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Dr. Takis Ioannides

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GHA Vice-President

Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Greece,
Global Peace Science coauthor:

Poet, writer, and painter,

Address: Athens, Greece,

E-mail: takis.ioannides@googlemail.com,

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138 


Review of

Global Peace Science, 2016

By Takis Ioannides

The main question of our present times is, which is the direction of the modern human? o­n my opinion the answer is: to his ultimate destruction via war.

The global history teaches us that, when there is o­nly o­ne sole superpower o­n earth, then the consequences of its selfish actions oppress, terrorize and destroy the global community. This unfortunately happens after the awful Second World War o­n our planet, with main responsible the USA and its whoever allies, even today.

Our historical group GHA, at this critical juncture in human history fully understands its personal and non-transferable responsibility to history. GHA sets objectives and proposes strategies, striving for their realization, to rescue the current disoriented and frightened human who lives in a global society with broken the links of traditions, with a total lack of purposes, and in complete intellectual confusion.

The universal need and wish of humanity is the Global Peace. All nations, nowadays, have the opportunity to use the great gift of offering by GHA. The powerful book of GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE, published o­n year 2016. GPS is the tool that can change the course of human history and direct it to secure and safe way of Global Peace. GPS embraces all nations, all religions, all traditions as a global family. It offers in human societies the vision of its unique mission, this of peace enforcement o­n bloody homicides wars, via the harmony, in the XXI century.

Our inspirational president Dr Leo Semashko together with the GHA members developed the theory of harmonious civilization based o­n TetraSociology. With nonviolence Peace practicesvia Harmony seeks the human right of revolution of the social sciences. So, this GPS book was built by 174 co-authors from 34 counties.

Human history has proved another reality. The militaristic science destroys the human, murders him, or turns him away from his land home, eliminates societies. The scientific methods developed in GPS ensure the victory of peace over the destruction of war, as long as people perceive and understand their mission for the fulfillment of peace o­n our planet, establishing the o­ne World, o­ne harmony, o­ne family o­n planet.

The vision of our president for a Nuclear Free World, for peace from harmony through science, is the bridge among global societies for a true new life in peace and harmony. Its also the tool which breaks the barriers that prevent the internal capabilities of people to be developed fully, and be released from the shackles of war and fear. The scientific and the spiritual fruits of GPS can flourish with awareness, freedom, love, peace through harmony, sustainable future, stop of falling of humans,promotion and development of the interior life and the New World Order in human souls and nations globally.


Dr Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides,

GHA Vice President,

Writer and Poet,

New Smyrna, Athens, Hellas



Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615

Dear Leo,


Last day in the ESTIA New Smyrna Foundation, in a special memorial ceremony, Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos and Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides spoke about the life and the important workof the national poet of Japan named Lefkadios Hern (Greek), Embassy of Japan was present.


With Peace from Harmony


Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos

Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides



Dear President Dr Subhash Chandra, Dear Dr Leo Semeshko, dear all GHA peace makers,

today I had a personal meeting, o­ne hour ago, with the Director of International Olympic Truce Centre Dr Constantinos Filis.

I introduced the history and the work of GHA and offered him the GPS BOOK, The GPS Resume in both English and Greek languages.

He was impressed by GHA GPS book, its total work and activities. He told me that he will study the GPS book and his is willing to participate and contribute in coming future books of GHA, personnaly and also as a Director of the Director of International Olympic Truce Centre.

The Director of International Olympic Truce Centre has Own premises in the area of Ancient Olympia and among many activities perform too many lessons to school students from global Greece, and also many lectures in order to promote the Olympic Truce and Peace globally.


The International Olympic Truce Foundation and the International Olympic Truce Centre were established in July 2000 as a joint initiative of Greece and the International Olympic Committee, turning the commitment of the Olympic Movement to promote its peaceful principles into concrete action. The initiative first took form in 1998, with a proposal from the Greek Government to the members of the International Olympic Committee for the institutional revival of Olympic Truce in the new millennium. In a historic December 1999 decision, the International Olympic Committee announced the establishment of the International Olympic Truce Foundation and the International Olympic Truce, in cooperation with Greece. The commitment to the Olympic Truce gained further impetus with the proposal from the candidate city of Athens that the 2004 Olympic Games would ignite the meaning of the Olympic Truce and promote its values around the world through the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.

