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Ugonna Wachuku (South Africa)
Great Place: A Soulful Celebration of the Beautiful South African People. Article (En) 2005

Rene Wadlow (France)
The Light of Harmony in Western Civilization (En) 2007
World Day Against Child Labour (En) 2008
A Call. The World We Choose. The New Fire. Track II (En, Ru) May 2007
Israel-Palestine : Necessary World Efforts Prior to a US-sponsored Conference in November (En) 2007

Robert Weir (USA)
Dr. Leo Semashko: a Global Leader of Peacemaking through Harmony and Children (En, Ru) May 2007
Congratulations with Global Harmony Day. Letter (En, Ru) June, 2006
Movement for Department of Peace within the U.S. government. Letters (En, Ru) June, 2006
A People’s Campaign for Peace in the United States Article (En, Ru) September 28, 2006

Robert Weir (with co-authors) (USA)
Discussion about Competition “HERACL” Conclusions from discussion (En, Ru) October 20, 2006

Netugba Wesseh (Liberia)
Peace for Harmony (En) 2007

Cori Wielenga (with co-authors) (South Africa)
Shalom: Educating for Peace Project (En) 2008

Elie Wiesel (Norway)
1986 Nobel Peace Laureate (En) 2007

Monica Willard (USA)
World Harmony Foundation and Harmony Bell. Letter (En, Ru) June 21, 2006
September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Epistle (En, Ru) August 27, 2005
Congratulations with Global Harmony Day. Letter (En, Ru) June, 2006

David Williams (England)
To Construct a Harmonized World (En) 2007

David Williams (with co-authors) (England)
More than 65 photos about the Forum and Beijing (En, Ru) 2007

Almong Winkler (with co-authors), 13 years (Israel)
Harmony. Drawing (En, Ru)
Peace. Drawing (En, Ru)

Nitzan Winkler (with co-authors), 13 years (Israel)
Peace. Drawing (En, Ru)
Harmony. Drawing (En, Ru)

James Wolfensohn (Australia)
West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance Article (En, Ru) November 26, 2006

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