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Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert. Gandhi, Putin and Bushnell: Resisting NATO's Nazi genocide


          Updated is in lower paragraphs. In connection with the phenomenal, more than 87%, popular re-election of Vladimir Putin* as President of Russia, who, together with the Russian people, fulfills M. Gandhi’s law to save humanity from Nazi murderers. Both prove that Bushnell’s sacrifice, as more than 100 million victims of the West genocide under the century-old Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” ideology did not go unnoticed. Putin embodies the systemic resistance to the absolute evil of Nazi genocide by Russia state force.
          Rudolf Siebert, the USA theologian updated this GGHA message with important arguments.


Gandhi, Putin and Bushnell: Resisting NATO's Nazi genocide
with force and nonviolence scientific mobilization

Appeal of Gandhian Peace Science (GPS)


Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1065

+ https://ismatimes.com/en/Soldier-Bushnell-and-the-Butchers-Commanders-in-Chief

+ https://www.theinteldrop.org/2024/03/01/soldier-bushnell-and-the-butchers-commanders-in-chief/

+ https://countercurrents.org/2024/03/soldier-bushnell-and-the-butchers-commanders-in-chief/

+ https://www.ismatimes.com/en/Bloody-terror-attack-at-the-Crocus-Theater-near-Moscow

+ Women’s Peace Revolution, 08-03-24:


Nuclear civilization

          The growing for almost 80 years, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 historical genocide of Western nuclear civilization has reached an extreme risk level exceeding 99% (Mecklin, 2024), not o­nly military, but also psychological, spiritual confrontation within it. This confrontation was heroically and selflessly illustrated by the protest self-immolation of US soldier Aaron Bushnell in Washington, in front of the Israeli Embassy o­n February 25, 2024, at 13-00 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1176).

          The nuclear civilization is today storming the global genocide pinnacle, the approach to which was first begun by Adolf Hitler, whose laurels have haunted his diligent followers from the USA and NATO for almost 80 years. Before taking over the top, their commanders-in-chief conduct preparatory exercises of ethnic genocide, winning for themselves the “highest” popular titles of “butchers” and “monsters” dreaming of the nuclear button for planetary genocide:


Civilization’s "butchers"

         The relay of racial genocide Hitler’s “world butcher and monster” has been actively continued in our century by new “butchers” of the commanders-in-chief, adding new names of “militarist heroes” to their NATO century panopticum:

          Mr. Elon Musk qualified Zelensky, the head of the Kyiv Nazi regime and the Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-chief under the full control of NATO, o­n November 15, 2023, as a “butcher” for the senseless sacrifices of his people in the unleashed NATO war against Russia since 2014.

          Mr. Recep Erdogan, Turkey President has qualified the leader of Israel, Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces Netanyahu as a “butcher” for tens of thousands of Palestinian civilian victims in the Gaza Strip o­n November 29, 2023.

At the same time, the Palestinians labeled President Joe Biden, the US Commander in chief as “butcher” for his military, political and financial support of ethnic genocide in the Gaza Strip and released the corresponding banner, which is reproduced in our banner.

          All these are irrefutable facts of modern history in its monstrous a century-old panopticum of state dehumanization, in which peace culture is strangled along with its heart in the peace science. Of course, the panopticum will be replenished with new “militarists-butchers” of the past and the present.

          For the most courageous, honest and bold people, soldiers, it is psychologically unbearable to endure the population genocide, especially children and women, taking place before the humanity eyes. The state dehumanization, the dehumanization of state leaders, occurs before the eyes of numerous international organizations, powerless to stop the avalanche of monstrous militaristic genocide, which is 99% closer, 90 seconds (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924) to complete, worldwide genocide.


Alternative: Gandhian Peace Science (GPS)

          They do not have any cardinal, peaceful alternative to this avalanche, which can o­nly be the PEACE SCIENCE, spheronics - fundamental, verified, urgently necessary and acceptable to ALL PEOPLES, like the truths of other fundamental sciences. But its embryos, nurtured by Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, John Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev (the first plan for general and complete disarmament), Martin King, John Avery, Johan Galtung and others, integrated by the GPS of our GGHA volunteer international academy of humanists during 19 years, since 2005, are inquisitorially suppressed by this nuclear militaristic civilization.

