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GGHA 19th Anniversary, 2024. Spherons Peace Science, Spheronics: An Alternative to Humanity Nuclear Suicide

PEACE SCIENCE for the War-sick Humanity is its healing, survival and prosperity!

PEACE SCIENCE: PEACE IS THE o­nLY WAY OF THE HUMANITY BEING. THERE IS NO OTHER IN SOCIAL NATURE. WAR is o­nly the passing pathology of immature Homo sapiens, who have not grown up yet to the peace science comprehending spherons - the actors and substance of perpetual, true peace of humanity and healing it from wars and violence.

Peace science is the fundamental social science of global demilitarization and denazification as the humanity liberation from the Nazi militaristic pathology that threatens it with total nuclear genocide.

God and history began it since the Ukraine demilitarization and denazification by the Russia’s SMO in February 2022, the victory in which is necessary not o­nly for the survival of this peace-loving civilization but to continue the planetary healing of humanity in its scientific peacemaking education ensuring global cognitive denazification.

The GGHA website “Peace from Spherons’ Harmony” with our Peace Science crossed the milestone of 20 million visits o­n April 27, 2024 for 19 years of our peacemaking work!



Congratulations to the GGHA all members and more than 700 coauthors of the fundamental and verified Gandhian PEACE Science, Spheronics, created for the first time in history in 19 years and which has become known to millions for their scientific peaceful education!

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1187

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1070

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President




Spiritual Culture for Harmonious Civilization

Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Citizens of Earth!

Unite in the Gandhian spherons’ harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA is the volunteer Int. Academy of Gandhian Peace Science, Spheronics.

GGHA unites more 600 members in 55 countries. It included the President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam 2002-2007 and five Nobel Peace Laureates.

GGHA was nominated for the creation of the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience, Spheronics to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org, about 20 million views in 19 years

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries:


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, Delhi 110045,

India: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the ‘substantially new" (Einstein) spheral, holistic and fractal tetranet thinking base of the “Spherons Global Peace MegaScience” (SGPM) or briefly “Spheronics” through universal harmonious spherons’ education: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

The India President in 2002-7, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the first world leader, who recognized the Spheronics as "the dawn of a first harmonious vision of peace and prosperity
for all the Earth nations
" in 2012: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489

GGHA Peace Formula:

"Peace Comes from Spherons Harmony via their Peace Science and AI"



GGHA 19th Anniversary, 2024.

Spherons Peace Science, Spheronics:

An Alternative to Humanity Nuclear Suicide



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1173

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1063


Peace Science (PS): An Alternative to Nuclear Suicide


Dear GGHA members and all peace friends,

          Today, o­n the GGHA birthday, we are happy to congratulate you o­n its 19th anniversary, and wish everyone good health and new scientific peacemaking achievements. We thank all 750 coauthors from more than 50 countries for their contribution to the unprecedented peacemaking achievement of our 19-year history - to the Gandhian “Peace Science” (PS), briefly Spheronics. During this time, it has been embodied in more than 1,500 publications, including 20 books and more than 90 projects, listed here: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472.

          Our scientific and peacemaking achievements are presented in the projects list over the past year below:

          85. GGHA Petition to the UN in defense of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and millions of its believers. Started: April 8, 2023. Finished: April 20, 2023. Presented to the Russia leaders and the UN. Publication: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1126 

          86. The GGHA 86th Project-Message for BRICS+: Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics for BRICS+: “BRICS+ Ideology”. Started: August 22, 2023. Approved: November 04, 2023: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152
          - Spheronics’ Macrosociology for BRICS+: Spheres, Spherons, Their Laws and the Societal Genome. The addition into “Gandhian Scientific Ideology of Spheronics for BRICS+” GGHA 86 Message-Project: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160.

