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Unite in the spherons harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!


GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA is an international peacemaking antifascist volunteer NGO.

It unites more 600 members in 55 countries and collective members dozens.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the substantially new" (Einstein) spheral, holistic and fractal tetranet thinking base of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM) or briefly Spheronics

through universal harmonious spherons education:





SGPM: Spherons Global Peace MegaScience:

Civil Peace Enlightenment o­n the Nuclear Death Brink


The GGHA 83rd Peacemaking Project

Start: July 04, 2022

GGHA approval: July 14 2022


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1081

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=975



Project initiators, world citizens:


This project is initiated by innovative peace ideas from four countries: Singapore, USA, Poland and Russia.

1.Yang Chang Shi, Singapore, peacemaker, idea:


2.Helga Zepp-LaRouche, USA, Schiller Peace Institute, idea:


3.Julian Korab-Karpowicz. Poland, philosopher, ideas:


4. Leo Semashko, Russia, philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker, general constructor of the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM), briefly Spheronics since 1975, formed in the GGHA during 17 years since 2005. It has received fundamental scientific verification by world statistics and is available for verification by every literate person in 2 hours according to the method: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=948.

Invitation of other coauthors:

5. Olga Kashina, Russia, economist and statistician,

6. Julia Budnikova, Russia, Roerich specialist,

7. Vera Popovich, Russia, peacemaking bibliographer,

8. Sergey Glazyev, Russia, academician, economist,

9. Viseslav Simic, Mexico, professor of management,

10. Ashok Chakravarthy, India, poet, Lit.D.,

11. Pravat Dhal, India, professor of education,

12. Takis Ioannidis, Greece, historian, poet,

13. William Engdahl. Germany, philosopher, economist,

14. Rene Wadlow, France, diplomat, historian,

15. Rudolf Siebert, USA, professor of sociology of religion,

16. Don Hank, USA, linguist,

17. Vladislav Krasnov, USA, historian,

18. Andrey Kozhev, USA, initiator of peacemaking meditations,

19. Roger Kotila, USA, psychologist,

20. Bruce Gagnon, USA, peacemaker,

          Other world citizens who are ready to join the group of initiators of this GGHA project are invited. All of them have personal pages o­n our website. As well as 750 coauthors of 11 books and 82 peacemaking projects of the GGHA, created over the 17 years of its work o­n the basis of the SGPM. The GGHA books together with their coauthors, including the President of India Abdul Kalam and 5 Nobel Peace Prize winners, are listed here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=935. The general list of books and projects of the GGHA for 17 years is here: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472

1. Introduction.

World crisis of civilizational coexistence o­n the brink of nuclear dearth


Discussion of the decisions of two recent, late June, Western G7 and NATO summits (https://carnegieendowment.org/2022/06/27/why-it-s-crucial-that-g7-and-nato-summits-are-back-to-back-pub-87401) shows that their lexicon lacks positive peacebuilding terminology: global peace, peace, love, cooperation, equality, friendship, dialogue, science, peacemaking innovation, etc. Russia, the UN and humanity as a whole have never heard from the G7 and NATO leaders calls for peace or proposals for peaceful dialogue and a joint search for a peaceful alternative to the deadly Ukrainian confrontation. Instead, the West officially declared Russia an enemy and its complete rejection of dialogue with itbefore its (Russia's) defeat in Ukraine that is possible o­nly in the West fake propaganda mythology. In reality, the military victory of Russia is inevitable and undeniable in case of any weapons and financial pumping by the West of the pro-Nazi Kyiv regime that is recognized by all unbiased Western analysts (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1049).

Two fundamental conclusions follow from the We4st refusal to dialogue with Russia: intellectual and social, practical.

Intellectually, this is the recognition by the West ("golden billion") its own mental impotence to offer any positive global alternative for peaceful civilizational co-survival/coexistence. Here lies the West cognitive degeneration after WWII, for 77 years after the end of which it was unable to demonstrate any peacemaking project that prevented another world war. The West has remained at the level of the sad League of Nations, closed in 1946, and repeats its fate. The West has not risen o­ne iota above it for almost a century of mental peaceful depression, which confirms its intellectual peacemaking poverty.

Practically socially, this refusal means the recognition of o­nly a 100% inevitable war, a direct clash of two antagonistic civilizations, which possess 96% of the world's nuclear arsenal, which inevitably makes it a global nuclear war, suicidal and genocidal for humanity as a whole. The Western world mainstream is engulfed in a military propaganda psychosis, when from almost all Western capitals increasingly hear hysterical calls for a nuclear war with Russia that is suicidal for all, when real, scientific proposals for a global peace acceptable to all civilizations and countries are not heard from any side and joint search for it. The West military, confrontational rhetoric in 2022 is not much different from its rhetoric o­n the eve of WWII in 1939. The West has come to terms with the reality of nuclear war and is more willing to discuss not the possibility of preventing it, but the possibility of saving and surviving the richest from the golden billion (http://christianpoliticalparty.com/heres-how-to-prepare-for-a-nuclear-attack) when billions of the poor will burn in the world's nuclear Auschwitz.

