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Resisting to Evil by the Spherons True Peace Force



Spheronics: The True Peace Megascience.

Its Technology and Roadmap for XXI Century.


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12. Resisting to Evil by the Spherons True Peace Force


By Leo Semashko, (+coauthors)



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Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1045

"For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."(Mt 26:52-53)

"Truth Alone Triumphs" Mahatma Gandhi


          The previous paragraphs are devoted to the spherons’ true peace structural essence. This paragraph answers the question: “How and with what will the spherons true peace protect itself from evil, from internal and external encroachments o­n itself of any kind, from any sources and of any scale?” In similar question contains a hidden contradiction. It was previously proven that the humanity spherons are nonviolent actors of true peace and social production in a whole, and here the question is raised about some kind of “resistance to evil by force”. Where does evil come from if spherons, by their sociogenetic nature, are nonviolent and universal, covering all people from birth to death? Moreover, if evil is born somewhere and by someone, then how are nonviolent spherons can and able to resist it by force? By what force? Where and in what do spherons find this force and why do they use it contrary to their nonviolent nature? These are the key questions to which the principal answer is given in this paragraph.




1. The spherons true peace double force: physical, military and the intellect "soft force"


          In the previous paragraphs, the soft, mental force of the spherons truly scientific intelligence, accumulated in their holistic spheronics megascience was disclosed, the statistical verification of which is available o­n any social object to any literate person familiar with arithmetic in 2 hours (paragraph-7). Therefore, when spherons will master spheronics in the process of their self-education and turn from spontaneous "spherons in themselves" into conscious, self-reflecting "spherons for themselves", then they will discover in themselves, according to the Mahatma Gandhi definition almost a century ago, "the mankind nonviolence greatest force ... [which] is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] destructive weapon of destruction" (Gandhi, paragraph-3). It is clear that this is a metaphorical intuitive definition but it expresses the deepest social meaning of the spherons’ true peace nonviolence, which affirms itself and is achieved, now by Albert Einstein’s definition, “not through violence, but o­nly through understanding”, the best of which is a scientific, true understanding (Einstein, paragraph-1 and others).

          However, with all their, spherons the highest and greatest mental "soft force" of nonviolence no o­ne can guarantee the absolute inviolability of their true peace/security from armed encroachment o­n it at o­ne time or another of the humanity long historical evolution by o­ne or another transient nation, group, state, crowd of ignorant people, extremist organization or even aggressive aliens. For similar cases of inevitable evil, violent encroachment in any of their possible historical probability, o­n the spherons’ true, global peace, they need and they will be forced to defend it with adequate means of physical, armed force.

          Therefore, the nonviolent spherons, in order to resist and suppress any armed encroachment o­n their true, nonviolent peace from any source and any scale, must always possess and use adequate and worthy armed forces as the their survival law. Any, arbitrarily small its probability excludes “complete and general disarmament” for spherons but demands the Humanity Armed Forces (HAC) preservation in a radically transformed format precisely as an AC of humanity but not the national states AC, which provoked and initiated endless armed conflicts of the past history. The issue of similar transformation of the AC will be considered in more detail in o­ne of the following paragraphs.


2. Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and Ivan Ilyin o­n the struggle against evil in XX century


          The spherons true peace double force is: mental, nonviolent and armed, violent, constitute two opposite aspects of their dialectical contradiction, which is constantly resolved by spherons in harmony, in a certain balance and the measure of their necessary and sufficient unity. This contradiction grows out of a very long-standing, theoretically and politically acute problem of "resistance or nonresistance to evil by violence." Its most famous disputants in the last century are Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and Ivan Ilyin.

          Leo Tolstoy is widely known for his doctrine of “nonresistance to evil by violence” (footnote). For all its powerful humanistic Christian intention, its abstractness turned into a national tragedy of extreme revolutionary violence in Russia at the beginning of the last century, what Ivan Ilyin revealed in 1925 (footnote). At the end of his life in 1909, Leo Tolstoy ardently supported Gandhi’s doctrine of nonviolence, in fact giving it worldwide recognition. But Gandhi went further than Tolstoy, fundamentally correcting his abstract "nonresistance" by the dialectical law, in our definition, of "necessary armed force to protect the spherons’ peace and nonviolence." It is integrated into spheronics along with the Gandhian doctrine of "varnas/spherons" (paragraph-3).

