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Hilarie Roseman, Leo Semashko. Project beginning: citizens’ appeals to the leaders

Hilarie Roseman

30 Metung Road,
25th May, 2005

To: The Prime Minister 
Hon. John Howard,
Parliament House, CANBERRA .A.C.T.

Dear Prime Minister,


In St. Petersburg , Russia , Professor Leo Semashko is working (www.peacefromharmony.org) to bring about peace in the world by making children a priority in all spheres of life.

The recent research by Tony Kryger, (Research Note no. 49 2004-05) shows that 9.3 per cent of all Australians are living in poverty.In all states, there are proportionately more children than adults living in poverty.In other words, households deemed to be in poverty tend to have more children living in them than adults.In Gippsland, where I live, there is a 12.5% poverty rate.Your latest budget gives an extra $6 to these people – the average price of two cakes.(If there is no bread give them cake).

The drop out rate from education ensures that poverty will remain.Already you are bringing in 20,000 skilled workers from overseas.The Australian Bureau of Statistics, at August 2004, cites 9,615 schools in Australia .Of 3,331,964 full time school students, the apparent retention rate for year 7/8 to Year 12 was 75.5%.The Report of the New south Wales Chief Health Officer, Social Determinants says that “the estimated life time cost to Australia of each early school leavers is $74,000.The year 12 retention rate in NSW was 70.5% in 2003. www.health.nsw.gov.au/public-health/chorep/soc/soc_retent.htm.The drop out rate at the top of the school year sometimes is misleading.The Victorian Government post that “For the year 2002, 25% of Victorian Government Schools had an absenteeism rate peaking at an average of 20.54 days per student in Year 9.This absenteeism includes truancy, school refusal, school withdrawal, early leaving (which refers to absences by children under 15 who drop out of school before completing their compulsory schooling.)www.audit.vic.gov.au/lreports_par/agp10002.html

I ask you to discuss with your Cabinet the plight of the poor in Australia , and the remedy – that of making children a priority.Perhaps you should also include in your discussion your policies of allowing high pollution levels in Australia which severely restrict work opportunities.If there is no rain there are no farms, if pollution envelopes our lakes we have no fish.Professor Bernard Phillips of the Sociological Imagination Group in the USA sees the world as suffering from alienation, anomie and addiction.You can begin to change this by making children a priority in Australia , who will be healthy, secure and value other people, as you have valued them.



Cc Hon. T. Abbot, Hon P. Costello, Hon. K. Beasley, Hon. K.Rudd, Hon. S.Bracks, Hon. C. Ingram, Archbishop K. Hart, Cardinal G. Pell, L. Dent, Dept of Human Services, Traralgon, Professor Leo Semashko, Professor Bernard Phillips

Dear All,

The work I do for the Catholic Women's League is Social Questions.  We had a "write in" the other day, and I have inserted two letters that I have written.  In the CWLpovhow o­ne you will see that I quote both Leo Semashko and also Bernie Phillips.  What would happen if the whole world made a priority of its children?  Would this eliminate alienation, anomie and addiction?.....

Hilarie Roseman 


May 26, 2005

Dear Hilarie,

Many warm thanks for your two the very urgent and important letters. I shall publish your first letter to the Prime Minister of Australia o­n our website "Peace from harmony". This letter, devoted to "Making Children a Priority in Australia", will open o­n it a new discussion about a priority of children in society. This idea has received development from Janusz Korczak, Mahatma Gandhi, Nobel Peace Laureates and some scientists. It develops also by our website. However, in an industrial society a priority of children is impossible. It is possible o­nly in a mature information society, which grows from industrial and supersedes it. It is possible o­nly then, when in an information society the law “About Children’s Suffrage Executed by Parents and Guardians” (to look the website Contents page 2-4) will be accepted. We o­n our website o­nly continue to develop and to discuss this idea. But it requires a practical embodiment in appropriate global civil movement.

Best harmony and peace wishes to you and your children and grandchildren,

Leo Semashko

May 31, 2005

Dr Leo Semashko

About the beginning of Global Civil Movement "MAKING CHILDREN's PRIORITY"


Dear friends and colleagues, parents and caregivers of children!

I would like to congratulate you o­n the International Day of Children Protection, June 1, but I can not, because this day remains hypocritical and bitter. It is important that o­nce a year society highlights the importance and necessity of child protection but at the same time it is outrageous that nothing is done of practical change. The world shudders at the incessant reports of disaster and violence against children, but there is little that protects them.

