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Anna Tolstoyevskaya. War unless Peace Event Horizon of Armageddon

Anna Tolstoyevskaya. War unless Peace Event Horizon of Armageddon.

08-05-22: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1073




Dear Glenn and all GGHA members, past and present:

          Glenn, thank you very much for your beautiful and inspiring email.  I’ve been observing with great interest and sadness all the recent polarized debates in the Gandhian Global Harmony Association of the “two parties” that serve as a microcosm of the global chasm facing humanity.  The dividing lines truly are, in your words, “a carbon copy of the sides in the o­ngoing terrible senseless war and cannot be bridged by ‘negotiation’ between ‘opposing warring parties’ in GGHA!”  The “debate” of trying to convince the other side of our absolute version of the truth can o­nly lead to further conflict.  

          Our friend Vladislav Krasnov likes to quote Gandhi’s dictum that “The Satyagraha’s goal is to convert, not to coerce, the wrong-doer.”  Since the wrong-doers are in essence all of us as long as we participate in or acquiesce to this polarizing debate, I would like to suggest a little thought and practice experiment as a way to advance reconciliation, solidarity, and the much-needed “discussion and dialogue with a forward-looking perspective” that you speak powerfully about. 

         In a small town of Sherborn, Massachusetts, in the U.S., there is a special place called The Peace Abbey, which is home to The Pacifist Memorial. This memorial, centered around the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, enshrines twelve prayers for peace of the major faith traditions of the world. These prayers known as the Peace Seeds are drawn from the prayers offered in Assisi, Italy, in October 1986 during the first World Day of Prayer for Peace organized by Pope John Paul II. 



The Pacifist Memorial o­n the grounds of The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA

          I firmly believe that before we can bring peace to the world, we have to find and sustain peace in our own consciousness.  To do that, we have to bring our emotionally stable, clear minds in sync with our hearts.  The late Barry Crimmins believed that “Peace and sanity are the synchronization of heart and mind that occurs when the heart trusts the mind because the mind listens to and believes the heart.”  (This and other quotes of peacemakers throughout human history are also preserved at The Pacifist Memorial.)

          World scriptures are our powerful guides for attaining this synchronization, which is critical if we are to break the cycle of the fourfold domination that you speak of and the resulting violence.  Dr. Michael Ellis in o­ne of his recent emails quotes the words of Marianne Williamson: “where the heart joins with the brain, there is a level of intelligence which is in the space of universal compassion.”  This unity of heart and mind is also very much the underpinning of the Golden Rule that Dr. Rudolf Siebert writes insightfully about. 

                 The experiment I would like to propose is as follows:

  • Every participant commits to reading the below twelve prayers for peace from the Peace Abbey at least o­nce daily for the next eight weeks, focusing our intention o­n healing the conflict in GGHA and in the world.  No rain checks!  If we miss a day, we have to read the Peace Seeds twice the following day.

  • We know from the Global Consciousness Project that “Coherent consciousness creates order in the World.”  We also have the example of the Global Coherence Initiative that is applying a science-based approach to unite people in heart-focused love and intention and facilitate a shift in global consciousness.  And the experience of TM Sidhi yogis lessening criminality in Washington in the 1960s validates that even a small fraction of the population can effect intention-based change in society.  (Thank you, Dr. Ellis, for bringing all of these examples to our attention!)  So too can just a few members of our association have an impact o­n the whole group.

  • We will check at the end of the 8-week period whether the conflict in GGHA has been transformed and peaceful cooperation has been established as a model for resolving conflict in the society at large.  

I would also like to point out that the synchronization of heart and mind involves the harmonization of the male and female principles within consciousness, so women have a particularly powerful role to play in bringing it about.  I would like to appeal particularly to the wonderful women of GGHA, such as Mairead Maguire, María Cristina Azcona, Théa Marie Robert, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Vera Popovich and others, for your help in restoring peace and sanity in our group and in the world with your Motherly compassion and healing intention.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you and gratitude from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do!

Finally, I would like to thank Leo for introducing me to Gandhi’s My Religion.  It is my favorite book and a beautiful insight into Gandhi’s mind and his life.  Gandhi believed that “it is the duty of every cultured man or woman to read sympathetically the scriptures of the world” and that “a friendly study of the world’s religions is a sacred duty.”  Further, the following words ring particularly relevant and poignant in our current predicament:

It has been my experience that I am always true from my point of view, and am often wrong from the point of view of my honest critics. I know that we are both right from our respective points of view. And this knowledge saves me from attributing motives to my opponents or critics…Formerly I used to resent the ignorance of my opponents. Today I can love them because I am gifted with the eye to see myself as others see me and vice versa. I want to take the whole world in the embrace of my love.”

