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Leo Semashko and GGHA. Russias Historical Initiative: Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race in the 21st century since 2022


The USA drug addicted to war: it has been at war during 229 out of its 246 calendar years of existence as of 2022. It is 93% of its history: https://washingtonsblog.com/how-many-years-has-the-u-s-been-at-war/


The West Deep State: Fourth Reich (FR)

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= = = (WWIII) = XXI , 2022.

West = FR Nazism = Ukraine = WWIII = Humanity death formula in the 21st century, since 2022.

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The humanity life/survival formula: Gandhian Spherons Megascience and its Global Peace Strategy, below.



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Humanity Road Map to Survive in the 21st century:

Spherons Equality Structure > Spherons MegaScience (Truth-based Worldview) > Spherons Education > Spherons Democracy > Spherons Economy > Spherons Global Peace and Prosperity of all nations.


More details about the global Fourth Reich:









The West and Nazism are of the same totalitarian essence, moved by the same lethal spirit hovering over the primordial moral void, from which all contemporary ills have come into being.

Hannah Arendt is said to have believed Evil comes from a failure to think [] It defies thought.


Višeslav Simić, Ph.D.

Professor of Geopolitics

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Spiritual Culture for Harmonious Civilization

Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Citizens of Earth!

Unite in the spherons harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA is an international peacemaking anti-fascist volunteer NGO.

It unites more 600 members in 55 countries and more than o­ne million collective members.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the substantially new" (Einstein) spheral,
 holistic and fractal tetranet thinking base of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM) or briefly Spheronics
through universal harmonious spherons education:




Global Peace Strategy 2022.

Peace o­n the Joint MegaScience Base Instead of War

On the Confrontational Fake Propaganda.

Russia's Initiative: First Step.

The GGHA 81st Project.

Its brief theoretical summary is here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1041

Global Peace Strategy 2022:

"Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race".

Russian Initiative: its Start in the 21st century.


The GGHA 81st project

Started: Dec 12, 2021

Approved by the GGHA: January 10, 2022

DEDICATED to the Peacemaking GGHA 17th Anniversary February 15, 2022

It will be sent by competence for:

1. Governments of 30 NATO countries and Russia,

2. 196 national UNGA missions,

3. UNESCO, Social and Human Sciences Sector,

Called to "bring peace into the minds of men and women",

4. Peacemaking and scientific NGOs of the world civil society.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=935


The GGHA Project Coauthors:


          The Global Peace Strategy (GPS), expressed by the Martin Luther King Jr. ingenious words "Shift the arms race into a peace race" is scientifically regenerated, theoretically substantiated and empirically/statistically verified in GGHA for 17 years.It was done in the innovative holistic MegaScience of the spherons global peace, spheronics, in all its 11 peacemaking books below, all coauthors of which made a mortgage contribution to its understanding and definition. Therefore, they are included in this project coauthors, naturally, with an inalienable right to get out of it for any reason anytime. The global peace and its strategy are holistic phenomena, covering all social aspects without exception, because any of them can become their stumbling block, so they require a fundamentally new, non-partial, branch, traditional, but holistic, spheral, innovative, "substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) created in GGHA. Therefore, all coauthors of the GGSG books were invited to the new project.

- 27 coauthors from 12 countries in 12 languages: Harmonious Era Calendar, 2006: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=190

- 43 coauthors from 16 countries in seven languages: Magna Carta of Harmony, 2007: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3

- 64 coauthors from 20 countries in two languages: World Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious Education, 2008: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277

- 120 coauthors from 34 countries in two languages. Harmonious Civilization, 2009: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379

- 15 coauthors from 10 countries in two languages: Kazakhstan - Harmonism Strategy for the 21st century, 2010: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=445

- 15 coauthors from 10 countries in two languages: Russia, Forward, towards Harmonious Civilization, 2010:GHA co-authors. St. Petersburg, LITA, 30 pages, in Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=435

- 76 coauthors from 26 countries in two languages: The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking, 2012: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478

- 88 coauthors from 30 countries in Russian language: Global Peace Science of Spherons, 2015: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606

- 174 coauthors from 34 countries in two languages: "Global Peace Science of Spherons", 2016: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

- 82 coauthors from 25 countries in four languages: Mahatma Gandhi. Nonviolence Starting Point. Spherons Genetics and Statistics. GANDHICA", 2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

- 46 coauthors from 26 countries in two languages: "Anti-Nuclear Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto: The Noosphere Third Way XXI", 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

         - TOTAL: 750 coauthors of the GGHA 11 books during 17 years of its peacemaking scientific work in the theoretical paradigm of holistic transdisciplinary spheronics MegaScience of the Gandhian spherons, not counting hundreds of coauthors of 80 GGHA peacemaking projects for the same historical period, listed here: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472

          During two weeks of the project discussion, none of its 750 coauthors refused to participate in it for any reason, although this can be done at any time, as well as any peace volunteer can join to it.



President of India 2002-2007, Abdul Kalam



Nobel Peace Prize Laureates:

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Laureate, 1976, Northern Ireland,

John Avery, Nobel Laureate, 1995, Denmark,

Adolfo Esquivel, Nobel Laureate, 1980, Argentina,

Ernesto Kahan, Vice President of IPPNW, NGO Nobel Laureate, 1985, Israel,

Beatrice Fihn, E/Director of ICAN, NGO Nobel Laureate 2017, Sweden.


Leaders of peacemaking NGOs:

Leo Semashko, GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President, Russia,

Andrey Smirnov, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Olga Kashina, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Svetlana Vetrova, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Vera Popovich, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Nina Novikova, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Irina Medvedeva, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Hasina Parvin, GGHA President, India,

Ashok Chakravarthy, GGHA Vice President, India,

Pravat Dhal, GGHA Vice President, India,

Maitreyee Roy, GGHA Vice President, India,

Rudolf Siebert, GGHA Vice President, USA,

Ayo Amale, GGHA Vice President, Nigeria,

Guy Crequie, GGHA Vice President, France,

Steve Amoah, GGHA Vice President, Ghana,

Heli Habyarimana, GGHA Vice President, Rwanda,

Delasnieve Daspet, GGHA Vice President, Brazil,

Noor Larik, GGHA Vice President, Pakistan,

Adam Greenwell, GGHA Vice President, New Zealand,

Bishnu Pathak, GGHA Vice President, Nepal,

Maria Cristina Ascona, GGHA Vice President, WPO President, Argentina,

Bruce Cook, WPO Vice President, USA,

Vladislav Krasnov, F/President of RAGA, Russian-American Goodwill Association, USA,

Michael Ellis, GGHA Vice President, Australia,

Dimitris P. Kraniotis, GGHA Vice President, Medical Doctor and Poet, Greece,

Roger Kotila. President. World Parliament. USA

And many others, see their personal pages o­n the GGHA website:


And also:

Don Hank, MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA,


Diego Lucio Rapoport, physicist, Argentina,

Panayotis Karafotias, peacemaker, Greece,

Peter Mousaferiadis, composer, conductor, Cultural Infusion CEO, Australia,


Russell Bentley, writer and video reporter, USA, Russia, DPR,


Bruce Gagnon. Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA,


Matthew Spellberg. President. New Age Peace Foundation, USA,


Matt Meyer, Secretary General of IPRA, International Peace Research Association, USA,


      We additionally invite prominent scientists who are able to make an important contribution to the strategic peacemaking project of the world civil society:

Sergey Glazyev, Eminent Economist, Academician, Russia,


Vladimir Patrushev, Academician, Russia,

Alexander Orlov, Professor, Russia,

Alexander Chumakov, professor, Russia,

Sergey Melnikov, Professor, Russia,

Vladimir Kozlovsky, Professor, Russia,

Nikita Ravochkin, Associate Professor, Russia,

Anantha Duraiappah, Professor, India,

Lozan Stoimenov, Professor, Bulgaria,

Bernard Scott, Professor, Britain,

William Engdahl, Professor, Germany,

Paul Craig Roberts, Professor, USA,

Noam Chomsky, Professor, USA,

John Whitehead, Professor, USA,

Michael Brenner, Professor, USA,

Dennis Kucinich, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1997 2013,

Joe Lombardo, UNAC Coordinator, USA

Bahman Azad, Exec. Secretary, US Peace Council,

Christopher Black, Professor, Canada,

Michel Chossudovsky, Professor, Canada,

And others who wish to participate in this strategic peacemaking project.


1. The Banner Description and the Project onclusion


          The approved "Global Peace Strategy 2022" project is holistically presented in a single structural banner, revealing the key characteristics, origins and actors of the arms race and the peace race for their clarity and conciseness. This form is an undoubted advantage of the "Strategy" for its wide dissemination and discussion in the global civil society.

          The upper segments of this banner contain its holistic definition based o­n the fundamental peacemaking transdisciplinary MegaScience of spheronics. Its holistic, transdisciplinary nature, which principally distinguishes it from all traditional, partial and disciplinary socio-humanitarian sciences, is expressed by the special term "MegaScience" and is explained below. It was created in the GGHA over 17 years (not counting the almost 30-year preparatory period) "on the peace giants shoulders" for almost 300 years from Immanuel Kant to Martin Luther King. His brilliant phrase shift the arms race into a peace race was chosen as the best, essential definition of the Global Peace Strategy 2022 for world civil society and humanity as a whole in the 21st century.

          The banner following segments illustrate the deadly arms race and the ideological, propagandistic confrontation that fuels it over the past century, which brought humanity to the very "nuclear catastrophe abyss edge" in the words of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Russia's peace initiative to guarantee national security and global peace has become a turning point from an arms race to a peace race launched for the first time in history. It proves an imbalance in the structure of world security when it is built by some nuclear powers, the USA/NATO, o­n the threshold/border of another nuclear power, Russia, which inevitably leads to their clash in nuclear war that will be disastrous for all parties. This security imbalance has forced Russia into the o­nly possible strategic peace initiative of "no eastward expansion of NATO", excluding a nuclear clash. The leaders of China and India supported it. It is represented in two applications that launch the peace race as a "second, peacemaking front" against the dominant since 1945 deadly trend of endless militaristic aggressions, wars, violence and arms race. The "Global Peace Strategy 2022" project includes the entire Russia's initiative agenda as its starting beginning and the first step, giving it a fundamental scientific substantiation and systemic strategic expansion into our age.

          The Project Conclusion. The Russian peacemaking initiative, as the project first step, strictly limiting the arms race and the aggressive expansion of the ​​nuclear weapons area to an inevitable tragic collision of the two largest nuclear powers with 96% of the nuclear arsenal, which can hundred times to destroy life o­n the planet, of course, deserves full support of the world civil societyand all true peace organizations and peacemakers wishing to preserve the human civilization and the biosphere o­n the planet Earth.

          This project is open to support participate in it all peace organizations and peacemakers through its coauthors listed above.

          The Russian initiatives are already receiving wide international support for citizens of different countries, as evidenced by the first responses, for example, in the famous US newspaper:

The Washington Post. December 18. Responses to the Russian initiative.

Washington is creating a very dangerous situation. If the US and NATO are drawn into any conflict in this region, it will quickly escalate into a full-scale war and a nuclear holocaust.

The Russian proposal for mutual security guarantees in Europe demonstrates who really wants peace. The US has created tensions and wants them. Such tensions are fueling the American military-industrial complex, which is an important part of the US economy. Joe Lombardo

          They are supplemented and expanded by many responses in our project history, published below and o­n its pages, the addresses of which are indicated above.

          The GGHA solidary acclaiming our strategic peacemaking project, resulting the fruits of its 17 years joint scientific quests, was brilliantly expressed by our famous Indian poet, collaborating with the GGHA from its inception, Dr. Lit. Ashok Chakravarthy in his poem published below and o­n his personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=286.



2. "On the peace giants shoulders"

what kind of its holistic MegaScience is being built?


"The truth is found when men are free to pursue it"

Franklin Roosevelt


         Unlike partial military science, which is narrowly disciplinary in the traditional limited way of thinking, the spherons global peace science (SGPS) - spheronics, can o­nly be holistic, transdisciplinary, covering all segments of society without exception, each of which can become an obstacle to peace and a source of war. All segments and qualities of society, good or bad, are created by the historical parts of spherons, which always produce society as a whole in all its variety of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the SGPS, as the science of precisely holistic spherons, covering all populations from birth to death, constitutes the science of a fundamentally innovative cognitive cluster of MegaScience, which is holistic and transdisciplinary, covering all branches of human knowledge.

          The ultimate cognitive complexity of holistic MegaScience is explained in the 2016 GGHA book and more briefly in the article (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019). Its identical abbreviation becomes SGPM, which is used everywhere below. SGPM has a fundamentally innovative, holistic way of thinking, which Albert Einstein defined more than 70 years ago as "a substantially new manner of thinking." The substance of this thinking is the holistic categories of the spherons family. From Einstein's point of view, o­nly similar way of thinking, the o­nly o­ne, is cognitively capable to solve all those problems that are created by the traditional, partial thinking, which, as Einstein emphasized, are unsolvable for it, at its level.

          The insolubility of global problems created by the partial, traditional thinking of the hundreds of disrupted, narrow disciplinary sciences determines the fundamental crisis of the entire traditional world social science as a whole. It is insurmountable in the traditional paradigm of disciplinary thinking. This crisis found a deep analysis in the book of academician Sergei Glazyev Beyond Horizon of the History End. M. 2021 (in Russian), who concludes it with a fundamental verdict: Modern social science is in a deep crisis, being unable to either explain the current events or foresee their future course (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=926, p. 13). The general crisis of socio-humanitarian knowledge finds a holistic solution only in the SGPM paradigm of integral, transdisciplinary thinking, which synthesizes holistic approaches like the innovative economic theory of Glazyev and others to solve global problems of peacemaking, climate, demography, cyber technologies, pandemics, etc.

          The first such holistic problem in their cluster, unsolvable in millennia, is the global peace problem. It is epistemologically resolved o­nly in similar MegaScience, which is built on the peace giants shoulders, o­n their ingenious intuitive guesses of the holistic harmonious nature of global peace and the associated cognitive guesses of an integral, substantially new manner of thinking. Therefore, almost all these peace giants for the last three centuries are included in the SGPM as its historical founders, without whom it could not have been created and without which there cannot be its deep scientific and historical understanding in our century.

          The GGHA SGPM was built o­n the synergistic synthesis of dozens of similar ingenious intuitions of the past, starting with Numa Pompilius, the second Roman king, who ensured lasting peace for the warlike Roman ethnic groups during 43 years of his reign almost 3 thousand years ago. Most of these intuitions have found scientific analysis and evaluation in 11 books and 80 peace projects of the GGHA over 17 years, especially in the fundamental book "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (2016), mentioned above.

          Our SGPM banner is limited to o­nly 10, the most prominent "peace giants" and their great intuitive peacemaking achievements over the past three centuries, starting with Immanuel Kant, briefly reproduced below. They provide an unshakable historical foundation for the SGPM and its "Global Peace Strategy: Shifting the Arms Race into a Peace Race" in a whole, so that it is clear to everyone that it is not a groundless fantasy of the GGHA but a natural consequence of the humanity previous history of the knowledge. Let us briefly recall these epistemological achievements as stages of approach to the modern scientific peace strategy and as the historical steps of its substantiation.

          Immanuel Kant for the first time philosophically realized the peaceful nature of human and society. Based o­n the conclusion of Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) about the "windowless monads" pre-established Divine harmony as the highest source of social peace, Immanuel Kant expanded it to social nature as a whole. He identified the source and guarantor of the "eternal [global] peace" of society in the harmony of the people social nature, in harmony between people according to the harmonious fundamental structure of "human inclinations", needs and abilities, which (device, structure), in his opinion, excludes any reasonable the accusation in "the chimerical nature of eternal peace." These ideas of Kant are fully included and scientifically substantiated in the SGPM.

          Benjamin Rush, o­ne of the "Founding Fathers of the United States" (signer of the Independence Declaration), familiar with the ideas of Leibniz and Kant, MD, Chief Physician of the American army during the War of Independence, philosopher, educator, psychiatrist, public and political figure. He advocated the harmony of science with religion, the education of women, and the creation of a "Department of Peace" in the American government as a counterbalance to the "Department of War" and to ensure eternal peace. He wrote an essay titled A plan of a Peace-Office for the United States. Rush called for equal footing with the Department of War and pointed out the effect of doing so for the welfare of the United States in promoting and preserving perpetual peace in the United States. First published in a 1793. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Department_of_Peace).However, the US Congress constantly has rejected this department (below). The creation of governmental "Peace Department" as an essential political tool for peace remains as relevant as it was 230 years ago in the great peace initiative of Benjamin Rush recognized and scientifically substantiated in the SGPM.

          Fyodor Dostoevsky, the greatest Russian writer, philosopher and thinker, for the first time clearly realized and clearly expressed more than 140 years ago the historical civilizational mission of Russia as a leader in reconciliation of all peoples in fraternal harmony of the great harmony of the Gospel law. It is included and scientifically substantiated in the SGPM (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1021).

          Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest humanist, thinker and peacemaker in the humanity history, to who owns the key, turning in the history scientific peacemaking discovery in 1927 of the "Newtonian law of Varnas/spherons". This law constitutes the sociogenetic, absolutely necessary foundation of the peacemaking, harmonious nature of man and society, which determines the highest, universal actors of eternal peace - spherons, covering the entire population from birth to death. Global peace is possible o­nly based o­n the Gandhian spherons social harmony and o­n nothing else. Therefore, this law is an immutable law of the "Global Peace Strategy 2022" in the turn from an arms race to a peace race. He found a complete scientific, historical, philosophical and empirical justification, as well as a universal, accessible to every literate person verification in the GGHA for 17 years, in his books and projects. It has become an irrefutable pivot, an unsurpassed scientific advantage and the theoretical core of the SGPM, which is briefly expressed in a short review article (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019).

Helena Roerich, the great female Russian thinker, who defined the key role of women in global peacemaking, capable of stopping the insane "mutual destruction of peoples." She demanded gender equality and women's leadership (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815).

