, de acordo com suas pragmáticas. O primeiro sinal dessa vontade de cooperar seria a epígrafe do autor para o Manifesto em 3-5 linhas, com uma avaliação geral da importância e perspectivas da ciberesfonia. Todas as epígrafes serão publicadas em sua versão atualizada em 2 meses, quando serão apresentadas aos membros da Assembléia Geral da o­nU em meados de setembro. Uma área específica de cooperação dentro desse paradigma será identificada com cada uma no processo de contatos individuais.

Agradeço antecipadamente a todos os participantes dessas discussões que, com certeza, estimularão muito o desenvolvimento da Ciência da Paz Global, aumentando seu prestígio científico e social.

Todos os feedbacks das discussões serão publicados no site da GHA Peace from Harmony na página do Manifesto: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908.

Sou muito grato a todos por apoiar essas discussões e facilitar suas discussões. Por favor, deixe-me saber se você planeja abrir sua discussão sobre este documento histórico de consolidação da paz dentro da estrutura de um paradigma científico inovador fundamental.

Com os melhores votos de sua saúde e sucesso criativo.

Delasnieve Daspet




Dear Professor Leo and Peace Colleagues;

Greetings from Nepal!

Congratulations to you all for your grand success of this Peace Manifesto from Cyberspheronics.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Bishnu Pathak,



Dear Leo,
I do not know if your messages will be accepted o­n CybCom.
I do not  like your reference to "the peaks of their Western superiority". This is churlish and unwarranted. CybCom members have a variety of backgrounds. They are scientists, each with differing interests but with a shared interest in cybernetic ideas. Expect any scientist to be sceptical, if you assert dogmatically that you have a unique claim to truth in your ideas. Modesty is o­ne of the highest virtues (Confucius).
Remember Scott's Laws: 1.      there is always a bigger picture; there is always another level of detail; there is always another perspective; there is always error; there is always the unexpected.
I find this statement disturbing, "But I am ready to make an alliance with the devil, like Faust, if he guarantees the advancement of this science." As a Christian, you should never deny your God. Say your prayers. I will pray for you.
As for third order cybernetics, did you search Google in English?
Best regards,
Dear Leo,
I hope you find some peace. The eternal God is beyond our understanding. Seek Him and he will reveal Himself.
All negative thinking and feeling is a waste of energy. Here I include anger, bitterness, self-pity and pessimism. Feed yourself o­n the words of the great teachers.
I have little interest in third order cybernetics. Many theorists invoke a third (or higher) order cybernetics and do say in a variety of ways. Of this possibility, although it may be done, von Foerster states, It would not create anything new, because by ascending into second-order, as Aristotle would say, o­ne has stepped into the circle that closes upon itself. o­ne has stepped into the domain of concepts that apply to themselves (von Foerster, 2003, p. 301). I attach the source document.
When I googled 'third order cybernetics', I came across these links.
 Best wishes,

Dear Leo,

In my opinion your recent letter to all and sundry is most unfortunate. You do not write as a scientist writing to fellow scientists. You mix up your message with polemic and politics.

Despite my warnings, you refer to"Western superiority and Russophobic racism." Such language is divisive and contradicts all you say about working for harmony.

Likewise your reference to 'a pact with the devil' is in appalling taste. You have made a mockery of my attempts to give your ideas a hearing within the CybCom community. You have damaged your own reputation and, likewise, damaged mine.

I do not wish to receive any more messages about your 'manifesto'.




Ditto! Good for you Bernard!

With my respect and love,




Dear all,

I am joining Bernard.






, , , . , - 1917 , ( !). , "-."...

, !



W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA



Dear Leo and Bernard,

Unfortunately, no nation in today's world promotes Article 17 of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which reads:"Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. No o­ne shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property."

Please check out the Platform of the Unite America Party at http://www.uniteamericaparty.org .It offers "Economic Personalism" (a universally person-empowering paradigm beyond the power-concentrating paradigms of "Monopoly Capitalism" o­n the political right and all forms of "Socialism-Communism-Collectivism" o­n the political left. In my opinion, the Platform offers a missing agenda for our common goal of world peace.

The key is a new money system that democratizes access to insured capital credit from central banks, and local commercial and cooperative banks that enables every child, woman and man -- from the poorest to the richest -- to receive an equal credit allocation to purchase new full-dividend payout voting growth shares of well-managed production and services enterprises. The new money for purchasing new growth shares would be backed by the land, other natural resources, advanced green energy systems, artificial intelligence, automated technologies, infrastructure and energy systems needed by productive enterprises to meet the consumer goods and services of 21st century global market-based growth. The bank loans would be repaid from "future savings" from the full stream of future annual profits earned from the enterprises issuing each of the shares, free from corporate taxes. Where enterprises fail, capital credit feasibility charges added by capital credit insurance companies when the loans were first purchased would restore any new money created by lender banks and central banks under the new monetary system.The end result is a non-inflationary new and more democratic market economy, strengthening of private property rights and new opportunities for economic power and incomes to shift from the State or the .01% of wealthiest citizens in today's world to all citizens, without depriving current capital owners of their property rights during their lives.

Please visit our "global library" at www.cesj.org for books, articles, videos and accomplishments from the 55 years I first learned of this "Just Third Way" paradigm presented in books by San Francisco lawyer and investment banker Louis O. Kelso. Other giant 20th century thinkers with whom I met or worked with who were supportive of Kelso's paradigm was Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan; Hubert Humphrey; leading tax legislator Russell Long; leader world design scientist Buckminster Fuller; Great Books philosopher and co-author of Kelso's first two books Mortimer J. Adler; Marianist leader and head of Dayton University William Ferree; Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Garry Davis (founder of "World Government of World Citizens" following WWII). There was also strong interest in Kelso's ideas from the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation after he resigned from leadership of the USSR.

Please feel free to call me if you have any thoughts about the humanistic soundness of Economic Personalism.

Respectfully yours,

Norm Kurland

Norman G. Kurland, J.D.


Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)

P.O. Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016

(O) 703-243-5155, (F) 703-243-5935

(E) thirdway@cesj.org

(Web) http://www.cesj.org

"Own or be owned."



Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto:

Kelso's Economic Ownership Addition

Dear Norman,

I am very happy and grateful for your constructive response and fundamental, ingenious contribution to our Peace Manifest from Cyberspheronics (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908).

There was a gap of economic property/ownership, which I did not know how/whereby to close, and which you brilliantly filled with the idea of ​​dual ownership of Louis O. Kelso. This idea harmoniously fits into the Cyberspheronics paradigm of the four cybernetic (circular / direct / feedback) societal spherons of society and the corresponding equal spheral/necessary property rights (possession/own, use, disposal) of person/humanity. They are different in source / origin / foundation, but they are united/one in their societal necessity/synergy with all the differences in their implementation through the whole spectrum of individual abilities/needs of each person.

Four spheral cybernetic property rights/ownerships of person/humanity in Cyberspheronics:

1. From God: to be born and have the right to give birth, create children and own / care for them, as well as the right to receive their care in the sociosphere as a sociospheron. It is the right of humanitarian property within the framework of social autopoiesis of a human/social individual.

2. From society: to be thinking and thinking, have the right to think, to own self thoughts, take care of them, use and dispose them in the infosphere as an infospheron. It is the right of intellectual property within the framework of social autopoiesis of human/social information.

3. From society: to be governed / united / subordinate / partnering / organized by other people and have the right to manage/govern, unite, subordinate, partnership, organize other people in the orgsphere as an orgsferon. It is the right of organizational/political ownership within the framework of social autopoiesis of human/social/political organization/governance/management.

4. From society: to be economically/financially/materially secure/well-off and to have the right to economic property (to create, own, use and dispose of) material goods, things/services) in the technosphere as technospheron within the framework of social autopoiesis of human/social things, material goods/things.

(I systematically/cybernetically analyzed the spheral blocks of the needs, abilities, property and its rights of an individual in a separate paragraph 2.10., in a first approximation, almost 20 years ago, in my book Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges, 2002: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/2-1_eng.pdf, . 35-39).

Four spheral/societal property rights are also synergetic and cybernetic (circular in direct / feedback), like spheres/spherons of social autopoiesis (social reproduction) of person/humanity as a whole.

This is the general structural/model outline of Cyberspheronics, in which you and Kelso fill in the necessary niche of economic ownership and related human right. To the potentials of the societal/cybernetic integrity of Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener, Maturana and Vernadsky, updated in our Manifesto, you and Kelso complement the equally necessary economic societal integrity.

It acquires special significance in view of the historical antagonism and violent confrontation of its two forms/parts: private and public property. Their natural synergy/harmony in social evolution was transformed (made a bifurcation) into antagonism, violence, militarism and wars of two monistic, equally hostile/irreconcilable ideologies and political systems of capitalism and communism/socialism. Each of them has been striving for centuries for world domination and forcible affirmation of its own world order, both of which are genetically damaged, inferior and pathological.

Their militaristic confrontation led humanity until 100 seconds (Mecklin, 2020) to the very edge of complete nuclear genocide/ecocide, to the complete extinction of human. This proves the historical inconsistency of these two equal (with all their differences) pathological political and economic systems and paths of evolution. This proves the historical necessity and inevitability of the transition/bifurcation to the THIRD WAY of development, which Kelso, Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener, Maturana and Vernadsky predicted with ingenuity. This historical necessity/inevitability has been theoretically/synergistically comprehended in the GHA Cyberspheronics during 15 years with your participation in it all this time, finally and lapidary expressed in our Manifesto.

In connection with this and o­n the basis of this, we invite you to take part in our Manifesto, supplementing paragraph 7 Spheral Third Way (or another) with the corresponding paragraph (approximate title): Harmonious/Just Kelsos Economic Ownership in short half page text with your signature. This your fundamental contribution will make you a full co-author of our Manifesto if you want it and if you consider it necessary and responsible to do so.

You are absolutely right that without the recognition and approval of Kelsos economic ownership, its impossible to achieve global real peace and overcoming the traditional, insoluble economic antagonisms. Your synergetic fundamental contribution will fill this gap of the Peace Manifesto and will be useful to everyone: to you with your economic theory, and to all other spheral holistic potentials of integral Cyberspheronics.

Do you agree to make this contribution? When could you send your short text up to 1 page for our discussion? Thank you so much for it.
Friendly, with best wishes for your health, success and peace,


Dear Norman,

Thank you very much for calling our attention to Louis O Kelso (1913- 1991) and his ideas about a Third Way between Capitalism and Communism, between unrestrained money-hunting and lack of personal freedom, including private enterprise. Actually. Kelso's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was enacted in the USA.

I think there was a good chance for his ideas being adopted in Russia after the collapse of the USSR. However, the US meddled o­n behalf of neoliberal "shock therapy" reforms which degenerated into the rule by oligarchs. I have described it in my 2006 article Would Harvard Ever Help Russia? Professor Janine Wedel wrote a whole book about the team ofHarvard's "assistance":Collision and Collusion: The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe, 1989-1998/

For a Russian version of the above events see my article: " "

According to Wikipedia, In the United States, there is a widespread practice of employee stock ownership. It began with industrial companies and today is particularly common in the technology sector but also companies in other industries, such as Whole Foods Market and Starbucks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Employee_stock_ownership

What I am saying is that there need to try to advance Kelso's ideas right now both in Russia, and the USA, and world-wide.

Once again, thank you, Norman, for reviving Kelso's and other peoples' ideas for implementing the Third Way, includingthe Platform of the Unite America Party at http://www.uniteamericaparty.org before next Presidential election.


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA, www.raga.org





Personally, it sounds like deep and powerful esoteric to me. In the sense that it promises a lot, it talks about solving all problems and talks about powerful (half-secret) instruments. In fact, I do not mean the science criteria settlement (I do not know if it is most important now), more important for me is the lack of inquiry in this manifesto and his background. Ex: In political science, it was discovered a long time ago that too powerful weapons inhibit conflicts directly (replacement wars o­nes are being created or they are becoming a purely informational and economic domain). It is not possible to abstract "spherons" and treat them as coherent, with great autonomy, having a real mapping as independent (in analogy to many social systems that will rather meet these assumptions, and which spherons will not meet). I would also be afraid that this (manifesto) in itself by accident is not an instrument of information struggle (in the sense of infecting with the wrong focus of the minds of researchers). Personally, I feel these theories as infantile and destructive.


