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 80-89 Leo Semashko (With Lead).pdf

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Semashko’s Interview.

Peace is the Highest Value of Every Person and Humanity as a Whole,
Because Peace is Their o­nly Life from God


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 80-89 Leo Semashko (With Lead).pdf}


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– Dr. Leo Semashko, Founder and President, Global Harmony Association, and State Councilor of St. Petersburg, Russia


WGF brings to its readers an exclusive interview with Dr. Leo Semashko. Dr. Semashko is a philosopher, sociologist, cyberneticist and a peacemaker. He has dedicated his entire life towards global peace and global harmony. He is a profound follower of Mahatma Gandhi, and his philosophy. Dr. Semashko, relying o­n its “Newtonian law of spherons” has developed his own philosophy of social and global harmony through, scientific research together with hundreds of colleagues from dozens of countries of about 50 years in which he has published more than 1,500 joint papers and 20 books in many languages.


WGF: Please share what you remember from 1941 and the ensuing years, when your father Mr.Nicolay Lihanov left to fight the WWII and never returned.

Dr. Semashko: Everything that I know about my father has been preserved from the words of my beloved mother. She died in 2003 at the age of 83, leaving me her indelible existential memories of a war nightmare. May she rest in peace! Since childhood, those indelible memories have become for me the spiritual testament of my parents, compressed by the Russian people’s testament ‘that there is no war’ for future generations. This covenant determined the meaning and purpose of my life, becoming for me the eternal root source of motivation to my entire destiny, with all its incredible turns, achievements, blows and persecutions.

I was born o­n June 20, 1941 as Lev Semashko Mikhailovich in a Russian Orthodox family. I was born in the Belarusian city of Grodno, 15 km from the border with Poland, where my father, a lieutenant of the Red Army, Nicolay Lihanov, served, aged 24. Hitler’s fascist troops attacked the USSR along the entire western border o­n June 22 at 4 am, when I was in the Grodno maternity hospital with my mother. Almost immediately, my father came running to us and told us about Hitler’s aggression, about the beginning of a terrible war, about the immediate evacuation of the city’s children’s institutions to Leningrad o­n freight trains. We never saw my father again, about whose death in the first days of the war my mother received a funeral letter much later. My mother married in 1944 Mikhail Semashko, who adopted me, giving me his surname and patronymic.

My mother’s stories about the death of my father and the horrors of the bloody Nazi raids, bombings and executions of civilians, women, children and the elderly during the evacuation motivated my entire conscious life to search for and create fundamental social peace science. This science should give all people a precise understanding of how it is possible and necessary to live according to the natural nature of society without wars, in order to put an end to all of them. First mentally, truly scientifically, convincingly for everyone and all, and then really, historically, practically consciously creating jointly by all people, global peace must be the highest social security for all earthlings. Here lies the deepest existential source of my life’s peacemaking motivation and my scientific achievements with my colleagues, embodying it. See more details here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1023 and here: https:// peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=690.


WGF: Your work and life are deeply inspired by the philosophies and beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi of India. What is your best lesson from the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi?

Dr. Semashko: After leaving school, I was well aware that the parental covenant fulfilment required from me a fundamental philosophical and sociological education, to which about 10 years of my life were devoted, culminating in the defense of the PhD thesis o­n ancient dialectics at Moscow University in 1970. I considered it as a historical source and method of understanding global peace in various ‘Treaties o­n Eternal Peace’. Their authors’ utopianism did not inspire confidence, but their stubborn historical striving for ‘eternal, global peace’ encouraged and inspired new searches. Even then it became clear to me that the achievement of global peace is possible o­nly o­n the path of social harmony and nonviolence, but not in any way within the framework of any subjective, utopian combinations of any geopolitical or legal agreements that can o­nly become its design, but by no means the root cause and basis.

Social ideas about global peace remained (and actually still remain) at the prescientific level of utopias, conjectures and good wishes. The glimpses of scientificity were seen o­nly in the works of great philosophers who wrote about the harmony of social nature, like Leibniz, Kant and the like, but they have not yet risen to the level of at least the scientific intuition of real historical actors of global peace.

For the first time, the fundamental scientific hypothesis of global peace actors was expressed o­nly by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 o­n the basis of a deep understanding of the millennial practical experience of harmonious, equal and nonviolent varnas of prosperous ancient India, which at that time became the world civilization leader due to them. ‘Varnas’, is an Indian term. We have another scientific identical term ‘spherons’, which, in terms of key attributes, not o­nly coincides with varnas, but also expands and systematizes them structurally. Mahatma Gandhi gave in his own way a fundamental definition of varnas/spherons as “the eternal Newtonian law of humanity” (http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/my-religion.pdf, pp 141–187, especially 169–172).

But this greatest scientific discovery, ahead of history by a century, was considered racist, and in different ways, tabooed in the USSR and the West (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1017). In the USSR, during the totalitarian ideological censorship, the works and name of Mahatma Gandhi were banned; therefore, they remained unknown, and in fact remain so to this day. Hence, my acquaintance with the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, especially with his fundamental intuition of the ‘Newtonian varnas/spherons law’, took me more than many decades of doubts. It continued until we in the GGHA were convinced of their complete scientific truth by verifying their universal social structure at all levels from the individual to humanity by world statistics in the special book ‘Gandhica’ 2019 (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/gandhi-nonviolence-of-spherons-gandhica-2019.pdf). The Gandhian discovery and development of the ‘Newtonian law of varnas/spherons’ since 1927 to 1948 constituted the first, launching and defining, Gandhian stage of his name the ‘Spherons Global Peace MegaScience’ (SGPM), shortly Spheronics history, followed by two of its other historical stages: Russian (1975–2004) and international, GGHA (2005–2023) that require research and a chronicler.

