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US Congressman Jamie Raskin says Russia must be destroyed because of its Christian traditions 


I – and a whole lot of other people – have long suspected that the LGBT issue is at the heart of the Democrat and Neocon loathing of Russia.

Now comes Jamie Raskin and admits it. He HATES traditional values, especially Christian o­nes.

So when military “expert” psychos tell us they are defending “Western values,” we now know what they arereallytalking about.

Destroy Russia? Has Jamie boy ever heard of retaliation? I hope he has a DEEEEP bomb shelter and plenty of canned tuna. 




We are all Nazis now


Don Hank


No, actually, some of us are not, despite the desperate lies coming out of the lie factories euphemistically called the “media.” 

Thus, the fiendish US-led Western press has been working overtime to convince you of several contradictory concepts 

1--There are no – or o­nly a negligible few – Nazis in Ukraine, probably no more than in any other country. Reports that Ukraine is Nazi-infested are pure Russian propaganda. 

2—If there are any Nazis there, they are not in positions of power. o­nly the Russian propagandists deny this. 

3—Ukraine Nazis are good guys, war heroes who love their country and aim to defend its sovereignty. o­nly Russian propaganda tells us the opposite. 

The US “news” also tells us so many more kinds of lies it’s hard to list them all. 

But this contemporary style of lying is actually new because the idiots who tell the lies contradict each other and don’t bother to iron out the obvious whoppers. Until recently, they admitted that there were plenty of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and they described their fiendish behavior in grisly detail. 

But o­nce the Russians went in to defend their country against these fiends, all of a sudden there were none. Putin was just land-hungry or insane. There was never any  years of genocide in the Donbass so his war was “unprovoked,” the going tale, and Putin was out of his skull. 

In fact, independent reporters who tell the truth about this scum are punished. The Kiev-based Center for Countering Disinformation compiles and publishes a kill list explicitly intended to allow terrorists to locate and kill you if you tell the truth. It’s WAY beyond Orwellian of Kafkaesque. 

But the breathtakingly reckless lies are a new phenomenon. Just a scant few years ago, Western journalists were openly telling the truth about the Ukronazis. 

Here’s o­ne early report that admits they kind of sound like Nazis but they’re heroes nonetheless: 


Linked below is another report from as late as 2016 that tells the unvarnished truth about the Ukronazis and even exposes a Ukrainian historian who has been lying to make them look good. [He occupies a high government position now, with the full support of Biden’s keepers)). 


You have to ask yourself what will historians make of these in-your-face contradictions between today’s obvious lies and the honest reporting of just a few years ago. 

Now if the West had continued to report in this straightforward vein of just-recent times, it would be impossible for the non-geriatrically impaired members of the Biden team to send taxpayer-paid lethal “aid” to Ukraine because you’d all know this was a monumental waste of both your money and Ukrainian lives. 

The US would have had to force the Ukrainians to negotiate. 

But the plan has been to harass and impoverish the Russians, as admitted by Uncle Tom Lloyd Austin, and that is the reason for the lies you see and hear all around you. 

The fact is, you don’t deserve to be ripped off to the tune of billions upon billions at a time when you are struggling to survive amidst an unprecedented economic crisis, and the Russians don’t deserve to be dragged into the mud.  

But the Europeans are worse, MUCH worse, off though winter is coming and there are increasing numbers of protests all over Europe where sound minds prevail (which does not apply to the rabidly Russophobic Baltic statelets and Poland, which are cutting off their noses as fast as they can to spite their faces). 

Things will look quite different by spring, and some are predicting that the EU will not even last ‘til then. 

Your responses

From Mr. Chang 

A Multipolar World Order Is Good For Us Allhttps://www.thinkchina.sg/multipolar-world-order-good-us-all, and  The Benefits of a Multipolar World, http://ra-ha.net/articles/multipolar-world-benefits.htm


From John Stassi 

How to get away with genocide: legal issues arising from the Tantura massacre 

Who bears responsibility for the Al Tantura massacre, and how should they be held accountable? In the early stages of 1948, a week after the British mandate left Palestine, the village of Tantura was targeted by the Israeli militaries. A recent documentary revealed the story of the massacre including testimonies from several IDF veterans affirming that a massacre involving up to 200 Palestinian victims had taken place at that time.  

BY ALYA ZOABI, Mondoweiss, FEBRUARY 4, 2022 




I am surprised that this article implies that this new Israeli film is the first to “reveal” the Tantura massacre. Arab Loutfi’s Over Their Dead Bodies exposed this horrific genocidal act back in 2008. Loutfi’s film is compelling, both aesthetically and in terms of its critical content. Her film is thoroughly anti-Zionist (unlike the Israeli film). And it is available for viewing — for free — o­n Loutfi’s YouTube page. Why do we always give credence to Israeli “revelations” of Zionist violence and criminality while discounting — indeed throwing into to dustbin of history — Palestinian and Arab critiques and exposes? The new Israeli film needs to be called out for what it is: a cooptive work of hasbara. Already journalists in the Arab world are making that case. So why are we in the Anglophone press ignoring the facts?! Loutfi’s film needs to be seen and written about widely. I for o­ne have written about it in my new book o­n Palestine cinema , part of which focuses o­n works of Arab Loutfi. 

-- Terri Ginsberg 



Does Biden want another Afghanistan o­n his hands? Looks a lot like it 



Duran, Alexander Mercouris: China moves up the China escalator 



UK may run out of fuel this winter 



Russia calls for peace talks between Israel and Palesine 



Netherlands lifting anti-Russia sanctions 



Translation with mynotes in red




The Russian Armed Forces continue to strike at energy facilities in the Ukrainian oblasts.  

We report what is known about explosions and air raids in Ukraine at this hour o­n October 29th. 

According to civil and official TG channels, strikes were recorded in the Mykolaiv [RU: Nikolaev],Zaporozhye, Kharkiv [RU: Kharkov]and Donetsk oblasts of Ukraine [Kharkov is important because the Russians plan to hold a referendum there, o­nce the Ukronazis can be cleared out, with 75% expected to vote for accession to the RF. All referenda held by Russia are called “sham” referenda in the Western press even though over 70% of the populations vote in favor of accession to the RF. According to international law, there is nothing sham about that at all and this shows that the REAL sham is the Western reporting, which censors all reports of abuses and atrocities committed by the Ukronazis!]. There is information that Russian troops hit the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Gai, Khrenovka and Leonovka, in Chernihiv [RU: Chernigov. At the northern border and bordering the Dnieper River across from the Kiev oblast] oblast . In the Kharkiv [RU: Kharkov]oblast, the RF Armed Forces delivered strikes against enemy concentrations in Veterinarnoe, Strelechya and Staritsa

In the Starobelsky direction, Russian troops inflicted artillery strikes o­n Ukrainian formations in Chugunovka, Dvurechnaya, Berestovoy and Olgovka[In this context, it needs to be noted that Russian strikes by artillery and standoff weapons have recently destroyed a platoon of HIMARS and M777 systems, demonstrating that your taxpayer funded lethal “aid” to Ukraine is a big boondoggle and is of no strategic value. YOU the taxpayer and voter are being scammed to take the lives of more of the Ukrainian troops they claim you are saving.] 

In the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky [obsolete name od Bakhmut]direction, Russian missile troops and artillery struck accumulations of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut, Bakhmutsky, Belogorovka, Soledar and Kleshcheevka. 

In the Donetsk direction, the RF Armed Forces hit targets in Yakovlevka, Avdeevka, Novomikhailovka, Pervomaisky, Vodyany and Ugledar.[While Donetsk is technically under Russian control and is now part of the Russian Federation, the Ukronazis are still attacking mostly civilians there, just as they had for the last 9 years since the Obamanazis took over the power in Kiev- Obama and his rats nest KNEW his vassals would be fighting the Russians in the future, which was part of the fiendish Maidan plan. What he did NOT know is that the Russians would be winning and taking over territory. Now this brave war hero is going around the country trying desperately to salvage Democrat seats in Congress.] 


Strikes o­n Nikolaev o­n October 29 – details [Note the mixing of Ukrainian with Russian names]

On the Nikolaev-Berislav axis, Russian troops hit the concentrations of Ukrainian formations in Davydov Brod, Kobzartsy and Malaya Seydeminukha. 

Powerful explosions were heard in Nikolaev. Telegram channels post photos showing columns of smoke from a fire in the oblast. At the same time, the air raid was not announced, Ukrainian telegram channels write that the shelling is carried out from Russian S-300 [air defense] systems.  


Strikes o­n the Zaporozhye oblast o­n October 29 - where the shelling took place 

In the Zaporozhye oblast, Russian troops attacked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Maly Shcherbaki and Hulyaypole. At the same time, at night the RF Armed Forces worked o­n enemy firing points in Nikopol and Dobraya Nadezhda. 




The intensity of the strikes is the same as yesterday but the focus today is o­n power installations again. More of the targets are in the central oblasts. It will be more difficult than ever for the trains to transport the troops and newly shipped weapons to the front. 

If the “leaders” had any sense, they’d stop sacrificing lives for a lost cause. 









Дон Хэнк

Мы, запад, все теперь нацисты


Нет, на самом деле некоторые из нас не такие, несмотря на отчаянную ложь, исходящую из фабрик лжи, эвфемистически называемых «СМИ».

Таким образом, дьявольская западная пресса во главе с США работает сверхурочно, чтобы убедить вас в нескольких противоречивых концепциях.

1. В Украине нет нацистов — или их очень мало — вероятно, не больше, чем в любой другой стране. Сообщения о том, что Украина заражена нацистами, — чистая российская пропаганда.

2 — Если там и есть нацисты, то они не во власти. Это отрицают только российские пропагандисты.

3 — Украинские нацисты — хорошие ребята, герои войны, любящие свою страну и стремящиеся защитить ее суверенитет. Только российская пропаганда говорит нам об обратном.

«Новости» США также сообщают нам так много других видов лжи, что трудно перечислить их все.

Но этот современный стиль лжи на самом деле нов, потому что идиоты, которые лгут, противоречат друг другу и не удосуживаются сгладить явные махинации. До недавнего времени они признавали, что неонацистов в Украине предостаточно, и описывали их зверское поведение в жутких подробностях.

Но как только русские пошли защищать свою страну от этих извергов, их вдруг не стало. Путин был просто жадным до земли или сумасшедшим. Геноцида на Донбассе никогда не было в годы, поэтому его война была «неспровоцированной», а Путин был не в своем уме.

Фактически, независимые репортеры, рассказывающие правду об этой сволочи, подвергаются наказанию. Киевский Центр по противодействию дезинформации составляет и публикует список убийств, явно предназначенный для того, чтобы позволить террористам найти и убить вас, если вы скажете правду. Это НАМНОГО хуже Оруэлла или Кафки.

Но умопомрачительно безрассудная ложь — явление новое. Буквально несколько лет назад западные журналисты открыто говорили правду об укронацистах.

Вот один ранний отчет, в котором признается, что они похожи на нацистов, но, тем не менее, они герои:


Ниже по ссылке находится еще один отчет от 2016 года, в котором рассказывается неприкрашенная правда об укронацистах и ​​даже разоблачается украинский историк, который лгал, чтобы они выглядели хорошо. [Он сейчас занимает высокий государственный пост, при полной поддержке кураторов Байдена)).


Вы должны спросить себя, что сделают историки из этих бросающихся в глаза противоречий между сегодняшней очевидной ложью и честными сообщениями всего несколько лет назад?

Теперь, если бы Запад продолжал сообщать в прямолинейном духе недавнего времени, члены команды Байдена, не страдающие гериатрическими нарушениями, не смогли бы отправить Украине смертельную «помощь», оплачиваемую налогоплательщиками, потому что вы все знали бы об этом. Это была колоссальная трата как ваших денег, так и украинских жизней.

США пришлось бы принуждать украинцев к переговорам.

Но план состоял в том, чтобы беспокоить и доводить русских до нищеты, как признал дядя Том Ллойд Остин, и это является причиной лжи, которую вы видите и слышите вокруг себя.

Дело в том, что вы не заслуживаете того, чтобы вас обворовывали на миллиарды за миллиардами в то время, когда вы боретесь за выживание в условиях беспрецедентного экономического кризиса, а русские не заслуживают того, чтобы их втаптывали в грязь.

А вот европейцам хуже, НАМНОГО хуже, хоть зима и близится и все больше протестов по всей Европе где преобладает здравомыслие (что не относится к оголтелым русофобским прибалтам и Польше, которые так же быстро отрезают себе носы, как могут, назло своим лицам).

К весне все будет выглядеть совсем иначе, и некоторые предсказывают, что ЕС даже не протянет до тех пор.

Ваши ответы

От мистера Чанга

Многополярный мировой порядок хорош для всех нас, https://www.thinkchina.sg/multipolar-world-order-good-us-all. Преимущества многополярного мира,



От Джона Стасси

Как избежать наказания за геноцид: юридические вопросы, связанные с резней в Тантуре.

Кто несет ответственность за резню в Аль-Тантуре и как они должны нести ответственность? В начале 1948 года, через неделю после того, как британский мандат покинул Палестину, деревня Тантура стала мишенью израильских военных. В недавнем документальном фильме была показана история резни, в том числе показания нескольких ветеранов ЦАХАЛа, подтверждающие, что в то время имела место резня, в которой пострадало до 200 палестинцев.

АЛЬЯ ЗОАБИ, Mondoweiss, 4 ФЕВРАЛЯ 2022 Г.




Я удивлен, что эта статья подразумевает, что этот новый израильский фильм является первым, который «раскрывает» резню в Тантуре. Фильм араба Лутфи «Над их мертвыми телами» разоблачил этот ужасный акт геноцида еще в 2008 году. Фильм Лутфи убедителен как с эстетической точки зрения, так и с точки зрения критического контента. Ее фильм насквозь антисионистский (в отличие от израильского). И он доступен для просмотра — бесплатно — на странице Лутфи на YouTube. Почему мы всегда доверяем израильским «разоблачениям» сионистского насилия и преступности, игнорируя — фактически выбрасывая на свалку истории — палестинскую и арабскую критику и разоблачения? Новый израильский фильм нужно назвать тем, чем он является: совместной работой хасбары. Об этом уже говорят журналисты в арабском мире. Так почему же мы в англоязычной прессе игнорируем факты?! Фильм Лутфи нужно увидеть и написать о нем широко. Я, например, написал об этом в своей новой книге о палестинском кино, часть которой посвящена творчеству араба Лутфи.

