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Roger Kotila. Open Letter to Biden and Putin at the June 16, 2021 Summit


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United States preparing for war against Russia, China? It's time for a Call for No First Use!

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June 10, 2021 


Articles for this Issue:

"US Actively Prepares for War with Russia"

GET THE POINT "Life or Death"

"US plans for a nuclear first strike against China?"

"America's Decadent Militarism and the F-35 in two minutes"

"New Direction for Biden & Putin at the June 16, 2021 Summit"




US Actively Prepares for War with Russia

By Valery Kulikov


May 02, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - - " NEO"- Since the relationship between the United States and Russia has taken a turn for the worse in recent years, it is quite clear to the author that, nowadays, the US administration has been seeking confrontation with the Russian Federation, be it over politics, trade or even the construction of Nord Stream 2 (which is of no concern to the US) for the European Union (EU). And President Joe Biden is seemingly trying to achieve this aim by using fairly aggressive and ideologically divisive rhetoric as a tool.

Based o­n a number of reports published by American and Western media outlets, aside from anti-Russia propaganda, the US government has essentially begun its preparations for an invasion of Russia via the Baltic countries, the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean and regions bordering the Russian Federation to the East.  (Read more...)

According to a May 17 report in Business Insider, the US Special Operations Europe (SOCEUR) conducted its largest annual exercise in conjunction with a smaller o­ne with troops from several NATO member and partner countries. Both drills were staged at the same time to simulate a full-blown conflict with Russia ranging from the Baltic states and Scandinavia south to Ukraine and the Black Sea region. The realistic exercises were called Trojan Footprint 21 and Black Swan 21 and took place in Romania and across Eastern Europe. The article also stated that Crimea would be an ideal environment for Naval Special Warfare operations. In fact, US SEAL teams are already capable of conducting over-the-beach raids and ambushes, maritime and land special reconnaissance, and underwater special operations, such as placing sensors o­n the ocean or limpet mines o­n enemy vessels. The author of the article also opined that Russian radar installations and A2/AD (anti-access/ area denial) batteries and command-and-control systems would be a logical target for SEAL platoons. The two exercises essentially showed how conventional and special-operations units would work together in a major conflict with Russia.

According to Business Insider, the Russian military bolstered its presence in Crimea since its annexation, making it a seemingly impenetrable fortress guarding Moscows southern flank both from land and air, and making invading it quite a challenge.

At this point, it is worth reminding revenge-seekers in the United States that Crimea has been viewed as Russias stronghold for quite some time. In fact, a number of burial grounds for foreign fighters o­n the peninsula serve as a reminder of this lands bloody history. And in the past, there were no openly gay servicemen unlike nowadays in the US and its allies armies.

A May 17 article in The National Interest reported that the United States had a plan to attack Kaliningrad, which was described as a single symphony of violence to break down advanced defenses. General Jeffrey L. Harrigian, Commander of US Air Forces in Europe, said that the city and its garrison could be prime targets for multi-domain operations. Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., the Deputy Editor for Breaking Defense, clarified that there would be simultaneous attacks o­n...Read More




Fritz Pointer




"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives... I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends... and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." - John Lennon, Interview BBC-TV (June 22, 1968)

No news in my life has disturbed and angered me as much as reading the attached article US Actively Prepares for War with Russia from Information Clearing House. Add to this the DWF-News article here, The US Plans for Nuclear First Strike Against China and you get a glimpse of the danger humanity faces. Globally, people are being dominated by elites without a

moral or ethical compass whose o­nly criterion for growth is economic, and success is material accumulation, not even the health, education and well-being of their citizens or children.

We certainly cant say we havent been warned. Daniel Ellsberg warns us in The Doomsday Machine. He introduces us to the men who have coldly and with a God-like sense of righteous entitlement put in place a plan that can, o­n a whim not virtually, but literally annihilate life o­n Earth (Arundhati Roy). That is the power to destroy the future for our children and grandchildren. And there is vulgar and obscene pride in this power...Read More



US plans for nuclear first-strike against China:

Global no-first-use campaign meeting, May 26-27


Dear friends,On May 22, the New York Times published an article Risk of Nuclear War Over Taiwan in 1958 Said to Be Greater Than Publicly Known, which reports o­n the recent disclosure by Daniel Ellsberg of classified US plans for a first-use nuclear strike against China during the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1958, and its implications for the new tensions between the US and China over Taiwan.

