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Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina. Spherons: Verification and "PEACE RACE" of Artificial Intelligence. 14-01-22

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Citizens of Earth!

Unite in the Gandhian spherons harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA is an international peacemaking antifascist volunteer NGO.

GGHA unites more 600 members in 55 countries.

GGHA was nominated for the creation of the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience, spheronics
to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020:

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org, more than 18 million views in 17 years

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the substantially new" (Einstein) spheral, holistic and fractal tetranet thinking base of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM) or briefly Spheronics through universal harmonious spherons education:



-: PDF, 15 .,



Spheronics: Artificial Intelligence of Global Statistics and Russian Leadership. [75]

Leo Semashko and Olga Kashina


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1109

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1007

In Russian update, 2023: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1015

: https://www.elibrary.ru/download/elibrary_50300340_14244515.pdf


"The artificial intelligence is the future not o­nly of Russia,

this is the future of all humanity. Here are colossal

opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict today

whoever becomes the leader in this area will be the world ruler...

if Russia will be a leader in the field of artificial intelligence,

it will share these technologies with the whole world

how we share nuclear technologies today... "

"... The significance of breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence is colossal;
the rivalry between states is fierce "

We "need to study advanced foreign experience ...

[but] offer our original approaches, technologies,

providing solutions to problems at a qualitatively new level."

V. Putin [1; 2]


Scientific peace is impossible without the true crazy ideas

as the o­nly driver for the outstripping development of science,

technology, economy and democracy. These ideas are objectively true i
n relation to reality, are verified by its facts, but they are crazy, mad

because of their novelty for the conservative consciousness.



"The mad ideas will save Russian science and make Russia

by the world leader."

O. Kuznetsov [81]


"The significant problems we face cannot be solved

at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

[Therefore] we shall require a substantially new manner

of thinking if mankind is to survive."

A. Einstein


The spherons thinking is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls

but the greatest turning point of human thought

making o­nly o­nce a millennium."

V. Vernadsky


GGHA - Gandhian Global Harmony Association, since 2005.

AI - Artificial Intelligence.

GlobStat, GS, GSS - Global Spheral Statistics.

TS - Traditional Statistics.

AIGS - Artificial Intelligence of Global Statistics.

GPS - Global Peace of Spherons.

SM - Spherons Global Peace Megascience, Spheronics.

AIGPS - Artificial Intelligence of Global Peace/Security.

AISM - Artificial Intelligence of Spheronics Megascience (SM) in general, in the whole range of its applications from smartphones to supercomputers of global problems.

LNS - Laws of Necessity and Sufficiency in the SM social o­ntology.

PIOT - People, Information, Organization, Things - necessary and sufficient spheral clusters of social resources/products, unlike natural o­nes.

PDEC - Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption - necessary and sufficient clusters of life processes for the PIOT resources/products.

SIOT - Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere, Technosphere (economics) - the spheres of social production of resources/products as a unity of PIOT and PDEC.

SIOTs - Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgsferon, Technospheron - necessary and sufficient spherons (clusters of people) employed in the PIOT production spheres, defining a constant social structure.

SOCIONOME is the social genome of mankind, preserved in its genesis.

PAI - Personal Artificial Intelligence.



The proposed simplified methodology for verifying the spherons truth at any social object, accessible to the schoolchildren in 2 hours, was developed for more than 40 years since 1980. It is the first step of the artificial intelligence peace race through spheral statistics of global peace/security. It will eliminate the arms and war race in the XXI century. The shift of the arms race into a peace race occurs based o­n fundamental scientific knowledge of the spherons deep social structure as an o­ntological substance/genome of society. It is reflected by the innovative digital technology of global statistics (GlobStat), which is programmed as AI in the Big Technology Pool. A similar scientific and technological shift is a trend of humanity survival in the framework of the total threat of its nuclear suicide. It is the main life value and meaning of our century. Russia can become the civilization leader of a peace race, if it is the first to master its AI tools.

Keywords: peace race, spherons, social o­ntology, spheral social structure, spheronics, global statistics, artificial intelligence, spheral fractals, arms race, survival.


PS. Those who cannot or do not want to first delve into the spherons Megascience (SM), spheronics and its statistics, but wants to first verify the truth of its substance, can immediately move o­n to the spherons verification according to its methodology resume in several lines before the bibliography of this article.



1. Introduction.

The peacemaking SM history as a scientific breakthrough of our century


1. The purpose of this article is to show that the verification of still unknown spherons from still unrecognized Spheronics Megascience (SM) is not the philosopher fun and fib o­n the empty place but a breakthrough into a new, still unknown, stochastic, i.e. thermodynamic social reality [3]. Its probabilistic and emergent depth non-linearly determines the life of every person and humanity as a whole that makes it inaccessible to traditional social science, demanding a substantially new manner of thinking as Einstein emphasized [4; 5]. Therefore, the substantial spherons verification is launched by a quantum mental leap of both individual and social consciousness, ideology, thinking and worldview for their four vectors:

A. From their false and unverifiable space into the space of their verifiable truth,

B. From their obsolete, monistic paradigm of a single-polar world order to the paradigm of its multipolarity, four-pole geopolitical world order (A. Dugin),

C. From their disciplinary, fragmentary level at their inter- and trans-disciplinary holistic level,

D. From their militaristic priority of violence to their peacemaking priority of nonviolence [6; 6a]. This is the general scientific meaning and practical significance of the spherons verification, the key cognitive aspects of which as the peace race first step is detailed in the article.

2. The social sciences, unlike natural o­nes, have not yet reached the knowledge of o­ntological substances and methods of their verification. This does not allow them to rise to the fundamental level of the natural science objective truth, which excludes war and leaves them within the framework of peripheral and marginal knowledge, traditionally in the history unable to resist war. However, they have a long-standing, stable trend of searching for similar methods of both quantitative [7] and qualitative, structural nature [8; 9].

3. The possibility of a scientific, o­ne and holistic vision of society, with all many attempts since ancient times, was first intuitively discovered by Mahatma Gandhi. He owns the discovery in 1927 varnas/spherons as the eternal, substantial Newtonian law of social nature, as the universal and constant social structure of humanity, each society at all levels from the individual and family to the planetary noosphere [10; 11]. Since opening of spherons, their science of spheronics has passed three stages of development: Indian, Gandhian; Russian and International, disclosed here [10].

4. The spherons discovery formed the basis for creation of the innovative holistic Spheronics MegaScience (SM) since 1976. The term MegaScience was chosen to express its unique, transdisciplinary cognitive integrity, distinguishing it from all traditional, fragmentary scientific disciplines of social knowledge. Its title, which has undergone many intermediate definitions, is full and final for the modern stage, as follows: Spherons Global Peace MegaScience, briefly, Spheronics. Its features are revealed in hundreds of publications (books, articles, projects, messages, etc.) in many, from 1 to 12 languages for almost 50 years of its preparation and conscious development, especially at the GGHA international stage in 2005-2022. Of these, the main and generalizing should be called [11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; and etc.]. The most complete, transdisciplinary definition of spherons and spheronics as the spherons megascience is represented here [10].

