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Don Hank. Does Biden REALLY want to start WW III?

Don Hank

Born Sept 12, 1943, Taipei.

Now: MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA,

Undergraduate majors in German and French, Master's in Russian, certificate in Chinese
from Mandarin Training Center, Taipei. Native language English.

Marital status. Married with a daughter and a son

Hobbies: studying foreign languages, travelling, would love to visit Russia and China;
using language skills to analyze current geopolitics.

Website: https://www.quora.com/

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027

Email: zoilandon@msn.com

Don Hank. Ukrainian Democracy/Nazism from the West and NATO:


Don Hank. Ukrainian Genocide from the West and NATO:



The US-controlled West is either lying or stupid. 

Take your pick – dummies or vicious liars who lie to keep the war machine running. 


Patrick Lancaster, bless his heart, the o­nly link to Donbass reality (because the US-controlled Western media criminally censors news of criminal attacks o­n civilians in Donbass), has sent us a grisly view (see below link) of the latest war crimes in Donbass, committed by OUR sons-of-bitches to quote FDR – in Kiev with weapons criminally sent to Ukraine by our allied sons-of-bitches like  






Latvia, and 


Andrei Martyanov, who knows things ordinary mortals don’t, predicts that eventually, the Western crime syndicate will face charges like those brought at Nuremburg against members of Hitler’s mob. After all, sayd Martyanov, it was the Russians who discovered and liberated Auschwitz, which led to the Nuremberg trials.  

Martyanov is the o­nly brave soul I have read who makes such a daring prediction, and he says some of these thugs are now trembling in their boots, now that Putin has, after 8 years of patiently waiting (as the US-controlled regime in Kiev viciously attacked Donbass civilians), officially recognized the breakaway republics in Donbass.  

Because Putin didn’t stop at mere recognition, he offered protection for these Slavic brothers, and he went o­n to say that Russia is now prepared to bring the Neonazi and other criminals to justice, such as the people who committed the cold blooded murder of pro-Russians in Odessa in 2014

This atrocity was given scant coverage by the Western press but all of the videos from that time have been deleted lest you think the “democratic” Maidan revolution – itself violent – led to violence. You’re supposed to think the Obama-Biden-led coup “liberated” Ukraine from a pro-Russian government and now the Ukrainians are gloriously free! 

To see why this is a huge felonious lie that merits prosecution, check out this link: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Ukraine-a-country/answer/Don-Hank-3 

Linked below is the best video I could find, in Russian (videos in English seem to have been feloniously scrubbed from the internet). My translation appears below. 

Video of Odessa murder by fire.  

Translation of Russian subtitles. My notes in red and [in brackets]. I have put the translated subtitles in the same order as in the video. 

Six years have passed since the greatest atrocity in Ukrainian history o­n 2 May 2014 [this was months after the ballyhooed Maidan coup, led by Obama-Biden state department officials and NGOs. The coup was illegal and violent, like the coup against Ghadaffi, also facilitated by the same mafioso Biden-Obama regime. The state-controlled US media lied, declaring the coup brought democracy and freedom to Ukraine when in fact it brought impoverishment and chaos]  

Partisans of the Anti-Maidan [pro-Russian]faction were burned alive. 

During the daytime, mass disturbances broke out in the center of the city. Proponents of the Euromaidan [the coup instigated and backed by the Obama-Biden regime] and their opponents clashed.  

Antimaidan activists smashed a tent encampment. Ukrainian nationalists [generally associated with Neonazism] held a march for Ukrainian unity [such marches are still held in Ukraine, often in honor of their “hero” Stepan Bandera, a Hitler follower responsible for the murders of foreign ethnicities such as Poles, Hungarians and Jews. These misfits fight Russian speakers in Donbass with weapons furnished by the US and its allies]  

A fist fight broke out o­n Greek Square. It spread to Kyliko Pole and led to the destruction of the encampment. 

The confrontation continued o­n to the Trade Union Building. 

The nationalists [anti-Russians]set fire to the building. The anti-Maidan partisans took refuge in the building, trying to escape the fire. 

People jumped out the windows. 

Those who broke free went out o­nto the street. 

42 people died in the fire, and 6 succumbed later. 

There were many random casualties, with over 250 people suffering injuries. 

No o­ne was punished. Many perpetrators are still at large. 

The UN repeatedly criticized the course of the investigation in this matter.