         This Gandhian defensive law for peace/nonviolence gave Tolstoy's ideal but useless "nonresistance" a practical social meaning. When the life of an individual or a people is threatened by death, then for the sake of their own salvation and the preservation of their peace and nonviolence, they must, morally obliged to protect themselves and loved o­nes by any means from the aggressor and “kill the killer” of any color and name. Gandhi wrote: “Anyone who dispatches this lunatic [murderer, fascist] will earn the gratitude of the community and be regarded a benevolent man. From the point of view of Ahimsa it is the plain DUTY of EVERYONE to kill such a man [villain, terrorist] ... Refraining from taking life can in no circumstances be an absolute duty.” (M. Gandhi. My Religion, Chapter 26: https://gandhiashramsevagram.org/my-religion/chapter-26-love-in-relating-to-the-animal-world.php).

          Such is the historical significance the Hitler Reich destruction and the execution of its criminals against humanity by the Nuremberg Tribunal decision. There are countless examples of this law in history, starting since the forced expulsion by Jesus the Pharisees from the temple, and so o­n. It is a generalization of that natural practice in which not a single person, not a single people will endure deadly aggressive preparations o­n their doorstep and will always give a violent rebuff to the aggressor, the murderer.

          The great Orthodox thinker Ivan Ilyin wrote a unique philosophical book with an impeccable rationale for the Christian law of the necessary “resistance to evil by force” (Ilyin, footnote). This book was first published in Berlin in 1925, which gave rise to a powerful controversy that has not ceased to this day. From Ilyin's point of view, the need for forceful opposition to evil is dictated not o­nly by the laws of self-preservation and necessary defense, but also by no less important requirements for the healing of public morality and overcoming social spiritual pathology and psychological lack of will. From the spheronics standpoint, this is the best, most true religious and socio-philosophical justification for resistance and struggle against evil through the use of force, which is extremely necessary in protecting and defending the humanity spherons true peace. As they say, “peace and goodness must be with fists, because evil is always with them” that is brilliantly and most reasonably argued, from all sides, justified by I. Ilyin. Therefore, the conclusions of this book are integrated into spheronics as its necessary part, along with many other truths of other thinkers and sciences integrated into it. Their integration into spheronics frees it from their detailed presentation and directs the reader to the original source.

          But this does not prevent their innovative interpretation for spherons as actors of the true world, who through spheronics acquire scientific thinking, consciousness and worldview, turning from spontaneous (“in themselves”) into conscious (“for themselves”) social actors of their evolution, starting since XXI century. Following Ilyin, spheronics recognizes the social unsuitability of Tolstoy’s abstract rule of “nonresistance to evil by violence” for the protection/defense of the humanity spherons true peace. The rare attempts in the past to use this false rule led to colossal historical tragedies, revealed by I. Ilyin.

          Therefore, the spheronics recognizes and integrates into itself as its part the law of "necessary resistance to evil by force" as both a religious and scientific law. The scientific proof of this law is presented by the author in his two logical schemes, which are waiting for their structural modeling of spheronics for our century. The Ilyin's logical proofs supplement and deepen the intuitive substantiations of this law by Mahatma Gandhi almost a century old. This law is adequate to the whole humanistic spherons’ tradition, humanism in general, therefore it is integrated by spheronics and cannot but be integrated by it. For spherons, the line and limit of the force permissible use is o­nly the protection and defense of true peace/security o­n any scale from the individual to humanity and nowhere else. The spherons true peace does not reject the resistance to evil by force, including the armed forces (AF) of nation states, but requires a radical reorganization of their governance, the transfer of its mandate from their private level to the true peace UN level together with a qualitative change in nation states. (Paragraph-11 and a new o­ne dedicated to AF topic).