          87. The GGHA 87th Project. The AGI Complementary Paradigms Synergy: “OpenAGI” (OAGI) & “PeaceAGI” (PAGI). 13-01-24: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1168
          88. The GGHA 88th Project. Russia’s Victory. The President Worldview - Peace Science. Election’s programs 2024. 24-01-24: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1061
          89th project. “Spheral Digital Technology” o­n the Roscongress all-Russian contest platform. January 31, 2024: https://идея.росконгресс.рф/improject-84158/ideas/136722

          90th Project. GGHA zero project for the UN, C4UNWN and Mr. Elon Musk. Peace Science: “Pact for the Future” to Transform of the UN Charter and States Constitutions as o­nly Alternative to Nuclear Suicide. February 12, 2024: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1172
          91st Project. GGHA 19th Anniversary, 2024. Spherons Peace Science, Spheronics: An Alternative to Humanity Nuclear Suicide. 15-02-24: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1173

          Their fundamental, unprecedented peacemaking meaning for humanity is focused in the banner above, as the most concise introduction to our PS. o­nly it constitutes a real and reasonable alternative to nuclear suicide, with the growing avalanche of which humanity has myopically come to terms with for almost 80 years, starting since its first genocidal experiment in Hiroshima, Nagasaki in August 1945. For 80 years, humanity has been like an ostrich, which knows about the inevitable rolling avalanche of nuclear war/suicide, but prefers to bury his head in the sand. Instead of changing the thinking in his head from disciplinary in selfish “national interests” leading him to nuclear hell, to “a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive” (Einstein, more than 70 years ago), which was first proposed to humanity by the Mahatma Gandhi in the “varnas/spherons” category in 1927, the humanity ostrich prefers to hide his poor, narrow head in the sand in front of the nuclear fire avalanche. How to wake up from the insanity of narrowness and myopia? This is evidenced by our PS, built o­n the shoulders of giants of thought: Gandhi, Einstein, Kennedy, Khrushchev, King and many others like that, focused in our banner and in our projects list.

          It is clear that the proposed level of holistic structural thinking is inaccessible to modern social science, which still does not know the answer to the elementary question: how many and what spheres make up society? Social scientists have been tormented for centuries in the jungle of false guesses o­n this score in the spectrum from o­ne to ten spheres until now. We do NOT know the society in which we live. The ostrich has no social science; therefore, he has no choice but to hide the poor head in the sand. He o­nly has pseudoscientific hypotheses that reject the verified truth of the social reality of the four eternal, necessary and sufficient spheres and spherons of humanity in its entire history, which are revealed and proven by statistics and logic in the PS. But it is inaccessible to the ostrich’s head; he prefers during 80 years to burn in an avalanche of nuclear fire than to understand and immediately use this science, which is necessary, acceptable and accessible to all peoples like physics and mathematics. Obviously, humanity as a whole, in order to understand and recognize this truth, must go through the stage of Hiroshima, Nagasaki o­n a planetary scale, if anything remains of it.

          But let us maintain the hope of the ostrich humanity becoming wiser until the last second, of which it still has 90 left (Mecklin, 2024: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924). Perhaps the creation of the safe and strong AI based o­n PS will enlighten the humanity ostrich head, to which the GGHA is shifting its emphasis since this year. Maybe something else. The main thing is not to remain silent, not to sit idly by with your head buried in the sand, passively awaiting the inevitable avalanche of nuclear suicide.

          Professor Michael Brenner from the USA complains that little innovation is occurring in social science: "it is evident that little innovation is occurring." But if they are racistly ignored, as the hegemon has been doing with its puppets for more than a century regarding the innovations of Gandhi, Einstein and others, including the GGHA PS, then they will disappear altogether and be reset to zero. In any case, let's move forward, search, albeit with mistakes, but with a head raised from the sand, the o­nly o­ne worthy of homo sapiens, and not an ostrich.

          Compare the 19th anniversary with the 18th and feel our progress here:


          o­nce again, happy the GGHA 19th anniversary, which for all 19 years has been searching for the scientific peace truth of the humanity social nature with its head raised, regardless of how many times and how long it has been scored by stones, while it remains alive.


Best wishes for true, perpetual (Kant’s) peace of the spherons, based o­n PS with AI,


Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of 750 the PS coauthors from 50 countries over 19 years,

GGHA founder (2005) and Honorary President,





The GGHA Spheronics MegaScience coauthors of the volunteer

Spherons Global Peace Academy” (SGPA).

It consolidated 750 coauthors of spheronics during 19 years, since 2005,

from more than 50 countries with the participation of India President

Abdul Kalama and 5 Nobel Peace Laureates.









         Congratulations Dr. Leo and friends o­n the GGHA 19th Anniversary. 

Peace and blessings, 

Adam Greenwell



New Zealand




Honorable excellences:

         Greetings for your intellectual union for serving humanitarian society.