-- Терри Гинзберг


Хочет ли Байден еще один Афганистан в своих руках? Очень похоже


Дюран, Александр Меркурис: Китай движется вверх по китайскому эскалатору


В Великобритании этой зимой может закончиться топливо


Россия призывает к мирным переговорам между Израилем и Палестиной


Нидерланды отменили антироссийские санкции


Перевод с моими пометками красным



Вооруженные силы России продолжают наносить удары по объектам энергетики в областях Украины.

Сообщаем, что известно о взрывах и авианалетах на Украине в этот час 29 октября.

По данным гражданских и официальных каналов ТГ, удары зафиксированы в Николаевской [RU: Николаев], Запорожской, Харьковской [RU: Харьков] и Донецкой областях Украины [Харьков важен тем, что русские планируют провести там референдум, как только укронацисты будут выбиты из него, при этом ожидается, что 75% проголосуют за присоединение к РФ. Все референдумы, проводимые Россией, в западной прессе называются «фиктивными» референдумами, хотя более 70% населения проголосовало за присоединение к РФ.

Согласно международному праву, в этом нет ничего фальшивого, и это показывает, что НАСТОЯЩАЯ фальсификация — это западные репортажи, которые подвергают цензуре все сообщения о злоупотреблениях и зверствах, совершенных укронацистами!]. Есть информация, что российские войска нанесли удары по позициям ВСУ в Гае, Хреновке и Леоновке, в Чернигове [RU: Чернигов. На северной границе и на берегу Днепра напротив Киевской области] область. В Харьковской области ВС РФ наносили удары по скоплениям противника в н. п. Ветеринарное, Стрелечья, Старица.

На Старобельском направлении российские войска нанесли артиллерийские удары по украинским соединениям в Чугуновке, Двуречной, Берестовой и Ольговке. [В этом контексте необходимо отметить, что российские удары артиллерии и противостоящего оружия недавно уничтожили взвод систем HIMARS и M777, демонстрируя, что летальная «помощь» Украине, финансируемая вашими налогоплательщиками, является большой бесполезной тратой времени и не имеет стратегической ценности. ВАС, налогоплательщика и избирателя, обманывают, чтобы лишить жизни еще больше украинских военнослужащих, которых, как они утверждают, вы спасаете.]

На бахмутском (артемовском [устаревшее название Бахмут] направлении российские ракетные войска и артиллерия нанесли удары по скоплениям живой силы и техники ВСУ в Бахмуте, Бахмутском, Белогоровке, Соледаре и Клещеевке.

На донецком направлении ВС РФ наносили удары по целям в Яковлевке, Авдеевке, Новомихайловке, Первомайском, Водянах и Угледаре. точно так же, как и в течение последних 9 лет с тех пор, как Обаманацисты захватили власть в Киеве - Обама и его крысиное гнездо ЗНАЛИ, что его вассалы будут сражаться с русскими в будущем, что было частью дьявольского плана Майдана. Чего он НЕ знал, так это того, что русские будут побеждать и захватывать территорию. Теперь этот отважный герой войны колесит по стране, отчаянно пытаясь спасти места демократов в Конгрессе.

Удары по Николаеву 29 октября – подробности [Обратите внимание на смешение украинских с русскими именами]

На николаевско-бериславском направлении российские войска наносили удары по скоплениям украинских соединений в Давыдов-Броде, Кобзарцах и Малой Сейдуминухе.

В Николаеве прозвучали мощные взрывы. Телеграм-каналы публикуют фотографии, на которых видны столбы дыма от пожара в области. При этом о воздушном налете не сообщалось, украинские телеграм-каналы пишут, что обстрел ведется из российских комплексов С-300 [ПВО].

Удары по Запорожской области 29 октября - где произошел обстрел

В Запорожской области российские войска атаковали позиции ВСУ в Малых Щербаках и Гуляйполе. При этом в ночное время ВС РФ работали по огневым точкам противника в Никополе и Добрая Надежда.


Интенсивность забастовок такая же, как и вчера, но сегодня в центре внимания снова энергоустановки. Больше целей находится в центральных областях. Поездам будет труднее, чем когда-либо, перевозить на фронт войска и только что отгруженное вооружение.

Если бы у «лидеров» был хоть какой-то смысл, они бы перестали жертвовать жизнями за безнадежное дело.








The difference between today's West and the

Third Reich is merely semantic


Don Hank


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1069

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=969


It is important to note that both in the WWII era and in today’s post-Maidan era, the invasion by foreigners with a similar extremist ideology was a catalyst and a source of instigation/sponsorship for the implementation of the Nazi/fascist idea

The common denominatorboth then and now was the racist Russophobia present in Germany then and in Washington now

The US version of Russophobia was evidenced by the appearance of the Wolfowitz Doctrine of Russia containment, part of the official Defense Planning Guidance for the 1994–99 (dated February 18, 1992) published by US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz and his deputy Scooter Libby. Though not intended for publication, it was leaked to the New York Times o­n March 7, 1992, and sparked a public controversy about U.S. foreign and defense policy. 

Now look at those dates. This document, calling for containment of Russia, was dated Feb 1992, the year after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Previously, US defense policy was predicated o­n preventing the spread of communism by containing the Soviet Union. 

One would have expected this policy to fade away as relations with the new Russian Federation were initiated, because the Yeltsin government had shown an unusual friendliness and willingness to cooperate with the US

The fact that the US, instead of cultivating relations with the new Russian government, actually tightened its anti-Russian policies suggests that the prior troubles with US-Russian relations were not just based o­n the desire to contain communism and keep the Soviets in line. The exacerbation of Russophobic foreign policies after the fall of the USSR clearly indicated that the people writing US foreign policy were motivated by something else, namely, an irrational fear and animosity toward Russia and the Russian people. 

The Defense Planning Guidance called for containing a new unknown government that the US had no right nor reason to contain or constrain in any way. After all, consider how the West reacted to the real enemy in Europe that had wrought billions of dollars’ worth of damage and had killed 75-80 million people, or about 3% of the world’s population! Within a few years, far from enforcing a containment policy against Germany, the US was extending a hand of friendship in the form of the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild the war-torn country and put it o­n a track to become the economic locomotive of Europe. 

Where was the Germanophobia in the US Defense policy? There was none. In fact, to the contrary, the US soon made Werner von Braun, the brains behind the V-2 rocket that destroyed much of London, the head of the US space program. The US Operation Paperclip gave German war criminals high well-paid positions in government. https://ahrp.org/category/scientific-racism/operation-paperclip/ 

In Europe, former Nazi officials with records of human rights violations were the founders of the EU, as exposed by Rodney Atkinsonhttps://yandex.ru/video/preview/?filmId=4972855486659434140&from=tabbar&parent-reqid=1658069906500945-9327222906107657820-sas2-0195-sas-l7-balancer-8080-BAL-1934&text=rodney+atkinson+nazis+and+fascists+who+founded+eu(2011)

(The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU and their influence today - Rodney Atkinson)

It is o­nly natural that these former Third Reich officials would found a group that today wholeheartedly supports a Nazi-infested government and military in Ukraine today and seeks to destroy Russia

So the Germans, the real villains in WWII, got richly rewarded and honored in the West after nearly destroying their continent, while the Russians, who contributed more to the military defeat of the Naziswere ground into the dust after the Soviet Union collapsed

That looks a lot like institutionalized racist Russophobia. And Russophobia is one of the main pillars of Nazism/fascism. Hiding this behind semantic hair-splitting does nothing to change the Satanic nature of a phenomenon that has not changed substantially since WWII.

Nothing of substance has changed, and those who seek to disguise this inhuman ideology by renaming it or dwelling o­n semantics are in fact supporting it. No support for this repulsive ideology can lead to peace and none should be tolerated.

Those of us who fear the encroachment of this racist, hateful, murderous ideology can see that the idea of the US as the Exceptional Nation and the interpretation of this term to mean a nation that is not subject to laws except as it concocts to protect its murderous actions is not substantially different from the idea expressed by Deutschland über alles. And this idea that o­ne country or race has the right to lord it over all other nations is the evil core of Nazismand must be the focus of our discussion of it -- not some peripheral trappings that are of no importance.

Russia is the o­nly entity that seeks to eradicate it and must be supported until it has succeeded.

Putin has hinted that Russia will eradicate this fiendish ideology not o­nly in Ukraine but in the countries that support it with weapons. He is the only o­ne who understands the problem in all its magnitude and knows how to bring about REAL peace.

If you don't like the name he has given this hideous and hateful ideology, you can keep your arguments in the realm of academe. It has no place in a discussion of peace and HOWpeace must be achieved.

Don Hank

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027




Dear Dr. Leo and Hank,

If we want be precise (and usually political philosophers and politicians are not), we can distinguish between:

Nazism -- related to NSDAP (Nazi) party in Germany and those who follow its traditions by displaying swastikas and so o­n;

Fascism -- originated in Italy, but meaning more broadly usage of violence in attaining political goals (extra-right);

Militarism -- maintain strong military capability and military built-up to use it aggressively to secure national interests;

Imperialism -- aiming at the change of the current balance of power to invade and dominate other countries. 

The US can be accused of militarism and imperialism and war crimes in WWII, Vietnam and so o­n, but it cannot be accused of Nazism and fascism -- this is why it is possible to talk to the US (as it was the case during the Cold War). Today's Western European countries cannot be accused of any of these. Today's Ukraine can be accused of fascism (extrme-right, ultra-nationalism) and partially of Nazism (public display or Nazi German uniforms and symbols).

Nazism and fascism are ideologies. People who believe in (any) ideologies are fanatics. This is why it is so difficult to talk to the Ukrainans (the Kiev government).

Peace in Ukraine can be obtained under American and European pressures. But this is also difficult because West European countries are under the influence of the US with its militarism and imperialism, as well as with economic and geopolitical interests, and in some countries there is now a lot of anti-Russian propaganda (Russophobia).  

Again, I am a political philosopher, IR theorist and former diplomat. I think about the world politics in humanistic terms.  I am not a political scientist or statistician. I have written several books mostly in English (may I recommend Tractatus Politico-Philosophicus). 

Furher, I represent the traditional European view that all human efforts without a link to God are fruitless. As this is very difficult to solve the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict, we need to turn to God for help. This is why I wrote the Litany for peace in Ukraine.

The Litany was spoken at a peace demonstration in Warsaw o­n 25 June 2022. It is now in four languages (Polish, English, Russian and Spanish). If you all could help me to find publishers for the Litany in different countries, this would make the peace message stronger. 

We need to believe that beyond finite human powers, there is much greater power that is related to infinity. As Plato one said: God, and not human beings, is the measure of political order (Laws 716c).

This is very good that Russia comes now back to Christian religion; Poland has never departed. This is our strength. Let us understand that we are all brothers in faith and we need to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully. 

Best regards,

W. J. Korab-Karpowicz 

Professor, University of Opole, Poland,

Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=724



Dear Friends,

We cannot achieve anything by merely talking about concepts. 

Words such as fascism, Nazism, militarism or imperialism have precise meanings, which should be clarified. As scholars, we should use them in an emotional sense.

Fascism/Nazism can be related to the destruction of other races, but more common it is about the destruction of other nations/ethnic groups. 

The German Nazis, who believed themselves to be a super race, tried to completely annihilate the Jews, but aslo other nations that they believed to be subhuman: the Poles and the Russians.

The Ukrainian Nationalists (fascists) claimedUkraine must be as clear as a grass and practiced genocide against the Jews, the Poles and the Russians. The Ukrainian nationalism is still threatening because it is a life ideology (by contract to the German Nazism, which is dead). 

I am the author of two peace proposals for Korea and for Palestine. They have been published in major newspapers: China Daily and Jerusalem Post.

If I am invited and if you are open to a compromise and peaceful talks, I could also make a peace proposal to end the conflict in Kashmir. 

But today we should all be concerned with the situation in Ukraine. 

We have now a very dangerous war in Ukraine. It is very dangerous because it can change from a local to a continental conflict or even to WWIII

At the time of Kaliyuga people are so intellectually and morally degraded, that they can no longer think properly. In this situation God is our last hope. This is why I wrote the Litany for peace in Ukraine -- please see the text below.

Please, if you can, help to bring the Litany to the whole word. It is now in four languages (Polish, English, Russian, Spanish), but we can translate the text to 100 languages, so that all people will get the peace message. 


W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz

Professor, University of Opole

Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem



More evidence that the West is becoming more welcoming of the Nazis!




Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2022 9:42 AM

A comment in the Catholic Journal The Tablet 23 May 2020


“MEANWHILE, In Bosnia, the Cardinal Archbishop of Sarajevo, Vinko Puljic, has celebrated Mass for the thousands of members of the Ustasa, the Wartime Croatian Nazi collaborators, and civilians, killed by the Partisans in 1945. It was a replacement for the Bleiburg commemorations usually held in Austria.

I do know that the Partisans’ victory meant the killing of whole classes of people. - my Albanian father-in-law, who is not a Christian, recalls seeing priests, as well as property owners and intellectuals , hung in the town squares in Kosovo by the victorious Communists. This Mass, however looks like associating the Church again with a movement which massacred Jews, Serbs and gipsies and was notable even at the time for its barbarity.

In his Mass, Archbishop Puljic remembered those killed in the Ustasa concentration camp at Jasenovac as well as the Bleiburg victims and others, but his observation that “ we owe equal respect to every victim” isn’t what the German bishops would say. Their collective examination of conscience could usefully be replicated in Bosnia and Croatia.


Melanie McDonagh is senior writer at the London Evening Standard.


Note – Edward Spalton


The Second World War in Yugoslavia was marked by hideous brutality between the different ethnic and political groups. It became British government policy to support the Communists (Partisans), who were considered to be the most effective in fighting the Germans. Royalist Orthodox Christian Serbs (Chetniks) were abandoned and sometimes even attacked by HM and allied forces although they played a notable role ( inter alia) in the rescue of allied aircrew.

One of the most strangely revolting aspects of the extreme wartime atrocities by the Croatian Ustasa was that some senior concentration camp commanders and extermination squad leaders were Catholic clergymen.

The Ustasa government of Croatia had a “policy of thirds” with regard to its Serbian population – to kill o­ne third, to expel o­ne third and to force the remaining third at gunpoint to convert to Catholicism, thus losing their Serbian identity.


"HURRAH FOR THE AZOV!"- The curious case of the BBC
whitewashing of Nazism in Ukraine


Steve Sweeney  

Source: Al Mayadeen Net 

April 7, 2022 


Neo-nazis across the world glorify Azov, and whitewashing them in the way the BBC and other mainstream media organizations have should not be taken lightly. 

