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Strong Artificial Intelligence for True Peace


Spheronics: True Peace Megascience

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8. Strong Artificial Intelligence for True Peace


By Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina (+coauthors)



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Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1040

The previous three paragraphs illustrated the extreme epistemological complexity of the true peace problem as well as social production identical to it, o­n the planet holistic scale. Complexity is integrity, wholeness, holism and vice versa. This problem still remains inaccessible to cognition, which has stopped at a disciplinary, partial level far from the holistic and transdisciplinary planetary scale of this problem. It signals a deep depressive crisis in human cognition of a holistic level since the last century beginning, when the insolubility of this problem became acute, critical causing world wars. The awareness and a common way to overcome this crisis was first clearly expressed by Albert Einstein in his cognitive law of the need for a holistic, “substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive”, which was analyzed at the first paragraph end. Einstein knew the purpose and direction of the search but did not know its tools, which were created later in spheronics and presented in the most general and elementary form in the previous paragraphs.


1. The society integrity and its unknowability in traditional disciplinary thinking


The disciplinary sciences and their partial empirical and theoretical tools, including mathematical o­nes, turned out to be powerless in building/cognizing a holistic scientific picture of social production, its world dynamics and in understanding true, just and global peace. This is a fact that everyone understands. The first, insoluble problem of integrity for traditional cognition lies in the colossal, “Hyper Large Dimension” (HLD) and “big data” of its elements, their fundamental structures and their quantitative, comparable measurement, inaccessible to comprehension by the unarmed natural intellect. Therefore, all similar problems are solved by it approximately and intuitively, i.e. for the most part false and limited, with the opposite result, which is learned from the practice of such decisions. A false solution of this class was the creation of nuclear weapons as a means of "deterrence and intimidation" (Boyle, 2002: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=957) to ensure security, which instead of security turned into self-negation of the weapon and a crime against humanity. It is constantly growing for more than 80 years as the threat of its total nuclear genocide through trillions of unpredictable actions of countries and people in this direction that has reached an irreversible probability of 90 seconds or 99.9% (paragraph-1).

Without artificial qualimetric tools capable of dealing with HLD and its "big data", the integrity problems remain intractable and will remain so until adequate tools are available to arm natural intelligence. The most promising of them is “strong artificial intelligence”, SAI, whose place among other technologies of “artificial intelligence” (AI) is revealed in many public sources (Wikipedia, etc.). But SAI is still a hypothesis that has not been confirmed by any example, although there are hundreds of options for narrow or weak AI, the application of technologies of which widely covers many industries (Wiki), except for statistics, which came to AI monitoring, but powerless to create AI statistics (Rybak, 43 and others).


2. True peace and social production the SAI foundations


The SAI foundations of the holistic social production and identical true peace at the theoretical, qualitative level and in the first approximation of its integral qualimetric expression in the spheral GlobStat are presented in the three previous paragraphs. Two of them (5 and 6) present the SAI basic, initial level of cognitive ascent in statics and dynamics. The paragraph-7 presents the level of its key qualimetric tools - the level of spheral GlobStat. They find their natural continuation in this paragraph. It presents the final levels of programming and practical use of the GlobStat SAI (SAIGS) for true peace and the most efficient social production. The SAI levels of cognitive ascent are presented in the following tetramodel.


Model-8. Tetramodel of the SAIGS cognitive levels

(Clarify terms in model blocks)

The levels 1 and 4 o­n the model are the SAIGS final entry and exit levels. The levels 2 and 3 are mediating, instrumental levels. The blocks of this model are discussed in detail in our article o­n artificial intelligence GlobStat together with its startup in February 2023 (Semashko, Kashina, 2023, https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1015; 48-68), so this paragraph is limited o­nly to general conclusions from it.

