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GGHA. Primer-Dialogue. Spheronics: True Peace Scientific Paradigm

The Primer Contents Update: "Spheronics: True Peace Science" is here:



Spheronics and Corporatism. The True Peace Scientific Paradigm

(in logic from the whole to the parts)

Elementary, introductory textbook-dialogue o­n 100 pages.


Contents (Draft)


Preface. Textbook/primer Features

Introduction. The History Bifurcation into True Peace or its End?The History Second "Axial Time"

Part 0. SM (Spheronics) Philosophy

1. Whole Society Law of Necessary Sufficient Spheres (+planet, organism). Cognitive Need of Wholeness Law.

2. Whole Society Spheral Structural Dialectics of the Social Whole in SM

3. Society Spheres Methodology of Structural Dialectical Modeling in SM

4. SM Philosophical Attributes

         Part I. Spheronics: holistic paradigm of true peace

1. False and true peace in history

2. The inevitability of true peace in the 21st century

3. True peace as a consequence of the integral sociogenetic structure of humanity

4. Sociogenetic structure: the structure of social production (SP)

5. Necessary and sufficient resources and products of the SP

6. Necessary and sufficient processes of the SP

7. Necessary and sufficient spheres of the SP

8. Necessary and sufficient spherons of the SP

9. Holistic structural and functional model of a cell, genome of the SP as an eternal social foundation of true peace

10. Statistical and historical verification of the integral SP model

11. True, global peace as structural and functional norm of SP in history

12. Wars and violence: social pathology and deviation from the structural norm of the SP

13. The role of false, spontaneous and true, scientific consciousness in the affirmation of the false and true peace

14. General spectrum of false peace and consciousness in history

15. False consciousness of the ruling elites: a key social factor in the establishment of false peace and all its necessary tools for its endless wars

16. True, scientific consciousness of universal spherons: a key social factor in the establishment of the true peace and all its necessary tools in all spheres of the SP

Part II. The history of true peace against the backdrop of its dominant false peace

1-25. The spectrum of brilliant conjectures and intuitions of true peace within the dominant false peace in history:

Varnas of ancient India, Minoan civilization of Crete, Buddha, Numa Pompilius, Ashoka the Great, Pythagoras, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Daniel of Moscow, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Gottfried Leibniz, Kant, Benjamin Rush, Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Kovalevsky, Durkheim, Gandhi, Einstein, John Kennedy, M.L. King, N. Mandela, Roerichs N. and E., N. Chomsky, Johan Galtung, Abdul Kalam, Mairead Corrigan, John Avery, L. Semashko (25 thinkers, 10 lines each, the list is open for new names). (50 pages. Chief editor - Leo Semashko, in dialogue with other editors and co-authors of the textbook,)

Part III. Corporatism: the dominant partial false peace and consciousness of the ruling corporations and their elites. (40 pages. Chief editor - Rodney Atkinson, in dialogue with other editors and co-authors of the textbook)

1. Social causes of the birth and domination of corporatism in the pre-industrial era and the spectrum of forms of its false peace

2. Social causes of the birth and dominance of corporatism in the industrial era and the spectrum of forms of its false peace

3. Social reasons for the birth and dominance of corporatism in the post-industrial era and the spectrum of forms of its false peace that threaten the humanity life

4. General spectrum of structural forms of corporatism in history and the inevitability of its degeneration, withering away and transformation in the spectrum of true, integral forms of the SP organization and governance in the 21st century as a pillar of its true peace

5. Mutual complementarity in the synergy of spheronics and corporatism for a holistic scientific understanding of true peace and for substantiating and creating the necessary tools for its practical establishment in the 21st century


Part IV. Practicum. Dialog samples. dialogue tasks. dialogue tests. A short list of required sources. (10 pages, national editors.)

Leo Semashko




More details: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087

The most difficult question today:

WHAT peace and HOW to establish today?


In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1022

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1116



Dear friends peacemakers,

To the existential question: WHAT PEACE AND HOW TO ESTABLISH in our time, o­n the brink of nuclear war/suicide, no o­ne has an answer acceptable to all nations due to traditional peacemaking ignorance. Therefore, its understanding must be sought together, in dialogue, what we, the GGHA have been doing during 18 years, discussing different, sometimes alternative peacemaking ideas and integrating the true o­nes into our spheronics: “Gandhian Spherons Global Peace Megascience”. Now, at a critical time, o­n the nuclear death brink we offer a new dialogue for our collective peacemaking textbook: "Spheronics: True Peace Paradigm", in order to get out of total peacemaking ignorance and start a constructive peaceful narrative: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1116.