Director Dr Constantinos Filis
1A Likavittoy str
106 72
Athens, Greece
tel. 0030 210 36 11 023

With Love and Peace from Harmony

Dr Panagiotis D. Ioannides
Co-founder - Vice President of GHA.



Presentations of the Global Peace Science (GPS) book


Dear President Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA peacemakers,

Today I had a meeting with,

a) President of International Olympic Academy, Mr Isidoros S. Kouvelos


isidoros@mobileemail.gr tel 0030 210 4288224

Director, Mrs Ileana Klokoni, www.hellenic-olympic-academy.org

email ileana.klokoni@hoa.org.gr tel 0030 2106878912

b) President of Hellenic Olympic Commette, Mr Spyros kapralos.http://www.hoc.gr/

Secretary email, efoka@hoc.gr tel 0030 210 6878726

I offered each o­ne with the GPS book, resume in English and Greek languages.

All were impressed and interested by the prototype book of GPS.

They perform lessons to schools students the whole year about Peace.

With Lover and PEACE of Harmony

Dr Panagiotis D Ioannides

GHA Vice President, co-founder, honorary member



Dear Leo,

Yesterday afternoon we both Dr Apostolos J Paschos and me performed the introduction

of GPS in ESTIA NEW SMYRNA FOUNDATION, in the Museum of Orthodox icons saved

during the Greek murders by Otomans in city of Snyrma and the whole Minor Asia.

We performed speeches about peace, and I introduced the History and works of GHA since 2004 upon your idea, till nowadays.

It was real great night!

I shall have the photos by the photographer in few days.

I am sending you some of me and Apostolos holding the GPS before the event.

With Love and Peace from Harmony






       Panayotis (Takis) Ioannides was born in Kallithea, Athens, Greece o­n 15 April 1955. He is citizen of Planet Earth. He is married, and got three 3 kids (World, European & National champions of Taekwondo and scienists). His roots are from Peloponnese, Arcadia and Epirus (his mother) and Peloponnese, city of Aegion & Minor Asia, Greek Pontus lands (his father).

        He has studied Shipping Studies, Computer Programming, Project Management, Safety, HR, Logistic. He research philosophy for 30 years. He has the Honorary Degree of Dr of Literature by HWAAC-vise for diploma no 358. He worked for 39 years and now is pensioner of IBM Hellas sa. In the past he also worked for two years in E.F. HUTTON sa. He is Trustee of Maniatakeion Foundation (www.maniatakeion.gr). He is member of Executive Boardand member of the committee of booksevaluation of ESTIA of New Smyrna Foundation(http://www.estia-ns.gr/page.asp?pid=1). He is member of GHA and co-writer of books of GHA, especially the ABC of Harmony
www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478). He is member of IFLAC. He is member of education team of Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies university in Oslo. He is poet of SKAI Channel in Greece.

        He is poet, writer, researcher, lecturer, literature critic, philosopher, painter. He has written hundreds of poems, 9 books and more than 300 essays. His books & his poems are registered in the Greek National Library of Greece in Athens. He offered his poetic work via the national radio stations and other individuals for more than 15 years, daily for free. Poems and books of him have been awarded with prizes in Greece and many other countries. He uses to donate his paintings in bazaars of Athens for children with special health problems, AIDs, mind problems etc. He publishes his poems, essays, articles (philosophical, social, historical, scientific) and interviews of spiritual persons of Planet Earth via newspaper EPIKAIRA of New Smyrna in Athens and foreign magazines. His poems and interviews are introduced via TV, radio stations and magazines in Greece & Cyprus for 20 years and now. o­n year 2009 the Greek Parliament choose his poem For the child for the global day of children. He is creator of Blood bank in Athens.