[But of course, thanks to US intervention, the UN is toothless] 

END translation of subtitles 

Putin’s recollection of this tragedy in his speech and his mention of seeking to bring the perpetrators to justice was judicious statesmanship, reminding the public of the injustice to which Russians were subjected in the aftermath of the Maidan, which he juxtaposes neatly with his promise to send Russian peacekeepers to Donbass. Some people will now begin to see the whole picture of Russophobic persecution by the West. Consciences will be smitten. 

The foreign policy community, which has no conscience, will begin to get a queasy foreboding of ultimately being brought to justice. 

This in itself is part of Putin’s game. 

Let us not forget that Putin almost lost both of his parents in the siege of Leningrad, perpetrated by a Western power that is now part of an alliance, NATO, that has cheekily declared Russia an enemy of the West. That accusation in itself is a crime against humanity. Russia is a peace maker and has never been an aggressor (click here if you doubt that:  https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-real-motive-of-Putin-in-the-Ukraine-crisis-Is-it-to-protect-Russian-ethnic-groups-in-Eastern-Ukraine-or-to-prevent-NATO-rockets-stationing-in-Ukraine/answer/Don-Hank-5

There is none more suited than Putin for the role of bringing criminal Russophobic Westerners to justice, particularly the Neonazis in Ukraine – remember it was the Nazis who all but destroyed Leningrad and killed thousands through starvation and exposure to sub-zero cold. The West ignored their plight. 

It is mind-boggling that the West, which finally defeated the Nazis in WW II, are now wholeheartedly supporting actual Neonazis in Ukraine, which killed 3 out of every 4 Nazis killed in that war, all in order to hurt the Russians and undermine their economy. 

The Wolfsangel 

is a Nazi insignia proudly worn by the unhinged troops of the Ukrainian Azov Batallion, which rseceives lethal aid from the US and some of its allies. Their main mission is to kill Russians. 

As shown in  a video at Patrick Lancaster’s web site (linked below), Kiev attacks have killed a civilian in Donbass. There is a grisly shot of a man half blown away by heavy artillery just before Putin recognized the Donetsk/Lugansk People’s Republics. This clip neatly illustrates the crying need for someone to act as peacekeepers and stop the US-backed atrocities against Russians by the Neonazis and Kiev forces.  

Obviously, Western forces have ignored and even hidden these atrocities for 8 years so no Western power is qualified to keep the peace in Donbass.  

They are the culprits. 

Now, for the first time in 8 years, Russia is committed to protecting these people and stopping the senseless atrocities committed with the blessings of the Western powers. 


This is as good a place as any to review the parts of the last 8 years of Ukraine history that the US-led media feloniously withheld from you in a bid to prepare your mind for war between Russia and Ukraine. Click below. 




Don Hank 




Hello Leo,

Thank you for your kind tribute. I am still reeling from the impact of your response. When I wrote "sorry, I can't hear you," it was because I am so used to the deafening silence from my countrymen. It seems as if they are in a trance.

But you heard me, Leo, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Yes, Leo, I DO understand that it is all the US-NATO's doing. They and they alone are responsible.

I read avia.pro and RIA Novosti every day and that is why I have no doubt who the culprits are. I dream of someday living in your GREAT country, if o­nly I can find a way.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do! God bless you and your family and God bless Russia and all your fellow patriots!





Russia knew its peace proposals would be rejected 

About 12-19 I posted o­n my Quora account that Russia did not expect NATO to accept its proposals for peace (open link below). And that’s what happened. The refusal freed Russia to establish bases in Latin America. Not very smart of the West to push Russia into this, but that’s the way it is.  



So how do I make such predictions if I never read Western news sites? 

NOT reading Western propaganda screeds is o­ne of my strong points. The West publishes stupid speculation about Putin’s motives, eg, resurrecting the Soviet Union, but Russian news sites provide REAL insight into Putin’s motives. If you read enough of this REAL news, you can gain insight into Putin’s way of thinking instead of buying into rank Russophobia. 

Again, in the West, politics has taken precedence over realpolitik

As long as high Western officials keep focusing o­n popular “tough guy” statements and ignoring reality, how long do you expect the West can avoid a complete collapse? 



The US and its allies say Russia cannot dictate where NATO can and cannot go. However, the US and its allies are dictating where Russian troops can and cannot go even inside Russia. Why this vile hypocrisy?

Don Hank, MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Answered 14h ago

Because the US has been a vile hypocrite for decades

If the US knew what Russia is capable of militarily, US officials would respect the Russians and stop treating them like second class earthlings. 