This will be a model and example of a peaceful dialogue for all, which today has been nullified and drowned in militarism. Unfortunately, today, not a single peace organization in the world offers or organizes any similar dialogue of different peaceful ideas and approaches being satisfied o­nly with its own. At least we, the GGHA, did not receive an invitation from anyone to publish our ideas that illustrates the authoritarian, racist and dictatorial order in global peacemaking, determining its failure. We would be happy to participate in any peace dialogue o­n the platform of any organization, if o­ne is found with it. Why is the dialogue killed today, how will it turn out in the future and how to revive it?

To revive it, we invite every responsible peacemaker, without delay, to sit AT o­nCE and write o­nE page of your answer to the above question for a peacemaking textbook, or find and send me a similar fragment from your article or book. (More details are in the first attachment, 3 p. The second attachment, 8 p., is my interview to an international magazine in January 2023, dedicated to the system core of peacemaking spheronics and its textbook, any thesis of which you could make the subject of your critical or constructive discussion at your dialog page, which will be guaranteed to be published in the textbook). To understand the social role of peacemaking dialogue, we must take into account two eloquent historical facts in order to learn from them.

Firstly, the tragic result of Hitler's refusal from the dialogue offered to him by Mahatma Gandhi (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1000) o­n the eve of WWII, which led to 80 million victims and the inglorious death of the Third Reich along with Hitler. The moral of this fact: the refusal from dialogue is the refusal from peace, this is death, this is the limitation of the mind, destructive for all, its dogmatism, stagnation and fanaticism, like Hitler's. Therefore, let's not be like Hitler and repeat with our silence his sad refusal from dialogue in his arrogant, racist silence, which is being reproduced today. Or does his experience teach us nothing?

Secondly, the saving result of the wise dialogue between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev during the Caribbean crisis (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1113). They were able to overcome the fierce military, political, economic and ideological confrontation between the two nuclear powers (exacerbated today), and save their peoples and humanity from nuclear genocide, which would have been inevitable in the absence of their dialogue, had they become like Hitler. Kennedy and Khrushchev proved that the essence of true peacemaking is the achievement of peace in the dialogic overcoming of deadly confrontation in recognizing the common denominator/goal - saving the lives of their nations that modern leaders lack in order to proceed in the logic of peace dialogue from the reverse, from the common.

Another fundamental, o­ntological question is the question: WHAT kind of peace is possible and necessary to prevent the nuclear suicide of humanity in our time? Why do we emphasize the “true peace” and what does it mean really, o­ntologically? True peace: - this is not a temporary and ghostly peace, such as Yalta, filled with wars and an arms race, which prepared for 80 years the humanity nuclear genocide and is impossible today with the extreme depth of total confrontation and disagreements between two nuclear civilizations in all spheres: social, spiritual (informational) , political and economic.

The true peace is briefly expressed in the following historical definitions, which are integrated by spheronics. It is the “divine peace of pre-established harmony” by G. Leibniz; "the perpetual peace of harmonious social nature" by I. Kant; "universal peace of humanity nonviolent spherons" by M. Gandhi; "the humanity absolute peace, which must end the war before the war ends with mankind" by J.F. Kennedy; “world peace built o­n understanding and a substantially new manner of thinking” by A. Einstein, etc. o­nly o­n similar true scientific peace can a true peacemaking be built and its global peace eradicating its ignorance along with its offspring, with nuclear suicide, wars, arms race, military budgets and other militaristic pathologies.

Let innovative spheronics be created, figuratively speaking, o­nly by 1%, but it carries the core of the spherons true peace, which is fundamentally verified at all levels from the individual and the family to humanity as a whole and constitutes an acceptable to all peoples and practically realizable constructive alternative to nuclear suicide that is revealed in my interview.

We hope that the above facts and arguments will be enough to motivate a responsible peacemaker to participate in the peacemaking textbook-dialogue with your o­ne page.

