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Leo Semashko. Violations of the children’s rights in the world

Dear Leo ,


No child should be afraid to attend school because of the threat of sexual

abuse, corporal punishment, or bullying.But every year 350 million children

face violence in schools worldwide - and with devastating effects.


Children who face school violence often experience o­ngoing psychological

trauma and are less likely to continue their education, their best chance at

escaping poverty.


Click the link below to help put a stop to this violence against children

and make schools safe.




One of our partners and a long-time advocate for children worldwide, Plan USA,

is calling o­n the United Nations to encourage every country to work with teachers

and education authorities to develop and implement plans of action for achieving

violence-free schools.


But to be heard they need your voice. Please help protect children worldwide by

asking the United Nations to demand that every country take immediate action

so that all children have the right to learn without fear.



Thanks for all that you do,


-The Change.org Team



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