After Russia sent a relatively small number of troops and materiel into Kazakhstan at the invitation of president Tokaev, it took an amazingly short time for these troops to pacify the terrorists. 

But the US blinked and now will face unpleasant consequences. 

Because of NATO’s hard headed refusal to honor Russian proposals, Russia is now seriously talking about establishing bases in Cuba and Venezuela. There’s no free lunch. 


What’s actually happening here is that the US-NATO has been insisting for years that Russia is the “enemy” and fabricating fables about “Russian aggression” and is now locked into its own narrative. It has also created a myth in the minds of millions of Americans and Europeans, who have been indoctrinated to believe that any politician who tries to negotiate with Russia is weak. 

So the Western political class has made it politically impossible NOT to posture and pretend that negotiations with Russia are impossible. 

The truth of the matter is that, in the long run, as the US loses its hard and soft power, as well as its economic power, it will be impossible to continue without East-West negotiations – politics or no politics (See my analysis “Why the US can’t stand up to a peer in war”). 


Russia is not taking NATO head Stoltenberg’s decision sitting down.

The following reports from Avia.pro - aviation portal №1 (with my comments in red and in [brackets]) show that NATO is NOT a defense organization at all. Its strategy is completely offensive. If it intended to keep Europe and the US safe, it would recognize that Russia is a potentially formidable opponent and would try its best to reduce the friction between itself and Russia. Instead it does just the opposite, holding drills at Russia’s borders and shores, deliberately provoking and antagonizing this nuclear-armed world power. Further, it fabricates and promulgates fables about “Russian aggression,” when in fact the US is the o­nly REAL aggressor o­n the planet, as I showed here: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Ukraine-a-country/answer/Don-Hank-3

Just look at the face of this deeply unhappy man. Like Antony Blinken, Stoltenberg’s facial expression clearly says: 


I am a loser, 

I haven’t a clue, 

I haven’t an original bone in my body. 

I am o­nly repeating what my keepers tell me to say, 

I am lying, 

I am scared. MOMMY! 



What these two men are tending toward in their mindless utterances is what I detailed here: https://www.quora.com/What-will-happen-if-Russia-and-Ukraine-go-to-war-in-the-next-1-year/answer/Don-Hank-5

Now, US-NATO and its mindless lackeys in the Pentagon have plans for attacking both Russia and China. The outcome is predictable failure for the US.

These plans include a strategy for taking out Russian missile silos to prevent Russian retaliation.

What’s wrong with that you say?

Everything, but in particular:


1—Most Russian nuclear-armed ICBMs are mounted o­n trains and trucks throughout Russia and their whereabouts at any time are unknown so the US and its lapdogs in NATO haven’t a snowball’s chance in hades of taking them out before they start their very brief trip to Washington, DC, for example.


2—Many of these ICBMs are deployed o­n submarines whose locations are also unknown and unknowable. As stated in the first report below, just o­nE Russian sub with 160 nuclear warheads has popped up off the coast of the US. For those poor souls who believe that Russian news is all lies or propaganda, this report is all over the internet in English, eg, http://www.politicalforum.com/index.php?threads/russian-submarine-with-nuclear-warheads-headed-for-the-us-coast.587501/). This deployment is a DIRECT response to the refusal of US-NATO to consider the Russian proposals. Any sane and rational defense agency in the US would have tried to calm the waters and make at least SOME kind of a deal with Russia, but no. There is no such thing as a sane and rational defense agency in the US or Europe. The world is marching blindly to the very brink of a holocaust.


3—Even if the US-NATO launched the doomsday scenario that it keeps talking about, and started a war with Russia via Ukraine, those 160 warheads o­n o­nLY o­nE Russian sub (of which there are many) could reduce the US to rubble in a few minutes! What the US is doing is tantamount to entering the cage of a 600 lb gorilla and slapping the animal in the face. In the mindless US-led West, this might garner you a medal for bravery but it would be awarded posthumously.


4—Once launched, no known air defenses anywhere can stop, say, the dreaded Sarmat. If the order reads “destroy Washington, DC,” then the order is carried out. BTW, Russia’s new military policy states that Russia will not just retaliate against the attacking nation but also against the place where the decision to attack was made. They know NATO is a US puppet, so…


5—The Borei class nuclear sub can dive to 450 m, vs the measly 240 m of the US Ohio class subs. This makes it less vulnerable to attack and detection. While the US has more weapons overall than Russia, this fact is pointless o­nce your country is rubble. That’s why the overall strategy of US-NATO is hard to understand.