          Albert Einstein, a brilliant scientist and peacemaker, whose ideas were decades ahead of his time, like all other "peace giants." He clearly and unequivocally proved that "peace is not achieved by violence" and war, that "it can o­nly be achieved through understanding", i.e. through science and nothing else. All the world militarists, like the USA/NATO, are trying to achieve PEACE BY FORCE and excluding ANY SCIENTIFIC understanding of peace during 76 years after Einsteins peacemaking maxim stubbornly reject both parts of it. He was the first in history to own an unprecedented epistemological discovery: no "the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Therefore, for their solution it is required to find "a substantially new [holistic] manner of thinking [by spherons]" that was created, justified and verified in SGPM during 17 years in the GGHA. This substantially new holistic MegaScience of spherons has absorbed as its cognitive laws all the past peacemaking achievements, especially Einstein and Gandhi, which are used in all the GGHA books and projects, including the Global Peace Strategy 2022, without which it is lifeless. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585)

Nelson Mandela entered the history of global peacemaking by the fact that he, being the President of South Africa, which developed nuclear weapons, officially abandoned its production, testing and further scientific research in 1994 that became the highest moral example of Gandhian nonviolence for all world militarists, especially for the nuclear powers leaders continuing the genocidal nuclear arms race. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908)

          Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian writer of the Soviet era, clearly realized the "ugliness of the Marxism-Leninism ideology" as a militaristic ideology aimed at the violent, military achievement of its world totalitarian domination, which is expressed by its hammer/sickle symbol over the entire globe. The incompatibility of global peace with the antagonistic classes eternal war that forms the core of Marxism excludes any possibility of creating the SGPM o­n its basis. Marxism is not a science and cannot be the peace science basis, both in its class partiality and in its violent, militaristic nature, which follows from it and is incompatible with peace. Marxist militarism is no better than capitalist militarism. The Marxist ideology nullified all official, propagandistic "peace" initiatives and suppressed the true peacemaking, Orthodox civilizational mission of Russia. It disfigured and perverted this great mission by massive violence against its people, the destruction of churches and clergy, total censorship, the suppression of any dissent and any human rights and freedoms, keeping the country in poverty and backwardness. (Krasnov V. Solzhenitsyn and Dostoevsky. 1979. 2012: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=697)

          Andrei Sakharov, the great Russian physicist and public figure, formulated the peacemaking concept and the Constitution of the "convergence" for the socio-economic advantages of two antagonistic world systems: capitalism and socialism. The idea of ​​convergence of their advantages in the Third Way model, widely developed in the world and in the GGHA, found scientific justification in the SGPM and entered it as its integral part. It is methodologically used in all books and projects of the GGHA, especially in detail in Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" as a general socio-economic model of "shift from the arms race to a peace race" and nuclear disarmament in the first.

          The fundamental justification for the convergence of the capitalism and socialism advantage in the "Third Way" was received in the innovative economic theory of Sergei Glazyev. He proved that the economic practice of recent decades confirmed "the inadmissibility of absolutization of either the market or the state", demonstrated the highest efficiency of "mixed forms of ownership ... based o­n finding a reasonable balance between private and state interests" in their sectors harmony within "proportion of the golden section" (Ibid, pp. 22-24). A holistic sociological scientific rationale their harmony and proportion are found in the SGPM and in its global matrix statistical digitalization technology. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019). Due to the methodological proximity and target identity of the MGPS and Glazyev's economic theory, they are considered hereinafter as a single, inseparable model and an integral strategic paradigm of Russia's civilizational leadership.  

          Martin Luther King Jr., a brilliant thinker and passionate peacemaker, the author of a large-scale and long-term strategy of global peace for centuries, as shift the arms race into a peace race, which found a fundamental scientific justification in the SGPM in a synergistic synthesis with all other peacemaking achievements of the "peace giants". He also owns a crystal definition of the militaristic essence of the American state as "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world", which spans the entire history of the United States, from its inception to the present day.

           Of course, brief qualifications of the great peacemaking achievements of the peace giants, o­n whose shoulders the SGPM was built, do not exhaust all their spiritual wealth included in this peace MegaScience, but give a general vision of ​​its historical pillars in their systemic fundamental innovation paradigm. These achievements, which constitute the SGPM fundaments, have been confirmed by centuries of historical practice, so the SGPM is irrefutable in them. Therefore, not a single scientist, not a single institute or academy is able to refute the SGPM built o­n their foundation. The listed pillars do not exhaust the entire system of the SGPM foundations, which cover not o­nly the named o­nes that are directly related to peacemaking but also many others that are indirectly related to it, allocated from other indisputable sources: from cybernetics, informatics, computer science, mathematics, statistics and the like, which are not considered in this project.

          We emphasize that none of the listed peacemaking achievements has found worthy recognition and scientific development in the modern world order of a militaristic civilization, in any adequate academic systematic research maybe for some partial researches remaining unknown to our coauthors. Therefore, all mentioned peace achievements remain marginal and forgotten by any militarism and any of its institutions. Moreover, as clearly contrary to militarism, they are subjected to constant censorship, restriction, suppression and falsification, as was done most strongly with the ideas of Mahatma Gandhis spherons, forgotten so far. o­nly SGPM has appreciated and recognized their highest peacemaking significance, integrating them in the own single holistic peacemaking structure, putting them to the service of the Global Peace Strategy 2022, which will inevitably win in our century that is reflected in its banner.


The arms race, aggressions, wars and violence motor and leader

Only irrefutable facts


         1. The USA entire history in 246 years, by 93% - 229 years is a military, constantly subordinate aggressive militarist foreign policy, proof: How Many Years Has the U.S. Been at War? The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 17 Years Total Since Its Birth. It has been at war during 229 out of its 246 calendar years of existence as of 2022.It is 93% of its history: https://washingtonsblog.com/how-many-years-has-the-u-s-been-at-war/




          2. The proof of US militarism and the militarist nature of American democracy is the historical fact that the US Congress was incapable during 230 years after the ingenious initiative of Benjamin Rash, o­ne of the "Fathers of the founders", establish in the US government Department of Peace in a counterweight to the "Department of War". It cannot approve the appropriate bill, tens of which were made to the Congress both chambers but constantly deviated by them: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Department_of_peace). Can the democracy be recognized by peacemaking, which centuries leads war, in centuries priority finances the military budget and centuries refuses to recognize the "Department of Peace" by legal? The question is rhetorical.

          3. An annually growing US military budget, annually approved by the democratic Congress, is about half of the national income and exceeds the total military budgets of ten other countries, making up the main cause of the arms race: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/military_budget_of_the_united_states. With a zero budget for peace, the US military budget priority and its accelerated growth prove the militarist, aggressive and violent nature of the US democracy and policy subordinated not to peace but o­nly to the arms race and war.

         4. The USA historical military leadership bloomed after WWII, after the terrorist, barbaric nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since 1949, US/NATO aggression has caused 37 wars in which 20-30 million people were killed. Proof: D. Lukas. The US Regime Has Killed 20-30 Million after WWII: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=816

          5. Jakob Reimann: The US Deployed 240,000 Troops in 172 Countries Around The World: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=781

US/NATO hundreds of military bases occupied most of the countries of the world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/list_of_united_states_military_bases. They ignore the will of peoples actively protesters against them, such as in Japan. At the same time, the USA/NATO, according to the Orwells law "False is Truth," shamelessly accused Russia in the Crimea "occupation". However, its population at the referendum o­n March 15, 2014 more than 95% of voters (with a turnout more than 83%) voted for the accession of the Crimea to its "mother" - Russia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_crimean_status_referendum).

          Naturally, all the Russia enemies, both in Ukraine and West, in every way opposed the free and democratic expression of the Crimea people will, declaring this referendum "illegitimate". Now the US/NATO is actively using this lie to incite hostility and hatred towards Russia, for its surroundings with their nuclear weapons and to justify the new turn of the arms race. The hypocrisy and the lie of the militarist West in the NATO face do not know borders. If the US President Biden election about 50% of America voters consider falsified, illegitimate, and his victory "stolen" that is ignored by its militaristic democracy, then the obvious and undisputed result of the Crimean referendum is rejected in the interests of this democracy and its arms race. Lies, not the truth there is the ruling queen of this democracy, for which, according to Orwell, "war becomes peace" for the NATO.

          6. The West, through the NATO aggressive policy, repeatedly trying to realize its worst, failure militarist intent against Russia through Ukraine. Almost the century back Western militaristic democracies cherished European fascism, primarily in Germany, aiming against Russia/USSR and opening the second front o­nly then, a year before the complete defeat, in June 1944, when the inevitable collapse of the Hitler's Third Reich was obvious, to limit the winner, which suffered enormous sacrifices, more than 27 million, disparate with Western. Now Western militaristic democracies in the NATO face feeds, arms, finances, and all measures supports Ukrainian Nazism as a new destructive taran contra Russia, using all the suitable and particularly unfit means of lies, falsifications, provocations, inciting racial hatred, population zombing, manipulation by public consciousness and other hybrid war tools. The West receives a triple strategic benefit from the incitement of the Ukrainian conflict, which it created.

          1. A new powerful source for its accelerated arms race, for its priority budget financing in the interests of its military-industrial complex and for its justification in the eyes of its peoples, 2. Weakening Russia in the world competition and the preservation of its poorness and backwardness in the positions of ever-catching country, 3. Using the Ukraine people in its possible war against Russia o­n the territory of marginal Ukraine. The anti-Russian Ukrainian scenario is well known and has long been discussed, but it, like the Hitler's scenario, ending with the Third Reich ruins, is doomed to defeat. However, unlike it, threatens to world security and may now end by the USA/NATO ruins that gloomy predicts the famous American scientist Paul Craig Roberts. Together with him, this is well aware of dozens of honest, not zombied, Western scientists and thinkers:

Paul Craig Roberts: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=657

Noam Chomsky: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=652

William Engdahl: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659

Mairead Maguire: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678

Roger Kotila: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680

Christopher Black: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=687

Paul Johnstone: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=736

Eric Zuesse: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=767

Michel Chossudovsky: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=789

John Whitehead: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=806

Michael Brenner: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1004

    And many, many dozens more. How many more dozens of sources need to be named to convince the zombified supporters of the NATO militarism, their deadly militaristic democracy and their genocidal arms race since 1945, from Hiroshima, that they, ONLY THEY, threaten the ruins to all humanity?

         7. Here is the UNAC's evidence of the US promotion of nationalism in the Ukraine Government and o­n its territory. The [Ukraine] new government contained far right and Nazi parties such as the Svoboda Party and others associated with a coalition of right-wing groups called the Right Sector.In Ukraine today there are openly fascist militias, swastikas chalked o­n walls or displayed o­n jackets and torchlight marches through the streets with people chanting anti-Semitic and anti-Russian slogans. This is what the US put in place and what Russia who lost 20 [27!] million people to the Nazi terror in World War II fears. https://nepajac.org/USrussia.htm

          8. The US and NATO are pumping lethal weapons and military trainers into Ukraine, occupying its territory and preparing its armed forces and population for a provocative attack o­n Russia. o­ne journalist accurately noted that USA plans to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian:


    9. The Western democracy, which, after WWII, did nothing for global peace in 76 years, but financed the arms race as a priority and ONLY put humanity on the nuclear abyss brink (Antonio Guterres) for this time, cannot be qualified otherwise than as totalitarian, militaristic, dictatorial" etc. Here are just some of the American democracy qualifications of brave and honest Western journalists and scholars:

Sheldon Wolin: "Inverted totalitarianism... transformation into a fascist state": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=721

William Engdahl: "The US has become an oligarchy, no democracy... Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659

Tom Carter: "Military dictatorship of the Pentagon": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=644

Henry Giroux: "Politics as pathology in a military state": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=636

Henry Giroux: "The Plague of American Authoritarianism": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=642

Dave Lindorff: "US Militarism Is America's Key Security Threat": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=804

Peter Koenig: "Dictatorship by Democracy": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=842

For a more detailed critique of traditional, militaristic democracy see here:


10. Partnership for Peace (Eng. Partnership for Peace - PfP), the NATO program launched in 1994 covers 20 countries, from which Russia was excluded in 1918. In fact, this program is unknown to any noticeable peace initiatives for 26 years. This program is an empty phrase for peace, a propaganda and camouflage tool of militaristic NATO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partnership_for_Peace. This is another proof of the NATO's indifferent attitude to global peace as the best security and its focus o­nly o­n the aggressive plans against the officially recognized "enemy" - Russia.

11. Costs of War: After 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Wars Displaced at Least 37 Million People Around The World": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=973

12. D. Lucas. The US regime (together with NATO) killed 20-30 million after WWII: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=816

13. The nuclear arms race launched o­n the US nuclear round in 1945, and the confrontation growing with it, brought humanity closer to a nuclear global genocide by 100 seconds according to the clock of nuclear scientists: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924. Today, thanks to the aggressive efforts of the NATO in Ukraine, they have been reduced to 5 seconds... o­nly Russia understands this, therefore it offers its own initiatives to deescalate the NATO.

14. Until 2030, the nuclear powers of NATO plan to spend additional trillions of dollars o­n the modernization of nuclear weapons capable of destroying 90% of the population: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1002.



15. AUKUS (/ˈɔːkəs/, AW-kəs), also styled as Aukus, is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, announced o­n 15 September 2021 for the Indo-Pacific region. Under the pact, the US and the UK will help Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AUKUS. This alliance aims against China and Russia and intends to build 10 nuclear submarines in 10 years. If this is not a racing of deadly nuclear weapons, which the US/NATO whips, then what is it then? Maybe in NATO, according to the principle "on the contrary," it will be called by a charity peace action and nuclear submarines as the peace angels, able to destroy the civilian population of the world half for their good?

      16. All the facts cited and an infinite number of facts not cited give full reason to Western analysts to draw the following true conclusions for the aggressors: NATO is NOT a defense organization at all. Its strategy is completely offensive... The US is the only REAL aggressor o­n the planet." (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027)The author draws harsh conclusions for the US/NATO from a factual analysis of the military consequences for them from Russia if they refuse its proposals o­n the basis of official information about Russia's insurmountable military advantage today (Ibid).

         17. M.L. King summed it up: after WWII, the US is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." The USA aggressive militarism and its unstoppable arms race, primarily nuclear weapons, is the first threat to global peace. This is the general historical result of the deadly US/NATO militarism, brilliantly expressed by M. King and remaining an irrefutable truth to this day, 54 years after his political assassination. American militarism is also guilty for this murder, as well as for the political assassination of John F. Kennedy, who dared to declare in 1963 at the UN session, almost a year after the deadly Caribbean crisis end, the fundamental anti-militarist imperative: Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mainkimd.: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=834. Two months after this statement at the UN, John F. Kennedy was defiantly assassinated, it is clear by whom and for what.

           The list of similar proofs of the NATO militaristic leadership from the world press can be continued indefinitely, but even these are enough to make sure that o­nly the US/NATO driving force of the global arms race, which makes them the main threat to global peace and security. This is confirmed by world polls that prove that the US is the No. 1 threat to global peace: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=651. The GGHA books contain hundreds of irrefutable facts about the militaristic nature of the USA and its democracy. In the GGHA book Global Peace Science of Spherons, two large parts (316-463 and 492-544 pp) contain the publication of dozens of these facts.

         The US/NATO arms race has brought nuclear weapons as close as possible to Russia's borders, reducing the distance to the nuclear suicidal abyss to a minimum of 5 minutes. An inevitable consequence of the arms race and aggressive aspirations of the NATO, directed primarily against nuclear Russia, which has about half of its world arsenal, is its peace-loving initiative to guarantee the security of both its country and the global world.

But the NATO stubbornly continues its aggressive policy against Russia, declaring it an enemy and creating a false propaganda image of an aggressive Russia that is allegedly preparing an attack o­n Ukraine. Everything that the West says and writes about Russia is a lie, a militaristic ideology and zombification of the population of their countries. This is 100% false. Therefore, Russia and the Russians do not trust the US/NATO, do not believe a single word they say. The West is turning everything upside down according to the Orwells principle, when lie has become truth, war has become peace, and freedom has become slavery, for which the planet inhabitants are doomed to the slaughterhouse because the USA/NATO militaristic nature and democracy.

Russia's attack o­n Ukraine is ruled out, because this aggression, in any case, will turn into a complete moral and historical collapse for it. Only people absolutely not understanding Russian peace-loving civilizational essence, which is fundamentally different from the West militaristic/violent essence, can say about the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The West judges about Russia o­n the pattern of its own militaristic essence. This is the West colossal cognitive error, which led it to constant defeats in its millennial attacks o­n Russia. Therefore, today is not Russia, but the NATO is secretly preparing to attack it in order to draw it into an armed conflict. There is irrefutable evidence for this: U.S. and Ukraine are already secretly preparing for the all-out war with Russia that they intend to make happen and to make Russia aggressor: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1032.

          It's not Russia, but the NATO is leading the world to the global nuclear war: Does Biden REALLY want to start WW III?: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027

          However, others doubt, if US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take o­n China-Russia-Iran... [it is] a sign of psychopathology for sure: https://space4peace.blogspot.com/2022/01/what-was-washingtons-real-agenda-at.html and https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=993



          The historical path of the extreme arms race vigorously launched in August 1945, the race, the state terrorist US nuclear bombing of the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed more than 250 thousand of innocent women, children, elderly and other residents - is a criminal against humanity, the path of death, destruction humanity. It has no justification and is identical o­nly to total fascism. If its social causes and roots are clear, it is not less fundamental, but deeply hidden epistemological, cognitive source - traditional, partial, fragmented, narrow and torn thinking remains in the shadows and not yet available to public consciousness. o­nly Albert Einstein over 70 years pointed to it, stressing that "the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." However, this definition of genius remains an enigma for the world science and philosophy until now. The scientific and efficient constructive resolution of this historic task o­nly suggested in SGPM, opening and constitutive cognitive way to overcome the arms race, war, militarism and violence.

          Therefore, o­nly the historical path of a peace race o­n the SGPM base displacing deadly arms race - this is the way of survival, rescue and save humanity. But it requires a fundamentally new, nonviolent resources, tools and digital technologies. The main thing is that clearly understood even Albert Einstein bolee70 years ago, it requires "a substantially new manner of thinking" by the holistic spherons, which overcomes disciplinary, tragic for the whole, the narrowness of the traditional, essentially militaristic and confrontational thinking, cognition, consciousness and worldview.

          The peace race saving way for the humanity survival is much more complex, holistic and demanding, both cognitively and socially. It can systematically and strategically targeted start o­nly with the same wide international launch of the SGPM innovative development in the relevant independent scientific institutes with the state budget financing, which still remains zero, missing for it so far.

          The similar launch would realize Russia, along with China and India in the framework of the BRICS, immediately, to ensure its historic initiative with the "shift of the arms race into a peace race" not o­nly by "a substantially a new manner of thinking" but also the consequence from it fundamentally new peace tools, resources and digital technologies. Their ignorance and disregard them, weakens Russia's initiative, pushes it o­n the uncertain prospect, strengthens the position of militarism and its endless arms race, forcing all other countries, including the BRICS, follow it into imposed them military priority, limiting, narrowing and neutralizing the effective opportunities of global peace and its driving force in a peace race. Its details are being deciphered in the next, the final section of our project.


4. Russia's Initiative: Peace Race and its Holistic MegaScience Start


There is nothing more practical than a good theory.

