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Corporatism: Holistic Social Carcinogenesis of True Peace and Social Production. Corporatism and Fascism


Spheronics: True Peace Megascience

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13. Corporatism: Holistic Social Carcinogenesis of True Peace and Social Production

Corporatism and Fascism.

Leo Semashko, Rodney Atkinson (+coauthors)



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The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our ways of thinking,
and thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophes


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking
we were at when we created them.”


We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking [by the true peace spherons]
if mankind is to survive.”

Albert Einstein


          In the previous paragraph, a complex of social pathologies and evils that oppose to the spherons’ true peace and their two main directions-fronts of the fight against them, were considered. This paragraph is its continuation and the answer of spheronics to the problem of theodicy. Here, a structural social source and a holistic, integral cause of evil are revealed, constantly reproducing it - branch corporatism.

          At the empirical level, o­ne of this paragraph coauthor, the British scientist and politician Rodney Atkinson, has systematically studied corporatism since 1990, whose key works are listed in the bibliography below [1-8]. His conclusions are also confirmed by numerous other sources in the bibliography. In our paragraph, the analysis of corporatism rises to the theoretical level of generalization within the spheronics framework as a scientific holistic paradigm of the spherons true peace. It differs from all heterogeneous, often ideologically opposed, confrontational non-scientific theories of the so-called. "corporatism": political, state, fascist, Catholic, progressive, communitarian, liberal, solidarity, neo-corporatism, etc., existing since antiquity and in different countries in different models (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporatism). We do not enter into their consideration, although some of their constructive ideas, adequate to the spheronics true peace are integrated by it.


1. The corporation dialectical nature: its historical overgrowth into a source of genocidal threat,
socio-carcinogenic pathology and extreme evil


          The corporation is a universal form of branch, legally recognized, private and state business organization of social production in all its types, segments and in various its social, political, economic and juridical formats in history, starting since times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. The main goal of all corporations, except for non-profit, is to profit, o­ne or another benefit: financial, political, ideological, etc. The general idea of corporations as legal entities of different industry organizations of public production is disclosed in Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporation; 33). Therefore, we do not touch it, as well as long corporate history and focus o­n their dialectical nature, especially o­n their limitations and the negative side, practically ignored in science, sociology and philosophy; although there are some exceptions from this rule that we will dwell below.

          We emphasize o­nly the last two historical stages of the corporation evolution. Prior modernity, the corporation legal nature came down to juridical fiction, as in the US Supreme Court definition at the XIX century beginning: “Corporation is an artificial establishment, invisible, intangible and existing o­nly from the point of view of the law” [26]. In the original [27]. At the new level, “modern US practice distinguishes public (Public), quasi-public (Quasi-Public), commercial (Private, Business of Profit-Making) and non-profit (Non-Profit) corporations” [28]. Thus, modern legal science has already distinguished by four juridical organizational institutions of the corporations and several national corporate governance models [28].

          The corporation has two inextricable and interdependent attributes.

          The first, priority and positive of them is its social utility, determined by the necessary products/resources and/or services in all four spheres of social production that ensures its social legitimate recognition. This side of the corporations is o­n its surface, obvious to everyone, is intensively advertised by the corporation itself for its viable expansion and does not require special evidence.

          The second, shadow and negative attribute, this is its historical outcome into a source of the genocide threat, socio-carcinogenic pathology and evil. It was called by Atkinson as “Corporatism” and our paragraph is dedicated to it.

The corporations’ negative attribute public understanding is opposed the camouflage false formula of corporate pathology in the liberal wrapper, which has become almost world law: “What is good for General Motors, good for the country”, which is accepted by each corporation in its full excuse.

          o­n empirical level, the facts infinite number collected by Atkinson for more than three decades [1-8] refutes this corporate pseudo law. They allow him to draw the following general conclusions, the main of which reads: “Corporatism is the underlying evil which destroys national democracies and thence international peace” [5]

          In his works, “corporatism” is defined as an agonizing stage and form of Western imperial civilization, suicidally destroying all its achievements: democracy, truth, prosperity, peace and preparing humanity genocide in a new, world nuclear war for almost 80 years after the WWII. The corporatist west sacrificing with all its cultural and economic achievements fuels the nuclear war in Ukraine by the crazy supply of weapons to the doomed Nazi regime, deceiving itself and its peoples that this puppet regime is able to “win the battlefield” a powerful nuclear power [1-8].

          He emphasize: “1. The corporatist Statist systems, which are a threat to democracy and external peace are in my analysis part of the NON ORGANIC power-political structures and can be contrasted with the ORGANIC systems of natural human development : individual, family, community, parliament, nation and internationalism. The former disfigure the latter and by undermining the latter cause poverty, alienation and war.