Mariusz Żabiński ,





I agree with you Mariusz,

I am aware of the manifesto some time ago and had the same kind of wonderings.

There is implicit guilt-by-association of Western Liberals and the described concept of Third Order Cybernetics strikes me as a God-like overarching authority.


Faisal L. Kadri, PhD

Email: flkadri26@gmail.com,


Tel. +514 714 7877



I find it hard to see and understand the content and the ideas in the manifesto. It seems to identify four realms and asserts that using this identification in some way (or doing some sort of statistics o­n its basis?) "guarantees humanity equality, justice, peace, love, brotherhood, freedom, non-violence and happiness of all peoples in their harmony". I didn't see anything that spoke to a social practice in which different ways of living are enacted in concrete situations. Things I am not following include: (1) I don't see how any sort of "science" guarantees anything; (2) if a system has a quality (like harmony), it does not mean that the parts of that system have the same quality - so "world harmony" does not mean that harmony exists at all levels of the world; (3) as soon as someone says harmony, my first thought is "harmony for who?"...

ben sweeting




Hello Bernard and Leo

I have just become engaged in your messages below and other musings

I found as others have that there are esoteric dimensions beyond my understanding.

However, some elements resonate with the Yin ~ Yang philosophy of ancient China?

Bucky Fuller created the term Tensegrity to describe such relationships as posted o­n the webpage you citedin regards to: "2.1 Definitions - 1 The CYBS Science that refer to: simultaneously observed/observing and governed/governing within their circular causality, consciously organizing its object/subject and consciously self-organizing as its actor according to the measure/level of their knowledge.

As Raul reminded me Stafford Beer was inspired by Tensegrity to develop Syntegrity! His work is described by Espinosa, A. & Hardin, R. (2007). Team syntegrity and democratic group decision-making: theory and practice, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 58: 1056-1064, August,


The reference to Spherons possessing "chaos and ensuring its stable regularity also resonates with the word coined by the founding CEO of VISA International He described the organisational architecture of VISA as Charordic by combining the words Chaos and Order. Refer to: Hock, D (1995) The Chaordic Organization: Out of Control and Into Order, World Business Academy Perspectives, 9(1) p.7, .


Hock apparently was not familiar with the concept of Holons coined by Koestler. A defining feature of holons is their dual contrary~ complement characteristics. The tilde ~ symbol was introduced by Kelso, J. A. S. & Engstrøm. D. A. (2006) The Complementary Nature, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press

Harvard cell biologist Donald Ingber describes Tensegrity aka "Charordic. as "The architecture of life. Refer to Ingber, D. E. (1998) The architecture of life, Scientific American, pp. 30-39, January,Quantum physicist Davie Bohm describes Tensegrity as anintrinsic property of the universe. I mapped this out in Table 3.8 Holarchy: Hierarchy of Holons o­n page 130 of my PhD dissertation posted at https://papers.ssrn.com/abstract_id=858244.

I have now hypothesised that Tensegrity is the driving force of evolution with future evolution dependent up any new emergent entity reproducing this characteristic. I see Tensegrity as both a manager of complexity and a driver of complexity.

If these thought generate any comments I may not respond until after presenting my global webinar next Wednesday o­n The case for radical reform of corporate governance. Free registration is available at https://www.grfcg.in/

This month I also have a cover story published in hard copy by The European Financial Review o­n Rebuilding infected economies: Without deficits, debt or taxes" also posted at: https://www.europeanfinancialreview.com/rebuilding-infected-economies-without-deficits-debt-or-taxes

Cover of print edition:

Kind regards


Shann Turnbull PhD; Principal: International Institute for Self-governance

PO Box 266, Woollahra, Sydney Australia, 1350

Ph:+612 9327 8487; Cell: +61 (0) 418 222 378

Skype and Google ID: shann.turnbull

Bibliography/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MJjAJXa1k5fhP2dNo3ze0eBUoU5qUJ2S/view?usp=sharing




Dear Shann,

Thank you for your interesting comments.

Leo is very much the creator and owner of his theory. I merely responded to his request to post his manifesto o­n CybCom for discussion. Leo is no longer a member of CybCom.I suggest that you, or any other CybCom colleague who wishes to communicate with Leo, shouldemail him directly at leo.semahsko@gmail.com.






Final Manifesto, Birthday and Future Agenda


TO: Ms. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Dear Mairead,

Thank you very much for your warm birthday greeting, which was published along with 37 similar o­nes from 19 countries here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=649. I also heartily thank all others for their warm congratulations.

Along with this, you supported our final Spherons/Humanity Manifesto XXI as a Manifesto of peace, love, harmony and non-violence of our century, offering the Third Way, alternative to all militaristic systems of the past that lead humanity to the very edge of the global nuclear disaster 75 years after the World War II and Victory over fascism. For more than a month of discussion and corrections, it found the support of 30 GHA members from 16 countries, the responses of which are published together with your o­n the final Manifest page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

I am sincerely grateful to you and all for your strong support, which demonstrates the urgent need in strong, fundamental scientific alternative to the militaristic threat of the shameful self-destruction" of humankind and the biosphere.

Of course, our Manifesto is far from perfect, but it offers an alternative to the shameful impotence, both intellectual and political, before the dictatorial militaristic Damocles sword of modernity, before which humanity is like a lamb o­n the scaffold. Our Manifesto is a strong mental protest against the dictatorship of militarism, to the protest of which you make a powerful contribution.

I am happy to send everyone the final Manifesto in the attachment (see also its web publication) with o­ne agenda for the future: to translate it into other languages ​​and publish it as widely as possible with a view to its further discussion and promotion to new public organizations and political structures, including the UN. We can and must shift by this Manifesto the question of a fundamental alternative to deadly militarism and its accelerating race of nuclear supersonic weapons from a dead center. There is nothing more to do. The pacifist calls are dead and degenerated; they do not interfere in any way with militarism and the arms race, which o­nly mock pacifist attempts. We can no longer live into non-alternatively doomed, shameful, and humiliating 75-year-old status quo of sheep o­n the scaffold ofmilitarism. Humanity can no longer be held hostage to terrorist militarism o­n its scaffold. It requires not o­nly intelligence, but also a strong will and courage, which you, Mairead, have been vividly demonstrating since 1976, when you boldly stopped the brutal terror in Belfast. Therefore, we very much hope for your strong promotion of our Manifesto, which will be an example of civil responsibility for peace for others.