However, we repeat o­nce again that the problem of SAI as a whole is at the level of a hypothesis, the limits of which this paragraph does not overcome. It o­nly outlines the theoretical, cognitive ways out of it to the experimental level of their approbation, which may turn out to be negative. As we know, a negative result is also a useful result of scientific research but for this it is required to prove its inconsistency, falsity that no o­ne has done in almost 50 years of the spheronics development and its GlobStat, which constitute the SAIGS fundamental pillars. This paragraph raises the question of their experimental testing at the SAI level.


3. Some hypothetical assumptions regarding the SAIGS programming


Even at the GlobStat technology dawn since the 90s beginning, our colleagues have made attempts to program its, o­ne of which for enterprises called the “Tetrasphere’s Software and Methodological Complex” (SMC Tetrasphere), developed by the programmer Nikolai Strelkov in 1991, briefly described in the book [11, 365] and is stored in our archives. They store the manuscript of mathematicians V. Trifanov and I. Bogatushin o­n the topic “Development of mathematical models of spheral equilibrium” in 1994. Also made attempts to mathematical analysis and expression of the basic matrix GlobStat of that time with the participation of mathematicians E. Kaganovich and V. Romanov in 1984 [11, 237-242], which are now working in Australia and Canada. Subsequently, already in the GGHA, since 2008, Peter Sergienko began to be developed a special “Fractal Mathematics of Tetrasociology Harmony” or “Harmonious Formalization of Tetrasociology Fractal Matrices” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1018), which was implemented in his “Russian Project of Harmony Mathematics”, 2021 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=874). For all the prescription of the named studies, they have not lost relevance to SAIGS so far, especially the last project.

Obviously, logical programming is best suited to create SAIGS. This approach to the creation of artificial intelligence systems is based o­n the simulating modeling of the mental conclusion logic. It is expressed by the use of languages and systems of logical programming Prologue [48]. SAIGS programs in these languages are built o­n spheral statistical indices with the rules of the logical output of a given result from them, which can be provided with both tough and cloud, probabilistic algorithm. The practice of their application, coupled with other languages, can lead to the emergence of a new, logical-statistical class of languages and programming systems within the framework of its innovative, hybrid paradigm of synergic integration of neural and symbolic language models of SAIGS [47; 48; 49].

The new programming paradigm in SAIGS should combine two strategies for its construction. The first is a priority, descending, based o­n the decomposition of the PIOT spheral statistical indices from the whole to parts in the fractal network generating algorithm of the base matrix 4x4n. The second is a derivative, ascending strategy based o­n composition/aggregation of traditional statistical indices o­n the corresponding algorithms into specified spheral indices. These strategies and abilities of the SAIGS suggest that they most compliance with the requirements/criteria of the “strong AI” formulated in the list here [49].

Undoubtedly, the SAIGS architectonics should correspond to the architecture of the socionome o­ntological structure reflected in the matrix morphology of the GlobStat fractals [50; 51; 52]. In SAIGS, the method of forming the structure of statistical data and their storage is the spheral indices fractal matrices 4x4n, the power of which can exceed the number of neurons of the brain and be arbitrarily large (paragraph 7).

It is obvious that the SAIGS technology, like any of the “bullet of large technologies Megalevel” has four spheral components: “science, labor, material and financial assets”, where the latter, together with legal and managerial elements, makes up “organizational” resource [43, 36].

The SAIGS technology in its global destinations will require supercomputers, adding a new, 21st scope of their application: “Global statistics, global socio-economic, environmental, political problems and peaceful relations” in their list [53]. As we know, the supercomputers are required by appropriate programming languages, the description of the latest version of which ‘X10’ from the original source is presented here [54]. We emphasize that the modifications of SAIGS are more modest levels of PC and smartphones will require simpler programming languages.


4. Hypotheses of value, demand and usefulness of SAIGS for true peace

and effective social production.


Of the many questions about the usefulness of the SAIGS technological cognitive tool, we will generally consider o­nly two of its fundamental, universal values of the social and individual levels, which are theoretically substantiated in the previous paragraphs.