3. The law of equal necessity and sufficiency of the spherons’ struggle two fronts

of true peace against evil


          In the historical, long-term conditions of the transition from the militaristic era to the humanity spherons’ true peace/nonviolence era in our century, the first, natural and obvious front in the struggle against militaristic aggressive evil by force of arms is the MILITARY FRONT. Without it cannot be destroyed its military-political infrastructure. This was proved by the experience of the WWII, in which the allies destroyed the war machine of the greatest evil and the worst enemy of peace - Hitler's Nazism. However, this experience did not solve the problem of completely neutralizing the threat of Nazi evil, which was revived, strengthened and flourished by the threat of a new, third, world nuclear war. It has brought humanity today to the brink of nuclear genocide (paragraph-1). Both belligerent nuclear civilizations are rapidly preparing for it. At the same time, the preparation for peace died, closed, nullified and discarded by them with the complete helplessness of their false ideologies and with their total peacemaking ignorance and stupor.

          The Third Reich military-political infrastructure destruction did not guarantee the eradication of fascism and its revival, which slowly, latently and little understood by anyone took decades. It became possible o­nly as a result of preserving the deep, mental roots of the false Nazi ideology of racial superiority, which has not yet been opposed by a true, scientific and holistic, alternative worldview of humanity, neutralizing the cognitive roots of fascism and any similar social evil. Similar worldview did not existed in 1945 and still does not exist as a generally accepted o­ne up to now. Therefore, the URGENT PRACTICAL NEED FOR A SECOND, MENTAL FRONT becomes obvious, based o­n such a worldview, capable by “soft force” of persuasion, based o­n science, faith, art and innovative digital technologies, to eradicate completely the evil that is deadly for true peace and universal security.

          Based o­n this historical experience, almost a century old since the German Nazism birth, the spheronic megascience, as a similar alternative worldview of the humanity spherons true peace, formulates the “Law of equal necessity and sufficiency of two fronts of the spherons’ true peace struggle against evil.” The following model summarizes it.


Model-12. The Spherons’ Straggle Law against Evil


          The formulated law is considered in many GGHA projects dedicated to solving the modern military crisis under the UN slogan o­n the International Day of Peace "End racism, build peace", especially here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1091).

          The main features and advantages of this law are as follows.

          Firstly, in the transition from the era of a false, militaristic peace to the era of the spherons’ true, non-violent peace of our century, the priority in its protection from the violence evil belongs to the military front, but the priority in its construction in the peacemaking planetary cooperation of peoples remains with the mental, positive front.

          Secondly, the mental front plays a priority role in the denazification of the world consciousness, at least in the most developed countries that claim to be the global hegemon, which asserts itself by force of arms including nuclear, since the atomic terrorist bombing of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The denazification experience began in the USA immediately after the WWII end, which is presented in the personal history details of our coauthor, Professor Rudolf Siebert, in his article "Denazification as Reeducation" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51). For all its positive significance, such denazification, as the author emphasizes, turned out to be powerless to resist the revival of Nazism and its wide spread in various forms of liberally disguised neo-Nazism. o­nly denazification based o­n not a false but a true and holistic worldview of spheronics can become an irresistible constructive alternative to neo-Nazism and all similar forms of social evil and pathology. This form of denazification finds scientific substantiation and development in the GGHA projects, books and articles, indicated in our primer.

          Together with prof. Siebert, we began preparation of the lecture course "Denazification by Peace Education." DPE Lecture course, 20 a/h, 5 days, 4 hours each: 2 lectures + 2 seminars. 2022 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1096) for the AFU war prisoners based o­n both our primer as its practical use and testing and experience denazification of Siebert. His experience includes listening to lectures by American professors from the Frankfurt School in 1945-1946 in the American German POW camp. In their Nazi spectrum, according to our estimates, o­nly no more than 10% are unteachable and not amenable to reeducation. Our PDE course promises to be more effective, as it is based o­n a scientific, verifiable theoretical basis of spheronics, along with common, Christian values (Footnote).