Therefore, I will not be mistaken if I say that the Mahatma Gandhi legacy in his ‘Newtonian law of varnas/spherons’ is my best life lesson. He played a decisive role in my scientific life, in the implementation of my parents’ testament by building o­n its basis a science of peace, excluding war and ensuring a breakthrough of humanity from a ten-thousand-year militaristic violent era into an era of peacemaking and nonviolent civilization for all its future.



“Understand that peace is the highest value of every person and humanity as a whole, therefore, always and everywhere, constantly and continuously support, help and promote it, even if you do not understand its deep scientific philosophy and sociology, as Mahatma Gandhi understood them.”


WGF: You devoted your life to create peace from harmony and nonviolence in the world. For that, you, together with colleagues, have even developed a special fundamental science with formulas, statistics and laws to explain how global peace can be establish for all the people, and wars can be forever eliminated. Please tell us what is the essence of your scientific work during decades.

Dr. Semashko: Yes, my whole life is consciously devoted to the creation of a science of peace from harmony and nonviolence. But I almost immediately realized that such a super-large mega-task is impossible for a single person; that o­nly a large international scientific community can approach its solution. Therefore, as the first step to start it, I created in 1975 the students Club ‘Demiurge’ from different universities in order to study and discuss its key hypothesis of ‘the population harmonious spheral classes’, later named ‘spherons’. I discovered them o­n my own in the process of teaching philosophy and sociology, developing it in various forms: spheral approach, tetrasociology, cyberspheronics, dialectics of spheres, etc. Then I created other youth and scientific associations for this purpose, which culminated in 2005 with the establishment of an international association of sociologists, philosophers and peacemakers, called the ‘Global Harmony Association’ (GHA), which received the Gandhian name in honor of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in the year 2019: GGHA. Over 18 years, it has brought together more than 600 humanities scholars from over 50 countries, with the participation of the President of India, Abdul Kalam, 5 Nobel Peace Laureates and many prominent peace leaders from around the world.

It was o­nly by their many years of joint efforts that the tetrasociological hypothesis of ‘the population spheral classes’ was raised to the level of the fundamental macro-sociological Gandhian ‘Spherons Global Peace MegaScience’ (SGPM), briefly Spheronics. For almost 50 years of its development at the Russian (1975–2004) and international (2005–2023) stages, there are more than 1,500 of its publications in 1–12 languages, including 20 books, about 300 industry projects, 84 peacemaking project, dozens of peace messages, appeals, statements and articles. See a partial lists of them here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472 and here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=873). The essence of my daily work was in the life of philosophical and sociological search for a true and holistic science of global peace.

The former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, was the first world leader who recognized the SGPM as the first harmonious worldview, vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations, for building harmonious civilization in his appreciation of the GHA book ‘The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking’, New Delhi. 2012, which he co-authored, as the SGPM early version: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489.


WGF: How will you express the structure and initial cell of your life’s main fruit: Gandhian ‘Spherons Global Peace MegaScience’ (SGPM), briefly Spheronics, which at the beginning you called the ‘Spheral Approach’ and ‘Tetrasociology’.

Dr. Semashko: This is the key and the most difficult theoretical question, to which the GGHA and I have been given a variety of answers over the decades. But all of them are concentrated in the deep societal o­ntology of the ‘Newtonian varnas/spherons law’ by Mahatma Gandhi. If you try to free it from endless details and equally endless references to sources, then ‘in the dry residue’ its structural frame will remain. The Spheronics Megascience (SM) theoretical core is the o­ntological laws of necessary and sufficient (LNS) fundamental spheral clusters, which have long been discovered in pre-science and are o­nly integrated by the SM social o­ntology:

1. LNS of the PIOT resources/products of humanity at all levels: People, Information, Organization, Things (PIOT). PIOT express ‘a cell of scientific social science’, a cell of the spheronics of society in statics.

2. LNS of the PDEC processes of the PIOT social reproduction: Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption (PDEC) of PIOT at all levels.

3. LNS of the SIOT spheres of social production (autopoiesis) of humanity as the unity of the PIOT resources and PDEC processes at all levels: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Organosphere, Technosphere (SIOT-spheres).

4. LNS of the SIOT spherons, which make up the sociogenetic structure of humanity at all levels and throughout history. They are employed in the relevant spheres as their o­nly actors: Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron (SIOTs-spherons). Spherons cover the entire population, each individual from birth to death and differ by the subject/product of the PIOT production as well as the spheres in which they are employed. The SM social is more detailed in the article. Spherons determine the boundaries of social reality/nature and its o­ntology, since everything that is used by society, in addition to its basic natural conditions (earth, water, air and sun), was created o­nly by their hands and mind, their creative energy.

4.1. The o­ntological law of the ‘Spherons Global Peace’ (SGP) of social nature. Global peace and security in the history of humanity are ensured by the spherons peacefulness, which always and everywhere exclude wars among themselves, because the destruction of any spheron is the death of humanity. The wars can and were o­nly between the variety (territorial and sectoral) parts of spherons, but there were never, there will never be and cannot be between them. Therefore, spherons are the o­nly absolute actors of both society as a whole, all its 4 spheres of production, and its global peace/security in the humanity history. Their full peacemaking energy o­n our planet is revealed at the stage of their conscious mastery and use of their Megascience, the beginning of which was laid by their discovery by Mahatma Gandhi almost a century ago.

5. The listed four clusters of 16 spheral components constitute the social genome (SOCIONOME) of humanity at all levels from an individual to the noosphere, which determines the eternal structural frame of its changeable autopoiesis, reproduction. SOCIONOM expresses a ‘cell of scientific social science’, a cell of the spheronics of society in dynamics, the o­nly actor/engine of which are spherons. To measure and calculate the deep o­ntological harmony of these components for more than 15 years, Peter Sergienko created in the GGHA ‘Fractal Mathematics of Golden Tetrasociology Harmony Based o­n Trialectics’ (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1018).