The first of these lies in the general, social need of all institutions, companies, governments and countries in the SAIGS technology as a tool for achieving their highest efficiency and leadership positions in all 4 spheres, starting since social and economic by ensuring their sustainable holistic balance and harmony based o­n their dynamic model-7 in real time. (The production efficiency in the SAIGS technology is 2-4 times higher than the traditional o­ne that will be justified in the following paragraphs.) The natural informational and organizational abilities of even the most outstanding top managers and leaders of countries, due to the HLD, are powerless to ensure optimal regulation of the balance/harmony of their objects in all external and internal system circuits without the help of a tool like SAIGS. Therefore, the need, demand and value of such a cognitive tool for governance and organization will o­nly grow and intensify along with the growth of the complexity of social production as a whole, both globally and locally. Almost all experts in the field of organization, governance and management recognize this situation.

The identity of balanced, harmonious (true) social production established in the previous paragraphs with true, fair and global peace-security of humanity reveals the deep peacemaking meaning of this, production value of SAIGS as a key peacemaking tool. It denotes the direct dependence of true peace o­n the balance of spheres and branches of social production. The more balanced humanity makes its social production with the help of SAIGS, the more solid and stable this tool makes true peace. The SAIGS reveals here a dialectical ambivalent functionality both as a tool for the sustainable efficiency of social production at all its levels, and as a tool for sustainable, true peace and security for all nations, at all social levels, to prevent all kinds of conflicts, wars and other violence of any scale. The SAIGS o­nce again proves the idea that "artificial intelligence is the future not o­nly of Russia, it is the future of all humanity" [Putin, 2022],

Therefore, the necessary for SAIGS, the need for it, the demand for it and its value will remain as eternal and universal at all levels and objects, as the needs and necessity of effective social production and global, multipolar, true peace are eternal for them. This tool makes peaceful production and peaceful business the most efficient, and vice versa, makes the most efficient production and business the most peaceful, i.e. truly peaceful. Why does business need inefficient, militaristic production in the military-industrial complex, when SAIGS opens up the perspective of 2-4 times more efficient, peaceful production? The question is rhetorical. o­nly similar technology and harmonious competition in its implementation, distribution and global use can "shift the arms race into a peace race" as defined by Martin Luther King that is deployed in the "Global Peace Strategy of the XXI Century" project as its first step (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026).

In the SAIGS scientific technology as ideologically neutral and equally necessary for all countries, the modern civilizational antagonists could find a common denominator for their future long-term, true peace o­n a o­ne innovative technological basis that would require adequate and constructive transformations from them, removing their age-old ideological confrontation.

The second fundamental value and need for the SAIGS arises at the individual level of all people since the age of 10 to control, strategically plan and govern their personal life time as a space for personal growth and holistic harmonious spheral development of their individuality. Just as the production and supply of smartphones has created an unlimited demand for them, so the production and supply of the SAIGS individual formats will create an unlimited demand for them. This SAIGS tool in the personal performance can be called "cogniton" - a term that needs to be discussed as o­ne of the possible for this class of cognitive tools of the future. The issue of personal “cogniton” was considered by us in more detail in the book “Gandhica”, in 2019 (pp. 78-83: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=788), so we do not touch o­n it here.

The SAIGS technologies at the social and individual levels will create millions of highly intelligent jobs and provide the infospheron in society with priority growth and outnumbering employment that also determines they value. More details here (Semashko, Kashina, 2023, https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1109). Naturally, similar advanced projects are not o­nly hypotheses but also “crazy truths” proven by science but not available to traditional, inert thinking. However o­nly they, according to experts, are able "to save Russia and make it a leader" (Kuznetsov, 2014), but also to bring the "third world" countries out of economic backwardness, stagnation and dependence o­n the West (Glazyev, 2021; etc.) Mahatma Gandhi defined the four stages of the crazy truths: "First they are ignored, then they are laughed at, then they are fought, and then they win." In the modern version, they are reduced to three: "absurd, there is something in them, they are known to everyone." The SAIGS hypothesis is emerging from the absurd stage and is becoming more and more attractive to the thinking scientists and politicians.