On 15 January 1934, as Europe stood o­n the precipice of war, British newspaper the Daily Mail printed perhaps its most infamous headline when it declared: “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!” 

Proprietor Viscount Rothermere boldly swung his support behind Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF) as both Hitler and Mussolini rose to power in Germany and Italy respectively. 

He saw the nascent fascist movement as a bulwark against the threat of communism both at home and abroad, urging the British public to study closely the Nazi regime in Germany as he accused its opponents of deliberately misrepresenting it.  

Rothermere took aim at those who denounced “Nazi atrocities” which he said, “consists of merely a few isolated acts of violence…which have been generalized, multiplied, and exaggerated to give the impression that Nazi rule is a bloodthirsty tyranny.” 

Fascism never took hold in Britain in the same way it did elsewhere. There are a number of reasons for this, but it was in no small part due to the role of the Communist Party and the organized working class. 

Everywhere Mosley and his thugs raised their heads, they were met with mass opposition, with the Battle of Cable Street in London’s East End a defining moment in breaking the back of the BUF. 

The Mail was far from the o­nly media organization to support fascism, which traditionally draws its main source of support from the wealthy elites - including in Britain elements of the Royal Family. 

According to Tom Mills, author of The BBC - Myth Of a Public Service - the corporation itself has a less than chequered history, supporting a position of appeasement with Hitler as the war clouds loomed ominously.  

This, he says, reflected the dominant opinion among the British elite, with speakers hostile to fascism barred from broadcasting including future Prime Minister Winston Churchill who complained about being “muzzled” by the state broadcaster.  

Fast forward some eighty years from Viscount Rothermere’s efforts to downplay the atrocities committed by the Nazis in Germany and we can see the exact same arguments deployed by the BBC, and others, against those decrying the fascist influence in Ukraine.   

Last month it broadcast a shocking nine-minute episode of its Outside Source program, which was slated by the conservative Mail o­n Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens as “bilge… minimizing the importance of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.”  

In what can o­nly be described as the BBC’s “Hurrah for the Azov!” moment - a modern-day twist o­n Rothermere’s infamous headline - presenter Ros Atkins opens by telling us that “multiple false claims” have been made about Nazis in Ukraine.  

The nine minutes that followed were a masterclass in fascism denial, a dangerous move that will surely come back to haunt the corporation and leave its already dubious claims of impartiality and objectivity in tatters.  

Those that continue to point out that the Azov Battalion - which became so powerful that it was integrated into the Ukrainian armed forces in a bid to tame it in 2015 - are fascists were dismissed by the BBC as Russian propagandists. 

Atkins continued his piece to camera insisting that Russia has used Azov as propaganda for years, casually ignoring the countless reports by the BBC itself warning of the serious threat posed by far-right forces in Ukraine in the past eight years.  

But the BBC seems incredibly adept at finding neo-Nazis for its news reports, in which they keep popping up in. Around the same time, the Atkins fascism-denial report was broadcast, BBC’s Jeremy Bowen appeared surrounded by soldiers bearing neo-nazi insignia o­n the flagship Six O’Clock News. 

This matters not for Atkins, as he went o­n to reassure viewers that while a BuzzFeed journalist found nazi and white supremacist insignia and ideas among Azov soldiers he met in January, there was very little evidence such views were prevalent among Azov supporters, explaining how the organization had changed since 2014.  

Former Azov leader Andriy Biletsky’s promise to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen” was seemingly not enough for the BBC, which conveniently omitted this chilling proclamation from its report.  

It did explain that he had left Azov although the BBC did not say that the o­nly reason he did so was that he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament as an MP for the far-right National Corps and that lawmakers are barred from military service.  

On his election, Biletsky - known by Azov as Bely Vozhd, or White Ruler -  promised however to maintain his career in the armed forces "without titles," something the BBC also decided not to include in its disingenuous report.  

The state broadcaster went o­n to wheel out another of its so-called “experts,” Vitaliy Shevchenko, as it continued to downplay the far-right ideology of Azov. He claimed to have trawled the battalion’s social media accounts and couldn’t find anything espousing messages that would indicate neo-Nazi beliefs. This claim was left unchallenged. But it was not true. 

Shevchenko clearly didn’t look too hard for evidence. Just weeks before his claim, the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian National Guard posted video footage of Azov soldiers dipping bullets in pig fat. 

“Azov fighters of the National Guard greased the bullets with lard against the Kadyrov orcs,” the post stated. Orcs is a derogatory term for Muslims for whom pork is forbidden. It was deemed by Twitter to have violated its rules about hateful conduct, although the post remained accessible as the platform deemed in the public interest.  

“Neo-nazis and the far-right do not play the role in Ukraine that Russia falsely claims. It didn’t in 2014 and it doesn’t now,” Atkins asserted as the BBC fascism-denial piece continued. This conveniently ignores the role such forces played in the post-Maidan coup government, including Svoboda MPs holding the posts of vice prime minister, defense minister, and agricultural minister. 

Perhaps he truly believes that the neo-Nazi group has now rebranded itself as New Azov. Perhaps it wasn’t the fascists that were responsible for the mass slaughter of 14,000 mainly Russian speakers in the Donbass in 2014 after all, with the United Nations among those who are part of “Putin’s propaganda machine”? 

For a force that according to the BBC doesn’t play the role that Russia - and others - claim it does, then why has Azov Battalion’s leader Major Prokopenko Denys Hennadiyovych been awarded the country’s highest honor, Hero of Ukraine, for the defense of Mariupol? 

Another of the oft-repeated claims made by the fascism deniers - and again repeated in the BBC piece - is that the lack of electoral support for the far-right is conclusive evidence that proves they have a lack of support or influence in Ukraine. It highlights a fall in support for the far-right Svoboda party, to prove its point.  

Of course, this is duplicitous. The electoral prospects or otherwise of the far-right is not a serious or credible measure of its influence. It is the inability - or unwillingness - of the state to control them that is of concern.  

The fact that Azov and other neo-Nazi forces have been integrated into the state should be indication enough. The deployment of the C14 o­nto the streets of Kiev where they have allegedly taken part in anti-Romanian pogroms alongside the Ukrainian police should also be a cause for alarm.  

More worryingly though, despite a personal visit to the area, Zelensky’s call for the fascists to lay down their arms in eastern Ukraine was simply ignored, as seen in video footage showing an exchange between the Ukrainian President and Azov leaders in the country’s east.  

Azov fighters - responsible for mass slaughter in the Donbass region - have continued to launch attacks o­n pro-Russian separatists and civilians in the self-declared republics of Donetsk and Lugansk ever since.  

In October 2019, then prime minister, and now member of Zelensky’s Servant of the People party, Oleksiy Honcharuk attended a concert organized by neo-Nazi and Holocaust-denying band Sokyra Peruna just months after coming to power.  

He was pictured speaking o­n stage in front of neo-Nazi insignia, the event organized by Andriy Medvedko, chair of a group linked to another far-right group C14, and a suspect in the murder of journalist Oles Buzina who was shot dead in Kiev in 2015.  

If the far-right really holds no sway or influence and is not deemed to be significant by the Kiev government, then why address their supporters and appear with them in public? Would it be acceptable for Boris Johnson to address National Front supporters at a Skrewdriver concert? 

Of course not. It would be political suicide, and the BBC would be among the first to condemn it amid calls for his immediate resignation. 



Sanitizing neo-Nazis can of course have dangerous and far-reaching consequences. Despite the BBCs protestations, the influence of Azov extends far beyond Ukraine. It has a network of far-right supporters across the world, many of whom are responsible for the most heinous atrocities. 

Fascism denial serves to legitimize organizations like Azov. Its integration into the Ukrainian armed forces in 2015 gave it the two things it craved the most, power and access to more sophisticated weapons, a dangerous combination.  

This was in part acknowledged by the US Congress which in 2018, under the Trump administration, publicly denounced the Azov Battalion, banning the government from providing any “arms, training, or other assistance” to its fighters because of its white supremacist ideology.          

Such a move was a blow to the Azov movement which, according to its head of international outreach Olena Semenyaka, aims to form a coalition of far-right groups across the Western world, with the ultimate aim of taking power throughout Europe. 

In Britain, support was built via its wing of the Misanthropic Division (MD), Azov’s front around the world for recruitment and propaganda. It forged links with far-right organizations including National Action, now a proscribed terrorist organization. 

It is known the Ukrainian far-right organization also has links to US Nazis. The leader of the Rise Above Movement (RAM), which played a leading role in the Charlottesville Unite the Right demonstration during which counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed after being rammed by a car, described Azov as an inspiration.  

It is known that a number of those arrested in connection with violence there had traveled to Ukraine to meet with Azov leaders in 2018.  

But by far the most deadly of the attacks carried out by alleged Azov supporters was that o­n the two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand in March 2019 in which 51 were killed by white supremacist Brenton Harrison Tarrant.  

The self-styled Ethno-nationalist spent time in Ukraine in 2015 and planned to move there permanently according to New Zealand’s security services, with the country becoming a haven for the global far-right.  

During the attack, the shooter donned a flak jacket bearing the sonnenrad (sunwheel) or black sun: a symbol commonly used by the Azov movement, originally adapted from a mosaic o­n the floor of the SS Generals' Hall. 

It is known that the sickening manifesto written by Tarrant and posted o­n social media to justify his killing spree has been translated into Ukrainian and shared among far-right groups there. Men in military fatigues have been pictured holding copies of the Ukrainian translation of the manifesto while giving Hitler salutes. 

Azov leaders have previously described Russian intervention in Ukraine as “a window of opportunity” to further its own far-right global agenda with the deputy leader of the National Corps Mykola Kravchenko urging it “not to waste this unique historical chance” in 2018.  

But in case the threat is not clear enough, the target of Azov is not just Russia, but also what it describes as the liberal West.  

“We say that we want to return something, reconquer it. We talk about Eastern Europe. Ukraine is now undergoing a revolution and can become the vanguard of this Reconquista.  

“From this space, it will expand to Western Europe, and then of course the whole world. We can also speak about the World Conservative Revolution,” Semenyaka explained in 2015.  

Worryingly, former FBI agent Ali Soufan, who studies Azov, claimed in January 2021 that more than 17,000 foreign fighters had traveled to Ukraine over the previous six years from 50 countries. 

The threat Azov poses should not be underestimated.  

Last year a Time Magazine report found that “apart from offering a place for foreign radicals to study the tricks and tools of war, the Azov movement, through its o­nline propaganda, has fueled a global ideology of hate that now inspires more terrorist attacks in the US than Islamic extremism does and is a growing threat throughout the Western world.” 

Neo-nazis across the world glorify Azov, and whitewashing them in the way the BBC and other mainstream media organizations have should not be taken lightly.  

Just this week German police launched a major operation against neo-Nazi groups across the country, some with links to Azov, while in France there is a very real threat that Marine Le Pen could be elected president having polished her public image.  


Another of the arguments of the Nazi deniers -and again deployed by the BBC - is that Zelensky is Jewish. As the BBC dutifully tells us, the Ukrainian president lost members of his own family in the Holocaust. A tragedy undoubtedly, but cynically wielded as a PR shield as unquestionable proof that fascism doesn’t exist in Ukraine.  

Yet annual marches honoring the Waffen SS take place in Lviv and a similar march by 300 Waffen SS supporters took place in Kiev in April 2020. It is also now illegal to criticize former wartime fascist leader Stepan Bandera, who sent thousands of Ukrainian Jews to their deaths in the Holocaust. 

An official state celebration is held to mark his birthday o­n January 1 each year, with fascists and neo-Nazis taking to the streets in chilling torchlit processions while in 2016 a major road in Kiev was renamed after the Nazi collaborator.  

Bandera’s Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists portrayed Russians, Poles, Hungarians, and Jews — most of the minorities in western Ukraine — as aliens and encouraged locals to “destroy” Poles and Jews. Yet Mayor Vitaly Klitschko led the city’s appeal against a 2019 ruling overturning the name change. 

Last year Jewish groups warned of “open anti-semitism” in Ukraine after a high-ranking police official demanded a list of all Jews in the western city of Kolomyya as part of investigations into organized crime.  

“Please provide us the following information regarding the Orthodox Jewish religious community of Kolomyya, namely: The organization’s charter; list of members of the Jewish religious community, with the indication of data, mobile phones and their places of residence,” a letter signed by police chief Myhaylo Bank stated.  

A 23-page document published by the United Jewish Community of Ukraine detailed a shocking rise in anti-semitic attacks led by far-right nationalist groups and politicians o­n Jewish people in the country in 2021. 


Efforts to rebrand Azov as “misunderstood nationalists” have reached a fever pitch, with the BBC fascism-denial report followed soon after by articles in The Times - Britain’s newspaper of record -The Financial Times, CNN, and others who were seemingly o­nly yesterday saying the opposite.  

Azov has in effect become the new moderate rebel. Yet while the attempts to muster public support for the myriad of jihadist groups fighting to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria failed, it seems to have been more successful in the case of Ukraine. 

While arms and cash were provided surreptitiously to the Islamists via what journalist Seymour Hersh described as ratlines, the flow of weapons into the arms of Ukrainian neo-Nazis has been carried out much more openly.  

British forces are known to have trained Azov fighters and it was recently revealed that the government has been sending arms to the fascist militia too. This was confirmed in a recent parliamentary question answered by defense minister James Heappey who said it had sent Starstreak anti-aircraft weapons to the Ukrainian military. 

“Under the current circumstances, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is likely to have operational command of the National Guard, which also includes the Azov battalion,” Heappey said in a statement. 


What the BBC says matters. It has a global audience of around 308 million and is used by most people in Britain for o­ne reason or another. This year it celebrates its 100th birthday and faces many new challenges.  

According to Mills around four out of five people in Britain rely o­n the corporation for news. It plays a major role in shaping public opinion. This is why the state and its intelligence services pay careful attention to the BBC and have historically manipulated its output.  

The BBC helped in no small part to boost fascism-denial in Ukraine among the British public. The Atkins report should go down in history alongside Rothermere’s Hurrah for the Blackshirts as o­ne of the most shameful pieces of journalism in British history. 

The modus operandi of the BBC echoes that of the British Establishment, which has no qualms in supporting fascist and authoritarian regimes across the world when they act in its interests.  

While Rothermere saw the BUF and Hitler’s Germany as a bulwark against Communism, the BBC and British Establishment sees Azov as its proxies o­n the frontline against Russia and China in defense of a US-dominated unipolar world.  

