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Censorship, lies and suppression of freedom of speech by America

Noam Chomsky:

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US Media


Censorship, lies and suppression of freedom of speech by America

Publications o­n this topic:

1.Chossudovsky Michel (2017) Who is Behind Fake News? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images: https://globalresearch.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2cc48fb30f331d97157a65aa2&id=0f3da60d37&e=7634b2334b

2.Andre Damon and David North (2017) Googles New Search Protocol Is Restricting Access to 13 Leading Socialist, Progressive and Anti-War Web Sites:

wsws.org fell by 67 percent
alternet.org fell by 63 percent
globalresearch.ca fell by 62 percent
consortiumnews.com fell by 47 percent
socialistworker.org fell by 47 percent
mediamatters.org fell by 42 percent
commondreams.org fell by 37 percent
internationalviewpoint.org fell by 36 percent
democracynow.org fell by 36 percent
wikileaks.org fell by 30 percent
truth-out.org fell by 25 percent
counterpunch.org fell by 21 percent
theintercept.com fell by 19 percent


+ http://peacefromharmony.org fell by about 50 percent

3.Regis Tremblay. MeWe Better Than Facebook. Against American Censorship:


4. Niles Niemuth. Googles Eric Schmidt admits political censorship:


5. Jan Oberg. What makes Googles Eric Schmidt so afraid? And what should he be afraid of?


6. Michel Chossudovsky. The US-NATO led war destroys humanity: the criminal nature of US foreign policy:
7. Regis Tremblay. The Powerful American Myths And Why Americans Cannot See Through Them: http://registremblay.com/powerful-american-myths-americans-cannot-see/

8. David Stockman.

-26 Years of US-Led Wars Since the USSR Ended - We Could Have Had Peace

" ... during the past 26 years Imperial Washington has lost all memory that peace was ever possible at the end of the cold war. Today it is as feckless, misguided and bloodthirsty as were Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg, Vienna and London in August 1914."

-Degenerate Grandpa John McCain Can't Stop Fantasizing About Russian Hackers

-The Dreadful Kagan Clan -- Hillarys Warmongers In Waiting





Your favorite websites CENSORED



When will the European Union start to think for itself?  Lesson #1:  The US/Great Britain/Israel/Saudi Arabia is not your friend. 


We already have a problem with Google starting to reduce the visibility of progressive/Leftist websites -- where some of the real news is actually reported as opposed to the highly controlled mainstream media here in the US and Europe which practices "perception  management" to make sure the public doesn't interrupt the military/industrial/covert operations/research gravy train -- profits and budgets sky high by convincing the public that we have "enemies" (ha ha).


That's why you haven't heard much about the F-35 or the Pentagon's Life Extinction Program (nuclear "modernization" scheme for billions and billions of dollars over many years). 


-- R. Kotila

   Earth Federation activist


From: contact@openmedia.org
To: earthstarradio@aol.com
Sent: 6/6/2018 3:34:07 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: Your favorite websites CENSORED

OpenMedia is launching a global day of action o­n June 12 to stop the link tax and save the free and open Internet.

Dr. Roger,

URGENT: The European Union is just weeks from passing a law that would destroy the best things about the Internet as we know it.

As a result of lobbying by big corporate publishers, the European Commission is proposing to force websites to pay a tax to link to news content and use censorship machines to block uploaded content.1,2

The link tax would affect not just Europe, but every website based in or used in Europe -- which means potentially every website in the world. Websites like Reddit could be shut down virtually overnight.

OpenMedia is launching a global day of action o­n June 12 to stop the link tax and save the free and open Internet. Will you chip in to Save the Link?

The European Commission would require websites to utilize automated content-filtering technology that costs millions of dollars and thousands of manpower hours, likely decimating small o­nline businesses and startups.

The proposal also makes it impossible to opt out of charging for content, meaning that sites cant share their information for free even if they want to.3

This law is an attack o­n the free press and the open Internet. Even the author of the law admitted it is "maybe not the best idea."4 But the European Commission is bowing to pressure from corporate publishing companies that are simply trying to protect their bottom lines and outdated business models.

Remember: If this law passes, its not just Europe that will be affected. Just as the recent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) caused privacy terms to be updated for users around the world, the websites we use every day in America, Canada, Japan, and beyond will be irreparably harmed by this ludicrous law.

The link tax is a fatal threat to the free and open Internet worldwide, and we wont stand for it. OpenMedia is driving calls to MEPs across Europe and lobbying the EU Parliament directly to vote down the link tax.

Will you chip in to Save the Link and stop the European Commissions terrible link tax?


Thank you for standing with us,

Dave, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] To Axel Voss, the European Commissions plan for a link tax is not extreme enough: Julia Reda
[2] Mandatory upload filters in the EU?: Janos Pasztor
[3] Head of copyright committee wants to deny EU creators the right to share: Creative Commons
[4] To Axel Voss, the European Commissions plan for a link tax is not extreme enough: Julia Reda




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