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Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics: Humanitarian MegaScience of the Humanity Spherons

Humanitarian MegaScience (HMS) of the Humanity Spherons for its Survival and Sustainable Development in Global Peace




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Abstract. The proposed article continues, supplements and summarizes the GGHA previous collective articles and books ideas, first of all "Gandhica" (2019) [??] and "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" (2020) [??], reinforcing them with new scientific arguments. They are expressed by definitions of terminology, global laws, global statistics, axiology and democracy in the science of the humanity spherons called "spheronics".

Key words: spherons, spheronics, global laws, spheral structures, global statistics, spheral axiology, spheral democracy, global peace, globalistics.


Semashko Lev Mikhailovich,

PhD in Philosophy, RANH Professor,

Founder (2005) and Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Honorary President, Russia, St. Petersburg,

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


Prof. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, PhD,

Professor, Women University of Bengal,

Kolkata, West Bengal, India,

Email: maitreyee25@rediffmail.com,

Web: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=317


Avery John Scales,

1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,

The University of Copenhagen Professor Emeritus,

Denmark, Copenhagen,

Email: avery.john.s@gmail.com,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=672


Rudolf J. Siebert,

Professor Emeritus,

Department of Comparative Religion,

Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA,

Email: rsieb3@aol.com,

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51


Kashina Olga Nikolaevna,

PhD in Economics (statistics),

Russia, St. Petersburg,

Email: olgkash2007@rambler.ru,


Smirnov Andrey Anatolievich,

PhD in Philosophy,

Associate Professor at NovSU named after Yaroslav Wise,

Russia, Great Novgorod,

Email: borovichi2011@rambler.ru,


Varnas [spherons] are not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature –… like Newton’s law of gravitation… Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family… Nonviolence [of the varnas/spherons] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction.”

Mahatma Gandhi,1927, 1946 г.


Specificity of spheral terminology in spheronics


All the used terminology of spheronics first receives a brief definition, and then is detailed through both explanations and researches of past years, or through current arguments, structures, tables and models.

Spheronics is a fundamental humanitarian MegaScience, holistic and transdisciplinary for all socio-humanitarian scientific knowledge, cognition, consciousness and thinking, based o­n the universal global sociogenetic reality of the humanity spherons ensuring its life at all levels from the individual to the noosphere. Briefly: spheronics is an integral/holistic science of humanity spherons in all its history and at all levels. The spheronics definition is detailed by the entire article and its bibliography sources.

The term spheronics, similar to the 20th century sciences titles: genetics, cybernetics, informatics, synergetics, globalistics, geopolitics, prognostics, etc., was created to distinguish this social science from the philosophical direction of "spherology" by Sloterdijk [15; 16], with whom it is in close epistemological and methodological relations. But the term "spheronics" could be replaced by a similar term "spheronology". In our history of cognition of spherons for 45 years, several terms have changed, similar in meaning to "spheronics": "spheral approach" - 1992 [12], "tetrasociology" - 2002 [13], "global peace science of spherons" - 2016 [4], “Cyberspheronics” or “cybernetics of the third order” - 2020 [14], “tetrism-harmonism”, “spheronism” and “macrospherology” - 2021 [17], which characterizes the incompleteness of the process of adequately naming this emerging science of the MegaScience class.

Spheronics is adequate to this class and level of science, since it is holistic, mega-scale for the entire social world, transdisciplinary for all branches of its scientific knowledge and contains such a "scientific program [which] allows to go beyond modern knowledge in the field of fundamental [socio-humanitarian] sciences and opens up new opportunities in the development of technology." [Wiki] As emphasized by the Russian academician, physicist, Vice President of the Academy of Sciences Grigory Trubnikov: “MegaScience is something that has never existed in world history. It is the scale and magnet for intelligence.” [https://journonline.msu.ru/articles/note/megasayens-magnit-intellekta]The named attributes of spheronics are illustrated and argued in the article and its sources.

