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Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics’ Macrosociology for BRICS+: Spheres, Spherons, Their Laws and the Societal Genome. October 10, 2023

Spheronics’ Macrosociology for the BRICS+ Goals:

Spheres, Spherons, their Laws and the Societal Genome


Leo Semashko and GGHA


The addition into “Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics for BRICS+” GGHA Message-Project: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152



Formula of Spherons’ Peace, Prosperity and Multipolarity,

SPPM Formula*:

True peace and prosperity are the ambivalent double function from accelerated, balanced growth of the economic and non-economic spheres of social production, o­nly whose spherons in their spheronics’ education, in their scientific spheral thinking and in their political-organizational equality will determine and ensure true global peace in their economic prosperity and planetary multipolarity of the XXI century harmonious nonviolent world order.

          *The SPPM spheronics formula is scientifically substantiated and deployed by its twelve structural macrosociological laws below.

          The SPPM formula in 7 lines is a peacemaking, controlled by spheronists,humanity spheronics intellectual drone, its quintessence, resume and the GGHA collective achievement for 18 years. This is the highest peacemaking value, the peacemakers-spheronists daily instrument and the innovative peacebuilding technology and ideology cognitive laser of humanity.


The addition publication:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1051



1. Introduction. The project name explanation: “Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics”

2. The task of creating the scientific ideology necessary for BRICS+

3. Epistemological quality of spheronics

4. Twelve macrosociological structural laws of spheronics: Strategic agenda to create the BRICS+ scientific ideology in its innovative humanitarian Academy

5. Conclusions


1. Introduction. The project name explanation:

Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics”, GSIS.


          From the spheronics macrosociological paradigm presented below, it follows that for the fundamentally peacemaking BRICS+, a more worthy name for its ideology: “Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics” (GSIS) with the name of Gandhi, an unprecedented politician, peacemaker and thinker, does not exist. For almost a century, no o­ne could object to anything essentially against its key scientific and philosophical category of “varnas-spherons”. It reflects the substantial, “Newtonian” reality of society, “the laws of which govern all mankind,” discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 in the history of ancient India [1]. For almost a century, no o­ne could offer anything better than the spherons as the eternal, fundamental social structure of humanity and its o­nly societal, deep actors of social production, true peace, prosperity and survival at all its levels, starting with the individual and family. Gandhi will forever remain the pinnacle and standard of thinking for all productive politicians, peacemakers and thinkers of the future. For almost a century, no o­ne has been able to rise to the level of his holistic spheral thinking, at which an understanding is achieved that nonviolence is stronger and more important than violence that it and not violence lies in the deep social genetics determining the life humanity that it and not violence ensures his life, peace and prosperity.

          To think of nuclear weapons as the destruction greatest force is today obvious, trivial, old and primitive and to think the humanity spherons nonviolence as “a mightier force than the mightiest weapon of destruction” [1] is not obvious, unprecedented, innovative and requires the highest level of intelligence. To it no politician or official academic thinker has yet risen up and set his example. Therefore, Gandhi’s name for the BRICS+ peacemaking ideology is its best spiritual banner, an intellectual beacon and a true, nonviolent and breakthrough ideal proven by history, attractive to all nations, better which there is nothing for their consolidation in true peace, justice and prosperity.

          There is still no macrosociological science of humanity that is not replaced by traditional anthropology, ethnology, and modern humanology, limited by the human origin, its races, ethnic groups and the transformation of its physical appearance and biological nature in the process of anthropogenesis. But they do not concern the humanity social nature sociogenetic essence. Its knowledge, in fact, remains at zero, not detached from it. We still do not know the social humanity in which we live, we do not know its science, we do not know its fundamental social structure, its necessary and sufficient actors and their laws. Gandhian spheronics first revealed and scientifically explored them, the abris of which is presented below. There are o­nly a few others rudimentary macrosociological approaches that do not provide an answer to the questions posed and therefore cannot be recognized as the humanity science and constitute o­nly variants of its pre-science.

          In the absence of a holistic science about humanity/society as a whole, the Gandhian spherons scientific ideology becomes the first and o­nly similar science, which answers the questions posed. What other science or theory can be compared with spheronics or put as an alternative to it? Similar science/theory does not exist today, at least the GGHA, more than 750 of its spheronics coauthors from more than 50 countries, have not discovered any of them for 18 years of searches and research since 2005.

           Gandhian spheronics is the same unique holistic science of holistic humanity, as the o­nly holistic natural sciences are physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, ecology of the universe corresponding integral parts (holons). o­nly Gandhian holistic spheronics can solve the entire humanity global problems, which were created by its partial actors, historically transient and spontaneous partons (estates, classes, nations, civilizations, states, elites, corporations, etc.) within the spherons. These are global problems of ecology, peace, social equality, poverty, prosperity of all nations, justice and complete democracy, optimal, fractal organization of social production, its governance, sustainable development and accelerated growth, which are still insoluble for the partons.

          Gandhian spheronics, which studies the humanity spherons and covers the entire planetary population from birth to death, is its o­nly ideology, expressing all its vital interests of survival, prosperity, true peace, equality and environmental preservation. It is at the same time the o­nly macrosociological transdisciplinary megascience of a planetary scale, revealing the humanity indisputable objective truth of life and survival o­nly in the peace and prosperity of its spherons. It is simultaneously constant and variable in both of its parts: scientific and ideological, axiological, determined by religious faith, national and civilizational interests. The spheronics truth has been proven by the ancient India history prosperity, modern world statistics and the structural macrosociological logic of its fundamental spheral laws below, attempts to refute which have not yet existed.

          o­nly spheronics offers the o­ne, true holistic answer to the humanity modern existential challenge today o­n the threshold of the third, last, world nuclear war, flaring up in many places: in Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, Africa, etc., which will undoubtedly “puts an end to mankind”.It shows its inability today “to put an end to war before war puts an end mankind" (John Kennedy, 1963). Spheronics offers the o­nly fundamental alternative to survival and a way "to end war before it ends humanity." All other worthy answers to it are partial and are integrated by spheronics in synergy.

          But it is confronted by two obstacles, external and internal. The external lies in the traditional, more than a century, ignoring and tabooing by traditional politics and social science, unable to rise to the level of thinking of Gandhi’s spheronics, all his ideas of nonviolence [1a]. o­ne of the reasons for their negation is the false absolutization of his nonviolence, which supposedly excludes the imperative of violence as a necessary self-defense. However, Gandhi never encroached o­n the natural law of self-defense, which no o­ne has abolished and will never be abolished that all aggressors, Nazis and terrorists must always remember. Within the theory of nonviolence framework, Gandhi formulated the imperative to “kill the killer”, the aggressor, as a necessary, and encouraged by society, element of self-defense, nonviolence and peace of the spherons for their salvation from violence by violence but limited and adequate [1]. Denial of the reality of nonviolent spherons and their ability to respond with adequate violence to violence that is false and subjective at its core, is characteristic of partons in their private, selfish interests. Therefore, they are doomed to false ideologies, false consciousness and thinking that exclude trust in them.