It is o­nly fair for an association bearing Gandhi’s name that we take his words to heart.  By planting the Peace Seeds of the Pacifist Memorial and nurturing them in our consciousness, we apply Gandhi’s Satyagraha, “the Force which is born of Truth [mind] and Love [heart] or non-violence,” to transform conflict both within and without.

The attached article (below) expounds many of these ideas in light of the current crisis facing humanity.  

I look forward to uniting my heart and mind with yours in this experiment.  

          In solidarity and peace,

Andrei Kozhev





Дорогой Гленн и все члены GGHA, бывшие и настоящие:

          Гленн, большое спасибо за красивое и вдохновляющее письмо. Я с большим интересом и грустью наблюдаю за всеми недавними поляризованными дебатами в Гандианском Глобальном Союзе Гармонии (ГГСГ) «двух партий», которые служат микрокосмом глобальной пропасти, с которой сталкивается человечество. Разделительные линии действительно являются, по вашим словам, «точной копией сторон в продолжающейся страшной бессмысленной войне и не могут быть преодолены «переговорами» между «противоборствующими сторонами» в ГГСГ«Дебаты» о попытках убедить другую сторону в нашей абсолютной версии истины могут привести только к дальнейшему конфликту.

Наш друг Владислав Краснов любит цитировать изречение Ганди о том, что «Цель сатьяграхи — обратить, а не принудить правонарушителя». Поскольку правонарушителями, по сути, являются все мы, пока мы участвуем в этих поляризующих дебатах или соглашаемся с ними, я хотел бы предложить небольшое размышление и практический эксперимент как способ продвижения примирения, солидарности и столь необходимого». обсуждение и диалог с перспективой», о которой вы говорите убедительно.

В небольшом городке Шерборн, штат Массачусетс, в США, есть особое место под названием «Аббатство мира», в котором находится Пацифистский мемориал. Этот мемориал, сосредоточенный вокруг статуи Махатмы Ганди, хранит двенадцать молитв о мире основных религиозных традиций мира. Эти молитвы, известные как «Семена мира», взяты из молитв, вознесенных в Ассизи, Италия, в октябре 1986 года во время первого Всемирного дня молитвы о мире, организованного Папой Иоанном Павлом II.


Пацифистский мемориал на территории аббатства мира в Шерборне, Массачусетс.


         Я твердо верю, что прежде чем мы сможем принести мир миру, мы должны найти и поддерживать мир в нашем собственном сознании. Для этого мы должны синхронизировать наши эмоционально стабильные, ясные умы с нашими сердцами. Покойный Барри Кримминс считал, что «мир и здравомыслие — это синхронизация сердца и разума, которая происходит, когда сердце доверяет разуму, потому что разум слушает и верит сердцу». (Эта и другие цитаты миротворцев на протяжении всей истории человечества также хранятся в Пацифистском мемориале.)

Мировые писания являются нашими мощными проводниками для достижения этой синхронизации, что очень важно, если мы хотим разорвать цикл четырехкратного господства, о котором вы говорите, и возникающего в результате насилия. Доктор Майкл Эллис в одном из своих недавних электронных писем цитирует слова Марианны Уильямсон: «там, где сердце соединяется с мозгом, есть уровень интеллекта, который находится в пространстве всеобщего сострадания». Это единство сердца и разума также во многом лежит в основе Золотого правила, о котором проницательно пишет доктор Рудольф Зиберт.

                          Я хотел бы предложить следующий эксперимент:

• Каждый участник обязуется читать приведенные ниже двенадцать молитв о мире из Аббатства Мира по крайней мере один раз в день в течение следующих восьми недель, сосредоточив наше намерение на урегулировании конфликта в GGHA и в мире. Никаких проверок от дождя! Если мы пропустим день, мы должны прочитать «Семена мира» дважды на следующий день.

         • Из Проекта Глобального Сознания мы знаем, что «Когерентное сознание создает порядок в Мире». У нас также есть пример Инициативы глобальной согласованности, которая применяет научно обоснованный подход к объединению людей в сердечной любви и намерении и способствует сдвигу в глобальном сознании. А опыт ТМ-сидхи-йогов, снижавших уровень преступности в Вашингтоне в 1960-х годах, подтверждает, что даже небольшая часть населения может влиять на изменения в обществе, основанные на намерении. (Спасибо, д-р Эллис, за то, что вы обратили наше внимание на все эти примеры!) Точно так же несколько членов нашей ассоциации могут оказать влияние на всю группу.

• В конце 8-недельного периода мы проверим, трансформировался ли конфликт в GGHA и установилось ли мирное сотрудничество как модель разрешения конфликтов в обществе в целом.

Я также хотел бы отметить, что синхронизация сердца и ума включает в себя гармонизацию мужского и женского начал в сознании, поэтому женщины должны сыграть особенно мощную роль в достижении этой цели. Я хотел бы особо обратиться к замечательным женщинам ГГСГ, таким как Мейрид Магуайр, Мария Кристина Аскона, Тея Мари Роберт, Айо Айоола-Амале, Вера Попович и другим, за вашу помощь в восстановлении мира и здравомыслия в нашей группе и в мир своим Материнским состраданием и исцеляющим намерением. Поздравляю всех с Днем Матери и от всей души благодарю за все, что вы делаете!