          This is another, cognitive, crime against humanity of this civilization, like the 80-year-old ethnic genocide. All antimilitarist, peacemaking movements, including the Pugwash movement, are suppressed by nuclear civilization, and intellectual peacemakers are classified as dissidents and “the people enemies” in almost every country. Humanity is completely disarmed by nuclear civilization in the face of an impending, 99%, planetary genocidal fire avalanche.

          All states of the planet in a nuclear civilization are deprived of peacemaking political sovereignty, deprived of science and departments of peace, deprived of peace culture as primitive savages. They are completely, 100%, absorbed in its militaristic policy of violence, aggression or military defense against it, built o­n the priority of violence, military budgets, military academies and the military, zombifying the mainstream media 24/7. In this politics, for peace, there is not a single cent, not a single minute, not a single institution, not a single voice and not a single word without hypocrisy and lies. This guarantees the inevitability of nuclear suicide by the nuclear genocidal civilization.


Appeal to scientists

          Soldier Bushnell's self-immolation will not move the butchers chiefs. But it should ignite the souls of honest and courageous scientists to unite all their efforts in the development, financing, promotion and recognition of Gandhian Peace Science at the UN, in the creation of its Academies and its Peace Departments in the BRICS countries (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160), in organizing its International Contest and Forum under the leadership of independent businessman Elon Musk (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1166). Or is Bushnell alone not enough for us and we, humanities scholars, will continue our silence of comfort and zombies for another century so that Hitler's "Mein Kampf" genocide can flourish without the conceptual alternative?


Civilization mission of Russia and Putin: eradicate genocidal Nazism


          Putin’s phenomenal victory in the elections with a unique, over 87%, voters support can o­nly be explained by the fact that the Russian civilization people today urgently need o­nly the firm, unbending anti-fascist leader. Under Putin’s leadership, the Russian people must put an end to its irreconcilable civilizational enemy - Western Nazism - and complete the great battle and Victory over it of our parents, begun in the Great Patriotic War (GPW) of 1941-1945, “without standing up for the price” of almost 30 million lives. Therefore, in order not to repeat similar sacrifice again, the Russian people made its absolute, impeccably democratic and transparent for the whole world historical choice of Vladimir Putin as their President to fulfill the local goals of demilitarization and denazification in the SWO since February 24, 2024.

          These goals are no less difficult than in the GPW but civilizationally more complex and responsible. No o­ne in Russia, except its traitors, doubts the military victory, the demilitarization of the pro-Western regime of Ukraine as the Nazi, genocidal and Russophobic battering ram of NATO since 2014. This victory, in our opinion, can be achieved already this year, no later than November or December. It constitutes the civilizational, material-technical necessity in the logic of Russia’s survival. But, as the GPW experience showed, it is insufficient, because Nazism is rooted not o­nly in militarism but also in the head, in the consciousness, into which you cannot drive a tank. What is needed here is a scientific, cognitive weapon of nonviolent reason, fundamentally eradicating all the Nazism socio-mental pillars, starting with Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” of 1925, with his “killer instinct” according to Freud. Such weapon and alternative to Nazism was not and can not be created in the West over the last century, because the mentality of Nazism/militarism was always guarded by them as the genocidal tool against Russia and other “unchosen” rogue nations.

          This cognitive weapon was laid down by the discovery of the humanity nonviolent spherons by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927. In its fundamental structure of the social genome and the society cell as well as in the holistic civilizational logic of spheral necessity and sufficiency, inaccessible to Nazism, it was created over almost 20 years in the GGHA Gandhian GPS (over). o­nly this science is capable to ensure global denazification and putting an end to Nazism forever, just as humanity put an end to smallpox and similar pathologies forever. Without GPS, full denazification is fundamentally impossible o­n any scale. This is a historical, civilizational law.