Ellberg, who is a participant in an upcoming No-First-Use global campaign meeting(May 26-27), said that he had copied the top secret study about the Taiwan Strait crisis when he received the Pentagon Papers. 

In exposing this precedent for the present US/China tensions, Mr. Ellsberg said that inside the Pentagon, contingency planning was likely underway for the possibility of an armed conflict over Taiwan including what to do if any defense using conventional weapons appeared to be falling short.

As the possibility of another nuclear crisis over Taiwan is being bandied about this very year, it seems very timely to me to encourage the public, Congress and the executive branch to pay attention to what I make available to them, he said about what he characterized as shallow and reckless high-level discussions during the 1958 Taiwan Strait crisis. I do not believe the participants were more stupid or thoughtless than those in between or in the current cabinet.

Urgent need for adoption of no-first-use policies

Ellsberg's revelations about US first-use nuclear strike planning highlight the urgent need to establish no-first-use policies as o­ne way to end such political/military recklessness and to reduce the risks of a nuclear exchange.



"The US and Russia should renounce preemptive first-strike and launch of ICBMs o­n warning, demonstrated by eliminating land-based ICBMs." 

Daniel Ellsberg, Author, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. Co-author, The Pentagon Papers. Endorser of the Appeal for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World.




There is growing momentum in the USA globally for the establishment of no-first-use polices.

See, for example, A wind of change could move states never to initiate a nuclear war, by Carlo Trezza, former Italy Ambassador to the UN in Geneva and also participant in the upcoming NoFirstUse global campaign meeting, and Revisiting the case for no first use of nuclear weapons, by Hon Gareth Evans, a speaker at an international webinar Nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament: Is it time for no-first-use policies in the USA and globally? which was held o­n April 29 this year.

No-first-use appeals

There are also two major civil society sign-on appeals promoting no-first-use, a USA appealcalling o­n the Congress to adopt no-first-legislation and a global appealcalling o­n cities, parliaments, and governments to affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, and to support no-first-use, a timebound commitment to the elimination of nuclear weapons and shifting nuclear weapons budgets and investments to better things. 

For more information see Momentum grows for No-First-Use policies in the USA and globally.

Yours sincerely




America's Decadent Militarism and the F-35 in two minutes

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


Aside from the fact that the F-35 is the plane that can't fly right (see the 2-minute video below), it is a symbol of America's decadent militarism -- the country's love affair with its deadly War Business and its defiance of the original purpose for the United Nations to "end the scourge of war."  

The Project o­n Government Oversight (POGO) notes that the F-35 is an example of "crony capitalism" (6/3/21). It is the most expensive weapon's "program" in U.S. history, yet the F-35 cannot even house a single person of the thousands of homeless who are dying o­n American streets.  

Peaceful alternative to F-35's and the US war business

The inspiring alternative to F-35's and nuclear missiles is for America to embrace the Earth Constitution.  DWF's THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE calls for the UN General Assembly to launch a Review of the Charter under Article 109(3) and to use the Earth Constitution as its model and guide for an urgently needed "new UN." With the establishment of a world federal union, there would no longer be wars between nations. They would no longer need armies to protect themselves from each other. 

A "new UN" under the Earth Constitution would bring to the world respect for the Law. It is a little-known fact that the worst violators of international law are found among powerful bully nations such as the U.S. with its 800 foreign military bases and secret operations. Strong bully nations routinely mock the UN and international law. The arrogance runs so deep that these nations openly defy the UN's legal prohibition against nuclear weapons. A "new UN" such as designed by the Earth Constitution is an important opportunity to put an end to the current global war system which traps and endangers all nations.  

-- R. Kotila, PhD co-editor


President Democratic World Federalists



POGO has said it before and well keep saying it: The F-35 Strike Fighter aircraft has become a colossal waste of taxpayer dollarsand its not getting any better. After two decades, the most expensive weapons system in history is still not ready for combat. And now, weve made a short video breakdown of everything you need to know about the F-35.

