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Leo Semashko. Spheronics: The History, Nuclear Antagonists and the UN Bifurcation Point into True Peace Survival?

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Spheronics: The History, Nuclear Antagonists and the UN Bifurcation Point into True Peace Survival?

By Leo Semashko

(For dialogical search of the NATO and Russia nuclear antagonists common true peace)


The GGHA Message Resume. What is better for the USA and Russia peoples, for the UN and humanity: to burn alive in the planetary Hiroshima of nuclear WWIII, in which, admittedly, “there will be no winners (ALIVE)”, but the fuse of which is kindled by NATO in Ukraine? Or to mobilize o­n its edge all scientific forces for the joint search and development of true peace, “perpetual” in the words of Kant, especially since its beginning was found in 18 years in the GGHA spheronics, which for some reason is ignored by them? Why does this logically simple question of survival o­n the brink of a planetary nuclear genocide not cross the world leaders’ minds and the UN? What prevents them in the dialogue to answer it? What is more precious for them: the people’s life or their national political ambitions?



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1120
IPRA: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRMjAF5ooAe3p1fGTItMFHbekKf6uwyhEmpgDATqk6u4gApjKUf1VqH-swsjbj4p64PpPF6pAk0_V_d/pub

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1024


It is known that any peace is better than war. But it is not true that every peace is an alternative to war and is free, pure from war. o­n the contrary, not every peace excludes war, not every rejects it, and not every does not give rise to it. Therefore, thinkers have long divided peace into a false o­ne, which prepares and gives rise to war, and a true o­ne, which excludes it, preventing its sprouts.

The history law is: every false peace ends by war. Therefore, the whole history is a change of different versions of traditional false peace. False peace is the illusory, partial and temporary peace of the break between wars and the war preparation. It is subject to war, therefore it is always militaristic that makes security in it always false, unequal, determined by the quantity and quality of weapons, constantly stimulating an unrestrained arms race. The false peace convincing fact is the last century: Versailles (1919-1937) and Yalta (1945) peace treaties. The Versailles Treaty, filled with local wars and an arms race, ended the WWII, which involved more than 60 countries and brought over 70 million victims.

The Yalta Peace, concluded in February 1945, legally registered in Potsdam in July 1945, already in August of this year proved its falsity by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and today its falsity is being proved in Ukraine. For almost 80 years, it has been proven by 37 US wars filling them with almost 30 million victims (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=816) and an accelerated arms race that has brought humanity to the very brink of nuclear genocide. During this time, it "hung" the humanity life to a thread of 90 seconds (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924), leaving it o­nly o­ne chance in a thousand. For the next decade, it planned the prospect of its multiple compression in the new nuclear arms race, primarily the USA and Russia, which have 96% of the world's nuclear arsenal enough to destroy life o­n the planet by hundredfold.

Thus, the last almost 80 years of false peace confirm the inexorability of its historical logic of the self-destruction of humanity in the nuclear arms race and the UN that cherishes it. During this time, by the hands of the nuclear powers, primarily the USA and Russia, humanity and the UN have driven themselves into dead-end nuclear impasse, the probability of annihilation in which increases every year. The logic of false peace has no other historical end; there is no alternative to it, except for the true peace paradigm of spherons in 1927, discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in false peace, contrary to all its laws of self-destruction. It was developed in the GGHA to the level of fundamental Megascience of spheronics in 2016. It contains the o­nly universal salvific alternative to human history in the logic of its true peace. In spheronics lies the positive bifurcation point of the human history to survive and prosper in true peace of all peoples.

The strategies of their leaders: Biden’s “peace through force” and Putin’s “peace of guns and butter”, as well as the Europe leaders and others united by the Yalta’s UN, are identical during 80 years in false peace, with all the differences in their nuances, in the common slogan for humanity: “Forward, towards a planetary nuclear Auschwitz/Hiroshima!” They and their institutions do not know true peace, therefore they are unable to understand, want and discuss it in the dialogue, limiting themselves to the militaristic, false peace in the total peacemaking ignorance of true peace. As the League of Nations of the false Versailles peace inevitably led to the WWII, so the UN of the false Yalta peace during about 80 years stubbornly leads to the inevitable nuclear WWIII, increasing its probability and death of humanity by a thousand times that will become the history physical end. The quantum leap of the false UN into the true UN was proposed o­n the basis of spheronics in the GGHA 2017 scientific project (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769 and https://www.transcend.org/tms/2018/01/network-spherons-the-un-of-harmony-and-global-peace-replacing-the-un-of-disharmony/) and in its 2020 “Anti-Nuclear Manifesto(https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Anti-Nuclear-Manifesto-XXI.pdf), which both are still tabooed by the false UN.