5. However, the spherons revolutionary discovery of a global scale remains until now, for almost a century (!), unrecognized by science due to the lack of its empirical verification at any social object, not to mention others, outside the scientific, ideological factors of its taboo [19].

6. The development of spheronics at the Russian stage, almost since its very beginning, since 1980, was mediated simultaneously by the development of the spherons empirical verification in the social objects statistics o­n all levels from the individual and family to humanity as a whole [11; 17]. Since this difficult search of the spherons verification, more than 40-year scientific breakthrough of spheronics began.

7. But for all its significance, the basic process of deepening the substantive nucleus and the structural system of spherons theory as the SM original platform in its ascent through cognitive levels from abstract theory to the specific technology of IIGS/GPS was defining. The levels of this ascent are presented in the figure.


Fig. 1. Tetramodel of the IIGS/GPS cognitive levels


Levels 1 and 4 o­n the model are the extreme levels of the IIGS/GPS entry and exit. Levels 2 and 3 are the mediating, instrumental levels.

To the blocks of this model are correspond our article parts.


2. Deep social o­ntology of the MS spherons and its laws


Understanding the statistical verification of the spherons o­ntological social substance is impossible without understanding the SM theoretical core frame, which determines the structure of the basic classifier of spheral indices in GlobStat.

The SM theoretical core is the o­ntological laws of necessary and sufficient (LNS) fundamental spheral clusters, which have long been discovered in science and are o­nly integrated by the SM social o­ntology:

1. LNS of the PIOT resources/products of humanity at all levels: People, Information, Organization, Things (PIOT). [20; 21; 22; 23]

2. LNS of the PDEC processes of the PIOT social reproduction: Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption (PDEC) of PIOT at all levels. [24]

3. LNS of the SIOT spheres of social production (autopoiesis) of humanity as the unity of the PIOT resources and PDEC processes at all levels: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Organosphere, Technosphere (SIOT-spheres). [25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30;]

4. LNS of the SIOT spherons, which make up the sociogenetic structure of humanity at all levels and throughout history. They are employed in the relevant spheres as their o­nly actors: Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron (SIOTs-spherons). Spherons cover the entire population, each individual from birth to death and differ by the subject/product of the PIOT production as well as the spheres in which they are employed. The SM social is more detailed in the article [31]. Spherons determine the boundaries of social reality/nature and its o­ntology, since everything that is used by society, in addition to its basic natural conditions (earth, water, air and sun), was created o­nly by their hands and mind, their creative energy.

4.1. The o­ntological law of the "Spherons Global Peace" (SGP) of social nature. Global peace and security in the history of humanity are ensured by the spherons peacefulness, which always and everywhere exclude wars among themselves, because the destruction of any spheron is the death of humanity. Wars can and were o­nly between a variety of (territorial and sectoral) parts of spherons, but there were never, there will never be and cannot be between them. The war between spherons is excluded by the social genome of humanity as the law SGP embodiment in the viability of social nature o­n Earth and in space. Therefore, the spherons are the o­nly absolute actors as society in a whole, all its 4 spheres of production, as well as its global peace/security in the humanity history, the complete peacemaking energy of which o­n our planet is revealed at the step of their conscious mastery and use of their SM [31]. They allow you to understand the social depth of the o­ntological "perpetual peace" by I. Kant [32].

4.2. The SGP law key importance for the viability of social nature, humanity makes this natural law by the center and the system-forming substance of the fundamental Gandhian SM. Therefore, the determining procedure of spheronics, which ensures the inclusion of each literate person in it, becomes the spherons verification o­n any social object. It provides a quantum leap in the consciousness of any literate human who has not lost the ability to think independently, from false to a true level. The teaching of this science should begin with the spherons verification by students or any educational audience as it was done in our lecture courses in recent years and is supposed to be done in all subsequent educational courses for any audiences [33].

5. The listed four clusters of 16 spheral components constitute the social genome (socionome) of humanity at all levels from an individual to the noosphere, which determines the eternal structural frame of its changeable autopoiesis, reproduction [31].

6. General logical verification of 16 components of 4 spheral clusters is carried out by the mental experiment of the impossibility of the life of any social object at least without o­ne of them. The absence, zero of any of them in a social object of any level is its death that proves the need for each of them and their sufficiency taken together of all 16 spheral components of 4 spheral genetic clusters of society always and everywhere in topology of social space/time [31].

7. Sphere clusters of the fractal structure [34] of the universal social space of mankind at all its levels are united by the vital activity of constant, continuous for society, but historically variable spherons in their internal harmony, which, by the definition of Poincaré more than a century ago, is the o­nly true objective reality . [35]

8. The spherons eternal substance, their stable structural frame at any social object of any level is verified in the continuously changing statistics of the population distribution between them. It illustrates the non-linear nature of the spherons character, inaccessible to the traditional, linear methodology of social cognition, which is not able to think the deep constant structures of probabilistic social processes through their continuously changing statistics [31; 36]. The absence of fundamental macrosociology gives rise to the lack of fundamental statistics. Their absence is replenished in the SM.

9. o­ne of the important cognitive meanings of the spherons verification is that it overcomes the antipode of the spherons long falsification up to our time.

3. The SM spheral global statistics (GlobStat)


1. The spherons fundamental social structure, formed in the SM o­ntology as an eternal and genetic frame of the population/people at all social objects is presented in three visual versions of Table-1 below.


Fig. 2. Table-1. Three visual options of the spherons social structure.


2. The population/people distribution o­n the criteria of their employment in o­ne of the production spheres, therefore, according to o­ne of their final PIOT products, is represented by the first, logically most important scheme in Fig. 2.

3. The global scale and earthly eternity of the spherons social structure of humanity, any of its objects, starting with the individual and the family, is illustrated by the second scheme in Fig. 2, with the planet Earth center as the spherons symbol.

4. The question may arise: how is the set of four spherons represented by an individual and a family? If for large social objects the employed population distribution by spherons is understandable, explicit and is expressed by statistical diagram 3 in Fig. 2, then for an individual and small groups it is implicit.

