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Inseparability and Additionality of Science and Religion for True Peace


Spheronics: True Peace Megascience

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10. Inseparability and Additionality of Science and Religion for True Peace


By Leo Semashko, Rudolf Siebert (+coauthors)



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Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

Albert Einstein



           The previous paragraphs have been devoted to the general conditions and laws of true peace, rooted in the productive nature of society as a whole. From this paragraph, some of its specialized institutions of a different nature begin to be considered in our peacemaking primer in their relation to true peace. Of particular importance among them are those that arm and develop the cognitive abilities of spherons as the o­nly actors of social production and its true peace. These are science and religion, which develop the corresponding cognitive abilities of human and society: knowledge and faith. What is their role in understanding, achieving and providing true peace, and what are their constructive and destructive relationships among themselves in this creative social process?


1. Cognitive difference and complementarity of knowledge and belief for true peace


          The highest form of knowledge is science, scientific knowledge, the o­nly o­ne aimed at objectively true, verifiable and evidentiary knowledge, which has a special cognitive value of universal conceptual and practical use, regardless of place and time. The scientific knowledge of all such fundamental disciplines: mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., with all their sub-segments, as well as with all their technical sciences, pragmatic segments, has a number of key qualities.

            Firstly, it is recognized by all people, regardless of their differences, it is the same for them, because of which disagreements can never arise between people, and even more so confrontation, armed struggle and even more so war, because any such conflict is easily resolved by experiment and the opinion of experts who know the issue well. This kind of fundamental, social knowledge includes spheronics as the true peace holistic science (megascience), the substance and actor of which are spherons, present o­n all social objects of any scale (paragraphs 5 and 6) are easily verified in their truth and objective reality by the corresponding statistics. Because of the scientific, objectively true knowledge and true peace science - spheronics, as well as because of any other fundamental truth, people and nations will never have to fight, war. This scientific knowledge will make any wars in society meaningless and superfluous. Therefore, similar scientific knowledge is the fundamental cognitive base of true, eternal, global and just peace. This is its main function, mission and meaning in the context of our peacemaking primer, which brings this knowledge and the corresponding science to all people. o­nly for the sake of this, our primer was started, and o­nly for the sake of this, the science of spheronics was created for almost a century, starting with the discovery by Mahatma Gandhi of its substance - spherons.

           Secondly, for all its colossal undeniable significance for society, confirmed by its many thousands of years of practice, science is limited by a narrow area of observable and accessible facts, visible in o­ne way or another, within the Universe infinite in time and space. The area of observable facts accessible to science is often compared with the size of o­ne grain of sand o­n its boundless coast. The Universe, infinite in space and time, is inaccessible to any observation, therefore it is outside the scope of science, which can o­nly build a variety of hypotheses about its nature and qualities based o­n microscopic scientific knowledge about its infinitely small known particle. Therefore, over the millennia of its existence, humanity has developed a different form of knowledge concerning the infinite Universe, its essence and relationship to human - religious faith.

          Science and faith are two inseparable sides of the same medal of human knowledge in different but complementary forms: reliable truth, confirmed by facts and religious faith, affirmed by millennia of human life, which has become the truth of tradition, the truth of faith. The believers of all religions, observing the constant reasonable harmony of the surrounding world, its exceptionally favorable, life-giving significance for each person and humanity as a whole, the absence of any aggression and wars against humanity in it, have long recognized that the creator and ruler of this Universe is a reasonable, good, omnipotent, eternal, infinite in space and time being, which was called God. But, as they say, since God is so great that HE does not fit into o­ne religion, therefore several world religions arose and exist long ago, do not consider an infinite number of local beliefs. In each of them, God received his name and was endowed with a special set of good attributes that made up the axiological, value core of the corresponding civilization: Christian in its two parts - Catholic and Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhist, Confucian, Jewish (Judaism) and others.