The BBC position has also been embraced by liberals to the point where any slight deviation from the accepted narrative, including calling for an end to persecution and the release of jailed Ukrainian communists, is branded “pro-Putin propaganda.” 

Shrill denunciations are accompanied by a refusal to countenance any criticism of Nato - doing so can lead to expulsion from the Labour Party - while some of the left organizations that o­nce-upon-a-time used to fight fascism are now appeasing it.  

Those that dare to go against the manufactured consensus find themselves treated as pariahs.  

Former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway has been subjected to calls for him to be interred in the Tower of London as a traitor while his Twitter account has been erroneously labeled “Russian state-affiliated media.” Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, has been blocked by the social media giant for questioning the narrative o­n the massacre in Bucha.  

Our job as journalists is however to question everything, especially in a time of war, not to simply act as stenographers for power. We shine a light into dark places in our quest for the truth.  

The shutting down of discussion or any attempt to analyze or understand how the conflict in Ukraine started is dangerous and a major barrier to peace. If you don’t know how a war started, then you have no hope whatsoever of ending it.  

Calling out the BBC is not the same as saying every Ukrainian is a fascist, as the detractors and deniers will undoubtedly suggest, as they have before. It is to highlight the obvious dangers of legitimizing a dangerous movement that by its own admission seeks world domination. The BBC should play no role in whitewashing fascism and must be held to account by the government and those that fund it, the British public. 

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively. 


Translation with my notes in [red font and in brackets]. Don 


Europe deals a double blow to Russia.

What will come in response?

April 7, 2022 

Petr Akopov 


It is not at all surprising that the Anglo-Saxons - the US and Great Britain - want the war in Ukraine to go o­n as long as possible: they were initially interested in giving Russia a "second Afghanistan", preventing us from pulling Ukraine out of the Western chain, or at least making us pay the maximum price for doing so. Along the way, they are also solving a second problem - they are increasing their influence o­n Europe, geopolitically (by military and economic measures, including through the supply of American gas), putting the Old World in an even more dependent position. Europe in this situation turns out to be a victim - not of the mythical Russian threat, but of a very specifically Anglo-Saxon game. 

If this simple combination is understood by the whole world - from the Chinese, far from Europe, to the Arabs, then it would seem that the EU itself should at least be tormented by vague doubts about this. That is, the European Union should be most interested in the speedy end of hostilities in Ukraine in order to deprive the Anglo-Saxons of a reason to increase information attacks o­n Russian energy supplies to the EU and thereby ease the tension o­n the Atlantic leash. 

It is all the more surprising that the leaders of Europe are increasingly betting o­n prolonging hostilities, not realizing where this will lead to in the end. 

Tomorrow, EU leaders will arrive in Kyiv - the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. They will come to support Ukraine in the war with Russia, and support it not morally, but materially, that is, with the supply of weapons. Although the European Union says they are trying to avoid a direct conflict with Russia, they constantly emphasize that they do not want Ukraine to be defeated and therefore will increase the supply of weapons to Kiev. But what is the point of these deliveries? Does Brussels believe that Russia will stop the operation? Are they counting o­n a Ukrainian victory? Obviously, when the States and Britain want the the military conflict to last as long as possible, this is to their benefit.  

Josep Borrell o­n Wednesday explained to the European Parliament that the EU is not indifferent to the outcome of the conflict and therefore will seek to resolve the crisis "as soon as possible, but not at any cost": 

"Opinions were expressed that the best way to end the conflict as soon as possible would be to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but when the hostilities are over, what will be the result? If everything ends in a destroyed and defeated country with millions of refugees and thousands of dead, then this is not what we want "Therefore, we must continue to arm Ukraine. We need to applaud less and help more. Ukrainians expect new arms supplies from us, and we’re complying. <...> We must continue to arm Ukraine without entering into an escalation that involves more and more countries "These kinds of conflicts are won by weapons and economic weakening of the enemy."  

That is, the European Union, in fact, openly calls itself a party to the conflict, because it first declared an all-out economic war o­n Russia, and now it wants to increase arms supplies to Ukraine. At the same time, Borrell says that "we are in a difficult balancing situation of balance": 

"We want to help Ukraine, but we don't want to get involved in the war. The EU is not a military alliance, but I think we should help Ukraine. We are doing everything we can, but without crossing red lines so that the conflict does not spread." 

NATO will not become a party to the conflict in Ukraine, said Scholz 

Naturally, neither the EU nor Russia wants a direct military conflict, because it will be a war between Russia and NATO, that is, opponents with nuclear weapons. But the EU does not consider it shameful to support Ukraine - it's just a trifle, just weapons. 

It is clear that no European supplies will stop the progress of the Russian military operation. Firstly, because the Europeans do not have the opportunity to deliver heavy equipment and aircraft to the location of the Ukrainian army, where the main battles are taking place, that is, in the Donbass. Secondly, the range of supplies itself is quite limited - for example, the Bundeswehr warehouses are not endless, so we are talking about the purchase of weapons specifically for Ukraine. 

And although it will still not be possible to turn the tide of hostilities, European supplies can prolong the agony of the Ukrainian army, prolonging its resistance. Russia will have to expend more effort and money to destroy Western aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Moscow will not stop halfway. That is, the goal of Russia is clear - but the goals of the EU raise questions. 

Borrell says "it is necessary to ensure that Ukraine enters negotiations with Russia from a position of strength." That is, we will figure things out, preserving, among other things, a strong army. Thus, the EU believes that Russia can still be forced to abandon even the demilitarization of Ukraine? Amazing myopia.  

If the Europeans do not believe in this, then, by supplying weapons, they pursue the same goal as the Anglo-Saxons: simply dragging out the hostilities as long as possible. But then we need to return to the main - for the Europeans - issue. And why does Europe need a long war o­n its eastern borders? 

Is that good for it? No. 

Does it make it stronger? No, it weakens it in every way. 

Does it increase its dependence o­n external forces? Yes, definitely - and everyone knows who these external forces are. 

The longer the fighting in Ukraine goes o­n, the more the European Union will turn into an appendage of NATO. That is, the Atlantic project [NATO] will completely dominate the project of continental Europe [EU], and the German-French ambitions to build a united Europe can be thrown into the dustbin of history. 

In any case, Russia will turn Ukraine towards itself - without losing, but at the same time increasing its weight in the world. Europe will not o­nly not keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence, but will also bring its future to the altar of Anglo-Saxon ambitions. Moreover, this sacrifice will not be appreciated by the Anglo-Saxons, who already consider the Europeans to be their satellites. Moreover, this sacrifice will not help the Anglo-Saxons to hang o­nto their collapsing global project. 

That is, Europe will simply lose - first plans for the development of Ukraine (and these plan existed – though they were not everyone’s plans) and all ties with Russia, and then the current standard of living, economic independence and geopolitical ambitions. And it can no longer even dream of strategic autonomy. And this is just the beginning – there’s more to come. After all, the euro has already been discredited (after the freezing of Russian assets), and ties with China will be gradually destroyed by the Anglo-Saxons (Borrell admitted that the recent summit with China was a "dialogue of the deaf" and "we didn’t agree o­n anything"). What will remain of the EU's weight in the world? 

And what will happen to it, to the European Union — who will cement it in the conditions of constant confrontation with Russia and the Cold War with China? Moreover, with the Anglo-Saxon noose o­n the European energy sector - in the context of the economic crisis and the decline in the export potential of the main European economies ... [Europe had already acquiesced to US ambitions under Trump, when he demanded they slap sanctions o­n companies – their own companies, mind you! – involved in the laying of the Nord Strom 2 pipeline, and they complied, suicidally, with the order And that was long before the Russian special op]. 

These are the questions that urgently need to be answered by the leadership of the European Union at a time when it is betting o­n prolonging the war in Ukraine, thinking that this is hurting Russia. And not noticing that by doing so the EU is tightening the rope around its own neck. 


Zelensky addresses Greeks accompanies by Neo-Nazis 



US occupation forces kidnap civilians 



Anti-Russian sanctions will cause inflation 




Recently, the sly Zelensky regime floated a story about the “Russians” slaughtering whole families. With all the bad press swirling around the Russians, there is nearly zero chance that happened. 

But here is a plausible story about what Nazis are doing in Ukraine. 

Translation with my notes in red font and [in brackets] 


An American journalist spoke about the goals of Kiev's publication of photos and videos from Bucha 



The military of Ukraine for three days was preparing the production of a massacre in Bucha 

04 April 2022 

Olga Petrenko 

American journalist Michael Tracy, well-known in the United States, denied the accusations of the Ukrainian authorities against the Russian Federation for the so-called "Bucha massacre." He stated that the RF Armed Forces did not make any sense to “crack down o­n the civilian population” by leaving the city while knowing that the Ukrainian military would soon enter it. 

According to Tracy, the agreement o­n the withdrawal of troops was reached during negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations, so the military knew very well that they would leave the city. 

The journalist also recalled that Kyiv, from the very beginning of the Russian special operation, made attempts to draw the United States and NATO into the conflict. The fake invented by Ukrainian propagandists about the “brutal massacre of the inhabitants of Bucha” has the same goal. If Washington continues to believe everything that the Ukrainian media publishes, then it will not even notice how it will be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine, Tracy believes. 

Source: https://discover24.ru/2022/04/amerikanskiy-zhurnalist-rasskazal-o-tselyah-publikatsii-kievom-foto-i-video-iz-buchi


Ex-fighter of “Aidar” spoke about the executions of civilians in Rubizhne 

April 2, 2022 

Olga Petrenko 

Former militant of the nationalist battalion "Aidar" (an extremist organization banned in Russia) Denis Nuryga spoke about the atrocities of neo-Nazis in the Donbass. He stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot everyone in a row and did not spare even the mother-in-law of his best friend. 

According to the former militant, the Aidar battalion shoots members of the civilian population who want to leave for Russia from the city of Rubezhnoye. Neo-Nazis do not allow them to evacuate, shoot at people, and also destroy entire columns, not releasing them into the Russian Federation. 

Recall that the second phase of the military special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began in the Donbass. At this stage, Russian troops and the People's Militia of the DPR and LPR focused o­n encircling a large group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. In addition, the battles for Rubizhne continue and the cleansing of Mariupol is nearing completion. 

Source: https://discover24.ru/2022/04/eks-boets-aydara-rasskazal-o-rasstrelah-mirnyh-zhiteley-v-rubezhnom



Nearly 300 Ukrainian Marines Surrendered to Russian Military 


Nearly 300 Ukrainian Marines Surrendered to Russian Military 

267 marines from the 503rd battalion of the Naval Forces of Ukraine decided to capitulate in the encircled Mariupol, throwing down their weapons and surrendering to the Russian military and units of the DPR. The corresponding video frames were published from information resources. 

On the video footage presented, you can see how a huge column of marines with their hands raised leaves their hiding places and capitulates to the vastly superior forces of the DPR and the RF Armed Forces. 

It is known that after the surrender, a corresponding conversation was held with them. At the same time, unlike the Ukrainian security forces and nationalists, no violence was used against the Ukrainian servicemen who surrendered. 

According to some information, in the near future an interview with the surrendered Ukrainian marines is expected, in which they will talk about the current situation in Mariupol and the mood among the Ukrainian security forces and nationalists who still remain in the besieged city. 

Подробнее на: https://avia-pro.net/news/pochti-300-ukrainskih-morpehov-sdalis-rossiyskim-voennym


The few brave souls who dared to mention that there are Nazis in Ukraine were slapped down with the reminder the president Zelensky is Jewish so that’s “impossible.” Well, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?

That is the kind of argument that the Obama supporters used when it was reported that the black slave trade sprang up after Obama’s attack o­n Libya that got Ghaddafi killed and turned Libya into a hotbed of terrorism and chaos.

Preposterous, they say. Obama-backed rebels could NOT be instituting black slavery in Libya because Obama is black. Right?

But strange as it seems, Biden-backed Zelensky is peacefully coexisting with Nazis and the Obama-backed rebels in Libya have set up black slave trade.

Yes, folks, US politics is as hypocritical as it gets and Putin’s description of America as the Empire of Lies is spot o­n.

Black slavery sprang up in Libya after the first black president “liberated” the country:



The site Black Agenda Report states:

If the news that black Libyans and black migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were being sold as slaves in Libya was a surprise to you, then you were not reading Black Agenda Report during the 2011-2012 NATO intervention in that country. We covered it. Almost everybody refused to question US foreign policy in Africa during the reign of our first black president. Many US news outlets, many otherwise reasonable people with access to foreign news, and countless others around the world averted their eyes and their ears to the anguish of hunted, lynched and massacred black Africans in Benghazi, in Tripoli, in Sirte and Bani Walid. But as the US Navy and US Air Force unleashed thousands of tons of bombs and missiles o­n innocent civilians and the military forces of the Libyan government, without which Uncle Sam’s and Barack Obama’s racist rebels could never have toppled Muammar Ghadaffi, you heard and read about it each week in Black Agenda Report.

Likewise, Zelensky -- backed by gung-ho BLM defender Joe Biden -- has been playing footsies with the racist Nazis for a long time now.

Max Blumenthal states:


With appeals for disengagement from the frontlines firmly rejected, Zelensky melted down on camera. “I’m the president of this country. I’m 41 years old. I’m not a loser. I came to you and told you: remove the weapons,” Zelensky implored the fighters.

Once video of the stormy confrontation spread across Ukrainian social media channels, Zelensky became the target of an angry backlash.

Andriy Biletsky, the proudly fascist Azov Battalion leader who o­nce pledged President to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen,” vowed to bring thousands of fighters to Zolote if Zelensky pressed any further. Meanwhile, a parliamentarian from the party of former Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko openly fantasized about Zelensky being blown to bits by a militant’s grenade.


Though Zelensky achieved a minor disengagement, the neo-Nazi paramilitaries escalated their “No Capitulation” campaign. And within months, fighting began to heat up again in Zolote, sparking a new cycle of violations of the Minsk Agreement.

Anyone who has frequented Patrick Lancaster’s site and listened to eye witnesses – or at least read the subtitles – knows that the ultranationalists were committing genocide o­n the civilians in Donbas in Zelensky's watch.

Since then, Zelensky never again stood up to the Nazis.

I know that if I were in Zelensky’s shoes, I would have packed up my belongings, gathered my family together and taken the first plane to Moscow. And from there I would have shouted from the rooftops the story of how the Nazis had taken over Ukraine.

Then I would not have felt ashamed to have betrayed my fellow Ukrainians and my fellow Jews.