In Uganda a civil war lasting nineteen years has traumatized more than 40 thousand children but nobody can protect these children. Who is protecting these children? In Russia the past year approximately 50 children from two schools were burnt and 175 children were killed  the terrorists at Beslan school but nobody was able to protected them. This year in Krasnoyarsk 5 children were burnt but nobody has protected them. In the USA a mother drove her adopted son to his death but nobody has protected him. About 13 millions of the homeless children are in the USA and about 6 millions o­ne are in Russia but nobody has protected them. In some Muslim countries many hundreds children turn to the alive suicide bombers but nobody has protect them from death.

Each year we see similar statistics grows, child abuse and murder is measured in the tens of thousands. If you add the facts of hunger, poverty, criminality, narcomania, and discrimination against children, from which nobody protects them, they will be measured in tens and even hundreds millions. o­n the basis of this infinite number of unprotected children  the UN Special Session o­n Children (May 2002), initiated by UNICEF, was compelled to recognize that the world community leaves children in "poverty, discrimination and neglect". The good UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child (1989) has generally not been executed suggests UNICEF. The richest country in the world, the USA, has fallen to the level of the poorest, Somalia, in its sixteen year refusal to ratify this Convention, setting a poor example of a scornful attitude towards children for all the world. Children are the most humiliated and marginal part of the population all over the world.

I am ashamed for our attitude towards children. We do not pity to throw out billions o­n the weapon and infinite wars, to give back them to the oligarchs for their socially senseless and corrupting enrichment, but we save each cent for millions of hungry, homeless and deserted children, which are deprived the good schools, teachers, medicine, sport, leisure, decent meal, friendly cities etc. Childhood becomes sick, despised and hated for children. Everything that we now do now for so-called "protection" of children more similar o­n hypocritical complacence of power, the rich and adults but o­nly not o­n real, adequate to need, protection of children from all their social threats, troubles and disasters. THE HONEST AND FAIR PROTECTION FOR ALL CHILDREN IS NOT PRESENT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY.

The honest and constant protection of children, what they really require, will begin o­nly when CHILDREN BECOME A PRIORITY in society. Dmitry Mendeleyev, Janusz Korczak, Mahatma Gandhi, Elmar Sokolov, Nobel Peace Laureates, Cardinal Gustaaf Joss and some scientists called for this. But nobody knows HOW to ensure a priority to children? It can be ensured o­nly with a universal LAW "About Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents and Guardians", concretized for culture of each country and civilization. 

This law creates a priority for children. It pawns a corner stone in a basis for the order of social harmony, ensuring harmonious peace and preventing the main disasters of children: war, terrorism and poverty. It is discussed o­n sole in the world website "A New Culture of Peace from Harmony and Children's Priority" (www.peacefromharmony.org ). Please look the website contents pages 2-4, o­n which the project of the specified law is submitted.

It is a Multicultural, Multilingual and Pluralistic Website in four languages: Russian, English, Esperanto and Portuguese, to which six languages will be added in the future. More than 80 authors from 17 countries of the world have published o­n it more than 300 peace-building materials (documents, books, articles, verses, children pictures, photos etc.) for the interests and priority of children. We understand necessity of more effective practical actions in protection of children than a semi-official ritual of June 1. Children are in all countries, they are very important for each society, they require protection all over the world and they need to create a priority in all corners of the Earth. Therefore:


It will unit the best and most part of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, teachers and doctors, all caregivers, which with children make from 50 up to 80 % of the population in the different countries of the world. Our website, as a house of goodwill, will be first, but not by last, information resource for this humanitarian movement. There will be goodwill; there will be also other resources for it.
We address to all people of goodwill who are concerned about the problems children face, to support this movement by SENDING a short email with o­ne phrase "Make Children a Priority" to your government with copies in the UN, UNICEF and our website: semashko4444@mail.admiral.ru . In this letter, please, specify your first and second names, kind of employment, and relation to children (parent, grandmother, senior brother, teacher etc.), residence, country and date. For us you will be the adherents, with whom we shall form Organizational Committee of Global Movement "Making Children a Priority", its Mission, Program of activity and National Committees.

Hilarie Roseman from Australia, a mother of 8 children and grandmother of 12 grandchildren has sent the first email "making children a priority in Australia" to the Prime Minister of Australia Mr. John Howard o­n May 25. This email is published o­n our website.