The mad predatory West, whose undivided world hegemony since 1945, since Hiroshima / Nagasaki, Russia put an irreversible end in 2022 in Ukraine, is trying to return it with a suicidal nuclear war. Everyone understands the destructiveness and hopelessness of this attempt, but they do not know what to do with it. Even the pro-Western UN, Antonio Guterres, states the world situation is "on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe", but does not know how to get out of it.

There remains hope for civil society, for its most responsible, peacemaking and intellectual world citizens who have devoted decades of their lives to an honest search for a peaceful scientific paradigm acceptable and necessary for all peoples and an alternative to Western nuclear madness 2022. Enlightenment of civil society in this paradigm so that it can to initiate it to the leaders of their countries, the proposed 83rd GGHA peace project is dedicated, which is a continuation and specification of the GGHA 80th project of 2021: "World Gandhian Enlightenment of Spherons" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=987) to the current critical situation. It is better to develop mentally and be enlightened in peacemaking than to passively expect nuclear strikes and prepare for survival in them, as the West recommends immorally and criminally to the world.


2. Civilizational difference between the West and Russia positions and their equal peace limitation for various reasons


          The civilizational position and its leader, the USA, is unequivocally historically qualified as "aggressive, militaristic and hegemonic" in general, towards Russia in particular. The West strategy has always been a position of force in the history of world geopolitics, primarily in relation to Russia, as Zbigniew Brzezinski clearly expressed: The New World Order will be built against Russia, o­n the ruins of Russia and at the expense of Russia. (https://ru.citaty.net/tsitaty/649952-zbignev-kazimezh-bzhezinskii-novyi-mirovoi-poriadok-budet-stroitsia-protiv-rossi)

          Another piece of history is that the US is pathogenically addicted to war: It has been at war for 229 of the 246 calendar years of its existence as of 2022. That's 93% of their story": https://washingtonsblog.com/how-many-years-has-the-u-s-been-at-war

            For 77 years, the USA, as the world hegemon after 1945, turned Western civilization through NATO into a pathogenic drug-addicted predatory fascist alliance of the golden billion countries. It was created under a dense propaganda veil of fake freedom, democracy and human rights, trampled by the West reality of aggression, racism and Russophobia in its Goebbels empire of lies, becoming the first threat to the survival of humanity (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1055). Who needs Western "freedom, democracy and human rights" if they reject dialogue, turn into o­nly nuclear death and are deprived, ignoring the fundamental peacemaking alternative of life and common survival?

          The aggressive West, in the 77 years after WWII, carried out 37 wars/attacks o­n the "victim nations": every two years is a war, in which about 30 million people was killed, that is 5 Hitler's Holocausts, o­ne every 15 years for 77 years (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=816).

          With endless wars and an unbridled arms race, the West has raised the probability of nuclear war to 999 chances out of a thousand, or 99.9%, leaving PEACE/LIFE of humanity o­nLY o­nE chance from a thousand, or 0.1%, according to nuclear scientists (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924).

          Unfortunately, the West continues in the 78th year after WWII to increase insanely this threat, constantly increasing the already high probability of a global suicidal world war with the rapidly growing "democratic" military budgets (deadly for the peoples).

These and many similar irrefutable historical facts confirm the aggressive militaristic code of Western civilization, depriving it of the possibility of a peace policy and mentality, which is confirmed by the studies of hundreds of honest and courageous Western scientists (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c, section 25 in it). The West constantly ignores all peacemaking initiatives and discoveries, especially in the 20th century, burying in eternal oblivion the most brilliant of them belonging to Mahatma Gandhi (the discovery of spherons in 1927), Albert Einstein (peace is achieved not by violence, but by understanding, science) and etc. (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1017). Therefore, any fundamental peace-loving initiative has been excluded by the West aggressive civilizational code for at least 77 years.

           Russia, unlike the West, has an opposite, peacemaking civilizational code of consent, harmony, reconciliation, catholicity of various peoples, formed by more than a thousand years of Russian history. This was brilliantly understood and wonderfully expressed by Fyodor Dostoevsky in his will of 1880, which we analyzed in detail here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1021. India, China and a number of other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have a similar civilizational code (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026).

          According to its civilizational code, Russia is most predisposed by history to fundamental peacemaking initiatives but due to its ideological limitations, either Marxism or liberalism, it actually deprives itself of a civilizational peaceful advantage. There is a huge amount of evidence for this. o­nly in the GGHA peacemaking history for more than 17 years, we sent our initiatives to the leaders of Russia and various government institutions more than 300 times, which showed o­nly complete indifference to them and refusal to discuss them at any level. We have long noted this vicious and harmful bureaucratic practice of Russian institutions for decades, inaccessible to the leaders of Russia awareness (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=965 -3).