The humanity survival and prosperity in the peaceful and multipolar coexistence is guaranteed o­nly by true peace, the paradigm of which has long but weakly opposed false peace with various intuitive guesses of the past geniuses. True peace is the "divine peace of pre-established harmony" by G. Leibniz; "the perpetual peace of harmonious social nature" by I. Kant; "universal peace of humanity nonviolent spherons" by M. Gandhi; "common peace culture and o­ne morality" by Nicholas and Helena Roerich; "humanity authentic peace, which must end the war before the war ends with humanity" by J.F. Kennedy; “world peace built o­n understanding and a substantially new manner of thinking” by A. Einstein; "shift of the arms race into a peace race" by M.L. King, etc.

With all the differences of these hypotheses definitions, they are identical in such attributes of true peace as universality, eternity, reasonableness. Consolidating of them was the hypothesis of "Newton's varnas/spherons" as actors of Mahatma Gandhi’s true peace in 1927. But due to its extreme epistemological complexity and alternativeness to the false peace dominant paradigm, it turned out to be taboo (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1017). However, it has found latent development over the past half century and embodied in the fundamental, verified by world statistics "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience", briefly - Spheronics in the GGHA during 18 years (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1087). It determines the objective laws of the spherons true peace, which are explained in our "Textbook-Dialog".

The general meaning of this integration science in a few words is that it has found a way to verify the scientific truth of the universal, equal and eternal four Gandhian spherons of the sociogenetic structure of society from an individual to humanity. This structure of functionally equal, equally necessary and sufficient spherons o­n employment that Gandhi emphasized covers the entire population from birth to death. This structure constitutes an eternal cell, perpetual social genome of society at all its levels, eliminates any necessary and place for war in it. This is the objective and holistic/integral basis of humanity true peace, still unknown to it, therefore it still professes false social structures of the domination of some nations and classes over others and, accordingly, false paradigms of a o­ne-sided, partial peace, internally aimed at antagonism, domination, violence, war and the suppression of other nations or classes.

This sociogenetic structure expressed by 16 categories, connected by a system of the humanity four societal laws of necessary and sufficient spheral components: resources/products, processes, spheres and spherons of fractal nature from an individual to the noosphere. They determine true peace of humanity, its eternal life and development in their dynamics. For war, they have no necessary and no place. They are represented in statics by the structural model (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019).


Structural model of the social genome, cell of society

at all its levels from the individual and family to the country and humanity as a whole


The universality and social eternity of this structure as a cell and genome of society at all levels and for all its social objects lies in that in this structure, the planet can be a variable of ANY social object from their entire infinite spectrum from an atomic individual to humanity. It proves the truth and universality of spheronics. In all spectrum of social objects, this structure will be true, necessary and sufficient for the life of any of them, regardless of their scale and their place in social space and time. To confirm its scientific nature, statistical verification of the spherons truth is sufficient, as they are the pillars of true peace of any social object, including whole humanity. Similar verification will require no more than 2 hours according to a proven method here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=998.

In a short message of a reasonable, nonviolent way out of the humanity nuclear impasse, there is no way to reveal step by step the content of this extremely complex in dynamics structure of true peace, deployed in the first approximation in spheronics during 18 years in the GGHA. It is o­nly important to realize the rigid need for its further international and dialogic research, development and application as an alternative to false peace, in order to abandon its traditional, militaristic and partial structures and institutions, which lead humanity to nuclear genocide.

The development and application of this paradigm by peoples is possible o­nly in a constant dialogue at all levels of the state and civil society, starting with the education of young people, in order to overcome total peacemaking ignorance. For this, the GGHA is preparing a pilot peacemaking "textbook-dialogue" in the "pro-contra" format within 50-100 pages: "Spheronics: True Peace Science" for secondary school students, universities and presidents (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1116).

The GGHA invites the International scientific and peacemaking organizations to participate in this textbook, hold international conferences "True Peace Paradigm", concentrate peace researches in this strategic direction and start a program to create similar textbooks for different language countries.

Another fundamental direction of this paradigm development and application is implemented by the spheronics global statistics, which constitutes a mathematical tool to measure the harmony/disharmony equilibrium and proportions of its 16 spheral components/substances objectively defining true peace. This apparatus of spheronics mathematical statistics provides by its unique scientific integrity the creation of a strong (universal and end-to-end) artificial intelligence as a technological quantum leap. It is represented in the relevant projects during 40 years here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1109).

The continuation of human history in a result of its positive bifurcation, the sustainable development of the humanity nations in prosperity, within harmonious and environmentally friendly outstripping growth, becomes possible o­nly in the intellectual paradigm of true/global peace, in its strategic vectors of education and strong artificial intelligence of the spheronics megascience.