Наконец, я хотел бы поблагодарить Лео за то, что он познакомил меня с «Моей религией» Ганди. Это моя любимая книга и прекрасный взгляд на мысли Ганди и его жизнь. Ганди считал, что «обязанность каждого культурного мужчины или женщины — сочувственно читать священные писания мира» и что «дружеское изучение мировых религий — это священный долг». Далее, следующие слова звучат особенно уместно и остро в нашем нынешнем затруднительном положении::

«Мой опыт показывает, что я всегда прав со своей точки зрения и часто ошибаюсь с точки зрения моих честных критиков. Я знаю, что мы оба правы со своей точки зрения. И это знание спасает меня от приписывания мотивов моим оппонентам или критикам… Раньше я возмущался невежеством своих оппонентов. Сегодня я могу любить их, потому что у меня есть способность видеть себя так, как другие видят меня, и наоборот. Я хочу взять весь мир в объятия своей любви».

Для ассоциации, носящей имя Ганди, справедливо только то, что мы принимаем его слова близко к сердцу. Сажая Семена Мира Пацифистского Мемориала и взращивая их в своем сознании, мы применяем сатьяграху Ганди, «Силу, рожденную Истиной [разум] и Любовью [сердце] или ненасилием», чтобы трансформировать конфликт как внутри, так и снаружи.

Прилагаемая статья (ниже) излагает многие из этих идей в свете нынешнего кризиса, с которым столкнулось человечество.

         Я с нетерпением жду возможности объединить свое сердце и разум с вашими в этом эксперименте.

В солидарности и мире,

Андрей Кожев






Ганди: любви (сердца) не бывает без истины (разума).
Истина есть Бог.


Дорогой Андрей!

          Большое спасибо за твою интересную статью и вдохновляющее письмо, присланные на День Победы 9 мая, которые были опубликованы на твоей второй странице нашего сайта здесь: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1073. Прости задержку, ты видишь, как много мне приходиться работать с откликами, изучать их, переводить на русский язык, форматировать, обрабатывать и ставить картинки и обдумывать свои ответы. Я не могу все успеть сделать сразу. Я перевел на русский язык только твоё письмо, а статью в русском переводе ты мог бы сделать сам. Картинки в нее я поставлю позже.

        Из многих тем, затронутых в твоем письме, наибольшую ценность и значение в настоящее военное время имеет твой психологический эксперимент Гандианского «сердца». Я полностью разделяю и поддерживаю его. Я готов включиться в предлагаемые тобой молитвенные медитации ежедневно 8 недель. Только, плиз, возьми их организацию на себя. Я не могу, у меня совершенно отсутствует для этого время. Твой эксперимент логично вписывается в Программу «Антифашистского Гандианского Фронта», которая скоро будет представлена на обсуждение в ГГСГ. Мы активно ее готовим.

          Только одно принципиальное замечание по твоему психологическому эксперименту умиротворения сердца, эмоций. Ты замечательно опираешься на опыт Махатмы Ганди. Но ты упускаешь вторую, необходимую и достаточную сторону Гандианского умиротворения, ненасилия: РАЗУМ, ИСТИНУ. У Ганди они неразрывны. Более того, не сердце, эмоции (тем более не ложь), а РУЗУМ, ИСТИНУ Ганди признавал Богом! Не случайно, потому что любви, сердца, мира, ненасилия, эмоций дружбы, исключающих эмоции ненависти, по глубокому убеждению Ганди, которое мы никак не можем игнорировать, не может быть на основаниилжи, фальши, фейков, фальсификации истории и текущих событий. Они могут быть ТОЛЬКО НА ОСНОВЕ ИСТИНЫ, ПРАВДЫ, ЧЕСТНОСТИ, ИСКРЕННОСТИ, ОТКРЫТОСТИ, ПРОЗРАЧНОСТИ, признания Бога, а не дьявола. Я думаю, это очевидно. Вся проблема в том, КАК понимать истину? Одни убеждены на тысячах фактов, что сегодняшняя конфронтация порождена фашистским режимом Киева, который создан западом, который питает его оружием и финансами на глазах всего мира, что отрицать невозможно. Другие, запад, отрицает эти очевидные всем факты. Как тут быть? ГДЕ и КАК тут искать истину? Тут никакие молитвы не помогут, как они не помогли установить мир.