          The most important attribute of all religions is the peace and peacefulness of God. There is no God of monotheistic religions who would proclaim himself the God of war in the Universe and recognize it as the result of his violent militaristic conquest. THERE IS NO SUCH GOD IN A MONOTHEISTIC RELIGION! ALL THE GODS OF SIMILAR RELIGIONS ARE PEACEFUL; they establish and affirm the true, eternal peace for all. o­nly separate, unreasonable warlike nations violate it, building, due to their ignorance in society, not the “kingdom of a peaceloving God in society”, but “the kingdom of militaristic Satan with genocidal nuclear weapons”, atheistically renouncing God to their own destruction. Even the great German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) recognized peace by Divine as a result of the eternal Divine pre-established harmony, excluding war from the Universe, generated o­nly by unreasonable, ignorant people and nations, unable to cognize the Divine peacemaking pre-established harmony of the Divine Universe, embodied in everything, including human society. As the great French mathematician, Henri Poincaré stated, confirming this religious truth “the internal harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality”, which is the Universe eternal truth of eternal true peace. It is eternal both for true science and for true religion, which find their highest truth o­nly in this true peace and nowhere else!

           The «Golden Rule» expresses the peacefulness of all world religions: "do not do to others what you do not want for yourself, and do to others as you would like to be done to you." This rule has become a universal moral law and the basis of almost all religious and civil moral norms. Like the law of gravity in nature, the Golden Rule in society, thanks to the Gandhian, "Newtonian" spherons, not yet recognized by mankind, but scientifically proven in the GGHA for 18 years (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019) is valid in the humanity history even if people have become secularized and no longer believe in it, because their negative experience of theodicy, the existence of evil and suffering, has led them to atheism. But the eternal Gandhian spherons of humanity create a nourishing social atmosphere and disposition for the religion’s golden rule, pushing people, nations and civilizations to treat others the way they want to be treated, i.e. peacefully.

          This predisposition, with the inner necessity and scientific conviction of spheronics, leads to the conscious reign of true peace of the golden rule in the entire social world of the planetary Gandhian spherons. o­n their basis, o­ne of the main deepening antagonisms between the sacred and profane, which generates the almost century of humanity dropping in nuclear suicide is overcame. This antagonism suppresses and destroys all restraining moral norms and sacred, religious values that oppose war, violence and modern nuclear suicide. (Siebert, 2-8)

           The Dialectical Religiology integrated into spheronics and sharing all its sociological laws opens up new prospects for a harmonious and scientific reunification of the religious and secular at a new, higher, intellectual and social level of the second axial time according to Jaspers. This integration will raise spheronics as a science of the global, true world to the highest spiritual level of the moral values of world religions, i.e. values of religious freedom, equality, brotherhood and sisterhood, love of neighbor and nonviolence in secular solidarity. Without the preservation and development of the spiritual thousand-year-old values of world religions in common history, there can be no true science, true peace and a true peacemaking worldview that unites all peoples and excludes the eternal ideological confrontation and enmity of peoples. (Siebert, 9). Without religious, thousands of years of recognized spiritual and moral values, the science of the true world, as well as the true world itself, cannot exist. Atheism and all its profane, postmodern consciousness is false, excluding the highest spiritual and moral values, which together with them excludes the scientific understanding of true peace, its social embodiment and its moral motivation.

(Note. + Rudolf Siebert's addition about the golden rule of religions and spherons, overcoming the named antagonism. + His addition about Hans Kung (1928 – 2021), theologian peace, within 1-2 pages, no more.)

          Therefore, the fundamental humanitarian science of spheronics and religion are united in their peacemaking and peaceloving essence. In this science it acts as a substantial actor of society, its social production and its true peace in the form of sociogenetic, eternal and socially equal spherons, and in religion it acts as an omnipotent, intelligent, good and infinite God of all world religions and not o­nly. Paraphrasing the well-known aphorism about God who created mathematics, we can say that “God created spherons, and they created everything else in society, especially true peace!”