We address also to all peacemaking, children's, female and other civil organizations to support and TOGETHER, incorporated forces, to build the new Global Movement.

The Global Civil Movement "MAKING CHILDREN A PRIORITY" will be a constant social institute for the protection of children. It will work towards finding the most effective tools for protecting children, for CHILDREN SUFFRAGE EXECUTED BY PARENTS AND GUARDIANS!
With wishes of real global protection for children,

 Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of the website "Peace from Harmony" co-authors


The first responses to the Appeal:

Grigory Toulchinsky, PhD, Professor, St.-Petersburg, Russia

I support idea of granting to children of the right of a vote categorically and resolutely. The people which are not having children can not have the same suffrages as people answering for children. A degree of the responsibility and horizons of this responsibility are very different.

Grigory Toulchinsky,
Father of four children, grandfather
May 31 2005
Dear Leo,

Greetings. I am very much impressed by your commited advocacy work for Child
protection, this is good work, please do not give. Peace!

Albert Kunihira,
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda
June 4, 2005

June 17, 2005

Dear Leo,
Our director has decided that we, Global Coalition for Peace, should put your appeal to Make Children the Priority o­n our website with a statement of our support for the effort.  We will not be contacting our president or any other government officials since our past efforts to make any impression o­n this administration have been a waste of time.  Can you direct me to where the appeal is o­n the Peace from Harmony website.  I just went searching for it and could not find it. 

In peace,
Rose Lord, Global Coalition for Peace


Dear Rose,
I am very grateful to your Global Coalition for Peace and your Director for support of our Appeal "Making Children a Priority". I understand you that the contacts to modern governments concerning questions of peace and children are a waste of time. But they are necessary rather to us than them. These contacts will attract attention of general public and wide audience (parents etc.) with children. Please think above it.
Our Appeal is in the Website News list for June. Copy of this letter I direct to the leaders of several friendly to us organizations with the purpose to receive their support for our Appeal. HumanDHS and your organization already have placed our Appeal o­n the websites. Thank you very much for solidarity.

Best peace and harmony wishes,

Leo Semashko

  June 18, 2005

TO: President George W. Bush

June 21, 2005 

Dear Mr. President,

Have you seen the attached article written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that thoroughly chronicles the shocking cover-up of the relationship between childhood vaccinations and the present epidemic of autism?  The article "Deadly Immunity" opens with these words,

When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data - and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.(http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2005/06/16/thimerosal/index_np.html

This is an abominable crime against humanity.  And it goes o­n with the shipping of mercury-laced vaccines to the developing countries of the world.  Something must be done about this, and so many other, instances of neglect and abuse towards the children of this country and the world.
Please read the attached appeal to make Children the Priority, written by Dr. Leo Semashko of Russia and supported by many concerned citizens and organizations of the world.

lease understand that as the most powerful leader in the world, you are in the unique position to put a stop to this particular crime against children and to start a worldwide trend to make children the priority.

Rose Lord
The mother of two children, writer, nurse, Mother-to-Mother for Peace and Nonviolence Program Chief, Co-Founder of Global Coalition for Peace, 4217 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA. rose@globalcoalitionforpeace.net,


Dear Leo,
I have sent an e-mail to our President about the Deadly Immunity article and our appeal. 
Sincerely, Rose

Dear Rose,
You have made a noble and bold act, having sent the President Bush an email with an appeal "to make children the priority"! Our website authors from 18 countries and world public opinion highly will appreciate your and Hilarie Roseman from Australia a resolute personal vote in support of a priority of children. You give us an example for practical actions in work of protection of peace and children, which are indissoluble: protecting peace, we protect our children and protecting children, we protect peace! We admire with you and we thank you for true devotion to peace and children!

I shall write an email to the President of Russia with an appeal "to create a priority for children of Russia and world" o­n September 1, per sad anniversary of tragical destruction of 186 children from hands of the terrorists in Beslan.
Warmest peace and harmony wishes,

Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of the website authors "A New Culture of Peace from Harmony and Children's Priority

To: President of Russian Federation
Mr. Vladimir Putin

Open Letter

September 1, 2005

Making Children a Priority in Russia

Dear Mr. Vladimir Putin!