L. Boltzmann


To implement the global peace race strategy, there is nothing more practical than its holistic MegaScience, spheronics, verified by the world statistics and available for verification by every literate person during 2 hours in a statistical research of the spherons of your city/town or any social object according to the book "Gandhica" methodology (pp. 32-35).



          The most complex, responsible and decisive part of the Strategy 2022 is the scientific directions and tools of a peace race as the second, peacemaking front(after military), the idea of ​​which was first formulated and deployed in the GGHA book Global Peace Science of Spherons (2016, Chapter 8). Such scientific and holistic peacebuilding instruments are, for the most part, completely unknown, innovative and require their constitution and deployment during a peace race, since its start. No o­ne, not a single academy or scientific institute has systematically, o­n a holistic transdisciplinary scale, been engaged in their development, because the fundamental peacemaking MegaScience of spheronics, created and verified over 17 years in the GGHA, is still unknown. However, it is still waiting for its wide international discussion, recognition and application. Looking ahead, relying o­n our intellectual peacemaking potential and scientific experience of 17 years of its development and use, we will formulate below our vision of the main directions and instruments of the peace race in our century, applied primarily to the Russian initiative in the brief theses as a hypothesis.

         1. There is o­nly o­ne way out of the militaristic impasse, through the international, joint development of a single MegaScience of the global peace of spherons (SGPM), acceptable to all peoples without exception, o­nly with the help of which "peaceful solution of all conflicts and renunciation of violence" is possible.

          2. If the SGPM vital need is recognized for the survival of each people and humanity as a whole in sustainable peaceful prosperity, then it is necessary to overcome its shameful for all democracies, its complete, zero funding and introduce it into the state budgets of all countries.

          3. If the SGPM vital necessity is recognized, then it is necessary to create for its development and application a Peace Department in governments (perhaps as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs part), which was proposed for the first time almost 230 years ago in the USA by Benjamin Rush, but nowhere realized in any militaristic democracy.

          4. o­nly a peace race o­n a common scientific denominator will ensure the survival of humanity and the preservation of nature to then the arms race o­nly hinders and constitutes the first and most powerful threat to ecology.

          5. The civil Global Peace Strategy key task is to shift the USA from the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, according to King, so far, into a peace race, the first step of which would be the voluntary dissolution of the militaristic NATO bloc, personifying global violence and anachronistic, at the initiative of its founder - the USA.

          6. Russia and the USA, o­n the "Global Peace Strategy" basis, could initiate the "Second Peacemaking Front" (SPF) opening against any violence and aggression in the world within the framework of a common denominator of a single holistic SGPM. The organizational structure of the SPF and its roadmap are proposed in the "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (2016, Ch. 8, p. 268-315, etc.)

          7. Russia and the USA, within the SPF framework and a joint initiative, could create an international "Global Peace Academy" (GPA) to develop a joint SGPM that will overcome their endless and deadly confrontation. Based o­n the SGPM, GPA could launch joint fundamental scientific research o­n the creation of digitalization information statistical technologies for peacemaking, capable to offer optimal solutions for preventing and resolving any conflicts in any region.

          8. Russia and the USA, within the SPF framework and a joint initiative, could recognize the need for an annual and simultaneous reduction in military budgets by 2% in order to cool the arms race and raise the budgets of the peace and green agenda.

          9. Russia and the USA, within the SPF framework and a joint initiative during 2 years could create a program to ban and destroy nuclear weapons in the world in 5 years.

Development of traditional peacemaking means based o­n SGPM

          10. The solution of the Ukraine and Japan territorial claims to Russia, o­n the unconditional basis of their peacefulness, neutrality and their refusal to participate in any military blocs, including NATO, within the framework of a long-term or indefinite condominium with Russia for Crimea and Kuriles. International Law Condominium (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condominium_(international_law) allows Russia to retain possession of these territories for itself, in accordance with its Constitution, but opens up and allows the parity peaceful use of these territories in the every side interests. Use of this legal opportunity, under the indispensable condition of peaceloving and neutrality of Ukraine, would quickly and effectively resolve the conflict over Crimea, opening the door for resolving the conflict over Donbasin accordance with the international Minsk agreements. WHAT is holding Kiev back from this peace initiative if it and the US want peace?

          11. Wide and active use of the international institution of Non-Alignment, covering more than 120 countries of the world, effectively working in all its cases, especially in the Russia-Finland relations. This institution deserves to be extended to all Western countries surrounding Russia, especially Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, etc. If the NATO wants peace and not war with Russia over Ukraine, nothing prevents them from negotiating with Russia o­n the status of non-aligned countries for these states with all security guarantees for all parties. WHAT is keeping the NATO from this simple peace initiative?

          12. The broad state support by NATO and Russia for all peacemaking volunteer NGO organizations of the world civil society, including the necessary financial assistance from the state budget. This could be the first step towards the transformation of militaristic democracies in peacemaking and recognition of the achievement of global peace as a task not o­nly for these organizations, but also for states. Unfortunately, to this day, as a rule, there are no institutions, no budgets, no strategies of a peaceful orientation at the state level. There is also no effective cooperation between states and peacemaking organizations that are dying out and leaving open social space for all kinds of extremist, violent, terrorist, fascist or fundamentalist organizations that have become a strong security threat in all countries. This issue could also become a very important item o­n the negotiations agenda between the US and Russia. However, unfortunately, the voice and interests of the world civil society are not taken into account in them that weakens the peaceful side in them and removes an important obstacle for the militaristic side.Where is the democracy here?

          Note. All 12 items of the agenda Global Peace Strategy: a Peace Race have been worked out to o­ne degree or another in the GGHA books and projects during 17 years of its peacemaking work and can be quickly adjusted for a working discussion within the framework of the Russian initiative or any of its civil considerations.

          If Presidents Putin and Biden at their summit would agree o­n the scientifically based Global Peace Strategy agenda, or at least o­n its main points, then both of them could be nominated together for the Nobel Peace Prize 2022.

          Russia's demands to limit the NATO arms race o­n its borders, embodied in the two projects (below in app) of the Russian Initiative, are brilliantly articulated with the numerous American comments by Bruce Gagnon.

Russian demands in negotiations with US:

 * NATO will cease all efforts to expand eastward, notably into Ukraine and Georgia.

* NATO guarantees that it will not deploy missile batteries in nations bordering Russia.

* An end to NATO military and naval exercises in nations and seas bordering Russia.

* The effective restoration of the treaty covering intermediate-range nuclear weapons. The U.S. abandoned the INF pact in August 2019.

* An o­ngoing East-West security dialogue.

 I went looking for some comments o­n this current situation and of course the Washington Post and New York Times buried the story. So the o­nly thing the people in the US know is that Joe Biden sent his team to Geneva to threaten Russia not to invade Ukraine

Below are some good comments that I think cover many elements of this story. First though we must hear from Washington officialdom

 Bruce Gagnon: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=993

         In conclusion, we emphasize again. Ignoring or neglecting the central, systemic peacekeeping point of the proposed "Peace Race Strategy", the development of its fundamental scientific resource SGPM, weakens the social and political positions of Russia (and its allies) as the instigator of this race in the international space, including negotiations with NATO, and strengthens the position of militarism , its unrestrained, deadly for all, arms race. The rejection of the SGPM scientific potential is an unconditional capitulation before the arms race and its actors. Similar neglect of it is a retreat from the positions of peace, their fundamental limitation to the militaristic level and the narrowing of their capabilities to their almost complete neutralization. Is it possible to count o­n success, and even more so o­n a breakthrough in negotiations with such an attitude towards the trump cards of socially and scientifically necessary peacemaking innovations? The question is rhetorical. How will its political leaders decide, in whose favor, in favor of the arms race or the peace race? The next story will give an answer and an assessment.


5. Organizational practical conclusion for Russia.

Innovative Strategic Scientific Resource (MGPS) of Russia's initiatives


We, the GGHA, are ready immediately, even tomorrow, based o­n our 17 years of international experience, to organize in Russia (on the basis of MGIMO and/or Moscow State University) and provide scientific governance for the "Global Peace Academy" (GPA) named after Fyodor Dostoevsky or Mahatma Gandhi. It could include for start 30-40 scientists and specialists to continue the intensive development of the holistic MegaScience of global peace for the sake of a breakthrough in Russia's strategic initiative. We are ready to do this as soon as GPA finds support and funding from the Russian government, or any other peace-loving country interested in this project. GPA, using 17 years of scientific experience and developments of the GGHA, will quickly create a unique innovative strategic scientific resource of the MGPS for the accelerated and effective promotion of Russia's peacemaking initiative in the international arena, providing it with worldwide scientific recognition. This resource will constitute an asymmetric advantage of Russias soft force, which NATO and the collective West as a whole will have nothing to answer with, no equivalent scientific and technological alternative, therefore the West will be forced to stand in line behind Russia in order to finally keep up with it.

          Together with the GPA, Russia could create, also to prompt its historical initiative, the "State Strategic Peace Department" (SSPD) named after Benjamin Rush or Leo Tolstoy, under the President of Russia leadership, from 10-15 outstanding peacemakers, scientists and humanists of the country. If militaristic America was unable to establish it in 230 years after numerous democratic attempts, then peace-loving Russia would be able to create it now and at o­nce. It would be a powerful organizational tool to advance its key security initiative if the West rejects and buries it, as it tends to. The SSPD will provide this vital initiative of Russia with a large-scale perspective, regardless of the West position, give it strong state support and beat off the West wish from any political opportunity and Russophobic desire to slander Russia in order to constantly mold it as a fake aggressor for its propaganda militaristic purposes. The SSPD will become powerful asymmetric response to their challenges and impenetrable organizational armor of the Russia peace policy. The SSPD will make Russia the first country in world history to embark o­n the path of institutional, conscious and strategic peacemaking in a new, harmonious multipolar world order and its civilization freed from wars and violence.

Both organizational instruments, AGM and SSPD, will require minimal funding, but will ensure the most effective historical breakthrough of Russia into civilizational peacemaking leadership according to the Fyodor Dostoevsky covenant (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1021). They will make Russia the global leader of the peace race of our century, eradicating the arms race and uniting around itself all the planet peace-loving countries by "reconciliation in great common harmony, fraternal final consent of all tribes according to Christs Gospel law", as Dostoevsky prophetically predicted.

6. MGPS:

The UN Global Governance Innovative Strategic Scientific Resource



The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking o­n January 21 at the General Assembly session, identified five key issues of the international crisis, which he called "global fires": the raging COVID-19 pandemic, a morally bankrupt global financial system, the climate crisis, lawlessness in cyberspace, and diminished peace and security. They, in his opinion, to demand that not o­nly the UN, but every country must go into emergency mode. All these challenges are, at heart, failures of global governance. From global health to digital technology, many of todays multilateral frameworks are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. They do not protect critical global public goods that are intended to support humanitys wellbeing and solving global problems. (https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/01/1110292)

The failures of global governance are a systemic crisis of traditional, narrow thinking, torn into hundreds of disciplines, which, according to Einstein, is not capable of solving the global problems it created. Therefore, to solve them, as he emphasized, a substantially new manner of thinking is required, which was found and successfully tested in the GGHA over 17 years in its numerous books and projects mentioned above. A "substantially new manner of thinking" is embodied in the MGPS. It is a universal scientific tool for a systematic solution of holistic global problems and global governance. Among the GGHA projects of this MegaScience is the 2017 project dedicated to an effective innovative system of the UN global governance within its spheral, fractal structures based o­n the MGPS (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769).

          If Russia successfully tested its innovative strategic resource MGPS in its GPA, then it could offer it to the UN for its reform and reorganization of global governance, becoming an intellectual scientific leader in these processes. There is no other way to become a world leader in key information and organizational global processes. Does Russia, represented by its leaders and academicians, want and is able to become this leader? Can the UN and global institutions rely o­n its innovative fundamental scientific contribution to solve their problems? Can Russia's contribution be real if it remains deprived of similar resource?


Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation o­n security guarantees


Agreement o­n measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

17 December 2021


English publication;



Dr. Leo Semashko, Project Editor,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016)



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The GGHA 81st Project approved.
War and peace today from the philosophical position of civil society.
Innovative Strategic Scientific Resource for Russian Peacemaking Leadership


Dear GGHA members, friends,

We are happy to announce that as a result of more than 2 weeks of discussion of the new GGHA Project "Global Peace Strategy 2022" was approved without a single objection during this time. In its new edition, all suggestions were taken into account and its fundamental cognitive advantage of integrity, transdisciplinarity was accentuated, o­nly through which the global peace holistic harmonious nature becomes accessible to thinking in general, and especially to science. It is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026, in the history of its discussion and the previous four versions.

It received a holistic structure and acquired important additional details: personal, philosophical, sociological, political, legal, diplomatic, and others, which strengthened its justification, expanded its length to 24 pages in 14 size with pictures (attached) and required a lot of additional efforts and time. In addition, we were waiting for a clear response from NATO to Russia's peace initiative, but did not wait for it, except for the Russophobic hysteria of its mythical attack o­n Ukraine, which also did not wait.

The GGHA Vice-President brilliantly expressed our solidarity support for this key civil society project for the entire 21st century in poetic form, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy (attached).

We express our heartfelt gratitude to him and to all the GGHA members, who took part in the project discussion for your active peacemaking position, which is so urgently needed o­n the brink of a global nuclear catastrophe.

Now this strategy needs to be filled with weighty international initiatives of states, the first of which was the Russian Security Initiative in Europe, which requires NATO not to expand to the east. It also needs new civil society initiatives to provide this strategy with both innovative scientific tools for the peace science of spheronics and civil protest actions against any NATO attempts to expand militaristic aggression and the arms race in the world. Our project can be offered to any peace-loving country, its government and civil society, not o­nly Russia.

Our project prepared in honor of the GHA 17th anniversary of the GYHA o­n February 15th. By that time, we plan to send it to 10,000 scientists and peacemakers in two languages, translate it into new languages, and at the same time collect additional suggestions and corrections to update it. Its any publications and distributions for discussion are o­nly welcome. We will also gather enthusiastic peacemakers and scientists into an international team for its promotion and development, and we will be glad to see all participants.

Best wishes to all, good health, creative peacemaking success and global peace from the spherons harmony,

With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President







  Dear Leo and Ananta:

We are writing this letter to invite you to put your signature o­n this statement calling for peace -- Nonviolence Zones -- between Russia, Ukraine and other countries in the region's area of conflict, in particular Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. This statement has o­nly come out this week. You will see the text in the letter below and a list of the signatories.

If you wish to sign it and distribute it to your network, please do so. We are suggesting that people indicate your full name and designation by replying to this mail and we will put it with the statement.

Thank you in advance. 

With warm regards,

Rajagopal.P.V., Sarvodaya Samaj, India

Jill Carr-Harris, International Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence and Peace, India


International Peace Statement

February 18, 2022

The whole world community is precipitously close to a global catastrophe.  It looks like Russia and NATO have locked horns, assuming new cold war positions, from which it seems difficult for them to retreat, without suffering heavy political losses domestically.  If this conflict does lead to combat, there is a high probability it could escalate beyond Russia and Ukraine, plunging Europe into a continental war.

         The UN General Assembly has passed the UN resolution o­n halting and eliminating the production and use of nuclear weapons (UN 71/258 2017). It is imperative that nuclear states do not go back to the Cold War times - neither in ethical nor in geopolitical terms.  Nuclear war is no longer an option.

          In this decade of the 21st Century, imperialism and expansionism needs to come to a decisive end. Sovereignty ought to be guaranteed so all nations and all people can peacefully coexist in an interdependent world.

           The military stratagem that is currently being constructed, is based o­n a paradigm of war. For the good of humanity, we need a paradigm of peace.  Mahatma Gandhi in Indias nonviolent Freedom Struggle, called o­n citizens to construct a model of economic and social peace, where nonviolence was visible in governance and economy.  Gandhi was a messenger of peace that gave the whole of humanity a message that Ahimsa - nonviolence - is the o­nly way for civilization to advance.

           Our humanity is now facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. We propose to the United Nations and negotiators from Russia, Ukraine, the US, and states of Europe to consider instituting Zones of Nonviolence in the conflict regions so that a military defense alliance can be replaced by a peacebuilding alliance.

            We call upon the United Nations Organization to begin a process of detailing Zones of Nonviolence in Ukraine and the South Caucasus as the first stage of ending this crisis. Such steps will ensure that the security interests of all - as opposed to few - will be protected and we will enter a new period of human development.  

Signatories to the International Statement o­n Nonviolent Peace Zones in Response
to the Ukraine-Russian Conflict

(As of February 18th, 2022)

Ashok Sharan: Managing Trustee, Sarva Seva Sangh, India

D. John Chelladurai, Gandhian Studies, University of Aurangabad, India

Ashok Sajjanhar, Diplomat, Former Ambassador, Government of India

Vijay Bharatiya, South Asia Peace Alliance, India

Girdhari Bapna: Former Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, India

V.T.V. Damodaran: President Gandhi Sahithiya Vedi, Abu Dhabi

Pradeep Priyadarshi, Pragati, Bihar, India

Sehjo Singh, Filmmaker, India

Mari Marcel Thekaekara, Writer, India

Irakli Kakabadze, Gandhi Foundation, Georgia

Mireia Etrada: Head of Georgian Institute for Conflict Analysis and Management, Georgia

Alexsander Rusetsky, Caucasus International University, Georgia

Vladimiro Ariel Dorfman, American-Chilean-American Novelist

Guguli Maghradze,  Spanish-Canadian Artist

Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute, USA

Elizabeth Kvitashvili, US Foreign Service, Humanitarian and Crisis Response Leadership, USA

Christopher Mitchell, Theorist o­n Peace Zones, George Mason University, USA

Richard E. Rubinstein, Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University

Susan Allen, Director of Peace Making Practice, Carter School, George Mason University

Stephen Horoshi Gilchrist, Collective Wellbeing, USA

Rebecca Paradiso de Saiyu, Collective Wellbeing, USA


Jill Carr-Harris, PhD

Lead Coordinator - International 

Jai Jagat 2020

Website: www.jaijagat2020.org

Phone/WhatsUP: 416-578-4542

Skype: jillcarrharris



Nonviolence zone instead Donbass genocide


Dear Jill and Rajagopal,

The GGHA highly appreciates your strong peacemaking action in the most effective spirit of Gandhian nonviolence, which, according to him, "is the greatest force of the humanitys varnas [spherons], mightier than the mightiest (nuclear) weapon of destruction." The GGHA international humanitarians from more than 50 countries devoted 17 years of scientific research to this greatest scientific discovery of Mahatma Gandhi, forgotten for almost a century. They ended with the creation of the Gandhian " Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), briefly: Spheronics, without which a global nonviolent peace NEVER existed in human history and NEVER will be, until humanity masters this science of "the greatest force of nonviolence"!

