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True Peace "Economic Miracle" in Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics


Spheronics: True Peace Megascience

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9. True Peace "Economic Miracle" in Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics


By Leo Semashko (+coauthors)



English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1140

Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1042

There is nothing more practical than a good [true] theory.

Ludwig Boltzmann


In the previous paragraphs (4, 5, 6, 7, 8) the objective structural logic of the statics and dynamics of 16 societal holons, sociogenetic spheral components, which are equally necessary and sufficient for society/individual in both fundamental, eternal and inseparable, identical ways of their life, was deployed: production and peace. The truth of this logic is confirmed by four sets of facts and the corresponding fundamental trends in its justification, summarized in paragraph 5: history, philosophy, logic, and world statistics.

In this paragraph, an attempt is made to build, o­n the basis of the structural logic of 16 sociogenetic components, a scientific, theoretical model of an ideal, example (standard) society of the future with a higher, “economic miracle” of the efficiency of its social production in true peace.

Similar fundamental attempt to build an "ideal state" was first undertaken by the great Athenian philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) almost 2.5 thousand years ago based o­n the mythological tripartite structure of the immortal human soul. She seemed to him a “chariot of the soul”: “Let us compare the soul to the combined power of a winged pair of team and a charioteer”, in which the charioteer personifies the mind of God and human, and the horses represent the human opposite aspirations: high and low (Plato. Dialogue “Phaedrus” and others. 1). This model of a holistic society will be called "Plato's Ideal State" (PIS). The soul eternal structure and the PIS built o­n it are analyzed from different positions in a variety of sources, including ours (Semashko. Thesis o­n Plato's Dialectic, MSU, 1970: https://search.rsl.ru/ru/record/01010064255; Semashko. Sociology for pragmatists. St. Petersburg, 1999, p. 85-90)

Other attempts after Plato to build an “ideal state” did not differ in fundamentality, and even more so scientific, because the official social science still does not know the society eternal real pillars, which are represented in spheronics megascience and in its primer. Therefore, we have every reason to create an outline of a spheral, ideal, standard society of the future from the scientific positions of the XXI century as a development and alternative to the Platonic construction of his sociological imagination. The "ideal society" term is preferable for us in this English paragraph; therefore, our proposed model is called the "Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics" (ISSS).


1. Approach to social holistic models of PIS and ISSS


If Plato’s holistic ideal state is identical to the given structure of the mythological immortal three-part human soul, then in spheronics ideal society is identical to the fourdimensional, real and eternal structure of societal spheres and spherons as social production and its true peace. Similar structure, for better understanding, can be likened, as at Plato, to a team but not a pair, but two pairs of horses, a quadriga controlled by four spherons as a o­ne charioteer, coordinated in peace and harmony. o­ne of the quadriga best sculptural example from their historical multitude we will name the quadriga of Apollo o­n the Alexandrinsky Theater building in St. Petersburg, architect Carl Rossi, 1828-1833. This quadriga with the god Apollo is the best artistic image of a holistic ideal society in the spheronics tetrasociology. It best illustrates its inner true peace and full-fledged production potential, not truncated by any humiliating hierarchies or false "primary - secondary" segmentation of the equal horses and charioteers in it. It is shown in the photo.


In the macrosociological quadriga of spheronics, four horses are four spheres of social production, its fundamental infrastructure, which is created, moved and controlled by four spherons-actors, employed by the corresponding spheres-horses and responsible for their effectiveness for each other, as shown in the dynamic model- 7 (paragraph-6). The spherons-charioteers are identical in their common desire and ensuring true peace among themselves as their deep, genetic life condition, which excludes their very predisposition and the possibility of war between them, and therefore they are united and inseparable as twin brothers. The spherons cover the entire population, all people at all levels of society from the individual to humanity, being the o­nly actors of both social production and its true peace. Apollo, as the god of sunlight, reason and protector of people, is the best image of united and socially equal spherons - actors of all blessings and true peace for all people and societies. The interpretation and comparison of the PIS and ISSS holistic models open the transition to theoretical, scientific constructivism in the true peace sociological imagination to understanding its advantages for social production, primarily for the economy, materializing the achievements of all its spheres and spherons.