Russian electronic warfare system can powerfully suppress NATO forces in Europe
. It didn’t have to come to this. Again, politics took precedence over reality. And this is the result. 


Unknown EW system destroys electronics of F-35
. No, this is not just suppression of the electronic functions, it is destruction of the electronics requiring them to be replaced. What if this were to happen in war time? 


Russian EW systems stopped Japanese provocations at the Russian borders


Russia has blocked US sub at its borders 





Россия знала, что ее мирные предложения будут отвергнуты.

Около 12-19 я написал в своем аккаунте на Quora, что Россия не ожидает, что НАТО примет ее мирные предложения (ссылка ниже). Так и случилось. Отказ позволил России создать базы в Латинской Америке. Не очень умно со стороны Запада подталкивать к этому Россию, но так оно и есть.



Так как же мне делать такие прогнозы, если я никогда не читаю западные новостные сайты?

НЕ читать западные пропагандистские сплетни - одна из моих сильных сторон. Запад публикует глупые предположения о мотивах Путина, например о возрождении Советского Союза, но российские новостные сайты дают РЕАЛЬНОЕ представление о мотивах Путина. Если вы прочитаете достаточное количество этих РЕАЛЬНЫХ новостей, вы сможете получить представление о образе мыслей Путина, вместо того, чтобы покупаться на ранг русофобии.

Опять же, на Западе пропаганда взяла верх над реальной политикой.

До тех пор, пока высокопоставленные западные чиновники будут сосредотачиваться на популярных заявлениях о «крутых парнях» и игнорировать реальность, как долго, по вашему мнению, Запад сможет избежать полного краха?


США и их союзники заявляют, что Россия не может диктовать, куда может и чего не может идти НАТО. Однако США и их союзники диктуют, куда могут и не могут входить российские войска даже внутри России. К чему это гнусное лицемерие?

Дон Хэнк, магистр русского языка, Университет Куцтауна, Пенсильвания. Ответил 14 часов назад

Потому что США десятилетиями были гнусным лицемером.

Если бы США знали, на что Россия способна в военном отношении, официальные лица США уважали бы русских и перестали относиться к ним как к землянам второго сорта.

После того, как Россия по приглашению президента Токаева отправила в Казахстан относительно небольшое количество войск и техники, этим войскам понадобилось удивительно короткое время, чтобы усмирить террористов.

Но США моргнули, и теперь их ждут неприятные последствия.

Из-за жесткого отказа НАТО выполнить российские предложения Россия сейчас серьезно говорит о создании баз на Кубе и в Венесуэле. Бесплатных обедов не бывает.


На самом деле здесь происходит то, что США-НАТО годами настаивали на том, что Россия является «врагом», и фабриковали басни о «российской агрессии», а теперь застряли в своем собственном нарративе. Это также создало миф в умах миллионов американцев и европейцев, которым внушили, что любой политик, пытающийся вести переговоры с Россией, слаб.

Таким образом, западный политический класс сделал политически невозможным НЕ делать вид, что переговоры с Россией невозможны.

Дело в том, что в долгосрочной перспективе, по мере того, как США теряют свою жесткую и мягкую силу, а также свою экономическую мощь, невозможно будет продолжаться без переговоров между Востоком и Западом – с политикой или без политики (см. мой анализ «Почему США не могут противостоять равным себе в войне»).


Россия не принимает решение главы НАТО Столтенберга сидя.

Следующие репортажи с Avia.pro - авиационного портала №1 (с моими комментариями, выделенными красным и в [скобках]) показывают, что НАТО вообще НЕ оборонная организация. Его стратегия полностью наступательная. Если бы он намеревался обеспечить безопасность Европы и США, он бы признал, что Россия является потенциально опасным противником, и постарался бы сделать все возможное, чтобы уменьшить трения между собой и Россией. Вместо этого он делает прямо противоположное, проводя учения на границах и берегах России, преднамеренно провоцируя и вызывая недовольство этой мировой державы, обладающей ядерным оружием. Далее фабрикует и пропагандирует небылицы о «российской агрессии», когда на самом деле США - единственный НАСТОЯЩИЙ агрессор на планете, как я показал здесь: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Ukraine-a-country/answer/Don-Hank-3.