Spherons, which make up the object and subject of spheronics, are special, constant and universal classes/groups of people, covering the entire population from birth to death, differing not in property or professional characteristics but o­nly in employment in the social production spheres that expresses them fundamental and exclusive role as its living actors - sole motors. The employment of these groups in the production spheres makes natural to designate them with the term "spherons", similar employed in mines are designated by "miners", those employed in medicine - by "medics", those employed in transport - by “transporters”, in building – by "builders", etc. Other, similar but less adequate terms can be used as synonyms that do not reflect the fundamental difference between spherons as constant productive actors, terms: “spheral classes”, “spheral population groups”, “spheral communities”, etc. They express the historically transient contingents of people, in contrast to the term "spherons", which expresses clusters of people constantly employed in spheres throughout the human history. It is revealed below and determines the special but necessary complexity and natural difficulty of perceiving spheral terminology as a special language of the innovative science of spheronics studying spherons.

The spherons history goes back thousands of years. However, due to the extreme complexity of their non-linear nature, sociogenetic substance and thermodynamic nature, they became available to scientific understanding o­nly during the last century. o­nly in it the first, approximate, variable and unstable cloudy terminology of the production spheres, the spherons employed in them and the linguistic group of "spheral terminology" derived from them, began to take shape.

The terminology of spherons comes from the terminology of "varnas" of ancient India, which Mahatma Gandhi began to use widely and consciously. His first use of the terms "varna", "law of varnas", "order of varnas", "varnashrama", "varnadharma" and the like refer to 1927 (that is, almost 100 years ago!) In publications in his newspaper "Young India”, then reproduced in his book “My Religion”, in the original English source [2, 168-172]. Defining the four equal varnas of the ancient Indian society, which existed for more than a thousand years, he emphasizes that they are not an invention of the human mind but constitute a natural, objective law of nature and of all humanity, "similar to Newton's law of universal gravitation." Having discovered this "immutable law of the existence of society," Hindus "reached a level of spiritual development inaccessible to other peoples." [2] The ratio of varnas and spherons is investigated by us in many works [3; 4; 5; and etc.]. Here we emphasize o­nly their essential relationship: spherons have the same qualities as varnas, but varnas are limited by the ancient society of India, and spherons embrace all of humanity at all its historical stages. [4; 5; 6; 7; and etc.]


The nonlinear nature of the spherons reality and its science of spheronics


The epistemological complexity of spherons cognition is made up of unique attributive features of their objective reality, which o­nly in our time open up the possibility of its systemic and holistic scientific knowledge. They are investigated in many of our works [3; 4; 5; and others] and are most succinctly presented in a collective article devoted to their thermodynamics [8]. We will o­nly list them here.

1. Spherons belong to social objects of a nonlinear nature [9], which begin to unfold o­nly in the second half of the last century and represent society in a fundamentally new, nonlinear, post-nonclassical spectrum of cognition. “Traditional ideas about social development oversimplify social reality, and society turns out to be much more complex than it seemed until recently: it has a non-trivial o­ntological structure that includes, in addition to the real, a virtual component; in it, the processes of self-organization and chaotization are constantly replacing each other; its many objects are often fractal in nature." [9]

2. The spherons nonlinearity is largely determined by their thermodynamic attribute, stochastic, probabilistic nature of their entropy and negentropy, which is characteristic of the integral social world [8; 10].

3. Another attribute of the spherons nonlinearity is their fractality, the similarity of parts and the whole, first expressed by the law of Anaxagoras "everything in everything" and disclosed in physics, mathematics and social structures by Mandelbrot [11]. The spherons fractality of is perfectly illustrated by the matrices of their spheral indices [5] and their models below.

Model-1. Fractal nature of the noosphere/humanity spheres/spherons


4. All non-linear attributes of spherons are integrated in their cybernetic social genome - SOCIONOME. It constitutes a continuously reproducible constant structure of the eternal autopoietic reproduction of society at all levels and is presented in the corresponding structural model detailed here [3; 4; 5; and etc.].

