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Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of developing harmony

Valery N. Sagatovsky


About Developing Harmony as Basic Idea of his Conception


“An event is not fully determinant (from God’s plan, man’s intention or object regulations) and it is not fully innovative negating all old absolutely. The developing harmony is optimal correlation between a creative, a struggle and a selfsufficiency of existence.”

(Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of Developing Harmony; in 3 parts. Part 2: o­ntology. SPb. 1999. P. 249; in Russian).


“A struggle is necessary but not predominant basis of development. It proposes an orientation o­n developing harmony as aim of progress and growth of harmony as the criterion of progress.”
(Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of Antropocosmism in Summary. SPb. 2004. P. 101, in Russian)


“The partial man is not capable to create of the integral world… Therefore a man chooses between refusal from fulfillment of his cosmic function and search of means to realize this function. This realization proposes an aspiration to create the noosphere in the world as developing harmony and mutually supplementing unity of society, personality and nature o­n the basis of acknowledgment of selfvalue this components and  integrality of this components.”  
(Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of Developing Harmony; in 3 parts/ Part 3: Anthropology. SPb. 1999. P. 279-280, in Russian.)


Valery N. Sagatovsky,

Ph.D., Professor, State University, St-Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: vn_sagat@inbox.ru

November 27, 2006

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