Therefore, your statement demanding the establishment of a Gandhian nonviolence zone in Ukraine is extremely relevant and timely, under which I subscribe and invite all members of the GGHA to subscribe, both in Russia and in more than 50 countries. I translated your statement into Russian, published it along with the announcement of your wonderful Webinar o­n February 20, and sent it to our networks. It is published together with the GGHA project "Global Peace Strategy: Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race" as its organic part of it in two languages ​​here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026 and


The zone of non-violence should cover, first of all, the Donbass territory, where more than 6 million Russian-speaking people live. o­n this territory, the civilian population, including children, women, the elderly, are subjected to daily artillery, machine-gun and sniper fire, as a result of which more than 14,000 people, including thousands of children and women, have died in 8 years. Kiev's pro-Nazi regime turned Donbass, the center of "civilized" Europe under the wing of US/NATO militarism and expansionism, into a neo-Nazi Holocaust and genocide for 8 years, just because its Russian population wants to preserve their ethnic culture and their native language. This regime threatens to conduct a total ethnic cleansing of the territory when it falls under the control of the Kiev regime that is written in the Constitution of Ukraine. This is a gross violation of human rights and freedoms, an open neo-Nazi genocide, which has been hushed up by the Russophobic Western mainstream for 8 years.

Therefore, your initiative to establish the Gandhian nonviolence zone in Ukraine, primarily in the Donbas, the international legal basis of which is the Minsk Agreements, approved by the UN Security Council and signed by the Normandy Four: Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia, can serve as a powerful incentive and impetus for their implementation, adopted in September 2015.

The GGHA proposes to supplement your statement with this thesis, as well as to include the GGHA proposal o­n the need to establish the status of neutral, nonaligned countries in all countries that were previously part of the USSR. Because the belt of these countries around Russia, which for the most part has become part of the aggressive militaristic US/NATO bloc, is a constant source of peace in Europe and the fuse of a new, third world war. This source of a nuclear, suicidal war has long been warned by eminent peacemakers and Nobel Laureates: John Avery, Mairead Maguire, Noam Chomsky, Michael Chossudovsky and dozens of others whose alarmist articles and books are published o­n the GGHA website:


We fully support you and hope that our proposals will find your understanding and response.


Dr. Leo Semashko,




Lana Yang楊幗蘭




Spherons Global Peace MegaScience for the USA peace survival

Dear Lana,

Thank you very much for the vivid and convincing illustration of the USA totalitarian global militarism, which, undoubtedly, according to the law of self-denial, will soon come to an end. It will make American society think HOW to live o­n if it wants to survive? The answer to this question can be given by our Spherons Global Peace MegaScience, created in the GGHA over 17 years by hundreds of co-authors, including your worthy contribution, for which we are grateful to you and all its co-authors. Your wonderful illustration along with René's controversial response have been posted here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026.

Today I will send the final GGHA 17th Anniversary Message o­n "Security and Peace Based o­n Peace Science". Best wishes for your health and peace,






Vital Autonomy for the People's Republic of Donetsk

and the People's Republic of Luhansk.

The Way Ahead

by Rene Wadlow




The Minsk II Agreement of 12 February 2015 agreed that the areas covered by the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics would not be separated from Ukraine but would be given a "Special Status" set out in a new Ukrainian Constitution.However, beyond some rather vague discussion o­n decentralization, the nature of the Special Status has not been agreed upon, and no Ukrainian government administrative measures have been put into place.

In the period since 2015, the socio-economic situation in the two People's Republics has gotten worse.Many people have left either for Ukraine or Russia.There are constant violations of the ceasefire agreements which are monitored by observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.Thus it its 15 December 2021 report the OSCE monitors noted that between 10-12 December, there were 444 ceasefire violations in the Donetsk region and 104 in the Luhansk region.

Solving the Donbas aspect of the conflict o­n the basis ofa real and vital autonomy and trans-frontier cooperation should be a top priority for action The Association of World Citizens has particularly highlighted the possibilities of con-federalism and the need for trans-frontier cooperation.

The need toprogress o­n the structure of Ukraine stands out sharply at this time when there are real possibilities of escalatory risks.There is a need for confidence-building measures reaching out to different layers of society in a cumulative process.Advances o­n the Special Status would be an important step in the de-escalation of tensions Discussions o­n the Special Status must be carried out by those living in Ukraine.

Rene Wadlow,

President, Association of World Citizens


Dear Rene,

You are absolutely right in emphasizing the key importance of the special status of the two republics in resolving the Ukrainian conflict, which has been going o­n for 8 years since 2014 and with no end in sight. The reason is that the Kiev regime refuses to comply with the Minsk agreements approved by the UN Security Council and which have become a strict norm of international law.

You forgot to emphasize very important details in the question WHO is to blame for the prolongation of the Ukrainian conflict. Unfortunately, it is clear to every unbiased and honest observer, especially a responsible peacemaker, that the complete, 100% sabotage of the Minsk agreements by the Kiev regime would not have been possible without its direct and complete support from the West, the US, the EU and NATO. They signed it with o­ne hand, and with the other they help Kiev completely ignore it. It is not difficult to guess that such a position of the West is not peacemaking, but aggressive and militaristic, directed against Russia, using Ukraine as a battering ram to destroy it.

Eight years of sabotage of the Minsk agreements are beneficial o­nly to the geopolitical, hostile anti-Russian interests of the West, but not to Russia. The same with such a detail as shelling, which is completely, 100% carried out by the Kiev regime, which you also modestly or accidentally, but in any case tendentiously, keep silent. The regular shelling by the Ukrainian army of the Ukrainian territories of Donetsk and Lugansk turned them into a modern state Holocaust of Ukraine for 8 years, where 14 thousand children, women and other civilians have already been killed, in the center of Europe, before its eyes, under the full patronage of the humane, democratic, respecting the rights of all people" of the West, except for 6 million in Donetsk/Lugansk.

This is state terror and a full-scale war of the Kiev regime with its own people in Donetsk/Luhansk. Such double standards deprive the Russian people of confidence in the West and faith in its peacefulness when it behaves as an open enemy, aggressor and defender of the aggressor.

Could your Association, if it still has members and if it is really peacemaking, call o­n the West and NATO to stop the war with Russia, as other international organizations did, stop the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine and force Ukraine to unconditionally comply with the international law of the Minsk agreements? Or, as always, would you prefer to remain silent o­nce again?

You correctly emphasize two key points: Ukrainian confederalism and the participation of Donetsk/Luhansk residents in the negotiations, but refuse to see that these points, with the full support of the West, are killed by the Kiev regime. How can such a position be called otherwise than accommodating to this regime, but in no way truly peacemaking? Do you agree with this?

Best wishes with hope for your real peacemaking,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President




World Recognition of the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM) Spheronics





World recognition of the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM)

Dear WGF team,

The GGHA expresses its sincere gratitude to you for the tremendous work of your unique monthly International Journal "World Growth Forums" with branches o­n all continents. Particularly effective for global peace are your annual Forums with recognition from hundreds of authors committed to your Mission of "Inclusive, equitable and positive growth worldwide, in all societies and in all them spheres through a decisive intellectual influence o­n the positive development of nations", "Person of the Year" as "Top Nations Builders".

Over the past year, 2021, you have recognized 18 similar Persons of the Year, including the GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President Dr. Leo Semashko from Russia. We are happy with similar high international recognition for our collective work during 17 years o­n the creation of a unique, Gandhian ""Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM). It provides humanity, for the first time in history, with fundamental scientific knowledge of HOW TO BUILD A SOCIETY, AT ALL LEVELS AND CONTINENTS, WITHOUT WARS, MILITARISM AND VIOLENCE IN THE INCLUSIVE HARMONY OF SOCIOGENETIC SPHERONS, discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 and empirically substantiated by world statistics in GGHA in 2019! All the key points of this innovative, holistic and transdisciplinary science, together with its universal digital technology "Global Statistics" are revealed in the WGF Journal brilliant interview.

Your publication of this interview is a very important peacemaking contribution, especially relevant as a positive constructive alternative to the militaristic crisis o­n the very brink of nuclear war, which has been escalating for the past year by the US/NATO through Ukraine o­n Russia's western border. This scientific alternative to the suicidal crisis is proposed in the new GGHA project, in their same HOW series: Global Peace Strategy: Shifting the Arms Race into the Peace Race (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026). The full implementation of this strategy requires the International "Global Peace Academy", for the creation of which the GGHA cannot find 500 thousand dollars for more than 10 years. The militarists are unwilling and unable to finance it to their own destruction, while other sources are afraid of them. How to break this dead circle of positive peacemaking science? Maybe, you know? Our countless searches for over 10 years have come to nothing.

Your recognition is a high gift for the GGHA 17th anniversary o­n February 15, for which we express our heartfelt gratitude to you all.

We were happy to publish your banners along with ours based o­n them o­n 6 pages of our website, 3 in Russian and 3 in English:







They will also be published o­n the Home page of the site in the coming days.

We will widely use your brands in all our projects and publications, we will widely distribute them in our networks, and the GHA members represented in the global networks of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will present them in them and enter into partnership contact with you. This will expand our cooperation in mutual interests.

We wish you new creative journalistic success,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President,





Dear Leo,

         To complement your report, and leave aside the misery of the dualism, which the West has used to support its destructive hegemonism, please allow me to suggest a political commentary that elaborates that Eurasia, embracing supraduality, has left the Station of Misery that this hegemonism has produced.

         Europe needs to start by retaking its ancient culture and experience yet dropping hegemonism and dualism into the trash bin of history, and offering it to the world towards an harmonic wholeness. Or die of obsolescence.


Best wishes

Diego Lucio Rapoport




Dear Diego,

You are absolutely right that the West hegemonism and its double standards, "dualism" in your opinion, lead it to destruction, and if it does not want to die from obsolescence, it must abandon them to move the world to harmonic wholeness instead of its doomed strategy of unipolar militarist hegemonism. The wonderful comment suggested by you reveals the birth of a multipolar core of the Russia-China-BRICS global harmonious and peacemaking wholeness in Eurasia.

It is reflected in my banner illustrating start of the "Global Peace Strategy: Shifting Arms Race of West into Eurasia Peace Race", to which is necessary for success a fundamental scientific resource created in GGHA for 17 years. Banner, along with your wonderful response to the Don Hank brilliant question was published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026.

Best regards,





When you send lethal arms to a country so they can kill each other, is that "support"? Or is it a crime against humanity?

What they dont tell you is criminal 

You will NEVER see any news directly from Donbass (the self-declared republics of LDNR, Lugansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics). There is o­nly o­nE reporter, independent reporter Patrick Lancaster, who reports regularly from here, both in texts and in videos. Patrick has been doing this for years. He lives in the war zone with the citizens, reporting with both the fighters and the ordinary citizenshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luiJpRr6yZQ  

Patrick Lancaster

58.5K subscribers 

As World Powers keep accusing Russia of threatening the stability of Europe with "Russian Aggression" toward Ukraine I decided to head to the frontline of the Donetsk People's Republic to show you what is really happening there and what the soldiers think about the possibility of "Russian Aggression" against Ukraine and what the think is coming soon. I am the o­nly Journalist that has made English reports in the frontline of the Anti Ukraine forces side of frontline because the western mainstream media does not want to show the people what the real truth is. They o­nly want to show the people what fits their counties narrative. I show you the real facts o­n the ground here. 


 How does Vladimir Putin constantly keep deceiving the West? 

The problem with the Western public and Western experts is that they tend to expect Russia do behave just like the US. 


As I watch Ukraine, I wonder why Biden and Putin cannot start a conversation about world peace? Why must we keep this exhausting power struggle o­n our world stage? Are we not intelligent enough to start this conversation? (not a partisan question)

Don Hank

MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA



Only the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience, created in the GGHA for 17 years on the giants shoulders, fills this fundamental intellectual gap of humanity and its leaders concerning the strategic, "eternal" peace as absolute security for all nations. - Leo Semashko.




Dear Friends,

Politicians and warmongers in the mainstream media want to do it again: lie us into another dangerous and deadly war. We CANT let them!

CODEPINK and our allies are organizing a national day of action o­n Saturday, February 5, 2022 to say: NO War with Russia! Rallies are happening in major cities and small communities across the country. Lets show up and demand NO war with Russia o­n Saturday in Los Angeles! RSVP here.

Everyday Americans dont want another deadly, dangerous war. Recent polling data indicates that the majority of Americans are against war with Russia.

Together, we can rally to stop another war in its tracks.

Towards Peace,

Jodie, Carley, Emily, Marcy and the CODEPINK team,

https://www.addictedtowar.com/, us.addicted.to.war@gmail.com,





Corporate media in the US has been warning about a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This, Russia denies. But this propaganda has been used by the Biden Administration to whip up sentiment for war.

Billions of dollars of US arms have been sent to Ukraine. Ukraine has massed an estimated 145,000 troops o­n the Russian border with US advisors supporting their effort. For years the US and its Western allies have moved NATO into Eastern Europeanand former Soviet States in violation of agreements made with Russia. They have installed missiles at the Russian border and conducted war games at the Russian border.

Todays threat is a threat against a major nuclear power that puts the entire world in danger. Join us for this important webinar with voices for peace from Russia, Ukraine and the US: https://nepajac.org/USrussia.htm




- The best article, in terms of depth and analysis scope about the coup d'état in Ukraine in 2014,
organized and implemented by the USA, translated into Russian, is:

Diana Johnstone. Washingtons Iron Curtain in Ukraine: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1038




February 3. 2022

- Shocking Support by the U.S. of a Neo-Nazi Infested Ukraine

By Roger Kotila, USA

Comment. The fact that democratic America supported the neo-Nazi-infected Ukraine seems surprising o­nly to those who do not know or do not want to know that it, together with European democracy, nurtured and opened the green light to Hitlers German fascism. Now they are repeating the experiment of feeding neo-Nazism in Ukraine. The history demonstrated its result 76 years ago.




- Russia Proposes "Moral World Order" To Replace US Hegemony

ByRich Scheck, USA





-Why do Europeans disregard Russias concerns about NATO enlargement, especially European nations adjacent to both Ukraines and Russias borders? In the case of war, which countries will be immediately impacted by the refugee crisis?

Don Hank, USA





Canadian Officials Who Met with Ukrainian Unit Linked to Neo-Nazis Feared Exposure by News Media. A year before the meeting, Canadas Joint Task Force Ukraine produced a briefing o­n the Azov Battalion, acknowledging its links to Nazi ideology.

By David Pugliese


Comment. Indeed, the foreign minister of Canada is of Ukrainian-Nazi origin.

Diego Lucio Rapoport, diego.rapoport@gmail.com





US and allies defeated Nazis then embraced them. The Azov battalion is a bunch of unhinged Neo-Nazis.

Whenever the Biden team proclaims that Russia will invade at such and such a time, I strongly suspect this is the time that the Ukraine-US-NATO conspirators are planning on starting a provocation in Donbass, in the southeast of Ukraine. The US knows that the Russian Federations constitution provides for Russian defense of Russians anywhere who are threatened with harm or annihilation, and in the event NATO makes good o­n its implied threat to Donbass, Russia will be obliged to defend the Russian citizens in Donbass.

The problem for the conspirators is that if Russia retaliates, it will pull out all the stops and the attackers will be annihilated. If NATO then retaliates against the RF, it will lose major naval and air assets. What never ceases to amaze me is that the US-NATO and the Europe that was saved from Hitler, all teaming up with the reincarnation of those same Nazis to defeat their old ally Russia. Russia will fight as hard as if did then to defeat these odd bed fellows. And it is superbly armed this time. If you doubt this, click here:


Don Hank, USA





Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West o­n Tuesday of deliberately creating a scenario designed to lure it into war and ignoring Russia's security concerns over Ukraine.

- Putin accuses U.S. of trying to lure Russia into war.

By Natalia Zinets and Vladimir Soldatkin.

KYIV/MOSCOW, Feb 1 (Reuters):





After all, Russian leaders have declared, to their own people as well as other governments, that they have NO intention or reason to invade Ukraine. Indeed, the present crisis atmosphere originated in Ukraines move of large forces to the contact line with the Donbass accompanied by bellicose oratory. The Kremlins consistent position since last March/April has been that that any attack would be intolerable, to be met with active resistance o­n their part.

Michael Brenner, USA, mbren@pitt.edu

Ukraine: Guides To Reflection: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1036




Dear GHA friends,

How good to see so many beautiful tokens in heartwarming messages to celebrate the silence of solidarity in a dark time of remembrance of millions of our sisters and brothers who did not survive the holocaust. Yes, literally brothers and sisters, because having common original ancestors makes humanity o­ne big extended family. Among those concentration camp crowds was also Surinames national hero, Anton de Kom, who was active in the resistance against the Nazis in the Netherlands. He has written the most beautiful book about my country, We, slaves of Suriname about the previous holocaust that lasted three centuries, the slavery in the Americas. These two holocausts against humanity merge dramatically as a single black page of historical crimein this figure of Anton de Kom, the son of a black slave who died in Germany in Sandbostel, a satellite of the Neuengamme concentration camp, when the end of the Second World War was already in sight.

Never again! Never again such historical crime! But to ensure that, there is o­ne requirement, we need to rehumanize a dehumanized humanity! That is the main ingredient of global harmony.

In solidarity,

Glenn Sankatsing

Author of Quest to Rescue Our Future





Two Holocausts+++

Science to get rid of their repetition


Dear Glenn,

We, the GGHA, are very grateful to you for your deep solidarity and compassion for the victims of the historical, past and present, Holocausts, including the Donbass, which you very worthily remember and do not forget about them selfishly. You are absolutely right about the three centuries of the Black Holocaust in the slavery of America, which included the Holocaust of more than 10 million American Indians, destroyed, expelled from their territories and herded in their remnants into modern democratic concentration camps - democratic reservations with the deprivation of almost all rights and freedoms.

We will be happy to publish your wonderful, honest response to history o­n the page of our project,dedicated to the GGHA 17th anniversary o­n February 15and directed against all militaristic Holocausts of the past, present and future, excluding all of them o­n the base of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM):


This fundamental science of global peace, created over 17 years in the GGHA by the joint efforts of hundreds of scientists from more than 50 countries, is gradually gaining worldwide recognition, as evidenced by the International Prize Poster 2021 of our article in the attachment, published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=964.

Your wonderful response will be published in the coming days, as I am now very busy digesting, translating into Russian and publishing the wonderful, solidarity with Donbass and Russia, responses and recommended solidarity articles by Lana Yang, Bruce, Don, Heinrich and many other of our members and friends from all over the world.

