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China, India, Russia: The New World Pole and its Global Peace MegaScience as an Intellectual Victorious Weapon of the USA/NATO Fourth Reich


China-India border peace highlighted


Updated: March 26, 2022




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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar in New Delhi, India, o­n March 25, 2022. [Photo/Xinhua]

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar agreed o­n Friday that restoring peace and tranquillity in the China-India border area conforms to the common interests of both countries.

They also stressed, in talks held in New Delhi, the need to realize regular management of the border dispute on the basis of complete military disengagement in the border area and take effective measures to prevent misunderstanding and miscalculation between the two sides.

Wang arrived in the Indian capital o­n Thursday for a work visit following recent years' setbacks in China-India relations due to their border dispute. The military standoff along their border area in eastern Ladakh in June 2020 has profoundly disturbed their political and economic ties. Military commanders from the two countries have held 15 rounds of talks to resolve the border dispute, most recently o­n March 11.

During the talks, they agreed that China and India, which have the same or similar positions o­n major international and regional issues, should understand and support each other to provide more positive energy to the volatile world.

While exchanging views o­n the Ukraine crisis, Afghan issue, COVID-19 response and other multilateral issues, they agreed that multilateralism should be upheld and that the United Nations Charter and international law should be honored. They called for peacefully resolving disputes through dialogue and expressed serious concerns about the impact unilateral sanctions have o­n the world economy and o­n the security of supply chains.

They also agreed to intensify economic and trade cooperation and facilitate people-to-people exchanges.

Wang said during the talks that China and India should not allow the border dispute to define their relationship or to affect the overall development of bilateral ties.

Jaishankar said that India attaches great importance to relations with China and that its strategic judgment about China's significance remains unchanged. He added that India stands ready to boost communication with China and enhance mutual trust in order to resolve difficulties in the bilateral ties and to sustain pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

The Indian foreign minister also called for achieving complete military disengagement in the countries' border areas.


The West Deep State: Fourth Reich (FR)

Глубинное государство Запада: Четвертый Рейх (ЧР).

Запад = ЧР Нацизм = Украина = Третья Мировая Война (WWIII) = Формула смерти человечества в XXI веке, с 2022.

West = FR Nazism = Ukraine = WWIII = Humanity death formula in the 21st century, since 2022.

Формула жизни/выживания человечества: «Гандианская Меганаука Сферонов» и ее «Стратегия Глобального Мира».


The humanity life/survival formula: “Gandhian Spherons Megascience” and its “Global Peace Strategy”.



Дорожная карта:

Структура Сферонов >Меганаука Сферонов > Образование Сферонов > Демократия Сферонов > Сферонов Глобальный Мир и Процветание всех народов.

Road Map:

Spherons Structure > Spherons MegaScience > Spherons Education > Spherons Democracy > Spherons Global Peace and Prosperity of all nations.


Leo Semashko’s Commentary.


China, India, Russia: The New World Pole and its Global Peace MegaScience as an Intellectual Victorious Weapon of the USA/NATO Fourth Reich


The GGHA congratulates the two greatest countries in the world o­n achieving border peace and the complete withdrawal of troops from their borders. Obviously, the fundamental spiritual basis for the peaceful solution of the two most ancient world civilizations is the kinship of their peaceful and harmonious worldviews: the Confucianism of China and the non-violence of Hinduism in India, embodied in the teachings of the Mahatma Gandhi varnas/spherons. The catholicity Orthodox worldview of Russian civilization is consonant with them, expressing peace and harmony between almost 200 of its nationalities. Its historical mission of “human reconciliation in fraternal Gospel harmony” was brilliantly defined by the Russian genius Fyodor Dostoevsky more than 140 years ago (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=934).

The spiritual kinship of the three great civilizations in the eternal vital values ​​of peace, harmony, love and non-violence is opposed to the West deadly values ​​of domination, violence, hatred and militarism, which doom it to degeneration and collapse. In the 77 years since WWII, the West has been continuously waging aggressive wars, starting with the nuclear genocide of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and continuing them in 37 wars in which it killed more than 20 million people: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=816. The US has been at war for almost its entire short history, 93% of it, 220 out of 246 years: https://washingtonsblog.com/how-many-years-has-the-u-s-been-at-war. For 8 years of external administration of Ukraine after the coup in Kyiv in 2014, the West planted a pro-Nazi regime there, the genocide of which during this time turned into 14 thousand victims of the civilian population.

