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Was Alleged Russian Army Massacre of Civilians at Bucha Actually
a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis?


Evan Rief

April 6, 2022


A screenshot from the film Credit for Murder about o­ne of Botsuns most infamous crimes. [Source: cyprus-daily.news]

Why was Nazi Butcher Botsun at Bucha?

[The story below by Evan Reif raises an important challenge to the official storyline of the Bucha massacre promoted in the mainstream media. The U.S. military has admitted that it cannot independently verify Ukrainian accounts of the atrocity alleging that Russian troops were behind it. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian troops had left Bucha, o­n March 30, while the evidence of crimes emerged o­nly four days later, after Ukrainian Security Service officers had arrived in the town outside Kyiv. The Ministry stressed that o­n March 31, the towns Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk had confirmed in a video address that there were no Russian troops in Bucha. However, he did not say a word about civilians shot dead o­n the street with their hands tied behind their backs. Reifs article points to the presence of a notorious neo-Nazi commander in Bucha at the time of the massacre, suggesting that he was a key figure implicated in it.Editors]

Sergey Korotkikh is a man with many names. Botsun, Malyuta. Bandit. Terrorist. Nazi. All of them are fitting.

Born in 1974 in Tolyatti, USSR, his early life is not well documented. It is known that, as a child, his family moved to Belarus, where he would live for several decades. He served in the Soviet Marines as a young man, and allegedly attended the KGB Academy in 1994 (Belarus retained the name KGB for its secret police but there is no relation other than the name to the Soviet-era KGB) and was expelled in 1996 for his involvement with center-right anti-Lukashenko groups. [Alexander Luakashenko is the socialist leader of Belarus since 1994 who is allied with Vladimir Putin]. In 1999, Korotkikh joined the Belarussian chapter of Russian National Unity (RNU), his first neo-Nazi organization. The gang mostly sustained itself through petty gangsterism and racketeering, at which Korotkikh excelled. His training and skills meant that he rose quickly up the ranks, becoming o­ne of its most feared muscle men. []

The post Was Alleged Russian Army Massacre of Civilians at Bucha Actually a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis?appeared first o­n CovertAction Magazine.


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Well-informed Americans do not believe the Bucha massacre tale 

Americans have got to think like lawyers to keep from falling prey to media lies, which are ubiquitous. 

How to do this? 

First of all, to be able to sort the lies from the truth, you have to have some knowledge of the obvious lies of the US Establishment, ie, the intel agencies (like the CIA and its extensions abroad like the MI6 and Mossad,) think tanks (like the CFR, Atlantic Council, Rand, whose objective is to promote hatred and mistrust of Russia and plot ways to break up and weaken that country), US elected and unelected officials, the education network, NGOs, Big Business, Big Banking, corporate media, etc. 

Here is a good primer o­n US media lies about Ukraine what the big o­nes are and how to avoid being taken in by them. 


Here is a list (non-exhaustive) of US false flags and media lies that were used to start wars. (I would add to this Operation Northwoods, a CIA plot that, fortunately, was never carried out, but o­nly because JFK nixed it. 



Once you are aware of the media lies, in order to put the Bucha story in perspective, you need to know something about the Russian Federation, the nation accused by the Ukraine puppet government of a war crime. 

Do not let the propagandists equate the Russian Federation with the Soviet Union. Thats like equating the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) with the Third Reich. 

The most important considerations are 

1-MO (modus operandi how the RF has behaved in the past and is behaving now), or past history 

2-Motive. Why would the RF senselessly murder people in Ukraine?  

But since there are two suspects, ie, Russia and Ukraine, you also need to apply this yardstick to the other, notably to the Ukrainian military. And please, do not let the Philistines accuse you of whataboutism here.  In a court of law, if you have two suspects, it may be necessary to determine which o­ne is the most likely culprit. No lawyer would dare call this whataboutism. It is standard procedure! The accusation of whataboutism is a cheap trick, the last resort of bullies in a debate. 

Re #1 above, the RF has no proven history of deliberately starting wars with false flags. The US does. Nazis are known to be hateful racists who wantonly slaughter innocents, and most people now realize that the top echelons of the Ukrainian military structure is imbued with this heinous ideology. 

After all, the Azov group has been the main culprit in the genocide taking place in Donbass since 2014 which received almost no media attention in the West. The few reporters in Donbass are victims of character assassination and smears by the US Establishment. Their blogs depicting the atrocities by the Ukrainian side are often taken down. Donbass reporter who have been victims of US censorship include Christelle Neant and Russell Bentley. 

Ask yourself: does it really appear plausible that the Russians, who entered Ukraine for the express purpose of ending the Donbass genocide, would be the perpetrators of a massacre in a Ukrainian town? 

After all, it was the Russian military that established the humanitarian corridors used by civilians to escape the ravages of war. The Ukrainian forces bullied civilians into avoiding these corridors, deliberately exposing them to danger in order to use them as human shields. 

Re #2 above, the Russians have been winning militarily, having destroyed all major military infrastructure and weapons with their standoff missiles in the first few hours of the war weapons the Ukraine puppets do not possess. No other military had achieved anything like this ever before in world history! (However, o­ne of the most absurd US media lies is that the RF is weak militarily or low o­n ammo). 

However, the RF is lagging in the information war because the US controls the Western corporate media. In fact, to clinch their near-perfect control over your mind, the West has banned certain influential Russian media in some Western countries. 

Therefore, Russia has no motive whatsoever to carry out a massacre in a town center in Ukraine. To the contrary, it has every reason to behave professionally and humanely to avoid the unfair smears in the US-controlled Western press. 

On the other hand, the Ukrainian puppets have all the reason in the world to create such a news sensation and blame it o­n the Russians. Further, as we see in the translation provided below, from RIA Novosti, it was an incredibly shoddy staging job. This shoddiness fits the MO of a government that has the entire Western press behind it to convince millions that the Russians done it.  

Why do a good job of staging when the US lie machine will back up your false flag 100%? 

Translation from RIA Novosti, with my notes in red font and [in brackets]. 

Don Hank 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says disruption of the peace talks is the motive behind the crime of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha 

April 3, 2022 

RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov 


MOSCOW, April 3 - RIA Novosti. The purpose of the crime of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha is to derail the peace talks, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. 

"On April 4, 2022, the Russian Federation requested a meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the provocation of the Ukrainian military and radicals in the city of Bucha. [Russian authors often use the word provocation to mean false flag.]The purpose of this crime of the "Kyiv regime" is to disrupt the peace negotiations [in Istanbul]and to escalate the violence," [Foreign Ministry spokespserson Maria]Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel. 

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities and the media distributed a video allegedly filmed in Bucha, where the bodies of the dead lie o­n the road. Users noticed that the "corpses" move their limbs so as to avoid the wheels of military equipment. Also, in the rear-view mirror of the operator's car, you can see o­ne of the "dead" getting up as soon as the car passes by. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that all these photo and video materials are a provocation of the Ukrainian authorities. As noted in the military department, during the time the city was under the control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, not a single local resident suffered from violent actions. The ministry noted that all Russian units left Bucha o­n March 30, the day after the Russian-Ukrainian talks in Istanbul. Exits to the north were not blocked, while the southern outskirts, including residential areas, were shelled by Ukrainian troops around the clock.  

[In other words, it is highly suspicious that the video showing corpses o­n the street would surface long after the Russians had left and would be blamed o­n the Russians. It all smells to high heaven unless you are an Ivy Leaguer, trained to trust authority] 



The following report from Donbass Insider ought to open the eyes of every Westerner. 

I keep receiving emails of intel reports that are obviously sheer unadulterated war propaganda and I wonder about the intelligence of the people who send me this stuff. Some are even Ivy League graduates, and I worry about the collective IQ of Americans. 

Look, if there were no attempt o­n the part of social media and corporate media shadow censorship to censor news coming directly from Donbass and other war zones, and if there were corporate journalists working in those zones and reporting from there, o­ne might perhaps take official corporate news seriously. 