The spherons societal features, their attributive nonlinear qualities, together with their special, holistic, harmonious and tetrametric dialectics determine the following distinctive characteristics of the spherons innovative science - spheronics: holism, integrity, transdisciplinarity, statistical character, synergy, pluralism/tetrism, harmonism of all pairs of its opposites and others. They are disclosed in many of our works, starting with our first monographs [6; 12; 13] and ending with the following [4; 14].


Infrastructure of the spheres and their spherons-actors


The key terminology of spheronics is associated with the definitions of its fundamental real foundations of the "spheres" that make up the infrastructure and "spherons" of humanity, which are the actors of these spheres.

The aggregate cluster of PEOPLE (population, nation, humanity) is divided by the equally necessary and sufficient SIOT spheres into the corresponding, EQUALLY necessary and together sufficient four SPHERONS, which differ in their final product/resource produced by them or, that is identical, in their employment in the respective spheres.

The division of people into equally necessary and sufficient spherons constitutes the normative, genetic, invariant social structure of ANY society in history at all its levels, without exception. Therefore, in the center of Model-1, any variable in the history of the planet social object, from an individual, family and settlement to a city, industry, country and humanity / noosphere as a whole, can be placed.

The general social structure of people and their regular thermodynamic distribution by spherons in the most general and holistic form is expressed by the following model.


Model-2. Social structure of people/spherons of humanity


This spherons model is detailed by the branches and sectors (social and individual) of social production in a joint structural table of spheres/spherons, expressing their inseparability as infrastructures and actors in statics. (It will be presented later based o­n 4 spheres tables.)


Fundamental qualimetric and technological tool of Spheronics: GlobStat


The global statistics (GlobStat) of all spheral necessary and sufficient social resources PIOT are detailed in many works [12; 6; 13; 5; 34 et al.], especially in “Gandhica”. Nothing-like in statistics, macrosociology, globalism, geopolitics, prognostics, sociocybernetics, etc. modernity does not know. No o­ne in the world owns such global spheral information and the methodology of its production suitable for any country and the world as a whole.

Due to the GlobStat detailed presentation in many works for more than 40 years, including about 300 spheral projects [35] from the individual, family, cities up to the UN [38], in which it so go otherwise used and developed, we limit themselves here the most common definition of its practical significance. The GlobStat extensive experience allows us to argue that it opens up a global innovative technological trend of digitalization in five key areas of MegaScience:

1. Internet-2, controlling and organizing traditional Internet,

2. Spheral artificial intelligence,

3. Mega big data,

4. Applications for smartphones

5. Harmonious spheral governance and management [5; 34; 35].

The priority development of these directions in anypremier country will provide it to prosperity, sustainable development, millions of new high-intelligent jobs and global technological leadership in them, in their spheral software as a global digitalization driver in the entire noosphere. It will become information technologies of a fundamentally new, spheral (or noospheral) class and generation of our century.

The spheral GlobStat will become the unified worldwide statistical language of universal social qualimetry, the general technology of digitalization, globalistics, geopolitics and ideology of global understanding, nonviolence and harmony of humanity, all of its peoples. It allows you to prevent and solve all the conflicts that arise. It ensures the effectiveness of noospheral prognostics allowing to calculate the long waves of Kondratyev [24] almost any dimension for any country and region. There is no such versatile technology of qualimetry, does not possess, and does not offer any of the well-known social disciplines. This technology creates an unlimited practical application of spheronics science in the future.

GlobStat will undoubtedly become the subject of acute competitive technological struggle in the near future predicted by the German philosopher Sloterdijk in the spheral morphology of new plural life spaces that displacing the traditional and exhausted monism [15; 16]. The meaning of noospheral technology is convincingly evidenced by the fact that it was actively interested in the Pentagon, whose experts [39; 37] scrupulously examine all innovations in this area abyss, naturally, in its own militaristic interests of America's domination.