Having created these and similar instruments of true peace, mastering and arming them, the peoples will be able to move o­n the path of conscious and nonviolent evolutionary construction of the necessary institutions and structures for true peace, dismantling or transforming the former outdated institutions and structures of false, militaristic peace, eradicating all its pathological sources and roots. The wide and professional development and testing o­n an international scale of the spheronics Megascience, turn humanity o­n the road leading along true peace and to it, leaving in the history of bad memory the road of a false, bloody and militaristic peace filled with wars and violence.

This topic of strategic and reasonable, scientific survival of two nuclear antagonists, if they want to save their peoples and all of humanity life, should become the first and key agenda of their peaceful dialogue, from which its particular issue of the Ukrainian conflict should be postponed until an agreement in principle o­n moving along the path of true peace . o­n it, this conflict can be frozen for as many years as it takes to find its truly peaceful solution in the interests of all nations.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Philosopher, sociologist,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

On behalf of 750 coauthors of spheronics from over 40 countries for 18 years,

St. Petersburg, Russia

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253



Virtual World Growth Forums:

Global Business and Investment Forum (Virtual WGF-GBIF)

April 28-30, 2023, New Delhi



The GGHA Video Presentation, 3:45:

"Spheronics: Spherons True Peace MegaScience".

Its center constitutes a social genome (cell) of society as a fundamental pillar of true peace and the eternal norm of the humanity sustainable development. Its discovery is no less important than the human genome discovery, if not more, revealing the scientific path of preventing nuclear WWIII and human survival.

Spheronics appeared almost a century during its childbirth torment and persecution, like Athena-Pallas from the Zeus head in the full armament of its unprecedented peacemaking, scientific and business advantages at all world platforms of the WGF-GBIF (below). It is an honor, first of all, Mahatma Gandhi since 1927 and India, as its ancestors, as well as Russia since 1975 and the GGHA since 2005, where it has been raised to the level of a fundamental verified MegaScience, which has no analogues.

Video-bilingual spheronics publishing o­n the WGF-GBIF channels












WGF Website:



English translation:



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1120

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1024


“I am happy to be part of the Global Forum for Worldwide Business and Investment Growth. It is very productive to communicate with world leaders for this strategic goal. I also long to see you here to share the great discovery of our international peace organization named after Mahatma Gandhi - GGHA. Based o­n his fundamental idea of the eternal “Newtonian Spherons” covering all of humanity, in 18 years we have created an equally holistic, integration Spheronics Megascience: “Spherons Global/True Peace Megascience”, verified by world statistics.

Integration spheronics is not o­nly the science of true peace but also science of the highest efficiency and outpacing paces of development of social production in any country by 3-5 times (depending o­n the pace of mastering spheronics and the scale of its use) in all its spheres, primarily in economic, and also in social, political and informational, compared with traditional social production within false peace. This unprecedented advantage of spheronics turns it into an inexhaustible intellectual Klondike for innovative business and investing in the social production of true peace.

The spheronics fundamental advantage proof is carried out o­n the model, deployed here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019) and presented below.


Spheronics. Structural Model of Social Genome, Cell of Social Production at all its Levels from Individual and Family to Country and Whole Humanity

(See the spheronics structural model above)



During the spheronics development since 1975, about 300 of its pragmatic projects of various scales, branches, countries and problems have been created (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=873). Here are the most promising projects for business and investment: global statistics with its digital technology, strong artificial intelligence of global statistics, fractal organization of social production, harmonious spheral management, harmonious spheral democracy, achieving true peace of humanity before the century end, nuclear disarmament, Russia civilizational leadership (and any other country) based o­n the priority development and use of spheronics for 5-10-15 years, etc.

The spheronics planetary Klondike requires business, first of all, to create its independent Academy together with its University and various schools. There is currently no more promising direction for business and investment. We are ready to prove it in any audience in 2 hours.”




Dr. Leo --
          Thank you for your RSVP – (RSVP —
этоакронимфранцузскойфразы Répondez s’il vous plaît, означающейбуквально «Будьтедобрыответить» или «Пожалуйста, ответьте».).

The conference will take place April 15 and 16 beginning at 9am EDT atschillerinstitute.com

We will send you updates preceding the conferencewith the speakers list and resources to organize others leading up to the conference.

We welcome questions before and during the conference. Please send them toquestions@schillerinstitute.org

Please use this link to invite others to join us at the event:


Schiller Institute
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Schiller Institute Inc.
· PO Box 20244, Washington, DC 20041-2244, United States



Lasting peace is o­nly true, nonviolent,

Scientific and Gandhian peace and no other


Dear GGHA members, friends,

Glad to send you (below) an invitation from the Schiller Institute to the April 15-16 Peace Conference with your questions and participation.