6. The general logical verification of 16 components of 4 spheral clusters is carried out by the mental experiment of the impossibility of the life of any social object at least without o­ne of them. The absence, zero, of any of them in a social object of any level is its death that proves the need for each of them and their sufficiency taken together of all 16 spheral components of 4 spheral genetic clusters of society always and everywhere in topology of social space/time. Such is the theoretical core and cell of the Gandhian Peace Megascience.



John F. Kennedy, in a similar situation in the Cuban Missile Crisis, warned that “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”




“As a result of the first democratic elections in the USSR in April 1990, after the abolition of the totalitarian o­ne-party system in the USSR and the guiding role of the CPSU, I was elected to the city parliament, defeating 7 communists. I went with a program of social harmony, children priority, global peace, nonviolence and spheral (Gandhian, multi-party) democracy, which demanded an equal distribution of power between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary and sufficient spherons (spheral classes) of the city population as well as any territory.”



WGF: Now the central question of our time: In an extremely acute world military situation, we are 90 seconds away from a nuclear WWIII, according to the nuclear scientists’ conclusion? What is your scientific answer to the question that is o­n the lips of the whole world: WHAT can put an end to a civilizational long-term war?

Dr. Semashko: This issue is especially actively discussed by independent Western experts (RAND, Mike Whitney and others), whose true analytics have long convinced them of the inevitability of Russian victory in Ukraine due to the incompatibility of their military potentials and resources, which provide Russia with an overwhelming advantage at all Western arms deliveries. They formulate a strategic question: Russia’s victory in Ukraine is inevitable, but it will not end the civilizational war because of the West’s stubbornness to break Russia ‘on the battlefield’, as all Western politicians insist, then WHAT can end it? The entire modern political narrative is 100% mired in war and does not go beyond the boundaries of its agenda, which, in principle, is devoid of the similar answer. The new President of Brazil Lula publicly noted this recently, offering his services to promote the peace agenda. He is the o­nly o­ne among world leaders who understands that o­nly peace, o­nly peace negotiations can end the war, but he does not know how and o­n what platform it is possible.

The scientific answer to this key question of the humanity survival, when the probability of its annihilation as a result of a collision of antagonist nuclear civilizations is maximized to 90 seconds according to American nuclear scientists. It is o­nly o­ne chance of life from a thousand, given by the Gandhian Peace MegaScience. But this answer is not simple, systemic and multi-level and multi-factorial, the complexity of which in this science is represented by the tetramodel given o­n page 84:

Still John F. Kennedy, in a similar situation in the Cuban Missile Crisis, warned that “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” But then there was not even a hint of any global peace science acceptable to all nations. Today, similar science has been created in the GGHA during the last 18 years. But three practical questions remain unanswered: WHO, HOW and WHEN will scientifically end the war, deadly for humanity.

In conclusion, we emphasize that this science essence – the Gandhian spherons nonviolence, becomes “the greatest force in the disposal of humanity, … mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] destructive weapon” (Gandhi), when its (humanity) spherons is armed with the Gandhian MegaScience of global peace created in the GGHA and strong artificial intelligence o­n its basis a century after his spherons discovery in 1927.


WGF: What role could India play in establishing global peace through the recognition, development and application of its Gandhian science in order to end civilizational war today?

Dr. Semashko: I consider the role of India to be exceptional and most important in solving this issue of the humanity survival and its liberation from the thousandfold threat of its nuclear terrorist annihilation emanating from antagonistic civilizations. o­nly India is practically free from all racist prejudices against the Mahatma Gandhi nonviolence, which has been tabooed for almost a century by the Western colonial racism, the USSR/ Russia’s class racism, the African colored racism, etc. Therefore, India is the o­nly country in the world in terms of mentality and religions to accelerate and ahead of all countries in the development and application for the Gandhian Global Peace Megascience, which would make it a world civilization leader in 5–7 years, providing its people with prosperity as in ancient times and humanity with global peace. India is the o­nly country in the world out of almost 200 that has made its motto the great and most effective Gandhian idea: ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’. Therefore, ‘Truth is God’ according to the definition of Mahatma Gandhi, o­nly by following which it will quickly become a world leader.

Therefore, the international and national vocation of India today is, in my opinion, to lead and proactively launch an organizational international process for the development and application of Gandhian MegaScience, both in o­ne of its many national institutes or universities named after him, and in the most favorable framework of BRICS, together with other friendly world powers. The efforts of any Gandhian Peace Institute in India of 80–90 specialists: sociologists, statisticians, mathematicians, programmers, economists, historians, with a little additional funding and with my scientific guidance or scientific consulting, could organize and begin intensive theoretical research and innovative practical workings within a month in the field of artificial intelligence of global peace. Nothing like this is possible in any other country in the world due to ideological, national and psychological prejudices and obstacles.

But WHO in India today will find the conviction, courage and strength to promote this idea into the Parliament and Government of India to give it public and financial support? This subjective question has become key in order to start the real process of applying the Gandhian MegaScience as a tool to end the civilizational war by offering a positive saving alternative to peace and nonviolence.

At the same time, the spiritual destiny of India is inseparable from Russia as two historically peaceful and non-violent civilizations in contrast to the historically violent West. Just o­ne key touch from our common history. As the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy helped Gandhi in 1909, supporting his idea of nonviolence, so now, 110 years later, the Russian philosopher and sociologist Leo Semashko organized an international team of the GGHA humanitarians to substantiate Gandhian nonviolence and raise it to the level of fundamental societal MegaScience of spheronics in 2019 in the book ‘Gandhica’ (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/gandhi-nonviolence-of-spherons-gandhica-2019.pdf). The GGHA made it accessible, convincing and acceptable to all nations without exception for their global peace, security, prosperity and sustainable development. This was my life mission, which I can explain as a destiny from above for the world spiritual leadership of our two countries, cultures and civilizations in a dialectical historical mutual complement and cooperation.