          2. It is corporatism, which leads to impositions, control, trade attacks/protectionism and war. Enterprise capitalism is a natural part of the free, organic system, offering its enterprise, goods and services and willingness to trade within a rule of law. State Corporatism of course distorts law for political and economic power - as we see so clearly in the West in general and the UK and USA in particular today. (And which is by no means absent outside “the West”)

          3. Corporatism automatically leads to national failure and thence to the urge to conquer others to compensate.” [1-8]

          Many authors in many works of the last decades [9-44] confirm these conclusions o­n o­ne side or another.


2. Modern corporatism as a source of deadly, genocidal metastasis in all spheres of humanity


          Corporatism is a universal organizational and managerial reason for the growing genocidal threats to humanity as a whole, which are moving from a latent and weak form to a strong and obvious form since the 20th century in all four spheres of its social production and the spontaneous spherons true peace. Let's list in each of the four spheres the most obvious genocidal dangers, evil for humanity.

          The SOCIOSPHERE. It includes branches of the people reproduction, primarily health care, education and sports (paragraph-7) and is infected by the following corporate carcinogens. This is primarily an obsessive LGBT trend, generated by the corporate benefit of medical surgical and pharmacological institutions. These corporations stubbornly impose their sex reassignment services, which are objectively diagnostically useful o­nly to units out of hundreds of thousands, as mass in many countries under the banner of false gender freedom and under the pressure of its powerful propaganda. But these services turn out to be harmful not o­nly for separate societies but for humanity as a whole. The destructive LGBT trend globalization destroys the natural, God-given vital sexual dimorphism, undermining the o­nly biological source of population reproduction. It irreversibly leads in the historical perspective to the genocidal degeneration of humanity that is similar to its nuclear genocide but not instantaneous but stretched over decades and centuries. Many large pharmaceutical corporations, encouraged by the main medical corporation - WHO, have a similar genocidal effect [1-8]. The sociosphere educational branch especially its universities [9], where a positivist and clip way of thinking forcibly plant also is infected by this corporate carcinogens.

          The INFOSPHERE. It includes branches of the various information production primarily the media, science, design, and the like (paragraph-7). Many scientists long ago, immediately after the end of WWII, note the corporate rebirth of the media from the organs of honest and objective informing the population into corrupt propaganda organs of its disinformation and zombification, which make the public consciousness false and manipulate it in the interests of the ruling elites. This turns modern media in many countries into a kind of “Goebbels Mainstream Media”, “Goebbels Media” [21a; 1-8], who did not stop at any lie for the sake of the victory of Nazism and its world domination that is tantamount to the humanity genocide. They destroy traditional religious values and faith, spread atheism and Satanism, reject the “golden rule of religions” [22], etc. They create a dangerous trend of the mass "industry of culture", revealed by the Frankfurt Critical School, whose achievements are integrated by spheronics and are developed in it at a new level.

          The ORGSPHERE. It including branches of state power, law, politics, finance, governance, defense, security, directed to production, provision and protection of relevant corporate organizations and their organizational order (paragraph-7). In this sphere, the corporate genocidal carcinogens are especially dangerous due to their universality, scale, "legitimacy" of the total militarization of politics and governance. The most terrible of them is the rapidly growing political danger of a nuclear war that could break the thread of human life, as much has been said in the preceding paragraphs. This is the most dangerous genocidal pathology of humanity for almost 80 years after the atomic terrorist bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 [21b, 1-8; and others]. It is not far behind the pathology of global finance in periodic global economic crises. Such pathologies of power and governance are powerless to solve the degenerate corporate and elitist democracy, which is increasingly detached from the people [1-8; and others].

          The TECHNOSPHERE, ECONOMY. It includes branches of material production aimed at creating material products/resources, material goods and services from natural resources. The largest economic corporations from their spectrum in this sphere, mining, energy and agricultural branches, pose another, no less dangerous, environmental genocidal threat to humanity, which is well known and widely reported. The endless predatory exploitation of nature destroys the natural habitat of humanity, leads to its pollution, which sharply lowers the population health and leads it to degeneration. The genocidal danger of a world nuclear war is fed by the military-industrial complex, which ensures the continuous acceleration of the arms race, especially nuclear, which humanity has been unable to stop by any traditional political means and methods for almost 80 years. A cardinal solution to these pathologies and threats has not yet been found, as well as other corporate genocidal threats. This also includes destructive threats of trade wars and economic sanctions, etc. [1-8; and others.].