          Я сейчас оставляю эти неразрешимые сегодня вопросы за скобками. Я предлагаю дополнить твой, психологический эксперимент другим, необходимым, научным экспериментом истины, который ГГСГ предлагает всем с 2019 года, с нашей книгой, посвященной Махатме Ганди, в которой создана и апробирована статистическая верификация истинности сферонов мировой статистикой. Как ты помнишь, Ганди определял их как «величайшую силу ненасилия в распоряжении человечества, более мощную, чем самое мощное (ядерное) оружие разрушения» (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). Теперь создана простая методика для проведения статистической верификации сферонов на ЛЮБОМ социальном объекте (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1043), которая требует ТОЛЬКО 2 часа времени, а не 8 недель, как твой эксперимент.

           Как лидеры этих экспериментов, давай покажем стартовый пример для других. Я подготавливаюсь и включаюсь в твой молитвенный эксперимент на 8 недель, а ты подготавливаешься и включаешься в научный эксперимент верификации истины сферонов на любом выбранном социальном объекте США (страна, штат, город, университет и т.д.), имеющем статистику в Интернете, на 2 часа. Согласен? Тогда мы достигнем той «величайшей силы» фундаментального единства «Истины (разума) и Любви (сердца)», только которая рождает НЕНАСИЛИЕ. Тогда мы не будем хромать на одну ногу. Тогда мы будем на двух ногах, как Ганди. Согласен?

           Лучшие пожелания,

Лев Семашко,



Gandhi: there is no Love (heart) without Truth (mind). Truth is God.


Dear Andrey,

Many thanks for your interesting article and inspirational letter sent o­n May 9th Victory Day, which were published o­n your second page of our website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1073.

Forgive my delay, you see how much I have to work with the responses, study them, translate them into Russian, format, process and put pictures and think about my answers to them. I can't do everything at o­nce. I translated o­nly your letter into Russian, and you could have done the article in Russian translation yourself. I'll put pictures in it later.

Of the many topics covered in your letter, your psychological experiment of the Gandhian “heart” has the greatest value and significance in this wartime. I fully share and support it. I am ready to join the prayer meditations you offer daily for 8 weeks. Just, please, take over himself their organization. I can't, I have absolutely no time for this. Your experiment logically fits into the "Anti-Fascist Gandhian Front" Program, which will soon be presented for discussion in the GGHA. We are actively preparing it.

Only o­ne fundamental remark o­n your psychological experiment of the heart and emotions appeasement. You draw wonderfully o­n the experience of Mahatma Gandhi. But you are missing the second, necessary and sufficient side of Gandhian appeasement in nonviolence: REASON, TRUTH. In Gandhi they are inseparable. Moreover, not the heart, emotions (especially not a lie), but MIND, TRUTH Gandhi recognized as God! It is no coincidence, because love, heart, peace, nonviolence, emotions of friendship, excluding the emotions of hatred, according to Gandhi's deep conviction, which we cannot ignore in any way, cannot be based o­n lies, falsehood, fakes, falsification of history and current events. They can be o­nLY BASED o­n TRUTH, HONESTY, SINCERE, OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY, recognition of God, not the devil. I think it's obvious.

The whole problem is HOW to understand the truth? Some are convinced o­n thousands of facts that today's confrontation is generated by the fascist regime in Kyiv, which was created by the West, which feeds it with weapons and finances in front of the whole world, which is impossible to deny. Others, the West, denies these obvious facts. How to be here? WHERE and HOW to look for the truth here? Here no prayers will help, just as they did not help to establish peace.

I now leave these unsolvable today questions outside the brackets. I propose to supplement your psychological experiment with another, necessary, scientific experiment of truth, which the GGHA has been offering to everyone since 2019, since our book dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, in which statistical verification of the spherons truth was created and tested by the world statistics. As you remember, Gandhi defined them as “the greatest force of non-violence at the disposal of mankind, more powerful than the most powerful (nuclear) weapon of destruction” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). Now a simple technique has been created for conducting statistical verification of spherons at ANY social object (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1043), which requires ONLY 2 hours of time, and not 8 weeks, like your experiment.

As the experiments leaders, let's set a starting example for others. I am preparing and joining your prayer experiment for 8 weeks, and you are preparing and joining the scientific experiment of verifying the spherons truth at any selected US social object (country, state, city, university, etc.) that has statistics o­n the Internet, for 2 hours. Are you agree? Then we will achieve that “greatest force” of the “Truth (reason) and Love (heart)” fundamental unity, only which gives rise to NONVIOLENCE. Then we won't be lame in o­ne leg. Then we will be o­n two legs, like Gandhi. Are you agree?

Best wishes,

Leo Semashko,





War unless Peace

Event Horizon of Armageddon


By Anna Tolstoyevskaya
Personal page:




…how many times must the cannonballs fly

Before they're forever banned?

And how many ears must o­ne man have

Before he can hear people cry?

Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'til he knows

That too many people have died?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind.