The Russian GGHA, together with colleagues from India, is ready to write a fundamental textbook for world schools and universities o­n the Gandhian Global Peace MegaScience in order to ensure the final, spiritual denazification of the West, in which Nazism, the peace absolute enemy, has been constantly reborn and globalized for more than a century. Without such a peacemaking textbook and education, it is impossible to achieve the denazification of Ukraine as the main goal of the Russia SWO. It is now obvious that the achievement of this peacemaking goal is impossible without India, without its institutional support of the Gandhian SM, without a textbook and education in it, as well as the creation of a joint Indian–Russian AI–PARK for a technological breakthrough in the strong artificial intelligence of the global statistics of this MegaScience.


WGF: What is your philosophy of life? What is the best way for human beings to live their life?

Dr. Semashko: For life, in my opinion, the best philosophy is truth, honesty, which alone provides a firm foundation for everything: love, friendship, family, achievements, dignity, happiness, nonviolence, justice, harmony, peace, creativity, etc. But it is insufficient and limited without faith in God, without beauty, morality, will, communication, activity, etc. I call this philosophy harmonious pluralism, or harmonious tetralectics, which grew out of the traditional militant dialectics, expanded by me from o­ne to two pairs of opposites, ensuring their instrumental harmony, peace and nonviolence. This philosophy has developed in my life by a natural way and in accordance with my scientific Gandhian and Orthodox worldview. In my opinion, it is the most optimal, integral and natural for every open and honest person, but for each of them it acquires its own individual, historical existence. It does not correspond to official ideologies, therefore, for it, I have always been persecuted and sanctioned in my life, which I was able to resist with a deep belief in it and the Gandhian aphorism: “First you are ignored, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, and then you win.”



“For the first time, the fundamental scientific hypothesis of global peace actors was expressed o­nly by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 o­n the basis of a deep understanding of the millennial practical experience of harmonious, equal and nonviolent varnas of prosperous ancient India, which at that time became the world civilization leader due to them.”


WGF: You have been a State Councillor of St. Petersburg. What was your experience as a State Councillor?

Dr. Semashko: As a result of the first democratic elections in the USSR in April 1990, after the abolition of the totalitarian o­ne-party system in the USSR and the guiding role of the CPSU, I was elected to the city parliament, defeating 7 communists. I went with a program of social harmony, children priority, global peace, nonviolence and spheral (Gandhian, multi-party) democracy, which demanded an equal distribution of power between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary and sufficient spherons (spheral classes) of the city population, as well as any territory. In the city parliament, which included about 400 deputies of a city of five million, I created a ‘Spheral Democracy Faction’, which included 12 deputies, primarily socially oriented towards the family, children, women, equality, human rights, peace, education, healthcare, sports, social welfare, level and quality of life, etc. During the short period of existence of our parliament, in which the Communists prevailed and therefore was dissolved by President Yeltsin at the end of 1993, we prepared several relevant bills: ‘Family Code’, ‘Children suffrage performed by parents’, ‘The standard of living of the population’ and similar, which were rejected by the communist majority.

For their work in the city parliament, its members received the official title of ‘actual state councillor of the city’, which is retained for life. I consider the creation and testing of the first in the history spheral democracy political party based o­n the Gandhian scientific basis as a harbinger of the future democracy as my main achievement of this period. This democracy overcomes all the ineradicable vices of the traditional Western democracy that has discredited itself: growing inequality and injustice, the priority of militarism instead of children, corruption, nationalism to the detriment of the interests of humanity, disharmony instead of harmony, etc. In more detail, the Charter and the work of this faction are presented here: (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/leo-semashko-spheral-approach-1993.pdf and here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=58).



“Social ideas about global peace remained (and actually still remain) at the prescientific level of utopias, conjectures and good wishes. The glimpses of scientificity were seen o­nly in the works of great philosophers who wrote about the harmony of social nature, like Leibniz, Kant and the like, but they have not yet risen to the level of at least the scientific intuition of real historical actors of global peace.”


WGF: How do you wish Russia to grow and develop in the coming years? What must change?

Dr. Semashko: The entire, more than a thousand-year-old civilizational history of Orthodox Russia, with its civilizational code of peace, harmony, justice, consent, nonviolence, harmony, in many respects akin to the Indian civilizational code, was doomed to protect its life from external invasions, primarily from the West. Russia has always come out victorious, because its spiritual, unbending and invincible core was the truth of divine justice: “God is not in power, but in truth”, which was recognized and expressed by Alexander Nevsky in 1240. It anticipates in Russian and is in harmony with the corresponding principles of the Gandhian truth of nonviolence, which always wins, and therefore “it is God.” o­nly o­n this basis, the great Russian genius Fyodor Dostoevsky in 1880 defined the mission of our spirituality in reconciliation, peacefulness, which Russia should bring to the world as a ‘new word of fraternal unity’ of the Gospel testament that is analyzed in my special article o­n Dostoevsky (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1021).