          Thirdly, the persuasion force, by which the spherons mental front fights all forms of evil, lies in the spherons worldview truth, the verification of which is available to every literate person, in its innovative tools and technologies that provide the true world with irresistible mental advantages and victory. This spherons advantage was already realized by Mahatma Gandhi, who saw in their nonviolence “the humanity greatest force [which] is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] destructive weapon of destruction.” Their truth for him "is God", therefore "Truth Alone Triumphs." This Gandhian aphorism has become the India state motto and the spheronics megascience in asserting the spherons’ true peace and in overcoming any evil-violence against it.


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Leo Semashko



Paragraph 12. Resisting to Evil by the Spherons True Peace Force


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

My wife and I returned from vacation, where we were able to prepare a new paragraph-12 (5 pages in attachment) of our peacemaking primer, which we are happy to send you for discussion in a dialogue with your objections and questions until August 7th inclusive. This paragraph is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1145
          This draft paragraph, like all others, will receive final editing systematically together with all in the fall based o­n your criticism and additions, when all of their drafts will be completed. Due to my preparation for the spine neurosurgical operation in mid-August and being very busy with this, I will try to present the content of the remaining paragraphs (in accordance with the primer updated Contents here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1129) in the most concise, thesis form of 0.5 pages for each before the operation. If I cannot do this, then I will resume writing them since the September beginning, if the operation will be successful, I will inform you about it.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,



Dialogue: Pro and Contra


Dear Leo:

Paragraph 12 is very good. Here are a few thoughts:

Best wishes, 'your Rudi, from the House of Mir.






Leo Tolstoy and Ivan Ilyin were rooted in the Christian tradition.

While Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu, his central principle of nonviolent resistance was taken from Christianity, from the Sermon o­n the Mount, from its fourth commandment:

          “You have heard how it was said: eye for eye and tooth for tooth. But I say this to you: offer the wicked man no resistance. o­n the contrary, if anyone hits you o­n the right cheek, offer him the other as well; if a man takes you to law and would have your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone orders you to go o­ne mile, go two miles with him Give to anyone who asks, and if anyone wants to borrow, do not turn away.” (Exodus 21:24-25; Matthew 5:38-42)


          Mahatma was more Christian than many Christians.

Jesus own teaching o­n peace and war was highly dialectical. He said o­n o­ne hand at the beginning of his teaching:


“Do not suppose that I have cometo bring peace to the earth: it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father,, a daughter against her mother, a daughter -in - law against her mother -in -law. A man's enemies will be those of his own household.” (Matthew 10: 34-39)


Jesus said o­n the other hand at the end of his teaching:


Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to you.” (John 14:27)


          When Peter wanted to defend Jesus against the Jewish police, which wanted to take him prisoner at Mount Olive, he told him to put his sword away.

           Jesus dialectical teaching o­n war and peace lead to different opinions among his followers, including Leo Tolstoy, and Ivan Ilyin, and Mahatma Gandhi, and Leo Semashko.

           The early democratic, as well as communistic Church excluded soldiers from its community.

It was o­nly with Emperor Diocletian and his cancellation of the ‘Non licet vos esse’ for Christians and with the conversion of Emperor Constantine, and with Augustine's just war theory, that the Church considered defensive, just wars to be justified. There appeared the army chaplains.

             There started the Constantinian Christianity. But o­nly twice, since Augustine did a king or a queen not make war, because it did not meet the conditions of the Just War Theory. In all other cases, both combatants considered their war to be just. In spite of the fact that the Just War Theory was a failure, it continues to the present. The American Administration still used it for the war in Iraq.

          Hundreds of army chaplains participated in Barbarossaand gave their blessings o­n the basis of the Lateran Treaty between Vatican and Mussolini, and theEmpire Concordatebetween the Vatican and Hitler, while 4 millionEuropean soldiers marched to Leningrad, and Moscow, and Kiev, and killed26 million Russians and 6 million Jews, preparing the colonization of Russia up to the Volga.

          After Oppenheimer's Trinity bomb, a name blasphemously taken from the Hindu and Christian Trinity, the Church itself has doubts concerning thefurther validity of the Just War Theory.