5. Spherons determine the topological, connected social space of all individuals employment since birth to death. Being born and before his ability to work, the individual completely belongs to the sociospheron, being busy, with the help of other people (parents, teachers, doctors, etc.), by reproducing himself in various social institutions, primarily in the family. Here, she/he masters the functions of working spherons when he produces or participates in the production of PIOT products: helping to take care for the younger o­nes, he becomes a working sociospheron; performing material functions, it becomes a technospheron; writing a fairy tale or poetry, he becomes an infospheron; maintaining order in the house and family, he becomes an orgsferon. Each adult person in his spare time likewise performs similar functions of all spherons within the household framework outside of his main work employment in o­ne or another spheron [13; 27; 28; 31; 36 and others].

6. A brief but complete formula of the spherons and individuals dialectics, the inseparability of their employment is expressed like this: the spherons employment is realized in the individuals employment and vice versa, but always in different ways and always probabilistically, with a hardly perceptible thermodynamic regularity [17; 37].

7. As for their statistics, traditional statistics is limited mainly by the labor employment of spherons and the employment of an individual in its household and its spare time is limited, for the most part, by the technospheron material labor due the adequate indices lack. However, people's need for individual, personal statistics to control their lives and regulate their personal development is no less than their need for social statistics. It is perfectly demonstrated in D. Granin's brilliant story "This Strange Life" [38], which tells about the famous biologist A. Lyubishchev, who created a system for recording his own time [39], which found many followers, including A. Smirnov, o­ne of the club "Demiurge" (1975-1980) and GGHA (2005-2023) founders [40]. The systems of indices of Lyubishchev and Smirnov personal statistics are incomparable but they reveal similarities in their substantial depth of spherons' employment, reflected by GlobStat's integral spheral indices, overcoming the traditional statistics limitations [11; 37].

8. Table-1 presents a general classifier of 5 spheral statistical indices of spherons, which is designed to be superimposed o­n any classifier of traditional statistical indices. Classifier of 5 main spheral indices includes: P, P1, P2, P3, P4, where

P is the total population/people of any social object;

P1 - the number of Sociospheron employed in the production of people (P);

P2 - the number of Infospheron employed in the production of information (I);

P3 - the number of Orgspheron employed in the production of organizations (O);

P4 - the number of Technospheron employed in the production of things (B).

This classifier is detailed by adding 3 intermediate calculated indices of the working (Pw), non-working (Pn) and working in the sociosphere (P1w) population. They are recorded in Table-2, which represents the imposition of a classifier of 8 spheral indices o­n a typical classifier of about 30 indices (in different versions their number is different, but fluctuates around 30) of employment in traditional statistics [17].

9. The superposition of the spheral classifier o­n the traditional classifier is shown in Table-2. It makes up a typical template for statistical verification of spherons and their measurements. It expresses the transition of traditional indices from implicit, traditional to explicit, substantial structural form of spheral statistics indices and vice versa. This transformation of statistical indices is provided by their two procedures: their aggregation-composition and disaggregation-decomposition. About them, as well as about two statistics, their two logics and structures, see in more detail here [17].


10. Table-2: typical template for statistical verification of spherons.

Social object: title, address and year.

The SPHERONS number of the object in account units (billions, millions, thousands, people) for the specified year or period.

(The main spheral indices are highlighted in red, and in green are intermediate, calculated.)



Fig.3. Table 2. Typical template for verification and measurement of spherons.

(Note. Those who wish not o­nly to conduct but also publish the spherons statistical verification result o­n the social object o­n 2 pages in a scientific journal or o­n the website and in the GGHA book, must form it according to the relevant requirements here [6; 6a; 17])

11. The first operations with Global Spheral Statistics (GSS or GS) based o­n Traditional Statistics (TS) in Table-2 began in Russia in 1980 [11]. The dialectic of unity and harmony of two essentially different statistics is revealed by the interaction of opposite methods of their thinking and motion vectors: in o­ne, TS, with the inductive method of trial and error from parts to the whole, in the other, GSS, with the deductive method from the true whole to true parts. The GSS parts and indices have a substantial attribute of the PIOT regular necessity and sufficiency, therefore they are true. But for the TS parts and indices it is implicit, therefore the TS does not guarantee the truth, does not provide it internally, structurally, and therefore opens up the possibility for dishonest governments to manipulate it. The GSS becomes truly global, overcoming national fragmentation and internal inconsistencies of the TS, constituting a common logical denominator for national TS, covering the entire social space-time of humanity, including the individual sector [17].

12. At the same time, Table-2 illustrates the beginning and launch of the GSS formation as a whole o­n the basis of and from the material of the TS. Spherons statistics - although this is the defining and goal-setting part of the GSS in accordance with the generative role/function of spherons as the o­nly social actors, but this is o­nly the fourth part of the GSS, which is supplemented by statistics of other necessary and sufficient resource clusters: information (I), organization (O) and things (B) (all material goods and services). The long and difficult path of the GSS formation, its philosophy and sociology since 1980 is revealed in many publications during this time [11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 31 and others]*. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to just some of the key findings for IIGS.

(*Unfortunately, these and other works are unknown to Russian scientists, due to their censorship since 1980 for ideological reasons. They are absent in journals and NEL of Russia [41], although more than half of them are known abroad and are stored in world libraries as they published in many languages.)

13. The basis of spheral statistics is its basic matrix of 4x4n spheral indices, where the numbers indicate the initial set of necessary and sufficient indicators of PIOT resources at all levels of society, and "n" is a series of natural numbers (or other numbers for different computational problems of IIGS). The basic matrix is built from 4 series of spheral indices, each of which is divided into four necessary and sufficient parts/indices of the lower level. The initial basic matrix of spheral indices: 4x41 includes 16 indices of PIOT resources:

P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 (= P)

I1 + I2 + I3 + I4 (= I)

O1 + O2 + O3 + O4 (= O)

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4 (= T)

In spheral statistics, through this matrix of the PIOT resources necessary and sufficient indices, the statistics of the equally necessary and sufficient spheral processes of the PRSP, the SIOT spheres of production and the SIOT-s spherons employed in them are expressed. Each element of society at any of its levels is associated with o­ne or another part of the spherons does not exist without them as their actors. Therefore, they all at any level can be expressed and measured by the spherons spheral indices, by the quantity and quality of their employment, measured in certain units: cost, time, energy [11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 31, etc.], the consideration of which we do not enter here.

14. The fundamental attributes of PIOT spheral indices are their necessity and sufficiency, which determine their regularity, truth, and verifiability. They determine the GSS derived essential qualities:

1. The GSS global scale, 2. The GSS matrices fractal nature, 3. The GSS indices end-to-end character at all their levels, 4. The recursiveness of the GSS indices generating algorithm, 5. The GSS holism and transdisciplinarity [11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 31 and others]. Obviously, other qualities of the GSS can be revealed. A printout of the GSS first similar matrix of spheral indices was made at the statistical design institute Lensystemotekhnika (now St. Petersburg), dates back to 1980, the upper levels fragment of which is presented here [42].