          The sad peacemaking outcome of the last century is that both civilizations, for reasons of different false ideological preferences, even the most opposite, are equally negative towards the perception, development and promotion of fundamental scientific peace initiatives, primarily the SGPM, the truth of which, unlike others, has been verified by the world statistics (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848).

           But in Russia, unlike from its official dogmatic institutions and from the degenerating West, in the depths of its civil society is deeply aware the civilizational peace code of Russia. In it the various initiative groups have long existed and are working. o­ne of them, created in 1975 by Leo Semashko, launched a search for an alternative paradigm of civilizational co-survival. It has grown in the international GGHA over the past 17 years into the fundamental Gandhian MegaScience of spherons, opening a common, true and nonviolent way of coexistence/co-survival of all civilizations at a new level of its understanding, thinking and worldview.


3. GGHA Citizen Diplomacy and Education Initiative at SGPM


          To the bitter regret of the world civil society, both civilizations and their leaders were unable to take any joint steps to search for and create a global peace science through holding international scientific contests, joint scientific conferences and the establishment of joint research institutes and academies of global peace within 77 years after WWII. This striking, if not to be more precise, criminal peace irresponsibility and indifference of world leaders, including the UN, called by its charter to this work, will obviously become the subject of future international investigations and condemnation.

           Today, the leaders of hostile civilizations are unwilling and unable to look for a model, path and space of true consciousness for a mutually saving dialogue, especially the West, which criminally taboos it.

          Therefore, o­nly we together, as the responsible and reasonable world citizens, who do not want to die in a senseless genocidal nuclear war, should initiate a search for a dialogue model of the joint survival and prosperity of our civilizations. In a jointly built future of Gandhian global peace. There can be no other global peace, never has been, and cannot be.

          The absence of a positive, mutually acceptable scientific alternative paradigm of co-survival among the warring sides-civilizations, signaling their ideological collapse and complete mental impotence to generate similar paradigm, requires active joint efforts from civil society in enlightenment and self-education in SGPM as an adequate model and agenda of the saving dialogue. Nothing better has been offered in 77 years.

           o­nly within the framework of the scientific model and the global peace agenda is effective civil diplomacy possible in all countries, stimulating governments to support and promote it through official government channels and in the parliaments. They practically do not know them, dooming themselves to a closed militaristic space of an endless squirrel wheel of wars, preparations for them and senseless budgetary financing of an accelerating arms race, which have o­nly o­ne way: to end humanity, as John F. Kennedy concluded.

          For the effectiveness of civil peace diplomacy, first self-education and enlightenment in the SGPM are necessary.


4. Definition of the category "spherons" as the SGPM center, actors and substance of society, its global peace


          The definition of any scientific category is carried out through a systemic list of attributes, essential features of its object (de-notatio).

4.1. Definition of "spherons/varnas" by Mahatma Gandhi.

          Mahatma Gandhi defined the category spherons in its first known historical form varnas in 1927 that we analyzed in detail earlier, especially in the book "Gandhica", 2019 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) and subsequent GGHA projects. Therefore, here we list o­nly the main Gandhian attributes of spherons. We emphasize that Gandhis varnas/spherons denoted the reality of an entire historical era of ancient India in the third millennium BC, when India was a world cultural leader and a prosperous nation known for its greatest cultural, spiritual and technical discoveries that provided India with the highest intellectual level, which Gandhi emphasizes repeatedly in his works. We use Gandhi's book "My Religion" in English (1955) below as the original primary source.

           In Gandhi's definition, varnas/spherons are the highest universal and eternal social reality, the "Newtonian law" of the existence of any society with the following characteristics, attributes:

1. Varna* [spherons**] is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature like Newtons law of gravitation Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family.

          2. The Rishis [Vedic sages of ancient India about 4 thousand years ago] after incessant experiment and research arrived at this fourfold division [of four spherons]...

          3. Nonviolence [of the varnas/spherons] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction. Nonviolence is not the inheritance of cowardice, it is always heroism.

4. Varna [spherons] reveals the law of o­ne's being and the idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it. All varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another. Varna [spherons] ordains that every o­ne shall fulfill the law of [equality] o­ne's being. The law of varna is the antithesis of competition [inequalities], which kills. It ensuresthefairest [equal] possibledistributionofwealth [between the spherons].

5. It was given to the Hindus to discover that law [of the varnas/spherons]. Hindus by their discovery of this irresistible social tendency have been able to achieve what no other nation in the world has achieved Observance of the law obviates social evils Fulfillmentofthelaw wouldmakelifelivable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, put an end to starvationandpauperization,solvetheproblemof populationandevenend disease and suffering.

           6. Varna [spherons] is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.Thoughthelawofvarna [spherons] isaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer,ithas universal application. It ought to have universal application. That is how I look at the law of varna [spherons]. The world may ignore it today [out of ignorance] but it will have to accept it in the time to come. This is the law of our being.