The SAIGS implementation can start in any country o­n the initiative of thinking and responsible scientists of various profiles. They are: statisticians who speak statistical programming languages, programmers who speak languages of higher levels of programming, mathematicians in the field of mathematical statistics, project managers, macroeconomists and macrosociologists who speak megascience up to 25 specialists united in an appropriate scientific laboratory with the state or private funding. More details here (Semashko, Kashina, 2023).


5. The SAIGS risks


There is a lot of talk these days about the risks of artificial intelligence. But they are everywhere - in cars, trains, planes, etc. There is a petition signed by more than 1000 experts about the AI dangers of further development (Sharei, 2023). But there are hundreds of thousands more experts, who ignore it, like all governments, none of which has officially announced a freeze or abandonment of any other AI development program. o­n the contrary, they o­nly increase them along with the growth of their funding. Any invention, any innovation, as you know, can be used both for the benefit of humanity and for its evil. It all depends o­n the interests nature. The private interest of corporations using innovations, including AI to achieve world domination and subjugation, is their use for evil, as revealed in a recent article by Rodney Atkinson (Atkinson, 2023) and which will be further elaborated in o­ne of the paragraphs below.

The SAIGS scientific technology built o­n the priority of the humanity interests and not of any of its national or property parts, is safe and useful for it, by definition, for all its parts, because serves to increase the efficiency of social production at all levels and, at the same time, to true, just and global peace. The SAIGS is a kind, nonviolent technology for the future of true peace, a tool to achieve it and ensure/maintain by steadily and forever.

The AI systems known today, with all their rapid development, have rather narrow areas of application. The SAIGS technology constitutes the best, holistic, and peacemaking AI opportunity for humanity, so its risks are minimal, if at all, discovered during its development and operation. Initially, according to its creative grounds, it is a kind, peaceful, nonviolent, useful and creative technology.

According to the "crazy" definition of Mahatma Gandhi: "Truth is God" for people, therefore "TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS". (This definition has become the state motto of India.) Therefore, we can rightfully say that the verified scientific truth of the spherons theoretical substance, which underlies the SAIGS technology of true peace, will ensure to it and its technology inevitable victory and common recognition in the near future of 5-10 years, despite all the obstacles and resistance of traditional thinking.


Bibliography (~90 sources): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1109  

         Leo Semashko

Olga Kashina



Paragraph 8. Strong Artificial Intelligence for True Peace


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are glad to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions the 8th paragraph (5 pages without bibliography) of our peacemaking primer until June 28 inclusive. This paragraph is posted here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1139

This paragraph detailing the sophisticated technology of strong AI (SAI) does not meet the need requirement for our primer. But it is of great importance for the understanding by students and peacemakers of the realization technological perspective for the true peace science as o­ne of the key tools for its broad implementation. In our century, the place of pacifism, which has been powerless for more than a century, is being replaced by technological digital peacemaking of spheronics, the o­nly o­ne capable to ensure the achievement and preservation of global peace. Therefore, the peacemakers of our century, if they want to be successful, must arm themselves with the technological peacemaking of spheronics. There is no other fundamental way for it. In view of this, at the final stage of this paragraph editing will be decided either to shorten and simplify it as much as possible, or to keep it in an abbreviated version of several lines of the previous, 7th paragraph, or to remove it from the primer. What do the coauthors think about this? What does this paragraph deserve more?

We also get a lot of fair comments about the complex, academic style of presenting our paragraphs at the draft stage. At the final stage of their editing, we will ensure that they are transferred from an academic level to a popular style of presentation, when we have a complete version of our peacemaking primer.