          But GPS as an alternative and mental immunity against the Nazism ideology requires its socio-political institutionalization in two strategic structures: the “Department of Peace,” proposed more than 230 years ago by the American physician Benjamin Rush, and the independent “Academy of Peace and Accelerated Growth,” proposed by the GGHA. These institutions will establish Russia’s peacemaking image, which no o­ne can doubt, and will significantly increase the effectiveness of its peace-loving foreign policy. The historical mission and responsibility of Russia and its leader today is o­nly to initiate and establish the aforementioned not o­nly necessary but also sufficient civilizational spheral instruments of global denazification, i.e. the final victory over Nazism, the liberation of both Russia and humanity from its 99% deadly, nuclear genocidal threat. Will Russia and its leader be able to realize and implement this civilizational mission? The answer to this question lies in the problem solution of the Russia and world people’s survival o­n the nuclear catastrophe brink for humanity.

GPS conceptual duel/mobilization for the sake of peace/nonviolence

          The fundamental and ambitious scientific mission of holistic GPS has long been realized and supported by numerous verifications, placed by its synergy o­n the “shoulders of the giants” of human thinking, starting since the Indian rishis of the 2nd millennium BC and ending the achievements of modern macrosociology and critical theory, can be challenged and questioned by someone today. For almost 20 years, we have not encountered such counterarguments, except for critical remarks o­n particulars in its numerous discussions (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747, https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=85). We have been convinced over the years that all Western social holistic theories are a lie mostly, in in a whole, so they are deprived of peacemaking and scientific verification but they have grains of partial truths that are detected and integrated by the GPS, receiving eternal life into it. Their “The greatest lie is in the USA” (Dorrel: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1056).
          All these years we have been looking for a worthy and adequate scientific opponent but we have not found o­ne. We threw down the gauntlet to many people in the conceptual duel but no o­ne agreed to it, being afraid and immediately admitting their surrender. Now we repeat this “conceptual duel challenge” again, for an hour-long discussion o­n the holistic vision of planetary society and the solution to its key problem of survival in the face of global nuclear genocide in the WWIII outbreak.

          We assume that in the West, among its official, mainstream social science, there is not a single humanities scientist who would risk, for racist reasons of prestige, confrontation in open public discussion with the Russian humanities scientist. Rudolf Siebert, due to his age, can o­nly be my most valuable second and advisor. But we admit that among the unofficial humanitarian public some of them, in approximately the same weight category, can be found, such as Erwin Laszlo, Glen Martin, Peter Sloterdijk, Rihanna Eisler, Laura George, Barbara Hubbard, etc. To each of them, I, Semashko Leo, “throw down the gauntlet” to an hour-long conceptual duel o­n ZOOM or via Skype. If we agree, we will establish our duel rules. This is roughly what happened in history. Before the battle of the armies, brave heroes came out to duel. History repeats itself in a new round.




Dr. Leo Semashko and Dr. Rudolf Siebert, o­n behalf of 750 GPS coauthors from 50 countries of the GGHA over 19 years,

Dr. Leo Semashko

Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from the Gandhian spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,


Dr. Rudolf Siebert

Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, philosopher, antifascist, Wehrmacht soldier in 1943-1945, theologian, the USA House of Mir founder since 1965,

GGHA Vice-President,

Kalamazoo, Michigan,


Christian Resistance to Fascism - Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert,

What is Anti-Semitism? - Rudolf J. Siebert




* Rodney Atkinson and Dmitry Babich. Why so many voted for Vladimir Putin...?

March 24, 2024:



The Russian people shown such support to their President,.. which western leaders can o­nly dream of.”



This Gandhian project was sent to Vladimir Putin o­n 24/03/27:



In more details is below



Your "Soldier Bushnell and the “Butchers” Commanders-in-Chief" was published o­n
"The Intel Drop", 1 March, 2024: 


Gordon Duff




Dear Leo:

         Thank you so very much for your most truthful critique of the Israeli war.

The Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, what they do not want to have done to themselves: colonization and genocide.

         The UN is powerless. Humanity should be ashamed of itself!

The "Appeal from the Gandhian Peace Science" (GPS) can and must motivate humanity to listen to the martyrs, and enforce a lasting cease-fire in Palestine.

         In Solidarity,

Your Rudi from the House of Mir, US,

Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Professor Emeritus, Michigan University,





Respected sir,

Thanks lot for sharing your article. Your article published. Please, see the link below of the same and share this in your groups, etc.




B 118 Street No 10 Mandawali Fazalpur Delhi 110092, India




         Это послание ГГСГ -  призыв к разуму всего научного сообщества на краю ядерной катастрофы. "Мясники" ядерной цивилизации, потерявшие разум, делают ставку на силу, на геноцид народов, что является абсолютным злом.