Sincerely, with best wishes,





Dear Leo

My support of the GGHA project is in full knowledge of the turnabout point of history o­n which we stand. I did it also under a sense of revulsion for what I perceived as a deep hypocrisy plus a principled evasion of many of the other participants...

Best wishes

Diego Lucio





Thank you Guy for those good words

Europeans should remember that Ukraine currently has 15 nuclear reactors - war in Ukraine is a very bad idea. See https://nuclear-news.net/2022/01/27/full-scale-war-in-ukraine-with-its-15-nuclear-reactors-no-more-ukraine-no-more-europe/

In peace,

Bruce Gagnon, USA





You are correct about what you say below [about Ukrainian Nazism]. I've been working to support Donbass and Crimea since the 2014 coup. I visited Donbass in 2019 and Crimea twice. Russian are not the enemy. The enemy is the ever-expanding US-UK-NATO military machinethat wants global domination.

I am proud to stand in resistance to that insanity.

Best wishes to all.

Bruce Gagnon, USA




Dear Leo

Moved by the recent emails, allow me to state that if "compassion follows a rule,
namely "compassion for me, not for thee", and then it is not compassion, as you with other words put it.

Best wishes,

Diego Lucio




Dear Lana,

Here are the latest articles published today o­n the World Socialist Web Site.

US-NATO escalate war threats against Russia: Are you ready for World War III?

The drive to war is fueled by an utterly toxic mixture of deranged geopolitical ambitions and insoluble internal crisis.

US-NATO escalate war threats against Russia: Are you ready for World War III?



Lana Yang


US-China Business Alliance, LLC






I saw this o­n the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

Why Germany isn't sending weapons to Ukraine

By Jenny Hill, BBC Berlin correspondent


Germany's refusal to arm Ukraine has puzzled and angered some allies. Here's what's behind it.


Lana Yang 楊幗蘭





Dear all,

We all should pledge to support `Global Peace Strategy: Shift The Arms Race Into A Peace Race. We don`t want to listen to the story of an arms race in the world scenario. I remember of the trouble of the Syrian refugees who had been roaming around in Europe especially in Vienna in 2016. The remembrance of the faces of the women, children, and young girls. In a night they became homeless and begged o­n the road. Such a pitiful scenario my parents have witnessed in 1947 partition of Bengal, the story of their homelessness against the story of independence of the Indian citizens who have been enjoying the independence at the cost and expenses of the fight for the survival of lakhs of people who had nothing in their hands for survival and there are many families o­n 2022 who have not yet come out of the hardship they are facing after 75 years of independent. They could not become independent they are still left homeless with no hope in them. Let`s pray for peace forever and the world free from destruction. Peace throughout the rest of our life should be our vision of life. Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, India




Dear Leo:

Thank you so very much for your analysis of the Ukraine situation, and your comparison between it and the Holocaust. We agree with you completely.

Attached you find our ZOOM we had with scholars from the USA, Siberia, Near East , particularly Iran, etc. at the occasion of the remembrance of the Holocaustin the context of Barbarossa: the 6 million Jews and the 26 million Russian citizens.

We have continually those peace ZOOMs in the USA and worldwide. You are our teacher! Thank you! Keep safe! I am with all my best wishes for you and your dear family,

In Solidarity, your Rudi from the House of Mir.

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Michigan University, USA



Dear Leo,

Please check out our new appeal. All the best from Berlin.

May peace prevail!

Warmest regards,

Heinrich Buecker


Germany, Berlin





No War against the Donbass and against Russia!

Stop demonizing Russia!

URL: https://cooptv.wordpress.com/2022/01/25/appeal-no-war-against-the-donbass-and-against-russia-stop-demonizing-russia/


Against the background of the Ukraine crisis the demonization of Russia is intensifying and is now threatening to escalate openly. Ever tougher sanctions against Russia, the disruption of trade relations with gas and oil and even payment transactions are being threatened, and a military conflict has also become a possibility.

The West uses the narrative of accusing Russia of preparing for war and planning to invade Ukraine. It is argued that Russia threatens Ukraine if it moves its troops o­n its own territory. This is constantly promoted in the Western media as a sign of Russias aggressiveness. o­nly a few warning voices can be heard.

In fact, there are more and more military units from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and the EU inside Ukraine and along the entire western border of Russia. That is why Moscow is now demanding concrete military and legal security guarantees from the USA and from NATO.

Part of the crisis manifests itself in the difficult economic and political situation in Ukraine. Russia is demanding the establishment of substantial neutrality in the country. The Minsk II Agreement, which is recognized under international law, enables a non-violent and lasting solution to the intra-Ukrainian conflict.

The Western guarantor nations of Minsk-II, Germany and France, must finally demand that Ukraine negotiate with representatives of the Donbass republics with the aim of permanently resolving the conflict with the Donbass republics by granting them by granting them domestic autonomy. The U.S., Britain and their allies must immediately end their provocations, including training Ukraines military, as well as halting arms sales and shipments to the country.

We call for an immediate de-escalation of the US-EU-NATO crisis before it is too late. The threat to world peace o­n Russias western border must be addressed by the United Nations and subjected to the provisions of the UN Charter and other elements of international law.

We appeal to the German government to stand by their refusal to not provide arms to Ukraine. We appeal to Germany to finally advocate at the Minsk negotiations that the intra-Ukrainian conflict parties start negotiations with each other.

We call o­n the U.S. and o­n NATO to address Russias security needs under the 1997 NATO-Russia Act, which states that the right of self-determination of the participating states must not be at the expense of other participants.

We urge you to support and distribute this appeal. International solidarity is of the utmost importance, especially against the background of the Corona crisis.

To sign the appeal please by reply to this e-mail or fill out the formmailer:




Dear friend Heinrich,

We, GGHA, sincerely thanks you and people of Berlin from the entire Russian people and the Donbass population for your strong and honest antimilitarist solidarity with us in your protest appeal, signed by about 1000 Germans, against the NATO aggression in the Donbas and against Russia!

I translated your appeal of anti-war solidarity into Russian and published it o­n the pages of our peacemaking project "Global Peace Strategy: Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race" in two languages ​​(https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=935 and

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026). It is your powerful contribution to this fundamental peacemaking project of our century, provided, for the first time in history, the innovative strategic scientific resource "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), created in GGHA for 17 years. This shift was really launched by a peaceful initiative of the Russia security guarantees, rejected by 90% militarist NATO, continuing to pump the military resources to Ukraine and stimulate the Ukrainian Nazis to the military attack o­n the Donbass, which Russia will not leave without adequate rebuff, protecting the Russian-speaking Donbass.

It is 8 years old turned into the Ukrainian Nazis in modern Holocaust / Auschwitz (over 14 thousand civilians were killed there) o­nly for the fact that its population wants to speak o­n its native, Russian, in which the Ukrainian pro-Nazi government, feed by NATO and the West, sees a crime.

Your appeal, which we will be widely distributed, is assonant by many positions to our project, so we ask you to translate it into German to extend in Germany and other countries with this language. Is it possible for you?

Your strong appeal is a powerful solidarity and valuable humanistic support for the rights and freedoms of the Donbass Russian-speaking population, which are trapped by the Ukrainian authoritarian regime and the support of which, as you really emphasized, turned out to be, for the most part, inaccessible collective West. We highly appreciate your true vision of the situation in Ukraine and in the Donbass contrary to the total false zombie and manipulation of the West public consciousness. Your truth will continue in the history of humanism and courageous peacemaking.

With sincere gratitude and best peaceful wishes in the Europe center,



This GGHA response was published, along with thousands of similar o­nes from around the world, o­n the Berlin website with the German Appeals: "No war against Russia!", Hands off Russia! here: http://www.berlin-gegen-krieg.de/ex/no-war-against-russia/comments.html




Nazi Holocaust/Auschwitz of Ukraine 8 years in the Europe center


Dear friend Bruce,

We, the GGHA, are delighted with your great intellectual and peacemaking contribution to our project "Global Peace Strategy: Shift The Arms Race Into A Peace Race", o­n the pages of which (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026), as well as o­n your personal page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=993) was published your true view of the situation in Ukraine in my style, inaccessible to NATO and the West in general.

We are now waiting for your same true vision of the modern Holocaust/Auschwitz, lasting 8 years in the Donbass, whose civilians, children, women, old people, citizens in their homes, schools, childcare facilities, hospitals and just o­n the streets, as the innocent passers-by, are subjected to daily shelling from mortars, howitzers, tanks, as well as snipers and other assassins. We started publishing such materials a long time ago (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=647), but our capabilities have been reduced almost to zero by censorship and other obstacles. Maybe your bold and honest material o­n this topic will force the NATO countries militaristic democracies to understand that they, with their budget injections into Ukraine, unlimited deliveries of lethal weapons and troops to it, are feeding frank fascism, which is proud of the Nazi swastika along with the state flag of Ukraine. This Nazism is no different from the classic European fascism of Hitler, who, with NATO assistance, created the Holocaust / Auschwitz in the center of Europe for EIGHT (!!!!) years! There is no end in sight to it!!! "Democratic" and "humane" Europe, with the highest value of "human rights and freedoms" refuses to see their Nazi trampling in the Donbass!

What would the people of any region of Europe, numbering 6 million, like in the Donbass, say if every day, for 8 years, they were subjected to shelling from heavy lethal weapons and snipers like in the Donbass??? Imagine that Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Washington and other capitals of 30 NATO members are exposed to them for 8 years, almost equal in number!!! How else than the holocaust and Auschwitz their population appreciated? Yes, in a militaristic democracy in these capitals, it is unthinkable to imagine such a thing! But to see their REALITY IN DONBASS, o­n LIVING PEOPLE, o­n CHILDREN AND WOMEN OF DONBASS, they are incapable, DO NOT WANT, because they are ANOTHER RACE, RUSSIAN, WHICH, ACCORDING TO THE hypocritical DOUBLE STANDARDS OF EUROPE, CAN AND SHOULD BE KILLED EVERY DAY AND EVERY YEAR!!! The European militaristic democracy NATO, with its Nazi leaders like Stoltenberg, is no worse than the serial killer Hitler, turns out to be dense RACISM and APARTHEID!! It is LEGALLY allowed to destroy the population of another race, as it was in the fascist shelling of Belgrade in 1999, as it continues in Auschwitz in Donbass, starting from Maidan 2014! WHAT can be said about NATO Europe apart from these parallels?

Bruce, we admire your wisdom and courage to speak these truths INSIDE NATO's racist cauldron. We, the GGHA, fully support you and are sure that not o­nly militaristic America, 93% of its history living in wars, like o­n a drug (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=668), is collapsing. Together with it, NATO collapses, the axis of Western evil as a whole, the voluntary and conscious dissolution of which will break out very soon under the o­nslaught of the Gandhian greatest force of non-violence of the spherons, united by the Second International Peacemaking Front, led by Russia, China and India and armed Gandhian of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience. It was created in the GGHA for 17 years o­n the basis of the greatest Gandhian discovery of spherons. It was made in 1927, almost a century ago, and buried in oblivion and neglect of militaristic democracy and its ideological "science". But it was revived and raised by the GGHA for 17 years to the top of the fundamental peacemaking Megascience, which is substantiated by all scientific means and verified by world statistics. Its global recognition is not far off, along with which our strategy of global peace, brilliantly formulated by Martin King Jr., is being implemented: "to shift the arms race into a peace race."

This shift was started and launched by Russia last December in its peace security guarantees, which, as it has now become known, militaristic NATO sabotaged 95%, as you well know. But Peace WILL WIN the war now fomented by NATO/WEST in Ukraine against Russia. This will be their last war in history with Russia and peace-loving humanity, if they start it.

Once again with sincere thanks and best wishes,




Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space:


Now is time to speak up - no war with Russia!



Pictured above are Nazi death squadswho hail from western Ukraine. Today they are armed, trained and directed by the US-UK-NATO. They have been sent to the eastern border of Ukraine (since the 2014 coup in Kiev) to kill fellow Ukrainian citizens whose o­nly crime is that they are Russian-ethnic. It's called ethnic cleansing. So far more than 14,000 have been killed. The Ukrainian Army today has 125,000 troops o­n the 'line of contact' in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine (Lugansk and Donetsk).


What can we do?

Time is of the essence.

The US-UK-NATO are flooding Ukraine with more deadly weapons. We know that doing so does not help to de-escalate tensions.

We all need to do something to help defuse the neo-con plan in Washington to push us into another war o­n a false pretext.

Just this week some positive things have happened:

The head of the German Navy was forced to resign after he said 'Vladimir Putin deserves respect' and that he 'didn't think Russia was going to invade Ukraine'. The right-wing in Germany and NATO were not happy with those comments.

The president of Croatia (a NATO member) declared that if there was a war he would not allow troops from his country to join a US-NATO led war.

France increasingly appears uncomfortable and Germany didn't allow UK weapons shipments to Ukraine to be flown over German territory.

More peace activists (and their organizations) have come alive and are engaging to oppose any war.

Here are a few ideas for action:

Send a message to your congressional delegation. How to Contact with Congress, see here: https://www.congress.gov/contact-us

Write a letter to editor.

Share good info o­n the Ukraine issue with others to help increase the knowledge base of the public.

Hold a protest vigil in your community.

Watch this excellent documentary produced by Oliver Stone called Ukraine o­n Fire. Covers history of Nazi presence in western Ukraine and the situation in recent times. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHH10jIRJmQ

Read this brilliant article by Diana Johnstone about the inside-scoop o­n what led up to the 2014 US orchestrated coup in Kiev, Ukraine. This is o­ne of the best articles that I have ever read o­n the Ukraine situation. Go here:


I try to do o­ne or more things each day to help slow down this run-away US-UK-NATO freight train. I hope you will too.

In peace,

Bruce Gagnon






U.S. empire is collapsing

Washington arrogantly believes it is the 'exceptional nation' o­n this planet. The neo-cons are back in charge of most key Biden foreign policy decison making positions.

Don't forget the neo-cons are the o­nes that led us into Bush's 2003 'shock and awe' of Iraq. How did that work out? Oops! No WMD there.

The same corporate-dominated media are pushing war with Russia similar to what they did in 2003 with Iraq.


Put your sign o­n social media?

Take a personal stand with your own statement.

Share it and you'd be surprised how many people will like it. Most folks agree with us but are afraid to stick their neck out.

Be a leader and take a stand for sanity and the future generations.

Bruce Gagnon



Someone in this group wrote: "The matter is not who is more wrong..."

In the case of the genocide, it seems like you agree that it does matter who is wrong. And of course you are correct. It DOES matter that the world should blame Turkey and not Greece. Right? It is just obvious. It's a matter of common sense. If we pretend that both sides are equally wrong, then we will lose all credibility.

Why can we now apply our common sense to see who the warmongers are in the Ukraine conflict? The problem is not that we must remain neutral, because in the case of great evil, remaining neutral is a grave sin, giving points to the bad guys.

The US msn and political class have created the fable that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine and the US is the knight in shining armor who wants to save the Ukrainians. This myth must be dispelled before we can make any progress toward peace because if we fail to identify the real warmonger, we will lose our credibility. I have attempted to do that here:


Best Wishes,

Don Hank







I support our project "Global Peace Strategy 2022: Shifting the arms race into a peace race" as a very relevant peacemaking project today.

The main thing in it is proposal for Russia to open the "Second International Peacemaking Front" based o­n the Spherons MegaScience Global Peace in order to save the world and humanity. It can become a key tool in overcoming the arms race, wars, militarism and violence, because other tools over the past century have not worked, were powerless to stop them.


Vera Popovich






Yom ha' SHOAH Day of the Holocaust

27 of January

Ernesto Kahan

Genocidio, p.39 Ed Nihon Tosho Center, Tokio 2006

Silence..!  All is empty,

even what I see

Today, is the Day of Victims of the Holocaust,

I am silent, do not want to speak.

I remember 1940,

conflicts, maps and strategies.

Europe at war

its soldiers fighting


No, not for the Jews

for them extermination and agony

a number, the crematorium,

German doctors, "euthanasia"


Holocaust - SHOAH:

Crime and pain,

each second in a struggle

not to be gassed...


Today is the 27 of January,

neo World, neo Europe,

neo anti-Semitism,

neo hate.


My thoughts fly and crash

against an imaginary wall

return without asking me.

I keep o­n silent...


Without tears...

Dry eyes, in silence...

Six million murdered...

Survivors who can not cry...


Dry eyes looking at nothing...

I am silent,

do not want to speak.

Today is the 27of January.



 Country                Jewish Population     Number of Jews  Percentage of

                        September, 1939         Murdered     Jews Murdered


 1.   Poland                3,300,000           2,800,000         85.0

 2.   USSR (occupied

      territories)          2,100.000           1,500,000         71.4

 3.   Romania                 850,000             425,000         50.0

 4.   Hungary                 404,000             200,000         49.5

5.   Czechoslovakia          315,000             260,000         82.5

 6.   France                  300,000              90,000         30.0

 7.   Germany                 210,000             171,000         81.0

 8.   Lithuania               150,000             135,000         90.0

 9.   Holland                 150,000              90,000         60.0

10.   Latvia                   95,000              85,000         89.5

11.   Belgium                  90,000              40,000         44.4

12.   Greece                   75,000              65,000         80.0

13.   Yugoslavia               75,000              55,000         73.3

14.   Austria                  60,000              40,000         66.6

15.   Italy                    57,000              15,000         26.3

16.   Bulgaria                 50,000               7,000         14.0

17.   Others                   20,000               6,000         30.0

                            _________           _________         ____

Totals                      8,301,000           5,978,000         72.0


Source: Cited in Landau, The Nazi Holocaust, Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1994.

These data originally appeared in Poliakov and Wulf (eds), Das Dritte Reich

und die Juden: Documente und Aufsatze (Arani Verlag, GmbH, Berlin, 1955).




Holocaust of the past and present


Dear Ernesto,

Many thanks for your brilliant verse dedicated to the brutal Holocaust memory that claimed the lives of more than 6 million Jews, children, women, the elderly, innocent citizens killed and burned by Hitler's National Socialist regime. Along with a stunning photo illustrating the Holocaust of the past and modern Donbas: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=647 as an inevitable fruit of militaristic democracy. They are published o­n your page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=338. Or are you not interested in the Holocaust of other nations and children?

Hitler's regime, as history shows, was nurtured by European militaristic democracy and funded by the USA. This democracy has no immunity against the fascist destruction of ANY people of ANY nationality. Western and US democracies are now feeding a similar regime in Ukraine, generously funding it and filling it with lethal weapons against their people of a different, Russian nationality, in the Donbas. This is happening in front of the eyes of the democratic west and USA, which, like under Hitler, notice NOTHING and say NOTHING and do NOTHING to prevent the second revival of fascism under Bandera Nazi slogans in Ukraine. Do you see it or do you not see that the roots of Nazism are in the militarism of any democracy, be it American, Ukrainian or European, which has been written about for a long time and a lot?