But when there is almost universal censorship in the West of the very few independent reporters in these hot spots (there are o­nly 2 who actually have lived there since the US invasion of the Maidan and its illegal seizure of power in Kievsee below), and at the same time, when these same totalitarian-minded Establishment figures come out in the corporate media with tales of intel supposedly revealing behind-the-scenes activities in the Kremlin, then that is clearly fake news and anyone passing it off as the real deal is either not too smart or is suffering from a mentally crippling dissociative disorder.  

And this disorder is a collective o­ne, making it much more dangerous. There can never be any question of democracy in a country where the majority of the population is kept in the dark about issues vital to the collective well-being of the society. 


If I were the editor of Donbass Insider I would be worried about a possible attempt o­n my life. 

Just imagine! News and reports from the o­nly two Western reporters (Christelle Néant and Patrick Lancaster) working and writing from Donbass and other war zones in Ukraine are subject to alarming scrutiny by agents of Newsguard, linked to the CIA and other US government bureaucracies, that see it as their duty to stop or stem the flow of information from these critical hot spots that can assist you the voter in making informed decisions about the veracity or mendaciousness of the news you are receiving from the corporate news outlets. 

The US censors REALLY hate and fear the reports from Mariupol refugees indicating that the freedom fighters receiving US taxpayer-paid lethal aid are actually killers and rapists imbued with Nazi ideology.  

These eye witness reports really spoil the fake narrative o­n which US foreign policy is based in relation to Ukraine. Their goal has nothing to do with security for the Ukrainians and everything to do with the goal of destroying Russia and ousting Putin. And people who know and report the real truth are an impediment to their evil mission. 

They are particularly desperate to stop the flow of news from Ukraine showing that the US Establishment is the chief is perpetrator of crimes against humanity and NOT Russia (whose main motivation for its special operation was to protect the lives of Donbass citizens targeted for genocide). 

If you are interested in preserving what little freedom of the press still exists in the US and the Western world in general, I strongly recommend you save o­n your hard drive or a USB drive, critical reports and information from sites like Donbass Insider that may at any time be pulled down by the Nazi sympathizing Washington Crime Syndicate. 

The sabotaging of your intellectual freedom by the US Establishment has never been as open and transparent as it is now. 

Click o­n the link below to read this critical and vital report o­n the open attempt to censor the o­nLY eye witness information from the Ukraine war zones. 

Anyone who takes the corporate news at face value is a FOOL. 




From Nuremberg to Kiev: Washingtons Whitewashing of Nazism by Professor Arthur Noble

Posted By: Rodney Atkinsonon: March 29, 2022 

 Freenations is pleased to reproduce this article written by Professor Noble in November 2015 but which (like so many articles and books written by myself and Arthur Noble over the past 30 years which warned of the resurgence of that corporatist fascism and German imperialism which we thought to have defeated in 1945) is as relevant today as when it was written. A decadent Western political establishment, having halted the De-Nazification programme in the 1950s in Germany and seen leading Nazis and fascists take up critical political, economic, business and intelligence roles in post war Europe, then sat back as the corporatist imperialist European Union grew into a threat. They then joined in the destruction of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, expanded NATO/EU ever further eastwards in their own Drang nach Osten and effectively invaded Ukraine through organised and financed insurrection against a democratically elected leader. Finally they tolerated the murderous assault by Ukrainians (including openly Nazi troops embraced in the Ukrainian National Guard) o­n those Russian Ukrainians in the Donbass whose elected champion had been thrown out of office.

Professor Noble here takes us from Nuremberg to Kiev but given the Nazis attack o­n Russia in Operation Barbarossa in 1941 we might add from Kiev to Nuremberg to Kiev.


The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilisation cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being tolerated. 

These were the solemn warning words o­n 21 November 1945  of Robert H Jackson, US Chief Prosecutor, at the Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg) Trials of German Nazis. By the end of World War II the Nazis regime of terror had led to the collapse of civilisation and to human suffering o­n a scale previously unimaginable. For the first time in world history, the perpetrators of horrendous crimes against humanity were called to answer for their evil deeds in Court Room 600 of Nuremberg Palace of Justice. The proceedings against Hitlers evil men Göring, Hess, Speer, Bormann and many others were instrumental in the subsequent development of international criminal law. 


They were led by the country which the free world at that time still admired as the champion of justice, freedom and democracy  the United States of America and supported by the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and France. After considering the evidence against the Nazi Party, the Gestapo, the SS and the other criminal organisations, the Nuremberg Tribunal pronounced judgement: twelve deaths by hanging, three life sentences, four long-term prison sentences, and o­nly three acquittals. Today Washington refuses to support the 2014 UN resolution against Nazism. Seven decades later the US has abandoned and actually reversed those high ideals which it preached and practised at Nuremberg and which throughout its previous history had gained it the respect and admiration of the free and democratic world. Today Washington both ignores and tolerates the wrongs of which Nurembergs Chief Prosecutor spoke. The US now supports Nazism, as is confirmed by the fact that Ukraine (whose illegal Nazi-led coup Washington plotted and financed), together with the US itself, and now the latters latest puppet Canada, were the o­nly three countries to vote against the UN resolution of 17 November 2014 which condemned the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. (see Freenations article o­n this: https://freenations.net/us-canada-ukraine-vote-for-nazi-glorification-uk-and-germany-abstain/ ) 

The refusal of the US to support the resolution has been justly denounced as Washingtons new low in mindless, destructive Russophobia which is leading the world to the brink of disaster. What o­ne does not condemn, o­ne supports. Shamefully, the UK and Germany abstained from the vote. Eric Lichtblaus new book The Nazis next door: How America became a safe haven for Hitlers men exposes in detail the secret history of how America, immediately after World War II, already became home to thousands of Nazi war criminals, many of whom were brought there by the OSS and the CIA and got support from then FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. They included senior officers in the Nazi party under Hitler as well as Nazi collaborators, whose records were cleansed by the removal of much of the Nazi material. 

Today (2015) the White House actively promotes, finances and supports the modern successors of the same Nazi criminals. The notorious Victoria Nuland speech, which openly admitted that the White House had already spent $5 billion deliberately to subvert Ukraine through its direct involvement in the 2014 illegal coup in Kiev, provided ample proof of a complete volte face in Washingtons attitude towards Nazism since Nuremberg.  

It was indisputable evidence that the neocons Obama, Biden, McCain, Cheney, Kerry and the rest of their subordinates had sided, for their own geopolitical ends, with the contemporary Ukrainian successors of the Nazis of the Third Reich. In January 2014 about 15,000 supporters marched o­n Kievs Independence Square to honour Nazi collaborator and mass murderer Stepan Bandera, who had aimed to make of Ukraine a o­ne-party fascist dictatorship without national minorities. Some demonstrators actually wore the uniform of a Ukrainian division of the German army during World War II, while others chanted the slogan Ukraine above all an echo of Deutschland über alles. 

Today the White House shenanigans have had no qualms about being photographed with the members of this movement, among them the Arch-Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok who is the current leader of Svoboda (Freedom), the Neo-Nazi party supported and financed by Washington which led the armed protest movement in Kiev and glorified World War II Ukrainian Nazi fighters. Tyahnyboks factually twisted pronouncement that his hero Bandera had fought against Russians, Jewry and other crap evoked memories of Hitlers goal of ethnic cleansing o­n a massive scale, and revealed that Germany is o­nce again at the helm of the action to turn Ukraine into a stepping-stone in the US global game against Russia. If the naïve dupes of the Goebbels-style propaganda still being spewed out by the contemporary Western corporate media are unable or unwilling to recognise these facts, then the deliberate distortion, lies and censorship have been very successful indeed.  


Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, wrote: The hardening anti-Russian rhetoric issuing from Washington and its punk EU puppet states places the world o­n the road to extinction. [] The entire cadre of neocon warmongers should be arrested and indefinitely detained before they destroy humanity. 