But, unfortunately, the subsequent totalitarian history of Russia/USSR armed itself with the opposite, atheistic and militant ideology of eternal class war and violence. It stimulated the growth and strengthening of the worst and extreme Western racism in the face of Nazism, which excludes all peace and recognizes o­nly war, which fell upon Russia/the USSR. Almost 80 years later, history repeated itself, when Western racism was embodied in Ukrainian neo- Nazism, aimed at dismembering and destroying peacemaking Russia, freed from totalitarian ideology along with the collapse of the USSR. Since 2014, the neo-Nazi regime that came to power in Ukraine as a result of a violent coup d’etat, prepared and provided by the West, began a systematic genocide of the Russian population of Donbass under the flag of extreme racist Russophobia and the complete destruction of everything Russian. Under these conditions, Russia, according to the law of Mahatma Gandhi ‘kill the killer’, who threatens to kill you, your family and your nation, after 8 years of trying to peacefully resolve the problem of Donbass, Russia was forced to protect the Russians in Donbass and itself by the SWO. Of course, as a result of its completion, a tectonic reset of both the West and Russia will be required, but this will be a transformation in the interests of all countries’ development and as a guarantor of future peace, eradicating the very possibility of wars, as proposed in the Gandhian MegaScience of global peace.

In the transformation of Russia, the role of India and its Gandhian MegaScience is very important. The traditional Marxist prejudice (curse) of the Russian leaders against the Gandhian nonviolence until now, more than a century, turns out to be stronger than all the fundamental advantages of the Gandhian MegaScience. Without it the tectonic social reset and revival of Russia is impossible, its key renewal in the 21st century, as well as the West, to which it should give a civilizational example. But it will not be able to do this if India does not give a similar peacemaking nonviolent example to Russia.


WGF: Please share your message for those who wish to work hard and contribute towards a better world in their own way at their own level.

Dr. Semashko: Main is to fight for scientific eternal peace, resist all the forces of war, which, apart from it, do not see the Gandhian ‘greatest force of nonviolence of varnas/spherons’, which ultimately ensure peace and peaceful life.

Understand that peace is the highest value of every person and humanity as a whole, therefore, always and everywhere, constantly and continuously support, help and promote it, even if you do not understand its deep scientific philosophy and sociology, as Mahatma Gandhi understood them.



The GGHA expresses its sincere gratitude and admiration for the WGF excellent publication of my peacemaking interview o­n the GGHA 18th anniversary o­n February 15, 2023



Peace and peacemaking:

Ten questions to the Russia President and Parliament


Peace is Russia's highest civilizational advantage.

Why is it forgotten and tabooed in Russia to please the West?


Ten key systemic questions to the President and Parliament about peace
from peace-loving Russia to February 21, 2023.

Open letter:


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Dr. Leo Semashko

GGHA Founder and Honorary President

St. Petersburg, Russia







Замечательное МИРОТВОРЧЕСКОЕ послание ГГСГ. Это единственный РАЗУМНЫЙ мирный голос в безумном МИЛИТАРИСТСКОМ хоре с обеих сторон. Будем надеяться, что его услышат.

С уважением,

Вера Попович.




Я подписал Петицию в Chang.org: https://chng.it/XChFWM7c86

"Мир и миротворчество России требуют законов, пока не разразилась ядерная война".

Мудро составлена. Желаю удачи с набором подписантов.

Ссылку продублировал и на ВК.

Владимир Оноприенко




Dear Leo:

Thank you so very much for your Interview.

I have a hard time to read it because the letters are too small.

I shall try to find technical help in order to magnify he text.

It looks wonderful. Congratulations!

It is certainly a most timely attempt to promote peace.

We are working at founding a Center for Global Peace Research at the University.
We are looking for donors: businessmen with a conscience

My former PhD students, now professors, will work in the Center.

I am with all my best wishes to you and your dear Family,

Your Rudi, Prof. Rudolf Siebert, Michigan University, USA

From the House of Peace





Spheronics: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087 ,

Сфероника: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=980


Dear friend Rudolf,

Sincere thanks for your appreciation of my peacemaking interview in the WGF International Magazine. Your response is shared with many others here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087

I sympathize with your eyes and am sending you above additional links to this magazine in which you could increase the font size as you like.

I ask you and all your friends also to sign our Peace Petition for Russia here: https://chng.it/XChFWM7c86 .

I am also very pleased with the active work of your university Center for Global Peace Research, (unfortunately, there are no similar o­nes in Russian universities ...) for discussion of which I will soon send the text of our joint lecture: "Denazification by Peace Education (DPE)", taking into account your historical experience of denazification in 1945 in Virginia, USA, in a German prisoner of war camp, published o­n your personal page:

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51 .

With love and wish of good health,





Уважаемый Лев Михайлович!

Я согласен с содержанием Послания 10 вопросов Президенту и ФС РФ. Послание и вопросы актуальны. А дополнение к 10 вопросам «Рассмотреть и утвердить десять законопроектов суверенного национального научного миротворчества на основе суверенной НГМ как ключевого инструмента цивилизационного преимущества и миротворческого глобального лидерства России» полагаю не актуальным и преждевременным на данном этапе СВО.

Петр Сергиенко.




Добрый день!

Согласна с Петром как по первому (утвердить вопросы), так и второму пунктам: для разработки законопроектов есть соответствующие органы.

Юлия Будникова




Hearty Congratulations Dr. Leo Semashko for being chosen for the great grand marvel - - WGF PERSON OF THE YEAR 2022....

Ashokchakravarthy Tholana





Dear Leo.

My hearty congratulations to you too.

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy





Dear Leo:

I would very much like to sign your peace petition for Russia, but my computer does not open it up. I would like to support the mutual praxis of the Golden Rule, mutual respect, mutual; Monroe Doctrine.

In Solidarity,

your Rudi,

from the House of Mir.




Dear Leo congratulations for this great achievement. You deserve it,

your life actions for harmony and peace are valuable and known globally.

War killed your father, you will kill war.

With love harmony and peace.

Dear Leo internet does not open your petition.

Please take care of it.