          Similar examples of corporate genocidal threats to humanity as a whole can be increased that does not change their essence and structure, which are generalized and expressed by the following model.


Model-13. Corporatism as a social carcinogenesis of humanity,

its social production and true peace



          The holistic (complete) corporatism example of national scale with an open priority and absolutization of genocidal threats to humanity in all four spheres of social production with the complete, 100%, suppression of all the true peace germs at both inside and outside the national state is the Adolf Hitler Third Reich in 1933-1945. [1-8; 10-32]. The Hitler Germany holistic Nazi/Fascist regime established its dominance in all four spheres of its social production.

          In the technosphere, in the economy, this is the dominance of corporations of the military-industrial complex with the leading in scale and influence concerns of Krupp, Goering and other German industrialists. They were heavily invested by US corporations and widely used the slave labor force of private concentration camps [1-8; 10-32].

          In the organizational sphere, in politics, this is the imperious domination of the Nazi organization under the leadership of the o­nly legal and ruling in 1933-1945 Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP) with an openly aggressive, genocidal and militaristic domestic and foreign policy, supported by powerful armed forces - the Wehrmacht. It inevitably gave rise to the WWII with more than 60 million victims [1-8; 10-32].

          In the infosphere, in the public consciousness, science and worldview - this is the dominance of monistic, nationalistic, violent and completely, 100%, openly false ideology/propaganda of “Big Lie”, physically destroying any alternative and dissent to it. Its mastermind and leader in Hitler's Germany, its "Reich Minister for Public Education and Propaganda" Goebbels, publicly asserted the law of the Nazi media: "The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small o­ne", which was first formulated by Hitler in his "Mein Kampf" back in 1925. This law continues to operate today in many world media [1-8; 10-32].

          In the sociosphere, this is the dominance of the o­ne Aryans corporate national community, which surpasses all other nations and ethnic groups, and therefore has the right to enslave and physically destroy them, starting with Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and so o­n according to their own list. For ethnic cleansing, Hitler created corporate concentration camps with a continuous cycle of killing millions of non-Aryans in gas furnaces [1-8; 10-32]. And so o­n.

          Hitler's Third Reich proved scientifically and historically that corporatism is the source of the worst, most dangerous, Nazi, genocidal organization of society as a whole. Since 1925, it has been generating and still strengthening the modern trend of the globalization of fascism [24] and the totalitarianization of corporate democracy [32], which is fatal for humanity in any of its, even the most “liberal” form, for its future without alternatives. Nazi corporatism is the origin of Orwell's famous aphorism: "lies is truth and war is peace."

          A scientific, true and holistic alternative to Nazism, as the highest and most dangerous form of corporatism for the humanity life is offered o­nly by the spherons’ true peace Gandhian spheronics in our primer/primer. o­nly it ensures the cognitive eradication of the Nazi mentality, thinking, consciousness and worldview in general, opposing it with holistic, “substantially new thinking” (Einstein) and the worldview of the spherons’ global true peace/security of humanity at all levels, which is proved and revealed in the dialogue in our peacemaking primer-introduction of spheronics.


3. Socio-philosophical overcoming, denial and definition of corporatism
as a social carcinogenesis of the spherons’ natural true peace

Theses for revision and reduction.


          From the empirical facts and definitions of corporatism, let's move o­n to its socio-philosophical systemic generalization, definition and understanding of ways to overcome, or at least sufficiently limit its genocidal threats to humanity. At the same time, the branch essence positive aspect of corporations is preserved and developed within the methodological framework of Theodor Adorno's "negative dialectics", which is integrated by critical spheronics into its fourdimensional tetradialectics of the whole and parts (paragraph-2).

          Corporatism in our brief theoretical definition is the spheronics scientific theory, which reveals the complex socio-carcinogenic process of origin, development and neutralization of the consequences of its social pathologies and evils in all spheres of humanity. This brief definition is expanded and deepened in in the theses below.

          What reality is defined by this large-scale, global category define? It is related to the category "imperialism", which expresses the negative, aggressive and exploitative essence of corporations. But corporatism determines the structural, organizational and managerial essence of imperialism, which is more constructive, universal and fundamental for understanding the causes of all its modern social pathologies, deformities and genocidal threats in its entire spectrum. Corporations are subjects of structural violence, which was first studied by Johan Galtung [14; 15] and Michel Foucault [16], but without an analysis of its subjects, actors, o­n the actualization of which our approach focuses.

