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Leo Semashko. To the Schiller Institute Questions of John F. Kennedy’s true peace



To the Schiller Institute Questions

of John Kennedy’s True Peace


          The questions of Leo Semashko, Founder (2005) and Honorary President of the international peacemaking organization GGHA, three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013, 2017, 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000) for the creation of the Gandhian “Spherons Global Peace MegaScience”, briefly Spheronics as a true, just peace science in the JFK spirit. We signed the Schiller Institute Appeal o­n May 24, 2023 and joined the newly-formed International Peace Coalition, (questions@schillerinstitute.org) as a member.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1137

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1038



          Question 1. John F. Kennedy in his brilliant peacemaking speech 60 years ago (10-06-1963: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1113), the first after Mahatma Gandhi, clearly articulated the humanity imperative in a fundamentally other PEACE, not false, traditional, violent, filled with endless wars and a deadly nuclear weapons race, but true, just, eternal, nonviolent and global, providing all nations with equal, absolute security. In true peace definition, in contrast to the traditional and hypocritical o­ne, in the formulation of true peace imperative for humanity in his key conclusion: “MANKIND MUST PUT AN END TO WAR BEFORE WAR PUTS AN END TO MANKIND” lies the highest intellectual, humanitarian and moral dignity of the JFK’s peace vision.

          Question. Why does the Schiller Institute not accentuate this JFK’s true peace imperative, does not make it the highest strategic goal and worldview of its new peacemaking movement, the International Peace Coalition (IPC: https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2023/06/07/press-release-international-peace-coalition-must-grow-to-stop-world-war-iii/)?

          Question 2. Why is the GGHA, which signed the Petition o­n May 24, 2023, not included in the list of IPC organizations (https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2023/06/07/press-release-international-peace-coalition-must-grow-to-stop-world-war-iii/)?

          Question 3. At the beginning of 2023, in the conditions of total peacemaking ignorance and complete disregard for peacemaking dialogue, the GGHA began to work to create a peacemaking primer: “Spheronics: True Peace Science”, into the international team of coauthors of which was invited the Schiller Institute President Helga LaRouche.

          Question. Why are Helga and the Schiller Institute ignoring the GGHA invitation by never responding to the numerous calls for participation and discussion of the primer dedicated to the GFK true peace imperative? Why are the words and deeds of the Schiller Institute at odds with the Kennedy imperative? Is it possible to achieve a new, JFK’s true peace and prevent a nuclear genocidal war by the traditional methods of a false and hypocritical peace? Are traditional methods adequate to the new strategic imperative of humanity in JFK’s true peace spirit?

          Question 4. Will the Schiller Institute have the courage, honesty, intelligence and responsibility to publish our questions and discuss them within the framework of the newly created IPC without double standards?

Dr. Leo Semashko,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia,




Schiller Institute Inc.


Leo —

          The Schiller Institute convened a powerfully composed four hour o­nline conference this past weekend centered o­n the potential today of fulfilling the vision of JFK's June 10, 1963 "Peace Speech."  

          We encourage you to view the proceedings, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughts. Please send them in by replying to this email.

          To further the vision of the conference, join our newly-formed International Peace Coalition, (Download a PDF) and add your name to the following call: Urgent Appeal by Citizens and Institutions from All Over the World to the (Next) President of the United States!

Conference proceedings


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