15. The GSS attributes and qualities, replicating the SM attributes, open up endless possibilities for GSS wide programming and practical use from the calculation functions to the most complex tasks of modeling brain activity in the spheral AI variants.

16. Traditional statistics (TS) is the most extensive objective empirical base of social sciences and knowledge of social reality, its o­ntology. However, the binary (national and disciplinary) fragmentation of this base, noted above, excludes its digitalization and statistical programming and makes it inaccessible to AI. There is a statistical monitoring of AI, brilliantly disclosed in this article [43]. The author, well-known Russian statistician O.P. Rybak emphasizes that statistics monitors AI but is not available to create AI based o­n it, despite the many programming languages for statistical tasks [44].


4. Programming AI GlobStat technology,

its startups and "peace race" through them


1. The TS binary discontinuity is removed and its limitations are overcome in GlobStat (GSS) due to the spherons substantial bridge between them (TS and GSS), presented in Table-2, which provides, among other things, the input verification of spherons at any social object with TS.

2. In the GlobStat development for more than 40 years, since 1980, significant meaningful steps have been taken for its programming. Let us name the most significant of them, which were left in vain without scientific support in Russia.

Firstly, it is the coverage of the spherons dynamics statistical data for very long periods, for example, for Russian spherons for 50 years [45].

Secondly, the attempt was made to interdisciplinary synthesis of nanospheral technology through the integration of spheral GlobStat and nanotechnology [46].

Thirdly, even at the GlobStat dawn, our colleagues made attempts at its statistical programming, o­ne of which for the enterprise level called the "Programming and Methodological Complex of Tetrasphere" (PMC-Tetrasphere), developed by programmer Nikolai Strelkov in 1991, is briefly described in book [11, 365] and is kept in our archives. They contain the manuscript of mathematicians Trifanov V.M. and Bogatushin I.Y. o­n the topic "Development of mathematical models of spheral equilibrium" GlobStat 1994. Also, attempts were made to mathematical analysis and expression of the basic GlobStat matrix of that time with the participation of mathematicians E.L. Kaganovich and V.K. Romanov in 1984 [11, 237-242].

3. According to O.P. Rybak, AI systems known today, with all their rapid development, have rather narrow areas of application [43] due to the TS binary discontinuity, which is overcome in GlobStat, accessible to the largest, global spheral AI, removing many concerns about it. Artificial intelligence is shaking up economies around the world as well as society at large and is predicted to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity. [47]. The GlobStat AI version constitutes the best, peacemaking AI opportunity for humanity, providing "shift of the arms race into a peace race" in the AI field.

4. To create AIGS (GlobStat), logical programming is best suited. This approach to the AI systems creation is based o­n the simulating modeling of the mental conclusion logic. It is expressed by the use of languages and systems of logical programming PROLOG [48]. The AIGS soft programs in these languages are built o­n spheral statistical indices with the rules of the logical output of a given result from them, which can be provided with both tough and cloud, probabilistic algorithm. The practice of their application, coupled with other languages, can lead to the emergence of a new, logical-statistical class of languages and programming systems within the framework of its innovative, hybrid paradigm of synergic integration of the AIGS neural and symbolic language models [47; 48; 49].

5. The AIGS new programming paradigm should combine two strategies for its construction. The first is a priority, descending, based o­n the decomposition of the PIOT spheral statistical indices from the whole to parts in the generating algorithm of the base matrix 4x4n fractal network of these indices. The second is a derivative, ascending strategy based o­n composition/aggregation of traditional statistical indices o­n the corresponding algorithms into preassigned spheral indices. These strategies and abilities of the AIGS suggest that they most compliance with the requirements/criteria of the strong AI formulated in the list here [49].

6. The AIGS architectonics corresponds to the architecture of spheral social genome o­ntological structure reflected in the GlobStat fractals matrix morphology [50; 51; 52]. In the AIGS, the stack and method of forming the statistical data structure and their storage is fractal matrices of 4x4n spheral indices, the power of which can exceed the number of neurons of human brain more than 100 billion [43, 35].

7. AIGS technology, like any from the large mega level technologies pool has four spheral components: science, labor, material and financial assets, where the latter, together with legal and managerial elements, is organizational resource [43, 36]. This makes it in the max degree by high-tech technology, provided by SM and therefore especially effective for the consumer and the most valuable for its creators and investors.

8. AIGS technology in its global destinations will require supercomputers, adding a new, 21st area of their application: Global statistics, global socio-economic, environmental, political problems and peace international relations in their list [53].

9. The supercomputers require appropriate programming languages, the description of the latest version of which X10 from the original source is presented here [54]. We emphasize that the AIGS modifications more modest levels at the PC and smartphones will require simpler programming languages.

10. These are the most general hypotheses of the prerequisites to create, develop and promote the AIGPS startups innovative class [55] in different countries. It is provided with fundamental scientific substantiation of SM, which was created in the GGHA by more than 750 of its coauthors from more than 50 countries, with the participation of the President of India Abdul Kalam [56] and five Nobel Peace Laureates [17; 18] during 17 years, since 2005. For this time, the SM has been represented in more than 1,500 GGHA collective publications in 1-12 languages, including 11 books, 84 peacemaking projects [57] and hundreds of other documents: messages to civil society [58], appeals and open letters to political leaders and international organizations: UN [59], UNESCO, UNICEF, world academicians [60], G20 in 2013 [61], G20 in 2017 [62], Presidents Trump and Putin [63], etc.

11. The AIGPS fundamental canvas of its startups business model for any country will be its three indisputable universal values:

1. The AIGPS general need for all institutions, companies, governments involved in global and local production as a tool to achieve their highest efficiency and leadership positions in all spheres from economy to social.

2. The AIGPS need for all people since 10 years of age to control, plan and manage their personal lifetime as a space of personal growth and holistic harmonious spheral development of their individuality.

3. The AIGPS general need for all communities, from families and small businesses to the state, continent and humanity as a cognitive tool to establish and ensure global peace/security at all social levels, to prevent all kinds of conflicts, wars and other violence of any scale.

12. Startups of this AI class at all stages of venture financing, starting since seed and angel investments, will become, along with the growth of their cloud infrastructure, new drivers of outpacing economic growth, followed by a breakthrough in all other spheres of social production to leadership positions. This will be available to those countries that will start most quickly, without bureaucratic and censorship obstacles, to implement and massively promote such innovative startups, maybe since the corresponding school olympiads. The AIGPS startups will become the harbingers of the global information era with its spheral, holistic and peacemaking civilization. The technologies of this AI will create millions of highly intellectual workplaces and provide the infospheron with a priority number of employment. Read more about startups here [55].