          The cognitive inseparability of science and religion as different branches of a single human cognition determines and requires their harmonious mutual complementarity. Their break, opposition and enmity, the desire to subjugate o­ne and make the other a servant, o­nly harms and destroys them both, leads them to degradation, discredit and stagnation that is very clearly seen in the sad and humiliating experience of some countries of the last century. The necessary complementarity of science and religion was well expressed by Einstein with the aphorism: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." In their comparison, science is "lame", locally limited in space and time o­nly by partial facts accessible to it and by inaccessible to it the Universe holism. o­n the other hand, religion, faith, owning the knowledge of the integral Universe and God, albeit not having scientific evidence of facts but confirmed by the humanity history is “blind” in its details, local structures and mechanisms of physics, chemistry, biology and spheronics, which give clear knowledge these limited but necessary realities.


2. True peace as the religious, divine value


            The spherons axiology in spheronics is based o­n and follows from the law of their mutual attraction, which determines the totality of social relations of people. This axiology is universal, which was manifested throughout history by the religious axiologies of different civilizations, which were limited o­nly to the positive values of life and excluded all the negative o­nes that are absent in them: death, war, violence, enmity, hatred, domination, and the like. We will not find them in the religious axiologies of viable societies. This fundamental life-affirming axiological trend of humanity is developed and scientifically substantiated by spheronics in its axiology of the spherons true peace. It is detailed in our collective article [1]. Therefore, here we will o­nly list its fundamental values, which have long been recognized in the axiological systems of world religions as their core or framework, which does not need special proof. Thesearethefirstapproximations.

             1. Love. The spherons equal, absolute social necessity for each other, the impossibility of life of each of them (as well as each person) without the products of any of them gives rise to their societally equal, unconditional, mutual spiritual love, embracing society as a whole and each individual.

           2. Truth. The key mediating value of the spherons' societal love is the truth of social thinking, cognition and consciousness, which is provided by the spheronics science along with its spheral technologies and tools. The societal love of spherons can o­nly be based o­n an objective, scientific truth, comprehensively verified by all available means. When this or that lie is exposed, then the relationships of people based o­n it also collapse. Mahatma Gandhi brilliantly expressed the key meaning of truth for love and life: “Truth is Godof people [1]. Only in truth can people live in love, peace, harmony, nonviolence, justice and prosperity and nothing else.

  3. Morality. The societal, true love is incompatible and excludes not o­nly any lie but also any falsification, deceit, double standards and hypocrisy, i.e. any amoralism, which is a symptom of a deep, genetic pathology and the inevitable collapse of the social system and any of its organizational, even democratic order. Therefore, the next mediating value of spherons' love is morality, the ethics of true honesty of all social relations, o­nly by which any morally pathogenic power, including traditional democracy, is cured.

 4. Peace. The priority, first level of the spherons system axiology is crowned with the highest value of the viable state and sustainable development of any social system - global external and internal true peace. Genuine peace is possible o­nly o­n the value bases of love, truth and morality, without any of which it is impossible, unattainable, devoid of stability and real existence. Hatred, lies and immorality, embodied in total confrontation, make peace by false and temporary, destroying it from the inside with aggression, violence and conflict, ready to explode into a bloody war at any second. This is a false, illusory peace, far from true peace, in which we constantly live, including every day. Therefore, to think peace haphazardly, outside the spherons social integrity and outside their love, scientific truth and morality, is not o­nly a pacifist utopia but also an anti-scientific vision and fruitless practice that was proved by the entire last century.

           In a similar way and in a similar structural order, the axiological square (4x4+2) of the tetrary system of 18 values of spherons is built [1]. It is crowned with happiness as the highest holistic existential value of a person o­n Earth and GOD as the highest and eternal Cosmic/Universal value of spherons, which is planetary recognized by them as the highest moral value of their holistic science of spheronics. It is open to the integration of any world religion as its value and to the scientific substantiation and promotion of any of them in the appropriate civilizational version that provides a common scientific and specific axiological/religious basis for the peaceful coexistence of various civilizations. For the Orthodox values of Russian civilization this is done here [10], and for others, as a first approximation, here [11].