With love and gratitude,



Dear Leo
Many thanks to and all your family for your lives and great leadership in
The service of love, nonviolence, harmony and peace the path to building
a new humanity and happy world.
Mairead Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
North Ireland,


Spherons Manifesto Final:

discussion/approval by June 21

Dear GHA members, friends,

In search of a satisfactory form and measure, after numerous discussions and reflections, for the fifth time I rewrote our Spherons Manifesto (20 pages), preserving its key content. In this regard, I am happy to present to you for final discussion and approval in 2 days, until June 21 inclusively, an updated version of the Manifestoin the attachment and published here:


It takes into account and saves all the support voices in the previous discussions, starting from May 17. During the month of discussion, the Manifesto did not meet a single objection in principle, but many (19 from 12 countries) positive comments published with it. Therefore, your silence will be a sign of consent, so as not to be repeated. Final amendments to the Manifesto will be made only o­n the basis of your feedback.

Our Manifesto is the shortest synopsis of our Gandhica in its practical refraction, both scientific and political/business. This is our most worthy intellectual peacemaking result in 15 difficult years of searching. This is the GHA's best farewell gift for Global Harmony Day o­n June 21, with which I am happy to congratulate you, and o­n my birthday o­n June 20.

I am happy to thank all the GHA members and its friends, who have remained faithful to it and its mission: Global Peace from Spherons Harmony, who supported it and contributed to it! As I reported, after the completion of the GHA last book: Gandhicracy at the end of the year, from January I completely switch to spheral business, to the pragmatism of our Manifesto as a guide to action. I will report o­n this in detail later, at the end of the year.

With love, best wishes for health and peace from harmony,




Dear Leo,

I would like to wish you a very happy Birthday.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

Thank you for all you do for peace and harmony in the world.

Warmest wishes,

Mairead Maguire,

Nobel Peace Laureate,

North Ireland,




Dear Leo:

I approve the Manifesto. Great work. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Your Rudi from the House of Mir,

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Michigan University,




, , !

. (. ).
, , .


, .






Dear Leo and all, this manifesto is excellent.

I approve it, obviously

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD University Professor - Poet Physician

Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Global Harmony Association (GHA) - Laureate "World Creator Harmony",

Academician - Real European Academy of Doctors. International Editorial Board,

Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH),

Academic Director of Health Courses - Galilee Institute,

1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture WAAC/WCP



Dear Leo, I approve it.

With peace via nonviolence and harmony

Takis D Ioannides,



I approve the Manifesto, which is excellent.

María Cristina Azcona,



Yes from my side.

Thank you so much Prof Leo for your hard works in this endeavors.

Bishnu Pathak,



Yes, approved.


Pravat Kumar Dhal, PhD






, !!!




- !




Dear Leo,

         I am glad to join those who have already signed your noble Manifesto. I am especially happy to do so that this coincides with your 79th birthday. So I wish you many healthy, happy and productive years ahead. However, in good faith, I wish to suggest removing o­ne short paragraph <<prehistoric India, which provided it with prosperity and world cultural leadership for a millennium, intuitively used by him in the practice of non-violent liberation of India from colonial slavery, become through the CYBS the scientifically conscious property of all

humanity. They open before it the Era of true being in the conscious realm of harmony, peace, equality, partnership service, love and non-violence of all nations.>>

         After talking with you o­n the phone, I understand your desire to connect your spheron theory with the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi in a conceptual way. However, Gandhi's own attitude to the varnas system of ancient India was more complex than just accepting without question.

          For reference, just read this recent article by an Indian scholar who is generally approving of Gandhi's Non-Violence.

          In Good Faith: Gandhi and the varna question

It is easy to cherry-pick from his writings to paint him a racist and anti-Dalit. But Gandhis views evolved, reflected his ethical project.

Written by K.P. Shankaran | Updated: February 25, 2019 12:55:07 am


          I am sure that without the above short paragraph, your eloquent pro-Peace and pro-Harmony Manifesto will serve even its better its noble purpose.

          o­nce again, thank you for your leadership o­n a Happy 79th birthday.


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA, www.raga.org



Dear Vladislav,

I am very grateful to you for the strong support of the Spherons Manifesto. But there is o­ne very sensitive phrase in your letter in Russian: You illegally connect your modern theory of spherons with the traditional caste system of ancient India, to which the Mahatma himself was ambiguous. (In the English answer, you formulate it a little differently.) As proof, you refer to the article by Professor of the University of Delhi K. Shankaran, In Good Faith: Gandhi and the varna question.

I carefully studied this article, translated it into Russian, published it in two languages ​​in the section Discussions about Gandhi (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=862 and http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=799) and provided it with a brief comment. The question of varnas and castes is the most complex and difficult in the legacy of Gandhi. Its complexity is determined by both the history of the subject itself and the history of Gandhi's views o­n them. The historical difficulty lies in the fact that Varnas existed in ancient Indian society as equal social groups that divided the entire population into four clusters that lived in peace and harmony and ensured the prosperity and world cultural leadership of ancient India over the millennia of its life, which is reflected in the numerous Vedas.

For the millennium of social equality of Varna was followed the millennium of their evolutionary deformation and their transformation into a hierarchical caste system. Gandhi's views also evolved from a partial recognition of the value of the caste system in Hinduism to its complete denial and rejection of Hinduism o­n this issue. By 1927, he firmly and without hesitation distinguished them, in every possible way praised equal Varnas as the universal law of the revival of humankind and completely rejected castes as a "monster" and social ugliness, which he considered the cause of extreme poverty and decline of India.

Professor Shankaran defends this point of view, protecting Gandhi from numerous falsifications, representing him as a racist and casteist, who identified castes and varnas. This is a gross distortion and falsification of Gandhi, which cannot be acceptable to any honest scientist who has studied the works of Gandhi and does not judge them firsthand. This is the subject of my comment below. I hope it convinced you of the unfoundedness of your accusation that I unlawfully bind them. Following Gandhi, I associate spherons with equal varnas, but I have never connected, like Gandhi, spherons/varnas with castes.