          Spheronics reveals the essence, origins and pathology of corporatism at the socio-philosophical level, opposing it with an alternative to the social production (SP) spheral fractal organization, limiting and correcting the negative, carcinogenic attribute of corporations, preserving and enhancing their social usefulness. It is disclosed in detail in the following paragraph: “Spheral democracy and fractal organization of social production and true peace”.

          In the previous paragraphs, it was revealed that the spherons natural true peace is identical to their natural social production in general (paragraph-3 and others). Its, (SP) general pathology is a partial/branch structural organization and governance that limits, distorts and disfigures the integral nature of production and its peace, their natural spheral structure. The corporations as true social carcinogens affect the society structure and all its social institutions, cause irreversible changes and give rise to their social carcinogenesis, which is found o­nly in long-term distant crisis pathological changes in these institutions. We will name just two of the many examples. The Roman Empire corporatism ruined it for almost 6 centuries. The USSR corporatism led it to disintegration in 74 years, and so o­n. The same fate awaits all states and socio-political unions if they do not get rid of and are not cured of corporatism.

          The corporatism is a universal negative counterweight to the SP universal natural spheres and spherons and their true peace. This counterbalance is born within them because of their historical imperfection and weakness to resist it. The corporatism laws suppress their (spheres and spherons) general laws of harmony and nonviolence, primarily the "Golden Rule" of religions [22] that makes corporatism atheistic and openly satanic in the extreme spectrum.

          The corporatism perverts the integral (truly harmonious and nonviolent) sociogenetic nature of humanity, limiting it to a partial, branch organizational structure. It turns out to be predominantly violent, disharmonious, aggressive and militant in past history, threatening humanity now with numerous deadly, genocidal dangers in every sphere. The corporations have always been and remain a state within a state, predominantly monarchical and oligarchic, o­n the basis of which, as a rule, the state as a whole is built, in which the corporate elite always plays an actual, but backstage ruling role [1-8 and others].

          Corporatism absolutizes the private, including the "national interest", ignoring or minimizing, at best, the general interest of humanity. This leads to deadly competition among corporations, the destruction of the best but the weakest of them, the suppression of holistic structures or their perversion and subordination to corporate interests, as happened with international organizations: the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, IMF, WTO, etc. They act for the common good o­nly if it meets the private and national interests of their key members in the first place that determines their extreme inefficiency and injustice. The priority of private interests affirms a destructive corporate strategy: "every corporation for itself, o­ne God for all." It is this strategy that leads humanity to self-destruction in all spheres of its existence. The corporations act in society like certain medicines and drugs in the body, curing o­ne disease, destroying or harming the body as a whole.

          The corporations falsely and arrogantly identify their partiality, devoid of the natural attribute of the necessary and sufficient component for the life of society and individual(paragraph-5), with the whole. Identification of a part with a whole is not an elementary logical error but a fundamental flaw and miscalculation of thinking, consciousness and worldview, which Albert Einstein realized 75 years ago and diagnosed it. It is reproduced in the epigraph of this paragraph. Based o­n it, it can be determined that corporatism is a product of narrow and branch, empirical and positivist thinking, which threatens the humanity survival by its inability to solve the fundamental social problems that it generates. To solve them, as Einstein writes, “a substantially new manner of thinking” is required, which is offered by Gandhian spheronics as a worldview and science of the humanity spherons true peace. Einstein long ago foresaw the extreme, genocidal danger of branch, corporate thinking for humanity. The "substantially new manner of thinking" by spherons - the true peace spheronics - is so far the o­nly way out of the trap and genocidal suicidal loop of corporatism.

          The corporations hide behind their branch benefits, causing holistic, spheral harm to society as a whole. This is a fundamental, genetic contradiction of corporations, which can o­nly be balanced by a spheral fractal organization of social production and its management, which will be considered in the next paragraph. The spheral organization limits the corporation’s branch evil, their aggressiveness in competition and belligerence in the worldview and advertising, which gives rise to total confrontation and chaos that are detrimental to society as a whole. They squander the social energy of society not o­n common creative goals but o­n debilitating enmity and struggle among themselves. Their endless conflicts give rise to all crises, violent revolutions and wars that undermine the social whole, exhausting and denying it.

          Corporatism is the branch corporation’s dominance over the spherons social (spheral) integrity, which creates all its carcinogenic pathologies that threaten its life. Ideologically and theoretically, corporatism finds false acquittal and "class", partial justification in various forms of militant monism in the philosophy history as well as in various forms of perverted, "postmodern" consciousness. The corporatist consciousness is armed with corporate tools of destructive total denial of the fundamental spheral pillars of humanity: faith (atheism, Satanism, etc.), science (antiscientism, etc.), culture (mass pop culture, etc.), truth (fakes, etc.), diplomacy (sanctions, etc.), dialogue (silence, etc.), family (LGBT, etc.), gender (gender surgery, pharmacology), politics (aggression, etc.), democracy (authoritarianism) and so o­n.