Watch POGOs newest video o­n what you need to know about this aircraft.




POGO has said it before and well keep saying it: The F-35 Strike Fighter aircraft has become a colossal waste of taxpayer dollarsand its not getting any better. After two decades, the most expensive weapons system in history is still not ready for combat. And now, weve made a short video breakdown of everything you need to know about the F-35.

Watch POGOs newest video o­n what you need to know about this aircraft.

While Lockheed Martinthe Pentagon contractor that builds the aircraftdescribes the F-35 as having transformational capabilities that enable pilots to operate in any environment, they must have meant, the F-35 is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none that can fly in any environment except bad weather. But thats o­nly o­ne of its many disappointments. To make a long story short: the taxpayers definitely didnt get our moneys worth in the F-35.



[The following recommendations for the upcoming Summit Meeting with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden are the product of discussions among a core group of international think tanks specializing in world peace, disarmament, and a federal geopolitical system change to transform the United Nations. -- R. Kotila, Ph.D.]



New Direction for Biden & Putin at the June 16, 2021 Summit

Dear Presidents Putin & Biden:

There is an urgent need for an inspiring, new direction at the upcoming June 16, 2021, Summit Meeting -- a different path that up until now most foreign policy experts have thought to be impossible -- until attention to the UN Charter's Article 109(3) opened new possibilities and the introduction of the Earth Constitution.   

Factually US/NATO and Russia appear to be gravitating toward war either by accident or design. Tactical nuclear warfare is not out of the question. The Livermore Lab in California, for example, is suspected of working o­n first strike and tactical nuclear missiles/warheads.

The United Nations is unable to stop the emerging nuclear arms race, sidelined by its defective Charter and thus helpless when it counts the most -- a world in extreme danger if war breaks out between US/NATO and Russia.  Article 109(3) is a legal requirement for a review of the UN Charter, opening the door to establish a "new UN" and introducing the Earth Constitution.  

Under the present United Nations, global system Presidents Biden and Putin are themselves, victims, trapped by a geopolitical system which forces them to defend their country against secret operations by the Other and requires them to prepare militarily in the event of war, or a surprise, first-strike nuclear attack.

There appears to be an inexorable drift to war as each side demonizes the Other. US/NATO with its 800 foreign military bases appears to be encircling Russia and China. Instead of a peace race, an arms race is underway. Our leaders know of no other alternative. They are stuck in the old geopolitical paradigm where the final arbiter of conflict between nations is not a World Court, a democratically elected World Parliament, or the United Nations, but war. 

As reported in my lecture to the Academic Council o­n the UN System (ACUNS, 6/20) to end war and achieve complete nuclear disarmament only a democratic federal world union is realistic.  A new geopolitical system is what is required. This means a new UN Charter and a "new UN."

The needed governing structure has been drafted by the World Constitution & Parliament Association. It is the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (also known as the Earth Constitution), designed to serve as a model and guide to replace the fatally flawed UN Charter.  

Federating the 193 nations at the UN using the Earth Constitution has the capacity to resolve the underlying geopolitical system defects which even at the signing of the Charter in 1945 have prevented the UN from stopping war or eliminating nukes. The UN Charter has done some good things, but failed where it counts the most -- "ending the scourge of war."  

With a "new UN" under the Earth Constitution, there is no longer a need for national military forces or for secret agencies which breed paranoia and undermine trust.  The June 16 Summit in Geneva is an opportunity for the leaders of two superpowers to radically change paths. Calling for a "new UN" will change the current narrative from name-calling which is lethal to constructive communication and counter-productive.  

Track II Diplomacy

The intention of this OPEN LETTER is to invite Presidents Putin and Biden to take seriously the world federalist think tank proposals described herein. It is the practical alternative to having more wars, and sooner or later, suffering a nuclear nightmare.  

For world peace and humanity,

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


President, Democratic World Federalists 

San Francisco



Democratic World Federalists | PO Box 470365, San Francisco, CA 94147-0365 www.dwfed.org

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