Best wishes for your health and peace from the Gandhian varnas/spherons harmony,


, .

. ,

. , , . , , , , .


, 14 ,



' . , ,

. ; "" . , .




Dear Leo,

Yes, I approve the Manifesto.


Ayo Ayoola-Amale



My YES for approval.





Yes I approve the manifesto. Congratulations.

Peace and all good,

Adam Greenwell,

New Zealand,



Dear Leo

I approve the manifesto.

All the Best

With love

Théa Marie Robert




. . . . , , , . . , . , . , - .




I approve!

Susana Roberts,




Mr. Leo Semashko

Sei que o assunto já foi decidido.

Mas reitero o meu apoio.

Delasnieve Daspet




- ,

, .




I approve the manifesto.


Celia Altschuler,

Puerto Rico,



Thanks Dr Leo,

I have gone through the Spherons Manifesto.

Very comprehensive indeed and excellent for scientific and academic discourse.

I endorse it even though it late. I have thinking if we do an abridged version of the manifesto targeting ordinary people who may not understand the highly technical nature of the document? I guess this way; we could reach out also to the ordinary man with these great Spheron ideas. In any case, o­ne sentence I found in the manifesto very illuminating is this definition of Spheron the Spherons sun belongs to everyone. I found this statement very heart warming hence this idea of an abridged version to reach as many as possible with this manifesto.

Stephen Amoah,



I am agree with the Spherons Manifesto.

Surendra Pathak,





GHA 78th, final, farewell and starting project.

Approval up to June 8

Dear GHA members, friends,

I am glad to offer you the final, 78th GHA Project Cyberspheronics Manifesto for your discussion and approval by your YES or NO during 3 days, up to June 8 inclusively. It is in the attachment (12 pages) and o­n the website: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908The question is complex, so my farewell message is longexcuse me.

This is a special project - the GHA swan song. He summarizes and completes 15 years of our intellectual innovative searches, which were found in 10 unique/unprecedented, unparalleled books, 78 peace projects and hundreds of articles in 16 languages, which are found in almost all the world's largest libraries and universities in all continents and which received more than 15 million views o­n the GHA website Peace from Harmony. (The GHA results for 15 years are summarized in more detail and evaluated in comparison with the intellectual giants here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927. Our books/projects are the GHA seeds of a substantially new [non-violent, holistic, harmonious, cybernetic, asymmetric] manner of thinking (Einstein) by the Gandhian spheres/spherons, which will certainly find favorable soil and give their fruitful shoots in the coming years and decades, becoming the greatest shift in human thought of the last millennia (Vernadsky).

The GHA made this shift in 15 years, which other academies cannot make in a century. As Gandhi wrote, the world may ignore [the law of varnas/spherons] today but it will have to accept it in the time to come... Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law. Varnas/spherons reveal to us the eternal, immutable, genetic law of our being at Gandhi. It is still unknown to humanity; o­nly in the GHA did it receive sufficient theoretical and empirical/statistical evidence in all of its 10 books combined, especially in Gandhica, which focuses o­n 12 pages of the Cyberspheronics Manifesto, in the final, 78th GHA Project.

          Thinking as a philosopher about the GHA 15-year history and the fate of its unprecedented intellectual heritage ahead of time, I realized that the traditional GHA has exhausted its intellectual potential, its inaccessible to the transition to practice, to the transformation of global governance and democracy, to business, to fundamental statistical research of spherons, which o­nly 12 people were able to do. As Schiller would say, "the Moor has done his work, the Moor may go." Everything has its time and everything comes to an end. Therefore, the 78th GHA project is its final and farewell project. In its logic, it remains o­nly to complete the GHA 10th book, Gandhicracy, the material for which is fully compiled (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907) and it remains o­nly to assemble it in a small book of 150 pages and publish it at the year end. This will be done without fail. Who wanted to make statistics of spherons in it and write articles and reviews in it, he/she wrote. Waiting for no o­ne else is pointless. Here is the finish. The GHA 78th project will be the Introduction of the 10th book and the start of a new, young GHA, with new tasks for the practical implementation of its unique mental heritage.

As you know, "new wine requires new furs." The new, youth GHA will begin to be created in January 2021 based o­n the strategic pragmatics that are formulated in the second part of the Cyberspheronics Manifesto. Its practical implementation requires not o­nly higher thinking in spheres/spherons, but also organizing will and inspiring motivation, embodied in the first intellectual test of the new GHA - in the statistical scientific research of spherons (SSRS) of any level. This test is a criterion for higher, spheral intelligence, the corresponding mental abilities of the new century and at the same time an indicator of the pragmatic will of their implementation at the level of higher politics and business, including global. Without scientific, theoretical and empirical knowledge of spherons in the new century, there can be no true and practical peacemaking from harmony. SSRS is an individual discovery for o­neself of the true reality / substance of global peace from harmony at all levels. Therefore, SSRS is an intellectual test of each member in the new GHA.

Naturally, all those old men - the last of the Mohicans who conducted or will conduct SSRS before the end of the year and those young people who will pass this test by presenting their SSRS will be invited to the renewed GHA. The Cyberspheronics Manifesto, as you see, will become a bridge from the past to the future, from the old to the new GHA. It consists of a finish and a start at the same time, but in different dialectical relations and different realistic contextual meanings.

Therefore, it requires an ambivalent assessment/recall of each GHA member from the standpoint of its past/future, if he/she has not parted with it for any reason for a long time: age, health, intellectual reachless of the GHA achievements, apathy to everything, etc. In any case, all your feedbacks, as always, according to the GHA democratic tradition, will be saved for history in their publication, with thanks, o­n the page of our "Manifesto". We have done a lot, but more needs to be done with the new force of non-violence and intelligence of the new generation.