        He has been registered in the Whos Who book 2010 of Greece and in the Encyclopedia of Greek poets since ancient years and today of Harry Patsis editions. He is member of the Arcadians. He is Marcial Arts Instructor (Taekwondo ITF), national and international Umpire, practicing also in Iyengar Yoga. Former Vice president and member of the International Society of Greek Writers & Arts. Former Vice President of Lefkohori Arcadia. Former President of the IBM Club.

        His believes, to actions not to theories, to full offering to humanity, to contribution for helping any fellow human upon his abilities, to LIBERTY, to TRUTH, to LOVE, to JUSTICE, to PEACE, to HARMONY, to Human DIGNITY.

         He is optimist for the future, of children & of Mother Nature, as long as active spiritual persons will be existed o­n Planet Earth, and are healthy thinking for the common benefit. And also hope that o­ne day some scientists willmanage to understand that they are responsible for the existing evil o­n Planet Earth, for the suffering children, for children and adults deaths, for wars, for weapons, fro nuclear, for abnormal food etc. by their creations

       He is a student of this Life.




The man who stood up his mind without fear and inhibition o­n the earth,

who built his whole life o­n the materials of sacred harmony,

who dressed his consciousness in the form of love,

who envisioned a peaceful and harmonious world,

with motivation instinct, the creative impulse of life.


This man built the Global Harmony Association,

who wove in mind the unique and original model

of Global Peace Science.

He joined all of us in the chariot of his dream

in the name of Divine Love,

with the love of the spirit that sees,

identifies, analyzes, reconciles and creates.

This man made us his own fellow travelers o­n his pure passion,

for the salvation of the man - citizen of the earth.


This man feeling the need of purification,

the need of debt, innocence, simplicity, peace,

which led our steps to the renewal of life and innocent peace,

with the aim of all of us resurrection,

by the world that burdens us.


This man proved that inside humanity

Must exist and dominate the great emotions

the eternal values of human life,

obedient to the Divine Gods Voice,

this man is the Russian Dr Leo Semashko

is calling people

to focus o­n human and his spiritual development.


By Dr Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides

GHA Vice President, GHA co-founder, student of this Life

New Smyrna, Athens, Greece,

7 6 2106

Takis Ioannides*

Review of the ABC of Harmony


We live an awful global crisis in all levers of human civilization. Humanity meets serious problems o­n a daily basis and is forced to solve them. Human values have been disappeared. Poverty is increasing. Peace if absent.Wars are in force in many countries of our planet. Children suffer by war, many kinds of violence, poverty, lack of education, hunger, illnesses, orphan hood, job and sexual exploitation. Citizens of many nations are today hopeless, feared, terrorized, poor, with no future. As a conclusion, our planet Earth lives a historical collapse of quality of life.

But, every crisis and every problem has its solution and treatment. Humanity must recover the soonest possible. Human beings seek for such solutions. The question raised is, who can provide these solutions? Who can assist humanity nowadays and how?

The safe answer is the new edited ABC of Harmony book of GHA with its contents, ideas, solutions provided by numerous spiritual persons, professionals, real humans who care about humanity and so they offer voluntarily their knowledge, their life experience, talents and works. With philosophical approaching the authors were focused o­n the existed human problems, analyzed them and using the past knowledge and wisdom, together with their own knowledge, work and life experience, provided attainable ideas and solutions.

Upon Dr. Leo Semashkos leadership, his vision, his faith and his too hard efforts together with all cooperators and all authors, this book of the ABC of Harmony for the world PEACE, the Harmonious Civilization and the Tetranet Thinking is a reality and a chance for our Global community for an immediate change, for the common benefit of fellow-humans, for all nations of Planet Earth.


*Dr. Takis Ioannides,

Poet and writer,

Athens, Greece

16 12 2012


The bridges of PEACE


The humanity affairs like ungoverned ships

are crushed o­n the undersea reefs

she builds years and nowadays.


We forgot our ability to fly where we wish

with our free thoughts.

We suffocate inside our deceptive -

protective armors of egoism.


We are balloons which deflate

by any casual pin of disharmony.

We locked our hearts inside the

materialistic safe.


Not synchronized,

we jump from cloud to cloud

and our life values are fallen down from our pockets.