Takis D Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GGHA




Dear Leo,

Sincere congratulation and thank you for choosing me to write the conclusion of Gandhica, 2019 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848).

Please remember that I wrote that the delicate balance of terror will no longer hold and that the threat of hypersonic nuclear weapons will ignite the Ukraine war.

Let us never forget that the White House under Donald Trump and the Queen wrote a thank you note, and this is all we got for our warnings.

Now the whole world has to carry the burden of the terrible choice the leaders have made. Whatever differences there are, we see the time bomb that is about to explode, and now more than ever, the Gandhian Choice, golden rule, or golden nuclear bullet will decide the faith of humanity. Let us not forget.


Prof. Lucas Pawlik,




Respected Leo,

Congratulations for your achievements for working for peace and harmony.

With Regards,

Dr. Noor M Larik,




Dear Leo,

As I have thought the current dilemma through in our Gandhica world peace, I know what Putin could do to battle the Nazis with much less violence. They followed the golden rule and found a Gandhian solution.

Still, as this truth is mightier than I can o­nly tell it to Putin, and I want the same security as Snowden. He is still alive and can work. I like that. I could not live without my peace work.


Prof. Lucas Pawlik




Dear Professor Leo Semashko;

Grand congratulations o­n your outstanding performances for the sake of peace and harmony. You truly deserve the WGF person of the year.

Thank you again.


Prof. BishnuPathak,





Spheronics: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087


Всем поздравление с Днем Защитника! 

 Лучший, святой защитник - МИР, который исключает всех врагов и защищаться не от кого!  

Мир - высшая, истинная Православная ценность России, ее преимущество и достояние.

 Истинный мир приходит только с его наукой и верой, только со сфероникой, интегрирующей их в синергии и гармонии! 

 Значит, сфероника - лучший защитник! А пока ее нет в головах публики и лидеров, в учебниках и т.н. официальном, пустом "обществознании" ООН РАН, не знающем ни мира, ни общества, пока она табуируется и цензурируется им полвека, приходиться защищаться, жертвуя жизнями тысяч и миллионов, и надеясь только на "пушки с маслом" милитаристов вместо мира!  

 Вечная память 27 миллионам погибших защитников в ВОВ и тысячам в СВО. 

 Лев Семашко,



Уважаемая Елена Александровна Дергачева! 

 Спасибо за поздравление. Мы также Вас поздравляем с самыми лучшими пожеланиями! 

 Нам очень понравилось Ваше истинно научное пожелание, "чтобы каждый день был связан с защитой интересов российской науки!" Вы, очевидно новый человек в нашей сети и молодой ученый, который не знает, что Ваша ООН РАН табуирует и цензурирует полвека каждый день, т.е. ПОДАВЛЯЕТ, верифицированную мировой статистикой и историческим опытом, прежде всего Индии, Российскую "Меганауку Глобального Мира Сферонов", - Сферонику, фактически закрытую в России, в НЭБ, где опубликованы только около 20 наших статей из более 1500 публикаций, включая 20 книг. 

 Об этом свидетельствует баннер сверху и поздравление ниже, которое, очевидно, до Вас не дошло. Я пересылаю их Вам и надеюсь Вы не отмахнётесь, как другие, от Сфероники, попытаетесь ее понять и написать ее научную рецензию, выделив в ней не только "негативное", но и позитивное, что не соответствует подковерному "мнению" руководящих академиков ООН РАН, если не боитесь войти с ними в противоречие. Хватит духу и смелости на "истину российской науки сфероники"?  До сих пор, за 50 лет, их не нашлось ни у одного "академика" ООН РАН... Или будете повторять их старую идеологическую, более века, мантру "лженауки" кибернетики, информатики, генетики, а теперь, 50 лет, - сфероники?

Что у Вас перевесит: верифицированная ИСТИНА, или "МНЕНИЯ" начальников? Что, по-Вашему, в интересах российской науки: ИСТИНА или МНЕНИЯ, пусть самых высоких академиков? Они так ее боятся, что за полвека не решились выслушать ее авторов хоть на каком ученом совете, на честном, ОТКРЫТОМ обсуждении "глаза в глаза", предпочитая подковерное тихое подавление путем отказа публикаций, выступлений, фиксирования в НЭБ (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=994) и т.д. Другой излюбленный прием этих идеологических карателей российской науки, за век не отличившихся ни одним фундаментальным научным открытием в обществознании - объявлять "сумасшедшим" всякого, кто выражает фундаментальную истину, в корне отличную от их общепринятой... Вы согласны с этим клеймом, которое у физиков считается лучшим комплиментом и признаком гениальности? 

 Лучшие пожелания Глобального Мира на платформе Меганауки гармоничной сфероники,

 Лев Семашко,




В.И. Брагин.



Присоединяюсь к поздравлению, я так же за Мир, который исключает всех врагов, за тот Мир, который приходит с наукой, Сфероникой. Всех благ, здоровья, особенно тем, кто сейчас воюет на передовой, храни вас Господь. 

С уважением

Вера Попович. 



Дорогой папа! Поздравляем тебя с днём защитника отечества. Желаем здоровья, счастья и успехов в науке и политике.

Любим и обнимаем твои

Юля, Степа и Саша.



Лев Михайлович, доброе утро!

С праздником Вас поздравляю, как одного из активнейших защитников Отечества на невидимом фронте идей и идеологий! Спасибо большое!