         В этом безумном хоре ядерной цивилизации 24/7, единственный разумный голос для всех, это Гандианская Наука Мира (ГНМ). Она сегодня олицетворяет мирный разум человечества, который интуитивно воплощается противниками НАТО и наиболее серьёзными, ответственными политиками Запада.

         К ним относится Дональд Трамп, единственный президент Америки, не начавший ни одной войны. Он мог бы, вооружившись ГНМ и трансформировать свой победный лозунг следующим образом: "Сделать Америку миром великой, как никогда, и вечным другом России, всего человечества".

         С уважением

Вера Попович





Dear Leo, Dear Friends:

          Please, see my new video about Christian Resistance to Fascism:

Christian Resistance to Fascism” - Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert


Best wishes, 

Your Rudi Siebert, from the House of Peace, USA,





Dear Rudi,

You delight us with your strong, intellectual support of the GGHA Message condemning the Nazi “militarists-butchers” of nuclear civilization and your unique, as a former Wehrmacht soldier 1943-1945, Christian video “Christian Resistance to Fascism.” Your responses and video’s address are published in our Message in two languages and in the Indian Journal “ISMA-TIMES” here:




Many thanks to you and everyone who supports and publishes our project “Gandhian Peace Science” (GPS), which constitutes the fundamental scientific basis for any resistance to Nazism, Christian or individual, heroic like Aaron Bushnell.

Only this science, together with the “Golden Rule” of all world religions, provides the o­nly, cognitive and nonviolent alternative to the suicidal nuclear civilization and all its fascist “militarists-butchers”. o­nly similar fundamental and verifiable science, eradicating all national and religious confrontation, is necessary, acceptable and sufficient for all peoples as a guarantee of “perpetual peace” (Kant), identical to the future complete security, which was inaccessible to any weapon in history.

The lack of a true/scientific, social and peacemaking mind was made up for in it with weapons, violence (“strength is no need for intelligence”), which today threaten to destroy humanity in its nuclear suicide of its “negative dialectics”, o­n which both GPS and Critical Theory stand.

Friendly, in solidarity,





Абсолютно согласна с Верой Попович!

Содружество и сотрудничествоСША с Россией, принесло бы больше взаимной пользы.

Боюсь только, что им еще не доступно наше мышление, которое их раздражает и пугает. Они кармически и ментально не выросли из империализма. А Россия уже переросла империалистическое мышление. Россия вышла уже на более высокий философский уровень мышления. Дай Бог, что б и у них нашлись философы нового уровня мышления, не технократического подавления, а интеллектуально -духовного роста.

С уважением,

Алла Георгиевна Воронова,




ГНМ - не единственный разумный голос для всех. В современной России много разумных голосов, к примеру, из ИПГ "Народоправие», Школы Здравого Смысла, ВОП "Единение" и многих других патриотических организаций. Задача - объединить все разумные голоса в единый созидательный хор во благо России и мира.

Преображенский Юрий





Ваши безвестные патриотические организации бесполезны, или вредны России своей ненаучностью. Полезна только наша ГГСГ, потому что она создала и развивает одну для всех необходимую и полезную Науку Мира, сферонику. Почему вы не хотите понять и обсудить её, и дальше развивать своё национальное мышление? 

С уважением,

Вера Попович





Hi Advocates of Peace,

         Here is a FREE Peace Journal for your reading pleasure.

Future Echoes: Free Peace Journal to Heads of Government in 193 Member Countries of the United Nations. First Issue January-April 2024: https://iaewp-org.blogspot.com/2024/01/future-echoes-free-peace-journal-to.html

         If you have an article o­n the atrocities committed by Putin in Ukraine, you may submit for our consideration at the following email: iaewp.journals@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Steve Rajan

Editor and ePublisher




Hi genocide advocates from IAEWP!

            Mr. Steve Rajan from Malaysia is a fascist traitor of the great American peacemaker Charles Mercieca (1933-2022: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=129) peacemaking legacy, who created the o­nce famous international peace organization of educators (IAEWP), now blasphemously turned into a mouthpiece for the genocide and Nazism advocates under the peace flag with CIA funds.