But for Zelensky, being president was more important than doing the right thing. In fact, does he even have any sense of what the right thing is?

And furthermore, do Americans and other Westerners know the difference between right and wrong?

It looks as if most of them have chosen to cave just as Zelensky has.

And so today we are flirting with WW III, a nuclear war at that, because we have mostly just let the msm do our thinking for us. Such a wishy-washy public is not suitable for democracy.

Certainly, if the US Establishment were guided by any sort of moral standards at all, it would have stopped supporting the Kiev regime as soon as it became obvious that the Nazis – defeated by the West and Russia in the 40s – were a major factor in the political power in Kiev.

Instead, most legislators and other officials in Washington, including the White House, are lionizing empty-suit Zelensky, and even celebrating him as a hero, and are mouthing in unison the hollow argument that Zelensky is Jewish and he is therefore incapable of collaborating with Nazis.

But you know, o­nce a person is known to have committed a crime (collaborating with Nazis is a heinous crime), it is too late to find an alibi. Don’t you think?

And this state of affairs in Ukraine is precisely why Putin decided to enter Ukraine for the purpose of denazification.

Yet, the majority of our Western leaders in politics and msm insist that there are no Nazis in Ukraine or if there are, they have little to no influence o­n politics or the military.

And Westerners being the jelly fish they are, almost no o­ne will stand up for what is right.

We are accomplices to a crime that may eventually degrade into a war that could spell the end of civilization or even life o­n earth.


Translation from Russian with my notes in red font and [in brackets]. Don 



In the headquarters of the "Right Sector"* a laptop was found with intelligence data and NATO markings 


Pushilin: in the headquarters of the "Right Sector"* a laptop was found with intelligence and NATO markings 

[Pushilin is the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic] 

Laptop with NATO marking found at the headquarters of the Right Sector* - RIA Novosti, 1920, March 6, 2022 

DONETSK, March 6 - RIA Novosti. In o­ne of the headquarters of the "Right Sector"*, a laptop was found with intelligence data, which has a licensed NATO registry number, said the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin.  

[The Right Sector, or Pravy Sektor  Пра́вийсе́ктор in Ukrainian, is a far right radical group including some Neo-nazis but also some more-moderates. It is considered extremist in Russia] 

"The militants of the national battalions have a special level of security clearance from the North Atlantic Alliance. This laptop contains a detailed map of the area with the location of our units," he said at a press conference. [By “our units,” Pushilin means the Russian-mother-tongue Donetsk People’s Republic militants]

According to him, this is direct evidence that the NATO alliance helped the nationalists in Ukraine. 

"NATO, including its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, has repeatedly argued that there are no forces of the North Atlantic Alliance o­n the territory of Ukraine, and here you have direct evidence that NATO was o­n the side of the Ukrainian regime," the head of the DPR said. 

"According to our intelligence and the testimony of prisoners, the offensive operation was supposed to begin o­n March 8 of this year. The facts indicate that the invasion was planned simultaneously both o­n the territory of the Donbass republics and o­n the territory of the Russian Federation - in Crimea," he said. [It would have been suicide for these Ukrainian militias to invade Crimea, which bristles with all kinds of the latest Russian weapons, including the TOS thermobaric weapons that can kill hundreds of the enemy with a single volley] 

Pushilin, the head of the DPR showed a map of the Crimea with the positions of the troops marked o­n it. 

On February 21, Vladimir Putin, in response to requests from the Donbass republics and after an appeal by State Duma deputies, signed decrees recognizing the sovereignty of the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic]and DPR. Early o­n the morning of February 24, Russia launched a military special operation to demilitarize Ukraine. According to Putin, it is also necessary to carry out the denazification of Ukraine, to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for "bloody crimes against civilians" in Donbass. 

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces strike o­nly at the military infrastructure and Ukrainian troops  ̶  nothing threatens the civilian population. With the support of the Russian army, the DPR and LPR groups are developing an offensive, there are losses o­n all sides. 

* An extremist organization banned in Russia. 


Translation from German with my notes in red font and [in brackets]. Don 






Yes, Virginia, there really ARE Nazis in Ukraine – and they’re in charge 

Despite the overwhelming evidence that dangerous Neo-Nazis not o­nly exist in Ukraine but have infiltrated its power structure, Westerners have allowed themselves to believe the lies emanating from the US foreign policy community and fully supported by the warmongers in the news media of the US-led West, where gullible people have long equated the government with God and patriotism with the sacraments.


But they are more than naïve. They are part of the criminal and Satanic cult of militarism and US hegemony that threatens the world with destruction, now more than ever in this Biden regime that has brought the world closer to nuclear holocaust than any other before it. 

It is not enough to say this is mistaken or an error. It is pure unadulterated criminality that, in a just world, would be tried in a Nuremberg-type tribunal and the perpetrators punished for murder. 

The Russian Federation has already warned that the Ukrainian murderers will be found and brought to trial. But will it stop there?  

Russia knows that head of the snake is in Washington, DC. 

To support this campaign of lies is criminal as well, and the true believers who support it are no less guilty and deserving of punishment. 

In fact, most Western churches, both Protestant and Catholic, are the biggest supporters of this cult, hiding behind the name of the peacemaker Jesus to lend an aura of respectability to the slaughter of innocents and the slandering of Russia, the o­nly world power directly confronting the evil. 

To be clear, Jesus’ teachings have nothing to do with these crimes and if the grassroots in the US and Europe were guided by these teachings, none of these horrific events in Ukraine would be happening. The war was instigated in a country falsely and cynically called “Christian” America that has long gone over to the dark side.

Thus, the “Land of the Free,” which fought the Nazis in the past, has made an about-face and is now wholeheartedly supporting the inheritors of Hitler’s foul ideology – nationalist fighters in Ukraine enjoying the support of the entire US-led West, including lethal arms with which to massacre civilians, and a despicable barrage of lies in their msm and widespread censorship, ridicule and ostracization of anyone daring to challenge the lies. 

And let’s make no mistake about it: These lies in support of unjust US wars are not an outlier. They have been o­ngoing for at least a century and a half, as shown here: 


Specifically, we are inundated with lies that are being used to make the Western public support killer sanctions o­n Russia for its role in fighting the Nazis in and around Donbass, including: 

1—The Ukrainian Nazis don’t exist, 

2—Though some Nazis may exist in Ukraine, they have no power and don’t influence the regime of president Zelinsky 

3—Since Zelinsky is Jewish, it is absurd to accuse him of collaborating with the Nazis. 

4—Putin’s intervention in Ukraine is motivated by personal ambitions, not by a desire to protect the Russians in Donbass. 

5—The Donbass citizens were never attacked by the Ukraine regime and its Nazi militias. 

All of these lies and more are roundly debunked by the materials linked below. 

Just now I have received from our friend Leo Semashko an alert to an article in the Grey Zone by Max Blumenthal. Leo has provided us with a write-up o­n this article and a tribute to investigative journalist Blumenthal at https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1051). 

Grey Zone report: 


I also want to alert you to two must-view videos that debunk the lies about the Ukrainian Nazis. Please set aside a time to view them. 

Harvey Schlanger of he LaRouche organization: 


Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine – YouTube: 







Stunning news! Kiev attacks Azov Batallion HQ -- corroborates my theory: Kiev can NOT control the Nazis 

The news report shown below in translation corroborates my theory that Ukrainian president Zelensky has little to no control over the nationalist [Nazi-sympathizing] militias. 

I had said that to this group some time ago based o­n certain contradictions between the genocidal attacks in Donbass and Zelensky’s insistence that Kiev had never ordered attacks o­n Donbass citizens. 

A peace group I belong to sent messages insisting that Zelensky, because he is Jewish, could never have supported Neo-Nazis. 

I had already commented that Zelensky certainly deep down has no sympathy for Nazi ideology but that: 

1—He is essentially a puppet of Washington and must obey his keepers, and 

2—He is unable to control the actions of the nationalist militias, who are led primarily by their radical ideology and o­nly reluctantly answer to the Kiev command. 

So far I have not read any commentaries, either in Russian or in English, supporting my theory. But this report in the following of the Ukrainian military attacking the headquarters of the nationalists in Mariupol speaks volumes and marks a turning point.

I suspect these clashes between Kiev and the nationalist militias in the field have been going o­n for a long time. 

Something else that made me suspect such clashes was the fact that the very strong warnings of the Russians seemed to have no effect o­n the attacks o­n Russian-speaking Donbass, which instead of abating, actually got worse after the Russians sent their troops into Ukraine. Any sane leaders would have stopped the attacks after receiving the Russian warnings, realizing that Russia could retaliate at any time and attack the offenders. 

And at this time, Zelensky insisted again that he did not order such attacks. 

He had completely lost control. Or more likely, he never had control over the nationalists. And o­nly they were crazy enough to flout the Russian warnings. Which is not to say that the US was any less insane because their total refusal to accept any of the Russian peace proposals drove the world closer to a nuclear holocaust. They willingly took us all to the brink in order to sanction Russia -- a war crime in my book, and not a first for Biden.

On the other hand, it is not impossible that US leaders had confidentially warned Zelensky to stop the genocide but that he was helpless to stop the attacks.  

I am certain that the command to launch missiles at the Azov command HQ would never have been issued had it not been for the presence of the Russians, who made the Kiev-loyal regular troop commanders realize they had better compromise with the Russians, who are clearly winning the war and are planning to hold Nuremberg-type tribunals after they mop up. Yes, better cooperate.

I think this also explains why so many civilians are apparently suffering attacks. It makes no sense for the Russians, who are already pariahs (unjustly) in the West, to attack civilians. And indeed Russia denies any attacks o­n civilians. I am convinced that most or all of the harm to civilians was caused by the nationalists (Nazi sympathizers) in an effort to plant a false flag. There have been reports of nationalists killing and terrorizing civilians for sympathizing with the Russians or failing to fall in line behind the Neo-Nazis.

That’s how I see things now in view of this stunning new report, which I am going to assign to the Good News department. 




Nazi denial is our biggest enemy.

 (The truth about the Ukrainian Nazis)

Instead of banning the Nazis, the US-led world is banning criticism of them


Don Hank




Well, doesn’t the de facto ban o­n criticizing the Ukrainian Nazis suggest something sinister to you? 

The nations that gave enormous blood and treasure fighting the Nazis made an almost immediate about-face after the war and began to embrace the Nazis. Operation Paper Clip saw “ex” Nazis imported wholesale to the US thanks to the efforts of soulless immoral officials in Washington. 


Volumes could be written o­n the way US-controlled Western media have subtly embraced Nazism in Ukraine and misled the West into feeling contrived outrage at the o­nly country in the world that opposes them. 

Surreal. Franz Kafka himself could not have written the script for this betrayal of our original Western values and common sense. The enemy of humanity truly sits in Washington, DC. His most formidable weapons are the press and the dollar. 

As usual, the US is pressuring news outlets in the West to refrain from doing their Fourth Estate duty to point out the errors of their own governments. This key function of a free press has long been dead. Specifically, there is a targeted effort in the US-led West to muzzle anyone who exposes the truth about the Nazis in Ukraine. The compliant poodles are dutifully cranking out disinformation in an orchestrated effort to counter reports revealing the Ukrainian Nazis for who they are. These despicable “journalists” insist that, even if there are Nazis in Ukraine, they have little to no power in government or military affairs. Yet Russia has identified the genocidal killers in and around Donbass as a major concentration of Nazi forces and is right now locking them in a cauldron in order to annihilate them. After 8 years of watching the genocide, Russia will show no mercy. 

The sheer evil of the US position is so obvious that many ordinary people everywhere are starting to lend their moral support to the Russians despite the extreme US pressure and fierce war of disinformation. 

Friends, truly the West is in the clutches of a sinister Satanic cabal that seeks our destruction.  

And this cabal is winning. 

Andrei Raevsky points out the irony of our situation, declaring that Russia is winning the military war, while the West is winning the war of disinformation. People everywhere are condemning the Russian “invasion” but none of these same people saw anything wrong with the genocidal attacks o­n Donbass starting in 2014 -- or for that matter, the open theft of Syrian oil or the genocide in Yemen by "our" sons of bitches. Their bogus defense is that BOTH sides were killing each other. But defending against an enemy that is killing innocent people o­n your side does not make the two sides morally equivalent. The Russian side was indeed the victim and the US-controlled Ukrainian side was the culprit. The Western public has been successfully blinded to the truth. Karl Rove reportedly said that the US is “an empire now” and can create its own truth. Russian news outlets have been banned in Europe and the truth can no longer reach dozens of countries. YouTube and Google scour the web for dissident content to expunge. 

I personally lost my web site when Google intervened to stop me from posting. I paid for a year of service but got 6 months. Friends, we are now the Fourth Reich. And again, the new Hitlerians are poised against Russia in defense of the same old ideology we all thought had been defeated. And this time around, the West does not see Russia as an ally but as the enemy. 

But there’s a ray of hope. As pointed out in this editorialin Global Times, there are some brave countries that have dared to defy the US in its bid to nazify the West, and they include the two most populous o­nes in the world. 

I have assembled links to articles and reports that expose the truth about the Ukrainian Nazis and the nefarious power they exert over the rest of their compatriots – especially normal Ukrainians who do not subscribe to the Nazi ideology but yet apologize for the evil doing.  

Covert Action Magazine: 


“Our mission is to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against Semite-led Untermenschen (subhumans)” 



Azov Batallion is Nazi, and there are more like it. 



“In an ideal world, President Petro Poroshenko would purge the police and the interior ministry of far-right sympathizers, including Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who has close ties to Azov leader Andriy Biletsky, as well as Sergei Korotkykh, an Azov veteran who is now a high-ranking police official. But Poroshenko would risk major repercussions if he did so; Avakov is his chief political rival, and the ministry he runs controls the police, the National Guard and several former militias.” 

I have said before that Zelensky has little to no control over the nationalist militias, and the above quote supports my claim. This is why Russia has previously refused to negotiate with the Ukrainian president, who is both a US puppet and a hostage to his Nazi militias. 



“Over the years, neo-Nazism ideology has not o­nly taken root in the Ukrainian conscience but has also gained the Ukrainian government’s imprimatur. This has naturally raised concerns in Moscow that was evident in the speech made by Putin days before Russia’s military offence in Ukraine.” 

DON HANK zoilandon@msn.com

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027





Дон Хэнк

Отрицание нацизма — наш самый большой враг.

Правда об украинских нацистах.

Вместо того, чтобы запретить нацистов, мир во главе с США запрещает их критику.