          In geopolitics, corporatism degenerates into a world dictatorship, into monopoly and imperialism, into the armed violence hegemony of the “golden billion”, embodied in a unipolar world order, myopically nurturing a total genocidal threat to humanity with trillions of budgets. Spheronics, as sociological pluralism, becomes the theoretical basis of a multipolar world order, integrating and substantiating all previous developments in solving this problem by A. Dugin and others. The multipolarity cannot be based o­n any philosophical and sociological monism of corporatism but o­nly o­n the spheronics scientific, tetradic pluralism.

          The dominance of corporations, their monopolies and their transformation into empires is determined by the concentration in them of the resources of material wealth, things and power, the administrative and finance resources that ensures to them the subordination, control and governance over the other two key resources of society, over people and information. This is the reason for the dominance of corporatism and its genocidal threats from the point of view of spheronics.

          The genocidal, corporatist threat growth to humanity do not go unnoticed in the same narrow, branch thinking, which begins to self-critically realize itself in a new trend, for example, in the cluster approach awareness, which extinguishes some of the corporations vices in the branches cluster association [42; 43]. Their association, leading in perspective to their synergistic integration into spheres, is becoming an increasingly powerful real trend of social production, replacing the trend of corporatism. The cluster trend and approach is integrated by spheronics, which provides it with methodological support and theoretical justification, overcoming the epistemological and social causes of corporatism that stand in its way.

          But the cluster approach, like the branch approach, with all its advantages, does not ensure the creation of the most efficient, fractal organization of social production governance [43], which is provided o­nly by the spheral approach illustrated in our previous paragraphs.

         The corporatism branch, partial nature dialectically deny by the spheral, holistic nature of the humanity spherons still unknown to it but already discovered by Mahatma Gandhi almost a century ago, and implicitly, like the “mole of history” (Shakespeare), developing a century in the history of spheronics in spite of all its corporatist discriminations and inquisitorial persecution [44].

          The spheronics predicts a change of the corporatist world order and its limited branch organization, which ensured the multi-thousand-year progress of civilization despite all the vices and threats, with a spheral holistic and multipolar world order of integral supporting spherons as genetic and therefore eternal actors of true social production and its true, just peace and security. They will qualitatively transform the civilizational progress of humanity, free it from the genocidal threats of corporatism based o­n "substantially new thinking" and the worldview of spherons. It inevitably replaces the false corporate positivist consciousness in the second axial time long perspective of humanity, which began in the 19th century and finishes at the XXI century end.

           The modern generations are its direct participants and actors. The evolutionary change of the branch substance of their thinking to the spheral substance, which, according to the conclusion of o­ne of its pioneers together with Gandhi - Vladimir Vernadsky, is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium" (Vernadsky).." This is the genesis and Rubicon of a new, conscious and better future. [1-8; 32-44].


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Leo Semashko, Russia,


Rodney Atkinson, Britain,





Paragraph-13. Corporatism and Fascism


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

     We are glad to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions paragraph-13, devoted, in fact, to corporatism and fascism, as its extremely dangerous form for the humanity life. This is a new and very important topic for spheronics, proposed since the very beginning by the famous British scientist and politician Rodney Atkinson (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1064).

      He stubbornly and contrary to Western false public opinion has been working with it for more than 30 years as an honest scientist, for whom truth is above everything. It coincides with our desire for truth and true peace contrary the dominant false, corporatist militaristic peace, fraught with nuclear genocide and world wars. Therefore, I again invite his to coauthor of this paragraph and I will be happy to put his name first if he agrees. Paragraph-13, 7 pages without bibliography, published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1147.

     This rough and unfinished version awaits Atkinson's key editing. This topic is extremely complex and extremely important for understanding a holistic scientific picture of true peace in the natural societal structure of the humanity spheres and spherons, which is still unknown to it. Therefore, my text is o­nly a draft, a sketch and a first approximation, especially in its third, thesis part, for which there was not enough time before my hospitalization a day later. In this regard, it will be substantially updated and refined as a result of collective discussion, primarily Atkinson's adjustments. His contribution to it will be the key and most significant, which we very much hope for.

     In view of my neurosurgical operation and a month-long rehabilitation, its discussion, along with other paragraphs, is extended until September 15th. If I am able to join the discussion sooner, I will let you know with my earlier response. I have to postpone writing the theses of the remaining paragraphs until my recovery after my surgery.

     Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,






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