           The axiological square of spheronics, expressing the spiritual religious values core is permeated with two of their opposite life-giving streams: from the parts values: human, societies, humanity, spherons to GOD, COSMOS, as a single DIVINE WHOLE and from GOD to ITS microscopic, but the rational part, capable to reflect Divine creation o­n a large scale - to a person, an earthling. These streams converge and merge in the harmony of human and God in ever expanding large scale spirals of relationships. Their scientific comprehension does not at all reject, but strengthens the religious, ecclesiastical FAITH in them. In spheronics, science and faith find complete harmony, consent, mutual understanding and mutual support, in contrast to the extreme and harmful delusions of atheism, "demons" of which, according to Dostoevsky, descend to the denial of God, permissiveness and any violence, crime and terror.

          The God-fighting atheistic monsters of Frankenstein were able to falsely proclaim: “religion is the people opium” and inspire the “revolutionary masses” under this satanic slogan to kill millions of priests and believers as their enemies, to destroy, burn and desecrate hundreds of thousands of religious temples of the highest spiritual value and artistic culture. The outstanding Russian historian, literary critic and member of the GGHA, Vladislav Krasnov, emphasized in his brilliant essay “Marx as Frankenstein”. He wrote in it, that atheistic “communist doctrine has nothing to do with the knowledge of the laws of social development or with Marx’s sympathy for the plight of the proletariat, but is a romantic the chimera of his own megalomania; a chimera that grew o­n the yeast of theomachism in the spiritual climate of the West in the first half of the last [XIX] century”. The “task of overcoming” such chimeras “must be solved not negatively, vindictively and destructively, but positively, creatively and from the standpoint of higher morality(Krasnov, 12). This morality is expressed by the religious values of love, truth, non-violence and peace from God, which find scientific justification in spheronics and dialectical religion (Siebert, 6, 8, 9). Religion is not the "opium of the people", but the people faith, hope and love to a good, peaceful God of Universe. These are the life spiritual pillars of every person and nation, supported by the church institution, which cannot be separated from the state. Because it is a necessary, spiritual and axiological part of society, the rejection of which is a rejection of God, morality and true peace, is the establishment of a militant immoral atheism that feeds all wars. Religion and the Church have the same equality in society for true peace, as does science with all its institutions for it.

          O­nly a holistic humanitarian science of spheronics is able to understand and serve the religious faith, and not reject it atheistically. The partial, narrow and fragmented branch sciences are committed to this. The narrower science is, the further it is from God, faith and holistic truth, and the larger it is, the more transdisciplinary it is, the deeper and closer it is to them.

          In spheronics, in its first, approximation, which requires more foundation logical substantiation and correction, the systemic axiology of spherons’ religious values is represented hypothetically by their following structural model.


Model-9 Axiological square of spherons' values.

           The different versions of the spherons system axiology were considered in many works [3; 4; 5; 6 and others].

          Of all the spherons listed values, all are known to o­ne degree or another in traditional axiological systems, except for “spheronocracy”, “spheral democracy” or “spherons’ democracy”, which o­ne of the following paragraphs will be devoted to.

            In this paragraph of spheronics, an attempt is made to reveal the axiological nature of true peace in the systemic core of religious values. In view of the hypothetical and extreme complexity of this part of the paragraph, it may have to be abandoned in the final editing, or partially.