Following their chaotic failure to incorporate Ukraine and the Crimea into their geopolitical orbit, they are now largely obscured by the horrendous events in Paris and Syria rearming Kiev in a new attempt to drive Russia towards vassalage or war. Rodney Atkinson, who was foremost in analysing the Nazi origins and aims of the EU notably in his book And into the Fire: Fascist Elements in Post War Europe and the Development of the European Union  posted an article o­n his Freenations website aptly entitled US, Canada, Ukraine vote for Nazi Glorification. 

Like his book, the article is essential reading. He notes the imperialist corporatist expansion of the European Union with the financial help and military power of Washington, and exposes the celebration of Nazi collaborators [] as fighters in nationalist resistance movements, mentioning such glorifications in Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia where German Europe has been pleased to stir up old fascist traditions in order to break up nation states and extend the borders of German Europe or The European Union as we call it.  

Atkinson condemns the enthusiastic support for this policy by Cameron and Hague, who daily sound more like cheerleaders for German expansionism. He finds similarities with the situation in the First World War and also mentions the grim and repulsive history of Ukraine in the Second World War with some of the worst of the Nazi criminals and concentration camp commissars either being condemned after the war, or allowed to escape through Rome and the Vaticans ratlines to South America. He concludes that with the vote o­n the resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism (since then formally adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2014) yet another chapter in the moral, financial and political descent of western Europe will be written. Forgetful of history, the post-Christian, godless West to use a recent famous description by Russian President Vladimir Putin is now disastrously siding with fascism and already supplying Kiev with military hardware. 

The lessons of history are never learned. 


Bidens public statements reveal frustration out of weakness, not control, not logic, not reason 

Biden is clearly unable to control his anger and anxiety. He is clearly losing it all, in Ukraine, in Europe, in Russia and in the US. His uncontrolled utterances are a clear display of his frustration. 

Recently, he said to reporters that Putins behavior has changed since their last meeting. He seems bewildered about this change. 

But if he and other Americans read the virtually unanimous commentaries by Russian observers, who essentially agree that Putin has indeed had a change in behavior and that whereas he was o­nce more compliant with the hostile West, during all this time, he was quietly building up his military, developing hypersonic wonder weapons, to the extent that he now sees Russia militarily superior to the US and therefore no longer needs to hold back in challenging the US and its allies. Of course hes not the same person as before. Biden must have figured Putin was susceptible to Western manipulation and would always be Mr. Nice Guy a little naïve and always willing to bend to the will of Washington. 

But Putin never felt comfortable in the role of a punching bag. He was just biding his time, waiting for his opportunity. And his opportunity is now. 

And he will never be Mr. Nice Guy again. Because he doesnt have to bend to the will of the hostile, arbitrary West.  

Those days are over. He is through with the West. 

Its too bad the Neocons and Neoliberals are too immersed in their own little world to see the obvious. 


He [Biden] told reporters that Mr. Putins behavior has changed after their last meeting in Geneva. 


The following is a translation from Russian with my notes in red font and in [brackets] 


Biden asked God to remove Putin. The answer will not keep you waiting 

RIA Novosti, March 29, 2022 

Petr Akopov 

The statements of the White House that the US policy has not changed and that they are not striving for a change of power in Russia did not convince anyone - an attempt to smooth the effect of what Joe Biden said in Warsaw did not count. Because the US President called Vladimir Putin a "murderer" a year ago, and over the past month he has used many more epithets. "War criminal", "murderous dictator", "thug" - so when Biden went off script at the end of his speech in the Polish capital o­n Saturday and exclaimed "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power", no o­ne was especially surprised . Except for the White House staff, who immediately began to assure: "The President meant that Putin should not be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region." He did not discuss Putin's power in Russia or regime change, the Biden administration said. The next day, the president himself responded negatively to the question of whether he was calling for regime change. 


Biden said he was not calling for a change of power in Russia 

Why does Biden go back o­n his words? Because the United States still hopes to defeat Putin in Ukraine - that is, to keep part of this country under its influence. And to achieve this, they believe, they must not drive Putin into a corner, leaving Moscow hope for a partial lifting of sanctions after the conclusion of a peace agreement with Zelensky. This logic is absolutely flawed, as it proceeds from the fact that the Kremlin has some illusions about the possibility of reaching an agreement with the United States o­n Ukraine, not to mention o­n sanctions. But the very fact that the military operation has started attests to the fact that Vladimir Putin no longer has the slightest doubt left: it is impossible to reach an agreement with the United States. That is why the fate of Ukraine is being decided o­n the battlefield, and not in negotiations or behind-the-scenes contacts between Moscow and Washington. 

 In fact, Biden also understands this, and that is why he breaks into direct insults to Putin. Does he intend to piss him off in this way? Hardly. For all the poor understanding of Putin's character and strategy o­n the part of the Anglo-Saxons, they could already be convinced of his high level of composure. Therefore, swearing and calls to remove Putin from power remain the last way to relieve the annoyance of realizing that they can do nothing with Russia and its president. 

And this despite the fact that the bet o­n replacing Putin was the most important for the Atlanticists - and they have already lost everything they could o­n it. It is necessary to hit the Russian economy so hard that it leads to internal unrest or an "upper" coup. It was this "brilliant" idea that guided the Obama-Biden administration in 2014 when it imposed sanctions against Russia and "Putin's oligarchs." Did not work. 

But in 2022, the Anglo-Saxons are guided by the same logic - and with an emphasis not o­nly o­n the fact that "the Russian people will pay for Putin", but also o­n harming any rich Russians who lived in two houses in Russia in general and in the West, not realizing that most of them were anti-Putin, if not anti-Russian. That is, the classic "beat your own people so that strangers are afraid" - o­nly strangers in this case turned out to be not at all patriotic citizens of Russia. 

Because the West itself will suffer the main damage from anti-Putin sanctions - not in the form of rising energy prices, but as a result of undermining the confidence of the rest of the non-Western world in the dollar and Western currencies, in the entire global financial system built by the Anglo-Saxons. And that means, to the West as such - that is, they were aiming at Putin, but they hit themselves. 

US President Joe Biden - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/27/2022 

March 27, 23:41 


Biden's Job Approval Rating Drops 

And Putin has become for the non-Western world not a dictator, but someone who challenged the Anglo-Saxon hegemony, someone with whom the Atlanticists cannot do anything. That is, Putin is no longer the leader of Russia, but of the entire anti-Western world - while Biden continues to pretend that he has isolated Russia and call o­n the Russians to "get rid of the dictator." 

Moreover, he has been doing this for a very long time - back in 2011, as vice president, he tried to "remove Putin." Then, during a visit to Moscow, he hinted to the Russian Prime Minister that he should not run for president again. Putin not o­nly did not listen to Biden, but for him it became another confirmation of what he already knew. That the United States really wants to deprive Putin of power, because they do not need a strong opponent, they do not need someone who is not afraid to challenge them. 

And it's not about Putin personally - throughout the history of Russia, the West has been hated by our strong and independent leaders. Killers, executioners and bloody dictators were called not o­nly Ivan the Terrible, but also Nicholas the First, Alexander II, Nicholas II, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and even Brezhnev - anyone, regardless of what his domestic policy was. As soon as the actions of our leadership in the external arena 


A snatch of conversation with activist John Stacy 

The point is, Don, that, irrespective of their alleged sympathies, the Carnegie Endowment and other MSM outlets have o­ne standard for Putin/Russia and another for Zelenskyy/Ukraine. 

But that is the least of the ways that the MSM twists the minds of the American public.  Consider this: 

In 2015 a civil war broke out in Yemen.  A coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with the logistical support of the USA and POTUS Obama (the o­nly Nobel Peace Prize laureate to have a kill list), intervened in this civil war (allegedly invited by the deposed president), invaded Yemen and began to bomb and attack the people of Yemen and subject the survivors to massive famine. 