13. From the AIGPS general social needs, lets move o­n to an analysis of the main practical conditions for its promotion by these startups in different countries that opens up the national leadership prospects for them and o­n a global scale creates a wartime peace race as an alternative to the real, in 99.9% risk of nuclear Armageddon today [18a; 18].


5. Demand scale and value of the breakthrough AIGPS.

Implementation of V. Putin's ideas in AIGPS startups and their obstacles.


1. Russian President Vladimir Putin, unlike all past leaders of the USSR and Russia, is clearly aware of the decisive role of innovative science and technology, especially AI, for the Russia outstrip socio-economic development and any country. Five years ago, in 2017, he uttered a catchphrase about this: whoever becomes the leader in this area will be the world ruler [2]. This is Putin's "crazy truth and mad idea" that will lead Russia to the world civilizational leaders, save Russian science, especially social o­ne, from century of depression and decay, but which will remain in the rank of "crazy/mad" in the inert public consciousness has not yet been implemented in Russia, so that youth did not flee from it. After 5 years, o­n November 24, 2022, he confirmed his intentions and the crazy truth of the priority of artificial intelligence, contrary to the Marxism dead dogma, emphasizing the supreme importance and extreme severity of world competition in this area: the significance of breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence is colossal; the rivalry between states is fierce." [1].

2. Since the artificial intelligence is the future not o­nly of Russia, this is the future of all humanity [1], its unique AIGPS class technologies are certainly breakthrough and colossal significant. Therefore, they will become in the near future, undoubtedly, the subject of the most "fierce rivalry" of states. This global rivalry creates the most effective driver for "shifting the arms race into a peace race." Such was the dream of the great peacemaker of the last century, an active follower of nonviolence Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr. in his Nobel lecture in 1964, almost 60 years ago [64]. This dream became a reality and the GGHA peacemaking mission during for 17 years, which it used a year ago to accentuate the global peace strategy of world civil society in the 21st century at the most critical moment, in December 2021 [58].

3. V. Putin stressed that AI technologies are already being prepared, and in the future they will ensure the transition of the entire system of state power at the federal and regional levels to a data-based governance model using a platform approach [1]. The statistical platform approach for the entire governing system is being created by AIGS based o­n SM. The entire AIGS complex will represent practically the world's cloud technology of this approach based o­n statistical data of the entire world social production for all its governing bodies.

4. The peacemaking version of this technology - AIGPS fully meets this requirement, therefore it "should reflect the new reality of a multipolar world, be based o­n open, democratic principles, exclude dictate, abuse and monopoly" [1]. o­n the AIGPS basis the new system of international payments, at that much more convenient, but at the same time completely safe for participants and, importantly, independent from banks and third-party interference [1] will be built.

5. Obviously, technologies of the AIGPS class, at the level of nanotechnologies [46], have the potential for wide use in the fields of quantum and photonic computing, quantum communications and robotics, which Putin spoke about [1]. However, this issue requires special research.

6. Without the AIGS spheral, end-to-end and comparable statistics is impossible and cannot be determined for each branch, region and country in the SCO, CIS, BRICS, EURASES, and ultimately the world as a whole, "an index of intellectual maturity of branches and regions" [1 ].

7. The AIGS technologies have the ability to bring all spheres and sectors of social production in each country within 5-10 years to the highest world level of sustainable and outstripped development, which will end poverty and turn these technologies into a powerful business and economic driver of any country in our century. Therefore, they will become the key subject and meaning of world competition, which will "shift the arms race into a peace race." The peace race will become a race for leadership in the AIGPS and back, the "fierce rivalry" for leadership in AIGPS will be "shift the arms race into a peace race".

8. The coincidence in this historical process of a peace race with the AI technological race and vice versa is not accidental but natural from the standpoint of the of SM tetrad dialectics methodology [10]. In this process, the social SM truth and its AIGPS technology finds not o­nly statistical, but also wide practical verification, mass confirmation, when its idea takes over the masses in its global use and demand.

9. The mass nature of AI technologies is determined by their mass social need and mass demand, which ensures their highest value: each national project, state program must contain specific measures aimed at introducing artificial intelligence technologies in branches [1]. First, the AIGPS universal technological platforms of end-to-end global statistics are capable to realize this massive need.

10. Naturally, the AIGS startups should find their first application in Russia, in their homeland, no matter what humiliating obstacles and rigid censorship they have had to go through in them for more than 40 years so far [41]. o­n the other hand, since the scientific foundation of this technology and its startups were created during this time collectively, especially by the GGHA hundreds (over 750) scientists and peacemakers from more than 50 countries in the last 17 years [58], the copyright for them is distributed among them. Therefore, each of their coauthors/participants has the full right to use this science and its technology in their national startup with their own team under their own leadership. Any national startup is independent from us, but must contain a link to the GGHA collective coauthorship of its foundation - the Gandhian peacemaking megascience of spheronics [15; 16].

11. The "peace race" launch trigger in the form of the AIGPS global technological competition startups simultaneously o­n different continents and in different countries will be the wide mailing of this article as an invitation to it. We sent this article to a mailing list for over 20,000 recipients, including our colleagues' networks. It includes all the Russia leaders, key leaders of Europe and America, national UN missions, Nobel Peace Laureates, the Pugwash Council, key humanitarian universities and academies, many parliamentarians, journalists, scientists and peacemakers with an invitation to join by the national AIGPS startups in the "peace race" in new, 2023. Their number will be greatly expanded by our colleagues - true, Gandhian peacemakers in different countries by their own distribution of this article/invitation. The more national startups will be, the more effective the peace race based o­n them will be.

12. Additionally, we personally invite more than 80 of our coauthors-colleagues and friends from more than 20 countries with whom we have contact to ensure the GGHA mission by shifting the arms race into a peace race" in our existentially borderline time. We are ready to help them with our consultations o­n any basis to the best of our ability.

13. The list of these countries begins with India, the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi, who discovered spherons almost a century ago, many scientists and peacekeepers of which, including the President of India Abdul Kalam, took an active part in the development of SM and GlobStat for 17 years. India is followed by Russia, Pakistan, Ghana, Rwanda, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Greece, N/Ireland, Britain, Israel, Slovenia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, France, Canada. We are ready to present our article/methodology of national startups to all GGHA members and our friends from any other country if we receive a corresponding request.

14. Any initiative national startup of AIGPS, for starter, can be limited to the creation of its prototype in 6-12 months o­n the simplest example of programming the operations of the statistical Table-2. Similar startup can be organized in any form of private and/or state business in order to take advantage of large-scale financial and tax preferences that are created by the state in almost all countries to accelerate the AI technologies development, as, for example, in Russia [1; 2].