There is no doubt that the world technological and intellectual leadership in the 21st century will belong to the country that the first seizure of the spheral qualimetric technology GlobStat and its spheronics science.


The Spheronics laws


Spheronics is constituted by the system of deep sociogenetic structures of the four global, necessary and sufficient spherons as the eternal actors of the social production or autopoiesis [20; 21], employed in its four spheres, because called "spherons". For noosphere, they are called "noospherons" - the highest level spherons kind of generalization. Both concepts refer to the category of categories of Parsons Societal community [22]. These global holistic structures considered in many works earlier make it possible to formulate the relevant fundamental social laws of spheronics genetic levels in the first approximation.

1. Structural law. Society is the supercomplicated nonlinear thermodynamic and holistic socio-natural system of four constant, equally necessary and together sufficient structures of social production (social autopoiesis): PIOT, PDEC, SIOT and SIOTs.

2. Functional law. The viability of society from an individual to humanity as a whole is determined by dialectical unity in the harmony of four equally necessary and sufficient structures/opposites, the 16 elements of which constitute a dynamic societal genome (SOCIONOME) of society continuously reproducible by humanity.

3. Law of social actors. The o­nly defining and productive active actor of the entire structural and functional system of social production are spherons, o­n whom all its states, parameters, quality, measures, proportions, dynamics and all its branches are depended.

4. Law of social spherons equality. Spherons are socially equal, equally necessary to each other and sufficient social production actors at all social objects, so they genetically define such substantial qualities of society at all levels as mutual love, peace, nonviolence, harmony, measure of proportion, balance and equilibrium of all resources of each spheron.

5. Law of spherons’ genesis. The turning point of the historical genesis of spherons is their mental transformation from spherons as " spherons in themselves," in conscious actors, in " spherons for themselves" based o­n mastering the scientific knowledge of spheronics and its "substantially new manner of thinking" by spheres/spherons as a result of universal education in this science and its thinking of new generations.

6. Civilization law of spherons. The spherons education in spheronics will liberate the subsequent historical genesis of humanity from all conflicts, wars, violence and confrontations, will provide prosperity and sustainable development of all the planetary peoples as the brothers of o­ne family in a new, harmonious global CIVILIZATION OF SPHERONS, implementing the long-time dream of humanity.

GlobStat ensures these laws by the instrument of accurate quantitative expression in mathematical fractal matrices of the distribution of statistical probabilities between spherons at all levels from an individual to humanity/noosphere, expressing the thermodynamic nature of their spheral integrity. The nonlinear, thermodynamic nature of spherons determines the corresponding character of their spheronics science.

It goes without saying that the proposed wording of the spheronics laws as well as the previous formulations, due to their limited verification can be considered at this science initial stage only as hypotheses, waiting for additional substantiation, experimental testing, refinement, additions and applications in practice. But at the start, it gained support for world scientists [20; 28; 34; 48, etc.].


Spherons Axiology and Democracy


Equal, the absolute social necessary of spherons for each other, the impossibility of life of each of them without products of any other makes them socially equally loved o­nes and highly desirable for each other, i.e. for society as a whole and determines their social equality everywhere and always, at the spherons genetic level. The spherons love is a special love, social, deep, spiritual at their genetic level, which can be determined by the category "societal", introduced by T. Parsons [41] for the relevant communities that we use to characterize spherons. Therefore, the societal love of spherons is the first, genetic nature and priority level the spiritual value of spherons in their system of spheral axiology, gathering the previous historical axiological systems and retaining all of them significant for spherons values, integrating them in themselves.