           7. Varna [spherons] has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna [spherons]. It is this [caste] travesty of varna [spherons] that has degraded Hinduism and India. Our failure to follow the law of varna [spherons] is largely responsible both for our economic and spiritual ruin. It is o­ne cause of unemployment and impoverishment, and it is responsible for untouchability and defections from our faith. Today varna means gradation of high and low. It is a hideous travesty of the original. We have distorted it today and have made ourselves the laughing-stock of the world. Therefore, when people in disregard of the [varnas/spherons] law it leads to confusion of varna and ultimate disruption of society. Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law and they are suffering for it.

8.If we Hindus sincerely reject the [caste] division into higher and lower, then we will heal from mutual envy and mistrust of other communities and at the same time heal them.

9. There is no other God than Truth and the o­nly means for the realization of Truth is Ahimsa [nonviolence of varnas/spherons] God [of the varnas/spherons] can never be realized by o­ne who is not pure of heart. Self-purificationthereforemustmeanpurificationinallthewalksoflife [in all spheres of life and all the spherons employed in them].

10. Varna is the best form of insurance for happiness.


* Varnas are equal groups, clusters of the population of ancient India, employed in four spheres of its social production.

** Spherons are invariant equal groups/clusters/classes of people covering the entire population of any society in history and differing in employment in o­ne of the four spheres of social production. The social universality of spherons is proved by world statistics in the GHA book "Gandhica" (see above.) Therefore, the varnas are spherons of ancient India, and the spherons are varnas of humanity as a whole that was emphasized by Mahatma Gandhi (above).

The key ideas of the nonviolence/ahimsa Gandhian doctrine of the varnas/spherons are cited o­n the source: Gandhi M. My Religion. 1955, 141-187 pp, and others here: http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/my-religion.pdf

4.2. The "spherons" macro-sociological category Definition in their MegaScience.

In the SGPM (spheronics), all historical, empirical and intuitive definitions of Gandhis varnas/spherons are preserved at the level of their arithmetic and intuition. But they receive a strict logical and scientific justification in the SGPM, raising them to the highest, fundamental level of the theoretical knowledge, thinking and worldview "algebra". It is expressed in the following systemic definitions of essential, substantial attributes of spherons.

The SGPM spherons receive short and detailed definitions. In the short o­ne, o­nly a few attributes of spherons are fixed, and in the expanded o­ne, an attempt is made to cover their entire systemic set that is never achieved and is possible o­nly gradually throughout the entire genesis of their scientific knowledge in the SGPM historical evolution. Brief definition of spherons is:

Spherons are equally necessary and together sufficient, extremely large and constant in the history the population groups, including all individuals from birth to death, constituting the enduring, genetic social structure of society at all its levels from the individual and family to humanity, differing in employment in the social production spheres that ensure global peace, prosperity and sustainable development of all nations.

A detailed definition of spherons, which does not claim to be complete for the simple reason that nothing in nature, society and thinking is complete, in the first, limited approximation o­n the initial stage of the SGPM development can be represented in its next attempt.

-1. Spherons are special classes/groups of people covering all of humanity, the entire population, all of its individuals from birth to death.

-2. Spherons differ not by property or sectoral professional attributes but o­nly by employment in the spheres of social production (SP), therefore they constitute spheral classes/groups of people that allows terminologically calling them spherons.

-3. The spherons employment in the SP spheres can be working, officially rewarded by society, and non-working, free, self-employed and not remunerated by anyone, but necessary for an individual to ensure his own life and development. Therefore, the spherons employment covers the entire life of an individual from birth to death, including both his free, non-working time, and his working time of socially useful work.

-4. Spherons are filled with individuals, include all people and cover all their groups without exception. The whole life of individuals is limited by the spherons employment space, does not go beyond its limits, in which individuals are free to choose and change spheral employment in all its cultural, historical and local infinity.

-5. The constant freedom of individuals in the constant necessary employment of spherons within their spheral boundaries determines the nonlinear, stochastic and thermodynamic holistic nature of spherons. It fundamentally distinguishes them from all partial and temporary linear and strictly regulated class and sectoral groups that fill spherons at different historical stages of society.These temporary, linear and limited partial classes/groups are called in SGPM as "partons", historical "parts" of spherons.

-6. Spherons differ in the SP spheres o­n the subject and final product of the production of four EQUALLY NECESSARY AND SUFFICIENT resources for the life of any society and person: PEOPLE, INFORMATION, ORGANIZATION, THINGS (the whole complex of material goods and services) - PIOT. Society and an individual cannot exist without any of the PIOTs, therefore they are EQUALLY necessary for their life and o­nly together, FOUR, in an inseparable systemic complex are sufficient.

-7. Of all the PIOT resource clusters, o­nly people, spherons (L) constitute and carry the productive force/energy for each PIOT without exception, all of which are created in society o­nly by people (L), spherons as their o­nly actors and sources of their being.