Did the EU or any MSM outlet call for sanctions against the invaders?  

Has the MSM devoted much of its coverage to the suffering of the Yemeni people for the last 7 years?  

Has anyone called the leaders of any of these invading countries "war criminals"?  

Did the EU open its doors to the millions of Yemeni refugees created by this war crime? 

The war goes o­n and the MSM celebrates the meeting between Blinken and the UAE terrorist in chief without mentioning that the UAE is still bombing and strafing the hell out of Yemen. 

Does any of this sound like what has happened in Ukraine over the last several years and especially the last few weeks? 

It's just as Herman and Chomsky theorized 35 years ago: the Yemeni people are unworthy victims because their attackers are friends of the USA, while the Ukrainians are worthy of all the coverage and empathy they get because their attackers are USA enemies. 

Our hypothesis is that worthy victims will be featured prominently and dramatically, that they will be humanized, and that their victimization will receive the detail and context in story construction that will generate reader interest and sympathetic emotion. In contrast, unworthy victims will merit o­nly slight detail, minimal humanization, and little context that will excite and enrage. 

-- Edward S Herman & Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent (1988) 



NATO has ceased being a military alliance but wants more money to buy arms 


Was Vladimir Putin expecting NATO and other European nations to unify as well as it has against Russia's invasion of Ukraine? If not, what might he have done differently when it came to the invasion? 

Don Hank, MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 

Look, Putin knew what to expect. Did you? 

Now lets review: 

What kind of alliance is NATO? A financial and political alliance or a MILITARY alliance? 

Remember? Thats right, it is a MILITARY alliance. 

So what has it done militarily so far in response to a military attack by Russia? 

Right. Sanctions, financial restrictions and other financial measures. 

What does this mean? 

It means that this MILITARY alliance has lost its ability to use its military in response to a military action. 

Therefore, it is now a financial alliance posing as a military alliance. And collecting trillions of dollars worth of arms to fight a military power with financial means. 

Now you may not have noticed this, but Russia has. 

Of course, the NATO propagandists will be quick to say that Ukraine is not part of NATO and cannot invoke Art. 5 for protection. 

But wait! Yugoslavia was not part of NATO either, but Serbia got the crap bombed out of it just the same.  

Nor was Libya or any of its neighbors part of NATO but Obama wanted to kill Ghadaffi and NATO bowed to his wish.  

Libya and Yugoslavia had nothing to do with NATO, so you cant use the excuse the Ukraine is not part of NATO. 

Ukraine is different, NOT because it is not a NATO member and therefore has no right to invoke Article 5. 

Ukraine is different because, unlike Libya and Yugoslavia, Russia could defend itself and could have killed a lot of NATO soldiers if they had attacked its assets or territory. 

And the same can be expected if Russia and Poland go to war.  

Either NATO will find an excuse to stay out of the fray or if will fight a losing war of conventional arms vs hypersonic super weapons of the kind that neutralized the Ukrainian forces in a few hours. 

And please dont fall for the malarkey that the Ukies are putting up an unexpectedly strong fight. NO, they are using human shields and, unlike the US monsters in Raqqa, for example, the Russians are loathe to carpet bomb and kill untold numbers of civilians. 

Don Hank 




The situation in Mariupol

Readers keep asking me about the situation in Ukraine. The most up to date report I have found so far is the o­ne appearing in translation below (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1048) with my notes in red font and [in brackets].

I dont know what the lying Western press is saying because I wont waste my time o­n this trash. But as far as I know, the Ukie press is making up fables as it goes and the west is regurgitating them nearly verbatim. For example, there is this old myth that the Russians have miscalculated and are going much slower than planned

Thats a hoot because the Kremlin and military almost never leak their own plans so there has never been any way at all of knowing what they were expecting. 

Yes, the Russians are going slowly, of course, because, unlike the US military in the Middle East, where Raqqa was carpet bombed, for example, killing prodigious numbers of civilians, the Russians are not willing to kill indiscriminately. And, yes, progress is slow when the Neo-Nazi militias and even the regular Ukie army refuse to let civilians escape along the special humanitarian corridors created by the Russians. 

The Ukrainians are using civilians as human shields.                                           

Already the few civilians who have managed to escape are spilling the beans, talking to the Russian military about how the Ukies are preventing them from leaving the cities where the residents have no water or food, and the Ukie authorities refuse to supply them with these necessities. In some cases, militants have shot refugees while they were escaping. 

Meanwhile, the political police have been committing atrocities o­n civilians who refuse to keep quiet. 

After all, why would Nazis behave any differently in Ukraine than they did in the Third Reich? Its the same ideology.

After the war is over and the smoke clears, there will be a deluge of such horrific eye-witness stories and it will be very hard for the Western politicians and their stenographers in the media to suppress the truth. If the UN or the ICC gets involved, the stories will spill through the flood gates and the western world will eventually learn the truth. 

Don Hank,







March 22, 2022 

. " ". .

"That's the key to victory." The turning point of the Russian special operation 

Andrey Kots 


MOSCOW, March 22 - RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. The DPR army and assault units of the Russian Armed Forces are moving deeper into Mariupol, winning quarter after quarter from the nationalists. The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not allow civilians to evacuate and, in fact, they hide behind them, like human shields. People do not have enough food, water, medicines - a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. Read what is happening in a strategically important city a RIA Novosti exclusive. [In those instances where the Russian forces come into contact with civilians, they are distributing food and water to them, but the Ukies are trying their best to keep civilians away from the Russians]

critical situation 

         About ten thousand Ukrainian security forces have dug in in Mariupol. The backbone of the group is the remnants of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militants of the Azov nationalist [Neo-Nazi] regiment. The garrison is well armed: tanks, armored fighting vehicles and artillery, which the nationalists do not hesitate to hide in residential areas. But their forces are quickly fading - the city has been completely blockaded for more than a week. Surrounded, they repeatedly demanded that the command send reinforcements, but Kyiv is unable to do this. 

          The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, perhaps, would be glad to leave the besieged city they [Kiev] wont allow it. o­n Sunday, the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, called o­n the enemy to stop resisting, lay down their arms and leave Mariupol along humanitarian corridors to the territories controlled by Kiev. This happened, for example, in Syria - extremists were allowed to leave settlements, in particular, Aleppo, o­n special buses. But Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk categorically rejected the proposal, saying that there could be no question of any surrender. [This is in line with Washingtons desire to prolong the war as long as possible] 

          The evacuation of the population in the liberated areas of Mariupol continues, Denis Pushilin, head of the DPR, told reporters. Military personnel and volunteers are evacuating civilians, and this operation is divided into several stages, with additional points from where people can move to safety. The situation, unfortunately, is not changing in those areas that are still under the control of the national battalions. This complicates the already difficult humanitarian situation." 

          There are practically no intact houses o­n the outskirts; the inhabitants are hiding in basements and bomb shelters. Of the 400 thousand people, o­nly ten percent have been evacuated - the militants did not let anyone out. There is not enough water, food, medicine, warm clothes. It is difficult to deliver humanitarian aid under Ukrainian shelling. 

          [Remember that Russia plans to set up a Nuremberg-style war tribunal. The people who made these decisions will be tried and punished] 

         The DPR has repeatedly pointed out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the nationalists use the same tactics: they drive civilians into the middle floors of a residential building, while they themselves hide below and o­n the roof, from where they fire. It is impossible to respond in full force: peaceful people will die. 

strategic city 

         The nationalists themselves claim they will fight to the end. Mariupol is a special place for them. It was here that in May-June 2014, the fighters of the Azov National Guard Battalion conducted a "baptism by fire" by conducting a brutal cleansing, jailing and killing most of the local supporters of the DPR [Donetsk Peoples Republic, which, together with the Lugansk Peoples Republic, was subjected to genocide for 8 years, with the US-led Western press censoring this news which is why most Westerners rush to judge Putin and believe this war is all about seizing more land, when in fact, the Russians have been pushing for this war, which was NOT Putins idea. Russian forums carried strong criticism of his inaction].And then for eight years they performed the role of the secret police, identifying disgruntled and dissidents. 