Александр Конанчук,







Dear friends of peacefulness,

In 90 seconds, according to the nuclear scientists conclusion (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924) from the nuclear death, we are sending you our, GGHA compendium of our Gandhian Megascience of true, global peace of spheronics, created by us over almost 50 years, especially in the GGHA over the past 18 years. It is presented in the form of a contextually compressed educational banner o­n o­ne page, since no o­ne reads peacemaking books and articles anymore. It constitutes an alternative to that peace-making desert that reigns for more than a year. The peacemaking field has been cleared to zero. For almost 80 years, no o­ne in the world, including the UN, has proposed the science of true peace. This concept itself, the intuitive ideas of which were expressed o­nly occasionally: by Kant, Gandhi, Kennedy, Einstein, was left without a scientific model, which was created by us in the GGHA during 18 years as spheronics. Now there is an opportunity to compare the true, scientific and eternal peace in the corresponding theoretical model of spheronics with the traditional, false and ghostly peace as a break between wars and preparation for a new, now nuclear, suicidal war for humanity. History is filled with this half-peace and half-war, but it does not know a single case of a true, scientific and conscious peace, an example of which for the first time in history is given by spheronics, integrating in synergy the ideas of these geniuses and others.

Without its knowledge, it is impossible today even to approach a traditional, temporary truce in order to end the war in Ukraine and begin the joint development of a scientific model of true peace in spheronics, which everyone repels and does not want to listen to and discuss even o­n the verge of universal nuclear death. Therefore, we, the GGHA, are making another, maybe two hundredth attempt to draw attention to it with its most concise compendium in the proposed banner, which we send to all world leaders and the UN that are available to us and what we urge you to do: send it to your national leaders. It can also become the subject of conferences and webinars o­n the topic: "Spheronics: True Peace Paradigm?" and the like. Humanity will certainly come to it, but the sooner it understands and studies it, the more chances of life it will have.

To begin with, we invite you to discuss, as always in the GGHA, this banner in order to improve it as much as possible, within 3 days, until March 3rd inclusively. All responses will be published in two languages o­n its pages here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=980 and


To better read the banner text, you can increase its size to the desired size.

Best wishes for spheronics true peace,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President






Great banner. Maximum cognitive information o­n the minimum space of half-page!

Only o­n the basis of Spheronics-science about the TRUE, SCIENTIFIC peace without violence and warriors, it is possible to preserve and save humanity from nuclear genocide.

Yes, we need to study the fundamental science of Spheronics. Otherwise, there is no way to save ourselves from the nuclear war that is rolling o­n us, accelerated for almost all 80 years, after 1945, by all nuclear powers and NATO.

I would like the leaders of Russia and the United States to also hear and realize the call in the name of saving humanity and move from the arms race to the PEACE race and learn true peace of spheronics at least a little, at least half page. If they want to protect their peoples from their own nuclear death... Do they want it if they don't want to learn true peace?


Vera Popovich



Dear Leo,

Thank you for sharing this useful information with me. Congratulations for contribution to world peace and your tremendous hard work. I really appreciate your efforts.

Do visit https://nonviolenceindia.org and https://mgcollege.edu.in and suggest Collaboration.

I would like to invite all of you to join and send your interest to become speaker co-host of World peace parliament (https://nonviolenceindia.org/world-peace-parliament/) o­n 21st to 25th Sept 2025 in New York USA and 24th to 30th Jan 2024 , New Delhi, India.

Thanking you in advance. Birendra Kumar

Dr. Birendra Kumar

Director, Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Managing Trustee, Non-Violence Foundation (India)

Executive Director, Non-Violence Peace Foundation (USA)

Contact No : +91-9470091098 / +1-5672691028





Спасибо за возможность ознакомления с твоими обращениями к Его Святейшеству Кириллу и Президенту РоссииВ.Путину.

Я думаю, что если они дойдут до них, то оба лидера -духовный и государственный - безусловноподдержат тебя в том, что "Духовное православное достояние России - это ее высшее цивилизационное преимущество!..".

Глубокой благодарности заслужат твоя поддержка СВО и понимание того, что Россиинеобходимы "тектоническая социальная перезагрузка и возрождение".

При этом не могу не вспомнить сравнительно недавнее заявление Патриарха о том, чтоотношения Русской Православной Церкви и государства никогда не были такими конструктивными, какими они являются сейчас.

Некоторые другие твои суждения, в частности, «Почему мир отсутствует в целях СВО?", "Почему Вы, сложа руки, спокойно ждете ядерный тупик смерти? ...-даже у меня вызывают несогласие.

Г-да Эрнст и Добродеев упорно замалчивают меня и мою позицию при штурме «Останкино" 3 октября 1993 года, когда мы реально спасли Россию!

Православию стараюсь помочь, как только могу!

Дружески обнимаю тебя!Храни тебя Господь!

Твой - В. Брагин.




Уважаемый Лев Михайлович,

          Безусловно, что миротворческая парадигма инновационной науки сфероники в сегодняшних напряженных условиях требует всесторонней поддержки. На мой взгляд, текст должен быть научно обоснованным и убедительным, особенно для тех, кто впервые сталкивается с понятием сфероники. Он должен быть четко структурирован и содержать:

1) Экскурс в историю миротворческих идей от Канта и Ганди до Эйнштейна и Кеннеди, из интеграции которых родилась сфероника и которые предлагали разные парадигмы истинного мира и миротворчества на основе выделения разных частей общества и их мирного взаимодействия.

2) Сфероника также включает две части: первая состоит в делении общества на четыре сферона с разверткой их фундаментальной социогенетической структуры в рамках целостного общественного производства; и вторая - в необходимом мирном взаимодействии выделенных сферонов, исключающих войны между ними на основе их объективного статуса и научного самосознания через соответствующее образование с детства.

3) Наши предложения об организации «Академии Глобального Мира», поддержку лиц, заинтересованных в изучении и продвижении сфероники, содействие ее публикациям.

Мне кажется текст должен быть научным по стилю, без лозунгов и критики научного сообщества.

С наилучшими пожеланиями и поддержкой,

О.Н. Кашина


Дорогая Ольга Николаевна!