On the anniversary of the unprecedented Beslan tragedy, which carried away the lives of 186 children, I count it as my moral and civil duty to address you with an appeal: Making Children a Priority in Russia. It is necessary for practically all aspects of the nation's development and transformation into a developed country. But, primarily, it is necessary for the prevention of similar tragedies in the future, for the strengthening and development of family, for the formation in future generation of a culture that is immune from terrorism about which you spoke o­n September 13, 2004, for overcoming the political apathy of our youth, for making the children's sphere a budgetary priority thereby ensuring a new quality basic, human, resource, that can o­nly grow from our children. You see, from this resource, the prosperity and socio-economic development of the country depends first of all.  Making children a priority is the most effective way of stating Russia's civil society and social state, reinforcing positive image of Russia and establishing its new peaceful role in the world.

The Beslan tragedy was not accidental. It became possible as o­ne of many consequences of the plight of children in our country and the unworthy relationship of the state to our youngest citizens. I shall remind you of o­nly some, the most shocking, facts from the children's sphere which includes their families, educational establishments, public health services, rest, sport and leisure and together with their parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors and other caregivers, covers up to 70 % of the country's population. In Russia 45 % of families with children have incomes below the living wage (Arguments and Facts, 49, 2003: all references are from this source below).  That means that almost half of the children, about 20 million, live in poverty, eat poorly, are frequently sick, attend inferior schools and have very little chance of attending a university. This trend, unfortunately, does not improve and is aggravated, by the new data confirming that 60 % of the country's population is poor (AaF, 33, 2005).

Other facts: In 2003 fires at two schools resulted in the burning deaths of about 50 children, and in a university's hostel about 40 younger students. In 2004, in Beslan, 186 children were killed in a terrorist act.  In 2005, five children were burned in Krasnoyarsk. More facts: In answer to a question, what you would like to see for your child, 45 % of the parents were at a loss to answer (AaF, 46, 2003). That means, that almost half of parents do not think about their children, the children's destiny and their responsibility for them. It means, not o­nly the state, but also society, is appreciably indifferent to children. The youth have no incentive to have children therefore the death-rate in the country steadily exceeds the birth rate, which means the slow extinction of the nation.

More facts: "In Russia up to 2000 children perish annually at the hands of their own moms and dads." (AaF, 29, 2005). "Out of hopelessness or alcoholism thousands of Russian children are either killed or abandoned by their mothers annually. In our children's homes about 40 thousand children suffer from a terror of the adults.  Why do we not mourn as bitterly as the victims of Beslan, Russian children becoming invalids from the cruelty of their own parents, from chronic underfeeding, from childhood  tuberculosis mowing down young life in the crude and cold barracks which have remained with us from Stalin's times?" (AaF, 31, 2005). "Each year approximately 15 thousand children leave the children's homes.  Out of these, 5 thousand end up in prison during the first year. Five thousand enter the ranks of the homeless and 1.5 thousand finish life by suicide" (AaF, 30, 2005). "In the Yaroslavl correctional house - boarding school for mentally retarded are 30 children - orphans. They begin to smoke at three years, to drink - at four, and they live by the laws of the jungle." (AaF, 33, 2005). In another children's home "teenagers are held naked in the punishment room for o­ne month" (AaF, 24, 2005).

Your councillor, Anatoly Pristavkin, testifies: "Today o­n streets are thrown out, by some accounts, 4-5 million children from 10 to 15 years old. This means in five years we will have the same number of criminals. It is a criminal nursery! The present situation is catastrophic.  It's not that the children are worse, it is society that has lowered the standard of meanness" (AaF, 20, 2005). In response to Pristavkin's article there is this figure: "each year the number of children who have stayed without care of their parents is increased by 110 thousand" (AaF, 27, 2005). I summarized o­nly some facts and o­nly from o­ne edition. Actually, similar examples are much worse. Through them appears the shape of an antihuman system, hostile to childhood, cherished (fostered) by a communistic regime and remaining with us even now.

How do we overcome this system, menacing to a nation, which kills and ruins the children of the country, its young generations, depriving Russia of hopes for a healthy and prosperous future? Certainly attention is given to children in this country but it is not enough to enable them to grow into productive citizens. To break the "meanness of society", the unworthy attitude of the state towards children and to turn the tendency of residual financing of the children's sphere around and make it a priority, it is necessary, first of all, to establish the socio-cultural and politico-legal institute of children's suffrage executed by parents. This institute is based o­n the appropriate law. It will democratically ensure that the children of Russia will be a priority in society, both in the family and in the state. (We should note that making children a social priority is not a new idea; it was proclaimed in different forms and cultures by many scientists, writers and public figures: Dmitry Mendeleyev, Janusz Korczak, Mahatma Gandhi, Elmar Sokolov, Cardinal Gustaaf Joss, Nobel Peace Laureates and others).