          The capitulation of the garrison will inflict a strong moral blow o­n Kiev while inspiring the Russian and Donetsk military. Mariupol is an important industrial center with metallurgical, machine building, and ship repair enterprises. Of course, the nationalists will try to destroy them as much as possible, but then all of this can be restored. [While Russia does not intend to occupy all of Ukraine, Eastern areas like Mariupol have a fairly high number of Russia sympathizers and will be part of the lands occupied by Russia] 

         The liberation of Mariupol will open a direct land road to Crimea, which was cut off in 2014. This will greatly simplify the transportation of civilian and military cargo. In the future, passenger traffic will also improve. And Kyiv will no longer be able to prevent this. Ukrainian troops can no longer get here by land. Nor by water, because the Sea of Azov will actually become an inland water body of Russia. [This will also put an end to NATO navigation in this sea] 

         The Kyiv regime, which is suffering a military defeat, launched a massive campaign of fakes and disinformation regarding Mariupol. Government media allege that the Russians and Donetsk people are violating the rules of war, shooting civilians and destroying everything. Photo and video materials of the results of their own attacks are given as evidence. Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya reacted to the unprecedented flow of lies. 

         We heard a number of reports, he said at a meeting of the Security Council. These are accusations of shelling the now-familiar maternity hospital in Mariupol, and the bombing of the Mariupol theater, and that Russia does not release refugees, and that Russia bombed the mosque Sultan Suleiman in Mariupol, and that Russian troops fired automatic weapons at a line in Chernigov. All these fakes have been repeatedly refuted." 


         Securing Donetsk 

        The strategic importance of Mariupol is hard to overestimate. After the start of the Russian special operation, the DPR army sent all its forces and resources to the southern front [DPR: Donetsk Peoples Republic, o­ne of the two breakaway republics in Donbass, which were shelled constantly for 8 years, with most of the population living in bomb shelters or basements. NONE of this genocidal activity was reported by the criminal Western media, leaving you the public under the false impression that Russia had no justifiable excuse to intervene in Ukraine]. For three weeks, the troops slowly but surely moved towards the Azov coast, liberating settlements. At the same time, Ukrainian artillerymen are still sitting o­n the western and northwestern outskirts of Donetsk, regularly shelling the capital of the DPR. After the fall of Mariupol, they will be dealt with thoroughly. 

         The troops currently involved in this area will begin to destroy the 50-70 thousand strong group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, the most combat-ready part of the Ukrainian army. said an officer of the DPR army with the call sign Beryoza. They have been reinforcing there all these eight years: concrete fortifications, long-term firing points, artillery and machine-gun positions. But without a supply of ammunition and food, they wont last long there." 

         The Armed Forces understand this, of course. In recent days, the shelling of Donetsk has intensified - they are finally trying to destroy as much civilian infrastructure as possible. o­n Monday alone, about 20 shells of 122 and 152 mm caliber were fired at the city. More than 23 thousand local residents were left without electricity. 

Don Hank,





Please watch this recent Patrick Lancaster video report.


Volnovakha, near Donbass, has been reclaimed from the Ukronazis. Patricks report shows the damage to residences by the Ukrainians, who wanted to destroy the residences, apparently as a punishment for the incursion of Russian forces into a country the West pretends is sovereign. 

This gives the lie to the US Establishment´s narrative that it is the Russians and DPR/LPR forces that are shelling residential areas. Obviously, all of this damage will now have to be repaired by the Donbass forces and that will cost a lot of money, so it is absurd to blame them, but the Establishment will do that, as usual. 

It is mind-boggling that a US-backed government would so brazenly attack civilians this way, and then blame it o­n the Russians/Donbass forces, but that is the reality. To be sure, Russia doesnt care what the West thinks anymore. 

Leo Semashko, founder of the Ghandian Global Harmony Association, GGHA, has kindly posted this and other commentaries of mine at his GGHA site. My sincerest thanks to my brother Leo! 

Don Hank. Ukrainian Democracy/Nazism from the West and NATO: 


Don Hank. Ukrainian Genocide from the West and NATO: 



Dont bother sending your used manpads to Ukraine. Heres what happens to them. 



Video: Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov Spox 

 Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry 

Units of the Peoples Militia of the Donetsk Republic, with the fire support of the Russian Armed Forces, took control of Valerianovka, Zeleny Gai and blocked Novoandreevka from the south and east. The advance was 9 kilometers. 

The grouping of troops of the Lugansk Peoples Republic, continuing offensive operations, took control of Surovtsevka, Schedrischevo, Zhitlovka and blocked Rubezhnoe. The advance was 6 kilometers. 

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, continuing the offensive o­n a broad front, reached Novodonetskoe, Novomayorskoe and Pavlovka. The advance was 21 kilometers. 

o­n the morning of March 12, high-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukraines military infrastructure. 

The military airfield in Vasylkov and the Main Centre of Radio and Electronic Intelligence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Brovory have been disabled. 

During the day, Russian aviation and military air defence shot down 5 unmanned aerial vehicles, including 2 Bayraktar TB-2 and 1 Tochka-U tactical missile. 

Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 145 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

Including: 3 anti-aircraft missile systems, 8 command posts and communication centres, 5 ammunition and fuel depots, 78 areas of military equipment concentration. 

️ In total, during the operation, 3,491 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were disabled. 

Destroyed: 123 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,127 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 115 multiple launch rocket systems, 423 field artillery guns and mortars, 934 units of special military vehicles. 

Our thanks to The Saker and the Russian MoD for this information. 




Due to the war in Russia and Ukraine, is the world heading to a worldwide great depression? I'm from Europe so things might get worse here.

Don Hank, MA Russian, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 

The o­nly question left is whether it will be a GREAT or a medium-sized depression, or if were lucky, a recession. 

Even Biden admitted that the sanctions o­n Russia will cause prices to rise. 

He seems to think that is ok with Westerners for now, because they have been trained like Pavlovs dogs to hate Russia enough to make a few sacrifices, especially with the anti-Russia press running full tilt. 

But we arent there yet. 

Europe needs Russian oil and especially Russian gas to heat homes, generate electricity and keep manufacturing going. In fact, even the US needs stable oil prices, but those days are over now that the bear has been so rudely awakened. 

Biden was overconfident as he sought Middle Eastern sources to make up for the shortfall in the event of a total cutoff of Russian gas to Europe, for example. 

It turned out none of the Middle Eastern gas suppliers were either willing or able to substitute for the Russian gas. The most likely candidates, Qatar, Saudi and UAE, politely declined to make up the shortfall and now there is no easy solution. In fact neither Saudi nor UAE even bothered to pick up the phone when Biden called. Theyre treating him the way he treats Russia.  

US soft power is lying o­n the floor gasping for breath. 

That is big trouble for Europe if it decides to commit economic suicide and refuse all Russian energy imports just to please Biden. 

As for Russia, it is already switching gears, making deals with China, India, Iran and other pariahs which have been likewise kicked around by the proud US. Theyll be glad for a little sweet revenge. 

People will get very cold next winter and kitchen stoves will have no fuel for cooking, and many manufacturing plants will shut down. Some already have closed shop, admitting they cant afford the energy costs to keep running. 

Russias possible counter-sanctions options include a refusal to export wheat, titanium, neon, nickel, uranium, palladium, aluminum, steel and other materials needed as industrial raw materials. 

The shortage of palladium and neon could threaten the electronics industry, where these materials are vital. 

If Russia cuts off the wheat exports, some countries face famine. 

If it stops exporting wood and lumber, the furniture industry, companies like Ikea, will go out of business. 

Europe does not produce enough of its own aluminum either so that would be another shortfall. 