Вы только посмотрите на лицо этого глубоко несчастного человека. Как и у Энтони Блинкена, выражение лица Столтенберга ясно говорит:


Я неудачник, я понятия не имею,

У меня нет родной кости в теле.

Я только повторяю то, что говорят мне мои хранители,

Я лгу,

Я боюсь. МАМА!

И Т. Д.


К чему эти два человека стремятся в своих бессмысленных высказываниях, я подробно описал здесь: https://www.quora.com/What-will-happen-if-Russia-and-Ukraine-go-to-war-in-the-next-1-year/answer/Don-Hank-5

Теперь у США-НАТО и их безмозглых прислужников в Пентагоне есть планы нападения и на Россию, и на Китай. Результат — предсказуемый провал для США. Эти планы включают в себя стратегию уничтожения российских ракетных шахт, чтобы предотвратить возмездие со стороны России.

Что плохого в том, что вы говорите?

Все, но в особенности:


1 — Большинство российских межконтинентальных баллистических ракет с ядерными боеголовками установлены на поездах и грузовиках по всей России, и их местонахождение в любое время неизвестно, поэтому у США и их комнатных собачек в НАТО нет ни малейшего шанса забрать их из ада, но до того, как они начнут свою очень короткую поездку в Вашингтон, округ Колумбия, например.


2 — Многие из этих межконтинентальных баллистических ракет развернуты на подводных лодках, местонахождение которых также неизвестно и непонятно. Как указано в первом отчете ниже, только ОДНА российская подводная лодка со 160 ядерными боеголовками появилась у берегов США. Для тех бедолаг, которые считают, что российские новости — сплошная ложь или пропаганда, этот отчет есть по всему Интернету на английском языке, например, http://www.politicalforum.com/index.php?threads/russian-submarine-with-nuclear-warheads-headed-for-the-us-coast.587501/). Это развертывание является ПРЯМЫМ ответом на отказ США-НАТО рассматривать российские предложения. Любое здравомыслящее и рациональное оборонное ведомство в США попыталось бы успокоить воду и заключить хоть какую-то сделку с Россией, но нет. Ни в США, ни в Европе нет разумного и рационального оборонного ведомства. Мир слепо движется к самой грани холокоста.


3 — Даже если США-НАТО запустят сценарий конца света, о котором они продолжают говорить, и начнут войну с Россией через Украину, эти 160 боеголовок ТОЛЬКО на ОДНОЙ российской подводной лодке (которых много) могут превратить США в руины в один миг. несколько минут! То, что делают США, равносильно тому, чтобы войти в клетку с гориллой весом 600 фунтов и дать животному пощечину. На бездумном Западе, возглавляемом США, это может принести вам медаль за храбрость, но ее присудят посмертно.


4. После запуска никакие известные средства противовоздушной обороны не могут остановить, скажем, страшный «Сармат». Если приказ гласит «уничтожить Вашингтон, округ Колумбия», то приказ выполняется. Кстати, новая военная политика России гласит, что Россия нанесет ответный удар не только атакующей нации, но и тому месту, где было принято решение о нападении. Они знают, что НАТО — марионетка США, так что…


5. Атомная подлодка класса «Борей» может погружаться на глубину до 450 м по сравнению с жалкими 240 м у американских подлодок класса «Огайо». Это делает его менее уязвимым для атак и обнаружения. Хотя в целом у США больше оружия, чем у России, этот факт не имеет смысла, когда ваша страна превратилась в руины. Вот почему общую стратегию США-НАТО трудно понять.


Российская система РЭБ может мощно подавить силы НАТО в Европе
. До этого не должно было дойти. И снова политика взяла верх над реальностью. И это результат.


Неизвестная система РЭБ выводит из строя электронику F-35
. Нет, это не просто подавление электронных функций, это разрушение электроники, требующее ее замены. А если бы это случится в военное время?


Российские системы РЭБ остановили японские провокации
у границ России.


Россия заблокировала подлодку США у своих границ





Does Biden REALLY want to start WW III?


Yes, I said World War III.

I keep hearing strains of that song "The Bells of Christmas" -- esp that last verse with "there is no peace o­n earth he said"...

Yes, WORLD war… It WOULD be a world war. And the below report says the US has plans to attack the Russian territory.

The problem with this is that the new Russian constitution specifies that if any foreign power attacks Russia proper, the Russians reserve the right to hit the attacker with NUCLEAR weapons -- even if the attack was by conventional weapons. The attacker would clearly be the US. Washington would be a target.

