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Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Since February 15, 2005, GHA is an international NGO uniting more than 500 members in 56 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA collective members in 80 countries.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org


GHA 7 books and 47 projects list of social harmony, global peace and harmonious education:



GHA is recognized as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 for collective book:

The ABC of Harmony for World Peace…: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=586


Board: 35 GHA members from 16 countries



GHA Founder and President: Dr. Leo Semashko

Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg, 194356 Russia

E-mail: leo.semashko@gmail.com Web: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


GHA Mission is:

To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education

GHA Video: Social Genome of Peace from Harmony -http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA



World Honorary Titles of Global Peace

For donations and active promotion of global peace from harmony in science, art, religion, politics, economy and civil society


The GHA 50th Project

Started: February 2, 2014

Approved by GHA o­n February 20, 2014



Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, Project Manager and the GHA 29 members:

Roxana Sadykova, Ernesto Kahan, Andrei Semashko, Julia Budnikova, Surendra Pathak, Heli Habyarimana,Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Mohammad Khan, Ivan Ivanov, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Vera Popovich, Dmitry Delyukin, Alexander Semashko, Piotr Semashko, Svetlana Vetrova, Alexander Subetto, Andrei Smirnov, Uraz Baimuratov, Bishnu Pathak, Bruce Cook, Nina Meyerhof, Adolf Shvedchikov, A.K. Merchant, Maria Cristina Azcona, Susana Roberts, Manijeh Navidnia, Justo Bolekia, Subhash Chandra and others

From 12 countries: Argentina, Ghana, India, Israel, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda, Spain, USA,



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Copyright © 2014 Leo Semashko


Publication in languages:

English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=590

Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=612



1. Motivation


Global Peace from Harmony in the 21st century is an unprecedented phenomenon and unprecedented task of humanity in world history. Therefore, it requires the equally unprecedented social, spiritual, cultural and moral ideas, initiatives and efforts as well as unprecedented people and their leaders. They are prepared for the first time to consciously and systematically develop the Global Harmony Association (GHA) during 9 years since February 2005: www.peacefromharmony.org (which has about 5 million visits). This website published thousands of pages of peacemaking diversity, including the GHA’s seven books and 49 projects of global peace from harmony. The GHA created, by using and uniting this diversity, the foundations of unprecedented Global Peace Science from Social Harmony in the ABC of Harmony for World Peace (2012: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478) and is now preparing the text of this science for a special book (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585). Without this science Global Peace of the 21st century is impossible. These spiritual achievements of the GHA made it an unprecedented scientific and holistic center for Global Peace in the 21st century.

Mankind stands o­n the brink of military self-destruction by militaristic civilization, where almost every adult is constantly forced to pay taxes to the military budgets of $ 2 trillion dollars annually and global peace is devoid of any system of funding remaining at zero. War, violence and terrorism have millions of sponsors in this civilization and global peace o­nly o­ne sponsor - the Nobel Peace Prize offering just over a million dollars a year. Such a weak level of sponsorship was powerless to ensure global peace in the 20th century which was filled with world, interethnic and terrorist wars.

The social pathologies of this civilization - greed, consumerism, extreme individualism and other confront to global peace - these pathologies have been criticized by the Supreme Pontiff Francis. GHA develops this criticism in the current project and others. Global peace of the 21st century will never come without a common scientific understanding of the sources, guarantees and actors of global peace and without systemic institutional funding in trillions of dollars beginning with donations of the most conscientious citizens-peacemakers.

Unprecedented Global Peace Science is created in the GHA, which consolidates it with the best historical examples of peacemaking and self-sacrifice: Numa Pompilius (Rome, 8-7 century BC), Gaius Maecenas (Rome, 1st century BC), Francis Assisi (Italy, 1182 - 1226), Alfred Nobel (Sweden, 1833 - 1896), Mahatma Gandhi (India, 1869 - 1948) and Mother Teresa (India, 1910 – 1997). GHA crystallizes and integrates the most effective human resources of world history to achieve global peace in the 21st century. This allows GHA to establish an unprecedented World Honorary Titles of Global Peace to initiate, motivate and stimulate unprecedented civil peace movement for Global Peace in all its dimensions: social, spiritual, political and economic. These integral dimensions of global peace are expressed by the unprecedented scientific Social Genome - SOCIONOME:


SOCIONOME is a scientific symbol and essence of Global Peace from Harmony in deep structural comprehension of its sources, guarantees and actors (http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA).


2. Honorary Titles and their Definitions


Global Harmony Association as

Scientific and Spiritual Center for Global Peace



World Honorary Titles of Global Peace

For donations and active promotion of global peace from harmony in science, art, religion, politics, economy and civil society:


1.Global Peace Gandhi - for leadership in the global civil nonviolent disobedience to military taxes with a positive alternative of global peace and general disarmament from harmony.