The key mediating value of the societal love of spherons is the truth of social thinking, knowledge and consciousness, which is provided by the science of spheronics along with its spheral technologies: educational, information, organizational and techno ecological. Societal love spherons can only be based o­n objective, scientific truth, comprehensively and reliable verified by all available means. The key role of the truth for the love and life of society is higher defined by Mahatma Gandhi: "Truth is God." o­nly in truth, people can love, live and flourish and nothing else.

Societal, true love is incompatible and eliminates all lies, falsification, deception, amoralism, double standards and hypocrisy, which make up the symptoms of deep, genetic pathology and an inevitable collapse of the social system and its organizational democratic order. If they allow and encourage this pathology of lies, the systemic causes of which they are not known scientifically, and which they are unable to overcome by their democracy as inaccessible to its level of thinking, their collapse is inevitable. Therefore, the next mediating value of the spherons love is morality, ethics of true, scientific honesty, without lies/hypocrisy and o­nly which the pathogenic democracy is heal.

The priority, the first level of systemic axiology of spherons is crowned with the highest value of the viable state and sustainable development of any social system - the global external and inner peace. A number of their values expresses the first level of systemic axiology of spherons: Love-Truth-Moral-Peace.

Similarly, in a similar structure, an axiological square of tetradic (4x4 + 1) system of 17 spherons values, topped with their happiness as a syncretic, holistic higher existential value. It is expressed by the following structural model.


Model-3. Axiological tetrary (four-dimensional) square of spherons' values.


Happiness is the highest integral value of the syncretic emotional-theoretical level of mental social and individual psychology, science, worldview, spirituality, ideology of both society and the individual. The systemic axiology of spherons were considered in many of our works [1; 2; 3; 4; and etc.].

Of all the listed values ​​of spherons, all are known to o­ne degree or another in traditional axiological systems, except for "spheronocracy". In spheronics, it is defined as the spherons democracy, in which all branches of power are divided equally between socially equal and equally necessary spherons, between their democratically elected representatives. Spheronocracy is such a democracy and its political system, which is based o­n the social equality of spherons, covering the entire population, any nation in general. It is built not o­n the basis of a partial party that won the elections, relying o­nly o­n a narrow social, class base, beyond which the entire non-working population under 18, which makes up almost 30% of it, remains, but o­n its fundamental, genetic, permanent social structure of spherons, including the entire population as a whole and reflecting the interests of society as a whole and not any of its party-class part of population. Spheronocracy inherits all the constructive achievements of traditional democracy, overcomes all its ineradicable pathologies: corruption, internal enmity, antagonism, split, confrontation, social inequality and nationalism, supplementing it with fundamental innovations of “children's suffrage, performed by parents” [42] and equal division of power between spherons.

Spheronocracy is the highest social level of development of political democracy, which evolutionarily, without violent revolutions, outgrows into it o­nly as a result of continuous and universal education of spherons, upbringing their new generations in science and the worldview of harmonious nonviolent spheronics since childhood and family. Therefore, the growth of democracy into a spheronocracy of loving and equal spherons, as well as their corresponding social transformation from spontaneous "spherons in themselves" into conscious "spherons for themselves", occurs consciously, nonviolently, according to the spheronics science. Spherons master it since childhood that requires a long period time of purposeful formation and functioning of the corresponding spheral education system. The modern generation began the process of scientific awareness of the spheronocracy, its experimental political approbation 30 years ago [43] and the preparation of spheral, harmonious education [44]. Of course, this is o­nly the beginning of this colossal socio-political process, which has affected o­nly a meager piece of virgin soil of this field. It will be presented in the GGHA new book with the name synonymous with spheronocracy: "Gandhicracy" [45].

Spheronocracy o­n the basis of societal love, truth, morality and social equality of spherons will provide exclusion from society, at all its levels, enmity, antagonism, confrontation, violence, class struggle, war and violence. It will provide a conscious, scientific, long-term construction of a harmonious nonviolent CIVILIZATION of SPHERONS of new generations with eternal vital attributes of global peace, justice, morality, prosperity and their other values. It will be an alternative, "third way" [47] of Orwell's nuclear civilization of “Animal Farm”, in which all values ​​are perverted, where "lies have become truth, war has become peace, freedom is slavery" and which hangs over the abyss of nuclear genocide. The GGHA launched the genesis of a new spherons civilization o­n the alternative capitalism/communism "third way".


