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SPHERONS of Harmony:

Deep Societal Structure -

The Copernican Revolution of Thinking


Social GENOME (SOCIONOME) of Global Peace

from SPHERONS’ Harmony of Humanity.

This is the whole essence and meaning of GPS.



International Academy of Global Noospheral Peace (AGNP)


Advantages and Disadvantages.

54th GHA Project
Started o­n January 15, 2017

GHA approved o­n March 11, 2017


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Harmony of the word is the o­nly true objective reality.
Henri Poincare

Contest Conditions

1. Definition of the key concept in the Contest: SPHERONS. SPHERONS are four universal harmonious classes of the population, covering it as a whole, without exception, employed in four spheres of social production. They constitute a deep societal (macro-) structure of humanity/ NOOSPHERE at all levels, which is constant in its architecture in all historical transformations but always changeable by composition of specific individuals. This structure establishes internally organized perpetual social genome (Socionome) of humanity/NOOSPHERE at all levels, ensuring its internal self-government, autopoiesis, global peace, survival, sustainable development and prosperity of all nations from harmony of SPHERONS. SPHERONS are a fundamental global social reality, constantly defining the society/person's life, which is due to its depth and complexity has been available for knowledge o­nly in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


2. The value of SPHERONS idea. The SPHERONS’ idea, which arose 40 years ago is the center, the heart, the nerve and the essence of Global Peace Science (GPS) [1], as well as all 8 books and more than 50 projects of global peace and harmonious civilization from social harmony created during 12 years in the (GHA) [2]. The idea SPHERONS has a key importance for the new social science and development of the social knowledge in the future. Of key epistemological importance of SPHERONS’ idea for any social knowledge follows the key importance of its scientific reasoning and argumentation in all conceivable forms. SPHERONS are the social reality that determines for the most part all the positive qualities, values, and health of humanity/NOOSPHERE but that human has not yet knew so far in his traditional social sciences that determines their backwardness and stagnation. The biological health is dependent o­n the 60% from the genome. The social and economic health of society depends at least (if not much more) from knowledge and use of SPHERONS as social genome.

3. The Contest subject: The scientific expert rating/valuation in two forms: positive/constructive or negative/critical of the evidential argumentation of SPHERONS. From many argumentations for 40 years now it is represented in two the most concise versions (3 + 2 pages) in the relevant articles of Leo Semashko below: Deep Societal Structure of SPHERONS’ Harmony: Copernican Revolution of Sociology in the XXI century; and: Argumentation of Historical Reason in Knowledge of Societal Structure of Society/Human/Noosphere (SHN). The main detailed scientific reasoning SPHERONS is presented in the GPS book in its first two chapters: the first chapter (30 pp.) - A detailed theoretical proof of SPHERONS; the second chapter (46 pp.) - a detailed statistical, empirical proof of SPHERONS by the example of Russia and other countries.

The Contest scientific goalis the bestcritical scientific review (critique) o­n the SPHERONS’ argumentation providing its strengthening and development or disproof.

Summary. Logic of the scientific theoretical argumentation of SPHERONS in its pure form without details. It consists of three theses-assumptions.

1.The life of society/person is impossible without four equally necessary and sufficient resources: People, Information, Organization and Things (material goods and services): PIOT. The absence of at least o­ne of them excludes the life of society/person (Toffler and others).

2.A society is a system of four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production (Marx and others).

3.The life of a person from birth to death is autopoiesis, selfproduction (Maturana and others).

These theses are confirmed by the whole history of mankind and knowledge, which knows not a single refuting fact.There is no any scientific refutation or scientifically proven alternative to these theses. If you know it or can offer it, please formulate it in a critique to the Contest. In the extreme case, this argumentation can be reduced to the last two theses. In any version, o­ne necessary conclusion follows from them:

CONCLUSION: The population, people of any society and humanity as a whole are always divided into four equally necessary and sufficient classes o­n their employment in four spheres of social production, therefore these classes was named by SPHERONS.

Their attributes, role in society, place in history and significance for the whole social life and human cognition are revealed in the GHA works (above).To refute this conclusion, at least o­ne of his premises must be refute. This is a key scientific conclusion similar conclusion of Copernicus, in the recognition of which "fear should not give advice" (Dante). Silence in it can mean one of two: 1. "Nothing to object" and 2. "I cannot admit it; it will be too much for his" - moral stinginess.

4. Contest Requirements.

1. Textual. At the Contest the textual reviews/ratings o­n the subject matter, i.e., SPHERONS argumentation accept in the length from 10 lines to 2 (maximum) standard pages by 12 font of Times New Roman and single interval. The sent reviews are published o­n the page:
SPHERONS Argumentation Ratings:
(See here the first review of Prof. Siebert, USA).

      2. Meaningful. Each review must include an answer to the central question: "Is the proposed argumentation of SPHERONS satisfactory from a scientific point of view or unsatisfactory" Similar response must be the original premise of review or its deduction. To Contest participate only reviews with the scientific evidence are accepted, which contain a theoretical/logical arguments or empirical-statistical facts and historical evidence, or a combination thereof. Reviews deprived of scientific evidence that they are substituted with any ideological justification - political, philosophical, religious, national, etc. to participate in the Contest will not be accepted. Reviews can be both positive and critical in any measure. Review, which offers scientific proof, completely destroying the proposed SPHERONS argumentation, is particularly scientific importance and value as the ultimate test of viability of SPHERONS idea. The author of similar review gets the best chance to win the Contest.

3. Structural. All Contest reviews should have a brief (up to 10 lines) bio note indicating the scientific degree, education, employment, scientific experience, the number of scientific publications, home address and all contacts: phone, email, Skype, website. It is allowed o­nly single authors update of reviews. Other restrictions to participate in Contest do not exist.

4. Temporal and technical. The Contest duration is 1 year, until 15 February 2018. Reviews o­n the Contest will be accepted until January 15, 2018 in the form of files attached to an email in WORD.DOC format. Other formats are not accepted. Reviews are submitted in o­ne of two languages: English or Russian. Reviews are sent by email in two addresses simultaneously for safety and control:
1. Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President (India):
schandra101@gmail.com and

2. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President (Russia): leo.semashko@gmail.com

5. Contest Jury: This is the GHA Board - 36 members from 14 countries (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249), which is competent if not less than 50% of its members participate. The Jury members have the right to participate in the Contest. The Jury determines the winners in two categories: Best scientific positive/constructive review and Best scientific negative/critical review. The Jury works constantly, meets with incoming reviews but their valuation it discusses and approves in the period from 15 January to 10 February. The Jury recommended or not recommended the reviews authors for the title of Academician of the International Academy of Global Noospheral Peace (AGNP - see below.). The Jury determines the sole winner for cash prize in $ 1,000.


6. Prize and Awards of the Contest winners. In view of the financing deficit, the GHA has the ability for the first Contest to install o­nly o­ne cash prize in $ 1,000. It will be ensure by the GHA business CEO Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Mr. Andrei Semashko and some other sponsors of GHA. The Contest main award is recognition of its winners as the Academicians of AGNP with job and salary.The structure and working conditions of this Academy will be announced at the beginning of 2018. The Contest results are announced o­n the GHA anniversary - 15 February.


7. The Contest organizational goal. It is creation of the International Academy of Global Noospheral Peace (AGNP - 10-20 humanities scholars to begin), the formation of its staff (full members - Academicians) of the Contest winners, scientifically convinced in the fundamental role of SPHERONS as key actors of global noospheral peace, ensuring the survival of not o­nly humanity but also the Earth's biosphere. The risk of any world war with any weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear - is the risk of destroying not o­nly the Noosphere but and Earth's biosphere. To prevent this risk can o­nly fundamental actors - SPHERONS, constituting global peace within Noosphere through its deep harmonious societal structure. In this architecture, now lacks o­nly o­ne ingredient: scientific knowledge, science of SPHERONS. Its deficiency is intended to fill AGNP, international staff of which is formed as a result of this Contest. AGNP will be Academy of the renewed peacemaking and innovative pacifism, keeping all its achievements but opening the way out of the impasse of traditional pacifism, which was powerless before the war for almost two centuries. AGNP will be Academy of a new level of public consciousness and scientific thinking, to o­nly which, according to Einstein, global problems created traditional thinking are resolved. The Contest will create a stable staff of convinced adherents for the new Academy, which will be able to raise social knowledge and its sciences to a qualitatively new level overcoming their fragmentation, stagnation and backwardness. This is the Contest main result, which constitutes a key resource of the social sciences revolution.


8. The Contest significance. For the world's scientific and expert community, this Contest is a test for the ability to adequately reflect and evaluate the fundamental discovery of SPHERONS, their argumentation and scientific importance. For scientific argumentation of SPHERONS and further development of Tetrasociology and its Global Peace Science this Contest is a test for viability, determining the extent of their intellectual potential and its limitations. The SPHERONS idea was originated in Tetrasociology 40 years ago. During this time there was not o­ne of its scientific refutation. This Contest is designed to find either similar rebuttal, which will receive a prize of $ 1000, or be convinced in its (rebuttal) impossibility and full logical truth of SPHERONS argumentationproviding a revolution of social knowledge and its sciences.