Today, no democracy, in its militaristic form, is immune from Nazism. Only the democracy of the Gandhian spherons has immunity from Nazism, which has found a fundamental scientific justification in the GGHA books and projects with your active participation, over 17 years of its work. This is reflected in our latest, 81st project: "Global Peace Strategy 2022" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=935), about which we have not yet heard your opinion. o­nly this strategy of peace, o­nly o­n the basis of our unique, innovative "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), excludes the repetition of any Nazism in any society, as well as ANY militarism.

No other social conception, in its traditional, class partiality, trampling o­n the harmonious integrity of spherons, is able to guarantee the eradication of the most severe violence against every person, which we see in pogroms in all democracies, both American and European. Nobody knows such a concept. Such a concept simply does not exist, which indicates the weakness of a holistic peacemaking intellect, thinking, consciousness and science.

Only we, the GGHA, have created, in the first approximation, similar science, verified it with world statistics, than not a single traditional concept shines, and verified it with our peacemaking experience of hundreds of humanitarians from more than 50 countries over 17 years. Why are we silent about this o­ne ray of global peace in the dark and dominating democratic realm of total violence, militarism, wars and new racial Holocausts? What do you think about it? We must not o­nly remember the tragic past, but also prevent its repetition in the future. WHO, what community, except for spherons can prevent and exclude Holocausts, even in Auschwitz, even in the Donbas in the future? What do you think about it?

With best wishes for peace from the spherons harmony, excluding any Holocaust,




Dear all peacemakers,

My proposal is as follows, we all know that historically, despite the US commitments to Gorbachev when he consented to the "reunification of Germany", that there would be no NATO enlargement to the countries of Eastern Europe. So far, there have been 5 NATO enlargements, at various times, in the "courtyard" of Russia. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary joined NATO in 1999, the Baltic States, Bulgaria and Romania in 2004, Croatia and Albania in 2009, Montenegro in 2017 and North Macedonia in 2020.

Russia, for its part, has now agreed with the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to develop co-operation in all areas, including the military, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The scenario that is being played now is, you are approaching Moscow, I am targeting the USA. A delicate balance of terror by two nuclear powers-countries. What do the alliances of the two superpowers-countries mean? The points of conflicts are being internationalized and globalized.

We as peacemakers of GGHA owe to humanity to declare that the two parties (USA and Russia) are obligedto agree for Peace here and now. No o­ne has the right for any excuse to start a war. If they cannot find a solution (USA and Russia), they are obliged to be referred to the UN.

Takis, Panagiotis D. Ioannides

Hellas, Greece



Dear all peacemakers.

Our times are too critical. NATO and Russia are face to face ready for a war with all three weapons, air, land, sea, as USA announced.

In the past GHA was very active in critical geostrategic cases. Remember the letters we sent to G20 and all Parliaments in Europe. NATO invests in new bases in South Central Europe.

Chine terrorizes Taiwan, like yesterday.

I propose to act immediately as GHA pressing all parties to start new negotiations.Also to energize all parliaments.

On last December, I sent to GHA two letters I found exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and Tsar Alexander between 1804 & 1815, as attached. (Published: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138)

With Peace via Harmony and Love

Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GGHA




The Ukrainian conflict finds its origin in September 2013, when president Viktor Ianoukovitch decides unilaterally to withdraw association agreement with the European Union. In reaction, demonstrations are organized spontaneously o­n the place of the independence of Kiev (known as Maïdan) by partisans of a bringing together with the EU

In February 2014, the Foreign Ministers German, French and Polish as of the Russian representatives try to find a way out of crisis with the Ukrainian power. But o­n February 21st, 2014, Viktor Ianoukovitch flees the Ukrainian capital. Shown of violations of the human rights, it is relieved the following day by the Ukrainian Parliament.

The Parliament envisages presidential elections for May 25th, 2014, and names an acting president. However, the regions of the east of the Ukraine, mainly Russian speakers and opposed to the movement of Maïdan, do not recognize the new institutions. In reaction, the Parliament withdraws the statute of official language to the regional languages, of which Russian, which sparks off an explosion.

In March 2014, an armed insurrection carried out by not identified forces comes to power in the Ukrainian autonomous region of the Crimea, and claims fastening in Russia. After the organization of a local referendum, the area signs a treaty with Russia to seal its membership of the federation. The result of the referendum is not recognized by the Ukraine nor by the European Union.

The revolts take importance in the Eastern area of the Ukraine, Donbass, until the intervention of the Ukrainian army to fight against armed an insurrection known as pro-Russian. The first engagements burst whereas the provinces (oblast) of Donetsk and Louhansk (Russian Lougansk), which form Donbass, autoproclament independent popular republics, respectively 7 and o­n April 27th, 2014. No State recognizes these declarations of independence, not even Russia.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, elected in April 2019, wishes a bringing together with the European Union. A will shared by the European institutions. We want to go even further in our relation with the Ukraine, affirmed the president of the European Council Charles Michel at the conclusion of the EU-Ukraine top of October 6th, 2020, the last but o­ne in date.

The Ukraine also wishes to adhere to NATO, which would imply the intervention of the member countries of Atlantic Alliance in the event of military aggression. A prospect to which Russia is opposed, which requires of the United States and their allies of the legal insurances excluding any widening from NATO in the Ukraine. He thinks that the members of the military organization are not very inclined to accommodate a new Ukrainian member in the immediate future, but the proposal remains!

At the end of 2021, Russia dispatches soldiers at his Ukrainian border: troop movements which could culminate with 175,000 soldiers and the possibility of invading the Ukraine by the beginning of 2022, according to o­ne high ranking official American questioned by Washington Post. But President PUTIN knows that an intervention would expose it to heavy economic sanctions Western and its intention is not the war, but the refusal of the adhesion of the Ukrainewith NATO. Let us recall that Russia is a vast country with an unequal population according to the regions and that this country has a cultural last rich person and its social history made carry o­n it the glance of the world. However, its gross domestic product is equivalent to that of Spain and to the 2/3 to that of France. However, Russia continues to play a main function in the business of the world that is to the Middle East, in Africa, at the Security Council of UNO.

On the bottom of the file, its peace plan, our network specified our proposals based o­n will spherons and Gandhica. This peace plan lucid, realistic, is balanced! It should be taken into account by the United Nations, the United States and the European Union in particular. Rene WADLOW recently brought his relevant analysis based o­n his international experiment.

Russia thus fears a possible adhesion with the Organization of the treaty of the North Atlantic (NATO), which she sees like a concurrent organization threatening her safety, as well as the bringing together of the former Soviet republics with the European Union. Consequently, the influence exerted by Russia o­n the Ukrainian separatist areas is a means of weighing o­n the international policy of Kiev, in order to keep the Ukraine in the Russian sphere, But the Westerners refuse the application of the Kremlin however and maintain that Kiev will join Atlantic Alliance in the long term.

On this subject, three points are important which should bring the United States and the European Union to measurement! With listening to them: it is Russia alone which is it responsible for this situation and which would be quarrelsome, expansionist, authoritative, and which would seek the war.

1 All this gesticulation is partly explained by the interior difficulties why know certain States with their people! While speaking about the threats allotted to Russia these countries off-set and mask their situation! He is thus British Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON whose behavior during the pandemic crisis caused indignation in its country, he is the same of US president Joe Biden, since his catastrophic management of the withdrawal in Afghanistan, he knew a large reverse. The US president learned this weekend that the Senate will not vote its revival program Ensuite, believing not to be recorded, it held of the remarks scorning with regard to journalists what passes badly to the State Unis.

In France, President Emanuel MACRON is candidate not stated but however won over to his succession at the time of the French presidential election.  He wants to appear firm having an international stature, this, whereas its domestic policy, its management of the pandemic crisis deserves many criticisms.

2 Of the recently déclassifiés documents reveals that Western leaders - and not of least, like US president George H.W. Bush and the general secretary of NATO of the time Manfred Wörner - had ensured Soviet president Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, that Atlantic Alliance would not be extended to the east beyond East Germany after the German reunification of October 1990. However at present this promise is ignored by the United States and their allies European.

3 the area of Donbass was to know a certain autonomy and o­n this subject:  there the Ukrainian government had indicated to be favorable!However, to date no measure was taken in this direction.

Countries like Japan and Germany maintain the relationship cordial with Russia. the dialog must continue for projections for peace. For this purpose, a written commitment of the United States and its allies encouraged by the General secretary of UNO specifying the respect of nonthe adhesion of the Ukraine with NATO would certainly make it possible to Russian President Vladimir PUTIN to withdraw the 120,000 soldiers present at the Ukrainian border and to stop the military maneuvers.


Social observant French writer




Gopala Mariappan




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In process

Russian Initiative. Global Peace Strategy.

GGHA 81st Project


Global Peace Strategy.

Russian Security Initiative:

"Shift the arms race into a peace race" in the 21st century since 2022


The GGHA 81st project

Started: Dec 12, 2021

Approved by the GGHA: January 5, 2022

DRAFT for discussion up to Jan 5, 2022

The discussion is extended until January 10 inclusive.


Project coauthors:

- 174 coauthors from 34 countries of "Global Peace Science of Spherons", 2016:


- 82 coauthors from 25 countries of Mahatma Gandhi. Nonviolence Starting Point. Spherons Genetics and Statistics. GANDHICA." 2019:


- 46 coauthors from 26 countries of "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto". 2020:



Nobel Peace Prize Winners:

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Laureate 1976, Northern Ireland,

John Avery, Nobel Laureate 1995, Denmark,

Ernesto Kahan, Vice President of IPPNW, NGO Nobel Laureate 1985, Israel.

Leaders of peacemaking NGOs:

Leo Semashko, GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President, Russia,

Andrey Smirnov, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Olga Kashina, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Svetlana Vetrova, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Vera Popovich, GGHA Vice-President, Russia,

Nina Novikova, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Irina Medvedeva, GGHA Vice President, Russia,

Hasina Parvin, GGHA President, India,

Ashok Chakravarthy, GGHA Vice President, India,

Pravat Dhal, GGHA Vice President, India,

Maitreyee Roy, GGHA Vice President, India,

Rudolf Siebert, GGHA Vice President, USA,

Ayo Amale, GGHA Vice President, Nigeria,

Guy Crequie, GGHA Vice President, France,

Steve Amoah, GGHA Vice President, Ghana,

Heli Habyarimana, GGHA Vice President, Rwanda,

Delasnieve Daspet, GGHA Vice President, Brazil,

Noor Larik, GGHA Vice President, Pakistan,

Adam Greenwell, GGHA Vice President, New Zealand,

Bishnu Pathak, GGHA Vice President, Nepal,

Maria Cristina Ascona, GGHA Vice President, WPO President, Argentina,

Bruce Cook, WPO Vice President, USA,

Vladislav Krasnov, Founder and President of RAGA, Russian-American Goodwill Association, USA,

Michael Ellis, GGHA Vice President, Australia,

And many others, see their personal pages o­n the GGHA website:


With the support of:

Matt Meyer, Secretary General of IPRA, International Peace Research Association, USA

(Who of the GGHA listed books coauthors refuses to support this 81st project for any reason, could inform about it publicly or privately.)



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=935


The proposed project is presented in the form of several banners devoted to the key structural blocks of the Global Peace Strategy 2022 for its visibility and conciseness as undoubted advantages for its widespread and discuss in the world civil society.


1. The upper banner of the Global Peace Strategy 2022, offers its holistic definition o­n the basis of the fundamental peacemaking MegaScience of Spheronics, created in GGSH for 17 years (not counting almost 30-year-old preparatory period) "On the peace giants shoulders" for almost 300 years from Immanuel Kant to Martin Luther King Jr. We offer his brilliant phrase "shift the arms race into a peace race" as a better, essential definition of the "Global Peace Strategy 2022" for a global civil society in the 21st century.

2. The next banner illustrates a deadly arms race and the ideological, propaganda confrontation for the last century, which summed up humanity to "the abyss edge of a nuclear catastrophe" according to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The inevitable consequence of this is the fundamental peacemaking initiative of Russia for the guarantees of national security and the global world, which is a turning point from the arms race to a peace race, launching it for the first time in history.

3. The third banner illustrates the fundamental content of the Russian initiative two projects in the GGHA development, which gives the start of a peace race as a "second, peacemaking front" against the dominant deadly trend of endless militaristic aggressions, wars, violence and arms race.


          The Project Conclusion. The Russian peacemaking initiative, strictly limiting the arms race and the aggressive expansion of the ​​nuclear weapons area to an inevitable tragic collision of the two largest nuclear powers with 96% of the nuclear arsenal, which can hundred times to destroy life o­n the planet, of course, deserves full support of the world civil society and all true peace organizations and peacemakers wishing to preserve the human civilization and the biosphere o­n the planet Earth.

This project is open to sign and support all peace organizations through its coauthors listed above.




Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation o­n security guarantees


Agreement o­n measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

17 December 2021 13:26


English publication;




Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation o­n security guarantees

(Underline in red by L. Semashko)


Unofficial translation



The United States of America and the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as the "Parties",

guided by the principles contained in the Charter of the United Nations, the 1970 Declaration o­n Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, the 1975 Helsinki Final Act of the Conference o­n Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as the provisions of the 1982 Manila Declaration o­n the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, the 1999 Charter for European Security, and the 1997 Founding Act o­n Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Russian Federation,

recalling the inadmissibility of the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations both in their mutual and international relations in general,

supporting the role of the United Nations Security Council that has the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security,

recognizing the need for united efforts to effectively respond to modern security challenges and threats in a globalized and interdependent world,

considering the need for strict compliance with the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs, including refraining from supporting organizations, groups or individuals calling for an unconstitutional change of power, as well as from undertaking any actions aimed at changing the political or social system of o­ne of the Contracting Parties,

bearing in mind the need to create additional effective and quick-to-launch cooperation mechanisms or improve the existing o­nes to settle emerging issues and disputes through a constructive dialogue o­n the basis of mutual respect for and recognition of each others security interests and concerns, as well as to elaborate adequate responses to security challenges and threats,

seeking to avoid any military confrontation and armed conflict between the Parties and realizing that direct military clash between them could result in the use of nuclear weapons that would have far-reaching consequences,

reaffirming that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, and recognizing the need to make every effort to prevent the risk of outbreak of such war among States that possess nuclear weapons,

reaffirming their commitments under the Agreement between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics o­n Measures to Reduce the Risk of Outbreak of Nuclear War of 30 September 1971, the Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics o­n the Prevention of Incidents o­n and Over the High Seas of 25 May 1972, the Agreement between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics o­n the Establishment of Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers of 15 September 1987, as well as the Agreement between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics o­n the Prevention of Dangerous Military Activities of 12 June 1989,

have agreed as follows:


Article 1

The Parties shall cooperate o­n the basis of principles of indivisible, equal and undiminished security and to these ends:

shall not undertake actions nor participate in or support activities that affect the security of the other Party;

shall not implement security measures adopted by each Party individually or in the framework of an international organization, military alliance or coalition that could undermine core security interests of the other Party.


Article 2

The Parties shall seek to ensure that all international organizations, military alliances and coalitions in which at least o­ne of the Parties is taking part adhere to the principles contained in the Charter of the United Nations.


Article 3

The Parties shall not use the territories of other States with a view to preparing or carrying out an armed attack against the other Party or other actions affecting core security interests of the other Party.


Article 4

The United States of America shall undertake to prevent further eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and deny accession to the Alliance to the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

         The United States of America shall not establish military bases in the territory of the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that are not members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, use their infrastructure for any military activities or develop bilateral military cooperation with them.


Article 5

The Parties shall refrain from deploying their armed forces and armaments, including in the framework of international organizations, military alliances or coalitions, in the areas where such deployment could be perceived by the other Party as a threat to its national security, with the exception of such deployment within the national territories of the Parties.

The Parties shall refrain from flying heavy bombers equipped for nuclear or non-nuclear armaments or deploying surface warships of any type, including in the framework of international organizations, military alliances or coalitions, in the areas outside national airspace and national territorial waters respectively, from where they can attack targets in the territory of the other Party.

The Parties shall maintain dialogue and cooperate to improve mechanisms to prevent dangerous military activities o­n and over the high seas, including agreeing o­n the maximum approach distance between warships and aircraft.


Article 6

The Parties shall undertake not to deploy ground-launched intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles outside their national territories, as well as in the areas of their national territories, from which such weapons can attack targets in the national territory of the other Party.


Article 7

The Parties shall refrain from deploying nuclear weapons outside their national territories and return such weapons already deployed outside their national territories at the time of the entry into force of the Treaty to their national territories. The Parties shall eliminate all existing infrastructure for deployment of nuclear weapons outside their national territories.

The Parties shall not train military and civilian personnel from non-nuclear countries to use nuclear weapons. The Parties shall not conduct exercises or training for general-purpose forces, that include scenarios involving the use of nuclear weapons.


Article 8

The Treaty shall enter into force from the date of receipt of the last written notification o­n the completion by the Parties of their domestic procedures necessary for its entry into force.

Done in two originals, each in English and Russian languages, both texts being equally authentic.


For the United States of America    
For the Russian Federation



Agreement o­n measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Unofficial translation



The Russian Federation and the member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

reaffirming their aspiration to improve relations and deepen mutual understanding,

acknowledging that an effective response to contemporary challenges and threats to security in our interdependent world requires joint efforts of all the Parties,

determined to prevent dangerous military activity and therefore reduce the possibility of incidents between their armed forces,

noting that the security interests of each Party require better multilateral cooperation, more political and military stability, predictability, and transparency,

reaffirming their commitment to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the 1975 Helsinki Final Act of the Conference o­n Security and Co-operation in Europe, the 1997 Founding Act o­n Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the 1994 Code of Conduct o­n Politico-Military Aspects of Security, the 1999 Charter for European Security, and the Rome Declaration "Russia-NATO Relations: a New Quality" signed by the Heads of State and Government of the Russian Federation and NATO member States in 2002,

have agreed as follows:


Article 1

The Parties shall guide in their relations by the principles of cooperation, equal and indivisible security. They shall not strengthen their security individually, within international organizations, military alliances or coalitions at the expense of the security of other Parties.

The Parties shall settle all international disputes in their mutual relations by peaceful means and refrain from the use or threat of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

The Parties shall not create conditions or situations that pose or could be perceived as a threat to the national security of other Parties.

The Parties shall exercise restraint in military planning and conducting exercises to reduce risks of eventual dangerous situations in accordance with their obligations under international law, including those set out in intergovernmental agreements o­n the prevention of incidents at sea outside territorial waters and in the airspace above, as well as in intergovernmental agreements o­n the prevention of dangerous military activities.


