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Rx for Child Survival


In the Month of October 2005, the Rx for Child Survival campaign will collaborate with religious groups of all faiths and denominations to observe a month of Prayer for Child Survival. The month will include a number of simple activities including:


Saying a prayer for children;

Holding a prayer breakfast; preaching a sermon; inserting information about child survival in the bulletin;

Holding a press conference o­n child survival;

Organizing town hall meetings;

Writing letters to your Congressional representative;

Inviting a child survival expert to speak in your Church, Synagogue, Mosque or other places of worship;

Donating money to agencies that work o­n child survival;

Watching the six-hour primetime PBS television series Rx for Survival

A Global Health Challenge, co-produced by WGBH and Vulcan Productions, airing November 1-3, 2005.


For more information about how to participate, contact the Global Health Council Community and Faith-Based Organization program at pmuchina@globalhealth.org or 202-833-5900, ext. 3231. For more info, please visit here and www.globalhealth.org.


You might want youth to use the UN website, www.cyberschoolbus.un.org

They are collecting messages for peace.


Pauline Muchina

Community and Faith-based Organization Outreach Coordinator

Global Health Council

1111 19th Street

Washington, DC 20036

202-833-5900, ext. 3231.



Rx for Child Survival Campaign

Community Coalition Evaluation




This document identifies information we would like all Rx for Child Survival Community Coalitions to record about your outreach events and activities.The purpose is to track data for the Rx for Child Survival campaign evaluation that will help us demonstrate the campaign’s impact at the local level.It is not to evaluate your individual coalitions.


Please maintain records of this information, as at the end of your Coalition effort (Spring 2006) we will ask you to respond to a short series of questions about your efforts and accomplishments.Included will be questions asking for descriptive detail about your activities and events.You will have the data needed to respond to these questions if you track the information described here.


Thank you in advance for your documentation efforts.Our intent is to keep your tracking burden reasonable while also capturing the data needed to demonstrate the scope and outcomes of your work.If you have any questions about this document, please direct them to Julie Benyo at julie_benyo@wgbh.org.





1)Outreach Event Information

The next page of this document offers a o­ne-page form to fill out for each outreach event conducted.Use o­ne form for each event.Please keep completed forms for now.At a later date we will request all of the forms at o­nce.


2)Event Participant Contact Information

At each event your coalition organizes and implements, we ask that you collect basic contact information from participants using the sign-in sheet o­n the third page of this document.Participants’ choice to provide contact information should be strictly voluntary.


We recognize that some events have already taken place and that you may not have participant information from those events.If you did collect names, please hold o­nto them.Moving forward, please use the attached form to collect this information.


We are requesting this information so our evaluator at Harvard University can contact participants at a later date for a follow-up survey.This survey is planned for early 2006.Your cooperation in collecting participant information will ensure that we can provide you with individualized survey results for your community.


You can personalize the attached form if desired, though we ask that you do not delete any categories of information requested.


Please collect and keep completed sign-in sheets for now.At a later date we will ask you to send us copies of the forms all at o­nce.



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