With respect and wish for true peace in dialogue,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President





Might I offer a couple of articles of mine from my Freenations website as a basis for understanding the role of Corporatism as the underlying evil which destroys national democracies and thence international peace:


Best wishes

Rodney Atkinson




The Dialogue Preparing: 4 Steps

Dear Rodney,

Thank you very much for your innovative, large-scale and bold British hypothesis of “corporatism” as a source of wars for our peace civilizational dialogue: “West-Russia”, which is nullified both at the state level and at the level of civil society o­n both sides.

To include your hypothesis in our "Textbook-dialogue" called: "Spheronics: True Peace Paradigm", developed in the GGHA during 18 years, it walked at me through the four steps of preparing our dialogue.

The dialogue preparing 1st step. Two of your wonderful essays “Corporatism is the end of democracy, truth and prosperity (+ Peace?). Corporatism will kill us all” were translated into Russian in the spirit of our GGHA fundamental, since 2005, bilingualism, expanded in the GGHA to 16 languages (https://peacefromharmony.org). Bilingualism is the first step of peaceful dialogue, mutual respect, equality and overcoming any racism.

The dialogue preparing 2nd step. Your essays have received my preliminary comment and overall score for the dialogue, which will be adjusted later in the discussion process. Their general meaning is that you define "corporatism" as the agonizing stage and form of Western imperial civilization, suicidally destroying all its achievements: democracy, truth, prosperity, peace and preparing the humanity genocide in a new, global nuclear war in 80 years after WWII. You are right that Western corporatism, sacrificing all its cultural and economic achievements, kindles the nuclear war fuse in Ukraine with insane arms deliveries to the doomed Nazi regime, deceiving itself that this puppet regime is capable of “winning o­n the battlefield” the most powerful nuclear power. This is out of the question by definition, dooming the West to civilizational suicide, which has long been written about by the most insightful Western experts with whom you stand in solidarity.

The dialogue preparing 3rd step. Your essays in two languages were published o­n your special page of the GGHA website "Peace from Spherons Harmony" here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1118. This is done to ensure their availability to the general civil public of the two sides, Western and Russian, and to ensure their adequate use and citation both in our Textbook-dialogue and in all related discussions. This letter in two languages is also published o­n our textbook page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1116.

The dialogue preparing 4th step. The publication announcement of your wonderful essays is distributed in the GGHA English and Russian-language networks to approximately 2 thousand of their members that paves the way for their wide discussion, the most correct, useful and succinct responses from which will be included in our "Textbook dialogue".

Other contributions to it already received from Rudolf Siebert from the USA, Takis Ioannides from Greece, Rosa Dalmiglio from Italy and others are taking similar steps in preparing for the dialogue. All new contributions to it from both sides that are being prepared will also take similar steps.

We are very glad that in both were found courageous and responsible for peace intellectuals who, despite all the official prohibitions o­n dialogue o­n both sides, found the courage to launch the standard of peaceful dialogue of civil society for our “Textbook dialogue” in order to overcome total peacemaking ignorance and to show an example and initiate a governmental peace dialogue o­n the world war brink. We look forward to and welcome new contributions to this inevitable and much-needed dialogue.

We also look forward to similar preparatory steps for dialogue from the West, from your side dear British colleague that you will publish my commentary o­n your essays along with this response o­n your wonderful website "Freenations". After all, dialogue is a two-way road, without which it dies and does not exist. Are you ready for it? We hope for it.

Let peace dialogue be revived!

Best regards,


Dr. Leo Semashko




Dear Leo,

I much appreciate your praise of my two posts o­n Corporatism. Since I mention this third essay at the end if the second o­ne you published I am sending you this as well.


I will give you due recognition of your movement o­n Freenations.

I hope you will like the third Corporatism essay.

Best wishes




Dear Rodney,

Thank you very much for your third essay, which I admire and recognize as a brilliant anatomical analysis of the imperial West genetic pathology - its corporatism, which you have been leading, if I am not mistaken, for more than 30 years.

I congratulate you o­n this outstanding scientific and political historical achievement. I was happy to publish it along with my commentary (below) with the previous essays at the given addresses in two languages.

Best regards,




Leo Semashko’s commentary.


Atkinson’s attack o­n Corporatism is an expert analysis
of the West’s civilizational and democratic agony



In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1022

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1116


The author in three brilliant lapidary essays, impeccable in their social truth and humanistic intention, but requiring verification and scientific argumentation in an additional statistical essay present the social anatomy of the general pathology of Western imperial civilization. In it, we, the GGHA, could help you with our global statistics, of course, in dialogue, without pressure.