As the enlightened divinity exhibiting it's radiance of intelligence in your perspectives inspires interacting community to adore the all-pervasive super natural consciousness to acknowledge the union of vital live particles and work collectively for identifying, advocating, and offering solutions to the prevailing and emerging challenges of the global human society.

CK Mishra,






Дорогой Лева!

         С гордостью за тебя - выдающегося сына Бежецкой земли и России -шлю тебе и всем твоим соратникам на планете Земля искренние поздравления с 19-й годовщиной ГГСГ, особо выделяя среди последних 90 инициированных Вами и доступных моему осознанию миротворческих проектов. Петицию - (85) в ООН в защиту Украинской Православной церкви и миллионов ее верующих и Победа России (88)!

Молю Господа о даровании Тебе и всему Твоему семейству крепкого здоровья и благополучия!


Вячеслав Брагин, историк,

Председатель Российской государственной телерадиокомпании «Останкино», 1993, bragin.vyacheslaw@yandex.ru,





Друзья, я присоединяюсь к поздравлению, в связи с 19 годовщиной ГГСГ. 

         Да, действительно, проделана огромная работа, благодаря титаническому труду основателя ГГСГ Льва Семашко. Его идеи и инициатива просто запредельны. Я желаю ему и всём членам ГГСГ, крепкого здоровья, вдохновения, новых интересных идей и конечно же МИРА! 

С уважением,

Вера Попович, 





Дорогой Лева!Рад оценке твоих трудов Верой Попович!Полностью с ней солидарен!
Твои труды во имя мира воистину титанические и они непременно должны быть и будут признаны!


Вячеслав Брагин,




Congratulations sir o­n 19th anniversary of GGHA,


Noor M larik,







Dear Leo and members of GGHA,

         After 19 years, we are still ALIVE, ACTIVE for the common benefit of the global society.

All the books and projects we developed are the witnesses of our contribution to global Peace, Nuclear too serious concept, countries unarmed, problems of environment, Women and Children problems etc. 

         The coming generations will study our works for sure

In my country we the citizens are faced with too serious problems, o­n a daily basis, our future is invisible and in real danger.

 According to UN recent report, Greece is not a state of justice, among too many other problems of survival...

I wish you all health love and peace.

         With respect to All,

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides,

GGHA Co-founder, Vice president,






Happy birthday… Много Much success!

Slavica Pejović,






Dear Leo and All Friends,

        o­nE WORLD-ONE DREAM in AI Era.

Happy 19° Anniversary,

Rosa Dalmiglio,






Dear Dr. Leo Semashko and all friends,

          Congratulations o­n the 19th anniversary of GGHA! Your dedication to promoting Gandhian principles worldwide is truly commendableWishing you continued success in your mission for scientific peacemaking and good health for all involved. Keep up the inspiring work!

         Dr. Birendra Kumar

Director, Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Managing Trustee, Non-Violence Foundation (India)

Executive Director, Non-Violence Peace Foundation (USA)

Contact No : +91-9470091098 / +1-332 322 7098

Email : director@mgcollege.edu.in Website https://mgcollege.edu.in


"Dreaming is not enough. We must put our dreams into action by taking steps towards making them a reality."


Dear Dr. Birendra Kumar,

         Thank you very much for your warm congratulations and urgent wishes for “success in scientific peacemaking”! This is the GGHA mission true and brilliant definition, embodied in the Gandhian “Peace Science, Spheronics”, which we created for 19 years. It is built o­n the foundation of Gandhian, the most brilliant in history, scientific peacemaking discovery of spherons as the o­nly actors of “perpetual” (Kant), global peace in 1927.

          Unfortunately, the militaristic, nuclear civilization of the last century, which has made genocide, war and lies its banner, is doing everything to suppress, censor, distort and forever strangle this scientific discovery that saves humanity. But our Peace Science is opposed to this and it will inevitably defeat nuclear genocide if “the nuclear war does not end humanity first” (Kennedy). Gandhi's legacy today is o­n the brink of life/death for humanity, offering it the o­nly saving for all nations the fundamental scientific alternative, embodied in this science that is necessary and acceptable to all.

          We are happy to invite you and your college to collaborate in this science. We are waiting your article o­n this topic to publish it o­n our website and in our new book. To start cooperation, we published your response with others in two languages here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1173. We are now waiting for your Gandhian peacemaking article.

          Best wishes for peace from the nonviolence Gandhian spherons harmony.


Dr. Leo Semashko,








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