Certainly, this law is o­nly the first step, but a key step, to making children a priority in our country, a reality which is o­nly achievable to the fullest extent in a long-term perspective. The initial project for Russia is prepared (it is published in our with Martha Ross DeWitt book Children's Suffrage…, St-Petersburg, 2004, o­n Russian) and waits for wide scientific research and public discussion. This will not begin, in view of the large political and social importance of the theme, without your approval. In the West this idea has been actively discussed since 1991. Your presidency could be marked as a turning point in history and the salvation of the country by taking this step for children. It will be supported by the majority and best part of the population. The Stabilization Fund could be used for this purpose.

Children's suffrage executed by parents puts the priority of children in place of the priority of money.  Priority will be given not to those who has much money but to those who have children or are engaged with them. Children are an incomparably more important resource than money. Children are not o­nly our future but also part of the present. o­nly children's suffrage can ensure making children a priority in the present.

The institute of children's suffrage executed by parents was submitted by me to two International Congresses: International Institute of Sociology in Beijing in July 2004 and "Childhoods 2005" in Oslo in July 2005, and also in my books Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges (2002), Tetrasociology: Multicultural Dialogue … (2003, with 14 coauthors), Children's Suffrage… (2004, in the co-authorship with Martha Ross DeWitt), and in articles o­n this theme in the Journals Telescope (2005, № 2) and Star (2005, № 9, in the co-authorship with the writer V.V.Kavtorin), and in the several foreign publications.

In the world the appeal Making Children a Priority was born. For the first time it was sounded in Hilarie Roseman's letter, a mother of 8 children and grandmother of 12 grandchildren from Australia, which o­n May 25, 2005 was sent to the Prime Minister Mr. John Howard with the appeal Making Children a Priority in Australia. Then, a similar letter to the President of USA Mr. George Bush was written by the mother of three children and grandmother of two, Rose Lord from USA with the appeal Making Children a Priority in USA and to head the appropriate global civil movement. These letters are published o­n page 8-3 of our International Website A New Culture of Peace as Harmony, which unites more than 80 authors from 18 countries.  Similar letters prepare in a number of other countries, which form a basis for the new Global Civil Movement Making Children a Priority in the World.

Russia could occupy a leading place in this movement if it will not lose time and will be the initiator of research, discussion and inculcation of children's suffrage executed by parents. Such an initiative will essentially improve the international image of Russia; just as the image of Sweden has substantially improved since 1979 when it was the first country in the world to pass the anti-spanking law forbidding parents to use corporal punishment o­n their children.  Sweden can be proud before the face of the world and a shining example.  Russia has a similar chance to get rid of her negative image created by corruption, the international Russian Mafia, etc. You see, the aforementioned law, adapted by every culture and civilization in the multi-polar world of an information society of the 21st century, will form the basis for a new order of social harmony, preventing wars, terrorism and poverty. Such an initiative gives you the opportunity to become the Nobel Peace Laureate in future years. This initiative will find support by the UN, UNICEF and other International organizations and the political leaders from other countries.

Such is our (my and my adherents in the world) vital appeal (Making Children a Priority in Russia) to you, because we understand, that the solution to modern problems of peace, sustainable development and children, closely connected among themselves in our country and in the world, in many aspects will depend o­n your kind political will.

With deep respect,
Sincerely yours,

Leo Semashko
State Councillor of St. Petersburg, Ph.D., A/Professor, Director, Public Institute of Strategic Sphere (Tetrasociological) Studies; Website Director www.peacefromharmony.org , IFLAC Delegate in Russia; Member of Advisory Board, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies; Member of the International Sociological Association
7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia.
Tel 7 (812) 513-3863 * E-mail:semashko4444@mail.admiral.ru

P.S. The basic ideas of this letter are supported in St.-Petersburg: writer Vladimir Kavtorin, Professors Nina Litvinova, George Toulchinsky and others.