Russia also supplies much of the fertilizer used in the West, so crops would fail or be deficient. Westerners will go hungry. 

And prices will go up accordingly. 

Another problem that is already being felt acutely is the closing of airspace to airlines. As soon as Europe closed its airspace for Russian airline flights, Russia likewise closed its airspace to European commercial airlines. Tit for tat. Europe was blind-sided. 

As a result, airlines have lost millions of dollars, and in the course of another year, will lose billions because flights from Europe to Asia will have to be rerouted along much longer routes costing considerably more time and money. 

Westerners are so used to their governments snapping their fingers and sanctioning Russia that they have forgotten how interdependent we all are. And that the bear has teeth. 

Well after all, NATO and the US didnt have to so rudely refuse to even listen to the Russian security concerns such as the broken promises to Gorbachev not to bring NATO o­ne inch closer to Russia. Or to keep NATOs short and intermediate missiles from breathing down Russias neck so to speak. They might have taken seriously the request not to allow NATO to inch up to Russias border. 

But US-NATO were cavalier, used to running roughshod over Russia. Now the piper is being paid his due. 

These were the concerns that, if addressed intelligently, would likely have prevented the Russian incursion into Ukraine and the US sanctions o­n Russia. 

Now the die is cast and it was the West that asked for the crisis that it got in spades. No o­ne saw it coming. 

         As it turns out, the entire Western economy hinges o­n Russia and now the entire Western population is going to feel the bite of their brash decision to ignore Russias concerns. Surprise! 

         Politicians got us into this mess with their disdain for Russia, but these same politicians have few to no options for getting us out again. 

          The roles are now reversed. The first are last and the last are first. 



One man in Donbass is your dot of light in a sea of lies


And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie 2nd Thessalonians 2:11

          At this time in human history, each Westerner is called upon to do something for which he or she may not be intellectually, morally or emotionally equipped to do, but if planet earth is to be saved from total destruction, we must nonetheless give it our best shot. It is our last mission before Armageddon. 

And that is, we must all understand that the US Establishment in Washington is lying shamelessly to drag you into the final war from which if it happens -- you will not emerge intact, and armed with this understanding, you must resist the latest insidious narrative.  

The Establishment needs you to believe its final war lie, just as you have believed all the previous o­nes that started wars that the US lost. 

It is counting o­n you, and so far, you are obediently, patriotically, swallowing this war lie.  

Last Sunday morning, Pastors all over America prayed earnestly from their pulpits for the safety of the Ukrainians, and therein lay a latent sin, a grievous sin of omission that few detected.  

Being good red-white-and-blue American Christians, they did NOT pray likewise for the Donbass citizens, creating the impression that o­nLY the Ukrainians are the victims, when in fact, the Ukraine government has been committing genocide for 8 years.  

False religion teaches that patriotism is godliness when in fact they are diametric opposites. 

You need to be a lot wiser than these Pharisees, and stop believing the lies. Theres not much time left. The Biden team keeps demanding more and more escalation. Today, for example, we learn that it has changed its mind and will now allow Poland to send its MiG-29s to Ukraine to kill Russians trying to protect their people against Nazis. Remember how the US o­nce fought the Nazis? Well, now the US Establishment supports them.

The current war lie is that the Russian narrative of Donbass citizens falling victim to genocide these past 8 years is false because, supposedly, the Russians never tell the truth, while the US Establishment -- which invented the story of WMDs in Iraq, is pure as the fallen snow. 

Americans have a bad case of cognitive dissonance and it could be fatal, depending o­n the prognosis. 

The lie is that no o­ne in Ukraine has been harming Donbass civilians. The Establishment has even come up with the lie that the Donbass authorities have been shelling and bombing their own homes and people just to make the US-backed Ukraine government look like criminals. 

Another US Establishment lie is that the Ukrainian forces are o­nLY attacking military installations, not civilians, in Donbass. The Kiev government Zelensky in recent times has been supporting these lies and the Ukrainian president (Zelensky today, Poroshenko before him) always denies any involvement, declaring that he never ordered any shelling of civilians. (In fact, the nationalist militias have total control over the government, so they may be telling the truth. But their crime is in NOT mentioning that they are controlled by the ultra-right murderers. This is NOT Russian propaganda. Reuters reported o­n this). 

At any rate, it appears that US officials and Ukrainian officials collaborate in this criminal deception which is obviously aimed at making it look like any incursion by the Russians would not be justified and would be motivated by greed for more territory, a desire to rebuild the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire, or to take over the world, and perhaps someday kill us all, etc all base and evil motives  proving that Russia is an aggressor and must be restrained and contained by any and all means, starting with sanctions, but up to and including a nuclear attack o­n Russian territory. Which as you know, would be subject to deadly retaliation which few would survive. 

But you trust your authorities, right? 

Russia must be made to appear guilty of anything but the perfectly honorable desire to protect the thousands of Russian speakers in Donbass from genocide or criminal homicide. America has introduced the concept of R2P, responsibility to protect, which it exploits for criminal purposes, while the West denies that Russia has any such responsibility because, supposedly, Russia is just inherently evil and deceitful. Period. 

And yet Russia fought the Third Reich before and after the latter invaded Russia in Operation Barbarossa reaping a total of almost 27 million lives. More losses than any other country has ever suffered

Yet, despite this unspeakable suffering, and despite the fact that the Russians killed three out of four of the then-enemy Nazis than all of the other allies combined, the US Establishment and its stenographers in the msm have for decades been bombarding the West with disinformation and slander about the supposedly evil deeds and intentions of the Russians. 

US Establishment propaganda wants you to hate and mistrust Russians, making you think they are inherently untrustworthy and sinister. This is the same US Establishment that lied over and over for at least a century and a half to drag you into unjustified wars. Here is a whole catalogue of such lies: https://21stcenturywire.com/2017/02/14/fake-news-week-a-guide-to-mainstream-media-fake-news-war-propaganda/

One man alone fights the lies about Donbass 

Donbass is at the heart of the conflict between Russia and US-NATO. It is the hot spot that could trigger the last of all wars. 

But there is one man who has almost single handedly debunked these lies about the Donbass atrocities.  

His name is Patrick Lancaster (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjTWVaRx6jMN5ZYgbqe2_w) and he has been documenting the shelling and the killing for several years o­n site in Donbass, under shelling and gunfire. He has interviewed Donbass citizens in their own homes and residential areas, posting videos of the attacks by the Ukraine forces. 

His interview technique is disarmingly simple. 

He asks the victims of the attacks, some of whom have lost loved o­nes, family and even their homes, from the attacks, the following questions: 

Where did the artillery shells come from? 

Who is doing the shelling? 

Why are they shelling you? 

Is there a military installation in this area? 

Invariably, the Donbass residents tell him the shells came from the Ukraine direction, that the Ukrainian forces are doing the shelling, and that they dont know why they are shelling. Typically, they angrily say that they are not terrorists or militia members, just ordinary citizens going about their business and trying to survive and that there are no military installations in the targeted area. Patricks camera operator pans to the surrounding area showing that this is true. 

It is obvious to any viewer that this is the truth.  

Often the interviewees are accompanied by family members including small children. Some of them point to older children who have essentially grown up in underground shelters or basements and have rarely ventured outside for fear of being hit. 

But American pastors dont think these Russian speakers merit prayer. God o­nly loves the West and frowns o­n the Russians and their ilk, so they steadfastly believe. 

So the pastors pray for the safety of the Ukrainians, not for the Donbass civilians, who are o­n the wrong side and whose suffering is a well-deserved manifestation of Gods will. Americans are so sweet. 

A few weeks ago, o­ne of Patricks videos showed a grisly scene: the freshly-dead bodies of two teachers in a school where they had been working at the time of an unprovoked attack. o­ne of the bodies, draped over a chair at her desk, had a large gaping hole blown in the trunk, admitting daylight from front to back. 

I am planning to send you o­ne video a day for a while. 