2.Global Peace Francis (Assisi) - for the donation of anyone of all his fortune for the goal of global peace and general disarmament from harmony.

3.Global Peace Nobel - for a donation for global peace $ 20,000 or more.

4.Global Peace Maecenas - for a donation for global peace $ 5,000 or more.

5.Global Peace Mother Teresa - any woman for her donation for global peace $ 3,000 or more.

6.Global Peace Numa (Pompilius) - political or civic leaders of any level from municipal to global for practical efforts towards global peace with a donation $ 2,000 or more.

7.Global Peace Donator - for a donation of any citizen for global peace up to $ 2,000.

8.World Harmony Creator - for the development and active promotion of global harmony in science, art, religion, politics, economy and civil society as a holistic source of global peace. (This GHA Honorary Title operates since 2007 and nine outstanding people are its Laureates:


Each o­ne of them is a Global Peace Sponsor or Donor. These are supremely worthy persons who possess the beauty character, intellectual courage, civic responsibility and moral will to reach the first common good of humanity - Global Peace.

Any sponsor’s donation is estimated as a Honorary and Spiritual contribution to Global Peace of the 21st century, as an example of compassion and help for mankind to get rid of wars.

The portraits of Honorary Titles Laureates of Global Peace along with their biographies will be published in the book "Global Peace Science" in late 2014, as well as o­n the GHA website in "Global Peace Sponsors Gallery" forever as the first in world history donors of global peace of the 21st century.


3. Donation Purposes


Global Peace Sponsors are united by o­ne common purpose - to reach Global Peace in the 21st century based o­n Global Peace Science from harmony through a voluntary accumulation of funds (donations) to fulfill the following peacemaking tasks:

1. Political resistance and organization of mass civil nonviolence disobedience to war (only) taxes with a positive alternative of general and complete disarmament (GACD) for 50 years (until 2065) through the reduction of military budgets of all countries by 2% annually. (This objective, in the first approximation is formulated in the GHA appropriate petition to the UN here: (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529).

2. Development and promotion of Global Peace Science as a consolidated scientific peacemaking consciousness based o­n the social genome (SOCIONOME) of global harmony in all countries: (http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA).

3. Funding for the Institute of Global Peace in UNESCO, Academy of Peace and Harmony, Monitoring Centers of Peace and War (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=588) etc.

4. Establishment of institutions of global harmonious education (schools, colleges, universities and academies) in Global Peace Science (the 10 projects of such institutions are listed in the GHA projects: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472) worldwide.

5. Stimulation of the global peace art and interfaith harmony as its special sources.

These purposes can be expanded along with the increase of donations.


4. Approval Order


1. All Honorary Titles of individual persons are approved by GHA members by a majority of votes of the voting participants.

2. The first and the seventh Honorary Titles are initiated by members of the Board and President of GHA and after their approval they are offered to approval by the GHA members.

3. Other Honorary Titles are approved by the GHA members o­n the basis of appropriate donations, for which each sponsor shall inform the President of GHA or any of the GHA leaders using e-mail addresses which have been published in "Contact Us" here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=574.

4. Depending o­n the size of donations, special conditions, time and how they transfer, the GHA Board and the President determines all the parameters for transferring donations acceptable to the sponsor.


5. Sponsor’s Organs and Functions within the GHA


1. The GHA approved sponsors of Global Peace create an independent Supervisory Board of Sponsors (SBS) to control the use of donations for Global Peace and determine the details of its regulatory relationship with GHA.

2. SBS elects the necessary bodies of governance and creates its own Charter, which is offered for discussion and approval by the GHA members.

3. Within this Charter the SBS creates other necessary bodies of governance and monitoring at its discretion.

4. The SBS with the GHA Board creates o­n the GHA website "Global Peace Sponsors Gallery" together with their portraits and brief biographies and for Global Peace Donators - Honorary List in this Gallery.


6. Honorary List of Donators and Maecenases for Global Peace.

On February 20, 2014. Donations are in U.S. dollars.

These donations constitute the unprecedented in human history conscious BUDGET of Global Peace to create Global Peace Science as its first necessary spiritual condition.


1.Andrei Semashko, St. Petersburg, Russia: 5000 - the world's first Global Peace Maecenas

2.Roxana Sadykova, Ufa, Russia: 1000

3.Ernesto Kahan, Tel Aviv, Israel: 200

4.Leo Semashko, St. Petersburg, Russia: 1000

5.Julia Budnikova, St. Petersburg, Russia: 1000

6.Surendra Pathak, India: ?

7.Heli Habyarimana, Rwanda: 50

8.Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana: ?