Project authors:

Dr. Leo Semashko, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Surendra Pathak, Mr. Kanak Dugar and others.



1. Dr. Leo Semashko (Editor in Chief) and 173 coauthors from 34 countries. Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS’ Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century. World Textbook. First Edition in English, Smaran Publication, JD Group of Publication, New Delhi, 2016, 616 pages, ISBN 978-81-929087-8-6


2. The GHA Books and Projects List: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472


The two variants of logical argumentation of SPHERONS are below.


Deep Social Structure of SPHERONS’ Harmony:
Copernican Revolution of Sociology in the
XXI Century

By Dr. Leo Semashko


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=726

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=699



Today year is the year of the 100th anniversary of the great Russian sociologist Mikhail Kovalevsky (1851-1916), who the first stated the need of transition from monism to pluralism in sociology. Tetrasociology, developed my since 1976 and Global Peace Science based o­n its present the newest paradigm of pluralism in sociology via its four-dimensional variant (Tetrism) of the deep societal structure of SPHERONS’ harmony.

Key words: global peace, global peace science, harmony, spherons, deep societal structure, humanity, Copernican revolution, spiritual revolution, tetrasociology, tetrism


Mikhail Kovalevsky (1851-1916) is the first Russian sociologist who proclaimed the need for pluralism in sociology and criticized monism in a whole, Marxist materialistic/economic monism in particular. He wisely characterized it as a "fatal mistake" and "naive simplification" [1]. This was fully proved by whole practice of the 20th century and the collapse of Marxism with the collapse of the Soviet Union but this does not detract from the USSR historical achievements in all spheres.

Monism does not allow sociology to find deep, stable at all times, social structure that defines the social world/reality as such. It was not found until now, but it has several approximations. o­ne of the most promising of them is tetrasociology, developing since 1976 under the original name of "system-spheral approach" or "spheral approach" [2].

The discovery of a deep social structure as structure of the universal harmonious classes of the population - SPHERONS employed in four spheres of social production, which determine invariant social reality (social) at all times, the first time it became possible into tetrasociology [2]. Tetrasociology expresses four-dimensional pluralistic social philosophy, o­n the foundations of which is built the science of social harmony, harmonious civilization and global peace. Discovering SPHERONS in tetrasociology is based o­n the axiom of social harmony and the three fundamental facts of social cognition.

Axiom of social harmony: The harmonious existence of a society in any place and at any time is defined by the measure in proportion of four equally necessary and sufficient social resources: People (P), Information (I), Organizations (O) and Things (T). (Things are any material benefits and services). In the acronym: P-I-O-T, or: PIOT [3].

The first factand achievement is the discovery of the four spheres of society or social production, which belongs to Karl Marx in "German Ideology", 1845 [4].

The second factand achievement is the discovery of vital employment, self-production, autopoiesis, which belongs to Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1973) [5], which was introduced in sociology by Nicholas Luhmann in 1990 [6]. They proved that property, power, religion and the like attributes are its special cases.

The third fact and achievement is the creation of the first in sociology system theory of "structural functionalism" of four "societal subsystems" or spheres and related "societal communities" by great American sociologist- theorist Talcott Parsons in 1937-1978, which was developed by Alvin Toffler,Pierre Bourdieu and some other theorists [7].

But this theory of high universal explanation of social reality was rejected by industrial sociology after Parsons' death (1978). About this well-known British sociologist Margaret Archer wrote: "From the 1970s o­n wards there was a steady abandonment of ‘systematic sociology’… Generically, the majority of today’s social theory has no resources with which to conceive of a robust civil society and a real civil economy... With Marxism dead, so was the power to conceive of a better future attained through social conflict. With Parsons in demise, so died any serious concern with social integration and ‘the problem of social order’" [8].

The combination of these key facts and achievements of social knowledge in Tetrasociology led to the discovery of SPHERONS [2; 3; 7]. SPHERONS are the large groups of people of entire population, which differ in their life and labor employment in the four spheres of production (it is why they are called SPHERONS) continuously reproducing the four necessary and sufficient resources of society and human - resources of PIOT in their infinite historical variety. Therefore, they are also necessary and sufficient. Deep social structure of SPHERONS is soft, associated with the transitions in time from o­ne life employment to another. SPHERONS are harmonious classes of the population, ensuring social peace from harmony, because the reproduction of resources can o­nly be in harmony and peace, which exclude violence, struggle and war of PARTONS - private, local and historically transient antagonistic groups, classes, nations in terms of tetrasociology [9, Chapter 1]. Any conflict and war between them o­n any grounds of partial property, wealth, income, etc. are o­nly a special case of internal social harmony of SPHERONS. SPHERONS are the eternal actors, the heart, the engine and the genome of the society and its global peace. These are they key functions, attributes, meaning and significance disclosed in tetrasociological paradigm. SPHERONS are represented in all social institutions and at all levels from the global to the individual and family [9].

Let us compare tetrasociology with its origins. Marx discovered the four spheres of social production but he not knew autopoiesis. Maturana discovered autopoiesis but he not knew of the production’s spheres. Parsons discovered/created a four-dimensional societal system of structural functionalism but he not knew the Maturana’s discovery and ignored the discovery of Marx. Tetrasociology and its Global Peace Science (GPS) integrated their achievements in the discovery of the four eternal universal SPHERONS employed in four spheres of production. SPHERONS constitute the social genome of humanity and determine his life in peace from harmony [9, Chapter 1; 10].

At the level of humanity of its deep social structure of SPHERONS in the corresponding tetrasociological terminology is expressed as follows:

1. SPHERON-1 (P1) is employed in Sociosphere, object and product of which are PEOPLE (P)

2. SPHERON-2 (P2) is employed in Infosphere, object and product of which is INFORMATION (I)

3. SPHERON-3 (P3) is employed in Orgsphere, object and product of which are ORGANIZATIONS (O)

4. SPHERON-4 (P4) is employed in Technoecosphere, object and product of which are THINGS (T)


POPULATION, PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

The empirical basis of the theory SPHERONS in tetrasociology is Statistics. The size of each SPHERON of humanity today may be hypothetically determined by the pattern of their statistical proportion for Russia 2010 calculated in the GPS Chapter 2 [9]. The number of Russian SPHERONS in millions and in percentage to the total population (rounded):

SOCIOSPHERON = 85 million or 59.4%

INFOSPHERON = 4 million or 2.8%

ORGSPHERON = 10.8 million or 7.5%

TECHNOSPHERON = 41 million or 28, 6%

Statistical error = 2.3 million or 1.6%

The size of humanity’s SPHERONS in 2011 ($ 7 billion) in this proportion is:

SOCIOSPHERON = 59.4% = 4.2 billion

INFOSPHERON = 2.8% = 0.2 billion

ORGSPHERON = 7.5% = 0.5 billion

TECHNOSPHERON = 28, 6% = 2 billion

Statistical error = 1.6% = 0.1 billion.

It is obvious that such an extrapolation of proportions of o­ne country to the whole of humanity is rough but the other does not exist today. The proportions of sizes of SPHERONS in each country and each region are very different. However, it is immutable fact that if SPHERONS could be calculated for the o­ne country, they can be calculated in the same manner for any other country. This global statistics is an empirical foundation for global sociology of SPHERONS.

Logic and o­ntology of SPHERONS. They are simple and indisputable. If we recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production, which continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the life of society and every individual PIOT resources, we have to recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS employed in the spheres of production. The spheres of production cannot exist and be real without SPHERONS. This is a simple truth that no o­ne has ever denied. But it is deeply hidden under a thick cover of the historical fragmentation and endless cultural diversity of quality and graduation of the spheral objects (spheres, spheral resources and SPHERONS). Therefore, it has been available o­nly in the late 20th and early 21st century, in tetrasociology. This is the Copernican revolution of sociology, its transition from the private and temporary sociologies of PARTONS to fundamental sociology of SPHERONS.



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6.Luhmann, Nicolas (2007) Introduction to Systems Theory. - M.: Publishing House - "Logos"

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Parsons, Talcott (2007) American Society: A Theory of Societal Community. Paradigm Publishers. See the chapter o­n American history: Semashko Leo (1999) Sociology for Pragmatists. Part 1 - St. Petersburg. - S.148-157. Analysis of the theories of Parsons. Toffler, Bourdieu and the like.

8.Archer, Margaret (2010) The Current Crisis: Consequences Of Neglecting The Four Key Principles Of Catholic Social Doctrine: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=438

9.Semashko, Leo and 174 coauthors from 34 countries.Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS’ Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century. – Smaran Publication, New Delhi. 2016. – 616 p.

10.Semashko, Leo (2016) SPHERONS of Harmony: Copernican Revolution of Peacebuilding and Civilization. Synopsis: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423


Leo M. Semashko, Ph.D. (Philosophy), RAN Professor; Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; GHA Honorary President since 2016; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages; Author of Tetrism as the unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology – science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Director, GHA Web portal “Peace from Harmony”: http://peacefromharmony.org;Initiator, Manager, Coauthor and Editor in Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS): http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf.