          At this moment in history no living or dead world religion has a valid theoretical theodicy answer. Who could say, that Auschwitz was a holocaust, a burned sacrifice? Who would be the priestoffering this sacrifice>What would be its purpose: the state of Israel? Who could say that Hiroshima was a divine punishment? Who could say that Nagasaki was a divine test? In August 1945, an American, Catholic army chaplain blessed with holy water the two atomic bombs, which were shortly afterwards thrown o­n over 100 000 civilians to incinerate them, without any historical necessity. It was the moment of utter bankruptcy for all religious theodicies.

         In terms of the history of philosophy and science, Christianity was the Religion of Becoming, Freedom and Complete Manifestation, in terms of Heraclitus, the philosopher of becoming. There is not a word of Heraclitus' teaching, which would not be present in Hegel's dialectical logic.


           Both philosophers taught panta rei ("everything flows"). It is because of this statement, that Hegel's philosophy has been persona non grata in America, since the Great Depression. His dialectical logic is rejected. The old Aristotelian logic is continued, with some derivations. The psychological, social and cultural consequences of the rejection of the dialectical logic have been enormous, not o­nly in military science.

          While in all social systems the masters wanted their servants to believe that they were eternal, Hegel ,informed by Heraclitus, taughtin his dialectical world history the very opposite: thatthe freedom of the o­ne is superseded by the freedom of the few, and the freedom of the few is superseded by the freedom of all. Not o­nly the servants, but also the masters die, and are replaced, until all will be free.

           Hegel learned from Heraclitus also: Polemos pataer panton ('War is the father of all things.'). After Einstein, Oppenheimer, Heisenberg and Ivan Supek, this sentence has become most problematic. When my friend Ivan Supec was asked by the Tito Government to produce an atomic bomb for Yugoslavia, and the other non-aligned nations, he refused to do so. He even stopped teaching quantum physics in Zagreb, Instead he founded a global peace movement. I became part of it in Zagreb, where I worked in Ivan Supek's Inter-University Center for over 40 years,

            If spheronics wants to face the most horrible theodicy problem, the goodness of God, the freedom of man, and the origin of evil, developed by Leibniz, ridiculed by Voltaire in his Candide, andby the bourgeois enlightenment, and reconstructed dialectically by Hegel, it must differentiate between history and evolution. It can also not be dualistic, but must be dialectical: determinate negation concrete negation.

          A critical, dialectical spheronics must explore the origin of evil specifically, namely, e.g. , as the origin of exclusive, authoritarian, totalitarian fascism,in its different forms, in the 20th and 21st centuries. o­ne goal of this fascism has been from its verybeginningup to the present the colonization of the Slavic World for Europeans without space..

           The denazification worked in the German Democratic Republic. It did not work in the German Federal Republic. My uncle Dr. Karl Siebert had been thenational-socialist judge in Geisa, near what today is called Point Alpha in Thüringia, where the Russian and American army, members of an anti-fascist alliance, met in Summer 1945 according to theYalta and Potsdam Agreement. My uncle was denazified in the German Democratic Republic, He was punished for his having been a Nazi and he wassentenced to work in a kali mine near Geisa. He lost his pension. But he was able to into the West, into the German Federal Republic, where he found new employment in his profession, and his pension was restored.

            Denazification was suspended to a large extend in the German Federal Republic, in order to win over the German people for the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Marshal plan andconsequent economic miracle helped further.

          Admittedly, denazification was not stopped completely in the German Federal Republic. My cousin, anti-fascist Judge Persecke, participated in the Auschwitz Trial in Frankfurt am Mine in the 1970ties. His hairs became while in a short time, not o­nly because of the witnesses reporting o­n the terrible Auschwitz crimes , but also because of the pressure he received from the German population, who told him not to prosecute German compatriots, who hadonly done their duty according tothe prevailing German law, thirty years earlier

           A critical, dialectical spheronics may very well be able to penetrate the origin of evil in its most recent, most concrete, historical form of fascism, threatening a nuclear, orhydrogen World War III, in the name of the goodness of God and the freedom of man.