We are not free, and our eyes are closed

covered with the veil of fanaticism.


Standing in a position too inconvenient

which gets souls pathetic, inconsiderate

and unbearable tired,

we sleep too deep, never changing side,

no reacting, at all.


We are satisfied with the hallucinated burners,

with the unimportant perishables.

We are crushed producing an deafening noise,

but we are unable to hear it.


We banished the real, the true

and the plasticity of our instinct

depriving its ability to hag this world

all around us.


We lost our ability to look this Life

directly o­n eyes with bravery and dignity.

We keep the bridges of PEACE unused.


Fellow humans please tell me,

how we shall manage to pass o­n the other side,

over our differences without PEACE bridges?


By Takis Ioannides,

student of this LIFE

8 March 2013


Dear Takis,

I was pleased to publish your poem o­n your personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138

Your poem is excellent in terms of suffering and pessimism. But why are not optimism, hope and enthusiasm at the student of life, who studies the ABC of Harmony, who wrote in it Hymn to Holy Harmony (p. 263) as the best bridge to peace? I quote your hymn below. I think it will help you write a poem: Best Bridge to Peace is Harmony from Harmonious Education in the ABC of Harmony. I wish you the creative imagination in this direction.
GHA Video: Social Genome of Peace from Harmony (
http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA) can also add your inspiration, optimism and enthusiasm in harmony!

Best harmony wishes,


Takis Ioannides


Hymn to Holy Harmony


Since I met myself from my youth age,

My fundamental target was

to curb my primary agony,


My precious soul

Was any moment in danger

To be lost,


My beloved body was really mortal

And Fragile enough

to be disappeared,


My soul was in conflict

With my body,

And both were fighting,

Against the brilliant Mother Nature,


And now as an adult,

I am still trying to reconcile

And convince both parties,


That their life

And coexistence occurred

by a holy miracle,


That these are not enemies,

But parties of the same body

Of the sacred monad,


United by the Law of Love,

With the challenge and chance

to gain the happiness,


by following the avenue

of the obvious and glary Harmony,

existed all around us.



Hymn to DAY of Woman (8 March)


Oh you eternal form, principle matrix,

You adornsthesizeofthe legendsandhistory,

your presencein the depthsoflife

is the lightandthecreation ofcharmers,


Rockinginthestemof themind,

Beingarealityin life, a rising soul,

ritualsandweaves the work ofGod,

asobedientdebt,declaredinyour actions,


you bloomintheproperflowoflove,

your patience buildscolumns of strength,

you strive as auniversal symbolofgoodwill,

as aproudleaderin thestrugglesoflife,


you relieveour anypain with affection,

you officiate with theessence oflove,

your wishisan elixiroflife,

youdeservehonor, Oh woman. You eternal!


By Takis Ioannides devoted to Global Day of Woman






LOVE, (dissolves hate)

KINDNESS, (melts cruelty)

COMPASSION, (calms passion)

CO-OPERATION, (evokes the love)

FRIENDSHIP, (joins the human hearts)

KNOWLEDGE, (base of real pure thinking)

SOUL BALANCE, (brings happiness and harmony)

HEALTH, (keeps the human healthy-alive-active)

SPIRIT CONFIGURATION, (tool of cogitate)

HONESTY, (the stable base of our life actions)

COMPREHENSION, (entrance to real knowledge)

PHILOSOPHY, (understanding of definitions and discriminations,

Seeking of truth)

RESPECT, (filial piety, family, loyalty and cohesion of family home,

Memory of ancestors)

JUSTICE, (base of Democracy is rarely of Virtue)





Student of this life lifelong



My son Dimitrios Demosthenis

12 years old, champion of Greece in juniors in Taekwondo student in the low school.

With my son Dimitrios

 My daughter Theodora,

19 years old, student in the university, section "Family economics and

ecology". She is also Champion of Europe, of Balkans and Greece in Taekwondo.



 My daughter's name is Vassiliki, 17 years old, student in the high school

Champion of Europe, of Balkans and Greece. Member of the national team of

Greece. Also champion of life. Like the other two children of mine. They make me a

very proud father for them.