Address: St-Petersburg, Russia; Phone: +7(812)-597-6571;

E-mail: leo.semashko [at] gmail.com

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


Argumentation of Historical Reason in Knowledge of the Societal Structure of
By Dr. Leo Semashko


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=718


This text is a synopsis of numerous (more than 400), the author's works, including 18 books [1] and hundreds of articles [2] devoted to the deep societal structure of SPHERONS - harmonious productive classes of the population of any society in any historical time and space. The most detailed logical reasoning and theoretical proof of SPHERONS is presented in Chapter 1 of "Global Peace Science" (2015/6, 30 pp.) [3; 4]. On the three pages it is presented in the article: "Deep Social Structure of SPHERONS’ Harmony: Copernican Revolution of Sociology in the XXI Century" [5]. Empirical, statistical evidence of SPHERONS is presented in Chapter 2 of this book o­n 50 pages [3; 4] o­n Russian and English.

We confine ourselves here o­nly the analysis of the logical argumentation of SPHERONS in the clean and dry residue distracting from all the details and the most simplistic. This argumentation is the center and the essence of the theoretical evidence of SPHERONS, which, in turn, constitute the key to the modern scientific understanding of society, human and noosphere. It boils down to the limit, minimal case to two general premises and o­ne general conclusion. Before analyzing this argumentation, we briefly outline the terminology defining the subject area, scope and dialectics of analysis.

The subject of our analysis is a social system in its full extent bounded by two extreme poles: the macro-pole, which is expressed by the term "society" and the like, and micro-pole, which is expressed by the term "individual" and the like. The poles of the social system are inseparable, do not exist without each other and mutually include each other as whole/part in various respects: in the social aspect - the human is a part of society and in Biological aspect - the society is a part of an person or the biosphere. In the Earth's o­ntology the social system of the society/human is part as o­ne of the many (at least seven) spheres of the Earth, which was called "noosphere" in Vernadsky's [6], Teilhard de Chardin’s [7] and others work [8]. The noosphere is a part of, primarily, the Earth's biosphere. Therefore, a holistic and global understanding of the social system and its place in the Earth will adequately expressed the unity of the three concepts and their terms: Society/Human/Noosphere. In shorten using an abbreviation is SHN. We will also use each of these three terms as a synonym for the system as a whole in the appropriate focus and emphasis.

It can be argued with a high degree of probability that such an understanding of the social system is common in contemporary social science. Only a matter of deep societal structure of this system, uniting it in a sustainable global integrity, remains open for historical reason so far as all of its traditional theories remain theories of theprivate, historically transient and limited in space and time social structures, constantly replacing each other in history and are no adequate to SHN nature.

Social system of SHN has a special nature which distinguishes it from the biosphere. In the history of the human mind have been many attempts to answer the question of its social nature and essence. The most appropriate to science is a theory of the production entity of society, which was first introduced in the most extensive form by Adam Smith in his "Wealth of Nations" [9], extremely generalized by Karl Marx in the intuitive conjecture that society is a system of four production spheres ("productions") in the first chapter of "German Ideology" [10] and is detailed in all aspects of numerous researchers thereafter. All these evidences provide sufficient scientific basis to recognize that the essence of society is the four spheres of production, regardless of their numerous and varied terminology, which is not yet well established.

Humberto Maturana’s discovery of "autopoiesis" (self-production) in 1973 [11] revealed the production nature and essence of the social SHN system with micro-pole, from the human side. According to him, every human life, from birth to death is "autopoiesis" as a permanent employment of person into self-production. But the human self-production is possible o­nly in society, o­nly in its four production spheres, so it is a continuous process of change of individual self-employment in the four social spheres of production.

So, the two established general premises of the scientific mind in knowledge of social nature today in the most simplified form are as follows:

1. Society is four spheres of production (Marx).

2. Human is self-production, he is employed in social production (Maturana).

The logical general conclusion from these premises is that the population in any country at any time and space, or the world's population as a whole - humanity at any moment in history at all levels, from the family to the global level is divided into four large groups by employment in four areas social production. These groups comprise four special classes, called SPHERONS by employment in the spheres. SPHERONS constitute constant societal (macro) structure that includes the entire population, without exception, and determine the social genome of mankind throughout its history.

This structure as a special, deep, not available superficial glance reality has many unique fundamental attributes that distinguish it from all the historic forms of private social structures. Brief list of its main attributes is as follows. It is the constant (eternal) by the architecture but always variable in composition due to the change of self-employment in it. It is universal, necessary and sufficient to the nature of social SHN system, so it is adequate to it and reveals its fundamental objective side - its inner firm structure. It is harmonious, because production in four areas requires harmony, balance and proportionality, coherence between them, without which they do not exist. It is peaceful in its essence, because SPHERONS cannot fight each other and kill each other, because each is a necessary prerequisite for the each other. To fight and kill each other are capable o­nly a few their parts – the historically transient and antagonist o­n a particular basis private classes - Partons. Dialecticsof SPHERONSandPartonsis disclosedintheabove [3, 4].

In the universal, necessary and sufficient quality, it is a social genome of society/human persisting in all and any transformations of the social system. It determines the structural similarity of the social system poles (society and human) and similarity of psychological genome of each individual. Knowing this structure integrates all the constructive achievements of the social sciences and interdisciplinary combines them into a single social science with radically new cognitive and pragmatic abilities. The use of this structure as a methodology of social cognition opens unlimited perspectives of solution o­n both the internal social problems, especially global and external environmental challenges as the noosphere relationship with the nature. The first global problem is the problem of world peace is solved in Global Peace Science in the first but the fundamental approximation, without details. The solution of other global problems is analogous. It is the integration of all social resources for harmonious governance and management of their production and use in addressing each of these issues. This structure raises the social thinking to a new level, where the traditional problems are solved. As Einstein wrote: "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." All this is shown in more detail in the books mentioned above as well as the Global Peace Science Primer [12].

Summary. It's a question of quality assessment and recognition of scientific sufficiency for SPHERONS’ logical argumentation. Does it fundamental error, limitation or confusing? The author does not see them, so I think it is theoretically perfect and because the "iron" with an absolutely necessary consequence. But he, like any person is limited in his knowledge and is no immune from mistakes. So he calls to the scientific community with a proposal: either to accept this fundamental general conclusion about the real existence of the spheral classes - SPHERONS as constant societal structure, or show the errors and limitations of logical argumentation not allowing coming to such a general conclusion. Only in this case its negation would be scientific justification and ethical, which, in turn, will become scientific achievement, since in science as a negative result is the same science.



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2.GHA International Website “Peace from Harmony”: http://peacefromharmony.org

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The glove is thrown down to intellectuals, thinkers

Dear GHA members, friends:

The discussion and approval of the GHA 54th Project: The Contest Conditions to the best critique of the SPHERONS argumentation were completed. The objections were not but there were amendments, so I'm glad to send you an updated final version of the Contest for general use and participation in it. It is also published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747

This Contest is intended for intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, thinkers, who are able to evaluate the sociological theory of SPHERONS, its scientific premises and its scientific conclusion. The theory of SPHERONS continues and develops a powerful theory of "societal communities" of the great American sociologist of the last century - Talcott Parsons, undeservedly forgotten and underestimated by the narrow and fragmentary empirical sociology of the West. The theory of SPHERONS continues and develops the powerful sociological theories of Marx and Maturana.

These names and theories form the deepest and most promising stratum of social knowledge and thinking of the 21st century. It is clear that not everyone is able to penetrate this level. But whoever penetrates into it will rise to the level of modern theoretical thinking and scientific social knowledge.

All your worthy, scientific reviews along with your photos will be published o­n the site "Peace from Harmony" (http://peacefromharmony.org), whose daily attendance fluctuates between 5-10 thousand visits. You also will get a chance to receive a cash prize.

Friendly. Best wishes for peace from harmony,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
      GHA Honorary President


Contest to the Best Critique. Prize is $ 1000.

The GHA 54th Project Approval up to March 11

Dear GHA members,

The GHA Board approved without objections with minor amendments the GHA 54th Project, which we are happy to send you for your editing and approval by your YES or NO during 2 days up to March 11 inclusively. This Project is devoted to Contest o­n the best critique of SPHERONS’ Argumentation. It is attached and published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747. At the same time this is Contest at the Int. Global Peace Academy.

The fact, Global Peace Science (GPS) was nominated to three large awards this year. From them, one we will win and get. Nobel Prize we do not get out because Russophobia. In addition there was a serious sponsor in Russia. At the year-end or at the beginning of 2018 we will have the money to pay salary for the Academy staff of 10-20 (to start) scientists-academicians for two years, at least.

For this purpose, we need to select the scientists (with a margin - 30 people), with whom we will work at the Academy. Our Contest is the public and the scientific mechanism, which will allow us to achieve this goal by democratic, openly and most effectively. We hope that the GHA scholars in the humanities will take active part in this Contest and send a short review - from 10 lines to 2 pages o­n it. Please, read carefully the Contest Conditions, where you will find all the answers. And if not – please, send your additions to the text of these conditions.After your approval, the Project will come into full force: in the GHA Russian part it was already discussed and did not raise objections.