The GGHA questions in the light of the Gandhian "Spherons Global/True Peace MegaScience" briefly Spheronics, presented in more than 1500 publications, created by us during 18 years, for this conference, are formulated by me below. They are well known to you because we discussed and published them many times.

You could supplement them with your questions in the Spheronics spirit or similar. We hope that our questions will be openly presented to all participants of the conference without any discrimination, as is usual in the West.

GGHA questions for the Schiller Institute Peace Conference:

1. WHY AND HOW, according to Einstein's definition, do we necessary to change the peacebuilding thinking in order to survive o­n our planet?

2. What objective social conditions require the bifurcation of history and thinking from false to true/global/lasting peace, "to put an end to war before it puts an end to humanity" o­n JFK?

The GGHA answers to these questions are briefly presented in our article-message (4 pages) in the attachment, which we sent as our presentation to the conference participants. We hope it will be distributed among the conference participants without limitation and published in its materials. It is published o­n our website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1120 with additions.

Happy Orthodox Easter April 16 and best wishes for true, lasting peace,

Dr. LeoSemashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253



Длительный мир – это только истинный, ненасильственный,

научный, Гандианский мир и никакой другой


Дорогие члены ГГСГ, друзья,

          Рад послать вам (ниже) приглашение Института Шиллера на Мирную Конференцию 15-16 апреля с вашими вопросами.

Вопросы ГГСГ в свете созданной нами за 18 лет Гандианской «Меганауки Глобального/Истинного Мира Сферонов», кратко Сфероники, представленной в более 1500 публикациях, для этой конференции сформулированы мной ниже. Они хорошо известны вам, потому что мы много раз обсуждали и публиковали их.

Вы могли бы дополнить их вашими вопросами в духе Сфероники. Мы будем надеяться, что наши вопросы будут открыто представлены всем участникам конференции без какой-либо дискриминации, как обычно на Западе.

ГГСГ вопросы на мирную конференцию Шиллер Института:

- Почему и Как, по определению Эйнштейна, нам надо изменить миротворческое мышление, чтобы выжить на нашей планете?

- Какими объективными социальными условиями требуется бифуркация истории и мышления от ложного к истинному миру, «чтобы положить конец войне прежде, чем она положит конец человечеству» по Кеннеди?

Ответы ГГСГ на эти вопросы кратко представлены в нашей статье-послании (4 стр.) в прикреплении, которую мы представляем как нашу презентацию участникам конференции. Мы надеемся, она будет распространена среди участников конференции без ограничения и опубликована в ее материалах. На нашем сайте она опубликована здесь: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1120.

С Православной Пасхой 16 апреля и лучшие пожелания истинного, долгого мира,

Лев Семашко,



"Jose Vega, Interventionist"

Full Speakers List Release! This is the breaking point in World History

Публикация полного списка спикеров! Это переломный момент в мировой истории



Dear Jose,

Thanks you for your message, especially your brave and true video: "You are a war criminal by definition, miss. Pelosi."

But regarding your peace conference, I don't see the "Full Speakers List" because you didn't include my report/paper and my questions that I sent you yesterday along with extensive advertising of your conference in our network below.

Why didn't you include them in the conference, in the “Full Speakers List”, why did you ignore them? How does is called? Discrimination, or racism, or Russophobia? Could you correct them and including me in the speakers with my report/paper (attached)? I ask you (or anyone) to read it at the conference, because I cannot physically attend it, for health reasons? Kevin registered me (“Dear Leo, I’ll register you.”) for your conference as he informed me. Then what is the problem? Why am I not included in the list of speakers?

And what "breaking point in world history" are you talking about? What and where is it? With respect and hope that you will not suppress my speech freedom,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Published: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1120



Дорогой Хосе,

Спасибо за ваше сообщение, особенно за ваше смелое и истинное видео: «Вы – военный преступник по определению, мисс Пелоси».

Но что касается вашей мирной конференции, я не вижу «Полного списка спикеров», потому что вы не включили мой доклад и мои вопросы, которые я послал вам вчера вместе с широкой рекламой вашей конференции в нашей сети ниже.

Почему вы не включили их в конференцию, почему вы игнорировали их? Как это называется? Дискриминация, или расизм, или русофобия? Могли бы вы исправить их и исключить, включив в спикеры меня с моим докладом (в прикреплении)? Я прошу вас (или любого) зачитать на конференции, потому что я не могу присутствовать на ней физически, по здоровью? Кевин зарегистрировал меня на вашу конференцию, как он сообщил мне. Тогда в чем проблема? Почему я не включен в список спикеров?

И о каком «переломном моменте в мировой истории» вы говорите? В чем и где он? С уважением и надеждой, что вы не подавите свободу моего слова,

Лев Семашко





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