          The second obstacle is internal, in the minimal development of spheronics, figuratively speaking, o­nly 1%, due to its ignorant ignoring, deliberate taboo and its inaccessibility to traditional, limited, and therefore false thinking. It is offset o­nly by the work of the alternative “Academy of Spheronics”, overcoming its insufficient development, the creation of which is proposed to BRICS+ in 2024 with modest funding for its 30-40 employees in $2 million (below).

          The justification for similar BRICS+ Academy is obvious. It follows from its immanent imperative to arm itself with such a scientific ideology, which will ensure the inevitable and necessary victory for it in achieving its goals of accelerated growth, prosperity, true peace and justice. This is the “Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics” for BRICS+, proposed by the GGHA.

           Summary. Spheronics is the first in history conceptual centaur of science and ideology, scientific ideology or ideological science of the humanity spherons. The term “post-ideology” can be chosen to denote it, expressing not o­nly the extinction of traditional violent ideologies but also its preservation in a new form: “ideology will not completely disappear, [it will change in content], continuing to unite and motivate its supporters” [1b, 142]. The transdisciplinary megascience in it is represented by the macrosociology of spheronics (below), and ideology is represented by the theoretical definition of the strategic goals and interests of the spherons of humanity in the spectrum and refraction of national interests, taking into account and within the framework of their traditional religious and civilizational values. These parts of the ambivalent spheronics interact o­n the methodological basis of bipair tetralectics of categories: general-unit, constant-variable with their core whole-parts-holons-partons, which excludes both the totalitarianism of the whole over the parts and the domination of the parts over the whole. This is an extremely difficult task of creating spheronics as an unprecedented scientific ideology, united for humanity but preserving the spectrum and space of diversity of national interests. In the first approximation, using the example of 11 countries, it can be resolved within the BRICS+ framework through the Academy proposed below, starting in 2024 with a small (30-40 specialists) staff and funding.


2. The task of creating the scientific ideology necessary for BRICS+


          The most significant event in the real geopolitics of this year and our century beginning, according to international estimates is the BRICS expansion to 11 countries of the global South, the total social production and total population of which exceed half of the world indices [2; 3]. The consolidation and legitimation under the BRICS+ wing of the two fundamental spheral resources of humanity: economic (material) and demographic (people) is rightly assessed as a “tectonic shift” of prerequisites [4] for a breakthrough in the other two spheral resources of humanity: geopolitics and ideology (social consciousness).

          The “tectonic shift” in the constitution of the BRICS+ new global actor gives rise to the obviously necessary imperative for it to create a sovereign and scientific ideology. The traditional, confrontational, class and nationalist ideologies, their “political theories”, which have long since exhausted themselves [5] are not suitable for its global interests and immanent goals. These goals and interests are clearly expressed in the BRICS summits Declarations, especially in the Declaration (26 pages) 94 points of the last summit: accelerated growth, economic leadership, true/just peace, sustainable development and prosperity in a multipolar world architecture of inclusiveness and openness [2; 3; 6, etc.].

          However, these bold points of BRICS+ innovative development in all spheres of social production were left without conceptual systematization and scientific justification, the gap of which reveals the BRICS sovereign scientific ideology vacuum. It constitutes its immanent necessity to create a conscious alternative to the confrontational ideologies of “communism, fascism and liberalism” [5], which are unacceptable for BRICS+. Because they, despite all the differences in their class sources and national meanings are identical in violence, unipolarity, corporatist inferiority and atheistic denial of the world religions “Golden Rule” that scares away all its believers. Its necessity is dictated not o­nly by the BRICS+ internal mental need but also by the complete collapse of all confrontational ideologies o­n the brink of a genocidal nuclear war. In the WWII aftermath, they were helpless to offer a scientific, verifiable and acceptable to all civilizations alternative of harmonious, multipolar and peacemaking dynamics.

          The BRICS any conceptual ideology existence was not reported following the results of any of its summits. Similar ideology is not present in the latest BRICS Declaration also [2].

          Just as the birth of the consolidated BRICS+ in immanent consensus comes democratically from the global South, from the humanity majority so all its other intentions are also subject to the imperative of democracy. A democratic way to form an innovative sovereign ideology of BRICS+ can o­nly be dialogue, discourse of the entire variety of its proposed versions from any sources, their open, public contest and expert comparison, excluding any dogmatism of traditional, false ideologies.

          As part of this inevitable discourse within BRICS+, we, the GGHA - an international peacemaking organization of humanitarian scientists from civil society, offer a synopsis of the spheronics macrosociological ideology project. In its spheral structure conceptual pillars, it was created by the GGHA efforts of more than 750 of its coauthors from more than 50 countries during 18 years, not counting the previous decades of preliminary scientific searches and studies [7], starting since the Gandhi’s spherons discovery [1; 8; 9; 10]. As the society actors, spherons determine the name of their science - “spheronics” and constitute its subject. By right of its founder, spheronics itself can call “Gandhian”.

          The spheronics scientific and ideological nature are revealed in its 12 macro-sociological laws below.


3. Spheronics epistemological quality


          The structural integrity of planetary nature is determined by a limited number of its most large-scale and eternal (within the Earth’s time boundaries), equally necessary and sufficient for life, parts-spheres (litho-, hydro-, atmo- and helio- spheres), cognizable by natural science, starting since the Pythagoras celestial spheres harmony, continued by Kepler’s “Harmony of the World” and others. Like it, the structural integrity of humanity, social nature is determined by a limited number of its most large-scale and eternal (within the humanity lifetime), equally necessary and sufficient SOCIAL parts-spheres and spherons employed in them. These real structures, verified in spheronics empirically, historically and statistically, were philosophically foreseen by Plato’s eidos, Aristotle’s four eternal causes, Kant’s noumena, Hegel’s categories of the absolute spirit, Parsons’ societal communities [11], Sloterdijk’s spheral topology [12: 13] and others.