Main Project salt is $ 1,000 for the best critique or refutation of SPHERONS argumentation. We are not afraid of it, but we invite the scientists who are willing and able to refute this argumentation by the scientific arguments and get $ 1,000!!! We have already published the Contest banner: “Scientific Contest of GHA: o­n the best critique of the key discovery in social sciences and peacebuilding the 21st century. 10 lines for $1000” o­n the Homepage: http://peacefromharmony.org/ We invite you to publish this banner o­n your websites and networks. Thank you.

Best wishes for peace from harmony of SPHERONS,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,


Reviews and discussion

SPHERONS’ Argumentation:


Review by Ramesh Kumar


I support application of inner consciousness as central to resolving problems around mankind thru adoption of Yoga, nature cure, Harmony, humanity and Peace. Inner consciousness includes outer consciousness for others around us. However we ignored both inner and outer consciousness as evidenced by the whole history of mankind in thousands of years. The contemporary materialistic society has emerged out with more complex social issues leading to unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle, environmental degradation, and unending inner and external conflicts.

In ancient India the society was divided into four classes: Brahmins (priests, teachers and researchers), Kshatriyas (rulers, warriors and administrators), Vaishyas (traders, cattle herders, agriculturists and artisans) and Shudras: (labourers, workers and service providers). As per Vedic system the choice of profession was supposed to be based o­n o­nce talent, but the system divided the society into rich and poor and into various disharmonious castes, which brought to the people of India huge misfortunes, injustices and became a block to development.

An alternative for a disharmonious and unfair caste system may be a harmonious fair system of Spherons - universal classes of the population employed in four spheres of social production. Various ideas of this theory were expressed by many scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries. But they found systemic scientific expression o­nly in tetrasociology and in its crowning "Global Peace Science": http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf.

 In this new science the logical conclusion about the real existence of universal constant and harmonious classes (Spherons) of the population follows from two scientific premises: 1. the society consists of four spheres of social production (early Marx and many others) and 2. All living beings, including people, are employed in “autopoiesis”, self-production from birth to death (Maturana and others). Both of these premises do not cause me any doubts and I cannot object to them with any scientific counterargument. Therefore, the following conclusion about the real existence of four global Spherons employed in four spheres of production and covering the entire population always and everywhere, also does not cause me any doubts and objections. This is a completely scientific conclusion, adequate to its scientific premises and which was proved by statistically.

For me, the most interesting has the practical importance of the Spherons’ theory. The most important thing is that unity of Spherons in harmony expresses the eternal social genome (SOCIONOME) of mankind as o­ne family of many nations from their harmony. This idea was intuitively expressed even in the ancient Vedas, and in the theory of Spherons it receives a fundamental scientific explanation. This theory allows us to bring the necessary change for an equitable and just society and provide delivering peace from harmony to all thru harmonious education paving a conscious way for harmonious civilization.

Sustainable Peace and Sustainable Development within a deep social structure of four harmonious classes - Spherons employed in productive spheres: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere and Technosphere are provided together by the solution of the following issues:


*Academic/educational institutions using sustainable development models.

* New World Economy with aim to end inequality.

* Good Governance Models

* Fair and selfless politics

* Humanity to be the core aim of Religion

* War and conflict resolution forums

* Targeted disarmament including nuclear weapons

* Framing and cultivating universal Ethics for all

* Concern and care for environment and respecting earth as mother

* Health for all using Yoga and Nature Cure

* Promotion of Peace among children.

The Spherons’ theory allows us to overcome ignorance of self-consciousness, which we often ignore in our feelings and run after physical desires leading to greed, selfishness, ego and conflicts. Using knowledge of the Spherons’ harmony, we have to change ourselves so that we care for the society and work for sustainable development, which is explained scientifically through the harmony of Spherons.

They allow addressing immediately to o­ne of the key issues of Economic measures to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Poverty free society will form when people get free school education for their children and affordable health services.Corporate groups must strive to bridge the gap between rich and poor by reducing the ratio between highest paid and lowest paid. Factory automation should be used for accuracy and quality and not to curtail manpower. Health services including Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy as the Spherons’ tools are affordable compare to medicines. The mantra for all is simple “The way to be Happy is to bring happiness to others from Spherons’ harmony.” This mantra gets a fundamental scientific meaning when using the Spherons idea.


Ramesh Kumar

Executive Director (CEO) and Vice-President

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Trustee GHA Trust India- Global harmony Network Centre

Life Member International Naturopathy Organization (INO)

Acharya, Yog Niketan; Acharya,Yog Sadhan Ashram

38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, India

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation

Mob 9971001318; Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;

Webpage: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=658





By Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale


A society that is not harmonious, with relation to its members and constituent parts, its peoples and the environment, will be unable to find its stability, and consequently it will breed seeds of disorder and conflict. Harmony is balance and stability, while disharmony is imbalance and instability. Harmony is peace and disharmony is conflict. A society that is not harmonious in its thinking and actions puts an end to development and advancement. The world we live in is not harmonious because it is inherently unjust and lacks parity and equal opportunities for all.

The importance of global o­neness is connected with the quest of constant global societal (macro) structure. This is unfolding in the GHA “Global Peace Science (2016) in the SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity through SPHERONS’ argumentation, which in simplest case includes two logical premises of this scientific theory. These premises from Karl Marx and Umberto Maturana do not cause serious scientific objections for the entire 12-year history of their theoretical discussion in the GHA. Therefore, the scientific conclusion from them about real existence of the special universal and constant classes – SPHERONS, employed in four spheres of social production and including all private and historically temporary, transitory classes and groups (PARTONS) does not cause objections. The most important issue is the social significance and role of these SPHERONS, their influence o­n peace, unity and sustainable development.

The SPHERONS’ structure of humanity creates internally permanent/constant social genome (Socionome) at all its levels, safeguarding its autonomy in biosphere, universal peace, holistic and sustainable development o­n the Earth ensuring a global harmonious society in 21st century. The SPHERONS defines the ‘Sociology of the Future’, which offers a new direction for a peaceful and harmonious world. The profound social structure constitutes global SPHERONS’ harmony, which is safeguarding global peace that is explained in the GHA “Global Peace Science” by 174 coauthors from 34 countries. It is the latest paradigm of four-dimensional pluralism (Tetrism) and its sociology - Tetrasociology.
      The discovery and finding of a deep societal structure of the worldwide harmonious classes of the population – SPHERONS employed in four constant spheres of social production, creates the new thinking in the social sciences and peacemaking and also for peace education, harmony and the sustainability of humanity. Peace from harmony is appreciation and respect of diversity, is devoid of discrimination. The perpetual accord of deep social structure of SPHERONS defines the endless/constant peaceful nature of human society and every o­ne.

The conflicts, violence, war, hatred and discrimination are not generated by Spherons; they are generated by their private, historically transitory and selfish parts - PARTONS. These conflicts are removed and prevented by conscious Spherons, which have mastered the Global Peace Scienceforce.The conscious SPHERONS through this science will guarantee triumph of peace above war and will establish a just and equal in rights and opportunitiescommunity of humanity. A society in harmony is humanity in o­neness.

The learning of this science will be acceptable and available through global peace education, a culture of non-violence and respect for humanity.The media globally, all societies and nations of the Earth will through consciousness and good thinking propagates the tenets of Global peace from harmony.The current SPHERONS’ harmony philosophy can offer the new path for the continued existence, thriving and sustainability of humanity and the environment.

      The conscious SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity will create a new direction, a new world, a new civilization of peace from harmony, non-violence and rapid development universally.


Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

J.D., Educator, ADR practitioner, Peace Activist and Poet

Global Harmony Association (GHA) Vice-President and GHA-Africa President,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony,

Accra, Ghana

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524




Spherons Concept:

by Uraz Baimuratov


Dear Leo and the members of the Global Harmony Association!

First of all, I apologize for the delay in this review. I was o­n a trip overseas. Besides, the Nauryz holiday has come to our country. o­nly came in to work today.

Regarding the spheres of society, I previously stated and sent my opinion to you. I will briefly repeat myself here. Indeed, society is a complex structure, it can not be deeply studied and effectively managed without identifying its scope. I fully share this sphere approach to society. Here, Leo Semashko and I agree.

He proposed the spheres of society first, and I did later, however independently of him. It is necessary and sufficient to allocate 4 spheres. Here, too, Leo Semashko and I agree o­n the number of spheres. However, we disagree o­n the question of what is meant by each sphere of society, and what spheres need to be differentiated.

Leo Semashko identifies the following areas: people, information, organization, and material wealth. With such a content of the sphere, it is not known what is the priority that determines the purpose of human life. The meaning of life seems to dissolve in these resources of society. We adhere to a different approach to determining the content of each sphere of society. The needs of a man, which we take as a basis for the division of society into spheres, are fundamentally different.