-8. The equal necessity and sufficiency of PIOT and their SP spheres determine the equal necessity and sufficiency of FOUR spherons. Their equal necessity and sufficiency generates, determines the necessary, natural social equality of spherons, violated and replaced o­nly by inequality, which is established by the ruling and temporary (historical) partons: classes, estates, elites and nations. Partons, as transient population groups of all the spherons historical parts replace each other in a continuous series of generations.

-9. Spherons, together with the SP spheres, processes and PIOT products/resources constitute the eternal for the entire historical genesis of society, the unchanging SOCIAL GENOME: SOCIONOME, reproduced at all its levels, but always in a historically individual, unique form. Just as the biological DNA genome, almost the same for all people without exception, bar its pathologies, is embodied in an infinite variety of historical individuals, so SOCINOME is infinitely reproduced in an unlimited variety of social forms at all levels of society from the individual to humanity. Another comparison. The genetic social structure of spherons is preserved in all epochs of human history and o­n all continents and locations as well as the structure of social insects, ants and bees is preserved o­n all continents and at all times.

          -10. The equal necessity of spherons naturally excludes violence, physical destruction and wars between them, because the destruction of any of the spherons destroys the life of society and all people, depriving them of the necessary resource. Therefore, wars are possible o­nly temporarily, locally and only between the antagonistic partons of spherons at certain social stages as long as they (spherons and their transient partons) remain ignorant, in themselves, which have not reached the level of their scientific knowledge for themselves in the Gandhian SGPM. But this MegaScience was born only a century ago in the discovery of Gandhi's spherons, and was formed as a science o­n the initial stage only over the past 17 years in the GGHA and is presented in its 11 books, 83 projects and more than 1500 publications.

          -11. The PIOTs clusters of the social spheral resources differ in the specific laws of their life and production but they are structurally identical in their social nature of mutual inclusion, without which they do not exist. This determines the fractal, matrix similarity, structure and organization of each of the PIOT spheral resources and their entire SP, primarily the fractal similarity of spherons.

           -12. The fractal, matrix similarity of spheres, spherons and their people requires from each individual in spherons and from each spheron separately a harmonious proportion, equilibrium and balance of PIOT in all their spheral needs and spheral production/labor abilities.

           -13. The SP highest economic efficiency, its optimal accelerated growth and development rates in the interests of all its spherons and partons are provided by its fractal structure at all levels and in all spheres separately, including the Orgsphere, which covers organization, management and power at all levels.

          -14. The fractal, most effective organization of governance and power in society is their equal division between the elected, the best representatives of the four spherons at all levels of any scale from school, university to humanity and the UN (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769). Many examples of the fractal organization of governance and power, which excludes crises, conflicts, violence and wars, and ensures social justice, global peace, prosperity and sustainable development for all peoples, are considered in the GGHA books and projects for 17 years.

          -15. SGPM, as a science of integral spherons, creating everything without exception in society based o­n natural resources, is a holistic, transdisciplinary science, covering all disciplinary socio-humanitarian sciences without exception. Therefore, to distinguish from them, it rightfully received the qualification of "MegaScience", the first in the humanity history, which was initiated by the discovery of spherons by Mahatma Gandhi almost a century ago.

          -16. SGPM, as a fundamental science of universal and constant spherons, opens up for them a fundamentally new field of the entire spectrum of human technologies in all spheres: social, informational, organizational and economic, creating space in them for million new, highly intelligent jobs of social employment. The most important of these technologies are social technologies of nonviolent resolution of all conflicts and prevention of any wars; digital information technologies of global statistics (GlobStat), spheral Internet, spheral AI and the like; organizational technologies of spheral fractal structuring of governance in all spheres and at all levels; economic technologies of higher economic efficiency and several times faster economic growth rates, etc.

           -17. The spherons science - SGPM provides spherons with a harmonious, holistic and fair solution for all of all insoluble problems (global peace, environmental, demographic, food, etc.) created by traditional, partial and disciplinary, broken and fragmented thinking, consciousness and worldview.

          -18. For the further development of spherons science, and most importantly, for its recognition as the o­nly scientific, true platform for civilizational co-survival in global peace, it is necessary to create a joint international SGPA (Spherons Global Peace Academy) from scientists-experts appointed by governments. o­nly they, after a thorough comprehensive check in the process of an equal and unbiased scientific polylogue in SGPA, can be convinced of the truth of spherons as a substance of SGPM, hold relevant international conferences, organize the necessary scientific contests for an alternative to SGPM and recommend it, with proposals for its amendments and additions to their governments.

            -19. SGPA and its scientific polylogue can be organized under the auspices of the UN or UNESCO. But beforehand it is better to do it as a test pilot project, within the framework of civil society from its responsible scientists, financially and organizationally supported by any peace-loving country, for example, Singapore. The relevant proposals for launching the Global Peace Roadmap with the support of Singapore are published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1080.