          These structures were thought as eternal, genetic societal forms, which in spheronics are defined as “holons”, equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) constant spheral parts of humanity, through which in its sociogenesis flows the entire infinite number of its temporary, historically transient parts, called “partons” in spheronics. Spheronics limits the subject of its knowledge to the society system of spheral, structural holons, integrating the disciplinary scientific knowledge of partons of different branches, which are parts of societal holons, from a variety of relevant branch scientific disciplines that makes spheronics macrosociology and societal transdisciplinary megascience. It originated with Gandhi and develops after him in the theoretical strategy of macrosociology structural functionalism having its own specificity of the society ENTS spheral holons at all its levels that allows it to be called “spherism” or “spheral approach”. [14; 15]

          Since the number of groups of spheral holons is limited to four: four resources/products of PIOT, four processes of their production PDEC, four spheres of their production SIOT and four spherons, employed in these spheres, then spheronics is defined as “tetrism”, “tetrapluralism” or “tetrasociology” " [14; 15; 16 and others] See about them below.

          By methodology, spheronics develops traditional pair dialectics to the level of integral and pluralistic, bi-pair “tetralectics”, the center of which becomes not the “struggle” of two antagonistic opposites but a harmony of the four ENTS spheral holons of society mediating each other at all levels. [14; 15; 16; 17; 18]


4. Twelve macrosociological structural laws of spheronics:

Strategic agenda to create the BRICS+ scientific ideology

at its innovative humanitarian Academy


          The conceptual system of spheronics structural-functional macrosociology consists its four theoretical segments: philosophy and methodology of spheronics, megascience (macrosociology) of spheronics, ideology of spheronics, and praxeology/technologies of spheronics. The foundations of its four components and the corresponding theoretical origins are revealed in the works listed in the bibliography. Here we touch upon and limit ourselves o­nly to the spheronics macrosociology as the BRICS+ ideology scientific part, which it will have to create in its innovative humanitarian Academy o­n the basis of the proposed scientific groundwork in our project to realize its goals

          The answer to all the social challenges that BRICS+ will face lies in the true scientific knowledge of fundamental societal structures and their laws, which are developed by spheronics. From this cognitive premise follows the system of macro-sociological structural laws of spheronics, presented below. Its macrosociology covers structural and functional spheres, spherons, their societal laws and the social genome of society, which are focused in its twelve laws.

          The spheronics macrosociological structural laws are objective laws of equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) holistic spheres (spheral components, spheral parts) of society for its life at all its levels from the individual and family to entire humanity.

          First Law. The sociogenetic inseparability of the spherons social production (SP) and its state of true (eternal, global, just) peace of spherons (TPS) as two ENTS ways of life of society/humanity at all its levels. The war of partons is o­nly its way of death, self-destruction progress. It constitutes its long-term but transient pathology of the spherons social inequality genetic trauma in past history, with rare exceptions, for example, the ancient India "varnas".

          Сomment. Separating peace from SP makes it false, filled with war, preparations for it, arms race, depriving it of scientific understanding, as in pacifism, which was limited o­nly to peaceful appeals that made it powerless before war and unproductive for peace during centuries. Therefore, it, as true, eternal and just peace, does not exist until now and will never exist without a scientific understanding of its inseparability from the SP humanity. Without knowing this law and following it, true peace cannot be established anywhere and never that dooms humanity to eternal wars. The possibility and necessity of its implementation are disclosed in many works [18a]. Without relying o­n this fundamental law, the BRICS+ thinking will not rise above pacifism and will forever remain at its level that will make the goal of peace unattainable for it, just as it has remained unattainable for pacifism in centuries.

          Second Law. The humanity SP constantly reproduces four equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) spheres of PRODUCTS/RESOURCES for the life of society and human: PEOPLE, INFORMATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, THINGS (material goods and services) and abbreviated PIOT. The absence of any sphere of them makes the life of society and human impossible as the whole history and thought experiment proves.

          Comment. The systemic idea of the four ENTS spheral resources of PIOT for society life was revealed to intuition a long time ago but it began to be consciously expressed o­nly in the 19th century in different philosophical traditions in the works of O. Comte, N. Danilevsky, M. Kovalevsky, N. Bukharin, N. Kondratyev, T. Parsons, L. Bertalanffy, A. Toffler, and others. In view of the equal necessity and sufficiency of the PIOT spheres of society, there is and cannot be any “primary, determining and generating other” between them. This was noted by many thinkers in history, whose ideas were analyzed in works o­n spheronics [1; 7; 8; 9, etc.]. Temporary and partial priority cannot be identified with eternal and universal primacy: these are fundamentally different social attributes.

          Third Law. Each sphere of the PIOT products/resources has unique attributes and specific laws of existence that are irreducible to each other, therefore they require four different technologies, special but ENTS the SP SPHERES, which differ in the subject/product of their production.

These are: 1. SOCIOSPHERE, it reproduces the PEOPLE of society.

2. INFOSPHERE, it reproduces the INFORMATION of society.

3. ORGSPHERE, it reproduces the ORGANIZATIONS/ORDER of society.

4. TECHNOSPHERE, economy, it reproduces THINGS (material goods and services) of society. They are abbreviated in their system as SIOT-spheres of society. The ENTS PIOT products/resources of society determines their natural necessity and sufficiency.

          Comment. The idea of the SP four spheres is presented in different socio-philosophical traditions in the works of G. Spencer, V. Pareto, K. Marx, M. Weber, N. Danilevsky, M. Gandhi, R. Park, M. Kovalevsky, K. Jaspers, P Sorokin, T. Parsons, F. Braudel, O. Toffler, P. Bourdieu, N. Luhmann, V. Barulin, E. Giddens, M. Castells, P. Sloterdijk and many others.

          The spheronics third structural law exists in four variations, which express different states/parameters of the SP growth depending from the growth ratio of its spheres. There are a huge number of macroeconomic theories of growth, starting since Adam Smith and Thomas Malthus [19], which today are summarized by the “Unified Growth Theory” by Oded Galor [20; 21; 22] and “Integral Economics” by Sergei Glazyev based o­n the theories of convergence and “cycles/waves” by N. Kondratyev [23].

          Spheronics integrates the achievements of these theories in synergy and becomes a methodological pillar of the single, global paradigm for spheral accelerated economic growth to provide social equality of spherons, their prosperity, true peace and sustainable development in spheral planetary multipolarity. The key meaning of this law is: the accelerated growth of the entire SP and the economy primarily is a function from the accelerated and harmonious/balanced growth of non-economic spheres, of their priority investment, especially their technological segment of R&D in the infosphere as well as education in the sociosphere. The SP accelerated growth is the spherons’ path of sustainable development, equality, prosperity and true peace.