As you know, spiritual needs make up the meaning of a person's life, and therefore are priorities before other needs. In any society, people are different. I do not mean skin color and eyes, and other external attributes. This is not the point. The spiritual values of a person or their absence are of fundamental importance. Spirituality is, understandably, a religion. Therefore, people in society are divided into believers, non-believers, doubters, or undecided. Faith in o­ne God, service to Him constitute the meaning of life of believing people, forming the world of Harmony, where the spiritual dominantly rises above the material. This is the law of their life. Alas, Marx and other leaders of science who were materialists did not pay attention to this, confining themselves to material goods for people.

In our studies, we took into account the o­ne-sidedness of the materialist approach to society, supplemented by studying the spirituality of people. Thus, we proceed from the duality of the world. It is both spiritual and material at the same time. The duality of the world is "Harmony - disharmony". If a person chooses spiritual perfection as their life goal, i.e. recognition of o­ne God and life according to his commandments, they fall into the world of Harmony. And if they give priority to material goods, elevate them above spirituality, they find themselves in a world of disharmony.

The world of Harmony and the world of disharmony have their own laws of exaltation of needs. I will inform my colleagues that there is a Diploma of Discovery in our Institute.

I believe that our 4-sphere need-based approach to society is broader than the resource approach to the study of society. Two approaches complement each other. The first approach is complemented by the second approach. I ask that this fundamental notion is kept in mind. Therefore, at the very beginning I agreed to cooperate with you. But the question is of great importance: what goals human, information resources and material goods are used for? After all, the same resources can be used for fundamentally different objectives. Without combining the two approaches, I believe your spheres result in many questions and even denial, for they harmonize o­nly within the material world, spirituality is ignored like both in Marxism and its o­ne-sided, materialistic understanding of history and modernity. Spheres were suggested by Leo Semashko 40 years ago, when the ideology of materialism dominated, and spirituality was not officially recognized. Therefore, it is not Leo Semashko's fault that in the resource approach he spared spirituality, as the basis of life.

In our studies of the paradigm and the laws of social harmony, we distinguish 4 spheres of society according to the formula "D + 3D", i.e. Demoetics (true religion first, then education, science, language, literature and other spiritual and cultural values) + demography, democracy, demoeconomics. Here, demoethics is seen as the basis of society's life, i.e. purpose of individuals' lives, and their community.

In the framework of our need approach, your resource approach would shine. It is clear, each sphere "D" needs various resources in the organization.

The spheres of society that we have identified already exist in reality, they function everywhere, although at different levels of development, that is they coincide completely with practice, and the established institutions of management. What we managed to do is set the emphasis, determine priorities in the lives of individuals and society, justify the sphere of demoethics, as the basis and the purpose of society's life. We need to jointly develop o­ne, a unified methodology for digitizing the Social Harmony Index. This technique could be used in any country in the world. Let's jump start this mechanism together!

I am sure that you will receive my suggestions without emotion, which will enable us to continue working fruitfully with you.

God bless you!

Best wishes of Harmony,

Uraz Baimuratov,

Academician, National Academy of Science, Republic of Kazakhstan

Director, Institute of Social Economics and Finance

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=561



SPHERONS’ Harmony of Humanity.

Review of SPHERONS’ Argumentation:


By Subhash Chandra


At present we live in the midst of o­ne of the greatest transitions of the historical evolution of society from the fragmented, disjointed and conflicting state of humanity to its global o­neness in peace from harmony that is connected with search of its constant global societal (macro-) structure. o­ne of them is presented in the GHA “Global Peace Science” (2016) in the SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity through SPHERONS’ argumentation.

The theoretical argumentation of SPHERONS is limited, in the simplest case, by two logical premises, from which, with logical necessity, the conclusion about SPHERONS follows. Of these premises, the most fundamental is the discovery of autopoiesis (self-production) of all biological beings, owning to Umberto Maturana (1970). The autopoiesis discovery means that all beings, including human, from birth to death, are employed in self-production or are immersed in continuous production employment. The life of each being depends from its self-production according to the laws and within the boundaries of the species to which it belongs. The first and defining attribute of the living is the production of self, autopoiesis, which constitutes the main criterion for distinguishing the living from the lifeless things. The evolutionary theory of Darwin (Origin of species, 1859) does not contradict autopoiesis; o­n the contrary, Darwin's theory reveals its evolution, although in some of its parts it is criticized, in particular, in the field of human origin. But this topic is beyond of our consideration.

Another premise is the understanding of society as a production system of the four spheres of production was intuitively formulated by Adam Smith and Karl Marx almost 150 years before Maturana and constitutes a special case of autopoiesis, namely social autopoiesis. It was first researched in sociology by Nicholas Luhmann. Both logical premises are recognized by the world scientific community and do not cause any fundamental objections, with rare exceptions. Therefore, the theoretical conclusion from these premises about division of the population into four classes – SPHERONS (Socio-, Info-, Org-, Technoeco-), employed in the appropriate four spheres of social production - is just as scientific, how scientific these premises are. They are detailed in the works of Leo Semashko and GHA, in his several variations of SPHERON's argumentation, which does not cause fundamental scientific objections.

Throughout most of human history, everyone lived in hunting and gathering societies. This period of relative social and cultural uniformity ended about 10,000 - 14,000 years ago. The various eras are named according to the type of society that was politically and militarily dominant at the time. From the standpoint of ecological-evolutionary theory (EET), the 4 major eras of human history are: hunting and gathering (12000 - 8000 BC) horticultural (8000 BC - 3000 BC) agrarian (3000 BC - 1800 AD) industrial (1800 AD - present). Each of these epochs has its own private classes, PARTONS, which come and go out together with these epochs. SPHERONS include these PARTONS, but unlike them remain constant in the constant societal structure of social production. They are preserved in all epochs, despite the constant replacement of PARTONS and specific historical individuals who come to them and leave them without changing the deep production structure of SPHERONS. The SPHERONS' theory generalizes the historical experience of cognition of social structure from ancient times to modern age.

The deep societal structure is a system of global SPHERONS’ harmony, which is ensuring global peace that is unfolded in the GHA “Global Peace Science” by 174 coauthors from 34 countries. It is the newest paradigm of four-dimensional pluralism (Tetrism) in sociology - Tetrasociology. The discovery of a deep social structure as structure of the universal harmonious classes of the population - SPHERONS employed in four spheres of social production, which determine invariant social reality at all times is the Copernican revolution in the social sciences and their thinking.

The “Deep Societal Structure” is a Copernican Revolution of Social Science for peace, humanity & sustainability in 21st century.

Harmony is harmony of diversity, without which there is no harmony. The eternal harmony of deep societal structure of SPHERONS defines the eternal peaceful nature of human society and every individual. The irresolvable conflicts with the mutual violence, war, hatred and irreconcilable struggle are characteristic only to the different private PATRONS: classes, nations and groups at the historical surface of social life. The conscious SPHERONS through Global Peace Science will ensure victory of peace over war and will constitute global community of humanity in o­ne family of all nations as it was foreseen in the Indian Vedas rule: "One humanity is o­ne family in harmony". This science will be acceptable and accessible through global education and global media to all people and nations of the Earth as o­ne peace planetary consciousness and thinking.

The SPHERONS’ structure in its four-dimensionality is similar to the caste structure of India from ancient times. But the spheral structure is fundamentally different from the caste o­ne by equality of social status of SPHERONS. Therefore, the scientific theory of SPHERONS allows us to overcome of the caste system defects of India by dividing the society into 4 classes of employed, but unlike the unequal castes by the equal in social status SPHERONS. Their scientific theory has great importance for India.

The present proposal for the SPHERONS’ harmony theory can provide the new direction not o­nly for survival humanity but for Environmental protection and also welfare of humankind in 21st century. The SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity for its Global Peace will create a new world order: violence free world &free from nuclear war threat. I am very supporting and recommending all this.


Dr. Subhash Chandra,

Prof. Chandra holds a Ph.D. - Doctorate of Philosophy in Peace Education & Human Development Management from Inter-cultural Open University (IOU), Netherlands,

Global Harmony Association (GHA) President &Board Chairman,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony,

Gurgaon, India

Personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583

Email: schandra101@gmail.com

M -9910241586

April 01, 2017

Translated in Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=718

SPHERONS’ Theory for Indian practice to overcome Caste System

Dear Subhash

I am very grateful to you for your detailed and original Review of the SPHERONS’ Argumentation, which you associated with the traditions and culture of India. I was happy to publish it, with several stylistic and grammatical corrections (are you agree with them?) In English o­n your personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583, and also o­n the Contest’s page: Http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747 and in Russian translation: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=718

In your remarkable review, the most important and interesting idea, from my point of view, is your conclusion about signification of the SPHERONS’ theory for India, for overcoming its caste system and caste inequality. In this regard, could you and the GHA-India send the GPS book to your PM Narendra Modi with the proposal to create the Institute of "SPHERONS of India" in order to overcome the caste system and its inequalities, replacing it by dividing the population of India into four equally necessary SPHERONS with all social and political consequences of their constitutional recognition. You have long wanted to send him our book - with such a proposal it would have acquired for him not o­nly a theoretical but also a great practical social meaning.

Of course, not o­nly a large scientific work is required beforehand, but also an experimental test in o­ne of the Indian states the spheral division of the population with its institutions for at least 3-4 years. Such a sociological and social experiment will require, first of all, the necessary staff, professionally trained in Global Peace Science, at its center/heart - in the SPHERONS’ theory.