            -20. There is nothing impossible in the organization of the SGPA and the scientific polylogue in it. This requires o­nly good political will and a sense of responsibility for global peace from both the leaders of hostile civilizations and the leaders of peace-loving countries, as well as scientists and NGO peacemakers. Obviously, o­nly they are able to take the first, decisive step in this direction in order to break out of the deadly circle of war and fanning the military psychosis. As they say, "the first step is the most difficult and it is half the way to peace."

            This is where we stop the list of the spherons main attributes for their recognition in their detailed definition. More detailed definitions of spherons are presented in the GGHA books below, and their additional attributes are revealed in its 83 projects. For this project, designed to fundamentally motivate people, societies and governments, especially peacemakers, leaders, scientists and youth to study SGPM and be enlightened in it until it has become the subject of study in elementary school, the proposed detailed definition of spherons is enough for a start.


5. Statistical verification of the spherons truth: the start of scientific study and mastery of SGPM. TRUTH IS THE o­nLY ACCEPTABLE POSSIBILITY OF DIALOGUE AND CONSENT FOR THE CO-SURVIVAL IN PEACE THE WARRING CIVILIZATIONS.

            The life thesis above is, obviously, an axiom of the answer to the dramatic question of modernity:
HOW CAN SURVIVE IN PEACE the warring, antagonistic civilizations, capable to destroy not o­nly each other, but all of humanity with their nuclear weapons?

            They can survive o­nly in the truth, dialogue, consent and recognition of the common, acceptable to both sides, Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM), verified by the first step in 2 hours in a statistical research at any social object and in any country. THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY OF THEIR CO-SURVIVAL AND COEXISTENCE IN PEACE!

If the leaders and the official science of these civilizations are unable to verify today, for any reason, of the truth of spherons and their SGPM in 2 hours, then the responsible world citizens and their NGOs should convince them in it. o­nly the unreasonable and immoral motifs of irresponsibility, selfishness, indifference to life, laziness, stupidity, lack of will, fear of scientific innovation and ossified in lies and ignorance can prevent world citizens to make this. Let's hope that such is minority.

            Let us hope that most civil society will follow the example of dozens of the GGHA members, which in decades verified the spherons of different countries in their statistical researches. They were convinced in spherons and their SGPM truth and published the results of these researches in 2019 in the special book Gandhica (above). Let's hope that the majority will follow the example of the thinking world citizen Chang Shi Yang from Singapore (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1080), who called o­n their government and all goodwill citizens to study SGPM, starting since the verification of the spherons truth in a statistical research, to which our project is dedicated.

           The methodology of this research, developed and polished in decades, is presented ultimately, in Table-2 o­n o­ne page in attachment. Who wants, he/she can get acquainted with its justification and detailed scan in the GGHA special project:


The semantic scientific and holistic center of this technique is expressed by the spherons constant social structure, universal in its reality for all societies at any time and at all its levels, reflected by their traditional statistics. For almost half a century of studying this structure at SGPM, it received in its structural modeling several different visual, graphic presentations that complement each other. Three different of them and the most valuable in semantic relations are represented jointly for their comparison and complementarity in the next figure.

Based o­n the fundamental social structure of spherons, a statistical Table-2 is created
to verify spherons at any social facility.


Statistical Table-2 transforms the traditional empirical statistics of the population partons and their sectoral/branch employment into innovative, logically ordered demographic statistics of spherons. This is the spheral statistics of spherons, which reveals their (spherons) implicit, deep and hidden reality, invisible o­n the surface of both society and its traditional statistical reflection, and therefore inaccessible to all traditional disciplinary knowledge, thinking and worldview.

In Table-2, a simple procedure for arithmetic aggregation of an unordered set of population indices of traditional statistics ensures its structural transformation into theoretically substantiated and logically classified spheral statistical indices of the population/people spherons number wherever they live and act, in any of their communities in all of them social space-time.

 A simple statistical experiment with Table-2 o­n any social object provides a quantum mental leap of individual and social consciousness into the following key vectors of its space:

1. From false ideological, class, partial thinking to true, scientific, holistic thinking of spherons in their SGPM,

2. From a one-dimensional, monistic worldview to a multidimensional, pluralistic (tetrar) worldview of spherons in SGPM,

3. From disciplinary, partial, fragmented science to transdisciplinary, holistic MegaScience of spherons,

4. From confrontation, war and mutual destruction of antagonistic civilizations in the space of false consciousness, thinking and worldview to harmony, peace and co-survival in the space of true consciousness, thinking and worldview of SGPM spherons.

           The priority role of truth in practice has long been recognized and expressed by many of the greatest thinkers of different civilizations and eras. Let us recall o­nly a few. Confucius, 551 - 479 BC: "The great man goal is truth." Alexander Nevsky, 1240: "God is not in force but in truth!" Mahatma Gandhi, 1927: "Truth is God." State motto of India, 1947: "Truth Alone Triumphs"." Etc.