          This paradigm is an alternative to the “primary economy” traditional paradigm, debunked by centuries of testing and defeated by the “economic tigers” experience, especially China, which provided their “economic miracle” with the accelerated growth of the non-economic spheres “Industry 4.0.”, deeply analyzed by S. Glazyev [23]. The long historical practice has proven the key role of non-economic spheres and resources in economic development, bringing down the “primary economy” myth. M. Kovalevsky, P. Sorokin and many other scientists at the last century beginning predicted the collapse of this theory and rejected economic monism as a “fatal mistake” and “naive simplification” [24] that the last century has fully confirmed.

          Fourth Law. Each PIOT product/resource goes through the four ENTS spheres of their SP processes: PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, EXCHANGE, CONSUMPTION, in short, PDEC processes.

          Comment. These processes were revealed and justified by Adam Smith and were confirmed in subsequent practice in all the SP four spheres.

          Fifth Law. Spherons are four spheral groups/communities of people, ENTS actors of the SP and its true peace, who are employed in the four SIOT spheres in their PDEC manufacturing processes. These groups of people are called by SPHERONS and differ according to the spheres, in which they are employed. Spherons cover the entire population from birth to death at all levels of society, constitute its fundamental social structure and differ o­n the subjects/products of their employment in the relevant SIOT spheres.

1. SOIOSPHERON, employed in the production of PEOPLE in SOCIOSPHERE.

2. INFOSPHERON, employed in the production of INFORMATION in INFOSPHERE.

3. ORGSPHERON, employed in the production of ORGANIZATIONS in ORGSPHERE.

4. TECHNOSPHERON, employed in the production of THINGS, all material goods and services of society in TECHNOSPHERE.

Together, in their dialectical system, they are designated as SIOT-spherons of society. The natural need and sufficiency of the SIOT spherons is determined by the ENTS PIOT products/resources of society.

          Comment. The unique concept of “varnas/spherons” has gone through three stages of its history. [18] It equips BRICS+ with a scientific paradigm of the o­nly eternal actors/motors/creators of the SP and its true, global peace.

          It is confirmed by history and its truth is verified in spheronics statistically o­n any social object [25]. The spherons social equality, who together make up the humanity population, is determined by the equal necessity of the SP four spheres, in which they are employed. Equality of spherons is o­ne of the SP main, non-economic source of its accelerated growth, prosperity of society and true peace in it.

          Sixth Law. The structural laws/pillars of spheronics in their systemic unity of four dialectical, societal tetrads form the eternal social genome (SOCIOGENOME) of their 16 ENTS spheral components of the humanity SP, or the initial “cell” of society in all its sociogenesis.

          Comment. The sociogenome is continuously reproduced at all levels of social objects, starting with the individual and family, throughout the entire history of humanity from beginning to end, if it will come. As a norm of social existence, it excludes war as a pathology of immature humanity. War has no place in the sociogenome and cell of society.

          Knowledge of society at its ultimate, genetic depth, in its holistic substance of eternal spherons and spheral components, was impossible and inaccessible at the level of class-partial and therefore ideologically false thinking and social consciousness until now. Spheronics overcomes these epistemological and social roots of partial, and therefore false and confrontational thinking, which still reigns and reproduces wars.

          Seventh Law. Knowledge (science) and faith are two different, but equally necessary, complementary and at the same time sufficient ways of harmonious intellectual mastery of humanity over the social and natural worlds. Their subjects are different but they complement and reinforce each other.

          Сomment. The science subject is an empirically accessible reality in various natural spheres of the natural sciences, but which do not have access to the universe infinity and eternity that goes beyond the science limits. The faith subject is the transcendental, infinite in time and space, micro- and mega-reality of the universe, which is accessible to faith but inaccessible to science that determines their complementarity. The necessary complementarity of science and religion was well expressed by Einstein’s aphorism: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

          Therefore, science and faith, due to their equal necessity and complementarity both in knowledge and in society, should not be at odds with each other, as was the case before, but promote strengthening and mutual development o­n a common platform found in spheronics. Denying either of them is disastrous for both. Spheronics is both a scientific and religious worldview, including equally both ways of knowing: science and faith

          The mutual complementarity of faith and science, especially social science, is obvious, because “without God, without faith, everything is permitted,” as F. Dostoevsky defined, therefore their unity is necessary. God and faith in Him are powerful psychological, moral and cognitive barriers to permissiveness along with science. The essential synthesis in the synergy of science and faith in spheronics turns it into the first “scientific ideology” of humanity in history, a huge “soft force” that excludes violence and ensures nonviolent, true and just global peace for humanity.

          Eighth, cognitive-methodological Law. The law of the unity of two ENTS methods of rational thinking, harmoniously complementing each other in spheronics: disciplinary, partial and spheral, holistic. In their mutual complementarity, they constitute, define and raise rational thinking to a substantially new level of theorizing.

          Сomment. A comment. In the first, partial, disciplinary mode, as Einstein defined more than 70 years ago: “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of think we were at when we created them”.Only in their mutual complementarity in spheronics do they raise rational thinking to a substantially new level of theorizing. This is a panoramic, spheral knowledge/vision of spheronics with the methodology of bi-pair tetralectics in contrast to limited, disciplinary knowledge with traditional methodology limited to o­ne-pair dialectics. They can be mediated by trialectics in spheronics.

          Ninth Law. The source of accelerated economic growth is located in non-economic spheres: the sociosphere (education, healthcare, etc.), the infosphere (science, design, culture, media, etc.), the orgsphere (governance and organization of the SP at all levels). It consists of their accelerated growth through priority investment.

          Comment. If the natural and technical sciences receive adequate investment for economic acceleration, then the social and human sciences (“second culture”, giving rise to the conflict of “two cultures” according to Charles Snow) are in a century-long stagnation due to the political and ideological dogmatism dominance that deprives them the fundamental innovations and makes them backward, ineffective and useless. This, in turn, determines the minimization of investment in them and makes their stagnation long-term, century-old.

          An international financial organization, including more than 20 similar institutions (IMF, World Bank and the like), professing the “primary economy” false paradigm and demanding that third world countries reduce “non-productive” expenses in non-economic spheres, primarily in the social sphere, dooms the economy and non-economic spheres these countries to eternal depression, backwardness and colonial dependence. It violates this law for their own purposes of economic and political dominance, as well as competitive superiority of the “golden billion” countries.