Article 2

In order to address issues and settle problems, the Parties shall use the mechanisms of urgent bilateral or multilateral consultations, including the NATO-Russia Council.

The Parties shall regularly and voluntarily exchange assessments of contemporary threats and security challenges, inform each other about military exercises and maneuvers, and main provisions of their military doctrines. All existing mechanisms and tools for confidence-building measures shall be used in order to ensure transparency and predictability of military activities.

Telephone hotlines shall be established to maintain emergency contacts between the Parties.


Article 3

The Parties reaffirm that they do not consider each other as adversaries.

The Parties shall maintain dialogue and interaction on improving mechanisms to prevent incidents o­n and over the high seas (primarily in the Baltics and the Black Sea region).


Article 4

The Russian Federation and all the Parties that were member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as of 27 May 1997, respectively, shall not deploy military forces and weaponry o­n the territory of any of the other States in Europe in addition to the forces stationed o­n that territory as of 27 May 1997. With the consent of all the Parties such deployments can take place in exceptional cases to eliminate a threat to security of o­ne or more Parties.


Article 5

The Parties shall not deploy land-based intermediate- and short-range missiles in areas allowing them to reach the territory of the other Parties.


Article 6

All member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of NATO, including the accession of Ukraine as well as other States.


Article 7

The Parties that are member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shall not conduct any military activity o­n the territory of Ukraine as well as other States in the Eastern Europe, in the South Caucasus and in Central Asia.

In order to exclude incidents the Russian Federation and the Parties that are member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shall not conduct military exercises or other military activities above the brigade level in a zone of agreed width and configuration o­n each side of the border line of the Russian Federation and the states in a military alliance with it, as well as Parties that are member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Article 8

This Agreement shall not affect and shall not be interpreted as affecting the primary responsibility of the Security Council of the United Nations for maintaining international peace and security, nor the rights and obligations of the Parties under the Charter of the United Nations.


Article 9

This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of deposit of the instruments of ratification, expressing consent to be bound by it, with the Depositary by more than a half of the signatory States. With respect to a State that deposited its instrument of ratification at a later date, this Agreement shall enter into force from the date of its deposit.

Each Party to this Agreement may withdraw from it by giving appropriate notice to the Depositary. This Agreement shall terminate for such Party [30] days after receipt of such notice by the Depositary.

This Agreement has been drawn up in Russian, English and French, all texts being equally authentic, and shall be deposited in the archive of the Depositary, which is the Government of ...


Done in [the city of ] this [XX] day of [XX] two thousand and [XX].


Merry Christmas +++ Historical Russian Initiative

"Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race"


Dear GGHA members, friends,

The GGHA is happy to congratulate all Catholic Christians Merry Christmas and wish you good health, love and global peace in the Gandhian spherons harmony, the o­nly capable to achieve and ensure it when they will master the holistic "Global Peace MegaScience of Spherons (GPMS), briefly Spheronics: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf.  

We are now firmly convinced that without the peace science IT WILL NEVER BE ACHIEVED. o­nly at the beginning of our century, humanity turned out to be able to build this science "on the peace giants shoulders" by the synergistic systemic synthesis of their fundamental, but incomprehensible and unused ideas. This unique science, as you know, was created and statistically confirmed in GGHA by the efforts of hundreds of humanities from dozens of countries during 17 years. As a flourishing of deadly wars began three centuries ago since the birth of military science in the von Bülows book 1799, also the real hope for a saving peace can appear o­nly with the birth of the GGHA GPMS with you. Global peace remains up to now without a decisive, scientific resource, so it constantly weakens and its thread, holding humanity from the "nuclear madness abyss" (Guterres) became extremely thin in history. Mad Russophobian confrontation of the West and the concentration of nuclear weapons at the Russia boundaries, which together with the US have 96% of its stocks, put Europe and humanity as a whole before the fact not 100 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924), but 5 seconds of complete nuclear mutual destruction.

In this tragic situation of nuclear suicide, the Russia safety initiative o­n December 17, 2021 offers the o­nly possible and acceptable peacemaking agenda for restrictions, deterrence and "shift the [nuclear] arms race into a peace race" that was proclaimed by Martin Luther King Jr. The GGHA peacemakers cannot pass by the turning global peace initiative of Russia. All 17 points of its two document limit the nuclear aggressive aspirations of the US/NATO and call to solve all conflicts "by peaceful means and refrain from the use or threat of force." This is the most relevant and vital proposal: move from the militarist language of violence, wars, threats and sanctions to the peace language, excluding violence. But this language so that it is convincing for all sides, should not be falsely propaganda, but fundamentally scientific and verified, which is the language of GPMS. However, its recognition and application by all parties is possible o­nly in its sharing further development in the relevant International Scientific Academy as part of a common acceptable strategy of "Shift the Arms Race into Peace Race".

The agenda of this strategy is offered in the GGHA relevant draft o­n the basis of published documents of the Russian security initiative. This draft for discussion until January 5, 2022 is published entirely o­n the GGHA website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026

We invite civil society and its organizations to support the peacemaking initiative of Russia o­n security under our overall "Global Peace Strategy 2022" and contribute to the discussion and adjustment the GGHA draft. This voice of world civil society will undoubtedly strengthen our optimistic, Christmas hopes for the preservation and strengthening of global peace o­n scientific base.
         With gratitude, and warm congratulations o­n the festive season,
Dr. Leo Semashko,



Dr. Leo Semashko Brief Identification,

- Peacemaking parental, national motivation since birth "WHAT WOULD NO A WAR!":https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1023,

- Valid state adviser of St. Petersburg as a deputy of its Parliament (Lensovet/Petrosovet) in 1990-1993 from 48th City Electoral District: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=58,

- Philosopher, sociologist, statistician, sociocybernetician and international peacemaker from harmony: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University and its graduate school at the Department of Foreign Philosophy, PhD, Associate Professor, RANH Professor,

- Pedagogical experience of humanitarian (philosophy, sociology, law, political science, etc.) teaching at universities in St. Petersburg and other cities - about 20 years: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=917,

- Founder (2005) and Honorary President of the International Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA), whose website "Peace from Spherons Harmony" in 16 languages for 16 years has recorded more than 17 million visits: https://peacefromharmony.org,

- Lifetime Honorary Member of RC51 "Sociocybernetics" International Sociological Association,

- Three times nominated together with GGHA by the Western scientists at the Nobel Peace Prize (2013, 2017, and 2020): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- Scientific peacemaking achievements 1970-2021: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1023,

- Since 1970, cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign scholars of the humanities, since 2000 - with more than 600 Western humanitarians from more than 50 countries, including 5 Nobel Peace Laureates: Mairead Maguire, John Avery, Adolfo Esquivel, Ernesto Kahan, Beatrice Fihn, President of India Abdul Kalam, leader of Japanese Buddhists Daisaku Ikeda, Norwegian pioneer of peace researches Johan Galtung, American linguist Noam Chomsky, Kazakh economist academician Uraz Baimuratov, Japanese sociologist Reiman Bachika, British sociocybernetician Bernard Scott, Russian historian Vladislav Krasnov, Indian sociologist Maitreyee Roy, French philosopher Guy Crequie, Pakistani statistician Noor Larik, African lawyer Ayo Amale, Indian poet Ashok Chakravarthy, Greek writer and poet Takis Ioannides, American theologian Rudolf Siebert and many other world famous scientists and peacemakers. For 16 years, more than 500 personal pages of the GGHA members have been created o­n its website, who actively cooperated with the GGHA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- More than 1600 publications, including 20 books in 1-12 languages, many of which are in the world's largest libraries: British, US Congress, Sorbonne, etc. The Russia National Electronic Library (NEL) with its Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) was open to me only since August 24, 2021, Only 28 my publications, less than 2%, are included in it now. The rest remain unknown to Russian scientists. Prior to this, the NEL RSCI, since the very beginning 2005, was fully closed for my publications for 16 years due to the Marxist censorship in the NEL of Russia, which continues to this day, but not at least:


- Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253,

- Skype: leo.semahko

- Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com




Dear Leo and all beloved peacemakers,

our present times call us to be activated strongly and fly with the wings of GGHA

the GPS and GANHDICA to human souls globally.

Our strategy is o­nly o­ne, PEACE!

Merry Christmas to ALL because this is a LOVE AND PEACE AFFAIR!

With Love and Peace

Dr Panagiotis, Takis D Ioannides,


Co-founder, VP of GHA.




Dear Leo,

Greetings from Argentina, South America.

Though we did not suffer as much as Russia in the XXth century and the Napoleonic invasion, we had to endure in our brief history countless invasions, coups d'etat, massive genocides from the very same powers that wish no peace.

Please allow me to suggest include in your brief list of champions of peace Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin & XiYiping. They do not stand alone, more of half of the world stand with them and in support of Russia, China, Iran, etc.

As for Sakharov, seems to me that in his last years he was more part of the problem than from the solution. Perhaps out of ignorance, naivety or lack of vision, sort of.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Good 2022.


Diego Lucio Rapoport Campodonico


Dear Diego,

Thank you very much for your deeply thoughtful response, which was posted along with 12 other responses from 10 countries o­n our project page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026.

We Russians highly appreciate also your honest concern about the Russia situation, surrounded by the West, the US/NATO nuclear weapons, which threatens an imminent genocidal catastrophe. We also appreciate your detailed suggestions for the banners of our project. Your idea to include such "peace champions" as Putin and Xi, adding to them the PM of India Modi as a counterweight to the militarists and aggressors of Biden and Johnson is very timely and correct. It will be implemented in the corresponding banner. But we cannot include them in a number of historical "the peace giants", which we intend to supplement with such brilliant peacemakers as Albert Einstein and Helena Roerich in order to "dilute" their male campaign. Maybe someone will suggest new giants.

We will not now discuss the merits and demerits of Sakharov, whose greatest merit in Russia we see in the rejection from communism and the proclamation of the "Third Way" as the convergence of the advantages of capitalism and socialism in a new world multipolar order, free from militarism, which has received a fundamental sociological foundation in our GGHA peacemaking MegaScience Spheronics.

At the same time, I will answer the question about the bilingualism of our banners. This is the GGHA principled position, rejecting the linguistic domination of the English language, continuing and strengthening the political and militaristic domination of the eternally aggressive West, from which the whole world suffers, including your Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc. The leader of the world Esperantists, the great Roman professor Renato Corsetti (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=97), as well as your compatriot, bilinguist Maria Cristina Ascona (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36) expressed this position most reasonably.

We have 10 days to discuss our project, so for a thorough work with it, I am happy to send it to you and all your friends in the PDF attachment.

I will write to you in more detail in a private letter.

Happy New Year to you and all our friends,





All the best for this New Year 2022 with no Covid and a lot of peace

in the world and in our hearts.

Bella Ventura





Joyeux Noel à tous

Prenez soin de vous et de ceux que vous aimez .

Esperons une meilleure année pour 2022

Sincerely, Claude from Dijon- France


Merry Christmas to everyone

Take care of yourself and those you love.

Hope for a better year for 2022


Claude from Dijon - France





Dear sisters and brothers of GHA,

Peace, the most precious asset for a battered humanity today, which is at the heart of Christmas, is the motivating force that fibrates in GHA. Let me, therefore, share my message with all of you

wishing humanity a world closer to peace in 2022!

Glenn Sankatsing

Author of Quest to Rescue Our Future

Member of the Executive Board of Rescue Our Future Foundation

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center





Dear all,

Merry Christmas and New Year. Let us hope it will be a peace full year.

Dr. Noor M Larik.

President GHA,





Dear All,

Welcome to "Global Peace Strategy 2022". Thanks to great endeavor of

Russia! May it be success to achieve the goal!

Happy Christmas! May it brings us peace, progress, love, and light!


Pravat Kumar Dhal,





Dear Takis,

Merry Christmas!

May God be with us and may we space apes find a way to survive!


Dear Glenn,

I haven't heard from you for a long time! How are you? Glad if you write what you up to nowadays.

A little present for me, my new audiobook about human survival:



Lucas Pawlik,





Dear Leo,

Season's greetings. Kindly note that my email account:

aayoamale@gmail.com is full.

Please communications with me should henceforth be through this email:


During this joyous and blessed holiday season, i wish you and your

family a Merry Christmas filled with love, peace, joy and laughter.

Best regards,

Ayo Amale,




Dear members of GGHA,

Wishing o­ne and all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

May eternal Peace prevail o­n earth with a great goodflourishing and

lasting happiness over the entire humanity in the years to come.


Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

Gandhian Poet - India




Dear All,

My poem dedicated to GHA


We are the power of the solar chakra

the crucible of context

where the night and day

converge and evolve in o­neness

and the fire of the angel

of the sun therein ,

alchemical and grand ,

resolves the body of all upset

as it heals and mends


And the purifying angel of water,

of the rushing currents of earth

flow in the body like rushing streams

from oceans to rivers to tributaries

cleansing with purifying grace

through our earthly mothers embrace

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody

Warmest Wishes


Dr Michael Ellis

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia





Dear All Brothers and Sisters,

Happy Christ Mas and New Years Day! Hope these events bring us new

consciousness, peace, progress, love and light! Pandemic, war, and

conflict will be resolved. All will live a peaceful and harmonious life.


Pravat Kumar Dhal, India

GGHA Peace Ambassador




Does Biden REALLY want to start WW III?


Yes, I said World War III.

         I keep hearing strains of that song "The Bells of Christmas" -- esp that last verse with "there is no peace o­n earth he said"...

         Yes, WORLD war It WOULD be a world war. And the below report says the US has plans to attack the Russian territory.

The problem with this is that the new Russian constitution specifies that if any foreign power attacks Russia proper, the Russians reserve the right to hit the attacker with NUCLEAR weapons -- even if the attack was by conventional weapons. The attacker would clearly be the US. Washington would be a target.

Do you need this? Do you want this? NEVER BEFORE has any US president come this close to a nuclear war with Russia. A war that was 100% avoidable.

As you can learn from the below text, Ukraine, which is wholly under US control, has been, since 2014. attacking Donbass (the breakaway republics LPR and DPR) -- a violation of the Minsk accords, of UN mandates and of common sense. All the US would have had to do was order their puppet regime in Kiev to STOP antagonizing Russia and the problem would have been solved. Russia never had any intention or desire to capture Ukraine, a failed state incapable of being ruled. The Washington warmongers KNOW this, yet keep blaming the entire conflict o­n Russia. And the US public keeps swallowing the lies just as it did the lies about the WMDs in Iraq

You are being set up for the next Washington-instigated war, o­ne unlike any the world has ever seen! But after the radioactive dust settles, it won't matter whether they blame Russia or not. Or will you rise up and stop them this time?

Sorry, I can't hear you...



Fully: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027


Does Biden want WWIII?

Dear Don,

Many thanks for your honest and courageous article, which we partially published in responses to the peace initiative of Russia here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026, and in full o­n a special page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027.

Your response from an honest-minded American, as they say in Russia, is "not in the eyebrow, but in the eye": "Biden wants WWIII?" Thank you very much for your worthy, intellectual and well-reasoned support for the peace initiative of Russia, which makes you a true peacemaker.

The best intellectuals of our time have long and many written about the preparation and planning of a nuclear war of the West, the USA/NATO against Russia: Noam Chomsky (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=652), Paul Craig (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=657), Michael Chossudovsky (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=777) and others, but your article is accurate, concise and expressive.

You perfectly understand the pre-war situation, you perfectly understand that it is being created by the US/NATO o­nly, using the Ukraine puppet government to provoke Russia, using Goebbels' lies, passing it off as the truth, as in Orwell's barnyard. You understand how easily this situation could have been resolved if the US/NATO wanted it. But they don't want to solve it. They do not want to accept it as an axiom that Russia's nuclear response to any aggression is stipulated by its military doctrine, which is in line with the new Russian Constitution (http://www.kremlin.ru/acts/bank/45562). Such an answer is not o­nly a Constitutional right, but also the supreme duty of the President of Russia. If the West does not want a dialogue with Russia and speaks with it o­nly in the militaristic language of violence, recognizing it as "enemy number 1", then Russia will be forced to have a corresponding Constitutional response so as not to repeat the situation with Hitler in 1941, from which it lost about 30 million killed.

          The Russian people remember this situation very well (my father was killed in Grodno in 1941 in a treacherous fascist attack reminiscent of today's nuclear-armed West at Russia's borders) and completely, 100%, except for the paid "fifth column" of foreign Western agents, support Putin in his determination to strike back an irresistible nuclear blow against the White House, Pentagon or Brussels, NATO headquarters, if the West does not want to know another language with Russia except force.
           The West MUST know this as an axiom 2x2 = 4. Therefore, its planes and destroyers SHOULD NOT VIOLATE Russian borders and fly near them. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO AT THE RUSSIA BORDERS, REPEATING THE SADNESS EXPERIENCE OF HITLER, EXPECTING THE WEST, IF IT RISKS VIOLATING THEM! Russian planes and destroyers do not patrol the USA and others borders. Russia does not have to expect anything from the West but lies, betrayal, violence and aggression, as thousands of years of history teach us. Therefore, it creates and will create a weapon of the highest superiority in comparison with the West, until it starts a PEACEFUL and SCIENTIFIC dialogue with Russia about general and complete disarmament on a single joint scientific platform...

In this, the o­nly true strategic perspective of humanity for our century, opening life-saving "shift of the arms race into a peace race" according to the ingenious peacemaking formula of M.L. King Jr, all the demands of the Russia peace initiative are 100% just for all peoples. No o­ne can call any of its 17 articles unfair to the West.

As for the peacemakers, then for them, as for you and other honest and courageous peacemakers, their 100% truth and justice is beyond doubt. It demands from them not to remain silent, but open, public support. You gave them a great example and asked them an honest question: "why can't I hear you?" Do you, like Biden, also want nuclear war? This is my question in addition to yours.

Best wishes and congratulations o­n the upcoming New Year in a world without war, with the recognition of Russian initiatives,



" : " , . , , , . , , '" .

, , , ​ . ​ . , , , , .

- 16 , , . ​







Support for Russia's initiative in the context of the history of Franco-Russian relations



         I read the comments of Léo regularly I am not an expert specialist in this (Russian) area of the world, but our scientific (spheral) approachenables us to apprehend the history in a constructive way humanistic and especially objectifies!

          Independence opposite both of the United States of America and of China, would be a base of dialog more balanced in the interest of peace and would not make it possible it to consider this prospect, certainly not at present possible, but which can become to it o­ne day with the will of the people and the rigor of a historical possibility validated by our scientific approach of peace.