As for my personal fate, I will continue, until the end, my lifes mission of global peace, which excludes by the spherons the very possibility of war, which is killed by them that my parents was bequeathed to me, o­ne of whom died in the war. I will keep my mission under any conditions of Marxist suppression/persecution in the USSR/Russia, in which for 40 years there has not been a scientist, institute, Academy capable of listening, discussing, understanding and recognizing the fundamental nature of the spherons discovery, as well as Western racist, liberal Russophobia ignored it 10 years. I am full of optimism in the spherons triumph as the third way, in which history has already broken the Marxist anvil (USSR/communism) and is completing the destruction from within the liberal hammer (capitalism/militarism). All thinkers are well aware that capitalism is also destitute of the future (Wallerstein et al., 2013). Therefore, for me and for Gandhi/my spherons, as the third way - do not worry, please. They will live forever. This is my life-long experiment.

Best wishes to you all good health, love of life, summer holidays and global peace from the Gandhian spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,

The ISA RC51 Sociocybernetics Honourary Lifetime Member,




Dear Professor Leo;

Greetings from Nepal!

Thank you for your innovative paper. A acquired a huge knowledge from this and you are the philosophical master o­n this Cyberspheronics. Please keep author introduction at the footnote of the page 1, rather just below the heading. You nicely portrait Love, Harmony, Peace and Non-violence. This paper has mentioned existence in some places, but if you could manage the words "non-existence", "empathy" and "dukha" are also the core instruments of Gandhian Philosophy. Security and dignity shall also be useful o­n this endeavor.

Many thanks o­nce again for your outstanding paper.

Sincerely yours,


Professor Bishnu Pathak, PhD

Former Commissioner

Commission of Investigation o­n Enforced Disappeared Persons, Nepal

Resume: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=910



Dear Professor Bishnu,

Greetings from Russia!

Thank you very much for your strong support of Cyberspheronics (CYBS) and your suggestions in it, o­n which we will think and discuss.

Your suggestions and support would be fundamentally stronger if you could do a statistical research of spherons (SRS) of Nepal for any year. It o­nly takes three hours, and you promised it. I could help you with it o­n Skype. Your SRS will open your wide path for the practical application / use of our Gandhica and CYBS in Nepal, and it will preserve our cooperation with you in the new GHA from next year, when it will work o­nly based o­n SRS.

SRS is an intellectual shift of the traditional, partial, egoistic "EGO thinking" into "substantial new" according to Einstein, holistic "ECO thinking" by the spheres/spherons. Could you try this intellectual shift for yourself?

I also call o­n all others who support CYBS to a similar intellectual shift, who would like to work with the GHA from the new year: Lucas from Austria, Ernesto from Israel, Lana and Roger from the USA, Michael from Australia and others. I do not think that it is not intellectually available to you. I am ready to help you o­n Skype as I can. The whole problem is finding three hours of time for it. Is it soluble for you?

With hope and best wishes,





, . !

81 , . , L-, ( ).


1. ( ),

2. () ( ) ( . 78).









         // ( ), , , , , , , , 30 , " " "", , . , .

          3 ( ) , , , , . , , . , , . ?



Dear Leo,

I happily agree with our Cyberspheronics Manifesto!I also agree that with Lana that an attitude of resentment towards the USA does not further. The USA needs peace guidance right now! Do we have members with whom we can cooperate in the USA?


Lucas Pawlik,



Dear Lucas,

Thank you for your support of the Cyberspheronics Manifesto. You reply is published along with others o­n its page.

Unfortunately, American colleagues remain deeply silent for many reasons: pandemic, dangerous protests, torn partial thinking, etc. Indeed, the United States is most in need of peace guidance right now!" But they are unable to accept it because of the torn "EGO-thinking", therefore they are doomed to violence, as always in their militaristic history. The bridge to peace through a holistic, substantially new, according to Einstein, non-violent ECO-thinking by spheres/spherons, at least for a start/example of the GHA members, could be their statistical research of spherons (SRS) of any state/city of the USA for any year. It takes o­nly 3 hours.

SRS is an intellectual shift from the traditional, partial, egoistic EGO-thinking into substantial new, holistic ECO-thinking. Could you and Lana try this intellectual shift for yourself, together, and with my help, if you want? Without such an example, no new "peace guidance right now!" in America is possible. Should someone show the first example? WHO? If everyone in America hid in their "EGO-thinking"? WHO will make a shift from it to peacemaking and non-violent "ECO-thinking" by spheres/spherons? Can we wait for this shift from Trump, as Lana comically advises? If we do not give it, we will have to wait for it o­nly from Trump. How will similar expectation end? Its not difficult to predict.

Best regards,



Donald Trump.

Lana Yang,




Dear Leo,

I have already sent my article for Gandhicracy, about the real and truth Greek Democracy, which worked in the past producing amazing humanitarian and social achievements in all levels of culture and civilization.

You use the 'democracy' expression of West Europe and America, an ugly o­ne, which is completely different from the Greek Democracy.

So many countries admire and use the turn Democracy to show a quality face.

With love,

Takis D Ioannides,





Dear Leo,

I analyzed the Marxist ideology which inserted capitalism in a dialectical historical process. Lenin was a practical politician and Stalin a strong dictator who was in a tremendous society under internal and external war. I suspect that Marx could disagree with such evolution of the Russian Revolution. But this is o­nly an hypothesis. What is sure, is that Marx did not explain how socialism should be.

I think that, if we criticize the Soviet or Mao Societies, Marx must be excluded from that. In the same way, Jesus must be excluded from the Christian Inquisition.


Ernesto Kahan,



Dear Léo,

You traced a lasting furrow of tens of years, you knew to surround you by multiple researchers of the various continents and today, the proposals for a our network penetrate in all the continents.

Like, o­ne should not too much hope o­n the official Institutions to develop our work ,..

With our work, we propose to the people a new alternative,

Nowadays, (and climatic disordered state and the state of the world based o­n the power struggle and the militarization) they are neither Communism, nor capitalism the future, but what we propose, and which Léo initiated. Thank you with him.



Social observant French writer


Dear Leo,


I include my article below, which you may be interested in.

Warm Wishes,


Michael Ellis,



Dear Leo,

I approve your concept.

My colleagues in the University want you to talk o­n Gandhica in a webinar.

Are you ready to do that? I will ask them to organize a talk through webinar.

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy,



Dear Leo:


Here is a new, improved copy of the Third Way.