          Break this depression vicious circle of economic and non-economic spheres can o­nly by the innovative “Academy of Peace for Accelerated Growth” (APAG) creation o­n the innovative theoretical basis of macrosociological spheronics. It is proposed by our project for BRICS+ and requires a minimum funding of $2 million for 2024 for 30-40 specialists. A scientific research program for this Academy based o­n spheronics has long been developed in the GGHA. From more than ten of its options, the most adequate today for BRICS+ can be selected and presented to its leaders and/or its departments for discussion in o­ne or two months.

          Tenth Law. The accelerated growth of non-economic spheres, as well as the economy, requires an accelerated growth in the number and quality of professional personnel for them, their training in educational institutions at all levels, from schools to universities and training academies.

          Comment. This is the spheronics macrosociological educational law for all spheres of SP. A distinct, stagnating aspect of this law today is the almost complete absence and zero educational preparation of the population for peace, for its scientific understanding and active participation in its construction, instead of the reigning indifference to it until moments of humanitarian catastrophe in wars and armed conflicts. This is illustrated by all military modern situations. Their first reason is rooted in total peacemaking ignorance, in the absence of any true peace science, like spheronics, in the absence of appropriate curricula and textbooks for educational institutions of all levels, intended for the population as a whole as universal civil defense programs. The second reason, derived from the first, is the lack of political will for peace, peaceful education and the development of peaceful science and peaceful infrastructure in general. The stagnation and depression of peace education, both general and professional, can o­nly be overcome by the creation, first, of the Academy of Spheronics (APAG), and then, o­n its basis, general peacemaking programs and textbooks for all educational institutions, which were prepared in the GGHA. For the 18 years, the GGHA has prepared about a dozen textbooks o­n spheronics, the most important of which is “The ABC of Harmony” [26]. The popular primer-dialogue is currently being prepared:“Spheronics. True Peace Science" [27].

          Eleventh Law. The accelerated growth of the economy and non-economic spheres requires a structural, organizational and governance restructuring of the entire SP system, a transition from the traditional and depressive branch/sectoral organization and governance to the SP spheral fractal organization and its governance/management.

          Comment. The society orgsphere (organizational sphere) or its political sphere plays a special, integration, ordering, organizing and structuring role in it, in its social production as a whole. It is represented by such unifying, organizing and governing institutions as the state, power, politics, political system, financial and banking system, jurisprudence, defense, security, management and the like, disclosed here [8; 9; 10; 14; 15; 16 and others].

          The modern SP as a whole has long been stagnating, except for its "economic tigers" of accelerated growth, in its branch/sectoral organization and governance that has long been noted in science. But it does not know another, spheral system of its organization and governance, which is revealed and justified by spheronics, and it proposes a spheral fractal system instead of a sectoral o­ne. It is known that the fractal organization is the most effective [28] but its structural nature is unknown. If this nature remains sectoral, corporate and departmental, then it does not change anything, in essence. The structural realignment task has always been raised and resolved by all countries, especially in the last century, all attempts of which end in failure or cosmetic reforms that do not improve anything by and large. The task solution rests o­n the insurmountable obstacle of the lack of a spheral, holistic concept of fractal organization and governance of SP, the development that is proposed for the innovative scientific academy of spheronics.

          The political and ideological dogmatism that is perpetuated by traditional, as well as brunch/sectoral and corporate democracy, which has discredited itself, requires its radical realignment. The GGHA proposes and justifies the transformation of this sectoral and militaristic democracy into spheral and truly peoples', holistic and peacemaking, nonviolent and Gandhian democracy in the corresponding, not yet completed, book “Gandhicracy” [29]. The first experience of the “spheral democracy” conception was presented by the political faction of the same name within the first, democratic parliament of St. Petersburg in 1992-1993 [30]. Theoretically it can be continued in the friendly atmosphere of the innovative Academy of Spheronics but not in a hostile atmosphere the dogmatic traditional academies.

          Twelfth Law. The planetary spheral multipolarity of human civilizations of XXI century is a harmonious, nonviolent world order of prosperity and true global peace, which is created by societal spherons, who have mastered universal technologies for accelerated balanced growth of the SP economic and non-economic spheres.

          Comment. The systemic development and conscious application of spheral technologies for accelerated growth was initiated by the global South civilizations, consolidated in BRICS+ o­n the basis of the innovative scientific ideology of spheronics created by it. The spheral multipolarity is the highest form of the humanity global holistic democracy, aimed at the goals of prosperity and peace of all peoples, instead of the goals of traditional, elitist “totalitarian democracy” [31]: its own hegemony for enrichment and the violent suppression of all its opponents. The spheral multipolarity is the antipode of the unipolar world trend: “the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer,” which gives rise to eternal confrontation and war, threatening humanity with nuclear genocide now.

          The spheral multipolarity law integrates in synergy the ideas of civilizational, “quadripolar, four-polar” multipolarity and the “fourth nomos of the earth” by Alexander Dugin but complements his “new taxonomy of actors” [32, 253-270, etc.] with historically enduring, substantial, sociogenetic and societal actors of the humanity spherons, the truth of which is verified in spheronics and justified above.

          The structural paradigms of the humanity Gandhian nonviolent spherons and the historically transient civilizations in mutual “clashes” (Huntington) do not contradict or exclude but mutually complement and strengthen each other. We o­nly pose the problem of comparison and integration in the synergy of these fundamental scientific paradigms. Their solution in detail is available o­nly to the proposed innovative BRICS+ Academy, because the traditional academic community of both Russia and the West that Dugin correctly emphasizes [32, 321-343] and that I completely share ignores both of them.

          This transdisciplinary law of spheronics, integrating the key scientific disciplines of socio-humanitarian knowledge, summarizes its previous laws, primarily the first, revealing an inseparable, identical path of prosperity and peace, which do NOT exist without each other. But they are different in harmony and require an understanding of both the differences in their structures and attributes, and their inextricable, harmonious interdependence, ignoring any of them suppresses both of them together.

          If the civilizations’ prosperity is aimed at asserting their own exclusivity, at hegemony, violence, war and the suppression of true peace for the sake of it, then this inevitably turns into recession, depression and stagnation of the SP economy and non-economic spheres in a whole, which neutralize and kill former prosperity, dooming civilizations to “decline” (O. Spengler). All history is full of similar examples, including modern times.

          This law in the final integral formula of the “Spherons Peace, Prosperity and Multipolarity” in the harmony of their different spheral priorities of accelerated growth is presented at the beginning.


5. Conclusions.


          The spheronics listed twelve laws constitute the strategic agenda to develop the BRICS+ scientific ideology in its corresponding innovation Academy for its practical implementation. The very setting of similar innovative agenda, which no o­ne in the world is proposing, will make BRICS+ a world intellectual leader, providing its with an insurmountable cognitive advantage, global peacemaking prestige and authority among of all nations.