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Leo Semashko,

Rudolf Siebert

          Rudolf Josef Siebert is an emeritus professor of religion and society at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Michigan USA, where he taught for over 50years in the Comparative Religion Department and Department of Sociology. He is the founder of the Critical Theory of Religion and Society, or Dialectical Religiology, as well as the international conference o­n "The Future of Religion" in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the international conference o­n "Religion in Civil Society" in Yalta, Russia. He also found the Center for Humanistic Future Studies at Western Michigan University.In 2019, Siebert retired from teaching at WMU, but has continued to write and publish o­n the Critical Theory of Society and other pertinent issues, particularly war and peace.

P/page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51




            Paragraph 10. Inseparability and Additionality of Science and Religion

for True Peace


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are glad to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions the 10th paragraph (5 pages, without bibliography) of our peacemaking primer until July 12 inclusive. This paragraph is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1141

This paragraph has long been written jointly with the USA Professor Rudolf Siebert, who has devoted more than 50 years to the sociological study of religion and with whom we have been collaborating in the GGHA o­n the topic “Spherons and the Religions Golden Rule” for all 18 years. So we have accumulated a lot of joint works o­n this topic. The paragraph provides space for its additional inserts.

Of course, we hope that representatives of other world religions and not just Christianity, will take part in the discussion of this topic.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,



Dear Leo:

          Thank you for Paragraph 10. It looks very good.

Leibniz and Einstein are very good references.

            We must be careful, that the Abrahamic Religions, not the pantheistic Daoism, Hinduism (Mahatma Ghandi) and Buddhism, will not charge us with pantheism: the identity of God o­n o­ne hand, and nature and the human world o­n the other.

The pantheism, which we promote in the critical theory of religion, or dialectical religiology, stresses dialectically the identity as well as the non-identity of the Absolute o­n o­ne hand, and the universe of nature, and the human world o­n the other, in space and time and causality. A Catholic priest developed the Big Bang Theory, which in the meantime has been scientifically verified.

             Pantheism goes back to Meister Eckhart's and Hegel's creation theology.

Marx, a baptized Lutheran, may not have been an atheist, but rather a pantheist, following Baruch Spinoza,

In any case, Marx and Lenin may have made a mistake when they assumed, that Feuerbach had had the final word about Hegel's philosophy and theology of religion,

          They paid a high historical price  for that mistake. A small mistake in the head can produce a catastrophe in the streets.

Hegel was a most outstanding Lutheran theologian, who could have become the new Thomas Aquinas of the Protestants, as well as of the Catholics, and the Orthodox,

             Hegel could have helped the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and other religious people in their deadly struggle with the three modern enlightenment movements: Voltaire and Rousseau, Marx and Engels, Freud and his school.

In Solidarity, your Rudi from the House of Peace

Rudolf Siebert, USA




Dear Rudi,

          Thank you very much for your professional approval of paragraph 10 and serious criticisms of it, which require your expert deciphering regarding the specifics of the Abrahamic and pantheistic religions for true peace, the atheistic errors of the Enlightenment, Marx, Lenin, Freud and Hegel as Thomas Aquinas of modern times. Could you rewrite the religious part of this paragraph from your position with the addition of the peaceful theology of your friend Hans Küng, about whom you have a special article, but popular, as a primer? This would be your outstanding contribution to it. Your response and my response are posted o­n the updated paragraph 10 page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1141.

          I also added an indent to paragraph 10 (see above) dedicated to the ideas of our friend Vladislav Krasnov's brilliant essay "Marx as Frankenstein" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=697) with the exposure of his (Marx's) criminal anti-scientific paradigm “religion is the people opium”, which justifies state terror, merciless class struggle, civil war, physical destruction of millions of believers and priests, etc. Is it "a small mistake that paid a big price" as you write it?

          As you understand, this is an extremely acute political topic up to this day, associated with atheism, theomachism, the revival of Nazism and Satanism, with the ideological justification of total militarism and with the total denial of true peace. Could you, as an expert, edit it or even rewrite it? The main thing is to achieve simplicity, brevity and clarity of the paragraph. Please try it, you should be able to. Thank you.

          Best wishes for health and true peace, friendly,









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