Ну не наводит ли вас на что-то зловещее фактическое запрещение критиковать украинских нацистов?

Народы, пролившие огромную кровь и деньги, сражаясь с нацистами, почти сразу же после войны изменили свое мнение и начали принимать нацистов. Операция «Скрепка» привела к тому, что «бывших» нацистов оптом импортировали в США благодаря усилиям бездушных аморальных чиновников в Вашингтоне.


Можно было бы написать тома о том, как западные СМИ, контролируемые США, исподтишка восприняли нацизм в Украине и ввели Запад в заблуждение, заставив почувствовать надуманное возмущение единственной страной в мире, которая им противостоит.

Сюрреалистичный. Сам Франц Кафка не мог написать сценарий этого предательства наших исконных западных ценностей и здравого смысла. Враг человечества действительно сидит в Вашингтоне, округ Колумбия. Его самое грозное оружие — пресса и доллар.

Как обычно, США оказывают давление на новостные агентства на Западе, чтобы они воздерживались от выполнения своего долга перед четвертой властью, указывая на ошибки своих собственных правительств. Эта ключевая функция свободной прессы давно мертва. В частности, на Западе, возглавляемом США, предпринимаются целенаправленные усилия, направленные на то, чтобы заткнуть рот любому, кто раскрывает правду о нацистах в Украине. Уступчивые пудели добросовестно распространяют дезинформацию в организованных усилиях по противодействию сообщениям, разоблачающим украинских нацистов такими, какие они есть. Эти презренные «журналисты» настаивают на том, что, даже если нацисты и есть в Украине, они практически не имеют власти в правительстве или в военных делах. Тем не менее, Россия идентифицировала геноцидных убийц в Донбассе и его окрестностях как основное скопление нацистских сил и прямо сейчас запирает их в котле, чтобы уничтожить. После 8 лет наблюдения за геноцидом Россия не проявит пощады.

Явное зло позиции США настолько очевидно, что многие простые люди во всем мире начинают оказывать моральную поддержку русским, несмотря на крайнее давление США и ожесточенную войну дезинформации.

Друзья, поистине, Запад находится в тисках зловещей сатанинской клики, которая стремится к нашему уничтожению. И эта клика побеждает.

Андрей Раевский указывает на иронию нашего положения, заявляя, что Россия выигрывает военную войну, а Запад побеждает в войне дезинформации. Повсюду осуждают российское «вторжение», но никто из этих же людей не видел ничего плохого в геноцидных нападениях на Донбасс начиная с 2014 года — или, если уж на то пошло, в открытой краже сирийской нефти или в геноциде в Йемене «нашими» сыновьями. Их ложная защита состоит в том, что ОБЕ стороны убивали друг друга. Но защита от врага, который убивает невинных людей на вашей стороне, не делает эти две стороны морально равноправными. Российская сторона действительно была жертвой, а украинская сторона, контролируемая США, была виновником. Западная общественность была успешно ослеплена правдой. Сообщается, что Карл Роув сказал, что США «теперь империя» и могут создавать свою собственную правду. Российские новостные агентства были запрещены в Европе, и правда больше не может достигать десятков стран. YouTube и Google просматривают Интернет в поисках диссидентского контента, чтобы удалить его.

Я лично потерял свой веб-сайт, когда Google вмешался, чтобы помешать мне публиковать сообщения. Я заплатил за год обслуживания, но получил 6 месяцев. Друзья, мы теперь Четвертый Рейх. И снова новые гитлеровцы выступают против России, защищая ту же самую старую идеологию, которую мы все считали побежденной. И на этот раз Запад видит в России не союзника, а врага.

Но есть лучик надежды. Как отмечается в этой редакционной статье GlobalTimes, есть несколько смелых стран, которые осмелились бросить вызов США в их стремлении нацифицировать Запад, и в их число входят две самые густонаселенные страны в мире.

Я собрал ссылки на статьи и отчеты, раскрывающие правду об украинских нацистах и ​​о гнусной власти, которую они имеют над остальными соотечественниками — особенно над нормальными украинцами, которые не разделяют нацистскую идеологию, но при этом извиняются за свои злодеяния.

Журнал тайных действий:


«Наша миссия — возглавить белые расы мира в последнем крестовом походе против возглавляемых семитами Untermenschen (недочеловеков)».

https://covertactionmagazine.com/2021/07/29/наша-миссия-это-возглавить-белые-расы-мира-в-а-финале-крусадеагаинст-семит-лед-унтерменшен- недочеловеки /


Батальон «Азов» — нацистский, и таких больше.



«В идеальном мире президент Петр Порошенко очистил бы полицию и МВД от сочувствующих ультраправым, включая министра внутренних дел Арсена Авакова, который имеет тесные связи с лидером «Азова» Андреем Билецким, а также Сергея Коротких, ветерана «Азова», который теперь высокопоставленный полицейский чиновник. Но Порошенко рискует получить серьезные последствия, если сделает это; Аваков — его главный политический соперник, и министерство, которое он управляет полицией, Национальной гвардией и несколькими бывшими ополченцами».

Я уже говорил ранее, что Зеленский практически не контролирует националистические ополчения, и приведенная выше цитата подтверждает мое утверждение. Именно поэтому Россия ранее отказывалась вести переговоры с украинским президентом, который одновременно является марионеткой США и заложником своих нацистских ополченцев.

https://www.globalresearch.ca/military-training-for-young-children-at-ukraines-neo-nazi-summer-camp-recruitment-of-ukraines-child-soldiers-financed-by-us-nonlethal- военная помощь/5472801


«С годами идеология неонацизма не только укоренилась в украинском сознании, но и получила одобрение украинского правительства. Это, естественно, вызвало обеспокоенность в Москве, что проявилось в речи Путина за несколько дней до военного наступления России на Украине».

Дон Хэнк,

Веб: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1027





How the US Establishment segued from fighting Nazis to embracing them


Featured below are materials including an old article with information that has never been divulged in the msm, and it is more relevant today in this age of US open support to Nazi militias in Ukraine, which are being portrayed by the criminal msm as “heroes” and “freedom fighters.”


Also included is a speech by Rodney Atkinson, former British Ministerial advisor, revealing the Nazi origins of the EU and the array of ex-Nazis who infest higher offices of Europe. 

The articles and the video included in this package are intended to show how the US and its allies in Europe segued seamlessly from fighters of Nazism in WW II to enthusiastic supporters of Nazis in Ukraine. 

A key point here is that anti-Russian or anti-communist propaganda and disinformation go absolutely hand in hand with Nazi sympathy. The fact is, Third Reich Nazis who were, of course, anti-Russian, were shipped to the US as important assets of the CIA. 

The US Establishment was thus able to embrace Nazis as effective fighters against communism – though in reality, communism as an ideology was not the target. It was Russia itself. 

Don Hank 


Let’s start with Rodney Atkinson’s video o­n the Nazis that founded the EU. Rodney’s speech was given at the Houses of Parliament. 

Rodney Atkinson is a former British Ministerial Adviser, author, and lecturer at University of Mainz in Germany. 




Ukraine: NATO Junta to Don Swastikas in Support of Nazimaidans? 

The prescient Goya foresaw the UN NATO support for the Nazimaidan Ukraine, capturing their voracious cannibalism.  [see painting in orig.] 


Ukraine is o­n everyone’s lips, it is dominating all news sources. Expectedly, the NATO junta ruling the United Nations is completely o­n board in its support of the Nazimaidans, to the extent that o­ne might expect the gang to don swastikas, at any moment. The dystonic, feverish, pitch of hyena barking, synthetic piety, and outright lies, is unprecedented in the halls of the reputed bastion of world peace and security. 

We take off the gloves for this report; there will be no euphemisms used to describe the elitist scum NATO Nazis out to destroy as much of humanity that it can, using every lie imaginable, and currently using the fabricated sudden problem of the Ukraine. 

NATO was founded o­n 4 April 1949, three and o­ne-half years after the founding of that bastion of world peace and security. Its purpose was to protect itself from its WWII ally, the USSR, whose Red Army under the command of Uncle Joe was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” according to British historian and journalist Max Hastings. It was the Red Army that liberated Auschwitz, it was the Soviets who lost twenty six million citizens in the fight against fascism. 

UN junta outraged over the plight of the Nazimaidan Ukraine are of the same ratline ilk who hated the Soviets who liberated .Auschwitz. 

UN junta outraged over the plight of the Nazimaidan Ukraine are of the same ratline ilk who hated the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz. 

The plot against the Soviets — now passed o­n to the Russian Federation — predated NATO’s inception, with the Allen Dulles rat lines to move key Nazis into prominent positions, before the end of WWII. 

Nazi Walter Hallstein was whitewashed into “a German academic, diplomat and statesman who was the first President of the Commission of the European Economic Community and o­ne of the founding fathers of the European Union.” 

There was no attempt to bleach out Adolf Heusinger’s Nazism; yet he became the Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee (there is a particularly revolting photo of him with war criminal Robert McNamara, floating around the internet). 

Nazi Kurt Waldheim became the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations, after which he became president of Austria (photos of this Nazi, with Jewish politicians in Jerusalem, here). 

So, before we address the scum-sucking war-whoring supporters of the Nazimaidans in Ukraine, we have seen it’s in their tainted blood: NATO was created to keep fascism alive, and much of humanity, dead. 

Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, EU, and the UNSC. 

Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, EU, and the UN. Some UNSC Nazis should don their swastikas and be done with it. 

The current crisis was not launched last month; when Psaki lied that the Russian Federation was nefariously plotting a false flag — false flags are the work of the US — in order to suddenly invade Ukraine. The current crisis was launched when NATO US armed and funded the Nazimaidan coup in 2013, at a cost of five billion dollars to the American taxpayer. 

Antiwar.com has published a Sterling piece, How the US Instigated the Ukraine Crisis. 

Nazimaidan Tyahynbok staunch supporter of Nazi Stepan Bandera.Nazimaidan Tyahynbok staunch supporter of Nazi Stepan Bandera. 

NATO Nazimaidan freedom fighters in Ukraine.Nazimaidan freedom fighters, 2014, Ukraine. 

Kiev Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman warned the Nazimaidans were plotting a pogram against the Jewish community in Ukraine.Kiev Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman warned the Nazimaidans were plotting a pogram against the Jewish community in Ukraine. 

NATO threatens Russia for Nazimaidans of Ukraine.NATO threatens Russia for Nazimaidans of Ukraine. 

US official Victoria Nuland protesting against the Ukrainian democratically elected president in KievUS official Victoria Nuland protesting against the Ukraine’s democratically elected president in Kiev, & feeding Nazimaidans. 

Nuland bragged that the Nazimaidan coup in the Ukraine cost US $5bln.Nuland bragged that the Nazimaidan coup in the Ukraine cost US $5bln. 

The Nazimaidans adored by the NATO Nazi junta of the United Nations also toppled monuments to soldiers killed while fighting Nazis with swastikas in Ukraine, during WWII. 

There’s no shock in seeing CNN stenographers who criminally embedded with al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, are now supporting the Nazimaidans. Arwa Damon and Clarissa Ward can be counted o­n (one of them — involved in the bombing of the Homs main oil pipeline, might have a sliver of conscience, that caused her to get trashed and physically attack EMTs who came to her hotel to help her). 

Below is a gallery of over thirty photos, some of which have outrageous captions involving degenerate and deadly NATO supremacist double standards in evil support of the Nazimaidans. 

While some readers will scroll through, others are entitled to some corroboration, via a bulleted list and a few videos. 

Obama bombed seven Muslim-majority and mostly brown-skinned people’s countries during his presidency. He also did what Bush Jr. o­nly got a fantasy boner from — he murdered three US citizens without due process. He gassed, water cannoned, and shot with rubber bullets, DAPL. For war crimes against Syria, just plug his name into the Syria News search engine. 

Macron mass enucleated and otherwise maimed dozens of Gilets Jaunes protesters, gassed his own people, and is responsible for the heinous number of COVID deaths — 2,103/million — through a negligence so gross it can’t be considered mere stupidity. 

Lame duck Congress member Adam Kinzinger has a long history of being in bed with ISIS/FSA terrorists in Syria, and is fully supportive of the armed insurrectionist SDF terrorists trying to balkanize Syria with the help of the Biden regime military illegals. 

Boris “BJ” Johnson is such as self-evident uncouth imperialist skank, there’s no need to hyperlink anything. 

#BlackFaceHitler #LetsGoBrandea [Justin Trudeau] is another Nazi PoS Schwab doggie who gassed his people, possibly brought in UNPOL to batter them, had his gestapo horses blindfolded so they wouldn’t notice when they were trampling old indigenous ladies who has the most racist and perverse fetish for black men. He’s also bombed Syria for NATO al Qaeda. 

Any ambassador who claims to be a proud grandma really should stay away from child traffickers. 



The CIA’s Worst-Kept Secret: Newly Declassified Files Confirm United States Collaboration with Nazis 

Pried loose by Congress, which passed the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act three years ago, a long-hidden trove of o­nce-classified CIA documents confirms o­ne of the worst-kept secrets of the cold war--the CIA's use of an extensive Nazi spy network to wage a 

May 1, 2001 

Martin A. Lee 

Originally in Foreign Policy In Focus 

“Honest and idealist … enjoys good food and wine … unprejudiced mind …” 

That’s how a 1952 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assessment described Nazi ideologue Emil Augsburg, an officer at the infamous Wannsee Institute, the SS think tank involved in planning the Final Solution. Augsburg’s SS unit performed “special duties,” a euphemism for exterminating Jews and other “undesirables” during the Second World War. 

Although he was wanted in Poland for war crimes, Augsburg managed to ingratiate himself with the U.S. CIA, which employed him in the late 1940s as an expert o­n Soviet affairs. Recently released CIA records indicate that Augsburg was among a rogue’s gallery of Nazi war criminals recruited by U.S. intelligence agencies shortly after Germany surrendered to the Allies. 

Pried loose by Congress, which passed the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act three years ago, a long-hidden trove of o­nce-classified CIA documents confirms o­ne of the worst-kept secrets of the cold war–the CIA’s use of an extensive Nazi spy network to wage a clandestine campaign against the Soviet Union. 

The CIA reports show that U.S. officials knew they were subsidizing numerous Third Reich veterans who had committed horrible crimes against humanity, but these atrocities were overlooked as the anti-Communist crusade acquired its own momentum. For Nazis who would otherwise have been charged with war crimes, signing o­n with American intelligence enabled them to avoid a prison term. 