          The spheronics laws first, practical meaning is to show its complexity, depth, its first and insufficient development o­nly, figuratively speaking, by 1%. The spheronics underdevelopment remaining 99% requires professional scientific work of the “Academy of Peace and Accelerated Growth” (APAG) for BRICS+ of 30-40 specialists for its pragmatic instrumental laboratories of (1) economic growth, (2) global statistics, (3) fractal mathematics, (4) spheral programming for artificial intelligence with its financing in ~$ 2 million in 2024 that is dedicated to a special project.

          In the future, each law of spheronics for its development and applications in every civilization will require a special institute within this Academy.

            The spheronics listed laws do not exhaust their total number, which will grow with its development and practical application due to disciplinary integration and modification of its laws. Their formulations will also be improved. All its laws have enormous worldview, ideological and practical meaning for BRICS+.

          A structural model represents the spheronics twelve laws system as the BRICS+ ideological paradigm for the spheral planetary and peacemaking multipolarity.

BRICS+ spheronics structural model:

The ideological paradigm tectonic shift of planetary multipolarity.



          Result. The spheronics future as a scientific ideology and the BRICS+ “substantially new manner of thinking” (Einstein), which is most interested in similar innovative cognitive tools, can o­nly lie in its intensive, academic development, ensured by the political will consensus of its leaders.

          o­nly the proposed Academy establishment as a first step can guarantee BRICS+ intellectual advantage and success in achieving its strategic goals of accelerated growth, prosperity and global true peace. Without its creation, BRICS+ will deprive itself of the opportunity to acquire and arm itself with tools for guaranteed success.

          In the proposed Academy creation, “fear [of new thinking] should not give advice” (Dante), which constitutes "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium". [33]

The faith and love of God, science and technology of spheronics have inexhaustible intellectual and moral potential to solve the most pressing problems of our planet and society facing BRICS+.


Dr. Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of spheronics 750 coauthors during 18 years,

Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from the spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Twice recognized as “Person of the Year” in 2021 and 2022 by the WGF International Magazine. Three times was nominated together with the GGHA for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253,

E-mail: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

Skype: leo.semahko,

Russia, Saint Petersburg




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Spheronics Peacemaking Formula for BRICS+


Dear peacemaker co-authors,

Sorry for my delay. As always, the task turned out to be more difficult and took longer than expected.

To simplify our project “Spheronics for BRICS+” and free it from theoretical justification and explanation of its various important aspects, I have concentrated them in a separate addition “Macrosociology of Spheronics”. It is published here:

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160 and is submitted for your discussion until October 20 in the attachment for your objections, questions and additions.

The twelve laws of spheronics macrosociology are focused in its “Formula of Spherons Peace, Prosperity and Multipolarity” (SPPM) in 7 lines, which is defined as “a peacemaking, controlled by spheronists, humanity spheronics intellectual drone, its quintessence, resume and the GGHA collective achievement for 18 years." Naturally, criticism of our discourse in its widest range will focus o­n it that is very valuable for the spheronics development. All responses, as always, are published o­n our website. Along with it, the term “post-ideology” to denote our spheronics is put for discussion. ItisalsoNon-trivialandwillcausecriticism.

In 2-4 days I will send for discussion and approval the final version of our shortened project with a list of our, more than 20 additions to it, and a list of its 27 coauthors from 14 countries. o­nce approved, it will be ready for distribution to the 11 BRICS+ countries leaders. This is a special practical issue for GGHA members from these countries, which will be discussed with them separately.

After this, the project final procedure, we will return to the completion of our peacemaking primer-dialogue in several additional paragraphs to the 15 already written and published at the addresses here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1129).

Our “Boldin’ Autumn” turned out to be creatively rich in innovative peace ideas and projects at the critical time of the third world warkindling in different points. Our projects of peaceful “voice crying in the wilderness” of peace, o­n the nuclear Armageddon edge, should be heard by reasonable leaders at least somewhere, especially in the BRICS+ countries. So that the world's first scientific Academy of Peace would be created for them, in which they could grow and prevent a new and last, genocidal for humanity, world war.

With hope for the victory of the true world of Gandhian spherons,

With wishes of health and courage to all spheronists peacemakers, coauthors of our projects during 18 years,


Leo Semashko






Dear Leo:

         In your great Spheronics, you supersede, i.e. criticize and preserve the great philosophies from Plato and Aristotle to Kant and Hegel. That is very good.

          In a previous paper, you also mentioned Newton. He warned his colleagues against all metaphysics, but then, fortunately, engaged in it anyway nevertheless. 

          Newton's theory has  been superseded by Einstein, Heisenberg, Oppenheimer, the Max Plank Institute , my friend Ivan  Supek, the Heisenberg student. 

          Ivan was supposed to build the atomic bomb for the Tito Government. He heroically refused to do so. He did not even teach quantum physics any longer at the University of Zagreb, the President of which he was. Instead of building the bomb, Ivan started a global peace movement, the member of which I became in the 1970ties.

         My Uncle Albin Kehl worked in the Max Plank Institute, but not in quantum physics, but in aerodynamics. Here, during the war, he invented and developed the backward wings for airplanes, which today are used worldwide.

         It is good to bring Hegel into Spheronics. He has his own system of nature and spirit spheres. But Hegel’s school broke apart into a Hegelian Left, which is dialectical and into a Hegelian Right, which is positivistic, and into a Hegelian Center, which is both, dialectical and positivistic.

          Both sides, Left and Right, started out as philosophies, but then deteriorated into ideologies, representing particular class and national interests, instead of the universal truth. You are quoting scholars from both sides in the Spheronics.

           I still think that it would be better to speak of scientific philosophy rather than scientific ideology. Philosophy deals with the truth.

           Ideology is false consciousness, the hiding of particular economic interests, shortly, the untruth.

          The method of Spheronics must under all circumstance be dialectics, notion dialectics as well as reality dialectics. No dualism must remain unresolved dialectically.

          Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism have been philosophies o­nce, but in the meantime, they have deteriorated into particular ideologies, i.e. the untruth, and therefore must be avoided and opposed.

         I am with all my best wishes, 

Your friend Rudi, from the House of Mir,
Dr. Rudolf J Siebert, Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, USA,





Dear friend Rudi,
         Thank you very much for your deep and wise philosophical response to our “Spheronics’ Macrosociology” here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160 , which is published also here.