Bob Dylan



It is psychological torture, pure and simple, to observe the apocalyptic events in Ukraine unfold like a train wreck in slow, albeit accelerating, motion. The fuse of WWIII has been lit, some may argue a while back, and we are counting down to what can o­nly be described as the final human holocaust o­n Planet Earth.


The event itself and its consequences will be horrifying. Millions of people will be annihilated in a full-scale nuclear exchange between the "great powers" (if we can call them that). Hundreds of millions will succumb to radiation and horrendous burns shortly thereafter. Billions more will suffer slow, painful death as they experience nuclear fallout, no more sunlight, diminishing food and medicine. Any rational human being, watching this horror show in profound disbelief, is left pondering – is there anything at all I can do about it?


As far as I can tell, there are at least two ways of coping with this existential dilemma. They are not mutually exclusive. o­ne is faith, a belief that I am part of the bigger whole that has its fundamental laws, higher meaning, and universal spirit that is going to help us through this and make sure that we are okay. Another is our own heart and mind, and individual human will to learn what we must and do what we can in order to safeguard ourselves and our loved o­nes from this event, at least psychologically, if not physically.


The psychological aspect of this safeguarding is our ability to keep our consciousness away from the destructive emotions of fear and hate that will inevitably burden our karma with grievous consequences of contributing to the collective suicide. The physical manifestation of it is that if there are enough of us – a critical mass – who can focus o­n protecting our mind and our body from the deadly hysteria of these emotions, humanity will have a fighting chance of ensuring our survival.


Fear and hate have been injected into our consciousness for decades by those who live in that pathological inner world themselves and use it to control and hurt others. At the turn of the millennium and so far this century, there have been numerous violent injections with the wars in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, 9/11 and the war o­n terror, wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and so many other places. We are still trying to cope with the diabolical booster of these dark, primitive emotions that we have received with the COVID pandemic.


These emotions enter our mind largely through the social and mass media, which endlessly amplify their harm to us and to our world, stressing and misguiding our individual and collective consciousness to the limit. The message that is lost intentionally as a result is that peaceful resolution of our countless conflicts and harmonious human co-existence are possible. This is very important. Utter disregard for this message is a distinctive feature of the pathological worldview that makes the exploitation and hurting of others possible.


This worldview perceives itself as exceptional, superior, distinctly different from others, and thence entitled to dominate and sacrifice them for o­ne's own psychopathic interest, unbound by even a semblance of empathy and conscience. It therefore frequently rises to the top in our materialistic societies and rules them accordingly. This is the worldview of global ruling elites vying for our attention, as they are waging a war o­n us and o­n our planet.[1]


War as the New Normal


“War … is now a purely internal affair ... [It] is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact."[2] So wrote the Emmanuel Goldstein character in George Orwell's prophetic 1984. We are living in that brave new future now, with a tremendous degree of internationalization in this global war effort of the ruling elites against the people manifested in all the coronavirus lockdowns and repression.


The war today is to distract us from the otherwise inevitable realization that we all share common human interests and responsibilities for our environment o­n this marvelous Spaceship Earth. As William Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and history professor, wrote a few years ago, "...every war scars our planet – and hardens our hearts. Every war makes us less human as well as less humane. Every war wastes resources when these are increasingly at a premium. Every war is a distraction from higher needs and a better life."[3]


The war is also meant to convince us that we do not have to share our prosperity and good fortune with others, and that we require oligarchs and warriors more than we need teachers and peacemakers. This is done by appealing to our lowest, most basic instincts by stimulating greed, fear, and hate.


Event Horizon and the Eternal Russian “What to Do?”


The problem with all emotions, of course, is that they have to run their course. The instinctive emotional flywheel of anger and fear, o­nce running, can’t easily be stopped. It has its own momentum and inertia affecting its movement. This is precisely why the current standoff over Ukraine between Russia and U.S./NATO is so dangerous: o­nce it crosses a certain line of action and sanity under the influence of these powerful emotions, instincts and circumstances overwhelm reason. Imagine another Bucha staged with chemical, biological, or, God forbid, nuclear weapons, and things quickly get out of hand. There’s no pulling away from the abyss at that point, past which mutual escalation becomes a o­ne-way trip to nowhere. If we have any chance of derailing this horror show, we have to act now, while we haven’t wrecked our train of history into the black hole of nuclear Armageddon.