The constructive imagination in this direction is a daring (“crazy”) attempt of sociological creation and discovery of an ideal society “at the tip of a pen” of spheronics as a consequence and embodiment of the well-known principle: “there is nothing more practical than a good [true] theory”. The utopian imagination and construction of the PIS o­n the tripartite immortal soul mythological basis was a powerful stimulus for the knowledge of social nature for millennia. In comparison with it, the scientific imagination and construction of the ideal spheral social production of our century for the survival of humanity and its future acquires even greater cognitive significance. Despite the difference in their structural models, they are united by the same cognitive power and “soft force” of the sociological imagination, revealed in the American sociologist brilliant work of the last century middle of the Charles Mills “The Sociological Imagination” (2; 3).

Albert Einstein emphasized the imagination key role in cognition. «Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.» The more complex of cognition level, especially integrity, the more significant role falls o­n the imagination, the absence of which stops the cognitive process. The quality of the higher, sociological imagination is different is different in different eras and in different philosophical paradigms, so its results are always different and even diametrically opposed. But they are common signs of the cognitive creative nature of people deeply united by spherons as actors and bearers of true peace, the depth of which is revealed by our primer.


2. Comparison of the PIS and ISSS holistic social models


Plato's ideal state (PIS) is built by his sociological imagination o­n the human soul three necessary and sufficient parts from the mythological vision. Positively in this cognitive strategy, reliance o­n the soul three necessary and sufficient structural parts but negatively and destructively in it is mythological, unreal, and therefore, in principle, the soul false representation that reduces his strategy practical significance to zero, which ended all Plato's attempts anywhere really implement his ideal state.

The constructing strategy of an ideal spheral society of spheronics (ISSS) integrates Paton's positive support o­n the necessary and sufficient structural components of society, but not the mythological and o­nly real substantial quality of 16 spheral sociogenetic components of social nature always and everywhere, at all its levels from the individual to humanity. This ISSS strategy is scientifically substantiated and proven in paragraphs 5 and 6, in its fundamental structural models of spheral statics (model-6) and spheral dynamics (model-7), which cannot be abandoned or replaced by any others. Therefore, this strategy of the sociological imagination scientific construction has a universal real/objective, and therefore true value for all societies, countries and individuals. In this sense, it acts as a scientific development and a scientific alternative to the ideal state utopia.

It is possible not to know, not to understand, to ignore the strategy of ISSS constructing for any subjective reasons but objectively, scientifically, it is just as impossible to deny its truth as it is to deny the truth of any natural fact or any fundamental theory. However, this does not mean that it constitutes some kind of absolute, dead truth, which does not exist in science, because the truths in it, including spheronics, are open to the dynamics of cognitive improvement, clarification and additions in all aspects and details. Spheronics, unlike traditional dogmatic social ideologies that claim o­ne or another absolute, dead truth, is always open to dialogue, improvement, development and renewal in the broadest sense, excluding any dead dogmatism.

Another aspect of the coincidence and difference between the two strategies is as follows. Plato builds an ideal state o­n the extremely broad concepts of his time and society: the human immortal soul, its three parts: the mind, its high and low aspirations, the state three corresponding estates: the ruling philosophers, the courageous warriors and the ordinary people associated with material production: artisans, farmers, etc. The main principle that regulates the relationship is the justice principle, which implies the priority of the whole over its parts with the corresponding private functions in it: “to each his own”. This justice requires everyone to engage in their social purpose-function and not claim a different social status. If Plato's "to each his own" correctly expressed the need for a difference in the functional employment of people in society, but unfairly forever enslaved people in it, then with Hitler, in National Socialism, the principle "to each his own" was transformed into the Nazi inhumane and criminal law of racial and national inequality. It requires from the Aryan race to rule forever and physically exterminate all "non-Aryans", or turn them into their slaves.

The spheral ideal society is also built o­n the extremely broad categories of our time. These are the categories of equally necessary and sufficient spheral components of society as social production of true peace: PIOT resources/products, PDEX processes, SIOT spheres and spherons (paragraphs 5 and 6). In this construction, justice is objectively determined and becomes the equality of all necessary and sufficient components. All 16 spheral social components are "equally necessary and together sufficient, since the absence or rejection of any of them makes the existence of society as a whole impossible" (paragraph-5). This is the law of higher, spheral social equality of people and the employment of spherons, excluding any of their spheral hierarchical inequality. But at the same time, the spherons are substantially different o­n the subject and product of their special employment. It is determined by the different laws of production of each of the PIOT, which cannot make them hierarchically unequal.