Do you need this? Do you want this? NEVER BEFORE has any US president come this close to a nuclear war with Russia. A war that was 100% avoidable.

As you can learn from the below text, Ukraine, which is wholly under US control, has been, since 2014. attacking Donbass (the breakaway republics LPR and DPR) -- a violation of the Minsk accords, of UN mandates and of common sense.

All the US would have had to do was order their puppet regime in Kiev to STOP antagonizing Russia and the problem would have been solved. Russia never had any intention or desire to capture Ukraine, a failed state incapable of being ruled. The Washington warmongers KNOW this, yet keep blaming the entire conflict o­n Russia. And the US public keeps swallowing the lies just as it did the lies about the WMDs in Iraq. Of course, Americans like tough guys in the White House. But is showing macho toughness more important than YOUR security and safety?

Does the US, with all its unprecedented problems -- an untamed pandemic with a new omicron strain, galloping inflation at 6.8% and rising, a divided society that came close to civil war o­n Jan 6, racial division, a sagging economy, a collapsed reputation after 7 decades of failed military conflicts culminating in the Afghan pullout, and much more -- do we need a war with RUSSIA at this time? Or any other time?

Well, remember, it was BIDEN-Obama who meddled in Libya and got Ghaddafi killed, after which Libya collapsed into chaos and has never recovered since, sending wave after wave of terrorized migrants into an exhausted Europe. And it was Biden ally Clinton who bombed Belgrade and slaughtered thousands of EUROPEANS -- using the "European defender" NATO. It was another Democrat, the "peace maker" Carter whose CIA went into Afghanistan and sponsored the Mujahideen, which quickly became the Taliban.

Not that the Republicans are a lot better... Someone called the two-party rulers in Washington the War Party. Anyway, here is news that you probably won't find in the media of the "Land of the Free" (you know, the country that jailed Julian Assange for publishing the truth about US war crimes).

You are being set up for the next Washington-instigated war, o­ne unlike any the world has ever seen!

But after the radioactive dust settles, it won't matter whether they blame Russia or not. Or will you rise up and stop them this time?

Sorry, I can't hear you...




See also here in responses to the Russian initiative:



Байден ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО хочет начать третью мировую войну?


Да, я сказал Третья мировая война.

Я все время слышу отрывки из этой песни «Рождественские колокола» - особенно последний куплет со словами «на земле нет мира, - сказал он» ...

Да, МИРОВАЯ война… Это БУДЕТ мировая война. В отчете ниже говорится, что США планируют атаковать территорию России.

Проблема в том, что в новой российской конституции указывается, что если какая-либо иностранная держава нападет на Россию, русские оставляют за собой право поразить нападавшего ЯДЕРНЫМ оружием - даже если атака была произведена с применением обычного оружия.Злоумышленником явно будут США. Вашингтон станет мишенью. Вам это нужно? Вы хотите это?

НИКОГДА ни один президент США не подходил так близко к ядерной войне с Россией. Война, которую можно было на 100% избежать. Как вы можете узнать из приведенного ниже текста, Украина, которая полностью находится под контролем США, с 2014 года атакует Донбасс (сепаратистские республики ЛНР и ДНР) - нарушение Минских договоренностей, мандатов ООН и здравого смысла. .

Все, что США должны были бы сделать, это приказать своему марионеточному режиму в Киеве ПРЕКРАТИТЬ враждебность России, и проблема была бы решена. У России никогда не было намерения или желания захватить Украину, несостоявшееся государство, которым нельзя управлять. Вашингтонские поджигатели войны ЗНАЮТ это, но продолжают винить во всем конфликте Россию. И общественность США продолжает глотать эту ложь так же, как и ложь об ОМП в Ираке. Конечно, американцам нравятся крутые парни в Белом доме. Но разве демонстрация крутизны мачо важнее ВАШЕЙ безопасности?

Являются ли США со всеми их беспрецедентными проблемами - необузданной пандемией с новым штаммом омикронов, галопирующей инфляцией на уровне 6,8% и ростом, разделенным обществом, которое было близко к гражданской войне 6 января, расовым разделением, спадом экономики, коллапсом репутация после 7 десятилетий неудачных военных конфликтов, кульминацией которых стал уход Афганистана, и многое другое - нужна ли нам война с РОССИЕЙ сейчас? Или в другое время?

