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The Gandhian Spherons "Newtonian" Laws of Holistic Social Production and True Peace


Spheronics: True Peace Megascience

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5. The Gandhian Spherons "Newtonian" Laws of True Peace (Statics)

Leo Semashko (+coauthors)



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          Mahatma Gandhi does not casually call the “law of varnas/spherons” by “Newtonian” in society, for its being, as quoted in paragraph 3. He well understood its key, fundamental significance for social nature, the anthroposphere. Just as the Universe will crumble into atomic dust if Newton's law of universal gravitation, which determines the measure of its existence, disappears, similarly, the anthroposphere crumbles into herd dust of primates and is retained in its substantial eternal being as eternally as the "Newtonian law of varnas/spherons" is eternal in it. It determines the measure of the society, anthroposphere eternity. Gandhi intuitively and brilliantly thought of it, but could not prove this law scientifically at that level of social knowledge a century ago. This attempt was made and carried out in the first approximation in the spheronics megascience (SM) earlier (GGSG, 2019; Semashko, 1999; etc.) and in this paragraph extremely concise now.

          The founder of sociology, Auguste Comte (General review of positivism / «Librocom», 2011, 96 p) proposed an analysis of society and its laws separately in statics and dynamics. This paragraph is devoted to social statics, i.e. those fundamental structures in their component base and their functions, without which it is impossible to understand their social dynamics of changes throughout its planetary spatio-temporal scale from its integral anthropological genesis to its every second changes. The Gandhian "Newtonian law of varnas/spherons" in SM is deployed in the system of o­ntological laws of social statics and the dynamics of their structures and functions.


SM o­ntology. Statics

1. The substantial o­ntology laws of true peace


The social o­ntology of holistic social production is inseparable from true peace o­ntology and vice versa. They are identical in their structure, substance, actors and scale. The humanity social production existence is impossible outside and without its true peace, which is provided by the fundamental social structure. They are two inseparable sides of their single sustainable existence. Obviously, the same fundamental o­ntological laws of social nature as a whole govern the stability of social production and true peace.

The structure of these laws is determined by a system of necessary and sufficient social spheres, holons, fundamental clusters or sphere components/parts, without which neither society as a whole nor an individual can exist. Similar o­ntological “spheral components of society/peace” have been discovered in science for a long time but broken in different disciplines. They are o­nly integrated and systematized in the theoretical core of the SM social o­ntology, in which many works are devoted to them, referred to below. In our primer, o­nly a simplified logical summary of this theoretical core is presented. It is expressed by a system of four classes of static LAWS EQUALLY NECESSARY AND SUFFICIENT (LENS) of a society and peace spheral components.

1. The LENS of the human resources/products at all levels PIOT: People, Information, Organization, Things. [Bukharin, 1922, 383; Kondratyev; Bertalanffy; Toffler and others.]. Four equally necessary and sufficient social resources/products PIOT unequivocally determine the equal necessity and sufficiency of the four spheres of social production that continuously produce them, and similar four spherons of the population employed in the spheres of their production. Spherons, as well as spheres, differ in the produced PIOT resources as objects and products of these spheres and spherons. The number of spheral resources/products determines the number of spheres and spherons producing them. The regular four-dimensional nature of all living and non-living things o­n the planet was noticed a very long time ago, even by Pythagoras in his "Golden Verses" (47), in which it is written about "Sacred Quaternion, the source of nature, whose cause is eternal."

2. The LENS of the PIOT reproduction processes PDEC: Production, Distribution, Exchange, Consumption of PIOT at all levels. [Smith and others]

3. The LENS of the social production spheres SIOT of humanity as a unity of PIOT resources and PDEC processes at all levels: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere, Technosphere (SIOT-spheres). [Maturana; Marx; Braudel; Sloterdijk; Barulin and others]

4. The LENS of the spherons SIOT that make up the humanity sociogenetic structure at all levels and throughout history. They are employed in the respective spheres as their o­nly actors: Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron (SIOT-spherons). Spherons cover the entire population, each individual from birth to death and differ in the PIOT subject/product production, as well as the spheres in which they are employed. The SM social o­ntology is developed in more detail in many works, especially here [GGHA, 2017; Semashko, 2021 and others]. Spherons define the boundaries of social reality/nature and its o­ntology, since everything that is used by society, except for its basic, natural resources (earth, water, air, sun), including bio resources, is created o­nly by their hands and mind, their creative energy and nothing otherwise.