Prof. Rudolf Siebert





                Дорогой Лео:

                      Параграф 12 очень хорош. Вот несколько мыслей:

                С наилучшими пожеланиями, твой Руди, из дома Мир.






Лео Толстой и Иван Ильин были укоренены в христианской традиции.

В то время как Махатма Ганди был индуистом, его центральный принцип ненасильственного сопротивления был взят из христианства, из Нагорной Проповеди, из его четвертой заповеди:

«Вы слышали, как было сказано: глаз for глаз и зуб на зуб. Но я говорю вам это: предложите злым человеку, не сопротивляется. Напротив, если кто -то ударит вас в правую щеку, предложите ему и другую; Если человек приведет вас к закону и будет иметь вашу тунику, пусть он также получит ваш плащ. И если кто -то приказывает вам пройти одну милю, пройдите две мили с ним, дайте всем, кто спрашивает, и если кто -то хочет одолжить, не отказывайтесь ». (Исход 21: 24-25; Матфея 5: 38-42)


         Махатма был более христианин, чем многие христиане.

         Иисуса собственное учение о мире и войне было очень диалектическим. Он сказал, с одной стороны, в начале своего обучения:

«Не думайте, что я пришел, чтобы принести мир на землю: это не мир, который я принес, а меч. Ибо я пришел, чтобы поставить человека против его отца, дочь против ее матери, дочь против ее матери. Враги мужчины будут врагами его собственной семьи». (Матфея 10: 34-39)


          Иисус сказал, с другой стороны, в конце своего учения:

«Мир, который я завещаю тебе, мой собственный мир, который я даю тебе, мир, который мир не можешь дать, это мой дар тебе». (Иоанна 14:27)

          Когда Петр хотел защитить Иисуса от еврейской полиции, которая хотела взять его в плену на горе Олив, он сказал ему убрать свой меч.

          Диалектическое учение Иисуса о войне и мире приводит к различным мнениям среди его последователей, включая Лео Толстого, Ивана Ивлина, Махатмы Ганди и Лео Семашко.

             Ранняя демократическая, а также коммунистическая церковь исключила солдат из своей общины.

           Только с Императора Диоклетиана и его отменой Non licet vos esse. («Не должно вам быть.» Таким приговором римские императоры лишали первых христиан права на существование), с обращения императора Константина и с теории справедливой войны Августина, церковь считала войны оборонительными и они оправдывались. Появились армейские капелланы.

         Так началось Константианское христианство. Но только дважды, после Августина, король или королева не вступали в войну, потому что она не соответствовала условиям теории справедливой войны. Во всех других случаях комбатанты считают свою войну справедливой. Несмотря на то, что теория справедливой войны была неудачной, она сохраняется до настоящего времени. Американская администрация все еще использовала ее для войны в Ираке.

          Сотни армейских капелланов приняли участие в Барбароссе и дали свои благословения на основе Латера́нских соглаше́ниий между Ватиканом и Муссолини, а Конкордат был согласован между Ватиканом и Гитлером, в то время как 4 миллиона европейских солдат шли к Ленинграду, Москве, и Киеву, убили 26 миллионов русских и 6 миллионов евреев, подготавливая колонизацию России до Волги.

            После бомбы Троицы Оппенгеймера, название кощунственно взятое из индуистской и христианской Троицы, у самой церкви возникли сомнения относительно дальнейшей обоснованности теории справедливой войны.

           На данный момент в истории ни одна живая или мертвая мировая религия не имеет достоверного теоретического ответа теодицеи. Кто мог бы сказать, что Освенцим был Холокостом, жертвой сгоревших? Кто был бы священником, предложившим эту жертву? Какова была бы его цель: государство Израиль? Кто мог бы сказать, что Хиросима была божественным наказанием? Кто мог бы сказать, что Нагасаки была божественным тестом? В августе 1945 года американский капеллан католической армии благословил святой водой, эти две атомные бомбы, которые добавили более 100 000 (факт: около 250 тысяч) сожженных гражданских лиц к жертвам ВМВ без какой-либо военной необходимости. Это был момент полного банкротства для всей религиозной теодицеи.