9.Mohammad Khan, Pakistan: 100

10.Ivan Ivanov, St. Petersburg, Russia: 30

11.Svetlana Kuskovskaya, St. Petersburg, Russia: 30

12.Vera Popovich, St. Petersburg, Russia: 30

13.Dmitry Delyukin, St. Petersburg, Russia: 30

14.Alexander Semashko, Kaluga, Russia: 1000

15.Piotr Semashko, Moscow, Russia: 300

16.Svetlana Vetrova, St. Petersburg, Russia: 30

17.Alexander Subetto, St. Petersburg, Russia: 100

18.Andrei Smirnov, Novgorod, Russia: 200

19.Uraz Baimuratov, Almaty, Kazakhstan: 500

20.Bishnu Pathak, Nepal: 10

21.Bruce Cook, USA: 2000

22.Nina Meyerhof, USA: 50

23.Adolf Shvedchikov, Russia: 30

24.A.K. Merchant, India: ?

25.Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina: 10

26.Susana Roberts, Argentina: 20

27.Manijeh Navidnia, Iran: 10

28.Justo Bolekia, Spain: 10

29.Subhash Chandra, India: 20

These GHA members, with more than modest incomes from the poorest countries, by their donations have proven their true dedication to global peace and ethical dignity to serve it, providing it, above all, spiritual contribution and moral support.

This list, together with the new donor’s names will be published o­n the first page of the book "Global Peace Science" in December 2014.

 GHA Social Ideal,

Peace from Harmony



Gandhis, Francises, Nobels and Maecenases for Global Peace of the 21st century - your voting to February 20

Dear GHA members,

We are happy to invite you to discuss and approve the GHA updated Project: World Honorary Titles of Global Peace for Donations (in attachment) by your YES (I approve, support) or NO (I do not approve, do not support) with your comments within three days to February 20 inclusively


This project was also published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=590


Since February 1 we have been discussing the GHA Appeal about donations for Global Peace Science (GPS), without which there can be no global peace. So we are encouraging donations to global peace, which deserve moral support and recognition. During this time we have not received any objections to establish the honorary titles for donations as a funding source for GPS and its book. At present 19 people have offered donations already. We appreciate their contribution to global peace and sincerely thank them for their high spiritualty of self-sacrifice. We all understand that the donation - it is an extreme measure but GHA has no other way. Our 9 -year-old history has shown that we have not found any financial support from the rich peacekeeping organizations and foundations for our 7 books and 48 projects of global peace from harmony. For the GPS book we were looking for funding from them since March last year. Our search also was unsuccessful and they showed that at these institutions a priority is greed not peace. A similar situation exists not o­nly with GPS but also with others, such as the Institute of Harmony for which Laj Utreja, its Director is looking for a grant about two years but he cannot find it. At least we have not heard from him positive messages o­n this account. The search for help from these institutions seems endless and pointless.


Therefore, no o­ne could suggest other ways to finance GPS except donations. This is for the GHA members o­nly way to prepare and publish GPS book. Our donations are an ethical act of compassion and help to pauper global peace. This is spiritual dimension of every donation that is a natural for a true peacemaker.


Unfortunately, spiritually and financially war and militarism have the overwhelming priority in comparison with global peace. This empirically proves not o­nly appropriate monitoring GHA (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=588) but also a number of other powerful facts.


First, almost every adult citizen of each country must pay taxes which include funding the military budget. The state collects military taxes from citizens without asking their consent and against their will. It will not be held accountable for their use whenever it is a state secret.


Second, it's a whopping annual military spending of two trillion dollars, which is constantly growing. Similarly the budget for global peace, compared with the military budget in the national budgets, basically does not exist and is zero.


Third, we all know about the social pathologies of militaristic civilization - greed, consumerism and extreme individualism. Pope Francis has sharply criticized this reality. In the proposed project, GHA continues and develops the critique of these social pathologies. However, we are also well aware that many people have kept a civil and moral immunity from greed, consumerism and extreme individualism, as evidenced by our 19 donors in two weeks. To similar people the GHA project about the honorary titles of Global Peace is addressed. It is created so that not global peace and its organizations such as the GHA looking money but money looking for them in a form of the honorary donations.


Our hope as hope and world peace can be found o­nly in these donations of noble people, peacekeepers in spirit, in the new Gandhi’s, Francise’s, Nobel’s, Maecenase’s and Numa’s of Global Peace in 21st century! We have no other hope. Our project has nothing to lose. We invite other peacekeeping organization of Global Peace to join this project to receive funding for global peace from the donations.

We will send our project signed by all its donors from around the world and believers of different faiths to bless the Pope and other religious leaders.

We are waiting for your active participation in discussion and voting this important peacemaking project.
Thank you.

With love, best wishes for peace from harmony to everyone,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President



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