“The real winners of the cold war were Nazi war criminals, many of whom were able to escape justice because the East and West became so rapidly focused after the war o­n challenging each other,” says Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations and America’s chief Nazi hunter. Rosenbaum serves o­n a Clinton-appointed Interagency Working Group (IWG) committee of U.S. scholars, public officials, and former intelligence officers who helped prepare the CIA records for declassification. 

Many Nazi criminals “received light punishment, no punishment at all, or received compensation because Western spy agencies considered them useful assets in the cold war,” the IWG team stated after releasing 18,000 pages of redacted CIA material. (More installments are pending.) 

These are “not just dry historical documents,” insists former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, a member of the panel examining the CIA files. As far as Holtzman is concerned, the CIA papers raise critical questions about American foreign policy and the origins of the cold war 

The decision to recruit Nazi operatives had a negative impact o­n U.S.-Soviet relations and set the stage for Washington’s tolerance of human rights abuses and other criminal acts in the name of anti-Communism. With that fateful sub-rosa embrace, the die was cast for a litany of antidemocratic CIA interventions around the world. 

The Gehlen Org 

The key figure o­n the German side of the CIA-Nazi tryst was General Reinhard Gehlen, who had served as Adolf Hitler’s top anti-Soviet spy. During World War II, Gehlen oversaw all German military-intelligence operations in Eastern Europe and the USSR. 

As the war drew to a close, Gehlen surmised that the U.S.-Soviet alliance would soon break down. Realizing that the United States did not have a viable cloak-and-dagger apparatus in Eastern Europe, Gehlen surrendered to the Americans and pitched himself as someone who could make a vital contribution to the forthcoming struggle against the Communists. In addition to sharing his vast espionage archive o­n the USSR, Gehlen promised that he could resurrect an underground network of battle-hardened, anti-Communist assets who were well placed to wreak havoc throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. 

Although the Yalta Treaty stipulated that the United States must give the Soviets all captured German officers who had been involved in “eastern area activities,” Gehlen was quickly spirited off to Fort Hunt in Virginia. The image he projected during 10 months of negotiations at Fort Hunt was, to use a bit of espionage parlance, a “legend”–one that hinged o­n Gehlen’s false claim that he was never really a Nazi, but was dedicated, above all, to fighting Communism. Those who bit the bait included future CIA director Allen Dulles, who became Gehlen’s biggest supporter among American policy wonks. 

Gehlen returned to West Germany in the summer of 1946 with a mandate to rebuild his espionage organization and resume spying o­n the East at the behest of American intelligence. The date is significant as it preceded the o­nset of the cold war, which, according to standard U.S. historical accounts, did not begin until a year later. The early courtship of Gehlen by American intelligence suggests that Washington was in a cold war mode sooner than most people realize. The Gehlen gambit also belies the prevalent Western notion that aggressive Soviet policies were primarily to blame for triggering the cold war. 

Based near Munich, Gehlen proceeded to enlist thousands of Gestapo, Wehrmacht, and SS veterans. Even the vilest of the vile–the senior bureaucrats who ran the central administrative apparatus of the Holocaust–were welcome in the “Gehlen Org,” as it was called–including Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann’s chief deputy. SS major Emil Augsburg and gestapo captain Klaus Barbie, otherwise known as the “Butcher of Lyon,” were among those who did double duty for Gehlen and U.S. intelligence. “It seems that in the Gehlen headquarters, o­ne SS man paved the way for the next and Himmler’s elite were having happy reunion ceremonies,” the Frankfurter Rundschau reported in the early 1950s. 

Bolted lock, stock, and barrel into the CIA, Gehlen’s Nazi-infested spy apparatus functioned as America’s secret eyes and ears in central Europe. The Org would go o­n to play a major role within NATO, supplying two-thirds of raw intelligence o­n the Warsaw Pact countries. Under CIA auspices, and later as head of the West German secret service until he retired in 1968, Gehlen exerted considerable influence o­n U.S. policy toward the Soviet bloc. When U.S. spy chiefs desired an off-the-shelf style of nation tampering, they turned to the readily available Org, which served as a subcontracting syndicate for a series of ill-fated guerrilla air drops behind the Iron Curtain and other harebrained CIA rollback schemes. 

Sitting Ducks for Disinformation 

It’s long been known that top German scientists were eagerly scooped up by several countries, including the United States, which rushed to claim these high-profile experts as spoils of World War II. Yet all the while the CIA was mum about recruiting Nazi spies. The U.S. government never officially acknowledged its role in launching the Gehlen organization until more than half a century after the fact. 

Handling Nazi spies, however, was not the same as employing rocket technicians. o­ne could always tell whether Werner von Braun and his bunch were accomplishing their assignments for NASA and other U.S. agencies. If the rockets didn’t fire properly, then the scientists would be judged accordingly. But how does o­ne determine if a Nazi spy with a dubious past is doing a reliable job? 

Third Reich veterans often proved adept at peddling data–much of it false–in return for cash and safety, the IWG panel concluded. Many Nazis played a double game, feeding scuttlebutt to both sides of the East-West conflict and preying upon the mutual suspicions that emerged from the rubble of Hitler’s Germany. 

General Gehlen frequently exaggerated the Soviet threat in order to exacerbate tensions between the superpowers. At o­ne point he succeeded in convincing General Lucius Clay, military governor of the U.S. zone of occupation in Germany, that a major Soviet war mobilization had begun in Eastern Europe. This prompted Clay to dash off a frantic, top-secret telegram to Washington in March 1948, warning that war “may come with dramatic suddenness.” 

Gehlen’s disinformation strategy was based o­n a simple premise: the colder the cold war got, the more political space for Hitler’s heirs to maneuver. The Org could o­nly flourish under cold war conditions; as an institution it was therefore committed to perpetuating the Soviet-American conflict. 

“The agency loved Gehlen because he fed us what we wanted to hear. We used his stuff constantly, and we fed it to everyone else–the Pentagon, the White House, the newspapers. They loved it, too. But it was hyped-up Russian bogeyman junk, and it did a lot of damage to this country,” a retired CIA official told author Christopher Simpson, who also serves o­n the IGW review panel and was author of Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects o­n the Cold War. 

Unexpected Consequences 

Members of the Gehlen Org were instrumental in helping thousands of fascist fugitives escape via “ratlines” to safe havens abroad–often with a wink and a nod from U.S. intelligence officers. Third Reich expatriates and fascist collaborators subsequently emerged as “security advisors” in several Middle Eastern and Latin American countries, where ultra-right-wing death squads persist as their enduring legacy. Klaus Barbie, for example, assisted a succession of military regimes in Bolivia, where he taught soldiers torture techniques and helped protect the flourishing cocaine trade in the late 1970s and early ’80s. 

CIA officials eventually learned that the Nazi old boy network nesting inside the Gehlen Org had an unexpected twist to it. By bankrolling Gehlen, the CIA unknowingly laid itself open to manipulation by a foreign intelligence service that was riddled with Soviet spies. Gehlen’s habit of employing compromised ex-Nazis–and the CIA’s willingness to sanction this practice–enabled the USSR to penetrate West Germany’s secret service by blackmailing numerous agents. 

Ironically, some of the men employed by Gehlen would go o­n to play leading roles in European neofascist organizations that despise the United States. o­ne of the consequences of the CIA’s ghoulish alliance with the Org is evident today in a resurgent fascist movement in Europe that can trace its ideological lineage back to Hitler’s Reich, through Gehlen operatives, who collaborated with U.S. intelligence. 

Slow to recognize that their Nazi hired guns would feign an allegiance to the Western alliance as long as they deemed it tactically advantageous, CIA officials invested far too much in Gehlen’s spooky Nazi outfit. “It was a horrendous mistake, morally, politically, and also in very pragmatic intelligence terms,” says American University professor Richard Breitman, chairman of the IWG review panel. 

More than just a bungled spy caper, the Gehlen debacle should serve as a cautionary tale at a time when post-cold war triumphalism and arrogant unilateralism are rampant among U.S. officials. If nothing else, it underscores the need for the United States to confront some of its own demons now that unreconstructed cold warriors are again riding top saddle in Washington. 



Day 6, a couple of quick points 

29266 ViewsMarch 01, 2022 248 Comments

First, let’s begin with a pretty decent map of the situation today: 

Here is a small commentary o­n what we see in this map: 

In red the most recent Russian movements today.  The o­nly major progress is inside the purpose square when Russian forces have penetrated deep in the rear of both Odessa and Kiev.  So I have to wonder – are the planning a strategic cauldron??? Dunno, but I decided to add a black bar to show where we might want to look closer in the coming days. 

Mariupol is, as already mentioned, totally closed off and heavy fighting is taking place.  This city will be forcibly denazified in the next couple of days. 

The (much awaited) operational cauldron in the east is still not physically closed by Russian forces.  But, as I already mentioned, the no man’s land between the two Russian prongs is completely “shot through” (to use a Russian expression) which means that while small groups can still make it out, it’s over for the heavy Ukie armor, artillery and Nazi death-squads who are STILL shelling Donetsk which, of course, nobody reports about in the Empire of Lies. 

I suppose that they want to kill as many Russians before the inevitable outcome… 

On this topic, I got an email from a Chinese friend today, and he made a very astute observation.  Here is what he wrote: 

Have you noticed how many Battle of Berlin style Wehrmacht tactics are being used by the Kiev regime? We’re less than a week into the war, & so far we’re already seeing:

1. Volkssturm in Kiev (granted an even more half-assed version thereof);
2. Preventing civilians from leaving the warzone (see https://greekcitytimes.com/2022/03/01/greek-in-mariupol-fascist-ukrainian/);
3. Holding festungs down to the last man (e.g. Kharkov, Mariupol, etc.);
4. Forced conscription of military aged men;
5. Strafbattalion

Am I missing anything else? :-D

He *does* have a point, doesn’t he? 

But he did miss o­ne thing:  The Ukie “Wunderwaffe” of course!

Possible candidates include: 




4.Western fighter aircraft!!! 

5.ISIS fighters!!! 

6.Wooden Kalashnikovs!!! 

7.Assorted Soviet era weapons with new names!!! 

8.Nazi volunteers from all over Europe!!! 

9.Polish, British and Estonian special forces!!! and, of course, 

10.Ze’s “nuke!!!! 

So not o­ne, but TEN Wunderwaffen for the Ukies

Kiev 2022?

Will “Ze” end like Adolf did or will he run? 

I bet you he will run. 

They mostly already have… 

One more thing. 

The Ukie Volkssturm is turning into a very serious disaster which might get much worse in the near future.  Here is what is happening. 

In some cities the local authorities were contacted by Russian forces and an orderly change of command took place.  The civilians authorities are working (almost?) as normal and law and order is (mostly?) secured. 

The problem are the hardcore Nazi volunteer death-squads who distributed military weapons to anybody and everybody, including convicted felons and criminals.  These gangs are now mostly fighting each other because they are taken over by paranoid hallucinations about “Russian Spetsnaz” everywhere, and since most Ukies speak Russian, unless o­n video, even the hardcore o­nes, they have a MAJOR “IFF” (Identification Friend or Foe) problem

They are also more getting desperate and even more violent than usual: Russian POWs are being tortured to death as a matter of course (Russian special services are tracking down all their names, there will be a big Nuremberg like trial when this war ends). 

I have heard of o­nly o­ne instance were the Ukie Volkssturm engaged a column of Russian national guard troops.  They were all killed in minutes. 

But here are two very real dangers: 

1.Ukrainian civilians are now at risk all over Banderastan

2.Ukie Volkssturm atrocities will be filmed by the western presstitutes and blamed o­n Russia

Frankly, this could turn into another MH-17, but at a much, much bigger scale.

I hope and pray that any and all Ukrainians who are not Nazis now (finally!) stop waiting for Russia to clean house in their country (yet again!) and do something to disarm the marauding Ukie Volkssturm gangs.  May God help all those who are innocent and preserve them by His Might. 

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NATO’s impending supply of arms intended to kill Russians in Ukraine can lead to a conflict with NATO, and Russia has now shown that it will not back down from military involvement in Europe. 

What happens when a plane or ship laden with lethal “aid” arrives in a port or airport under Russian control or at least in range of a hypersonic missile? 


Great speech o­n the truth about Ukraine and US hypocrisy 




Why will oil prices rise above $120 per barrel in March if the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine has not resulted in a cease fire by March 4th, 2022? 

Don Hank, MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 

The peace talks will not bear fruit. They are window dressing to hide the fact that Ukraine and its Western team of mafiosi o­nLY will settle for the total destruction of Russia. 

The reason oil and gas prices will go off the charts is that Russia is o­ne of the key players in the hydrocarbon business in the world and a war with that country involved creates a psychological impact o­n the markets. WORSE, though, the US, in its utter hatred and disrespect for the Russian people, has slapped the tightest restrictions o­n Russia ever in its history, cutting the country off from SWIFT and seizing all its West-based assets. 

The cutoff from SWIFT threatens the supply chain at its most vulnerable area because hydrocarbons have the heaviest impact o­n inflation and this will wreak havoc o­n the world economy. o­nce you start seeing prices going through the roof, think of dear old Joe Biden and his Russophobic temper tantrum of 2022. 

Another thing to consider is that the seizure of Russian assets will cause even more countries to shun the use of the dollar in world trade and to take refuge in gold and other valuables rather than investing in dollar-denominated assets. 

Once the dollar ceases to be the dominant reserve currency and trading instrument, it will no longer be possible for the Fed to print up those unlimited trillions of dollars to bail itself out of the crises it creates for itself. 

Galloping inflation is already here, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Are you ready? 

Oli Prices rose further. 




Translation from German with Don’s notes in red and [in brackets]

Alexander Gauland/Petr Bystron:

Sanctions would lead to further escalation 

Berlin, February 21, 2022. Alexander Gauland, honorary chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, and foreign policy spokesman, Petr Bystron [also AfD rep in Bundestag], commented o­n Russia's recognition of the pro-Russian areas in eastern Ukraine: 

"We regret the current development and the worsening of the situation in the dispute over the Donetsk and Luhansk [Lugansk in Russian] regions. 

However, we must not now make the mistake of blaming Russia alone for this development. The current situation is a consequence of NATO's eastward expansion after the end of the Cold War, contrary to all agreements with Moscow. In so doing, the West has violated Russia's legitimate security interests. 

We support every attempt to defuse the situation through peer-to-peer talks and negotiations. However, we reject sanctions against Russia. They would lead to a further escalation, but not to an easing of the situation. 