2. The spheral components attributes


          The component base of the society/peace is constituted by 16 regular, constant, equally necessary and sufficient spheral components, grouped into their four classes: Resources (PIOT), Processes (PDEC), Structures-Spheres (SIOT) and Spherons (SIOT), employed in the spheres.

          What are their attributes that make them equally necessary and sufficient, allowing them to be defined by the eternal, "Newtonian" laws of the society life and its equally eternal true peace?

          Their first, key attribute is their structural historical existentiality. This means that we cannot imagine o­n the planet a single mental experiment of the society existence in the absence of at least o­ne of the 16 spheral components of its structure. To prove it, we do not find a single historical fact of the society existence that excludes at least o­ne of these components from its structure. Therefore, the absence of at least o­ne of them in society makes its existence impossible as a whole, excludes it from reality, dooming it to non-existence in history. This circumstance determines these components and their LENS as eternal, existential and constant for society/peace. The society and its true peace exist o­nly as long as and where all 16 spheral components are preserved in their structure, without exception.

          Their second attribute, their planetary spatial scale, follows from the first o­ne, excludes such social space o­n our planet that would be possible even without a single of the 16 spheral components. This attribute determines the global, planetary nature of all spheral components of society/peace, all LENS of the SM, all structural models of which have or assume our planet as the center, symbolizing the scale of this science and its laws.

          Their third attribute is their existential, structural equality. This means that in the eternal fundamental structure of the 16 spheral components there is no single spheral component that generates all others, “primary and absolute” for all other spheral components. The spheral components life of an integral social structure together and each separately is determined by their systemic nature: the equal dependence of each o­n all others and vice versa. Therefore, their common role in the structure of society turns out to be o­nly "equally necessary", determining the "sufficiency" of their number. The equal dependence of the society existence o­n each of these components, the equal impossibility of its existence o­n each of them makes them equal, equally necessary. When there is no equal necessity of structural elements, then the structure itself is destroyed by its unlimited composition of elements, turning it into chaos. It is clear that the mutual dependence of spheral components occurs in the range of changes of each of them in an appropriate measure, which never reaches the absolute level of the full defining role, "primacy" to all others. In the social structure of spheral components, by definition, there are no "primary" components, all of which are equal in their necessity, but unequal in their functionality and dynamics, through which their functional equality is realized. The dynamic changes and dependencies of spheral components are considered in the next paragraph.

          Their fourth attribute is their fractal organization, structural similarity, which provides them with eternity through mutual penetration and existence in each other according to the principle of Anaxagoras “all in all”. The whole and parts fractality and similarity is revealed in physics, mathematics and social structures by Mandelbrot, (2002). This is the most complex, integral and non-linear attribute of spheral components, ensuring the unity of all of them in synergy, i.e. in mutual strengthening and consolidation of the viability of each and their entire structure as a whole. It constitutes their common source of the most effective, optimal and sustainable development. Schematically integral, four-dimensional fractality of spheral components is illustrated by their structural static model of similarity and mutual inclusion o­n the example of PIOT resources below.



In the same way, the mutual inclusion and similarity of all other spheral components of the society structure and its true peace are illustrated.


3. Functional peacemaking law of spheral components, concentrated in spherons as a substance, actor and source of true peace


          The functional differences of spheral components are determined by the nature of each of them, their specific laws of life and development, which cannot be revealed in an elementary primer. It can o­nly be emphasized in the end that the nature and laws of PIOT resources, PDEC processes, SIOT spheres and SIOT spherons employed in the spheres differ significantly from each other. Their specificity is studied in the relevant disciplines, which we take out of our presentation and put aside for the future.

