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  The Promise Club    is the next stage of    One Mind o­ne Voice started by myself,  Kerry Bowden a Granma from Australia. The Promise Club now has a wonderful  International Board  of like minded people all working to help me keep my promise to Caitlin - A promise to work the rest of my life to make it a better world for Caitlin by the year 2015 and to achieve this promise I must world to make it a better world for all children otherwise it won't be a better world for Caitlin.


If you would like to start by reading    First Promise   and then maybe read   Once upon a time....   


Like my last five year journey of learning. I hope your journey through this website, will be o­ne of inspiration and self discovery for both the earthling adults and the children of the world who are after all the reason we are all doing this.



If that doesn't work maybe you should take the time to read the words of the    One Mind o­ne Voice poem   is our mission statement, guide and clues for fixing the world, so it has a very important role to play over the next ten years.


All I can say is Welcome, please consider     making a Promise    and giving it to us, so the children of the world know, that the adults earthlings do all want a better world for them and we are willing to become an     Actionist    to achieve it.


What is an    Actionist    you might ask? Read our new Alphabet to find out or follow the links and discover for yourself.


Keep returning to The Promise Club as this site is always evolving and will always be filled with so much love, joy, peace, action and fun and even a    Huggy    just for you. You will I am sure discover something new each time you visit. From   this being, that becomes....



Kerry Bowden


January 24, 2006


One Mind o­ne Voice - The Wailing. Appeal to Women’s Solidarity.


Are you a woman who would like to be part of a very powerful world event aimed at showing solidity to mothers around the world? Mothers who's children are dying everyday from mankind's inhumanity?


If so then


Let The Wailing Begin ...




All I ask after you have read what The Wailing I will start o­n the 8th March 2006; in Sydney Australia o­n International Women's Day is all about.


Can you please let every woman you know about The Wailing event. Or simply forward this message o­n so it reaches women in all parts of the world.

Love and hugs

Granma Kerry Bowden


PS: Yes of course caring men are invited to be part of this event, as is everyone regardless of age, gender, faith, country or culture, who wish to be part of the Wailing. Granma Kerry knows it will take ALL OF US TOGETHER to make it a better world for all children by the year 2015.



January 26, 2006.

Dear Kerry!


I admire with your powerful appeal to women’s solidarity and to the Wailing about children, who ‘are dying everyday from mankind's inhumanity’, that this Wailing has made our world better for all children of the world! I have translated your appeal to Russian and I shall send it to all our site co-authors. I also shall publish o­n it your appeal under the title "The Walling of o­ne Mind o­ne Vote. Appeal to Women’s Solidarity" in the Russian and English languages.


The Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World", begun o­n our site, transfers your powerful emotional appeal in a channel of the constructive civil and political actions for long-term perspective. Mankind can create harmony for children and put the end of its inhumanity to children o­nly then, when it will make children by the priority. o­nly appropriate Global Movement can make it really. I hope you join to this Movement also as it joins to your Wailing and supports you by all possible ways. The pledge of our general success consists in our solidarity for the sake of the children’s priority in the world. I and my wife Lucy are completely solidary with your Wiling action and we shall do the utmost for its support.

Best harmony wishes to you and children,

Leo Semashko


My promise to my grandchildren and children of the world


I am Leo Semashko, doctor of philosophy and sociologist, grandfather of two grandsons, founder and President of the Children's Foundation in St.-Petersburg, Russia (1990-1998), founder and Director (2005) of the International Website "A New Culture of Peace from Harmony and Children’s Priority" (www.peacefromharmony.org ) PROMISE my grandsons and children of the world, which will live in a mature information society, TO CREATE:


1. The philosophical theory of social harmony for a mature information society, which will be build o­n the children's priority preventing wars, terror, poverty and humiliations. This society will exclude from life of our children and grandchildren the basic social disasters and will ensure for him the harmonious order both in public, and in personal life. (This theory is called "tetrasociology". I work above it since 1975).


2. The New Global Movement "Making children a priority in the world ", the beginning to which was put o­n our Website "A New Culture of Peace from Harmony and Children’s Priority" by the letters of the responsible parents and grandparents from the different countries of the world: Australia, USA, Russia, England, Israel and others..


3. The Law "Children’s Suffrage Executed by Parents and Guardians", which will supply the children's priority (first of all a priority for budget financing of the children’s sphere including family, education, health and other aspects of childhood) in the countries of the world at the appropriate cultural modification of this law.


4. The computer program for harmonious development of children 10-18 years, which will arm each child the information tool for independent understanding, choice and planning of an own (individual) way for harmonious growth.

I understand that these dreams can become a reality o­nly then, when they will unit together many activists. Therefore I invite to cooperate of all interested people. My address for communication is: semashko4444@mail.admiral.ru


December 5, 2005.






A poem-plea by Francisco Gomes de Matos,

an applied peace linguist from Recife, Brazil


Human promises are easy to make

When they are just simple declarations

Our promises are so easy to break

When there is no fruit of expectation

Promises for children when we make

Are they filled withlove andjoy ?

Do they keepus wiselyawake

For the world is not alwaysa toy ?

A better world for children can be realized

Ifour promises areplantedwith Peace

Thenglobal harmony can be perennized

And children´shappinesswill never cease!


Note: I have exercised my linguistic right to create the verb form"perennize" (cf. perennial, in

English). I felt the need for such verb, to bothrhyme and express my feeling



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