On the other hand, the constitutional spheral equality of people consciously organized into spherons in the future ideal society, unlike past spontaneous spherons, is open and unlimited in any conscious transitions from o­ne sphere/spheron to any others. But in is possible under o­ne invariable condition, noticed by Plato still, under the presence and acquisition of the relevant spheral competence (professional knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.). Since each PIOT product created by the respective spherons in the respective spheres has its own unique qualities that require appropriate competencies and special, separate PIOT resources for its production, in this regard, Platonic “to each his own” is absolutely fair and retains eternal meaning in the ideal spheral society. How spheral equality of people in conscious spherons will be embodied in unique advantages of different spheres of the spheral society - it is analyzed below by spheres; primarily for the economy/technosphere. In conclusion, a table comparing the ISSS and PIS models is proposed.


Comparative table of "Plato's Ideal State" (PIS) and “Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics” (ISSS) structural models




3. Absolute, theoretically utmost economic advantage of the ISSS true peace


Only by understanding and recognizing the equal necessity and joint sufficiency of not o­ne, but all four spheral resources of the economy (technosphere), we can expect and achieve deep, maximum and absolute (extremal) efficiency of the economy with an increase in its growth rate 3-4 times higher than the traditional o­ne, spontaneous/unscientific in general, economy. The economy highest level is realized o­nly by a clear and scientific, spheral-fractal organizational embodiment of EACH of the four spheres of social production of PIOT resources for the economy. This is possible with proportionally EQUAL provision and financing of EACH of the four spheres, without strangulation to any of them as “secondary”.

The SP economic efficiency in our time is determined by the efficiency of o­ne of its spheres - economic, in our terminology - the technosphere, which is recognized in the modern world SP as "the main, leading, determining and primary", no matter how it is wrong and limited historically. The highest economic efficiency of countries is figuratively called the "economic miracle", and countries with still rapid economic growth are called "economic tigers". How are similar rates determined, by what fundamental, key factors in the ISSS model, in contrast to the traditional, today's economy?

They are defined by five innovative acceleration factors.

First, the equal necessity and sufficiency of all four spheres of SP, and not just o­ne single economy as a “primary” sphere, the “primacy” of which minimizes the economy, kills its highest efficiency, limiting its ceiling to o­nly 25%, i.e. o­ne quarter of its theoretically possible efficiency. This lowers and keeps the traditional economy at the most depressing and stagnant level that the vast majority of countries of the past and our centuries demonstrate.

Secondly, the social equality of spherons, which is provided constitutionally by the proclamation of their experimentally tested equality. It is politically fixed by the equal division of power of all branches between spherons in the corresponding spheral tetrarchy democracy, which is revealed in the following paragraphs.

Thirdly, by the spheral fractal organization of the economy and all other spheres of SP as the most effective of all possible according to the conclusion of experts (Kochetkova A.I., 2018; etc.). Understanding the highest efficiency of the SP fractal organization is not supported by a scientific understanding of its mechanism and its end-to-end order at all levels and in all spheres. It is closed by a branch organization, incompatible with it. The fractal organization is not provided but excluded by the traditional, outdated and depressive sectoral/branch organization of SP governance; therefore it is limited to the lowest, minimum efficiency threshold. Without knowing the SP spheral, substantial structure its fractal organization is impossible, therefore it remains practically at zero in the entire world economy, making it incurably pathological and depressive.

Fourthly, the SP true peace, excluding wars, violence and disharmony/chaos of society. True peace frees the humanity SP from the carcinogenic pathology of the military-industrial complex in all countries and from the genocidal danger o­n the third world war brink in 90 seconds away (Mecklin, 2023). A disharmonious and unequal SP can be o­nly militaristic. It always turns out to be militaristic in all spheres of the OP, excluding any possibility of a true peace and reproducing a false peace for thousands of years as a preparation for endless wars and a break between permanent wars.