It contains a new paragraph about Ossip Flechtheim, the founder of the critical Futurology.

The GHA Third Way is indeed needed today more than ever.

We shall have a worldwide Skype discourse via Boston College about the Third Way,

including GHA. You are remembered in the USA!!!

Best wishes,

Your Rudi from the House of Mir,

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Michigan University,







Andrey Smirnov


Any critical era urgently needs breakthrough strategic projects to address the global challenges it faces. For example, such a project for the 19th century was the famous Manifesto of the Communist Party written by K. Marx and F. Engels at the request of the communists of that time. In our opinion, along with innovative advantages, it also contained a number of methodological errors, which were most clearly recognized o­nly in the next century.

Firstly, this is the priority of the part over the whole, that is, the interests of the proletariat engaged in industrial production, over the interests of all other classes and social strata of society.

Secondly, the call for social revolutions, which, according to the authors, are the locomotives of history, that is, the call for violence as a universal means of resolving social contradictions.

Thirdly, the recognition of a number of classes as reactionary, such as the peasantry.

Fourth, the recognition of the need for the dictatorship of o­ne class over others, in order to suppress their resistance, and as a necessary means of transition to a future classless society.

Our transitional era, overloaded with violence of all types and colors, accompanied by a crisis of the civilizational foundations themselves, needs a fundamentally new ideology and new strategic projects.

In our opinion, such a breakthrough ideology and such a project found its most complete expression in the GHA "Global Governance MegaScience Manifesto." It outlines the main provisions of similar radically new direction in the transition from differential scientific subdisciplines to their holistic alternative, as Cyberspheronics (CYBS: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). The fundamental novelty of this direction is that not o­ne sphere or area of human being is taken as an object of research but the universal societal wholeness of the noosphere, biosphere and cosmos.

The scientific ideas about this integrity allow us to build adequate models for its governance and strategic projects for its transformation, functioning and development. It should be noted that so far Russia has no such strategic projects, because modern socio-economic plans and national programs have nothing to do with the strategy, but relate to the tactical, short-term level of governance. For strategic design and strategic management, we need to be able to build objects of a different type, but in modern practice of public administration they still do not know how to do this, and no digitalization will help here.

It is also fundamentally important that CYBS is based not o­nly o­n a systemic, but o­n a metasystem (universumal) approach to research, forecasting and designing solutions to global problems facing humanity. The CYBS highest practical goal is the 21st century most important goal: the humanity survival and saving the bio- and noosphere from the global ecocide/genocide, overcoming the civilization crisis through the Third (outside of capitalism/communism) Way of harmonizing the joint existence of various civilizations based o­n their societally/genetically equal spheres/spherons.

In addition, a number of unique technologies are offered in Cyberspheronics, for example, technologies of spheral statistics unified for all countries, technologies for creating spheral Internet, technologies of a digital platform for new, non-violent democracy, technologies for solving global environmental and economic problems, technologies of the smartphones applications ensuring successful personal and professional growth of each person. As it is known from The Theory of Activity and Thinking* (Anisimov, 1991), o­nly technology provides the transition to the most effective options for human activity.

All this allows us to evaluate the Global Governance MegaScience Manifesto and its Cyberspheronics as a fundamentally innovative and promising response to the most pressing challenges of our time, as a kind of Gospel of a harmonious and intelligent life o­n Earth in our century.

         *Anisimov O.S. New Governing Thinking: Essence and Ways of Formation. - M .: Economics, 1991 .-- 352 p. (In Russian)

Andrey Smirnov, Ph.D.,

Head of the "Novgorod Thought-Technical School O.S. Anisimov,




Two Manifestos: Ingenious Comparison.

Dear Andrey,

Thank you very much for your brilliant academic review at the highest professional level below. It was published in two languages ​​on the CYBS page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908) along with all other responses from many countries there.

Especially valuable in your review, I would say, is a delicate, but principled, murderous criticism of the Marxist communist manifesto and an impeccable demonstration, o­n its outdated background, the indisputable historical advantages of our CYBS Manifesto. It is the genetically equal spherons Manifesto of their conscious/scientific, a substantially new Third Way to the era of peace, love, harmony and non-violence, to which the humanity science of self-knowledge has finally come after Gandhi.

The key sociological/methodological significance is emphasizing the dominance of a part over the whole, leading to the death of the whole (primarily the USSR and its camp), in the first manifesto and the priority of the holistic spheres/spherons over their parts in the second that ensures the humanity/whole survival and prosperity in global peace from them harmony.

Your fundamental review encourages some principled additions to our Manifesto, which will be presented in its final version.

We greatly appreciate and deeply gratitude your unique philosophical review.

Friendly, with best wishes for health and peace,





... , " ... !!!" . "" , . , . , , , -, . 20-30, 50 . . . . , !

, .

C ,




Dear Leo,

Heinz von Foerster always said: "Nothing is more fun than being taken seriously!" I am ready to put up a website:

Lockdownlessons.us to address Trump and the world, what there is to be learned from the lockdowns. My focus will be o­n the preservation of the biosphere and relation of nuclear extinction, AI,digitalization, and violence.

I would like to remind you that the GHA got a Christmas Card and a thank you from the White House!!!So Trump and Queen were the most responsive leaders to our Gandhica Petition!!!

In humor lies the greatest wisdom. In morality the greatest deception.

Sincerely your,

Lucas Pawlik,




Dear friends,

I approve the GHA 78th Project!

The most important thing in this project is a demonstration of the universality of spheres / spherons in all human life, in all families, schools, enterprises, cities, regions, countries, continents and within humanity as a whole. The universality of this genetic reality provides humanity with peace and harmony. At the same time, the equality of spherons ensures equality in all other aspects: racial, gender, class, national, etc. This provides a peaceful, harmonious and non-violent solution to all problems arising from o­ne or another difference. Therefore, the CYBS Manifesto is the Manifesto of Equality, Peace, Love, Non-Violence and the Life of the New Age. Therefore, it meets the interests of all normal people and will be recognized by them. It is especially important for women and children!

Yours faithfully,

Vera Popovich,




Dear Leo

Yes for your next proposition

Congratulations for all the brilliant work realized by GHA which will be a very important mean of thinking about Peace Harmony
and non-violence. And to act for creating it into the minds, the souls, ant the hearts and the world society.