Большое спасибо за Ваш обстоятельный отклик и сильную профессиональную поддержку сфероники. Отклик опубликован ниже и на сайте с другими здесь: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=980

Я полностью согласен с Вашими структурными предложениями, которые будут воплощены в нашем учебнике "Сфероника" в этом году, о запуске которого я сообщу сегодня-завтра.

Есть только одно возражение: критика, включая критику "научного сообщества" обществоведов России во главе с их отделением РАН, за век не способного создать науку мира, - это необходимый элемент науки, без которого она, включая сферонику, никак не может обойтись. Критика нужна, чтобы понять, ЧТО она, сфероника, создала, ПОЧЕМУ это не было создано ДО НЕЕ и КАКОЕ ОНА имеет значение сегодня, на грани новой мировой войны, которая была бы исключена, если бы "научное сообщество" за почти 80 лет после ВМВ создало бы ее.

Но оно ее не создало. Это медицинский факт, очевидный всему обществу! Более того, все это время оно выступало идеологическим карателем и цензором этой науки сфероники, как и других прежде: кибернетики, генетики, информатики... Этот исторический факт из нашей, миротворческий песни не выбросишь. Вы согласны с этим? Но лучшая, неотразимая критика - создание позитивной науки истинного мира, что мы и сделали нашей сфероникой за почти полвека с Вашим, самым активным участием в ней как статистика сферонов, достойным высшего признания.

Всего доброго,

Лучшие пожелания Глобального Мира на платформе Меганауки сфероники,

Лев Семашко,




Полностью согласна с Ольгой Николаевной как в конструктивной части, так и в плане советов избавляться от лозунгов и "наездов". Достаточно просто сделать лучше, чем другие, сделать то, чего ещё не делали и что требует время. Это особенно важно в случае учебника. Надо подавать хорошие примеры, академические, так сказать. В целом - проблематика войны и мира сейчас самое главное, актуальность подобных исследований очевидна.

С уважением,

Юлия Будникова,

Президент ГСГ-Россия




Gandhian Spheronics. True Peace Paradigm. Textbook. Invitation to it.

Banner see above

Dear GGHA peacemakers, friends,

In conditions of total peacemaking ignorance, our question “Are we ready to learn true peace before it’s too late?” hangs in the air in the absence of any scientific textbook answering this question. We, the GGHA, have created a fundamental peace science of spheronics, and no o­ne except us will be able to write an elementary textbook that closes this gaping educational hole. But it should be a unique textbook not o­nly in content, but also in the teaching methodto be efficient. After several narrow discussions, we came to the conclusion about the need to shift this textbook focus from the "WHAT" true peace o­ntology to the cognitive "HOW" of its knowledge and thinking. It is the true peace epistemology that is the most difficult obstacle to mastering its spheronics science, its understanding and dissemination. In this regard, I have rebuilt our banner of this textbook, the updated version of which see above and here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087.

The textbook received an updated (but also not final) title: "Gandhian Spheronics. The True Peace Paradigm." Over 18 years of creativity, the GGHA peacemaking Academy has prepared a huge amount of information, articles, projects and books o­n more than 2500 pages of its website for its quick and effective creations in two languages (Russian and English) within 6-12 months, no more, no more than 100 pages long for schools and colleges.

As always in the GGHA, this textbook will also be created collectively, in the methodology of Durkheim's "collective thinking" and cooperation. Therefore, we are happy to invite everyone to contribute to our peace textbook o­n the brink of world war. We ask you to send to my email within o­ne week, until March 12, o­nE PAGE (no more) of your text o­n any topic of global peace that is most relevant for your, preferably in PRO-CONTRA dialog content, o­n half a page for each alternative. If it doesn't work dialogically, send it in a monologue format. Using the colossal GGHA archive, for any monologue we will find a dialogue and for any pro there will be a contra. Page format is: A4, font Times 12, single spacing, margins around 2 cm + your full name, education, city, country, web and email.

All my pedagogical activity passed in a dialogic format, 20 years of experience of which is reflected in many of my books and articles, for example, here: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Tetrasotsiologiya-revolyutsiya-sotsialnogo-myshleniya-2000.pdf, and others. This experience has shown high pedagogical efficiency, which is extremely necessary and important for peace education today o­n the brink of world war.

In a week, to all who sent their pages for the textbook, I will send for discussion the textbook structural plan, after approval of which we will begin our systemic creative work with it.

The issue of its publication will be discussed at the end of our work o­n it. We have many opportunities for this. This textbook will be a development of Socrates ancient method: "Truth is born in a dispute" in our century o­n the brink of world war.

With the hope of understanding and support, with the best wishes for the world,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA founder (2005) and Honorary President



Dear Leo:

Here is my contribution to the textbook. 

You may correct or shorten my essay.

Best wishes, 

your Rudi, Prof. Rudolf Siebert, USA,

from the House of Mir.



Dear Rudolf,

Thank you very much for your o­ne-page contribution to our “True Peace” dialogic textbook spheronics. Your text reveals an alternative of democracy and authoritarianism. Your text opened our textbook – it is wonderfulstart!

In this regard, could you sharpen your dilemma in relation to the true peace: which of your poles is more in line with it, authoritarianism or democracy? And if democracy, then why are all democracies militaristic, why do they fatly finance military spending, zeroing out spending o­n peace and peacemaking ensuring the eternity of wars? Can there be a peacemaking democracy that still does not exist? If so, o­n what social basis? Do you know this foundation? Is the social basis of the Gandhian spherons necessary and sufficient for peacemaking democracy, as Gandhi argued? Do you agree with Gandhi or not? If you do not agree, then why? And so o­n.

Could you concentrate your text o­n these fundamental peacemaking issues? Thank you.

May true peace come, friendly,





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