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Third-Order Sociocybernetics (Cyb-3) as Megascience of Global Peace

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Third-Order Sociocybernetics (Cyb-3) as Megascience of Global Peace,
Gandhian Spheral Democracy and Peaceful Internet-2


Leo Semashko +++ invited coauthors

(Joint GHA article into the development of Gandhica for democracy and Internet)


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In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=819




1.Background and the Necessary for Third-Order Sociocybernetics

2.Vladimir Lepskiy: Third-Order Cybernetics Paradigm-2018.

3.Gandhi Year-2019 Resume and Gandhica as Third-Order Sociocybernetics.

4.Modern Institutions of War and Peace: Their Resource and Mental Incomparability.

5.Rig-Veda and Mahatma Gandhi about Varnas as the Oldest Societal Peacemaking Structure of the Varnas/Spherons in Ancient Indian Society.

6.Spheres/Spherons: The Highest Level of Societal Genetic Complexity and Integrity, Available o­nly to Cyb-3.

7.Spheres/Spherons: Fundamental Statistical Realities and Substantial Foundations of the Multi- and Interdisciplinary Cyb-3, System-Forming its Object, Subject and Reflection.

8.Cyb-3 as Megascience of Global Peace and V.V.

9.Cyb-3 as Megascience of the Gandhian Spheral Democracy Excluding Traditional Militaristic Democracy.

10.Cyb-3 as Megascience of Innovative Spheral Internet-2, Priority and Controlling the Traditional Militaristic o­n 85% Internet.

11.Cyb-3 as Megascience of Spheral Statistics, Spheral Digitalization And Spheral Statistical/Probabilistic/Thermodynamic Information Technologies for New Democracy and New Internet-2.

12.Peace through Force or Nonviolence? The Key Problem of Democracy, Geopolitics and Megascience of the 21st Century.


3. Gandhi Year-2019 Resume

and Gandhica as Third-Order Sociocybernetics


The GHA has transformed Gandhis non-violence during 15 years from unnecessary to anyoneUTOPIA, buried the world militaristic order for 71 years after the Gandhi murder, into fundamental, peacemaking, substantially new (Einstein) spheral Megascience and substantially new non-violent Megathinking embodied in Gandhica as third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres/spherons.

They have no comparison in the dominant military science and violent ideologies. They are saving for humanity from the global nuclear ecocide/genocide through the spheral Gandhian nonviolent peace democracy based o­n them eroding institute of war along with its militaristic democracy, more or less subordinate to it in every traditional state national form.

This is the humanity breakthrough from the era of violence/self-destruction to the era of non-violence and prosperity of all nations in global peace from conscious harmony.

Today, as always in human history, the better world not will launch without the human mind new true fruits.


4. Institutes of War and Peace:

Comparison of Spheral Resource Maintenance


Table 1.

Spheral resources

Institute of war
Peace through Force

Institute of peace
Peace through Nonviolence



People/staff and their education

100% +*


(except for peacemaking volunteers)



Science, Internet



(except for the unofficial GHA Global Peace Science and peacemaking websites)





Budget finances



(except peacemaking NGOs / NCOs and their pathetic and random donations from the population and volunteers)



Material and technical resources (MTR)



(except for miserable MTR of peacemaking NGOs/NCOs and their volunteers)


Survival Reasons

The superficial, but resource the most powerful and overwhelming peace, militaristic world order, including the relevant ruling elites, power and democracy of all types, military mentality of public consciousness, military science, military education, military budgets, powerful military industry complex that captured almost 50% of the global public production. + The increase in military taxes o­n the population, the destruction of all international law that hinders militarism, etc.

The fundamental societal harmonious and peaceful genetic nature of human and society (Kant, Gandhi), providing life and survival in any militaristic situations, orders and authorities. But the institute of peace requires for its complete approval and supplanting institute of war 100% of the spheral resources, which peace will be provided in a new era of non-violence and harmonious civilization, the breakthrough of which is ensured by the GHA mentality. + Lack of "peace" tax o­n the population, etc.


In trend


Natural Result:

full "shameful self-destruction of mankind"

(E. Roerich)

While maintaining the 75 years trends of maximizing, multiplying military resources and minimizing, reducing peaceful resources, the probability of global nuclear ecocide/genocide also maximizes and approaches 100% that means the inevitable full shameful self-destruction of mankind in the near future (E. Roerich).



In order to weaken the institution of war, it is necessary to develop the Cyb-3 Megascience as the Global Peace Megascience and provide mass enlightenment and education in it to create the necessary forms of democracy and budget financing for peace, etc.


In order to strengthen the institution of peace, everything that weakens the institution of war must be done, first of all, to develop global peace Megascience as the most complex, subtle and key resource in reflecting the deep societal genetic nature of peace from the harmony of spheres/spherons, etc.


First turning practical step:

$ 100,000


Create an International Gandhian Laboratory of 8-12 GHA scientists with an annual budget of 100 thousand dollars under the auspices of the UN, any peacemaking government or any NGO, best of all in Japan, which experienced the tragedy of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, in order to develop a project for humanity to escape from the self-destruction tunnel. The GHA possesses for this the necessary Global Peace Science, confirmed for 15 years in 9 books and 70 peacemaking projects, including the new UN project.


Notes and bibliography





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