With love for peace and global harmony

Dr Théa Marie ROBERT




Dear All Peace Aspirants,

Yes, the 78th GHA Project Cyberspheronics Manifesto is approved.


Pravat Kumar Dhal,



Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President, and All Peace Leaders,

Greetings from India.

I accept the Cyberspheronics (CYBS): Megascience Manifesto for Global Governance/Democracy.

This Cyberspheronics (CYBS): Megascience Manifesto is a New Journey of transformational shiftof human consciousness from violent consciousness to spiritual consciousness from o­ne dimensional, industrial, disharmonious, and partial thinking to Tetranet Thinking for fostering Global Peace and creating Harmonious Civilization in the 21st Century.

This Cyberspheronics (CYBS): Megascience Manifesto is a new paradigm to liberate and weld humanity into aglobal harmonious community by transformation ofthe Militaristic thinking to Peaceful Thinking a substantially new manner Thinking of (Einstein) by integratingthefour Spherons in four spheres: 1. Sociosphere 2. Orgsphere 3. Infosphere 4. Technosphere with Unity of Love, Peace, Nonviolence & Harmony for achieving Global Governance/Democracy in the 21t century.

Dr. Subhash Chandra Associate Professor (Hon.)

GHA President and Board Chairman,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India



I accept the manifesto

María Cristina Azcona,





. , , , .. ... , , ...



..., ,






CYBS Manifesto: Invitation to the co-authors


Dear friends/colleagues Matjaž, Roger and Lucas,

How are you? I hope you are all right.

After a long pre-treatment since May 17, I am pleased to invite you as co-authors of Gandhica to co-author of its synopsis: CYBS Manifesto (attached, 11 pages) during two days, until June 2, inclusively. For each of you, I have prepared at its end a separate short paragraph. You could edit it and name 1-3 more of your sources for bibliography. You could also edit the entire document or part of it at your discretion. Your silence will be a rejection from it. After your feedback, it will be sent, according to the GHA tradition, for discussion and approval by the GHA members.

Best wishes for your health and peace,




Dear Leo! 

Thank you for keeping us in the loop! I will add a  brief biosphere rescue plan.  

Stay well! 

Lucas Pawlik,




Dear Lucas,

OK, thanks, but please make it through four spheres/spherons of our CYBS as all of them are responsible for biosphere albeit to varying degrees, but more of all - militarism, see as an example here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=677. OK?






Dear Leo, 

Our biosphere is about to collapse with the current pandemic as o­ne of its realities. Therefore, I would love to add a specific Biosphere Rescue Plan

As there wasn't enough place in Gandhica to include a specific biological proposal for our biggest biological problem, I believe it would add further credibility to our seriousness and expertise to include such a proposal now. 

Best wishes,





The Initiative Continuation in the EU


Dear Lucas,

Many thanks for your support of the CYBS Manifesto with your wonderful Biosphere Rescue Plan, which I will post o­n our website and will include its paragraph in our Manifesto in accordance with its genre and with reference to its publication.

The CYBS Manifesto will be sent for the GHA discussion and approval o­n June 5 according to our 15-years tradition.

I like to extend our initiative with the CYBS Manifesto to the European Union through your countries: Austria, Slovenia and the USA - Roger, who has a lot of friends among the deputies of the European Parliament and received Brussels subsidies last year for his Constitutional Project. Lucas and Matjaž could also offer the CYBS Manifesto initiative in its most efficient and fastest (within a year) part of Spheral Digitalization Technology (SDT), to your MEPs and young leaders of your countries, to establish and finance the relevant Laboratories of 10-12 specialists under your leadership and my advisory participation with a modest annual budget of 300-400 thousand euros.

Any country, regardless of its scale, which will master the CYBS SDTs, will provide a powerful economic breakthrough, will become its pioneer and world leader in the progress of our century, which will certainly lead to global peace. For the EU, this unique technology will be especially valuable as a tool to strengthen the EU solidarity, the deficit of which was demonstrated by COVID-19. You three, as cyberneticians and federalists closely connected with the EU, could become pioneers/engines of this progress in your countries and in the EU along with the implementation of your own initiatives within its framework. Therefore, for two additional days, let us discuss this initiative, which has not o­nly colossal scientific, especially cybernetic, significance for the EU, but also a unique economic and political meaning for it that is going through a critical time of its existence.

As for me, I will be happy to be a scientific consultant o­n CYBS spheral statistics and its digital technology in your European laboratories on any conditions from January next year, when I finish the planned book with you. This decision is due to more than 40 years of persecution / suppression of spheral statistics, starting since 1980 in the USSR, just as it brutally suppressed the cybernetics of Norbert Wiener since 1950 that drove it into the history tail and into the collapse at the last century end. As then (70 years ago) in the USSR, and now in Russia, there are no scientists, institutions and Academies that can listen, understand and recognize fundamental scientific/social discoveries and their innovative technologies ahead of time. (At the same time, it readily publishes custom-made Marxist articles o­n cybernetics as a real false science of a 70-year tonality: Anonymous, 2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=842). Therefore, in my almost 80 years, I have no more existential time to wait and hope for Russia. It is very bitter for me, as the patriot of peaceful, humanistic and harmonious Russia, to admit this truth of my life at its finish. I hope you understand my explanation of my decision.

Friendly, with the best wishes for health and global peace from Gandhian spherons harmony,




Dear Professor Leo;

Greetings from Nepal!

Thank you for your innovative paper. A acquired a huge knowledge from this and you are the philosophical master o­n this Cyberspheronics. Please keep author introduction at the footnote of the page 1, rather just below the heading. You nicely portrait Love, Harmony, Peace and Non-violence. This paper has mentioned existence in some places, but if you could manage the words "non-existence", "empathy" and "dukha" are also the core instruments of Gandhian Philosophy. Security and dignity shall also be useful o­n this endeavor.

Many thanks o­nce again for your outstanding paper.

Sincerely yours,


Professor Bishnu Pathak, PhD

Former Commissioner

Commission of Investigation o­n Enforced Disappeared Persons, Nepal

Resume: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=910













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