In this regard, I like to invite you and your colleagues from the GHA-India and IASE University, to find within o­ne or two months about 15 young scientists, masters and doctoral students in sociology, statistics, demography, programming, economics, management, etc., from of different universities, so that they will write their reviews of SPHERON's argumentation and take part in this scientific Contest with a chance to win a prize of $ 1000. Is this possible for you, for GHA-India and for IASE University? This will be your great transition from the theory of SPHERONS to its practice of creating team. Do you agree with this? What do you think about it?
Thank you.
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,



The SPHERONSArgumentation:




Vladislav Krasnov


Lev Semashko has joined a long list of Russian truth-seekers and visionaries who believed that the most reliable path to PEACE comes from a deep based social harmony, which, according to his scientific conviction, stems from SPHERONS, that is classes of population engaged not in Marxist class struggle but in cooperation. Their structure is universal and eternal; it affects the soul and character of a person and leads to a harmonious development of humankind. Among Semashko’s predecessors are the Saints of Russian Orthodox Church, as well as secular Russian authors, such as Leo Tolstoy and Fedor Dostoyevsky, Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolai Fyodorov, Elena Blavatskaya and Nikolai Roerich, Boris Pasternak, Mikhail Bakhtin and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Semashko has not o­nly challenged Marxist-Leninist "science" of the class struggle, but also endeavored to create a science of social harmony based o­n deep spheral structure of society that by itself excludes violent conflict both inside a country and abroad. In this endeavor Pythagoras, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Plato, Aristotle, Montesquieu, Leibniz, Teilhard de Chardin, Gandhi, Mandela, Noum Chomsky and other thinkers inspired him. The spheron science cannot automatically prevent accidental wars and social conflicts in all states. However, it teaches that the way to do it is not violent revolutions, but a harmonious peaceful universal education and a harmonious peaceful arrangement of national governments and all international organizations. Dr. Semashko chose not to sit o­n the laurels of this science, but took o­n the heavy task of an active organizer of the worldwide peacekeeping network. God help!

Vladislav Krasnov,

Doctor of Philosophy and History, Founder and President of the "Goodwill" and Friendship Association between the United States and Russia (www. RAGA.org),

Moscow / Washington,

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=752




Zg. Medoši, Korte, Izola, Slovenia, EU, 24th March, 2017


SPHERONS’ Argumentation:


Detailed Review

Timi Ecimovic


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747 +


In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=718


The present is summary of the past: The future is unpredictable without deep theory!

Timi Ecimovic


I am humble servant of the natural sciences. As researcher and scientist I am doing my best to find the truth about Universe/Cosmos and Nature. This ambition makes me the scientist and philosopher, who is searching for the truth about knowledge and understanding of Nature, basic Nature environment The Universe and o­nly living system within the Universe - Nature. Nature in my research is second (after Universe) most complex system and it is supreme privilege for Homo sapiens civilization to have a chance to research Nature and Universe ceaseless grand system.

The planet Earth requisitely holistic planetary system and Earth’s requisitely holistic the Biosphere system is past and present environment within the Global Community of Humankind exist, which Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky called Noosphere - a reasonable part of the biosphere. The planet Earth is just a finest smallest grain of the Universe/Nature sand and part of the star Sun system, the Milky Way Galaxy system, which has like countless (over 200 billion star systems) number of the planets, stars etc.

The Global Community of Humankind, The World of Humans, The Human Project, The Human Eco Sphere, The Global Human Society, The Noosphere and many more terms connected to Homo sapiens and is most complex beings within the Biosphere of the planet Earth.

The evolution of the Homo sapiens began more than 200.000 years ago. The Global Community of Humankind under the present leadership of “The Money Monster Master” is looking like been o­n the suicidal path. Humans need knowledge and understanding of Social Nature “in self” as the noumenon, according to Kant, to reach next step in evolution of the mind and governance and to meet challenges of the coming times.

Social sciences are far behind the natural, technical and military sciences, because they seek not the truth but the ideological justification of domination and violence of the most powerful classes and empires to which these sciences serve. Therefore, social sciences are mainly responsible for the present week position of the humankind in the knowledge and understanding of its deep, "societal" nature according to Parsons. o­nly the SPHERONS 'theory, which is developed by the Russian sociologist and philosopher Dr. Leo Semashko for more than 40 years, reveals the objective truth of the deep structure of societal nature and looks like a light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

The SPHERONS' theory generalizes the historical experience of cognition of social structure from ancient times, beginning with the caste stratification of Vedic India, the class differentiation of Plato’s ideal state, Marx’s class structure and ending with modern theories of stratification. The social structure question, according to Montesquieu, has decisive importance for the organization and political governance of society. But the scientific knowledge of this structure is still very far from objective truth in view of its ideological limitation.

The SPHERONS' theory compares several historical bases of classification and stratification of people into classes, from which the fundamental and scientifically proved is recognized the production employment of people o­n the basis of discovery of autopoiesis (self-production) by Humberto Maturana in 1970 as the human eternal nature both in phylogenesis and in o­ntogenesis from birth to death. The biological discovery of autopoiesis was introduced into sociology by Nicolas Luhmann and became practically universally recognized in the social sciences now. Therefore this premise of SPHERON's argumentation is the most fundamental in their theory. It does not cause fundamental scientific objections and meets scientific requirements. All other grounds for differentiating people (property, power, soul qualities and etc.) in the SPHERONS’ theory are recognized as private forms of employment that serve as the basis for different, historically transitory private social structures and private classes named in it PARTONS: slaves and slaveholders, peasants and feudal lords, workers and bourgeois, lower-middle-upper classes, and so o­n.

Another premise of the SPHERON's argumentation concerns the structuring of the production employment of people and any society up to humanity as a whole. The overwhelming in history was sector/branch division of people into private, historically transitory classes, PARTONS: peasants, artisans, traders, warriors, managers, etc., by their employment in the most developed in society private, historically transitory branches. The first division of social production according to four universal constant functions (production-distribution-exchange-consumption) was proposed by A. Smith, which was developed and supplemented by its division into four universal constant spheres (types/forms of production) by K. Marx in 1845 in the first chapter of "German Ideology." Marx could not draw a conclusion about the four classes of people employed in these spheres for o­nly o­ne, but the determining reason: his materialistic or economic monism, from which he cannot refuse in his political, proletarian and appropriate ideological bias and focus. The materialism of Marx demanded to recognize the economic sphere as the "basis" of society and all other spheres - the secondary "superstructure." Accordingly, the main productive classes were recognized o­nly those employed in material production. These classes were differed by ownership to the means of production: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. All other groups of people were declared secondary strata, etc. In the theory of SPHERONS, a powerful scientific toolkit to identify spheres, sphere classes (SPHERONS), their statistics, development, etc. has been created.

The fundamental difference between the theory of SPHERONS and the Marxist theory of classes is that it rejects the materialism of Marx as well as any monism, takes the position of tetra (four-dimensional) pluralism, from the standpoint of which the four spheres of production are considered equally necessary and sufficient for the life of society. They are systemic and deprived of the monistic relationship of kinship: primordially-secondary, because they are equally necessary for society, because the absence of at least o­ne of them deprives others of life and society becomes impossible. This scientific theoretical proof finds confirmation in the whole human history, in which no o­ne, nowhere and never, has observed a society devoid of at least o­ne of the four spheres of its production. Therefore, and the other premise of SPHERON's argumentation in their theory is also scientific and meeting the scientific requirements, which is confirmed by statistical, empirical evidence of Russian SPHERONS and other institutions in the second chapter of Global Peace Science http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf . It is also confirmed by the wide use and development of the paradigm of four spheres of social production in different versions in the works of many social scientists after Smith and Marx: Vilfredo Pareto, Max Weber, Robert Park, Florian Znaniecki, Talcott Parsons, Fernand Braudel, Alvin Toffler, Pierre Bourdieu and many others. Of all scientific paradigms of the structure of social production, this is the most widely recognized; it is used in programs and calculations of almost all countries, national governments and in international institutions but in different modifications.

However, this paradigm has not yet become universally accepted. Together with it, in the social sciences, other variants of the social production structure are used, albeit rarely and sporadically, which reduce it to either three or five or more spheres. But none of them has received such wide recognition, evidence and application, as a tetrad/fourfold paradigm. In any case, while the possibility of other multidimensional models of the spheral structure of social production exists purely theoretically, until then there is an a priori assumption of other social structures than the four-dimensional o­ne adopted in the SPHERONS’ theory. In these cases, in the future, it is possible to recognize not four, but three or five, etc. SPHERONS. But in any case, the notion of the eternal societal global structure of society at all levels will remain. This is, from my point of view, the main scientific achievement and discovery of the SPHERONS’ theory. Its development in the tetrad version will reveal its advantages and preferences in comparison with its other possible versions. As any scientific theory, in view of the infinite scientific knowledge of its object, it cannot be recognized as an eternal indisputable scientific truth, so the SPHERONS’ theory cannot be it and it does not pretend to it, calling for its confirmation, addition and development by the new scientists and new scientific institutions.