         Moreover, it is this report accentuated since presidency TRUMP, that the United States for their national policy and their fixing o­n their competition with China ignores their relation with Europe. For as much, the integration of the European countries in NATO remains their requirement from a point of view political and military in the guise of what is wrongly called the defense of the free world

         This is why; the proposals of the federation of Russia deserve to be taken into account by the European Union and more largely by everyone Western by a constructive dialog!



 French social observant writer

Full text of the response: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1028




Dear Leo:

I wish you and your dear Family a Merry Christmas and a healthy and creative and peaceful New Year 2022. Let us together remember the birth of the revolutionary Jesus of Nazareth, in the Roman and Orthodox tradition! Let us continue together peacefully to work for peace.

Let us together remember your dear Father and all the other innocent victims of World War II. Let us fight together against the new wave of fascism in Europe and in America through discovering its psychological and economic roots and remove them in practice.

We try to do this from here with all the means available to us: Zooms, Chapters in books, new books, articles, political activity, etc.

You can see our work in our U-Tube Archive under my name We publishedtwo new books this year: R.J.Siebert. Hegel and the CriticalTheory of Religion.Kalamazoo, Michigan: Ekpyrosis Press 2021

R.J.Siebert. Inclusive and Exclusive Identity Politics and Policies: Dialectic of Right and Left. New Delhi: Sanbun Publischers. 2021. Both books look at the political roots ofpresent fascism.

We are working o­n a book exploring the psychological and psychoanalytical roots of the authoritarian or fascist personality , which will come out next year:

R.J.Siebert.Psychological Elements in Religion and Religious Moments in Psychology: From the Authoritarian Personality to the Democratic Character. New Delhi: Sanbun 2022

We are working o­n the book :

R.J.Siebert. Religion in Modern Society: Science and Religion against Nuclear Armament and World War III.

Lets hope, that the revolutionary, democratic, being character will win in time the upper hand against the counter-revolutionary, authoritarian, fascist ,having personality in all spheres of life. Keep safe! In Solidarity,

Your friend Rudi, Rudolf Siebert, from the House of Mir





Hello Leo,

Thank you for your kind tribute. I am still reeling from the impact of your response.

When I wrote "sorry, I can't hear you," it was because I am so used to the deafening silence from my countrymen. It seems as if they are in a trance.

But you heard me, Leo, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Yes, Leo, I DO understand that it is all the US-NATO's doing. They and they alone are responsible.

I read avia.pro and RIA Novosti every day and that is why I have no doubt, who the culprits are. I dream of someday living in your GREAT country, if o­nly I can find a way.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

God bless you and your family and God bless Russia and all your fellow patriots!

Don Hank,





I hope this New Year will bring joyfulness and happiness to all GGHA members and specially to Dr Leo Semashko and Dr Ernesto Kahan also to all Guy, Susana, Maitreyee, Ayo, Thea, Lana, Lucas, Bruce, Takisand all. Also to Noor, Glenn, MD Thomas, Rudolf, Bernard, Mairead


Lic. Maria Cristina Azcona

Buenos Aires, Argentina


WWPO President www.wwpo.org

ICP co founder Vicepresident


Peace PAX Peace Art & Culture Vicepresident

Bilingual mca poets for peace





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, ! !





Will we be repeating this slaughter in 2022 but o­n a grander scale than at Wounded Knee? Taking the whole planet with us instead of a patch of land in South Dakota?

Two prominent Western officials, o­ne German and o­ne American, have suggested that NUCLEAR weapons could be used against the whole of the Russian people to "solve" the dispute over Ukraine.


German caretaker defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Moscow should be aware NATO is ready to make use of its nuclear deterrent in case of a Russian attack against a member of the Alliance, triggering strong reactions in Germany.


Russia has condemned GOP Senator Roger Wicker for suggesting that the U.S. should consider launching a nuclear strike to defendUkraine.

That is a first in Western history. Is it a trend? Are we great again now?


Marked Culmination of a Long Process of Genocide That is Still Sugarcoated in Most History Textbooks. Our nation was born in genocide. We are perhaps the o­nly nation which tried as a matter of national policy to wipe out its indigenous population. Moreover, we elevated that tragic experience into a noble crusade. Indeed, even today we have not permitted ourselves to reject or feel remorse for this shameful episode.

Those words were spoken by Martin Luther King Jr in his 1963 book Why We Cant Wait.

Of course, the U.S. was not the o­nly nation who tried as a matter of policy to wipe out its indigenous peopleCanada, Australia and others did the same. But the thrust of what King was saying is correct.

Don Hank, USA,




Dear Leo and members of GHA,

I wish all of you, your loved o­nes, and our beloved planet the best of health and happiness in 2022. We must make sure we leave a better place for our children than the world we live in now. We simply need a better version of humanity. So, there is work to be done, and GHA is o­n the right track, as our efforts can go a long way in 2022.

Lots of successes in your personal lives, as we bring peace closer in 2022.

Glenn Sankatsing

Author of Quest to Rescue Our Future





Dear Dr. Leo Semashko, 

I support strongly the GGHA new Global Peace Strategy Project of the world civil society:
"Shift the arms race into a peace race".  

I accept your honorary invitation to the GGHA Board and I want to restore our active cooperation
and to promote Peace and Harmony through poetry. 

Best wishes for peace, love, health and peacemaking poetry in the New Year!
Best regards,

Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis

Larissa, Greece

Medical Doctor and Poet,

Academician in Italy,

Doctor of Literature,

President of World Poets Society (WPS),

President of 22nd World Congress of Poets (Greece 2011),

Director of Mediterranean Poetry Festival (Larissa, Greece),

Universal Peace Ambassador of Universal Ambassador Peace Circle & Universal Peace Embassy

Administrator General in Greece of World Institute for Peace (WIP)

Peace Ambassador of WorldWide Peace Organization (WWPO)




Dear Dimitris,

Many thanks for your strong support for the GGHA new peacemaking project dedicated to the advancement of the pivotal "Global Peace Strategy 2022" from the arms race to a peace race, published o­n its page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026.

Humanity has been waiting for this turn for centuries and millennia, but o­nly now, "on the nuclear catastrophe brink" (Antonio Guterres), at the initiative of peace-loving Russia, is it taking the first historical step in this breakthrough. The world civil society cannot but support it, because this is the millennial dream of all peacemakers, all people of goodwill who reject war, violence, hatred, confrontation and want to live in peace, love, non-violence and harmony, only for what the Lord created us.

To this is also subdue the natural, sociogenetic social structure of human spherons, the discovery of which belongs to Mahatma Gandhi and the scientific, fundamental substantiation and verification of which by world statistics belongs to the GGHA as a volunteer international "Spherons Global Peace Academy" (SGPA) during 17 years of its peacemaking researches.

Given the historical significance of the moment and our project, the discussion of which is extended for another 5 days, could you suggest its discourse in your wonderful society of poets (WPS) to inspire them for an innovative and passionate peace movement in "peace race" of our century o­n the scientific Gandhian based for the first time in the world?

Obviously, there are many peacemakers among your poets and they will be happy to take an active part in promoting an innovative, scientific peacemaking strategy for 2022. Are you agree with me that poets cannot remain aloof from the key issue of human survival in global peace without nuclear weapons, wars and violence? Please, give this passionate creative example to all the world poets!

With similar appeals, the GGHA has long, since 2007, and many times turned to poets, here in 6 languages ​​on the initiative of Ada Aharoni, the GGHA great poet: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=296, and also watch here:





https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=338 and many other pages of the GGHA outstanding poets.

Could you, together with your WPS, lead and continue this great peacemaking turning movement of the GGHA poets with your enthusiasm and energy? Please, start this by discussing the new GGHA project, the updated banner of which I will send today or tomorrow.

Best wishes, friendly,




Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy





Dear Members of GGHA,

Belatedly I extend my strong and unwavering support to the GGHA's new Global Peace Strategy 2022 project titled "Shift the arms race into a peace race" that, undoubtedly can have a positive impact in promoting universal peace and harmony in the world.

I extend my congratulatory greetings to all the members of GGHA o­n the advent of New Year 2022, wishing everyone good luck, good health, progressive harmony and prosperous peace.

Regards and best wishes,

Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

GGHA Vice President,






The Project-22 Updated Banner

Dear Ashok, dear GGHA members, friends,

Many thanks for your support of the GGHA new strategic project (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026), the discussion of which is being extended for 5 days, until January 10 inclusive, due to its update. It was suggested by you and consisted of the following:

1. To expand a number of "the peace giants", o­n whose shoulders the "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (GPSS), Spheronics was created in the volunteer peacemaking GGHA Academy during 17 years.

2. Supplement the arms race leaders with the leaders of the most peaceful countries: Putin, Xi and Modi.

3. Try to combine the three previous banners in o­ne, if successful.

I tried to implement these constructive proposals in the banner new version intended for the Russian-speaking public, after that its version for the English-speaking public will be made.

         The new banners Russian segments are given in the English below it. It expresses, from our point of view, a holistic picture of the "Global Peace Strategy" in its "Shift the arms race into a peace race", answering its main questions: "WHO maximizes the arms race and WHO is hindering it and striving for a peace race?"

This is confirmed both by Russia's historic initiative to curb NATO's aggressive eastward expansion and by Moscow's initiative with permanent members of the UN Security Council.

The GGHA invites you to discuss and approve our new peacemaking project before January 10.

Thank you very much for your activity in the key peace issue of our time.
Best wishes,
Dr. Leo Semashko,




Dear friends, I agree with Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), said the words of the five countries do not match their actions.

"They write this 'nice' statement but doing exactly the opposite in reality. They're in a nuclear arms race, expanding nuclear arsenals, spending billions o­n modernizing and constantly prepared to start a nuclear war," Fihn said in a statement posted o­n social media.

However, we can send a short communicate to ICP, saying that

Ernesto Kahan




Dear Ernesto I agree with you.

It''s obvious that they signed an agreement, but they work hard to improve their nuclear weapons.

On year 1935 they also signed an agreement against war, but four years later they started it. However, the announcement of their agreement informedthe global society. People know all their actions in the past. They don't trust them anymore.

The group of Five o­n my opinion made this action visible in order to show globally , who is the boss, who owns the nuclear weapons, who arranges their lives and how weak are the people.

It's the science of FEAR.




Furthermore, we cannot reject their agreement.

This agreement will be proved in the future.

Now o­ne can tell us what will be done in the future by their side.

Every agreement to stop a war must be respected.




Dear Takis,

Unfortunately, it is not an agreement to stop a war. o­nly to work together, However we can say that we request that this agreement must be transformed as an agreement to eliminate N weapons




Yes, I agree.




In fact years now I wander what will be happened if strong earthquakes happen globally, in the Nuclear Plants of energy built the period 1970 - 2000.

Fukushima is an example.

For nuclear weapons, o­nly five countries signed this agreement.

There are more other countries which own N.

I agree for a statement




Great Powers' New Year Resolution: Now We Need Action

On 3 January 2022 the People's Republic of China, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America issued a joint statement o­n security, disarmament, and arms control.

"We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.As nuclear use would have far-reaching consequences, we also affirm that nuclear-weapons - for as long as they continue to exist - should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression and prevent war.

We reaffirm the importance of addressing nuclear threats and emphasize the importance of preserving and complying with our bilateral and multilateral non-proliferation, disarmament, and arms control agreements and commitments and to create a security environment more conducive to progress o­n disarmament with the ultimate goal of a world without nuclear weapons with undiminished security for all.

We underline our desire to work with all states to create a security environment ... and to avoid military confrontations, strengthen stability and predictability, increase mutual understanding and confidence, and prevent an arms race that would benefit none and endanger all.We are resolved to pursue constructive dialogue with mutual respect and acknowledgment of each other's security interests and concerns."

There are upcoming avenues for positive actions.On 1 January, France took the rotating presidency of the European Union for six months.On 9 and 10 January, high level US and Russian delegations will meet in Geneva.There could be advances o­n the slow-moving Iran nuclear issues in Vienna.The Review Conference o­n the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty has been moved from this January to August giving more time to reach agreements.

There is always an issue if New Year's resolutions are really action plans or just "feel good" sentiments.It is our role as peace advocates to set out some of the ways these New Year's resolution can be carried out.

Rene Wadlow,

President, Association of World Citizens



Dear members of GGHA,

our vision and actions towards this target never stopped.

Panagiotis D Ioannides

Co-founder Vice President of GGHA




Ok to validate the project = I expressed my point of view starting from the need and European situation French history in relation to the world starting from Total Peace Science of Spherons (GPSS), Spheronics of a harmonious relation with RUSSIA for a world of peace and of harmony. Cordially.


French social observer

, = (GPSS), .




The Commission considers that there is a role that both natural gas and atomic energy can play as a means of facilitating the transition to a future dominated by renewable sources.

All members of EC must present a proposal till 12 January.

Takis Ioannides



nuclear-weapons - for as long as they continue to exist - should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression and prevent war.

So, they affirm that nuclear weapons are good as a deterrence instrument.

So, the budget for the legitimate nuclear weapons can continue, that is less for health, education, etc.

So, if nuclear weapons serve for defensive purposes deter aggression and prevent war in the five nuclear powers, why not for other countries? = horizontal proliferation of nuclear weapons!

Then, this agreement as it was worded is wrong and dangerous!

Ernesto Kahan



I agree.




Dear Dr. Leo Semashko,

I agree with what you write about the Poets and the Peace! I will inform the poets-members of the World Poets Society (WPS) about the "Global Peace Strategy 2022" to inspire them with this innovative peace movement.

Certainly, there are many pacifist poets among our members and I think they will be interested in taking an active part in promoting a scientific strategy for peace.

Best wishes for peace, love, health and peacemaking poetry


Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis






Dear Members of GGHA

Belatedly I extend my strong and unwavering support to the GGHA's new Global Peace Strategy project titled "Shift the arms race into a peace race" that undoubtedly can have a positive impact in promoting universal peace and harmony in the world.

I extend my congratulatory greetings to all the members of GGHA o­n the advent of New Year 2022, wishing everyone good luck, good health, progressive harmony and prosperous peace.

Regards and best wishes

Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

GGHA Vice President,






The fourth step - Dec 23, 2021, above

The third step

Dear Bruce,

Thank you very much for your quick and high-quality publication of the GGHA scientific peacemaking works, in many of which you took an active part both as a co-author and as a publisher. I looked at these publications, but I did not find them in the publications list in the relevant section. When will they appear in it?

We, the GGHA, have published your peace works o­n our website and will be happy to publish them further. This is an equal peace partnership.

Your publication and a quick discussion of the GGHA Global Peace Strategy 2022 prompted me to update this strategy in the banner and to comprehend your and similar dozens of publications as a very important and necessary part of this strategy, which is reflected in the attached table.

We invite you and the members of your peace organizations, as well as all other interested peacemakers to take part in the discussion of both the proposed peace strategy and mutual publications of our peace works.

With love and peace of the Gandhian spherons, best wishes,



The second step


Dear Mairead,

Thank you very much for your compassion for the refugees who drowned in the Channel and for pinpointing the root cause of millions of such human tragedies among refugees. You are fair that the militaristic West, represented by NATO, led by the USA and UK), has been sowing similar tragedies all over the world for about 70 years, which have no end.  Your wonderful appeal has been published along with Russian translation and comments here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1024.

The militaristic West, as a world hegemon, and its militaristic democracy, generously funding the military-industrial complex and the entire powerful structure of Western militarism, will continue to sow global tragedies around the world until it is opposed by a more powerful force of non-violence discovered by Mahatma Gandhi almost a century ago in Indian varnas / spherons. As you know and with your participation, o­n the basis of this fundamental discovery, ignored by all militarists and short-sighted pacifists, the fundamental "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (GPSS) was created in the GGHA for 16 years (2016: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), briefly - SPHERONICS (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019).

Only this humanitarian peacemaking MegaScience is capable of reversing the mortal distance of humanity from global peace to total nuclear self-destruction throughout the past century to the present day. But for this we need to widely disseminate and demonstrate our GPSS, so that it is not forgotten and killed in oblivion, as happened with the discovery of Mahatma Gandhi. In this regard, I see the necessary appropriate "Global Peace Strategy 2022", aimed at broad discourse, dialogue, debate, breakthrough in this vector, which was brilliantly expressed by Martin Luther King Jr.

As a first approximation, "Peace Strategy 22" is expressed by my banner, which you could correct and supplement, as well as put it o­n the website for discussion in your organization. As for me, I intend to promote it in Russia and organize a year-long discourse / dialogue / debate among humanities scholars and civil society organizations in the country. The first for discussion will be my article o­n Dostoevsky in the attachment. If you like, you could also post it o­n your site for discussion. I will also be grateful to you and everyone for your comments and suggestions to correct the preliminary version of the peace strategy and its banner. I will send two other articles o­n peacemaking strategy in 1922 later.

With best wishes for your health, with love and peace of spherons,





Start - the first step


Dear Maria, Ernesto and Bruce,

I am very grateful to Maria and Ernesto for the warm responses, which are published o­n the Ernesto birthday greetings page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=791.

I fully share Mary's opinion about the crucial importance of the Gandhica for global peace, in which we all took part. But there are two more GGHA great books with our participation in them, which form the foundation of scientific peacemaking in the 21st century. This is, firstly, our fundamental "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (GPSS), briefly Spheronics and "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", which became the UN property. All these three books were co-authored by dozens of GGHA members, including not o­nly 4 of us, but also 3-5 Nobel peace laureates as well as the great President of India, poet, Abdul Kalam. Without GPSS, there can be no approach to  global peace, but o­nly distance from it, as it was in the last century.

Therefore, you obviously agree with me that we have no moral right to forget and ignore the GPSS as the greatest peace achievement of our joint work in the GGHA for, now, 17 years (in 2 months). I hope that your new peace organization IPC will continue its activities o­n the basis of the GGHA achievements, o­n the basis of our fundamental science of the GPSS. Otherwise, we will simply betray the cause of peace, betray the GGHA and betray ourselves, our work, our peace contribution made by us 4 to the GPSS. In this regard, in order for the IPC to demonstrate the continuation of the GPSS peace science, you could publish the above three books o­n the IPC website, first of all, the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto, which responds to the most acute threat of global nuclear genocide. Could you do this after a year of publishing it?

Based o­n the publications of these three GGHA books, I propose to discuss the strategy of our peacemaking for the next year. As a first approximation, it is expressed by my banner with four peace giants, which you could correct and supplement. As for me, I intend to promote it in Russia and organize a year-long discourse / dialogue / debate among humanities scholars and civil society organizations in the country. The first for discussion will be my article o­n Dostoevsky in the attachment. If you like, you could post it o­n your website to discuss also. I would also be grateful for your comments and suggestions. I will send two other articles o­n peace strategy in 2022 later.

Best wishes for your health, with love and peace of spherons,





In process




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