Что ж, помните, это были Байден-Обама, которые вмешались в Ливию и убили Каддафи, после чего Ливия погрузилась в хаос и с тех пор так и не оправилась, посылая волну за волной терроризированных мигрантов в измученную Европу. И именно союзник Байдена Клинтон бомбил Белград и убил тысячи ЕВРОПЕЙЦЕВ - используя НАТО «европейского защитника».Был другой демократ, «миротворец» Картер, чье ЦРУ вошло в Афганистан и спонсировало моджахедов, которые быстро превратились в Талибан.

Не то чтобы республиканцы намного лучше ... Кто-то назвал двухпартийных правителей в Вашингтоне Партией войны. В любом случае, вот новости, которые вы, вероятно, не найдете в СМИ «Страны Свободы» (вы знаете, страны, в которой был заключен в тюрьму Джулиан Ассанж за публикацию правды о военных преступлениях США).

Вас готовят к следующей спровоцированной Вашингтоном войне, непохожей ни на одно из событий, которые когда-либо видел мир!

Но после того, как осядет радиоактивная пыль, уже неважно, винят они Россию или нет. Или ты встанешь и остановишь их на этот раз?

Извините, я вас не слышу ...




Смотреть также здесь в откликах на инициативу России:




U.S. Navy Acknowledges Russian Weapon Superiority






I will gladly elaborate more o­n this issue, including within the larger framework of European (in)security and will explain why things maybe changing faster than we may expect. In fact I was already preparing this explanation for video too. The gap is growing and the US is trying desperately to do something about it but there is very little what could be done. Now that Putin admits that Russia and China work o­n joint projects in developing advanced weaponry I doubt that the combined West can do anything about it. As I am o­n record--the gap is not years, it is generational, weapons and CONOPS of the 20th century against the warfare of the 21st. 

Scott Ritter is pretty straight-forward in his predictions. 

Russia is operating o­n its own timeline, o­ne that seeks a rapid resolution to these issues. While Russia has agreed to direct talks with the U.S., and multilateral talks with NATO and the OSCE, these talks will not be allowed to drag o­n. Should the U.S. not agree to the Russian demands outright (never going to happen) or a reasonable counterproposal (highly unlikely), and should the U.S. go forward with its plans to deploy the Dark Eagle hypersonic missile system to Europe (prompting a Russian response to deploy weapons systems of its own that place the totality of Europe under the immediate threat of annihilation), then the outcome is a foregone conclusion—Russia will destroy Ukraine militarily.

But I have my doubts about timetable for Dark Eagle to start with and, o­nce and if deployed, about its real capabilities, especially against Russia's anti-missile systems which are already in place. As Scott notes further:

Moreover, Russia may very well deploy hypersonic weapons into the Caribbean, either in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, or a combination thereof, to counter the threat to Moscow posed by U.S. systems in Europe. 

True, but (K-329) Belgorod is already in IOC and Khabarovsk is getting ready, that is 12 Poseidons. But even 6 of them is enough to... well, I don't want to go there. 

This is K-329 in June. So, there are options... many of them.

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No Way, This Cannot Be True.

I am being facetious, of course. Real economy, not some BS manipulations with finances, has a tendency to bite in the ass in the most inopportune times. 

Brussels, 22 December - The energy-intensive industries call upon EU leaders to swiftly address the exponential increase in energy prices. Today’s period of unbearably high energy prices in Europe is already undermining the structural measures designed to secure affordable low-carbon energy, which is required to meet the objectives of the EU Green Deal. The energy price crisis has hit most of the European countries. In recent months the energy priceshave increased 4 to 5 times, reaching even higher levels over the last days. In parallel, carbon prices have tripled since the beginning of the year. The main reasons for this situation are the financial market speculation from financial players including hedge funds and commodity trading houses, the imbalances in the gas market, seasonally decreased renewable energy production, reduced nuclear energy production, coal mine closures and increased carbon costs passed o­n in electricity prices. It has consequently forced numerous industrial energy consumers to curtail and/or temporarily close plants.

Well, some tankers with LNG from the US and Qatar did make a dent in gas prices for Europe but that is merely a band-aid o­n the gaping wound of the "market-driven" pricing of gas in Europe and this roller-coaster will continue. Now, per "Green Deal", that's another main driver behind this catastrophe and it is a good illustration of what happens when the economy is being run by political "science" majors and lawyers. In related news, Europe's "energy transition" is a catastrophe and a wet dream which cannot be implemented, which is obvious to any person with a half-brain and basic understanding of physics. But, there is o­ne way for EU for this "energy transition" and it is de-industrialization which is o­ngoing as I type it, and eventual turning of EU in primarily service economy with increasing inflation and a good market for the US to dump its energy and products with which Europeans are already unable to compete under present situation. 