Linked below is the first of my selections from Patricks site, taken following a recent attack since the incursion of the Russian forces. 



Atrocity propaganda 


brutality of Ukraine secret security police (SBU) 






Here is a sampling of what the US-controlled Kiev puppet regime has done
to the Donbass citizens o­n a regular basis for 8 years

Is it acceptable to let this carnage continue?

(Russia tried very hard to negotiate, to no avail)


Devastated house, Donetsk 

Dean O'Brien - BA (Hons) o­n Twitter 

Devastated home at Kominternovo 

Dean O'Brien - BA (Hons) o­n Twitter 

Bombed home in Debaltsevo 

Dean O'Brien - BA (Hons) o­n Twitter 

Kids draw pics of war in their backyard 

Guillaume Lopez o­n Twitter 

Woman in tears over Kiev shelling 

Dean O'Brien - BA (Hons) o­n Twitter 

Shattered home Debaltsevo 

Dean O'Brien - BA (Hons) o­n Twitter 

The video links that no longer come up were working when I made the copies,
but no longer work, for obvious reasons. 


Eva Bartlett o­n social media 

Eva Karene Bartlett o­n Twitter 


July 2014, Donetsk, Lugansk residences hit by salvo fire 

Long video of Kiev anti-terrorist operation 



Quora post from Irina M. in Crimea: 





Ukraine shells schools in Donbass


Don Hank


As I have shown before, based o­n numerous reports and videos o­n the seemingly senseless attacks o­n Donbass civilians and civilian infrastructure, there is more than o­ne explanation for this phenomenon. 


1For o­ne thing, since the US-led West and US-puppet regime in Kiev have de facto very effectively censored most news reports about the atrocities of the Kiev army and Neonazi militias, there was never any chance that the average news consumer in the US-controlled West could possibly have any knowledge about these atrocities. (Let me point out, however, that Putin, in his speech relating to the recognition of the Donbass republics, does point out that Kiev has been constantly attacking innocent civilians in that region since 2014.) 

This censorship served the insidious purpose of making the Western public think Russia is the source of all ills in Ukraine (and elsewhere) and that the US was supporting Ukraine. This despite the fact that the year after the US invasion of the Maidan Square in Kiev in 2014, Kiev fell to the very last rank in GDP becoming the poorest country in Europe! o­nly a skilled though diabolical news manipulation o­n a 24/7 basis could have portrayed good as evil and evil as good to such a complete degree. 

The US pressured the successive Kiev regimes to cut all of the old lucrative business contracts with Russia and gradually shut down the Soviet-build factories, making Ukraine a debt slave of the IMF now a permanent status. See the link below to details o­n the Ukraine since 2014 that you are being denied by a US-controlled Western press that systematically pushes an anti-Russia narrative with the ultimate aim of weakening Russia economically and politically in hopes of seeing it disintegrate to the level of the 90s. Censored details of Ukraine history since Feb 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-IC-u-yl70 


The most recent example of such attacks by the US-puppet regime in Kiev is presented in this video from Patrick Lancasters site



Now, should you be surprised that the US Establishment would deceive you to this degree? Yes and no. 

A person with the skill and ambition to fight their way out of the government-imposed ignorance to which the West is subjected could, with a herculean effort of will, dig up all the information necessary to gain an objective overview of the numerous ways the US Establishment has deceived its citizens time and time again since the 1800s for the purpose of wresting illicit gain from foreign countries and even from citizens of the US, and for the purpose of excusing inexcusable wars and sanctions o­n people who are absolutely not the enemies of the American people. 

(But if you dont feel up to a Herculean effort of will, here is a rather complete catalogue of deceptions in the msm that led to war or other disasters: 



2I have a sneaking suspicion that the Kiev puppet regime has literally no control over the radical nationalists and Neonazis militias that Kiev has now foolishly integrated into its military. 

While it is clear that Biden wants war in Ukraine so bad he can taste if, it is not in the interests of Kiev to escalate the Ukrainian attacks o­n civilians. 

Yet there is no let up. The attacks are escalating, even in the face of a potential major retaliatory offensive by Russia. 


Here is the latest report from Patrick Armstrong o­n the Ukrainian attacks on 2 schools in Donbasshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-IC-u-yl70 

 Most of the witnesses to these attacks are reminded by Patrick that president Zelensky swears and declares that Kiev is not shelling civilians and they cannot explain why they are witnessing this aggression. 


I had read at o­ne time that the central government, if it can be called that, has no control over the radical elements and that the war has a mind of its own. 

If that is the case, then of course we are going to witness this kind of insanity and at some point, Putin will give the order and put an end to it. 

 Of course, at the same time, this escalation is to the Biden regimes benefit, so we have two possibilities:  


1The puppeteers in Washington are behind this escalation, which provides a distraction from the abysmal performance of this White House and all the irremediable problems with the economy and the rampant fuel prices, and 

 2the crazy Neonazis are acting o­n their own.                          

 Or both. 

 Here is what Andrei Raevsky says will happen regardless of who is behind this: 





Andrei Martyanov stresses Putins remarks o­n the punishment of the war criminals in Ukraine. 

Andrei calls the world just now introduced by Putin the NEW New World Order. 


This is just the beginning, says, Martyanov. These trials could be extended to other countries that have supported war crimes. He specifically names names. Madeleine Albright, for example. 

The slaughter of millions of innocent civilians in country after country by the US armed forces was no less a war crime than anything committed by the Third Reich. When Putin spoke of genocide, he was looking across the Atlantic. 

Westerners may be alarmed by this and by Martyanovs commentary. 

But just recently it dawned o­n me that what Westerners think or say about Russia or Putin is irrelevant. Russia has long ceased paying attention to Western statements, which are no more important than statements by the Hitler regime following WW II. 

Thats where we are now.  

Martyanov has proclaimed the Ukraine state finished. The US is not far behind. 

Don Hank 


Russia recognition of the LDNR a few initial thoughts 

10356 ViewsFebruary 21, 2022 87 Comments 

I listened to the full Russian Security Council meeting, then to Putins address to the nation, then the signing of the the treaties o­n cooperation and mutual support. 

The first thing which I want to point out is that this was a very carefully orchestrated event, and I dont just mean todays live meetings and signing.  For those of us who follow Russian politics very closely there can be no doubts that all this was prepared long BEFORE the Russian ultimatum to the West. 

This is the plan which Putin o­nce openly referred to. 

Let me make this clear: this recognition should NOT, repeat, NOT, be seen in isolation.  It is just o­nE PHASE in a PROCESS which began at least a year ago, or more, and there is much more to come. 

Next, that must be repeated again, this is NOT about the LDNR, the Donbass or even the Ukraine, this is about a new security architecture o­n Europe and, therefore, o­n our entire planet. 

This means that Russia expected exactly the reaction she eventually got (western politicians are fantastically predictable, being both ignorant, stupid and arrogant) and that gave her a legal basis to take the current action (call it R2P, or moral duty, or genocide prevention or whatever else you wish). 

I want to use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to President Biden and Chancellor Scholz who both played their role to perfection, especially Scholz with his laughable genocide talk comment.  More generally, a lot of the credit for what just happened today goes to the leaders of the Empire who played their hand exactly as the Kremlin hoped they would. 

Next, I immediately want to mention sanctions.  Let it be clearly told: whatever sanctions the West now agrees upon will be what they would have done in any case.  I repeat: todays recognition of the LDNR will have exactly ZERO influence o­n the Wests maniacal determination to destroy Russia and her people.  In other words, the coming sanctions were unavoidable.  That means that Russia lost exactly *nothing* through that move.  In fact, both during the RSC meeting and his speech, Putin hinted that, if anything, western sanctions have been mostly beneficial to the Russian economy (especially the real economy, not just the value of Russian stocks or the Ruble). 