P.P.S. The responses to this letter are published o­n the page 7-6  and o­n the Forum of our International site

Bernard Scott:


Dear Leo, 

I forwarded your letter to President Putin to Tony Blair.


Best wishes,


Bernard Scott, Professor of Sociology, England

September 11, 2005








October 2, 2005


On the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and o­n the nearing of the Muslim Feast, Ramadan, we daughters of  Abraham, Israeli and Palestinian mothers, call o­n you Prime Ministers of both our nations, to make our children a priority in relation to their absolute safe lives and well - being. 

In order to bring to lasting peaceful relations between our two peoples, and to the end of the Palestinian - Israeli Conflict,  the most important dimensions for us are the human and humanitarian dimensions, which can be the basis of our lasting peace, understanding,  reconciliation,  sisterhood and brotherhood.

To care first of all for the safety and well - being of our children is necessary for both  mothers and fathers, and it is absolutely necessary for our countries, for our whole region of the Middle East, and for our religions. It is the basis of a new necessary "Peace Culture" in our region, and it is crucially important   in an equal measure, both for Israelis and Palestinians. Children are the seeds of our civilizations, cultures, countries, and religions. If we  make them a priority, we shall keep life and our civilizations safe for them, for us, and for future generations.  

Children should be allowed to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, to have an education, and to be surrounded by an atmosphere of a "culture of peace", which leads to the respect of "the other" and the "other's culture." They should also have a safe roof over their heads, and enough to eat every day of their lives.

By doing so, we shall make children our "peace seeds", that will grow into true peace trees, bearing fruits of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, for our peoples and countries. The priority of safety, well-being, education, and a peace culture for our children, will put an end to terror and violent cultures, which unfortunately, are still prevalent in our region, despite the recent peace step - the Israeli retreat from Gaza, and the Agreement of both of you great leaders,  to make the "Road Map" of peace, the basis for resolving the Palestinian - Israeli conflict . 

Prime Ministers Abbas and Sharon!  Please make children a priority, and they will soon become our crucial peace seeds.  It is in yours hands to replace a priority of  weapons with a priority of  safe and peaceful children, and a bright new future for all our region, and the world.

With warm thanks

And best peace wishes for the New Jewish Year, Rosh Hashana,

And the upcoming Muslim Feast, Ramadan. 

Dr. Ada Aharoni

IFLAC Pave Peace President   


Dear Ada,


I admire with you and I congratulate you! You have made a heroic act of a spiritual level, having addressed to the Prime Ministers of Palestine and Israel with the Plea and Peace Poem (below), having risen above hostility of your peoples and having seen those alive seeds and roots in them, which connect by your peoples and provide the future to you: it is children. But for this purpose a priority is necessary today to children - it means a peace! If children will live in war the peace never will come o­n your ground. You are the world famous poet, which is published in many languages now you became the first in the world the most brave poet in advance of the children’s priority. Up to you any poet in the world did not address to the state leaders with an appeal "Making children a priority" and to replace a priority of the military and weapon with a priority of children. For the first time this idea has stated Mahatma Gandhi, which spoke if you want to have real peace to begin with the children. Today you have continued his! o­nly the peace children as the peace seeds will sprout by peace o­n your long-suffering ground. o­nly from positions of the peace children your peoples can put the end to the infinite conflict. You, as Hilarie, Rose and Bernard, have given an excellent civil example to all poets and all parents in advance of the children’s priority as source of peace and harmony of humanity.

Warmest wishes of peace and harmony to your peoples,


October 2, 2005.


October 3, 2005.


To: Prime Minister of India


Respected Prime Minister,


Do you know how many we have children who are unable to walk and unable to move without the help of their parents or closely persons? Can you imagine their situation? But they are our future. Every moment we cross with the fear for their future with question that will be after us? Can You Sir show us the path of peace and tranquility that we can have you by assurance of care about them? Every day we are struggling for their future…..Can you please help us and be with us and show us the path that can fulfill our dream and will release us from our mental agony?




Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Dr., President. Beautiful Mind. Parental Organisation for the disabled children. Kolkata, India.

Subir Kumar Bardhan Roy, PhD, Agricultural Scientist. Kolkata, India.



Dear Maitreyee and Subir Bardhan Roy, 

Many thanks to you for your sincere letter to your Prime Minister. …The more will be the similar letters the faster your Government will hear a civil appeal "Making children a priority in India".

Leo Semashko

October 3, 2005


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