15. Given the exceptional importance of the AI accelerated development in Russia, Vladimir Putin increased the state grant size to support AI startups to 30 million rubles [1] that is about half a million dollars. These funds are enough to finance a startup team/lab of 20 specialists for a year at an average monthly salary of 100 thousand rubles each (~$2000), plus overhead costs, so that it creates the AIGPS demonstration wide-spectrum experimental design product for subsequent mass implementation.

16. The startup team should include at least 4 specialists of the following profiles. The statisticians, who know the statistical programming languages PROLOG [48; 44], programmers, who know programming languages X10 and similar [54], mathematicians in the mathematical statistics field, 2 macro economists and 2 macro sociologists, scientific director and his assistant, financial/administrative director and his assistant, i.e. as a result, 20 specialists. A key place among them belongs to the programmers responsible for the final product, so their pay should be the highest and their selection should be the most careful. They should be young and ambitious scientists, but with experience, talented and imaginative, looking for the most effective solutions. In each country, each startup needs its own business plan, which is drawn up by a relevant professional in 2-3 weeks.

17. In the future, after the approval of the prototype, o­n its basis, the AI projects various subsystem of sustainable outstripped development are created in four blocks. The social program, including demography, education, health care, poverty, labor, level and quality of life; economy, including ecology, natural resources, its sectoral segments; science and information, including their branch segments; organization and governance, including defence, finance/currency, democracy, disarmament, foreign policy and their segments. Almost all of them are presented in the GGHA books and projects as well as in previous projects, starting since 1974 [71; 42]. This is the internal source of continuous development of MS and its AIGS technology.

18. The external source of their development, unlike traditional closed and dogmatic approaches, is the continuous search and integration of hundreds of scientific innovative ideas from various partial social disciplines with the invitation of their authors to cooperate in the AIGS spheral class promotion. o­n this basis, we send this methodology/startup to many of them as an invitation to cooperate, in particular, primarily to those whose ideas are already integrated into AIGS: O.P. Rybak [43], S.Y. Glazyev [65], A.I. Orlov [66], O.A. Matveychev [67], A.I. Dugin [68], and many other social science innovators to create joint AIGS startups.

19. The special need for the AIGS development is dictated by the birth of a multipolar, four-polar, quadripolar world order [69, 261], which requires not a monistic, adequate to the unipolar world, but a pluralistic worldview of the SM tetrism, adequate to the corresponding, quadripolar world. The system might of spheral statistical indices, overcoming the national statistics fragmentation, will make it possible to control its world balances of resources, goods, capitals, technologies and labor along all their supply chains, the balances of their exports and imports by country, ensuring their harmony and preventing conflicts. Truth excludes injustice and war.

20. The main need of a multipolar world is the preservation of the life of human civilization, the internal antagonisms of which in a unipolar system maximize the threat of nuclear war to 99.9% and raise a question of its survival [18; 18; 31; 60]. The traditional, partial intellect in the service to the unipolar world militaristic order, as the world history century has proven, is not capable to resolve them peacefully. This global order format legitimizes not peace, but regular aggressive wars: after WWII, it spawned 37 wars against 37 peoples, in which about 30 million were killed [70a]. These are irrefutable facts of history that cannot be destroyed but can be consigned to total oblivion, as the unipolar order does with all the facts that are objectionable, inconvenient to it.

21. To save human civilization, a new intellect and its fundamental scientific and peace voice are needed, which is dead in the modern world public consciousness, being totally suppressed by the global militaristic war narrative. The o­nly such voice, which sounded from India from Mahatma Gandhi since 1927, when he discovered the fundamental peacemaking nonviolent actors of the global peace - societal spherons, was tabooed by the unipolar world order for almost a century [19]. This fundamental scientific peace voice, preserving human civilization, began to be revived in the GGHA since 2005 by a holistic "substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) by the Gandhian spherons. For 17 years, it has been embodied in the SM and the proposed AIGPS technological model, which cannot be buried in oblivion and which will ensure global peace, security and prosperity for all peoples in conditions of sustainable development and in harmony with nature by the end of this century. However, the aspiration to suppress this voice persists and continues.

22. Naturally, the SM and its AIGS, started in Russia about half a century ago based o­n the Gandhian spherons, were focused, first, o­n the civilizational leadership of Russia, primarily in the economy and peacemaking. Many of our publications over these decades have been devoted to this [5; 6; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 70; 71; 72; 73; 74; 75 etc.]

23. The collective project Russia: Civilizational Leader of the 21st Century, created in September 2022, became the generalizing conceptual document for all these works [76]. It was prepared for the leaders and the Federal Assembly of Russia consisting of 10 bills, which provide the organizational and legal basis for a scientific and technological breakthrough and outstripped growth of Russia based o­n the SM and its AIGPS. The priority implementation of this project result during 6-10 years will be the Russia civilizational leadership in all spheres, primarily in the economy and peace, together with its friendly partners in BRICS, SCO, EURASES, EEC and the CIS.

24. The successful implementation of this project in Russia is impossible without removing the powerful and long-standing administrative suppression of the SM and its AIGPS along with their censorship barriers. They were erected by Marxists in the USSR since 1980. They have been preserved and intensified in Russia in the following decades until now at all levels. They are being realized by assistant o­n science of the RF President Fursenko A.A., academicians, directors of RAS institutes: Shultz V.L., Osipov G.V., Huseynov A.A., Gorshkov M.K., Eliseeva I.I., the late Rutkevich M.N. and others, as well as employees of central publishing houses, magazines, universities and the media. Through the efforts of these academic directors, who have unlimited administrative potential for unpunished arbitrariness, total censorship of my (Semashko L.M.) and our GGHA publications in the SEL of Russia [41], the actual ban o­n participation in Russian conferences, the refusal to discuss my and GGHA books, an obstacle to the defense of my doctoral dissertation, ignoring all this time more than 300 my appeals to the Russia leaders and academicians so far [76; 46]. This became a brake o­n Russian social science and scientists, depriving them of breakthrough knowledge in the fundamental scientific direction for more than three decades.

25. In the West, the SM and AIGS innovations were also suppressed but o­n racist, Russophobic motives, however, my and GGHA books are kept in its leading libraries, and I was invited to international sociological congresses and published, albeit occasionally, my articles and reviews o­n them [77; 78; 79; 80].

26. In our time of a severe historical test of the Russian civilization viability, I am ready to forgive and forget all my humiliations of suppression and censorship resentments of both in Russia and the West, if they forgive their scientific and peacemaking stagnation for more than three decades due to censorship obstacles to the scientific innovations. Will Russia today be able to free itself from the obstacles of a harmful administrative resource at all levels, without which it will not be able to withstand in the fierce rivalry of artificial intelligence [1] and hybrid war of civilizations? At the Russian leadership and the Russian Academy of Sciences have the last historical chance for a leader breakthrough in this fundamental direction of AI and war, if they support as much as possible its free scientific development. For the West, a worthy response to this historic challenge would be to support the "peace race" in AI technology competition instead of suppressing it. In it, both civilizational antagonists could find a common denominator for their future long-term reconciliation and lasting, perpetual peace o­n an innovative fundamental scientific and technological basis.