           We are sincerely grateful to you for its high professional assessment and polemical judgments about it. You are its most sincere and fruitful its coauthor from the USA since the day we met 18 years ago, in 2005. You dedicated many articles to it for this time and to the development of its central theory of spherons, (macro) tetrasociology, which compiled an archive of your publications o­n the GGHA website for 18 years. See their list here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51 and/or below.Your response, as well as your archive, well illustrate that you have long and deeply understood the fundamental cognitive superiority of Gandhian spheronics over all the last century ideologies that does not interfere with our almost continuous discourse o­n partial disagreements during 18 years.

          I share your philosophical assessments but as a philosopher-dialectics, I cannot completely agree with some of them, especially o­n ideology and dialectics.

You correctly noted that o­ne of the key issues of spheronics for BRICS+ is its assessment as a “scientific ideology,” with which you disagree. All ideologies of partial classes or nations, (“partons” in spheronics), from your point of view are always lies. Yes, ideologies expressing the interests of partial and dominant partons are always lies. This has always been the case in history. Marx noted this well: “the ruling class always represents its private interest as a general o­ne.” This is the eternal source of the falsity of class/national ideologies in history, in which there is not a grain of universal truth and science, since private interest can never be identical to the universal. Do you agree with this?

          But ideology has a powerful advantage over cognitive philosophy. Ideology organizes and directs, unites and motivates its followers towards real economic, governmental and social goals, which is priority importance for all political actors, including BRICS+ with its interests and goals of peace, prosperity and multipolarity. Therefore, this function of ideology is absolutely important for all actors. In the ideology history, as you accurately noted, dialectical “sublation” (cancel+keep) takes place. It means that the ideology organizing function is kept but its false, class/national filling with partial interests/goals as common is cancelled/denied, which is replaced by the universal, true/scientific interests/goals of the humanity universal spherons.

          This dialectics of false scientific ideology sublation is first realized and implemented by spheronics in its spherons’ macrosociology, which is clearly expressed in our project “Scientific ideology of spheronics for BRICS+”. Spheronics also “sublate” all left and right paradigms of dialectics, integrating and preserving everything true and useful, rejecting everything false and harmful, so I use and quote all the useful o­nes. Few want to understand and can accept this, remaining in the positions of traditional partial and false ideologies.

          For an adequate understanding of real ideological dialectics, it is also necessary to sublate its traditional, two-dimensional DIA-lectics of "struggles" of antagonistic partial classes, nations or civilizations as today with a deeper, more subtle and four-dimensional TETRA-lecticsof the humanity four spherons HARMONY o­n the verge of its nuclear suicide. But this plunges us into the incredibly complex history of the dialectics development since Heraclitus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, Kant, Gandhi, Vernadsky, Parsons and modern. Therefore, it can become the subject of professional research o­nly in the innovative “Academy of Spheronics”, the creation of which we propose for BRICS+, if it intends to create and arm itself with a true, scientific ideology to ensure the effective achievement of its goals. Moreover, not get confused in the outdated remains of the past dead false ideologies, which have nowhere achieved the realization of the humanity true interests/goals: peace and prosperity of all nations. They o­nly brought it to the brink of nuclear genocide, the humanity suicidal extermination.

          This is the result of all the partial, false ideologies of the past. Spheronics has created for them an irresistible, albeit still incomprehensible to the zombified populationand its “academics” alternative of the humanity spherons true, scientific ideology and not any of its partons: classes, nations, elites, etc.

         What could you say against that, Rudi? Do you agree and disagree with it? Our dialogue/discourse is very important for the general understanding of modern ideology and dialectics, which do not stand still but develop along with the development of humanity, its science, especially the humanities in our, with your great contribution, Copernican macrosociology of spheronics.

Friendly, with wishes of health and Gandhian spherons true peace as only salvation from any genocide, especially from nuclear, general and suicidal, prepared by false ideologies,which will nullify all humanity civilizational achievements without exception “thanks” to these ideologies,


PS. Please, could you send all a video of your 96th birthday so that everyone can see that it is real? Thank you.




Rudolf Siebert's publications archive on the GGHA website: 2005-2023


1.Rudolf Siebert: Open letter to President Trump. Golden Rule of Harmony in religions and society. 2017: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51

2.Siebert: The Slavic and the American World: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=611

3.Siebert. Call for Papers: The Future of Religion: The Dialectic of Secularization? Dubrovnik, 2018: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=740

4.Rudolf Siebert. Tetrasociology of Spherons: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=746

5.Siebert. Memorial Service and Memorial Meal for Steve: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=773

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7.Rudolf Siebert. The Third Way: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=945

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9.Rudolf Siebert. Golden Rule: Contra Ukrainian Nazism and Pro the Russian and American worlds solidarity: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1063

10.Professor Rudolf Siebert. Great scientist, anti-fascist, peacemaker. The historical experience of denazification. Congratulations o­n your 95th anniversary: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1106

11.Rudolf Siebert and his friends: new joint videos and common publications: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1142

12.Rudolf Siebert. Family Reunion 2023: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1144

13.Rudolf Siebert. 96th Birthday Autobiography. Add. Critical Theory and Spheronics Convergence (2005-2023): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1161




Biden was recommended to join BRICS,

to save America


Байдену рекомендовали вступить в БРИКС,

чтобы спасти Америку

Американист Лозанский назвал вступление в БРИКС спасением для США

16 октября 2023





              Действующий президент США Джо Байден положительно ответил на вопрос о том, готов ли он идти на второй срок. Своими целями он назвал разрешение кризиса на Ближнем Востоке, объединение Европы и подавление Путина.

              Президент Американского университета в Москве Эдуард Лозанский заявил в беседе с «Радио 1», больше половины населения страны не хотят видеть Байдена на посту президента во второй раз. Эксперт подчеркнул, что американские власти постоянно ищут врага в лице России или Китая, — таким образом они хотят спасти страну от раскола.

               «Американцам пора подумать о вступлении в БРИКС. Только при таком раскладе все смогут жить дружно. Я всё ищу того кандидата, который скажет, что нам пора отказываться от позиции гегемона, пора перестать искать врагов и начать искать друзей. Если Байден захочет вступить в БРИКС, наверное, это будет лучшей идеей не только для Америки, но и для всего человечества», — сказал Эдуард Лозанский.

                  Американист подчеркнул, что сегодня на пост президента в США выдвигаются восемь кандидатов, но их совокупный рейтинг меньше показателей одного Трампа. Однако сам Трамп тоже видит врага в лице Китая, а потому не может обеспечить мир американцам.



Америке больше негде спастись!

Отличный политический прикол над Байденом и США! 

Поздравляю Эд, молодец! 





America has nowhere else to escape!

 Great political joke o­n Biden and the USA!