A lasting relaxation of the situation can o­nly be achieved through Ukraine's neutrality. In the end, the local people will have to decide o­n the future of the areas in eastern Ukraine themselves in a referendum, as has already been done in Western Europe, for example in Scotland.” 

[Petr makes a great point here. The entire EU was tolerant of the use of a referendum in Scotland to determine whether Scotland should stay in the UK. Yet when Crimea and Donbass voted to secede from Ukraine in an analogous referendum, that was not ok. What was the difference? The latter referendums favored Russia. There is an unwritten law in the US-controlled West that when a referendum is favorable to Russia, it is illegal and/or unacceptable. Westerners have been indoctrinated to accept this double standard. 

The party AfD – Alternative für Deutschland – is maliciously described in the West as right-wing, but its refusal to go along with Western Russophobia is not a right-wing characteristic. Nor is it leftwing. It is just common sense]. 


US Exceptionalism is another way of saying Deutschland über Alles 

by Don Hank 

My opinion piece [dead link] o­n the reasons the West forgave the German enemy but harbors a permanent grudge against ally Russia garnered feedback. o­ne reader thought I had improperly whitewashed Russia and reminded me that Stalin had launched a starvation campaign against Ukrainian farmers that amounted to a near-genocide. I had mentioned this catastrophe in my op-ed but my focus was, after all, a comparison of Soviet behavior vs Nazi behavior that harmed the West, and I showed that while the German enemy had done unprecedented harm to infrastructure and lives in Europe, Russia had done no harm to the allies. Most importantly, both Nazism and Soviet communism were gone, and yet, the West is arrayed against Russia but not against Germany, which is now ensconced in the bosom of NATO while that alliance continues to invent ever-new excuses to sanction Russia, brand it a threat to the “free” world and hold provocative high-risk drills and spy missions at the Russia border. 

One reader also asked what the Western rationale is that makes it embrace Germany and hate Russia. 

Excellent question. 

I believe the US influencers, ie, the government and non-government opinion makers, such as think tank leaders, political philosophers, other academics and misfits like George Soros, secretly warm up to the ideology of the Third Reich as the rightful ruler of the world. Ironically, this includes many influential Jews (like Soros), who secretly admire Hitler while assiduously avoiding any mention of this. They may condemn Hitler’s ultranationalism in word but in their deeds they imitate his rabid nationalism, applying it to Western policies. 

In other words, they are, frankly, Nazis at heart, and this includes influential politicians o­n both sides of the aisle -- both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats’ obsession with regime change is an expression of this American variant of ultranationalism, with the notion that the US system is superior, but the underlying reason is not to be found in their ad nauseam statements about “democracy” (which is not really democracy at all as practiced in the US), but rather the notion that America has the right to invade and occupy other countries because, in their minds, it is inherently superior, just as the Germans thought they were inherently superior. Is there a difference?  

It’s ethnocentrism gone wild. Of course, the oligarchs who adhere to this ideology never openly state their view that US whites are superior or anything like that. But their behavior and super-patriotic statements clearly point to a peculiar variety of closet racism. 

Remember that Nazism – an ultra-right ideology -- is a form of colonialism, with Western oligarchs harboring a strong sense of superiority over Third World people, in analogy with what the Nazis considered the Untermenschen, which, for the Germans, included all non-white races (with the exception of the Japanese), the mentally retarded, gypsies, communists, etc. While for Hitler, this group also included Jews, Western ultra-right wingers and the Democrat ultra-right pretending to be leftist simply think Hitler was wrong o­nly in his insistence that the Jews were the Untermenschen – and not, say, the Syrians, the Venezuelans or the Cubans. Thus, all of US politics embraces Israel, which in turn behaves like the Neo-Colonial Herrscherklasse toward the Palestinians – which are to Israel what the Jews were to Hitler.  

The analogy is alarmingly neat and tight-fitting. 

After all, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both condemn Israel for its crimes against humanity while the US strongly rejects this viewpoint. And yet, the US Establishment never states an excuse for this unwavering support of crimes against humanity – support that resonates with most US Evangelicals and their cult of “Christian” Zionism. 

As for the Hitlerian cruelty of the bipartisan US, we need look no further than the wanton aerial bombing of N Korea, Vietnam (eg, Song My), Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan or the inhuman treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. It is noteworthy that Lyndon Johnson tried desperately to deny, and hide the evidence of, the Song My massacre while The Bush administration vigorously denied the Abu Ghraib scandal – and a series of presidents kept a tight lid o­n the US’ human rights abuses in the US Afghan war (https://www.amnesty.org/en/countries/asia-and-the-pacific/afghanistan/report-afghanistan/).  

The cover-ups mirrored the efforts of Propaganda Minister Goebbels.  

The Racism against Asians (clearly evident in Trump’s anti-China rhetoric) and the anti-communism come straight out of the Third Reich’s playbook. 

And note that anti-communist sentiment and policies are common to both parties -- which is why it is foolish to accuse some Democrat politicians of being “Marxist” -- because they are almost all anti-communist. Even if Obama, for example, opened up somewhat to Cuba, he slapped harsh sanctions o­n socialist Venezuela. Biden does likewise. And a US-backed Cuban regime change attempt is occurring in his watch. 

The whole idea of the US as the Exceptional Nation or the Indispensable Nation is clearly Neo-Colonial and crypto-racist and is accepted by both Democrat and Republican politicians alike. Of course, Hitler also thought of the German nation as exceptional, as expressed by the slogan Deutschland über alles.  

Ideologically, there is no significant difference between the two slogans. 

This bipartisan ultra-right ideology is reflected not o­nly in the sanctions, wars and covert regime change operations against Third World countries but also in the US support for Ukraine, which – not coincidentally -- is infested with Neo-Nazis, in both government and (para-)military.  

Can you imagine how the Russians felt when the US regime change agents from the State Department and US NGOs invaded the Maidan in 2014, helped plot the assassination of the duly elected Russian-friendly President Yanukovich, named a US-obedient Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister (as evidenced by the leaked phone callbetween assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt) and then watched complicitly as the new US puppet government made laws banning Russian as an official language (even though most Ukrainians spoke Russian at least as a second language), whereupon the mostly Russian speaking Donbass voted to separate from Ukraine and then had their residential areas aerially bombed by Kyiv forces. 

Nowhere are the US Establishment’s Neo-Nazi sentiments more conspicuously displayed than in the Ukraine, and it was President Joe Biden who tried, in a phone call, to encourage President Zelensky to use his armed forces and Neo-Nazi militias to goad Russia into attacking Ukraine. He told the naive Zelinsky the US would lend Ukraine its unwavering support if Russia attacked Donbass, even though he must have known full well that Russia had no intention of doing that.  

Thus, Joe Biden, whom far-right Republicans call a far leftist, brought the world to the brink of war with Russia o­n behalf of Ukraine and its Neo-Nazis. It doesn’t get more absurd than that. 

But you say what about Joe and his deep concern for US blacks and Black Lives Matter? 

As long as Uncle Joe continues to occupy Syria and steal Syrian oil and wheat that the war-ravaged Syrian people desperately need for survival, and as long as he continues the heartless sanctions o­n Venezuela that deeply gouge the starving people of that country, no matter how many crocodile tears he cries for the poor in America, he will never convince the Third World of his concern for the poor and downtrodden. 



$125 Oil Could Push The U.S. Into A Recession 

By Alex Kimani - Feb 27, 2022, 4:00 PM CST 

Inflation is now sitting at a four-decade high of 7.5%, but some fear it could get even worse. 

Russia’s push into Ukraine has forced Western allies to slap major economic sanctions o­n Russian banks and financial institutions. 

Sanctions o­n Russian energy could send oil prices above $125 per barrel which would almost certainly stall economic growth and lead to rising unemployment. 

Russian forces launched their long-feared attack o­n Ukraine, and the crisis keeps getting worse at every turn. According to Russia, its first day of the Ukraine invasion had achieved all its goals, with Russian forces managing to destroy 83 land-based Ukrainian targets. o­n the other hand, official sources have reported 203 attacks by Russia o­n its western neighbor o­n the first day. Ukraine appears overwhelmed, with the country's defense minister urging citizens to fight back with Molotov cocktails. 

On Thursday, the United States, Canada, and the UK slapped fresh sanctions o­n Russia, including excluding Russia's largest financial institutions from global financial systems; Imposing an asset freeze against all major Russian banks, canceling all export permits with Russia and prohibiting all major Russian companies from raising financing within their territories, among other measures. 

Predictably, crude oil and gas prices are surging as Russia strikes major cities in Ukraine, hitting levels not seen since 2014. Brent futures (CO1:COM) (NYSEARCA:BNO) have jumped +8% to trade above $105 per barrel, while WTI futures (CL1:COM) (NYSEARCA:USO) have rallied by a similar margin to trade just a shade below $100 per barrel. The markets have been bracing for this kind of outcome given that Russia is the world's No. 3 exporter of oil and No. 2 exporter of natural gas. Russia produces 10% of the world's oil and 40% of European natural gas. Thus far, the U.S. and its European allies have made it clear they have no intention of impeding flows of energy out of Russia via sanctions. o­n its part, Russia thus far has not made any direct indications they will restrict energy exports, though the rhetoric is heating up and gas flows from Russia to Europe remain ~50% below the 5yr average. Experts are warning that Russia remains in a prime position to continue weaponizing its oil and gas assets, which could lead to severe price spikes, as we explained here. 

Indeed, the crisis could very well change the trajectory of the U.S. economy and force the Fed to change tack. 

According to Richmond Federal Reserve President Tom Barking, U.S. consumer spending will likely be curtailed and pose a risk to U.S. economic growth if the Ukraine conflict leads to sustained high energy prices. 

"If oil prices do continue to go up … It absolutely is going to increase recorded inflation. But it also constrains spending," Barkin has said at an economic symposium. 

From Bad to Worse 

The latest economic data revealed that U.S. inflation surged to a four-decade high of 7.5%, prompting Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard to advocate for a supersized rate hike. In a research note, Goldman Sachs' Jan Hatzius has warned that rapid progress in the U.S. labor market and hawkish signals in minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee suggest faster normalization, with the central bank now likely to raise interest rates four times this year and start its balance sheet runoff process in July, if not earlier. 

But the Fed is suddenly finding itself in a bind. Whereas the world's biggest central bank has been focused for months o­n curbing a surge in inflation sparked by supply chain snags and robust consumer demand, it had not factored in a fallout from a major war. Many analysts expected the Fed was to begin a new campaign of rate hikes in March; however, the Ukraine crisis may force the central bank to act even more aggressively as the conflict escalates. 

The Ukraine crisis could also lay to waste forecasts by Fed Chair Jerome Powell and other policymakers that inflation might begin to cool naturally as Federal stimulus and congressional aid to the economy fade and supply chain bottlenecks ease. 

Currently, higher energy costs present the biggest risk of further boosting U.S. inflation from its four-decade high, which is bad for the American economy, with consumer confidence hitting the skids. A University of Michigan survey showed that consumer confidence slipped 8.2% from January to February,  with fewer consumers planning to purchase homes, automobiles, or go o­n vacation over the next six months amid concerns about the short-term economic outlook. 

Indeed, there are fears that the U.S. economy could even slip into a recession. 

Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton, estimates that the U.S. economy can weather six months of oil prices averaging around $100, although it could worsen the inflation problem, but a sustained period of $125-a-barrel oil would almost certainly stall growth and lead to rising unemployment. 

A few days ago, President Joe Biden warned Americans that a Russian invasion of Ukraine--and U.S. efforts to thwart--would come at a cost. 

"My administration is using every tool at our disposal to protect American businesses and consumers from rising prices at the pump. Defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home. We need to be honest about that," the President has said. Biden has revealed that the U.S. is "executing a plan in coordination with major oil-producing consumers and producers toward a collective investment to secure stability and global energy supplies," adding, "this will blunt gas prices." 

At this juncture, it's not clear what plan the president was alluding to, though it likely involves a coordinated sale of Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) by several countries, including the U.S.' 600 million barrels. That might be effective in the short-term but is likely to fall flat if Russia is willing to engage in a drawn-out battle of wills with other oil producers-- especially now that it has a $630 billion war chest to its name. 

By Alex Kimani for Oilprice.com 


My thanks to Leo Semashko, founder of Peace from Harmony for publishing some of my commentaries here: 



You like sanctions, Westerners? Here’s o­ne for YOU. 


Gas for 20 thousand dollars: Russia's response to Western sanctions will plunge the whole world into an energy crisis 

Translation, with my notes in red font [in brackets]

2022, 3-2 

The Russian Federation will not leave the new US and European sanctions unanswered -- implementing the strategy of a painful blow to the energy sector of the Western countries. 

Igor Yushkov, a well-known Russian expert in the field of energy security, a specialist at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, came to this conclusion after analyzing the situation that has arisen in the international arena. Live o­n radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Yushkov spoke in detail about Russia's drastic measures, and also explained why the Russian response to Western sanctions will plunge the whole world into an energy crisis. 

Igor Yushkov initially drew attention to the fact that Moscow has already taken certain retaliatory measures to the new anti-Russian sanctions of the West – that is, a set of decisions aimed at similar restrictions o­n Western countries. However, Russia is working o­n new plans that will deal a serious blow to the economic performance of the EU and the US. These would be targeted steps that can hit the energy sector of Russia's opponents in the international arena. 

According to the expert, the Russian leadership is preparing to implement a tactic that will cut off all energy supplies to European countries and the United States. This approach will inflict an immense blow to the Western economy, since it will cause a major energy crisis in the world commodity markets. [The author is implying that the impact o­n the fascist West will be greater than the impact of their sanctions o­n Russia] 

“The steps we can take in the energy sector  include a halt to the supply of oil, gas and coal, which, in general, will plunge the whole world into an energy crisis. This means huge prices, 10-20 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters, as well as power outages, and if the heating season continues at some point, then it would imply freezing cold,” Yushkov explained. 

The specialist expressed confidence that such economic measures, which Russia may introduce in the near future, will be an unpleasant surprise for the West. Europe and the US are absolutely unprepared for a full-blown energy crisis. The cost of natural gas at 20 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters will lead to degradation processes in the economies of Western countries. 

[On top of the existing economic crisis, these Russian sanctions could be the last straw] 

"They take advantage of our dependence o­n Western lending - then Moscow will take advantage of the West's dependence o­n our hydrocarbons," Yushkov summed up. 

Earlier, an expert in the field of energy security Dmitry Marunich pointed out the fatal mistake of the Kiev leadership, which could accelerate the end of Ukraine. More details in the material "PolitPuzzle". 







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