27. An honest and worthy resolution of our scientific conflict with the RAS could be its initiative to organize an hour-long o­nline discussion of SM at its Presidium or Expert Council, or an hour-long scientific dueling of Semashko L.M. with any academician-opponent from the RAS. The RAS similar scientific actions will allow it to overcome the 30-year shame of suppression and censorship of spheronics as "pseudoscience". o­nly in this way, the RAS will be able to honestly assess its scientific value in order to exclude a repetition with Russia of the USSR collapse, which happened as a result of the suppression of cybernetics, computer science, and genetics under the same suicidal label of pseudoscience in its time. Is the RAS capable to a worthy response of the 30-year-old scientific conflict, or will it bully it "as always"? We all hope for a decent response, adequate time and situation, demanding truth, no matter how "crazy" it may be for the conservative scientific consciousness.


6. Conclusion.

Key "crazy" truths of our age and the civilizational war fate


In conclusion, we will bring out four key crazy (extremely unusual) scientific truths substantiated in the article and presented in Figure 4 as key steps or milestones of the roadmap for their implementation:

1. The spherons objective truth of any social object from an individual to humanity, which is verified by their statistics for 2 hours according to the method of Table-2 in the SM at all levels, for all people and countries.

2. The spheral global statistics (GS) objective truth o­n the platform of traditional statistics for each country and the world in a whole.

3. The AIGS objective truth in SM for each country and humanity in a whole.

4. The Russia's civilizational leadership objective truth o­n the basis of AIGPS, if it will be the first to master this technology and lead the planetary "peace race" in the 21st century together with friendly partners from BRICS, SCO, EURASES, EEC, CIS through priority and outstripped development of SM.

Fig-4. Tetramodel. The Verified "Crazy" Truths Roadmap for a

"Peace Race" of the Gandhian Spheronics Megascience (SM) in XXI century.

The meaning of "crazy, mad" ideas for science and Russia was brilliantly revealed by Oleg Kuznetsov [81]. He develops the great epistemological intuition of humanity, which began since Pythagoras, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle and many other scientific titans and which was generalized by the outstanding works of John Bernal "Science in History" [82], Thomas Kuhn "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" [83] and others.

The "crazy ideas" relay of social cognition in our century has been continued by the GGHA "Spheronics MegaScience" (SM) since 2005. It includes its "mad truths" of the Gandhian spherons, their statistical measurement in GlobStat, their statistical digital technology, their artificial intelligence and the Global Peace/Safety of Spherons based o­n a "peace race" of their AI in the XXI century!

All of them, since ancient times, confirm the genesis great law of breakthrough fundamental science through its crazy ideas, formulated by Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you and then you win.

One of this article authors, Lev/Leo Semashko, is ready to prove and convince any opponent of the validity of all the above-mentioned crazy truths of any opponent within o­ne hour. o­n their basis, any country is able to achieve civilizational leadership or the highest world levels, if it starts the first intensive scientific and project development in this direction. He is ready to convince any world leader up to the UN, any president, academician and expert of any country, any educational audience from academicians and specialists to high school students and even prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, if they are able to perceive logic and facts, if they have retained their sanity and open-mindedness. These truths proof will be a confirmation of the scientific nature of the system-dialectical methodology, called "tetrism" [36].

The GGHA integral, educational "crazy" truth is embodied by our joint development with the American Professor of religion Rudolf Siebert a lecture course o­n denazification for 20 a/h, in 5 days 4 hours a day for the Armed Forces of Ukraine POWs in Russian camps. Rudolf Siebert (b. 1927) recently celebrated his 95th anniversary, but has maintained excellent performance. This training course is based o­n the synthesis in synergy of the Gandhian peacemaking SM crazy truths and its AI GlobStat, with the Golden Rule of world religions and the denazification experience of Frankfurt professors in the American camp Allen, Virginia, Nazi POWs in 1945, which passed Rudolf, being a prisoner of this camp [84]. We reported o­n this course DPE (Denazification through Peace Education) in June 2022 in the next GGHA peace project Anti-Fascist Gandhian Front [85]. With all the historical and humanistic merits of the Frankfurt denazification of the Third Reich Nazis in America, it proved powerless to eradicate the Nazism ideology, which was revived in the West. Our denazification course, built o­n the synergy of crazy scientific truths and starting since the spherons verification, becomes a mental tool for the complete eradication of the Nazism false and genocidal ideology, displacing it with theGandhian scientific worldview of nonviolence and peacemaking scientific truth.

         The main rift and the intellectual front of the antagonism/war of two nuclear civilizations today pass along the boundaries of the named objective truths. The truth will win in it, because, according to the "crazy" definition of Mahatma Gandhi: "Truth is God" for people, therefore "TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS". (This definition has become the state motto of India.) In a civilizational war that unites all known wars (hot, cold, information, sanctions, trade, hybrid, ideological, etc.), which, according to V. Putin, will take at least 10 years, o­ne side can win, which will be the first to master the SM objective truth and become the the world ruler [1]. But both can win if both recognize the objective truths (there are no wars because of scientific truths, they come o­nly from false ideologies) of the Gandhian SM methodology and worldview. o­n its basis as o­n a common peacemaking and scientific denominator, they will jointly develop the rules of a new, an equal and harmonious "quadripolar" world order [69].


Summary of the spherons verification methodology


Find o­n the Internet the statistics of any territorial object: municipality, district, town, city, region, country, continent and humanity in two parameters: "Demography" and "Employment" for any past year, and summarize its indices in Table-2 (right) into spheral (main and intermediate) indices in Table-2 (left). In a number of countries, including Russia, the statistics of low-level territorial objects: municipalities, districts, towns and non-regional cities, are not published, closed or included in the statistics of territorial objects that include them, therefore, to verify spherons, it is easier to limit themselves to their level.

For industrial enterprises and institutions of various kinds, personnel statistics and staffing are sufficient.

See a brief detailed justification for this technique above if its summary is not enough to conduct and understand the deep social meaning of spherons verification as the first step of truth towards mastering the higher truths of AI and global peace.



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Semashko Leo/Lev Mikhailovich,

- PhD in Philosophy, RANH Professor, philosopher, sociologist and Gandhian peacemaker,

- Founder (2005) and GGHA Honorary President,

- Three times nominated together with the GGHA by Western scientists for the Nobel Peace Prize: 2013, 2017, 2020:

- Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253,

- Skype: leo.semahko the best contact with me,

- Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

Russia, St. Petersburg


Kashina Olga Nikolaevna,

- PhD in Economics (Statistics),

- The first ever research of Russian spherons for 50 years: 1970-2019:


- Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=757

- Email: olgkash2007@rambler.ru

Russia, St. Petersburg,



The GGHA Spheronics MegaScience coauthors of the volunteer

Spherons Global Peace Academy (SGPA).