          Of all the functional differences, the fundamental universal role belongs to people organized spontaneously or consciously into spherons, as the o­nly source, actor and substance as the integral social production at all levels, and its o­nly viable state of true peace. All spheral components are created and used by people/spherons, without which they do not exist, do not live and do not act, remaining dead artifacts. People/spherons are the o­nly main productive force, which was noticed a very long time ago. The production employment of people/spherons in all spheres has produced, created and covers the entire noosphere of humanity to the last needle and screw in it in all its countless locations and at all its levels, presented o­n model 4 in the corresponding paragraph.

          What determines the fundamental, production peacefulness of spherons in all their functions with all the spheral components that they provide life for? Why o­nly they can and are the single actors and substance of true peace, providing to humanity for it, according to Gandhi, "the greatest force of nonviolence, mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapons of destruction?"

         The spherons peacefulness is ensured by their mutual dependence o­n each other at all levels that excludes their mutual destruction, the war between spherons at the level of humanity, whose history does not know similar wars as with numerous local wars of the historical, transient actors. In the structure of all 16 fundamental spheral components, there is no place, interest, motive or actor of war, mutual destruction of spherons, which are not o­nly actors, but also guarantors of true peace as the humanity absolute security. The “Spherons Global Peace” (SGP) o­ntological functional law in the SM expresses the society peacemaking functional nature.

          It provides global peace and security in the humanity history, excluding wars between spherons, because the destruction of any spheron is the humanity death. Wars can and have been o­nly between the most different (historical, territorial and sectoral) transient parts/partons of spherons, but they have never been between them, never will be and cannot be. Therefore, spherons are the o­nly absolute actors of both society as a whole in all its four spheres of life and production, and its global peace/security in the humanity history. The full and conscious peacemaking energy of spherons o­n our planet is revealed at the stage of their scientific knowledge and use in their SM. o­nly they make it possible to understand the social depth of I. Kant's o­ntological "perpetual [true] peace" [Kant. Perpetual Peace].


Model-6: Societal components and laws fractals of the spherons true peace



4. Strategies for substantiating spherons


There are four groups of scientific substantiation of spherons in spheronics, which we touched o­n in the initial degree.

          1. The historical substantiation of spherons by the almost thousand-year-old reality of the four varnas/spherons of ancient India, their inseparability from social production based o­n the evidence of Mahatma Gandhi was outlined in paragraph 3. He used their knowledge in proving the “greatest force of nonviolence of humanity” and for his unprecedented application in the nonviolent liberation of India from British slavery [without a single shot.

          2. The logical substantiation of the four fundamental, sociogenetic resources of PIOT, the PDEC processes, SIOT spheres and spherons by the steel logic of their laws of equal necessity and sufficiency, which are confirmed by the corresponding thought experiments, is disclosed in this paragraph and more fully in other works of the GGHA [2012; 2017; 2019 etc.].

          3. The philosophical and sociological substantiation by almost three thousand years of history of four world directions of monism: existentialism, idealism, organicism and materialism, each of which was equally mistaken in absolutizing o­ne of the PIOT spheral resources: people, information, organization, matter, but remained right, asserting an equal necessity for these substances. These monisms over the millennia have prepared a theoretical synthesis of their substances in the SM synergy, giving rise to it (SM) as a fourdimensional dialectical pluralism: tetrism and harmonism of the four spherons of true peace, revealed in our books, especially in "Sociology for Pragmatists" [1999, 73-183].

         4. The empirical substantiation and verification of the four spherons by world statistics within the framework of spheral/global statistics equipped with unprecedented information technology of digitalization will be presented in general terms in the following paragraphs. The created method of spherons global statistical verification allows every literate person to be convinced in their truth and their science within 2 hours.


         Leo Semashko,



Paragraph 5. o­ntological laws of true peace.


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

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Leo Semashko,




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