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Watchword of Humanity! January 22, 2015




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In eyes of silent humanity, the US empire is madly preparing nuclear suicide for human race. In December of last year, the US Congress approved a reckless Resolution 758 “full lie and war propaganda” with a "declaration of war o­n Russia" [1], and President Obama, "Nobel Peace Prize Laureate", ignoring his right to "veto", without a shadow of doubt, signed it. By like crazy Resolution, the US officially started World War III and publicly recognized itself as aggressor.

          This war will undoubtedly nuclear and therefore, as is proven, will be the suicide of humanity from the USA hands! This war is launched by Obama, of course, is not will limit to the tens of millions killed as in the Second WW unleashed by Hitler. It will be a Nazi nuclear death camp managed by the US elite and their "democratic" militarist Congress o­n all Earth planet for billions of people and the whole earth nature, i.e., in the US Globally! (Of course, taking care about life support of their elite). But the USA does not stop the number of dead, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Pentagon has long proclaimed: "We will do a fair amount of killing" [2]. It was confirmed in all its wars, from the Korean and Vietnam. o­nly in the Iraq war the US killed 750,000 children [3]. These facts, from Hiroshima to this day, make America the "world recordsman of killing of innocent civilians"[4]. Therefore, the US empire mentally prepared itself for the nuclear fire to the Earth and all its inhabitants. The fuse to it for US is Ukraine, from which they expect plausible pretext to ignite it.

In this dramatic situation, as well as before WWII, to whom humanity can lay peaceful hope? It can not hope to Nobel Laureate President Obama, who had betrayed the interests of global peace and testaments of Alfred Nobel. The answer is clear and obvious: it can o­nly rely o­n Russia and its leader Putin: "Putin saves the world from nuclear war by not being provocative" [5]. And this is a peaceful achievement already! (By contrast, Obama is pushing the world into it). Support for Putin's peace policy is needed immediately. In the new war that will last for several tens of minutes, will not have time to peaceful demonstrations. We, the burning torches in the nuclear fraternal fire of American Auschwitz, we will be unable to protest against the planetary genocide, aggression and monstrous crime against humanity from the US empire. o­n this designed their new military doctrine.

Therefore, if humanity is to survive, not allowing nuclear war, it should now, without delay, without waiting for its beginning to actively support Putin's peace policy to prevent it! Strong support of this policy is Global Peace Science (GPS), a book of which was published by the Global Harmony Association (GHA) other day [6]. GPS will ensure Putin with nonviolent victory of peace over the American empire wars, similar to that, which won Gandhi o­n the British Empire nonviolently.

We invite all people of good will who are concerned about their children's lives, loved o­nes and their own, to start mass protests against the US Congress Resolution 758 as “full lie and war propaganda" [1], demanding to vote its abolition in all parliaments and governments of the world, and in all public and international organizations, starting with the UN. The first such requirement was formulated by Dennis Kucinich o­n December 6 [7].

The vote of each Earth citizen in support of this Watchword by your YES, with your amendments, if they exist, will be your peacemaking vote AGAINST nuclear war and AGAINST the Resolution 758, opening its "legitimate" way. What do you say to them, YES or NO? Thank you.

Please publish this appeal to your sites and networks, if you do not want a nuclear war. We do not think that you will like it, when it will start.


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+  Terrence Paupp, Jim Hightower, Charles Mercieca and John Pilger: Publications about the American Democracy and Fascism: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=708
and many others in this section of our Website Contents.



Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, note:

        We offer to express your opinion YES or NO o­n this question in the Kucinich’s Petition of former congressman for the abolition of nuclear Resolution 758 here:



I wrote my next response to this Petition:

        War between two nuclear powers with need will be nuclear. Obama, who has approved Resolution 758 and legitimized nuclear war with Russia, risked life of 300 million Americans and billions of other. This is the greatest crime against humanity. Therefore, Obama pretend to be Hitler and nuclear terrorist number 1 in new century. This villainous intent deserves Obama’s impeachment. He made the hostages of nuclear war all Americans. Why they are silent about it? They do not understand it? Why are o­nly 16 thousand signatures and not 160 million? They like to die because of Obama?


We invite all peacemakers of USA and other countries, primarily the GHA members to sign the petition for the abolition of barbaric, suicidal nuclear Resolution 758 of Obama and the US Congress. NO NUCLEAR US aggression! NOT RUSSIA AND US declared war o­n RUSSIA! NO NUCLEAR WAR OF US! NO THIRD WORLD WAR FROM US!

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