Spheronics: the spherons science, its meaning and organization


The spheronics MegaScience is built during 45 years “on the shoulders of giants” of the humanity genius thinkers, accumulating in synergy their fundamental ideas that have been tested for centuries and millennia, largely still not understood, not mastered, and some even forgotten. Here is a list of the most famous of them, o­n whose shoulders spheronics stands: Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Plato, Aristotle, Copernicus, Kepler, Leibniz, Montesquieu, Kant, Smith, Marx, Danilevsky, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Poincaré, Gandhi, Einstein, Bogdanov, Vernadsky, Roerichs, Bertalanffy, Kondratyev, Wiener, Parsons, Braudel, Maturana, Luhmann, Toffler, Bourdieu and hundreds of others. The most complete, up to 1000 titles, lists of works of these and similar authors are presented in the last five books of the GGHA since 2009 [2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

Let us highlight the most important o­nes. Spheronics is based o­n the natural harmony of spherons, where harmony occupies the fundamental connecting pillar of the “only true objective reality,” according to A. Poincaré [49], which provides an equally natural, from God, eternal inner, genetic social peace. Natural harmony and the natural love, humanism and global peace of the social universe based o­n it, realized by I. Kant [50] and Mahatma Gandhi, raised to the level of fundamental science of spheronics, are alien and genetically exclude any confrontation, war, enmity, hatred and violence. They are possible o­nly temporarily, o­nly at the spontaneous stage of spherons and o­nly between some of their partons/parts due to their ignorance and selfishness in the early stages of human history [4].

Spheronics and its highest constructive technological tool GlobStat provide a practical achievement and implementation without it the unattainable values ​​of spherons, primarily of global peace. Spheronics and its GlobStat provide the key to solving almost any social, global and national problems, since they provide Einstein's "substantially new manner of thinking" by holistic spheres/spherons, which is not able to offer traditional partial, branch and torn thinking, devoid of integrity. Therefore, regarding the "substantially new thinking" of spheronics, o­ne can repeat the well-known prophetic words of V. Vernadsky, who raised thinking to the holistic level of the noosphere, adequate to its spheres and spherons: it is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium" [52].

The particular importance and significance of the integral social science of spheronics raises the question of the need to create a special scientific structure: an academy, an institute, or a laboratory (to begin with) for systematic research of the spherons reality and the development of their innovative MegaScience of spheronics. o­nly spheronics, consolidated developed in the corresponding academy, is able to overcome and resolve, as shown in the GGHA works, the "civilizational crisis of the absence of a scientifically grounded theory of the social sustainable development", "the theory of preserving earthly civilization" and ensure the achievement of this highest "humanity goal recognized as the criterion of the truth of all social knowledge". It is proclaimed in the "Manifesto of Vernadsky-Dmitriev" [53].


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In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=812

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=763



In process



Humanitarian MegaScience of the Humanity Spherons


Dear GGHA members, friends,

We are happy to congratulate you o­n September 1, the Knowledge Day and wish you and your children success in mastering the new, breakthrough, saving and unprecedented knowledge that constitutes the Copernican Revolution of the 21st century.

This knowledge was created by the GGHA for 16 years of its difficult scientific searches and unique statistical researches. In the attachment, I am glad to send you a draft of a new article as an addition and continuation of the previous 30 co-authors, entitled: "Spheronics: Humanitarian MegaScience (HMS) of the Humanity Spherons for its Survival and Sustainable Development in Global Peace", which is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1008 and which GGHA members, co-authors of our books, projects and articles could use in their works, naturally with reference to them. All the ideas in them are our common, unprecedented intellectual achievement over the past 16 years.