Sanctions is a topic which o­nly matters to western politicians (and their 5th and 6th column in Russia).  Russians 1) remember that during her history both Russia and the USSR were more or less always under some kind of sanctions anyway and 2) that the goal of the West is not to reach an equilibrium with Russia, but to subjugate and destroy her (Putin himself said so many years ago). 

In this context, the endless focus o­n sanctions (from hell or otherwise) is not o­nly immoral, it is plain stupid 

Next, I want to mention four specific threats made by Putin today (note, since the PR folks at the Kremlin are still working at their usual snails pace, I will have to make them by memory, please keep that in mind): 

Those responsible for the massacre in Odessa will be punished by Russia. 

Putin is demanding an immediate cessation of the shelling and shooting along the LOC. 

Russia will physically prevent the Ukraine from US/NATO deploying offensive weapons to threaten Russia. 

Russia will show Banderastan how to organize a *real* decommunization (after indicating that the Ukraine was created by the CPSU). 

Again, I will repeat here what I wrote above: this recognition should NOT, repeat, NOT, be seen in isolation.  It is just o­nE PHASE in a PROCESS which began at least a year ago, or more, and there is much more to come. 

Unless the Ukies get it and they probably wont I fully expect Russia to openly extend here military umbrella over the LDNR.  That does not mean that she will have to move troops in, though that now is also a possibility, but that any future Ukie ground operation will be countered by the full might of the Russian military.  Officially this time.  The Ukros along the LOC have heard it from Putins own mouth: we got a crosshairs o­n each o­ne of you.  While I wouldnt put *anything* beyond the Ukros, I believe that todays clear threat will have a strong deterrent effect, whether the Ukies admit it (not gonna happen) or not. 

After listening to it all, I still have a few questions to which I did not get a reply yet: 

In what exact borders does Russia recognize the LNR and DNR?  Along the LOC or along their original administrative borders? (see map).  I strongly suspect that for a while Russia will keep a flou artistique o­n this topic, but what Putin meant was a recognition of the LDNR in their original administrative borders.  If I am correct, this ALSO means that Russia will not liberate the rest of Banderastan, which I also fully approve of: the Ukrainians need to liberate themselves for o­nce, enough of that constant waiting for the Moskals to liberate them from their western friends! 

Putin mentioned the immense sums of money Russia has poured into the Ukraine even after it turned into Banderastan. Will Russia *finally* impose an economic embargo o­n that Nazi state? 

The DNR/LNR having just been recognized, they are not members of the CSTO.  Not o­nly that, but I very much doubt that all the members of the CSTO will recognize the LDNR anytime soon.  So if there is the need to launch a coercion to peace operation, will Russia act unilaterally, maybe with Belarus, or will she try to get some kind of joint operation with other countries?  This just in: the Russian MoD has announced that it received the order to provide/ensure the safety/security of the LDNR!  That means a peace enforcement (coercion to peace) has been ordered! 

Some will be tempted to focus o­n what the western politicians will say or do next.  I sure have no idea which they might or might not do next, but I would advise them to be extremely careful, because the mood in Russia is determined.  If anybody still believes that Putin is bluffing, then wish them good luck because the best they can hope for is a quick, painless, death. 

For the US Americans everything is measured in Dollars.  For Europeans, everything is measured by Euros.  During WWII Russia lost 27 million of her own people, two thirds of them civilians, as for the Chinese, they lost a whopping 35 million.  These are countries and nations which will not be broken, or purchased, by Dollars or Euros. 

Then there is this: if the West slaps sanctions from hell o­n Russia, what will the leaders of the West do the day AFTER they impose such sanctions?  The truth that the West is already out-sanctioned.  But lets assume that there will be even more sanctions.  From hell, no less.  Then what? 

Nothing, of course. 

Russia has already long turned away from the West, not o­nly culturally but also economically (Mishustin confirmed that today).  If the EU wants to commit economic seppuku thats fine by Russia.  The Kremlin is quite willing to turn up the pain dial, but if western leaders want to increase the pain dial o­n each other (the US dialing up economic pain for the EU), by all means, Russia wont object. 

As always, I suggest that we not jump to any further conclusions too quickly: lets wait for the full, official transcripts, then the statements of key politicians (who will be tasked with implementing/interpreting these statements).  In this situation, words matter (at least those of Russian officials). 

I will conclude by a warning: I fully expect the CIA/MI6 agents in Russia (5th column: liberals; 6th column: emo-Marxists and pseudo-patriots) to unleash a MAJOR PSYOP offensive against Putin personally and this decision.  Arguments will include anything and everything in between not enough and too much including the inevitable too little too late.  If there is o­ne thing you need to know about both the 5th and 6th columns in Russia is that for them any success by Putin (or even while Putin is in power) is categorically unacceptable and must be denied at all costs.  So while they claim to hate each other, they really hate Putin much more.  In fact, they hate Putin much, much more than they love Russia.  I strongly urge all the readers to always think cui bono when you will hear their endless defeatist wailing! 

Okay, I will end it here: lets see what happens next. 


jojo o­n February 21, 2022    at 4:51 pm EST/EDT 

Those responsible for the massacre in Odessa will be punished by Russia. 



Russia WILL Recognize LDNR. 

And that will be the end of the regime in 404 [Martyanovs nickname for Ukraine] and, in fact, the end of 404 as we know it. The West can have this shithole it helped to create and pay for it. As Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated today: Russia was preparing for the consequences of recognizing LDNR for many months now (in Russian). Mishustin is being somewhat disingenuous (understandably so), because this preparation started already in 2015. Recognition of the LDNR means the start of the process of integration with Russia and it means the start of the Russian troops rolling in to the line of contact with VSU and they are shitting pants right now in Kiev and at the front line.  

Expect Western media harpies going into the overdrive because this means NO war the way the US wanted it and that means that US establishment will have to face a domestic catastrophe. As Elysee Palace confirmed today (in Russian) it was Biden who asked Macron to arrange summit with Putin. I am o­n record, Russia has no need for this "summit" because there is nobody to talk to in Washington and all decisions o­n the issue of West-Russia relations have been made by Kremlin. We may begin to discuss ramifications of these decisions already today, but as I already stated--New New World Order is coming.  

In related news. French Revue Defense Nationale issued a rather pleasant revue of my The Real Revolution in Military Affairs.  

You can read it here: 

Né à Bakou en 1963, officier dans la marine soviétique puis ingénieur aux États-Unis, Andrei Martyanov est lauteur de Losing Military Supremacy. The Myopia of American Strategic Planning (Clarity Press Inc., 2018), dont nous avions à lépoque rendu compte ici même. Le présent livre est en quelque sorte la suite logique du précédent et sintéresse à la véritable révolution militaire que constitue selon lui le développement des nouvelles armes hypersoniques. Louvrage commence par une réflexion sur la notion de puissance, car la politique se définit par des éléments de puissance, notamment économique et militaire . 

But even this book will require soon a new and updated edition. That is how much and fast things change in the world.  

UPDATE: Putin already informed both Macron and Scholz that he will sign today a decree o­n Donbass Ria reports (in Russian). Those two expressed their "disappointment". Evidently modern West and its leaders have no concept of consequences or of cause and effect.  

UPDATE: The address is in the progress. See here.  

UPDATE: LDNR is recognized and the Treaty of Mutual Help is being concluded, putting LDNR under direct Russia's military protection. 



Overall picture of Ukraine sitrep: Ukraine losing, Russia winning  

A comforting thought for peace makers  

First invasion of Russian territory by Ukraine troops suppressed. 


Russian border guard house destroyed by Ukraine forces 


DPR destroys defensive positions of Ukraine forces 


Strike forces of more than 300 aircraft and helicopters concentrated at border with Ukraine 


Russia ready to use more than about 500 fighters and bombers for strikes at Ukraine forces 


Unkown aircraft explodes over Donetsk, possibly a Ukrainian drone shot down by Donbass militia 


Unknown air defenses and electronic warfare systems drove American aircraft out of Donbass 





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