            С точки зрения истории философии и науки, христианство было религией становления, свободы и полного проявления, с точки зрения Гераклита, философа становления. Нет ни одного слова учения Гераклита, которое бы не присутствовало в диалектической логике Гегеля.

            Оба философа преподавали Панта Рей («Все течет»). Именно из-за этого утверждения философия Гегеля была Persona non Grata в Америке с момента Великой депрессии. Его диалектическая логика отвергается. Старая аристотелевская логика продолжается, с некоторыми производными. Психологические, социальные и культурные последствия отвержения диалектической логики были огромными, не только в военной науке.

             В то время как во всех социальных системах хозяева хотели, чтобы их слуги поверили, что они будут вечными, Гегель, ведомый Гераклитом, учил в своей диалектической мировой истории прямо противоположному: свобода одного сменяется свободой немногих, а свобода немногих сменяется свободой всех. Не только слуги, но и хозяева умирают и заменяются, пока все не освободятся. Гегель также узнал от Гераклита: 'Waristhefatherofallthings' – «война – отец всех вещей».

            После Эйнштейна, Оппенгеймера, Гейзенберга и Ивана Супека это предположение стало самым проблематичным. Когда правительство Тито попросило моего друга Ивана Супека изготовить атомную бомбу для Югославии и других неприсоединившихся стран, он отказался это сделать. Он даже перестал преподавать квантовую физику в Загребе. Вместо этого он основал глобальное движение за мир. Я стал его частью в Загребе, где более 40 лет проработал в Межуниверситетском центре Ивана Супека.

             Если сфероника хочет столкнуться с ужаснейшей проблемой теодицеи, благости Бога, свободы человека и происхождения зла, разработанной Лейбницем, высмеянной Вольтером в его «Кандиде» и буржуазным Просвещением и диалектически реконструированной Гегелем, она должна различать историю и эволюцию. Она также не может быть дуалистической, а должна быть диалектической: детерминированным отрицанием, конкретным отрицанием.

            Критическая, диалектическая сфероника должна исследовать происхождение зла конкретно, а именно, как источник исключительного, авторитарного, тоталитарного фашизма в его различных формах в 20-м и 21-м веках. Одной из целей этого фашизма с самого начала и до настоящего времени была колонизация славянского мира европейцами без территории.

            Денацификация сработала в Германской Демократической Республике. В Федеративной Республике Германии она не работала. Мой дядя, доктор Карл Зиберт, был национал-социалистическим судьей в Гейсе, недалеко от того места, которое сегодня называется мысом Альфа в Тюрингии, где летом 1945 года встретились русская и американская армии, члены антифашистского союза в соответствии с Ялтинско-Потсдамским соглашением.

           Мой дядя был денацифицирован в Германской Демократической Республике. Его наказали за то, что он был нацистом, и он был приговорен к работе на калийной шахте недалеко от Гейзы. Он потерял пенсию. Но он смог уехать на Запад, в Германскую Федеративную Республику, где нашел новую работу по своей профессии, и его пенсия была восстановлена.

           Денацификация была в значительной степени приостановлена в Федеративной Республике Германии, чтобы привлечь немецкий народ к холодной войне против Советского Союза. План Маршала и последовавшее за ним экономическое чудо помогли еще больше.

           Правда, полностью денацификацию в ФРГ остановить не удалось. Мой двоюродный брат, судья-антифашист Персекке, участвовал в процессе Освенцима во Франкфурте-на-Майне в 1970-е годы. Его волосы поседели за короткое время не только из-за свидетелей, сообщавших об ужасных преступлениях в Освенциме, но и из-за давления, которое он испытал со стороны немецкого населения, которое требовало от него не преследовать в судебном порядке немецких соотечественников, только выполнявших свой долг в соответствии с действующим немецким законодательством тридцатью годами ранее.

           Критическая, диалектическая сфероника вполне может проникнуть в истоки зла в его самой последней, самой конкретной, исторической форме фашизма, угрожающего ядерной, или водородной, Третьей мировой войной, во имя блага Бога и свободы человека.

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