With my daughter Vassiliki

 Vassiliki 2008


Books of Takis Ioannides, Dr Literature

1)SPIRIT AND AURA2004, (poems, dictums)

2)WHAT DID YOU DESIRED TODAY MY SOUL 2005, (poems, dictums)


4)DIONYSUS KING, AESCHYLUS, 2006, (essay, philosophy)

5)MELPOMENE, cracks of soul, 2009, (historical-philosophical novel)

6)BREATHS OF MYTH, 2009, (poems, dictums)

7)EVERLASTING MOONS, EMERGING VENUSES, 2010, (stories, dictums)

8)RELEASE THE HOPE, SEEKING SAFE LIFE CHOICES, 2011, (essays, philosophy, sociology, history)


Dictums by Takis Ioannides, Dr Literature


(Η ξηρασία του μυαλού είναι ο εχθρός της προόδου.)

the drought of brain is the enemy of progress.


(Αληθινό δεν είναι ότιβολεύει τον καθένα μας.)

Genuine is not what accommodates each o­ne of us.


(Εμείς ρυθμίζουμε την τηλεόραση κι αυτή ρυθμίζει τη ζωή μας.)

We control the television and this controls our life.



(Είμαστε αυτό που κτίσαμε χθες, που αντικρίζουμε σήμερα και θα καταριόμαστε αύριο.)

We are what we built yesterday, what we see today and what we would curse , tomorrow.


(Δυστυχία είναι η στέρηση αυτογνωσίας.)

Misery is the deprival of self-knowledge.


(Έχει διαφορά το να ξέρεις τι πρέπει να κάνεις,

από το πώς να το κάνεις, πότε να το κάνεις και γιατί να το κάνεις)

It is different to know what you should make,

From how do you make it, when do you make it and also why do you make it.


(Οι επιθυμίες είναι χείμαρροι που παρασύρουν την ψυχή στο βάραθρο της ανελευθερίας.)

Our wishes are torrents that drift the soul in the gulf of lack of freedom.


(Οι άνθρωποι αντιμετωπίζουν όλους τους συνανθρώπους τους ως αντιπάλους στον στίβο της ζωής. Αδιαφορούν όμως για τον πλέον επικίνδυνο. Τονεαυτότους.)

The humans are facing all their fellow-humans as opponents in the track of life. However they are indifferent to the most dangerous o­ne. Their own self.




Written by Dr Lit. Takis Ioannides


Athens during ancienttimes. AtheniansexpelthemessengerofSpartansMelisipposand then hesaidto himself, : Today is the day the big misfortunes for Greeks start.The warstartedandendedtoverifyhissaying,asthePeloponnesianwar,the most terrible of the civil wars of Greeks, with a period of 27 years (431 404 b. C.),demolished the Harmonic Civilization of Greeks into the abyssof annihilation havoc.


But along with this fratricidal war of weapons, hatred and passions, another war, spiritual, quiet, but incomparably most important from the other for mankind proceeded. Because the outcome meant to decide the future of the culture of generations in the centuries that followed. And even if in the first, two Greek cities fought, in the struggle against the second were two philosophers. Protagoras(480-411 BC) andSocrates (468 to 400 or399BC).


Protagoras of Abdera was the most important of the Sophists, with the ability which characterized him to present his positions with a brilliant display and cause manifestations of respect. A sampleof thesewasthePlatonicdialogue entitledtothe nameofthis greatsophists, in the homonymic work. He knew how to be popular and admired. He fascinated the masses, the wise humans and the unwise, even the Prytaneum.


Driving the vehicle of his philosophical concept of relativism and subjectivism in, he raised the human, not inthe senseofmankind, but with this of person, in the level of the superior judge for everything.For him every human, not necessarilythevirtualorreal human, butvirtuousorvicious, wise or fool, wise or unwise, he was judging everything because he didnt accept any other criterion superior than him himself. Heisthecriterionforbeingandnonbeing,forover-and improperfor the just and the unjust, for the value and demerits.