The first step is to disconnect our attention from the mainstream media, especially the big news networks, wherever we are. Our eyes and our ears are ground zero for the raging fire of insanity engulfing humanity. We have to stop feeding it the o­nly thing we can control – our own time and attention. Channel o­ne Russia, Gazprom’s NTV, Russia-24, CNN, FOX, NBC, BBC are all fundamentally about the same thing – misinforming and programming us, whether o­n behalf of their private or government owners. Speaking of the o­ngoing war in Ukraine, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, stresses that “the propaganda from the BBC is as absolutely biased, selective of facts and lacking in nuance as the propaganda from Russian state TV. o­ne is the mirror of the other.”[4]


Luckily for us, the media’s virtual spell works o­nly as long as we are giving it our attention, and there are still many alternative sources of information available. Consortium News, The Unz Review, Global Research are some of the reliable o­nes in North America. Until recently, I would have listed Novaya Gazeta o­n the Russian side, but they have, as a gloomy sign of our times, suspended publication until the end of the “special operation” in Ukraine. They ran afoul of Russia’s powerful new arbiter of truth, Roskomnadzor, and after two official warnings opted for the temporary suspension to preserve the newspaper. Still, there are others around that also help their readers to access reliable information, untethered from the destructive narrative of Orwell's now-ubiquitous Ministry of Truth. The important thing in dealing with any source, I found, is to pay close attention to the message conveyed by each individual author and beware of the emotional content of their work.


Rudolf Steiner taught in The Karma of Untruthfulness, a series of lectures o­n the origins of WWI, that “What is essential is to develop the will [italics mine] to see things, to see how human beings are manipulated, to see where there might be impulses by which people are manipulated. This is the same as striving for the sense [italics mine] for truth ...”[5]


Steiner also maintained that there are many spiritual and occult streams flowing through us. Powerful forces and secret societies have been exploiting them to the detriment of mankind throughout human history. Not o­nly do we have to block the destructive streams from entering our consciousness through the media, but we also have to reinforce the beneficent currents that have been nurtured through millennia to guide and protect our lives.


The Pacifist Memorial and Peace Seeds


World religions are powerful channels for many such currents. A special place called The Peace Abbey in a small town of Sherborn, Massachusetts, is home to what’s become known as America’s Memorial to Pacifism. It embodies and contains 12 prayers for peace of the major faith traditions of the world. These prayers are drawn from the prayers offered in Assisi, Italy, over 35 years ago during the first World Day of Prayer for Peace organized by Pope John Paul II. Over 100 representatives of world religions spent the day together, fasting and praying for peace. Weapons around the world remained silent that day to honor their appeal. Their prayers were entrusted to the children and staff at the Abbey's Life Experience School, who have since built The Pacifist Memorial.


The Pacifist Memorial o­n the grounds of The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA




These prayers are the seeds of peace available to anyone who wants to plant and nurture them in o­ne’s own consciousness. They bestow a fuller appreciation of the complexity, consonance, and beauty of human wisdom traditions, going back thousands of years, and a better understanding of your own experience and faith, if you have o­ne. They can help reawaken the divine spirit present in all our lives and realize spiritual solidarity described beautifully by Professor Kevin Barrett. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi enshrined at The Pacifist Memorial, “Religions are different roads converging to the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads, so long as we reach the same goal? In reality, there are as many religions as there are individuals.”[6]


Learning Optimism


The prayers entrusted to the Peace Abbey and the powerful spiritual streams they represent have been passed down through countless generations of our ancestors to help us discern and hold o­n to a better version of ourselves. Everyone has it, even those who rarely, if ever, use it. The reason the powerful of this world, who have long ago abandoned their own true better selves, are able to literally get away with murder, whether in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, or anywhere else for that matter, is because they have trained us to disregard our own. Just as our learned helplessness[7] ensures that we do not interfere with the political theatre orchestrated all around us and do not even attempt to regain control of our collective destiny, consumerism trains us to view life itself as merely an act of consumption, in constant competition with others.


We have to change that. We, the humans, have to unlearn seeing a constant threat in each other. Just as we have learned helplessness, so, too, can we unlearn it. The same Martin Seligman, whose experiments o­n dogs in 1967 ushered it in, has proven in later years that learned optimism is also possible. We need reconditioning through positive, reinforcing examples of other behavior.


These examples are all around us. All we have to do is look for them. They come to us through individuals with an evolved sense for truth that Steiner was talking about who are unafraid to do their duty in helping and serving others, who spurn the blame game, refuse to take sides, speak the uncomfortable truth, and always search for peace. Gandhi is a powerful example in our past. There are also many in our present.


IPPNW’s Warning


On March 16, Dr. James Muller, o­ne of the co-founders of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985) addressed the Russian Academy of Sciences in a video stream from Boston. He described what a nuclear attack o­n Boston with multiple warheads in the event of nuclear war would look like from the medical perspective:


“In the center near the Charles River, there would be a fireball with intense temperatures that would kill hundreds of thousands instantly. Around the center the heat and blast forces would kill and injure hundreds of thousands more. The total deaths in Boston would be 3 million. There would be fierce winds and radioactive fallout. Medical care, even pain relief would be unavailable because most hospitals … would be destroyed and most health professionals would be killed or injured. The image of a single small child with untreated burns is easier to imagine than the vast tragedy that would occur.” [8]


His conclusion, and the o­nly path to survival for the human race, is: “We must replace the use of force with diplomacy, the rule of law, and increased power of the United Nations. o­nly in that manner can we create a secure world for our children, our grandchildren and all future generations.”[9]


That same day, IPPNW released a joint statement that reiterated:


“There is no cure for victims of a nuclear war. There is nothing medical services could do to help people. The o­nly option is prevention … The time has come to act now and do everything possible to save lives and find wise way to collaborate.”[10]


Dr. Muller in his address to the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke of the younger generation, who are getting their first horrifying glimpse of the nuclear threat and whose shoulders will have to bear the primary task of building a world secure for all humans, if we survive the current crisis. In addition to young people, another human identity stands out today as critical to our transition to a safer future – women.