Only by entering the space of true thinking through the statistical verification of spherons, each person, leader, society can consciously, with high motivation and most effectively study, master and use the SGPM, revealing all the constructive attributes of spherons in their "greatest force of nonviolence" (Gandhi). o­nly the greatest energy of spherons nonviolence is capable to solve peacefully all, without exception, the challenges of all societies and humanity as a whole, ensuring prosperity for all its nations in their sustainable peaceful development.

All of the above is summarized by the SGPM First Law. Global peace does not exist in the space of lies and delusions, in which o­nly eternal confrontation and war can exist. Global peace exists o­nly in the SGPM space of truth, the truth of which is verified by every literate person in 2 hours at any social object.

Therefore, every world citizen who wants to promote global peace and study its MegaScience, in order to recommend it to all other people and leaders, must himself be convinced in its truth through the statistical verification of spherons. There is no other way to peace for world citizens. The SGPM other laws are defined in its sources listed below.


6. The most important publications of the spherons Megascience for enlightenment and self-education at the initial stage. ITS STUDYING IS A QUANTUM TRANSITION FROM WAR TO PEACE, FROM FALSE TO TRUTH, FROM HOMO SAPIENS TO HOMO SPHERONIS.

6.1. Theoretical sources o­n MegaScience of spherons (SGPM).

-1. Global Peace Science of Spherons. Second edition. New Delhi. 624 p. 2017:


-2. Global Peace Science of Spherons. Primer. 26 p. 2017:


-3. Democracy of spherons. Introduction. 7p. 2016:


-4. "Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolence Starting Point. Spherons Genetics and Statistics. GANDHICA. New Delhi. 244 p. 2019:


-5. Anti-Nuclear Manifesto... The Third Way of the Noosphere of the 21st century. NewDelhi. 104 p. 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Anti-Nuclear-Manifesto-XXI.pdf

-6. Spherons: Nonlinear Sociogenetic Reality And Verified Truth Of The Spheronics Megascience. 20p. 2021: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019

6.2. Practical peacemaking projects based o­n the Spherons Megascience.

The GGHA list of 83 peacemaking projects for 17 years is here:


Three of the most important recent GGHA projects, including this o­ne:

-1. SGPM: Civil Peace Enlightenment o­n the Nuclear Death Brink. 2022:


-2. "Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race".:


-3. Antifascist Gandhian Front (AGF). International Antifascist Movement, Initiated in Russia. Programme 2050: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1069(+ attached).

Let's repeat. The ultimate meaning of civil enlightenment and self-education in the SGPM is to get acquainted with the fundamental scientific paradigm of peace as an alternative to eternal wars, from the circle of which humanity cannot get out so far and the loop of which, with confrontation of the nuclear powers is ready to drag o­n its life last breath. Having become acquainted with this paradigm of civilizational co-survival and being convinced of the truth of its foundation - spherons through their initial statistical research, every world citizen becomes able to carry this knowledge and conviction to all interested people of the planet, especially youth and political leaders, motivating them to follow the fundamental scientific paradigm of SGPM. o­nly it allows you to get out of the deadly and self-contained circle of war, in which humanity is doomed to death.

Armed with the SGPM paradigm, which, figuratively speaking, is a high-precision hypersonic peace weapon, world citizens will be able to raise the effectiveness of their peacemaking activities and civil, people's diplomacy to a fundamentally new, highest level of efficiency, inaccessible to outdated and powerless pacifism. Peace is necessary for the life of all people without exception, therefore, knowledge of its achievement and provision is necessary for every person o­n the planet, which must and will be studied from elementary school all over the planet and which will become the strongest guarantor of its provision in the humanity PEACEFUL future.

With the fundamental, true, scientific knowledge of global peace, it will be freed forever from the threat, fear and suffering of any wars o­n the planet. What could be better than this ultimate goal to motivate the study of SGPM today? Rhetorical question. The path to this great goal begins with responsible self-education in this science in order to launch competent and effective solidarity peacemaking initiatives and steps towards this goal, including the most important tool based o­n it - a global dialogue of co-survival of nuclear civilizations in the space of a true, verifiable and constructive thinking of SGPM.

The Gandhian discovery of spherons and the creation o­n their basis of the fundamental MegaScience of global peace marks the transition of humanity to a qualitatively new stage of its evolution, which overcomes its ignorance in the key issue of peaceful co-survival of the entire diversity of its civilizations, cultures and nations. This historical cognitive breakthrough into a new space of truth is comparable to similar breakthroughs in the past: in Copernicus' heliocentrism, in Newton's law of gravity, in the structure of Watson's human DNA, and the like. Therefore, we can rightfully say, following Confucius that the conscious goal of enlightenment and self-education in the SGPM truth today makes a great person.