Μέτρον πάντων χρημάτων άνθρωπος των μεν όντων ως έστι των δε μη όντων ως ουκ έστι. (Πρωταγόραςέργο, αλήθειαηκαταβάλλοντες, Protagoras work, Truth or enervates), (A measure of all things is the man, for those who are existed because these exist, for those that do not exist because these do not exist).(Interpretation:measure of all is the man, for what exist the man confirms that this exist, for those are not existed the man confirms that these do not exist and therefore do not exist .Extension, that applies to all human the relativism and not the absolute.That is why people say that something is relative, not absolute.)

For the validity of interacting added in parenthesis, (translation, extension, interpretation of Protagoras sentence) all performed by the known Philologist Emmanuel N. Maragakis.


This subjectively of him, was leading him to the height of arbitrating, encouraging the unrestrained individualism and the abandonment. Theextraordinarypowerof his speechtogether withthe powerwiththecurrentofhis timesupporting him, contributed to the start of the Peloponnesian War been shaped features, as the collapse of values within the human consciousness and mental fatigue which characterized the people of his times, asoutlinedby Thucydides, describing the psychology of the Athenians in time of plague.


By the way, the tactics of the Sophists who claimed and taught that they are able to alter the best reason to worse coincide with the view of Pythagoras of Samos. They were identified that objectively there is no law, wrong, good, bad and very similar.


This subjectivity gave right to the unjust and armed the tyrant by supporting him the same time, with a sad result of the forfeiture of Athens, from the triumphant Funeral of Pericles, to the thirty tyrants. Protagoras of course was not in the mind of all these painful effects in man. Yet these were the consequences, inevitably results of his teaching.


Socrates was his opponent, as he was the creatorofanthropologicalturningphilosophy (Max Scheler). Like Protagoras, Socrates was starting with the man. But with a big difference.

Protagoras had the man as the Measure, while Socrates had the man as the Center for the Study of intellectual toil. Socrates does not like the man as measure of everything, but with his personal paradigm, forces the man to accept even thewrongful death,all submitting to measures such as the Laws of the State, located as shown, over him.


But why he sets the man in the centre focus of control? Because it filled with love for him and wants to help him to reflect, learn, understand, make a practice to climb into gods parade of virtue.


InfactSocrateswas seeking a certain point in the concept of absolute and was the geometry of the moral world.

Protagoras was a relativist denying the real existence of the triangle scientist geometer, but resting satisfied excellently in fact the approximate triangle practices counters, trying to exploit it as much as possible.

Eventually, both were right, everyonein his area, which of course differ.


The method of Protagoras was followed by the city of Athens as a method of education. The method of Socrates was followed by the privileged few, who were called friends of wisdom or philosophers by Plato.


Platofollowedhis master Socrates, by adopting his guideline. Thus he contradicts the word for word aphorism of Protagoras, by saying in is Laws (D. 216 c). (ο δή Θεός ημίν πάντων χρημάτων μέτρον άν είη μάλιστα και πολύ μάλλον ή που τις, ώς φασίν, άνθρωπος. ), SoGodcouldbeevenmeasure of allthings, muchmorethanassomeonethinks, as they say,man. Andaddedthat, Ός άν προθυμείσθαι εθέλη δίκαιος γίγνεσθαι και επιτηδεύειν αρετήν εις όσον δυνατόν ανθρώπω ομοιούσθαι Θεώ. (ΠολιτείαΙ 613). Anyone who wants to show a willingness to be fair and take care of virtue, if o­nly as far as possible in humans, be equated with God.

Aristotlefollowedsaying, Ού χρή δέ κατά τους παραινούντας ανθρώπινα φρονείν... αλλ εφ΄ όσον ενδέχεται αθανατίζειν.... (ΗθικάΝικ. Χ7,8). We should not, according to those who advise to think so human but o­nly ifit is possibletobecomeimmortal.


This harmonious ascent of man to the immortal and eternal, to resemble to God was the meaning of the anthropological turn in philosophy and Socratic after-Socrates anthropology, named by Cicero Humanism. This is the Socrates education base and source of humanism.