The anatomical, paradigmatic truth of the West agonizing corporatism, naturally, as always and usually, automatically makes its author a dissident and an outcast both for the dominant scientific elite and for the ruling political elite of the West, along with the media controlled by them. The truth of pathological corporatism, as a totalitarian phenomenon, cannot today be accessible and open to a wide honest discussion.

In a similar situation, within the framework of dictatorial corporatism, there is the truth of mega-scientific, holistic and transdisciplinary spheronics. Therefore, its elementary “textbook-dialogue” with the subject of the true peace acquires two fundamental dialogic pillars: the critical pillar of Western corporatism and the constructive pillar of alternative scientific spheronics.

Both pillars of dialogue are necessary and sufficient for each other from different sides of social negation and creation/healing. Both pillars are true, fundamentally scientific, therefore their victory over time is inevitable, but the ways of this victory are unknown in their nonviolent and mental trend. However, it is obvious that its beginning can o­nly be a dialogic path of cognition and education in both pillars, which are launched by our "textbook-dialogue". Therefore, its structure, as well as the structure of the dialogue in it, is constituted by two paradigmatic truths: the spheronics true peace and the pathological corporatism true self-negation.

This key structure becomes the center of all our discussions, dialogues and polylogues in the process of creating our “textbook-dialogue”, designed to overcome total peacemaking ignorance and open a nonviolent way of healing and survival of humanity o­n the verge of its nuclear suicide, created by the corporatism pathology at the historical stage of the last century.

In this regard, we, the GGHA, are happy to invite Rodney Atkinson as the second, but equal, in consensus, editor-in-chief of our "textbook-dialogue". Do you agree with this mission? If you agree with this, then I propose to update the textbook title: "Spheronics: Paradigm True Peace in (for) Healing from Corporatism." Or: "versus Corporatism". Do you agree with this? I think its final version will crystallize in our dialogue process later.

In the spirit of this binarity and bifurcation, we invite all authors to write yours contributions to our textbook and send them to two addresses: Rodney and mine.

Thank you.

Leo Semashko



Spheronics and Corporatism:

integration in synergy and dialogue for true peace


Dear peacemakers, friends,

I am happy to inform you about the publication of a page dedicated to spheronics and the GGHA o­n the wonderful British peace website "Freenations" here: http://freenations.net/. We sincerely thank Rodney Atkinson for understanding, support and peacemaking cooperation o­n the WWIII brink, created by corporatism. This Rodney page is scanned to the GGHA website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1119.

We found with Rodney a deep peacemaking identity and mutual complementarity in recognizing his fundamental theory of "corporatism", developed by him for more than 30 years, as a fundamental scientific explanation of the social causes of disharmony, crisis and self-destruction of the Western civilization all institutions, inevitably leading to a nuclear WWIII and humanity suicide. Spheronics, as a megascience of true peace, integrates the corporatism of Rodney Atkinson as the generative cause of a false, corporate peace in history, inevitably leading to war and the humanity genocide. Rodney, for his part, acknowledges that “The main scientific and peacemaking achievement of the GGHA for 18 years is the creation of the unprecedented interdisciplinary “Spherons Global Peace MegaScience“, briefly Spheronics,” which offers positive solutions to the corporatism intractable problems created by them.

Our cooperation is supposed to be realized in a collective "textbook-dialogue", in which we invite editors and co-authors from different countries: Britain, Russia, USA, China, Germany, India, Africa etc. With the introduction of this textbook, we assume a joint, collective article "History Bifurcation Point ..." in a dialogic format, a preliminary version of which for dialogue/discussion is presented in the attachment, 2 pages without pictures.

We invite all responsible and courageous peacemakers, who is not afraid of an honest and open dialogue with opponents to express your alternative and constructive, complementary ideas for publication in our joint dialogue textbook, which is launched here:


It will become a double example of peacemaking:

1. The revival of the peacemaking dialogue culture, killed by corporatism today, and

2. A constructive complete alternative to the total peacemaking ignorance cherished by corporatism for at least the last 80 years.

Best wishes for true peace in dialogue,

Dr. Leo Semashko



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