Fifth, the spheral surplus value of a spheral society as a principle of its economic justice. It is unknown to sectoral/branch society, limited o­nly by individual surplus value, which disharmonizes and disorganizes society by the extremal exploitation of some sectors and the maximum enrichment of the elites of economically privileged sectors. Similar economic sectoral inequality constantly leads to the social polarization, to the enrichment of the rich and the impoverishment of the poor, excluding any possibility of social equality in society, which alone ensures the highest economic efficiency. The sectoral economy continuously “cuts the bough o­n which it sits”, therefore it constantly produces confrontation, conflicts, war and violence in the millennium society until it dies in its dialectical removal by the spheral, fractal, socially equal and just economy of the spheral society. A single spheral profit for all spherons requires, as an economic law, o­ne of its norms for each individual spheron, i.e. it is different for different spherons. But being o­ne for o­ne spheron, it requires an equal rate of return for each spheron as a whole, for all its different classes by income. This means that the rate of increase / decrease in profits and incomes should be the same for the year for the poor, and for the middle, and for the upper classes of every spheron.

The peaceful, fractal and fairly organized spheral social production (SP), minimizing the military-industrial complex, turns out to be 2-4 times more efficient and productive, about It provides 2-4 times higher growth of production and profit rates, therefore it is 2-4 times more attractive, respectively, both for the society in general and for business in particular in all spheres. Therefore, its multiple advantage over the traditional militaristic sectoral production, according to all objective criteria and laws of its organization, constitutes an incomparably higher historical level of the economic mode/way in the future. If a sectoral society with a weak, self-limiting economy, wars and militarism are necessary and beneficial as economic salvation, then in a spheral society with the economy of the “economic miracle of economic tigers”, wars and militarism are deprived of any need and benefit. True, eternal, global and just peace becomes its first necessity, benefit and economic superiority.

Figuratively speaking, an unequal, sectoral and unbalanced economy cannot be efficient and have high growth rates, just as a squadron of ships from four different spheral fleets, of which the economic flotilla is provided to the maximum, and others to the minimum, can move o­nLY WITH THE SPEED of the three slowest, non-economic fleets. Similarly, the quadriga of society harnessed by o­nly o­ne adult horse (economy) and three feeble foals is able to move o­nLY AT THE SPEED of the weakest. If, o­n the spheral society dynamic model-7 its “primary” economy/technosphere is provided with 70% resource provision and for other, “secondary” spheres, o­nly residual resource provision of 10%, then economic growth will become minimal, equal to the minimally provided sphere. This is tantamount to the economy self-destruction out of good intentions at the root of the false theory and strategy of its development, which has reigned for centuries, especially in underdeveloped countries, depressed o­nly at the expense of a depressed, sectoral organization and structure of economy. The "economic miracles" and "economic tigers" are born from a radical breakdown of the suicidal economic model of "primacy" due to the alignment and optimum of the economy with the other three spheres of society.

In a sectoral, flawed economy, even the achievements of separate, the highest and leading branches, such as space or peace atom are not able to provide the highest efficiency and faster growth of efficiency that is proved by numerous examples, especially by Sergei Glazyev. The SP absolute, extreme economic advantage and efficiency provides by the ISSS structural model true peace integrating the convergent ideas of Pitirim Sorokin and Sergei Glazyev.

The evolutionary historical approximation of the world economy to this model over the past century is indicated by the outstanding theory of “integrated economy” by Sergey Glazyev, close to spheronics, built o­n the basis of Pitirim Sorokin’s “integral, pluralistic sociology”, and presented in a number of his brilliant books. (Sergei Glazyev. Last World War. The US starts and loses. M. 2016; Beyond the horizon of the end of history. M. 2021: Economics of the Russian Victory. 2022; see Glazyev's bibliography.) Although his paradigm does not coincide with our ISSS structural model, the dynamics of his integral economy is objectively completely channeled in this strategic trend, substantiated by him with hundreds of examples over 500 years of development of industrial and post-industrial society.


Bibliography: 20 sources.


Leo Semashko



Paragraph 9. True Peace "Economic Miracle" in Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are glad to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions the 9th paragraph (6 pages) of our peacemaking primer until July 06 inclusive. This paragraph is posted here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1140

This paragraph is devoted to the innovative, spheral economy, which provides it with the highest efficiency by spheral balance, social equality, true peace and other tools. True peace coincides with the economy of the highest efficiency of the "economic miracle and tigers." Naturally, such a large-scale scientific innovation, nurtured for almost half a century, including the GGHA, seems "crazy and insane" to the uninitiated persons. However, experts are well aware that similar truths and ideas constitute the most efficient way for the development of any science. However, this does not prevent traditional scientists from rejecting all innovations just because they are innovations. So it was at all times, as Thomas Kuhn and his followers argued. Therefore, science has to wait for the time when it will be free from retrogrades. Therefore, we need to bet o­n attracting young scientists who are better than others able to appreciate innovations.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,



Dear Leo:

         I have the same critique for Paragraph 9 as   I had for the previous Paragraphs.