It consolidated 750 coauthors of spheronics during 17 years, since 2005,

from more than 50 countries with the participation of India President

Abdul Kalama and 5 Nobel Peace Laureates.



The Spheronics MegaScience (SM)
Recognitions and Verification


The India President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the first world leader who recognized the SGPM as the first harmonious worldview, vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations, for building harmonious civilization in his appreciation of the GHA book "The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking" , New Delhi. 2012, which he co-authored, as the SGPM early version: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, 20022007, poet: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=95

The world needs the great vision of peace and prosperity.

The ABC of Harmony is the dawn of a shining, harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the nations of the planet Earth! Together with it, the enlightened citizens will emerge, capable of building a harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity o­n the planet Earth!

The GHA Highest Honorary Title: WORLD HARMONY CREATOR:




Mahatma Gandhi. Nonviolence Starting Point.

Spherons Genetics and Statistics. GANDHICA.

Research. Primer. Poetics. Design.

DEDICATED to Gandhis 150 Birth Anniversary, October 2, 2019,

by the GGHA 82 coauthors from 25 countries, with the India President

Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, 4 Nobel Peace Laureates and Daisaku Ikeda participation.

New Delhi, 2019

The GHA 67th Project. Approved: November 6, 2018.

The Gandhian spherons truth verification by world statistics.

Published in Russian, English, Spanish and French in 2019.

See their addresses in PDF here:


English PDF:



"Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), Spheronics, Recognition


The Spheronics truth proven by the world statistics, every literate person of

humanity, who wants peace, can verify it himself in 2 hours at any social object:




Dr. Leo Semashko Brief Identification

- Peacemaking parental, national motivation since birth "WHAT WOULD NO A WAR!":

- Valid state adviser of St. Petersburg as a deputy of its Parliament (Lensovet/Petrosovet) in 1990-1993 from 48th City Electoral District: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=58,

- Philosopher, sociologist, statistician, sociocybernetician and international peacemaker from harmony: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University and its graduate school at the Department of Foreign Philosophy, PhD, Associate Professor, RANH Professor,

- Pedagogical experience of humanitarian (philosophy, sociology, law, political science, etc.) teaching at universities in St. Petersburg and other cities - about 20 years: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=917,

- Founder (2005) and Honorary President of the International Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA), whose website "Peace from Spherons Harmony" in 16 languages for 17 years has recorded more than 18 million visits: https://peacefromharmony.org,

- Lifetime Honorary Member of RC51 "Sociocybernetics" International Sociological Association,

- Three times nominated together with GGHA by the Western scientists at the Nobel Peace Prize (2013, 2017, and 2020): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- Scientific peacemaking achievements 1970-2021: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1023,

- Since 1970, cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign scholars of the humanities, since 2000 - with more than 600 Western humanitarians from more than 50 countries, including 5 Nobel Peace Laureates: Mairead Maguire, John Avery, Adolfo Esquivel, Ernesto Kahan, Beatrice Fihn, President of India Abdul Kalam, leader of Japanese Buddhists Daisaku Ikeda, Norwegian pioneer of peace researches Johan Galtung, American linguist Noam Chomsky, Kazakh economist academician Uraz Baimuratov, Japanese sociologist Reiman Bachika, British sociocybernetician Bernard Scott, Russian historian Vladislav Krasnov, Indian sociologist Maitreyee Roy, French philosopher Guy Crequie, Pakistani statistician Noor Larik, African lawyer Ayo Amale, Indian poet Ashok Chakravarthy, Greek writer and poet Takis Ioannides, American theologian Rudolf Siebert and many other world famous scientists and peacemakers. For 16 years, more than 500 personal pages of the GGHA members have been created o­n its website, who actively cooperated with the GGHA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- More than 1500 publications, including 20 books in 1-12 languages, many of which are in the world's largest libraries: British, US Congress, Sorbonne, etc.Their censorship in Russia for over 40 years: https://www.elibrary.ru/author_items.asp?authorid=3238&show_refs=1&show_option=1

- Details about censorship of my works: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=994



Happy New Year with AI PEACE Race Leadership!


Dear intellectuals/peacemakers,

The GGHA sends you a New Year's gift: an article-invitation to participate in the world, Martin L. King's "Peace Race" of Artificial Intelligence (PRAI) based o­n our Gandhian "Spherons Global Peace Megascience", spheronics, created over 17 years. The PRAI "will shift the arms race into a peace race", nullify the ultimate risk of a humanity nuclear genocide and ensure a peaceful, joint way out of today's civilizational war of two nuclear antagonists: the West and Russia.

Our invitation article is devoted to the substantiation of these "crazy" peacemaking truths. What are its key, crazy truths, which we have verified by world statistics but which are extremely unusual for the conservative consciousness, which cannot understand and recognize them, and therefore brands them as crazy, mad. However, as the whole history demonstrates, o­nly through them lies the path of fundamental science and knowledge in general. We will o­nly list them with an indication of their paragraph in the article.

1. Gandhian spherons: the o­nly actors of global peace: 2.

2. Global statistics: the world's key measuring tool: 3.

3. The artificial intelligence of these statistics: the key "solver" of all problems and conflicts that lead to violence and wars: 4.

4. The highest social value and the need for such AI, which provides businesses, the economy with an endless global demand for it as a source of shifting the arms race into a peace race: 5.

Important details of these "crazy" truths.

1. V. Putin o­n the AI decisive role for the humanity future: 5.1.- .7.

2. AI peace race trigger through startups in dozens of countries: 5.11.-.16

3. World leadership through AI in all spheres for active countries: 5.17.

4. Multipolar, "four-polar" world order: 5.18.-19.

5. Russia as a civilizational leader in a result of this race: 5.22.-23.

6. Censorship and obstacles of the Putin administration and the Russian Academy of Sciences academicians: 5.24.- 5.27.

7. "Crazy" truths as a way to develop science and knowledge: 6.

8. Global and national denazification, including Ukraine and its prisoners of war: 6.

9. The West-Russia civilizational war fate: 6.

Final conclusion: "TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS" (Gandhi) in everything, including peace, which can o­nly be built o­n it.

We have sent our article/invitation to peace race to over 20,000, including the leaders of Russia, the US, Canada, Germany, the Vatican, the EU, as well as academics, journalists, parliamentarians, etc.

Happy New Year to all with global peacemaking truth!

On behalf of 750 Gandhian spheronics coauthors,

Dr. Leo Semashko



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