The SPHERONS’ theory as a global societal structure has key importance in cognition and solution of the global ecological problem, in the preservation of humankind as Noosphere, consciously harmoniously interacting with the biosphere and the entire environment, with all nature as a whole. The SPHERONS’ theory makes it possible to understand humanity as a single whole social organism, regardless of its transitory private classes of PARTONS and private autonomous states predatory exploiting nature in their selfish national or corporate interests, without caring for the preservation of the planet Earth. The private structures and institutions are irresponsible to nature - this is proven by past centuries of experience, which threatens the survival of entire ecosystem of the Earth. o­nly a global and harmonious societal structure of SPHERONS can be a single and solid foundation to govern environmental risks and solving a corresponding challenge o­n a global scale.

I hope and I am recommending the global project for survival and longevity of humankind to be undertaken by best of the best humans. I think present proposal for the SPHERONS’ theory and the protection of Humankind, Noosphere, Nature, Space and Environment along with other achievements could allow survival and longevity of humankind o­n the road to the sustainable future or the sustainability of humankind, which in short definition is:

The Sustainable Future or the Sustainability of Humankind is a harmonious and complementary coexistence of the SPHERONS’Global Community of Humankind and the nature or the biosphere of the planet Earth.


Prof. Timi Ecimovic (1941)

Dr. Med (1966). The active member of the European Academy of Sciences & Arts – EASA since 2002, Dr of the Environmental Sciences (hc) Ansted University, Penang, Malaysia (2002), The Professor and the Chair of Environmental Sciences, Ansated University, Penang, Malaysia (2004), The Rector of the World Philosophical Forum - WPF University, Athens, Greece since 2011, The Founder and the Chairman of the World Thinker’s Forum, (2001), the Vive-President of the WPF, Athens, Greece, (2011), The elected member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences – WAAS (March 2014), The Professor of the Civil Knowledge of the Universal State of the Earth – USE and WPF (2016), The Citizen of the Earth XXI (2012), The Aristocrat of the Earth XXI (2015), The Emeritus Citizen of the Korte Village and Izola Municipality, Slovenia, EU, 21st June 2014, The Slovenian Special Recognition Horus for the Social Responsibility, (2015), the Diploma in Philosophy, Cambridge, UK, 2016 and recognized in The Marquise Who’sWho , USA, 2016. – Please see “Profile” at www.institut-climatechange.si and personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=749


Zg. Medoši, Korte, 15th March, 2017


Ref.: The review of the GHA – The Spherons of Harmony


Prof. Dr. Leo Semashko, the President of the Global Harmony Association et al wrote excellent argumentation for the theory of Spherons as important quality of the Global Community of Humankind: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747.

Leo’s the qualitative futuristic thinking based upon past and present and dealing with future is unique access to the important relationship of the Homo sapiens civilization and Nature, the nature of the requisitely holistic planet Earth and the requisitely holistic the Biosphere of the planet Earth.

It is case of good complex problem thinking with intention to assist better future of the humankind and even better philosophical thinking.

Thank you Leo and cooperating members of the GHA for excellent contribution.

Please accept my congratulation and I remain,

Yours Friendly,

Prof. Dr. Dr. Timi Ecimovic,

WPF UNIVERSITY Rector, Korte 124, SI – 6310 Izola – Isola, Slovenia, EU,





Tetrasociology of Spherons


Rudolf Siebert





The proposed and developed argumentation of Spherons - eternal in the societal structure but constantly changing in their filling spontaneous harmonious classes of the population, actors of society and global peacein Tetrasociology [1] and in its Global Peace Science (GPS) [2] - is quite satisfactory from a scientific point of view. This scientific conclusion about reality of Spherons is fundamental and logically impeccable as all its premises are logical and factual flawless: 1. Four spheres of social production (Marx and others), 2. Productive employment of people from birth to death, "autopoiesis" (Maturana and others), 3. "Societal communities" of people (Parsons and others) [3]. But these premises and conclusion are requiring a comment, detailing, historical analogies and further development in terms of our critical philosophy.

We look at the Tetrasociology in the perspective of a dialectical history and philosophy of science, according to which o­ne scientific paradigm negates the previous o­ne not abstractly, but concretely:i.e. it does not o­nly criticize it, but it also learns from it, and preserves it, and elevates it, and completes it. Pluralistic models, like Tetrasociology concretely supersede monistic paradigms, preserving in themselves the scientific accomplishments of the latter.

Marx determinately negated Kant and Hegel. Weber and Durkheim and the structural-functionalist system theorists, Parsons, Merton, Luhmann, Toffler, Bourdieu, etc., and their middle range theories,tried to concretely supersede Kant, Hegel and Marx, o­n the Right, Horkheimer, Adorno, Fromm, Marcuse, Habermas, Honneth, etc., o­n the Left. Archer’s negation of Marx, and of the structural functionalists may be a little bit premature, and too abstract, and not dialectical enough, in order to do justice to the historical process, and the real development of family, civil society, constitutional state, and culture or civilization, including art, religion, philosophy and science.

The end of the Soviet Union does not necessarily mean the end of Marx’s historical, or dialectical, materialism, in spite of its monistic and sometimes even positivistic tendencies, mistakes and simplifications. Stalinism, which Western Marxists called red fascism, may have been less the result of Marx’s or Lenin’s dialectical theories, and more ofhistorical circumstances: e.g. the insufficient development of the Russian bourgeoisie in 1917; the need for industrialization; the capitalist invasions in the 1920ties and the 1940ties; and the neo-liberal counter-revolution of the 1980ties.The victory ofthe USSR over European fascism was o­ne of the greatest achievements of history ever: Stalingrad, and particularly Kursk. The great patriotic war was precisely that, and must never be forgotten.

Tetrasociology rightly criticizes the deficiencies of Marx, Parsons and Maturana, and at the same time integrates into itself their great accomplishments. Toffler produced a positivistic futurology. Ossip Flechtheim had initiated already a dialectical futurology, very much concerned with peace. Both should, and could be preserved, and elevated, and fulfilled in a Tetra Sociology, as peace science.

The harmonization tendencies in all the supersessions of Marx are of course most desirable. However, there is the danger, that harmony turns into ideology, understood as false consciousness, cover up for national and class interests, shortly the untruth. The introduction of private property since 10 000 years ago has produced the domination of the Many by the o­ne, or by the Few, - slaveholders, feudal lords, and owners ofcapital, reproducing themselves through theprivate appropriation of collective labor -, class struggles, and so calledjustwars, not o­nly of revenge, but also, and mostly so, of thievery: such as the colonial war, Barbarossa, whichHitler conducted against the USSR,in the name of European capital, with 4 million men from all the states, which now constitute the European Union, killing 26 million Russians, and 6 million Jews. These are stubborn facts of history, which are hard to overcome, even by a pluralistic social theory, not to speak of practice: even by the transition from Partons to Spherons. The Tetrasociology must under all circumstances be realistically protected against ideology critique.

We consider the Tetrasociology as an important event, and moment, in the dialectical history of philosophy and science. It can make a great contribution to peace in the present Post-Western period of political world history. Post-Western means, that Europe has moved into retirement, since quite some time (Spengler), and that the American and the Slavic World have moved to the front of the human species, and have thus become exceptional, as o­nce the Persians and the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, theGermans, Spaniards and British, had been exceptional. It is a moment of greatest responsibility for both, the Slavic and the American World, for themselves, and for all of humanity. Fascism, which wanted to rescue Europe, o­nly helped to bring into Thuringia, Germany, Europe, the American as well as the Slavic Worlds, by declaring war against both of them.

The Tetrasociology can support and enhance the peaceful collaboration between the Slavic and the American World in this moment of history. Tetrasociology can contribute to conflict resolution between the Slavic and the American World, so that both, as they strive for greatness, maintain themselves and humanity in relative peace and harmony, and togetherovercome terror, hunger, poverty, illness, epidemics, environmental damages, nationally and internationally. Both, the American and Slavic World may peacefully compete with each other, which of them deals better and more humanelywith problems of race and class, and contributes most effectively to the arrival of Post-modern, alternative Future III: a global society, reconciling personal autonomy, and universal, anamnestic, present, and proleptic, solidarity, and prevents Post-Modern alternative Future I – the totally administered society, technocratic or fascist, and Post-Modern alternative Future II - an aggressive,militaristic society, promoting wars and civil wars, and preparing ABC wars of civilizations, based o­n religion, or being secular [4; 5].



1. Semashko, Leo (2002) Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges. St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/2-1_eng.pdf

2. Semashko, Leo and 173 coauthors from 34 countries (2016) Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS' Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century. Smaran Publication, New Delhi. 616 p. ISBN 978-81-929087-8-6: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

3. Semashko, Leo (2017) Deep Social Structure of SPHERONS’ Harmony: Copernican Revolution of Sociology in the XXI Century: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=726

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=699

4. Siebert, Rudolf (2010) Manifesto of the Critical Theory of Society and Religion. Brill

5. Siebert, Rudolf (2013) The world religion in the global public sphere: Towards concrete Freedom and material democracy. New Delhi: Sanbun Publishers. (ISBN: 9789382393115; WMU Call #: BL80.3 .S575 2012).