Thinking by spherons of humanity at all its levels, including the level of the planetary noosphere, at which they are noospherons, actors of the noospheral infrastructure of humanity, is, as Vladimir Vernadsky emphasized almost a century ago, like Gandhi. It is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium" (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=705). This is the genesis and Rubicon of a new, better future.

7. Conclusion. Spherons Megascience: mental quantum transition of homo sapiens

to the level of homo spheronis


SGPM is the thinking, self-awareness and worldview of the humanity spherons, the actors of its noospheric infrastructure. Every person and world citizen, being enlightened and educated in this MegaScience, acquires the intellectual quality of the world conscious individual/personality of spherons, their individual figure/actor at all levels of humanity from their own person to the planetary noosphere. Therefore, education at the SGPM for every citizen, which raises his thinking to the highest, holistic level, is also his/her fundamental turning point, a metal quantum leap at the individual level and deserves the above assessment by Vernadsky. o­nly this level of thinking makes a person a global citizen/personality. SGPM expands the scale of personality to the global, planetary level, making it a conscious spheral actor of humanity.

Having mastered the SGPM, people acquire a common scientific consciousness and worldview, becoming literate and conscious figures of the world level and scale. SGPM becomes their common scientific vision and approach to all spheres and sectors of society without exception, which creates and ensures their universal social solidarity as a platform that unites all professions and specialties, excluding confrontation and antagonism of any communities. Having mastered the SGPM knowledge, a person finds the necessary information to become a competent figure in any social life, to understand the necessary and sufficient resources for it, as well as its final products, results, goals and meanings in all their spheral scale and spectrum. Spheral knowledge and thinking provide people with a common intellectual denominator of searching and finding their consent, harmony and consensus in solving all conflicts, problems and disagreements of different social groups, preventing their spontaneous violence, enmity, struggle and war. But this does not interfere, but o­n the contrary, humanizes their contests and harmonious competition among themselves in the process of the best, joint, most effective solution of social challenges.

The life activity of each and all people, from birth to death, is limited by the social space of employment of the four spherons of humanity at all levels, the scale of which is constantly expanding in the process of its evolution by the new intellectual achievements. At its modern evolutionary stage, which is distinguished by synergetic trends of globalization, integration and cooperation, an increasing degree of mutual dependence of all countries, peoples and groups, the decisive role belongs to individuals and leaders, who are the first to master the holistic scientific knowledge, thinking, consciousness and worldview of the spherons Megascience. It makes these personalities spherally harmonious both in their mentality and in their practical life activity, which allows us to define them as integral spherons personalities, the conscious scale of which is adequate to the substantial societal scale of the humanity spherons. The integrity of the spherons personality, adequate to social integrity, provides it with a decisive role in the history and fate of its nation, people and civilization.

The role of those individuals who are the first to master the SGPM is especially significant. With its knowledge, their role becomes breakthrough, turning point, fundamentally innovative, revolutionary and decisive in the evolutionary development of society. The scale of such a personality, commensurate with the planetary scale, raises a person from the general level of homo sapiens to his highest intellectual and holistic level, which can be called "homo spheronis". It will be a new human, a mature homo sapiens, who has grown in his intellect in his historical genesis to a holistic scientific knowledge, thinking and worldview of society, its societal genome and capable to build their societies not spontaneously ignorantly but consciously and scientifically. Homo spheronis is quite reasonably aware of his spheronic essence, substance and sociogenetics.

Thus, the enlightenment in Megascience and its self-knowledge is of tremendous, decisive importance not o­nly for achieving global peace and co-survival of hostile civilizations in it, but also for the mental transition, the leap of homo sapiens to its highest level of homo spheronis. It is the highest level of intellectual maturity, fully aware of its holistic social essence, substance and genetics.

Naturally, the proposed conclusions are just logical hypotheses of the SGPM social philosophy, which require fundamental justification and experimental verification in the long term of this science development. SGPM will inevitably become world and peaceful thinking, consciousness, worldview of the future convergent, o­n the third path, human civilization in a multipolar world order, and its new human - homo spheronis.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

SGPM General Constructor since 1975,

On the GGHA 750 coauthors behalf,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President




The Spherons MegaScience (SM) Recognitions


The India President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the first world leader who recognized the SGPM as the first harmonious worldview, vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations, for building harmonious civilization in his appreciation of the GHA book "The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking" , New Delhi. 2012, which he co-authored, as the SGPM early version: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, 20022007, poet: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=95

The world needs the great vision of peace and prosperity.

The ABC of Harmony is the dawn of a shining, harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the nations of the planet Earth! Together with it, the enlightened citizens will emerge, capable of building a harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity o­n the planet Earth!

The GHA Highest Honorary Title: WORLD HARMONY CREATOR:



World Recognition of the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), Spheronics


The Spheronics truth proven by the world statistics. Every literate person out of 8 billion of humanity, who wants global peace, can verify it himself in 2 hours at any social object: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1043



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