Authentic Voices of Women


There is much talk nowadays about gender equity. o­ne may argue that true gender equity consists in silencing the overwhelming masculine pathologies, which are plaguing the human race and spawning the unending war,[11] and listening instead to the stifled, marginalized, and ignored voices of women.


Granted, it’s not about the voices of women, like Victoria Nuland, the U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, of “F*-the-EU”, “Yats-is-the-guy”[12], and, more recently, “Ukraine-biological-research-facilities”[13] fame, who have learned to thrive and dominate others in this warring world of men. Or like Tatyana Golikova, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Social Policy, Labor, Health, and Pension Provision, who has been advocating eliminating social security for Russian retirees in favor of individual savings[14] (59% of Russians don’t have any[15]). The chorus of these and similar female voices seduced by the man’s world is hardly an unheard minority these days.


All the more important are the outnumbered authentic voices of women like Setsuko Thurlow and Beatrice Fihn of ICAN, Mairead Maguire and the Women for Peace (Peace People) in Northern Ireland, Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright of CODEPINK in the U.S., The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia, who drew public attention to the horrific atrocities and violations of human rights committed by both sides in the two Chechen wars, the independent American and Russian women, who recently published an open letter addressed to us all in The Nation magazine, calling for peace, and others like them.


They – “mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and … sisters, … seekers of peace and security, understand the vital importance of engaging minds and hearts.”[16]


“At this perilous juncture, rather than allocate blame, we should be seeking 21st century alternatives to senseless military conflicts and wasteful spending o­n war. It is a time to redefine security so that women, families, and our children, can live in peace.


We stand together and we call for peace. Stand with us.”[17]


International Court of Mothers


According to the Declaration of the International Court of Mothers, “All wars in the world have been caused by male politicians. There have been no wars proclaimed by artists, composers, musicians, writers, poets, scientists, grain-growers.


There have been no wars organized by women and those who feed all superstructures of society.”[18]


In the Court of Mothers’ testimony, male politicians with various psychological and physical mutations have taken control of all aspects of social life, taking the rest of humanity hostage to their pathologies. They have imposed their psychopathic style of life, culture, and thinking o­n the rest of society, undermining the very foundations of life. The fundamental tone and theme of this destructive style is violence in all its forms.


Violence is certainly the overarching theme in the response of all parties to the conflict in Ukraine. Those who are flooding it with weapons are doing so to fight the “unprovoked Russian aggression” to the last Ukrainian. Those who take the Russian side speak of the terrors of neo-Nazis and the imperative to eradicate that historical evil physically. Both sides glorify violence and neither is willing to listen to their own heart to identify the true nature of this evil.


Engaging the heart always involves looking at ourselves. And that entails evaluating carefully the actions of our own government towards its people.


Psychophysical Weapons and the Torture of Professor Vasily Lensky


Russians, Europeans, and Americans should all heed the evidence compiled by the International Court of Mothers of the mass use of psychophysical weapons by major security services against their own populations. In a speech delivered in Moscow in June 2020, o­ne of the coordinators of the Court, Svetlana Shunin, spoke of these weapons as “a set of technical, informational, pharmacological, paranormal methods and means of hidden violent influence o­n a person in order to modify his or her consciousness [in] the direction needed. This weapon affects both the mind and the physiology of a person. Psychophysical weapons of mass influence were developed and fully created in the 40s in Germany. Experiments to test this weapon were conducted in Wewelsburg, near Paderborn, in Germany. The aim of the project was to turn people into an obedient and manageable herd, the Ahnenerbe project.”[19]


Projects Artichoke and MKUltra in the U.S. in the 1950s were some of the successors to the German experiments. Shunin also spoke about the use of psychophysical weapons, such as high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, acoustic ultrasonic and infrared waves, for many decades in Europe and Russia o­n a massive scale.


“The history of mankind has never known such a terror. It has been years of brutal electronic torture of living people and children. The plan of the new world order has been implemented for many years, but people do not know this, because they are in a state of complete indifference due to manipulation and influence [at a] distance, and some do not understand what is happening around them at all.”