All these and similar historical indisputable facts define the West and its NATO o­nly as the American Fourth Reich (AFR), seeking to seize Ukraine, turn it into a shock Nazi project “Anti-Russia”, in order to extend its dominance to the whole world. The Western values ​​of freedom and democracy, in 77 years, have degenerated into the values ​​of "freedom to kill and rape" and the "Hail democracy of war" of the USA/NATO Fourth Reich. As Hitler's Third Reich could not exist without the Wehrmacht army so the global AFR cannot exist without the NATO army of 30 countries. Its leaders are, in fact, the same Reichsführers and Reichsmarshals of Hitler, o­nly deeply camouflaged by the neoliberal Nazi ideology, rhetoric, propaganda and values ​​of the AFR "empire of lies". The chief Fuhrer of the AFR today is Joe Biden, the US President, crazy senile man - a symbol of the AFR degeneration, agony and death.

For 77 years, the AFR has not done anything important to achieve and strengthen global peace, but it has done everything possible to weaken it as much as possible by financing hundreds of trillions of dollars in the arms race and 100% preparation for a nuclear WWIII, which will be for humanity and the biosphere 100% genocide and ecocide. This is the AFR o­nly fundamental, genocidal "fruit" for 77 years after WWII.

The AFR genocide o­n the border with Russia for 8 years of refusing a peaceful solution to the Donbass problem, left for it no other option for its solution, except for a military o­ne. Western militaristic civilization and democracy, instead of bringing Ukraine to reason humanistically, is continuously arming its pro-Nazi regime. The enthusiastic, with applause support of the Western parliaments for the Ukrainian Nazi Fuhrer-clown exposes to the whole world the fascist, solidary, misanthropic spiritual essence of Western civilization as the Fourth Reich in 2022, after the collapse of its Third Reich in 1945. The AFR violent Western civilization collapse is inevitable, as Mahatma Gandhi predicted.

The West number of honest, unzombified and courageous scientists, despite their severe censorship and persecution, has researched the AFR birth and evolution as a unipolar world violent order with the USA global hegemon and its militant terrorist army of NATO. Among them we name o­nly the following (23):


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The Western Nazism and genocide expanded list of sources in Ukraine look here:



The border peace of China and India, as well as Russia's initiative o­n security and non-eastward expansion of NATO in December 2021, are the first historic steps of the non-Western world to implement the "Global Peace Strategy: Shif the arms race into a peace race" (King), which is justified by the GGHA here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026. These actions, together with the Russian military operation in Ukraine, are laying the foundation for a real multipolar political world order that limits the AFR traditional hegemon in its violence and aggression. Most importantly, it is the o­nly o­ne capable to resist the suicidal Nazi and genocidal trend of the US/NATO AFR. This trend can be stopped, reversed and non-violently defeated/overcome o­nly by the peacemaking trend of China, India and Russia if they unite o­n an innovative scientific basis and unite other peace-loving countries around them.

In the forthcoming long-term and cruel, life-and-death informational/hybrid war of the West with the peaceful, harmonious and non-violent worldview of the three great powers: India, China and Russia, victory will remain with it if they master the fundamental constructive toolkit of the “Spherons Global Peace Megascience" (SGPM), or, briefly, Spheronics. It was created "on the giants shoulders" of peace and harmony, primarily based o­n the ideas of Confucius, Dostoevsky, Gandhi and dozens of others, including Western giants of peace: Kant, Einstein, King and others, by 750 co-authors from more than 50 countries over 17 years in the GGHA (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=927). SGPM raises the deep, but intuitive ideas of Confucius, Dostoevsky and Gandhi to the fundamental, eternal level of the spherons Megascience, verified by world statistics o­n any social object by all and every nation. For the SGPM development, three countries should create an international "Global Peace Academy" o­n the basis of MGIMO or MSU in Moscow to start with 30 scientists, for example, 10 scientists from each country, as we wrote about earlier.

The sooner the three world great humanistic civilizations unite in the development and use of "the spherons greatest force of non-violence and their science, more mightier than the mightiest destructive weapon", the sooner they will defeat the violence of the West and help it free itself from its pathological and deadly burden. The sooner Nazism, terrorism and wars disappear o­n Earth, the sooner they will establish global peace o­n it as the best and highest security of all nations and peoples. The example of China and India today is the beginning of a new era of humanity without Western violence and without its endless wars of aggression.

But a multipolar world requires, as Einstein wrote for over 70 years, "a substantially new manner of thinking." Similar innovative and holistic thinking based o­n the substance of the Gandhian spherons as the "Newtonian law" of society, overcoming partial, torn and confrontational Western thinking, has been substantiated for decades in the spherons Megascience. o­nly with its help is an adequate, true understanding of the multipolar world and the peaceful resolution of all its global problems possible based o­n the common intellectual denominator of this science. SGPM is an example of such thinking in a multipolar world and a tool for the victory of the US/NATO Fourth Reich. There are no other tools for its victory. The old thinking cannot be defeated by the old o­ne.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,


Saint Petersburg, Russia,




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