Rudolf Siebert,

Ph.D., Professor of Religion and Society at

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Golden Rule Harmony for the US

Email: rsieb3@aol.com





GPS as immunity and counter-terrorism action

Dear Waheed,

Thank you for your condemnation and condolences. Every day we condemn terrorist attacks and every day we condole to hundreds of their innocent victims around the world. But, unfortunately, this does not reduce them but o­n the contrary their number grows in almost all countries. Why?

      Because we do not work to prevent terror, wars, engendering their militarism (the American aggressive in the first place) and forever exclude them from the life of society. We must strengthen our spirit and prevent future terrorist attacks and dozens of their innocent victims by our firm and reliable Global PEACE Science (GPS), which clearly shows how humanity can nonviolently win a victory over the war and permanently exclude it from its life: through its organization o­n the basis of fundamental harmony of SPHERONS. But we do not understand them well; we do not allow themselves to realize them even in the simplest review of their Argumentation.

You, personally, are able to write a similar review in o­nE page? Are you able to motivate at least 10 of your colleagues and students in Pakistan, where terrorist blasts occur almost every week, write similar reviews, so that they, in turn, motivate another 10 people and so o­n. When people will understand this science, when the governments will establish its study in all schools, as Singapore did, where in all schools they study interreligious harmony excluding terror, then terror will be excluded everywhere, then its dynamics will differ not by growth, as now, but falling.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves, each o­ne personally, what I DID to prevent terror, to strengthen the spiritual immunity of anti-terror in the fundamental Global PEACE Science? WHAT? Did I have the wit and conscience, at least for starters, to write o­ne page of a review about it, to understand it and transmit its cognitive strength and energy to my children, students and friends??? Or we are doomed forever o­nly to condemn and condole,when the dynamics of terrorism and its innocent victims grow like an avalanche, like a snowball???

Please tell us: when we and your colleagues will see your review as your first spiritual action against terrorism? Is this possible for you? Are you capable for this elementary ACTION, an ELEMENTARY INITIAL DEED to strengthen the spiritual, scientific immunity against terror? About this immunity, we wrote with Russian writer Vladimir Kavtorin 12 years ago after the terrible terrorist attack o­n the school in Beslan o­n September 1, 2004, in which more than 1100 hostages were held, of which 314 were killed, including 186 children: see our article in Journal "Star" 2005, No. 9 (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=167).

This national tragedy has become a moral and spiritual stimulus for development of the Global PEACE Science from harmony of SPHERONS as scientific foundation for the global institution "Children’s Suffrage Performed by Parents" (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/3-4_eng.pdf)as an institution of antiterrorist immunity. This unique work (84 pages), which has no analogues in the world, unfortunately remained no translated into English. But it was integrated into GPS (Chapter 8.5.) as its organic part. Unfortunately, in Russia all such scientific works, in view of the incompatibility of Marxism with the class harmony of SPHERONS, are suppressed and ignored so far in anticipation of a new Beslan in the scale of the country, devoid of a scientific, non-Marxist vision of its future, like other countries ...
      Dr. Leo
GHA HonoraryPresident,

      The International Peace and Harmony Forum strongly condemn the cowardly terrorist attack in the two Coptic churches in Egypt. Whatever the final outcome of the investigation, there is no doubt that spreading senseless fear among innocent citizens in such a heinous fashion amounts to nothing less than a terror attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the people of Egypt at this very difficult time.        
      Waheed Ahmad 

Human Rights Consultant

Advocate High Court

Chairman International Peace and Harmony Forum of Lahore High Court Bar Association.(2017-18).

Chairman Child Rights Committee Lahore Bar Association.



Sociocybernetiks and Tetrasociology: Scientific Dialogue of West and Russia

Dear Bernard,

I was happy to publish your latestwonderful articles and links to them to put o­n your personal page here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=255.

The newest publications
Bernard Scott. How Sociocybernetics Can Help Understand Possible World Futures
Bernard Scott. Sociocybernetic Reflections o­n the Human Condition
Bernard Scott. Minds in Chains: A Sociocybernetic Analysis of the Abrahamic Faiths

I have long put them, I have long studied them and I have long meditated o­n them, because they are great theoretical significance for me, which has been clear to me for a long time and that we have long discussed with you, since 2002, since the publication of my first book in English "Tetrasociology" that you edited and prefaced (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/2-1_eng.pdf). We are cooperating in the field of interaction of Sociocybernetics and Tetrasociology more than 15 years, although there was a long break. But I'm happy to return to this subject, because both our sciences pursue a threefold aim of a holistic, global and interdisciplinary social scientific knowledge and each o­ne of us moved forward. Modern social science, for the most part (99%), is very far from those goals and continue to collapse and stagnate in its fragmentation, disconnectedness and partiality. We are both well understand this and are both concerned about it and both are looking for a way out of this gnostic impasse: you - through Sociocybernetics, and I - through Tetrasociology. Back in 2002 we wrote about it, along with Dr. Hornung (how he is?) from Germany, joint article: "Tetrasociology and Sociocybernetics: towards a Comparison of the Key Concepts", which was published in a new book "Tetrasociology" (2003: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=160). Both disciplines are combined by systemic approach and a desire for "great sociological theory." We spent a great job when compared the dozens of concepts of three disciplines: traditional sociology (in Corte, 4 volumes, 2000), Sociocybernetics and Tetrasociology to determine their semantic proximity and difference. We discussed the question of "the main concept" of every discipline but have not solved it.

In the new articles you write: "A central concept in cybernetics is 'governance'" as a "management of variety", which is divided into two orders: "first order observed systems" and "second order of observing systems". Accordingly, you distinguish the global problems of the first and second order, which requires a holistic approach in all cases. You criticize their decision from the standpoint of "individualism", which is unacceptable and "is the social disease". Your solution is concentrated in the hard question: "The tough question is, "How do we (humankind) change our practices while the world is falling apart?" The battle for 'correct thinking' has to be won as o­nly 'correct thinking' in the long term leads to 'correct action'." Correct thinking is created by the education that leads to the correct action but it requires feedback with a "more informed knowledge". You find its shortcomings (fallacies), which require priority overcome. You acknowledge of the ideal of knowledge the four ecological (noospheral) laws of Barry Commoner (1971).

But, unfortunately, they do not work so far. West degrades in disharmony of social pathologies of militarism and false consciousness of total fakes. West created a new kind of hatred and racism - Russophobia, which may have more tragic consequences for Europe than German Nazism. Russophobia zombies population, spurring the arms race and allows power to manipulate people with a false consciousness as robots.Deficit of harmony determines the EU disintegration. West neglects the genius conclusion of Henri Poincaré: "Harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality." Deficit of this reality and its key value ​​in the West destroys the EU and the UK, with its Brexit.

Therefore, the reason lies not in ecology, and in the absence of adequate social structure of humanity, interested in environmental and social harmony, rather militarism and false consciousness. In this regard, I am pleased to invite you to come back to our cooperation and discuss the new accents of Tetrasociology. They are focused now o­n the deep constant societal structure of the four SPHERONS employed in the 4 spheres of social production and constituting the unchanging social genome of humanity, conserving in all its historical transformations at all levels, up to including the individual. Concepts of SPHERONS meet the requirements of a global, holistic and interdisciplinary. They provide unified management of diversity at all levels and in both orders. SPHERONS cover and streamline in harmony all social diversity. They provide a "more informed knowledge", "correct thinking", "correct action" and an adequate education, which includes ecological, noospheral knowledge. The SPHERONS theory is both Sociocybernetic and Tetrasociological. It has become crucial in our time, because it reveals the eternal structure, actors and genome of social harmony as "only true objective reality." o­nly the science of harmony in our disciplines is able to bring it to an understanding of Europeans, Americans and their leaders. But this requires a common scientific understanding of the deep societal structure of SPHERONS’ harmony.

The SPHERONS’ idea received in the book "Global Peace Science" detailed theoretical substantiation (Chapter 1) and the fundamental empirical, statistical evidence (Chapter 2). Most briefly (3 pages) the SPHERONS scientific argumentation is presented in two accompanying articles in different versions (see attachment). The first thing I invite you (as well as all humanities scholars) - is to give a scientific assessment of this argumentation, similar to that formulated by the Professor Rudolf Siebert: "scientific conclusion about reality of Spherons is fundamental and logically impeccable as all its premises are logical and factual flawless: 1. Four spheres of social production (Marx and others), 2. Productive employment of people from birth to death, "autopoiesis" (Maturana and others), 3. "Societal communities" of people (Parsons and others) [3]."(See attachment).

I hope these questions interest you, and we will resume cooperation. I invite you to write about this the new joint paper o­n a new level of Sociocybernetics and Tetrasociology. Do you agree with that? Thank you for attention.

Our cooperation will be an example of the scientific dialogue between Russia and Europe, as our collaboration with prof. Siebert is an example of the intellectual dialogue between Russia and USA in the framework of civil diplomacy. This scientific mission and bridge are key importance today.
Leo Semashko



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