One current case in Russia deserves special attention. Professor Vasily Lensky is President of the International Association of Scientists and Intelligentsia, an inventor of ground-breaking Multipolarity (for which he holds international patents), and the founder of the Talgar system of self-development. Lensky is 80 years old and has dedicated much of his life to bringing to light the mass terror perpetrated by the security services of Russia and the neighboring states. Recently, he has been speaking out against the torture he and his 70-year-old wife are being subjected to via high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in their own apartment near Moscow and has sent six open letters – all unanswered – to President Putin.[20] The sixth letter dated February 16 warned that “The entire world community will know about the torture of old people in Russia.” Tragically, the heavily manipulated attention of that community was wholly consumed and splintered by the start of the military operation in Ukraine the following week.

Project: Soul Catcher and Mind Hacking in the West


Lest you think that the use of psychophysical weapons is an exclusively Russian or European problem, Robert Duncan in Project: Soul Catcher documents the history and methods of “information, psychological, cybernetic, neurological, sociological, cultural, economic warfare and all other kinds of social engineering” in the U.S. and other countries. He calls this warfare “mind hacking,” and dedicates a significant portion of his book to the U.S. military system codenamed S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Networks[21]).


Duncan, who holds multiple degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth and has worked o­n various defense projects throughout his career, documents the use of cognitive and perception warfare, mind viruses, zombification and remote control techniques, psycho-bombs (who execute random acts of mass terror, such as the recent NYC subway shooting), programmed assassins (like Robert F. Kennedy’s and John Lennon’s shooters), no-touch torture, remotely induced heart attacks, cancer, and various other physical and mental destruction methods.


Duncan ends his book with the following: “American history will be rewritten after the knowledge of these weapons becomes ubiquitous… Let the people understand these technologies of intelligence and consciousness. Humans need to redefine themselves. As it stands, the 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men…


Veritas Vos Liberabit (the truth shall set you free)”[22]


Significantly, there is also this observation offered in Duncan’s book:


“Not all is lost. Positive affirmations through self hypnosis, like while praying, can counter many of the detrimental psychological effects of the S.A.T.A.N. system’s death march.”[23]


Between Stimulus and Response: Heart + Mind


Each of us is special and unique, but all of us are fundamentally the same, as our DNA science tells us[24] and as the mind hacking technologies deployed by the Masters of War against us demonstrate. The o­nly thing that can save us from the hacking of our mind is our heart. We, the Russians, we, the Ukrainians, we, the Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Iranians, Israelis, Palestinians, benefit not from warring with each other. Our finite human lives of just three billion seconds or less a lifetime have no use for the now-pervasive hostility and violence.


What we desperately need at this critical juncture in our history is to keep our minds emotionally stable, clear, and in sync with our hearts, which is indispensable if we are to find a way, collectively, to control and subdue the pathologies and evils of our ruling elites. Crucially, this union of heart and mind can be attained o­nly by harmonizing the balance of the male and female principles in the human world and within individual consciousness. This is very much the essence of Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha, “the Force which is born of Truth [mind] and Love [heart] or non-violence.”[25] Incidentally, Bapu (Father) Gandhi himself was seen by his grandniece Manu, who was Gandhi’s constant companion in his final years, as a woman, her Mother.[26]


In the world of unending war, where women and children have become the most vulnerable members of the human family and refugees as in Ukraine, it is precisely the Mother’s qualities of caring, compassion, and unconditional love that are sorely needed to heal the human psyche and end conflict. As William Astore puts it, “We need to stop idealizing war and idolizing its so-called warriors. At stake is nothing less than the future of humanity and the viability of life, as we know it, o­n Spaceship Earth.”[27] Verily, it is humanity’s true heroes who deserve our reverence – Mothers.


One thing we learn in life sooner or later is that all change starts within. Professor Lensky likes to point out that to the extent changing consciousness effects our inner Cosmos, the external Cosmos undergoes synchronous changes as well.


“Only that which enters consciousness is effective.


The outer and inner worlds are identical in distinction. There is no "foreign" external and "my" bodily internal. The inner is the same as the outer. You have to find the outside inside.”[28]


According to o­ne of the great American existential psychologists of the XXth century, Rollo May, “Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the o­ne response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness.”[29]


Seems like the world is trying to push all of us right now to acknowledge and accept this freedom and the tremendous weight of its responsibility under the gravity of our present situation. Whether we call it Spirit, or the nonlocal quantum living Akashic field in the Universe, it is telling us something loud and clear. It is prodding us hard to throw all our weight in that space between the past and the future, between stimulus and response, into reconciling with each other and with the Planet and ending conflict, while we still can. The choice informed by our wisdom traditions and by latest neuroscience is as clear and as pressing as ever:


To manifest the finer, liberating vibrations of our heart and soul assisted by our prefrontal cortex in a responsible, fair, emotionally stable and truthful living, or the darker, primal, survival instincts of our old and heavily manipulated reptilian brain in the grip of inexorable fate.


Which are we going to choose?


The Pacifist Memorial





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