Congratulations Ed, excellent!




Лев Семашко,




Condemnation of the dehumanization barbaric crimes and a call to include reason, conscience and God to jointly study, develop and apply the Gandhian peace science


The GGHA strongly condemns the bloody crimes against the civilian population, the brutal murder of thousands of children and women o­n both sides in the Arab-Jewish conflict. Such is the inexhaustible price of peacemaking ignorance, which has no end. Two peoples have been deliberately destroying each other for decades, and no o­ne knows, including the UN; the saddest thing is that they don’t want to know, HOW in truth these and any other peoples can live in peace, without war and violence (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1041).

Mahatma Gandhi, back in 1927, discovered “Newton’s law of non-violence of spherons, which governs humanity and which is stronger than nuclear weapons.” All governments, including the UN and UNESCO, have unanimously tabooed it for almost a century. o­nly the GGHA, over the past 18 years, since 2005, has created a fundamental and verified macrosociological peace megasciencebased o­n it in the system of its 12 global laws.

Now all that remains is to master this science, jointly study, develop and apply it through the joint Arab-Palestinian “Academy of Peace, Prosperity and Accelerated Growth” of 30-40 specialists. It will require scanty funding - 2 million dollars a year (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160).

This requires o­nly reason and the leaders’ political will to keep their nations in peace and not to exterminate them in continuous wars. What is easier and simpler for them: to kill each other or to master the peace science together? Are there really no thinking people among their leaders who want peace instead of war and are ready to apply its science? This must be answered not o­nly by the leaders but also by the peoples in the elections. The women and youth play a key role in this mission, but if they remain silent and inactive, the situation of mutual extermination will continue for centuries. What's your choice?

We call o­n leaders, peoples to immediately stop the bloodshed and take this o­nly existential and peacemaking path! There is no other life choice!

Dr. Leo Semashko,

Philosopher, GGHA founder and honorary president,

Peacemaker from the Gandhian spherons harmony



Dear Leo:

         I agree with everything what you have said about the power and dialectics of ideologies.

Spheronics supersedes in itself dialectically all past ideologies from Heraclitus o­n. He was the philosopher of Becoming. It synthesizes in itself Being and Nothing.

          There is no sentence of Heraclitus, which is not contained in Hegel's new, first Post-Aristotelian Logic, which is at the same time a Logos Theology.

         Lenin made it into a logic of revolution, which was not entirely adequate and thus lead to shortcomings particularly in the dimension of religion.

        Below you have my birthday video. It is also in my YouTube archive:


         I do not know how to send the video to all our friends. I would be very grateful to you if you could send the video to all our friends.

I am with all my best wishes to you, your dear family, and our Friends,

Your Rudi from the House of Mir,

Professor Emeritus, Rudolf Siebert, Michigan, USA:





Dear friend Rudi,

          I am very pleased with your response and the coincidence of our positions in the dialectics of spheronics. Indeed, it supersedes, keep the positive aspects of past dialectics, but develops them within the framework of not a two-dimensional, but a four-dimensional, tetradic paradigm. In general, it is expressed by Heraclitus in his definition of the Logos dialectic as “the harmony and struggle of opposites.” Hegel brilliantly developed his dialectic of “paired” struggle but “missed” the dialectic of Heraclitus’ harmony of opposites, or did not reach it, if I’m not mistaken. Harmony seems to be absent from Hegel; I did not find it at him. Marx and Lenin limited themselves o­nly to the struggle, war and violence of Hegel's opposites. Lenin brought Hegel's dialectic to the “violent destruction of the bourgeoisie as a class” and to state terror, which, along with the civil war, resulted in tens of millions of victims and not limited o­nly to the destruction of priests and the destruction of churches. These are facts of history. Now, a century later, this “paired” dialectic of Hegel’s struggle, embodied in o­ne-dimensional confrontational ideologies, has brought humanity to the brink of nuclear suicide, without any alternative to survival.

          Similar alternative is offered o­nly by the real dialectics of spheronics, which rises to a higher level, to the level of Heraclitus’ harmony of opposites through doubling their number at the tetrary structural level of macrosociological thinking, which provides a harmonious measure of opposites. But this dialectic is the future. Now no o­ne wants to know it, because they reject war, violence, and with them all their traditional ideologies shared by governments. It is just beginning in the spheronics structures for BRICS+ (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160) although at an unstructured level it was understood intuitively by Heraclitus. This is our common theme of discourse, which requires a lot of time: the dialectics of thinking develops the slowest, its paradigms change over millennia. Sorry that I got carried away with dialectics and mounted my “favorite horse.”

          Your wonderful birthday symbolically almost coincides with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, and the year of your birth with the year of his greatest discovery of the “law of varna-spherons that governs humanity” in 1927. You have absorbed the Gandhian “greatest force of the spherons nonviolence” in some miraculous way, carrying it from Hitler’s Wehrmacht, through American denazification and the Frankfurt School of Critical Philosophy to the Gandhian spheronics in the GGHA for the last 18 years. All this, as if in a mirror, is reflected in the text of your autobiography in your video, which, together with my Russian translation, is published o­n our GGHA website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1161. Whoever reads it will touch the disturbing spirit of the last century, reflected in the history of your great, thinking individuality. We are very grateful to you for this historical experience of an extraordinary person. Anyone can watch this video through its address o­n our website.

         I wish you good health and long life,





Уважаемый Рудольф, огромная благодарность Вам за Ваше понимание превосходства сфероники над традиционными ложными идеологиями, которые поставили мир на грань ядерной войны, которая несёт всему миру смертельную опасность.

За почти 80 лет, в результате непрерывной конфронтации, господствующие идеологии подвели человечество не к миру, а к ядерной войне, что сегодня очевидно всем, потому что она разогревается во многих местах сразу при их полном молчаливом безучастии. Им нечего сказать. Ядерная война - их логический венец...

Сфероника за 18 лет была способна, с нашим участием в ГГСГ, предложить научную формулу мира, процветания и многополярности сферонов, а ложные и отмирающие идеологии, зомбирующие* население своей пропагандой, были бессильны предложить ее, продолжая жить с милитаристскими убогими лозунгами: "хочешь мира, готовься к войне", "можно воевать, обеспечивая и пушки, и масло" и т.п. Разве это не убожество? Разве в сравнении с ними сфероника не превосходит их интеллектом?

Вы очень хорошо это поняли и сказали. Спасибо еще раз. Долгих Вам лет жизни и хорошего здоровья.

С уважением,

Вера Попович,


*George Monbiot. The Zombie Doctrine [neoliberalism]. 2016: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=684




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