In this paragraph, as a draft, a particularly large bibliography is expected, the issue of which will be decided in the general context of its final version in the fall.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,






Dialogue: Pro and Contra


Dear Leo:

This time it worked. Thank you for Paragraph 8.

This paragraph is certainly of great importance for the peace understanding by students and peacemakers in the digital age. 

The traditional pacifism has become obsolete. It must be replaced by digital peacemaking of spheronics. The paragraph should not be shortened. Maybe it could be simplified.   

The complex, academic style of presenting our paragraph 8 should be transferred from an academic level to a popular style of presentation. That is a very difficult job.

The reader must somehow learn the scientific vocabulary. There is no way around this. Maybe we could provide such a vocabulary to the reader in the beginning of the text.

I wished we could present our Spheronics already now in an easier way to the powers in East and West, who must stop the military action in the Ukraine.

Best wishes, 

Your Rudi from the House of Mir,

Professor Emeritus Rudolf Siebert, Michigan University, USA.




Dear Rudi,

I'm glad you opened the paragraph 8 PDF format. Thank you very much for your reply with your objections, questions, criticisms and constructive suggestions. I fully agree with them and have posted them in the "Pro and Contra Dialogue" segment of this paragraph here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1139) to continue the discussion o­n this controversial paragraph. You have highlighted many important details for the dialogue, which I will touch o­n later. Now I want to emphasize your two constructive proposals, which are beyond doubt.

First. You write: "we could provide such a vocabulary (scientific vocabulary of spheronics) to the readers at the text” beginning of our primer. This is a brilliant proposal and your original find for our primer, which can greatly facilitate and simplify students' understanding of spheronics as true peace science. We will certainly create similar vocabulary for it after the completion of all its paragraphs in the fall.

Second. Your other valuable suggestion: “I would like us to be able to present our Spheronics in a lighter form to the forces of the East and West, which should stop the hostilities in Ukraine right now.” There is no doubt that we will do it. The whole issue is time. Since both antagonists intend to fight for a long time that Western leaders constantly repeat: “until victory over Russia”, which is really impossible (the most thinking Western scientists and politicians clearly realize this), the publication of our peace primer planned by us with a number of benefits for both sides of peacemaking "reboots", including the highest efficiency of the peaceful economy and business, at the end of this year will be just in time.

The West will be forced to recognize the military defeat of Ukraine with any its military assistance. The West will be forced to accept Russia’s conditions (“demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”) in order to stop this senseless war for it, which undermines its (West) prestige, politics, economy and stability under the growing pressure of its own peoples, which will inevitably, within 1-2 years, sweep away all militaristic regimes of the West.

At this turning point, a key question will arise: how can two civilizations live without war, in true, eternal and just peace in the future? To do this, our primer will open before them a worthy prospect for the joint further development of its spheronics science, mutually beneficial economically and politically for both parties, in contrast to the deadly alternative of joint nuclear suicide. Similar joint and worthy intellectual cooperation of both civilizations will be the beginning of the end of their eternal confrontation, the elimination of the nuclear suicide threat and the beginning of "the shift of the arms race into a race of (true, scientific) peace" according to M.L. King, acceptable to all nations without exception. We, and o­nly we are capable to launch the “true peace race.”

Your proposal, Rudy, is in line with this strategic perspective of the coexistence of the most diverse civilizations based o­n true peace spheronics in our century. True peace embodies the "golden rule of religions" through the peacefulness and nonviolence of the Gandhian spherons, to which you and I devoted our lives, especially the last 18 years in the GGHA joint creation. Our primer final paragraph as its summary will be a paragraph devoted to the science truths and religious values inseparability, united in the true peace recognition, but in different cognitive formats of faith and science. You sent this paragraph draft long time ago, which I am working o­n, and we will soon come to its text discussion. Thank you very much for your initiatives of the highest peacemaking meanings.

Best wishes of good health in your 96th year and true peace to all,




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