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EU: Against US/NATO Military Bases. Democracy or Empire?

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The European Union– Democracy or Empire


Table of Contents


Introduction - The Future of Europe by Roger Cole 5

EU Militarisation by Lynn Boylan 6

Denmark has an opt out from the EU militarization by Lave Brock 8

Europe: Empire or Partnership of Democratic States? by Roger Cole 10

The EU, Brexit and Irexit The EU’s Myth of Origin by Anthony Coughlan 14

Imperialism and Colonialism in European Union Economic and Monetary Policies by Karen Devine 18

The Militarisation of the EU and the Threat to Peace by Gerry Grainger 23

Growing Involvement of Ireland in European Militarisation - NEW GOVERNMENT PROPOSAL by Seamus Healy 25

Forward to an EU Army! by Frank Keoghan 27

Europe, the EU and Russia by Ray Kinsella 32

A European Defence Budget in an Extralegal Space by Sabine Lösing 37

The new push for militarisation by Paul Murphy 40
The EU’s relationship with Apartheid Israel exposes its hypocrisy over human rights by Kevin Squires 43

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