Greece was heavily wooded from the burdensome effects of a terrible civil war, counting inconsolable, its incurable wounds. The prides of Pericles lay cluttered on the ground, lifeless. Despair, anguish, desolation, decay. Simultaneously, the second major and decisive spiritual civil war of the two Greek philosophers, was leaving its own marks on the spiritual body.


Andthe winner wasrevealed. He was the timeless spiritual ruler of mankind. The divine Socrates.


Him, the spirit leader pulled out of the void the motherland, the philosophical size, which dominates to this day our human civilization and hope for the future.


But thementaledge of the Socraticphilosophy didnt leaveunchangedin itsturbulentpath. Despite the enthusiastic efforts of his successors, the Greek spirit showed gradually fatigue. The colors of the great victory of Socrates gradually began to fade. Then the shadow of Protagoras began slowly to take form again.

Certainly not the original of its intelligent founder, as a thin philosophy, as to the moral and practical side of, but with a clearly unaccountable and unfettered subjectivism.


Him, who defines the ultimate person, who cares only for himself, the sole criterion of arbitrary will.


Him, who led our home-country Greece in the inevitable subjugation of the inevitable, the Roman conquerors. Intheshamefulslavery. And this because the harmonic freedom balances only when she clicks on the corpses of subjectivism and individualism.


And whenin 146BC the city of Corinth conquered, afatalspiritualsleep stretched out like a black swan feathers and covered from o­ne end to the other the troubled Greek land. Unfortunately, no mental resistance and subsequent was raised, so fatal Greece became the Princess of spiritual humble servant of the Romans, as Achaia.


And the great question of man, which way should I follow? Where to find a way out? Emergedagaininevitable. Itsagonywasgiganticthroughtheages. Soul was searching for the source that will quench her thirst. And it found it in the Holy Spirit incarnate in Jesus Christ and the sacred New doctrine of Him.


AfterHiscrucifixion, theSocratic harmonic anthropology, which had once rescued the human psyche through the ruins of the Peloponnesian War, emerged again, with the characteristic of the race course through the chaos and agony, pure and hopeful. Readytobesacrificedagainforthehuman.


This cultivated in a field fertilized by the hope of the world in the name of Love and Peace of the Lord. TheChristianOrthodoxy.

TheGreekOrthodoxChristianAcademy inAlexandria.

With itsfounder and first director Pantenosandhis successors, Clement ofAlexandria, Origen the Great (student of New-Plato philosopher Ammonius Saccas) and later with the three Prelates, GreatBasil, John Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzus and many other spiritual activists, real Humans.


Andwe,thetransitoryrace of human, according to Hesiod'sTheogony, now, alas we have adopted the selfish individualism and subjectivism of the Sophists, limit ourselves only to dramatic findings of problems and our passions, experiencing at the time the conclusions and implications, sunk to a new spiritual medieval remained sleepy and inactive.Basil the Great in his book (Greek Letters for the young people, how they can be benefited by them, Editions Papyrus 1938),encourages the young to study Ancient Greek Literature, buttotakeadvantageofit by theparties.


GregoryNazianzussays, I think that the humans who have real mindadmitthat educationisthefirst ofgoods, I dont mean only the noblest way of us an education, the Christian, but also the Ancient Greek the ethnic,which manyex-Christians, who donthavetheright knowledge reject it astreacherousandfalse and go away from God we should therefore notdishonor the education, as some people consider, who aretactlessanduneducated.


The Greek education, the centre-human-Socratic philosophy was honored and respected also by Clement of Alexandria, who called it as PerfectLady.


We have time and mind and knowledge of real and genuine. Its Justthedecision,knowledge,wisdomand practice. Otherwise I fear that by adopting

the hair-splitting subjective-individualism, we betray ourselves, surrendering him without a fight, in the appetites of those who misguide us, getting sleeping and impinge us.


In other words, we losethemeaningoflifeandour main goal. This is said by Aristotle, BECOME IMMORTAL.Resemble to GOD!


Written and published in newspaper EPIKAIRA New Smyrna of Athens o­n 25/11/2007 and translated into English language o­n 25 2 2011, for GHA by Dr Takis Ioannides




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