This article summarizes and develops our achievements in the development of a new, Copernican science of spherons - "SPHERONICS". Humanity has not created anything like this in 75 years after Mahatma Gandhi. This science and its unprecedented global statistical highly intelligent technology GlobStat ensure the non-violent achievement of global peace and the salvation of humanity from 100% prepared militaristic nuclear suicide. Humanity in the 21st century has no other choice to survive from the collapse of the militaristic world order (its last obvious example and symptom is Afghanistan, like all previous wars of the West) if it wants to survive. There is NO other way of humanity salvation and survival except the Gandhian Spheronics.

Therefore, in the coming years, intense international competition for mastering spheronics and its GlobStat technology is inevitable. Our, true, honest, courageous and responsible peacemakers, the primary task is to prevent this science and technology from falling into the hands of militarists and not being used against humanity, as happened with atomic science and technology. Our article forces you not o­nly to think about it, but also to start practical actions. The first of them, each independently, in 2 hours, make sure of the objective truth of the spherons and remove all doubts about them in their own statistical study of the spherons of their country, city, university, etc. o­nly in this way you will be able to comprehend the unprecedented truth of Mahatma Gandhi that the law of varnas/spherons, similar to Newton's law of universal gravitation, is “the greatest force of human nonviolence, more powerful than the most powerful nuclear weapon of destruction”! For 75 years after Gandhi, o­nly we, the GHA and NOBODY ELSE, were able to understand, prove, verify by world statistics and express this "greatest force" in the Megascience of Spheronics, in the science of spherons. This year becomes a turning point in the awareness and mastery of this science, in the Gandhian World Enlightenment, which we launched in the 80th project at the beginning of this year: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=987

Since October, I have completely immersed myself in the laboratory of programmers and statisticians GlobStat in St. Petersburg and completely devote myself to the practical implementation of this technology in order to provide Russia with world priority in it. But I am ready to help all GGHA members in any country in the world if they create a similar laboratory for the world leadership of their country. I invite all thinking, responsible and practically capable humanitarians and peacemakers to join this scientific, harmonious Copernican competition, in which global peace will be a victory. There is no other way to win it, like the survival of humanity. “Smart is enough,” as the ancient Romans used to say…

My wife and I will return from vacation o­n September 14 (we are leaving tomorrow morning and have no time for anything) and I will send a new article in full.

Best wishes for your health and global peace from the spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,




Hi Leo,

Your theory is the most organized and systematic theory around harmony.

Congratulations and good travel.

Lic. María Cristina Azcona,





All the best, dear Leo , dear all,

Today, in many countries of the northern hemisphere, children will initiate a new scholar period in the present new era of knowledge appear this Copernican Revolution of the 21st century, that Leo Semashko,is greatly, presenting in this mail.

We are living a historical period in which commitment and education for tolerance are needed to save the positive aspects of civilization and work for social progress in freedom, care for the ecology, peace and harmony.

Today many intellectuals of the world offer our determination to work with our hearts for a more humane and just world, less violent and healthier and for the protection of the environment. A job that is a struggle for tolerance, harmony and universal peace. In other words, for the dignity of man.

Without peace, there will be no life

Without harmony, there will be no peace

Without tolerance, there will be no harmony

Without a culture of peace, there will be no tolerance

Without a humanistic culture, there will be no culture of peace

Without education, there will be no humanistic culture of peace

Without democracy, there will be no education

Without education, there will be dependence, war and pain

The end of life!

Fascist terror is the ultimate expression of intolerance in our complex society composed of different ethnic, religious, racial and culture... groups. We must defend this diversity with great tolerance, because without tolerance there will be no global agreement based o­n harmony. If there will be no a global agreement based o­n harmony there will be no global peace.If there will be no global peace including nuclear and all arms disarmament, there will be no survival o­n Earth.






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