Beyond that, Thomas Kuhn from Chicago University has certainly good insights.

          Your start from Plato’s State and his dialectical logic is very good,

The spheral surplus value of a spheral society as a principle of its economic justice is most important. 

It is indeed hidden and repressed by sectoral/branch society, 

          This old bourgeois, private, capitalistic, civil society is certainly limited o­nly by the individual appropriation of collective surplus labor.

As such it disharmonizes and disorganizes family, civil society, state, history and religion by the extreme exploitation of some sectors and the maximum enrichment of the elites of economically privileged sectors. 

Similar economic, sectoral inequality constantly leads to the social polarization, to the enrichment of the rich and the impoverishment of the poor, excluding any possibility of social equality in society, which alone ensures the highest economic efficiency

Without social equity there can be no genuine, formal or material democracy. Formal and material democracy include freedom, equality and brotherhood and sisterhood.

          Without genuine democracy, authoritarianism may enter the historical process at any moment, with al its miserable consequences.

Indeed the sectoral economy continuously “cuts the bough o­n which it sits”, therefore it constantly produces confrontation, conflicts, war and violence in the millennium society until it dies in its dialectical supersession and removal by the spheral, fractal, socially equal and just economy of the spheral society. 

         A single spheral profit for all spherons requires, as an economic law, o­ne of its norms for each individual spheron, i.e. it is different for different spherons. 

But being o­ne for o­ne spheron, it requires an equal rate of return for each spheron as a whole, for all its different classes by income. 

This means that the rate of increase / decrease in profits and incomes should be the same for the year for the poor, and for the middle, and for the upper classes of every spheron.

           How do we get rid of the classes in the spherons?

The resolution of the contradiction between the private appropriation of collective surplus value is indeed of greatest importance for the success of spheronics and for the establishment of a peaceful world society.

You are certainly o­n the right way!


In Solidarity, 

your Rudi, from the House of Mir, USA,





What about inequality among equals?


Dear Rudi,

         Thank you very much for your brilliant and concise transcription of my paragraph 9 posted here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1042, which is now a good standard for its reduction, which I use in the final editing of his draft. You perfectly mastered the spheronics content, its unique scientific meaning and humanistic value, therefore your dialogue with each of my paragraphs replaces almost all potential disputants and creates an abbreviated and simplified sample for all paragraphs for their final editing. In this regard, I am happy to invite you as the Editor-in-Chief of our US primer, along with Matt Meir, the IPRA President, who has been silent in our team for a very long time. Do you agree with this role, Rudi, which you have actually been playing for a long time?

          Of the paragraph 9 many of your correct transcriptions, your question is especially important for the primer dialogue: “How do we get rid of the classes in the spherons?”? “How can we get rid of the inequality of the traditional, transient unequal classes of the poor, middle and higher among the eternally equal in their necessity and sufficiency of spherons?” This is the fundamental question? which you put first in world science, about which it will forever remember.

         This question, within the framework of spheral added value, is extremely complex, pioneering, which no o­ne has yet formulated, especially since NOBODY, NONE OF THE ECONOMISTS, philosophers and sociologists in the world has an answer to it. We are the first to put it and the first to give the answer in our primer. It is neither simple nor short. Therefore, without looking ahead, we can briefly answer it with a dialectical contradiction: "it is possible and impossible, but in different respects." Complete economic equality between partons, transient classes NEVER WAS, WILL NOT BE, CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE within the framework of eternal, socially equal spherons, as the communists dreamed about it - they are still deeply mistaken. People have always differed and will differ in ALL THEIR ABILITIES, including economic and entrepreneurial o­nes, which the spheral society, unlike utopo-communism, will never encroach o­n, like to a goose that lays eggs.

          But this society will provide the most worthy subsistence level to the poorest, while reducing the richest by the “maximum wealth”, “limit to its growth”, limited by the ecological and economic norms of a harmonious society for the benefit of the rich classes themselves and for whole humanity.

         For a start, this is enough but the discussion o­n this and other issues of a spheral, truly peaceful and just future society acceptable to all nations and civilizations continues. We are waiting for responses, if any. Thank you.

          Best wishes to everyone for health and true peace in the spheral society,

Leо Semashko,



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