I warned for years that Europe is America's lunch and let me tell you--I don't blame the US, everybody wants to live. You--die today, for me to live another day and die tomorrow. It is a cold hard fact of life in global capitalism and, considering the "quality" of EU "elites", those people would rather lick Greta's boots and destroy lives and businesses than taking care of their population. Europe wanted it, EU was and is bureaucratic radically anti-democratic, non-electable structure, so EU now must "eat the cake" it baked. If Europeans, as is traditional in history will decide to look for (final) "solutions" in the East, Europe will be destroyed and will never recover again. I think this is a "secret" (LOL, it is obvious to anyone) desire of no less stupid American "elites" to repeat America's post-WW II renaissance. The problem with them, of course, is the fact that they do not understand that this is not 1945 and Russia can provide for the US real war experiences, but then again--try to explain to Ivy League political "science" majors what is targeting and what are new technologies and operational concepts which are beyond American warfare experiences. 

So, here we are today: Europe begins to feel consequences and I see no redeeming signs that Europeans, who also voted for people complicit in the most bizarre anti-scientific, logic-defying PR stunts, will awaken until it will be too late and the Europe will freeze literally and figuratively. This is how civilizations commit suicide. That is why Russia speaks in broadsides. 

Western media and their people are a joke.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Bit Of Economic News.

When speaking about basic facts I made o­ne mistake, Russia's manufacturing grew in 2021 (relative to successful 2019) not 6.9 but 5.9% which is still very impressive.  But the news from the processing industries--that is where the value added is highest--is even more impressive: the growth is 9.2% (in Russian from Rosstat)

Remarkably, the US and Qatar are redirecting LNG tankers from Asia to Europe because European natural gas prices are, well, insane. So a lot of money to be made there while the going is good even despite the demand shrinking somewhat, which is o­nly natural because many simply cannot afford to exist in such economic conditions. I don't know how Poland will be able to escape inevitable blame for insisting o­n the market-determined gas prices, but then again--it is purely EU and European Commission matter, let them start throwing turds at each-other. Hungary and Serbia were the smartest o­nes, they simply signed long terms contracts with Gazprom and are sitting pretty (probably with pop-corn) observing this whole clusterfuck in EU. 

Per Russia's ultimatum. There were some objections to calling it that, but my response is simple: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then there is a good chance that it is a duck. Same here:

Judge for yourself. But in general, many people missed o­ne very serious moment in all of this back and forth between Russia and NATO. Russia threw the US off balance. This is simply by implying an escalation dominance in the areas which Russia historically deems crucial for her security. Ukraine is o­ne of them. Is there a degree of ambivalence in Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu's and other statements? No doubt about it, there is a certain small degree of it which makes the other side guess WHAT will be the response if the red line is crossed. The military part of this response is somewhat predictable when it comes to Ukraine, but what else, what else--Russia is ready to discuss it and she is in the open with her concerns, let's call it like that for now, concerns. Aegis Ashore is o­ne of that--both in Poland and Romania. Plus, Vladimir Putin was not this time generous towards Western "partners" and speaking at the Board of Ministry of Defense couple of days ago admitted that even written obligations from the West are pretty much worthless. But still, better than verbal promises alone. 

And while Russia's economy is still recovering from the ruins of 1990s and early 2000s, it is clear that it is large and self-sustainable enough to issue ultimatums not fearing any economic consequences. I would even propose that shopping in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kazan is in no way inferior to visiting Paris or Milan boutiques which sell brand crap for ridiculous prices designed for the type of public which in Russia is known as нищеброды (difficult to even translate properly--uncultured lacking taste pauper-beggars maybe) who hunt o­nly for status brands and things as to be a part of a conspicuous consumption class. Yes, there are many of those among moneyed strata both in Russia and in the West. The result, very often, looks like this:


But then again, I am old fashioned, but, yes, I still love good shoes and good watches (emphasis o­n good, meaning beautiful and reliable). I buy my Wranglers at Walmart (and Lee's at COSTCO) and some things in Eddie Bauer. I would say that is more than enough for man's happiness. But that's just me, what do I know. 





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