           The GGHA in 2022 qualified Steve Rajan as “zombified freak and a Malaysian slave of the Western “Goebbels empire of lies”,... and moral squalor”. He distorted two facts of history.

          1. Russia and Putin have been fending off the invasion of the western new wave of Nazism and genocide from Ukraine since 2014, fueled by the western finance and weapons, with which they decided to end by the military resistance in accordance with the right of self-defense in the SWO in February 2022. This is the fact that Putin brilliantly highlighted to the honest and courageous journalist Tucker Carlson, a true peace advocate, in contrast to Steve cringes as the western paid zombie propagandist.

          2. Charles Mercieca, who was a co-founder of our GGHA in 2005 and always supported Russia, ALWAYS wrote and spoke about “the death of freedom and democracy in America, about the revival and invasion of fascism in it”: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=708. All the honest and courageous scientists and peacemakers of the USA have written and are writing about this for a long time: Martin Luther King, Noam Chomsky, Terrence Paupp, Michael Brenner, Johan Galtung, William Engdahl, James Lucas, Paul Roberts, Frank Dorrel, Rebecca Gordon, Sheldon Wolin , Rodney Atkinson, William Bloom and hundreds of others, whose articles and books are published o­n the GGHA website (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=613).

           Now zombie-Steve, according to the laws of Goebbels’ lies, turns victims of genocide into its perpetrators, hiding the true butchers-killers who are recognized by the entire honest world and who are reflected o­n our banner in the GGHA Message “NATO Butchers Panopticum”: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175

          Why is Steve silent about these genocide butchers? There is o­nly o­ne answer: he serves them and feeds from them, without saying a single word in defense of their victims. If not, we invite him to publish our true banner that he will never do - truth and facts are not for him.

Dr. Leo Semashko




Dear Leo:

          Since Napoleon marched with 800 000 soldiers to Moscow, and since Hitler marched with 4 million soldiers to Leningrad, Moscow and Kiev, the blind dementia of genocidal, authoritarian  butchers has prevailed up to this moment in history.

          In the 20th century, Sigmund Freud discovered the killer instinct in the human psyche. He was not amazed about the murderous character of fascist authoritarianism.

          We hope that peace will come from Spherons Harmony through their Peace ScienceIn order to realize this hope we must find inclusive, life friendly, democratic leaders and followers, who are able to sublimate culturally the killer instinct in themselves, and who are willing to study and to practice the Spherons Harmony. Freud's biological determinism must not prevail!

          We must strengthen the democratic resistance against the murderous, genocidal authoritarian, fascist temptation!

In Solidarity, your Rudi from the House of Mir since 1965, USA,

          Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, antifascist, Wehrmacht soldier in 1943-1945, theologian, the USA House of Mir founder since 1965,

GGHA Vice-President,

Kalamazoo, Michigan,


Christian Resistance to Fascism - Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert,

What is Anti-Semitism? - Rudolf J. Siebert




The NATO Genocidal Nazi Butchers

and their eradication by Russia and Putin


Dear Rudi,

         Your response of strong scientific support was so significant that I could not help but make you the updated GGHA Message coauthor o­n Aaron Bushnell and the NATO “butchers” panopticum. This message (4 pages) is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175 and in the attachment.

We'll talk about other details later.






Dear ALL,

This is how Mr. Leo Semashko writes about all who stand up for the women and children killed in Ukraine.

We have banned Leo from all IAEWP sites and activities.

We wish everyone a prayer, hoping that you too to see the satanic shield of Leo Semashko.
Leo is banned and his email goes straight into spam.


Steve Rajan

IAEWP Editor and ePublisher, FUTURE ECHOES,

Malaysia, iaewp.org@gmail.com,




(To Steve) Please ban me as well! I am an investigative journalist and
I have written extensively about the Nazis in Ukraine.Leo is not lying.

Deborah L. Armstrong

Independent Journalist, USA,





Dear Leo,

…I am grateful to you for your love and generosity.

I do not agree with your putting Gandhi and Putin together.

With respect, I wish to resign from GHA as I do not agree with your position…

With regards,


Ananta Kumar Giri, PhD, Professor,

Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India,





          The update and addition to the Message of two philosophers who mark the long -standing peace partnership of the USA and Russia in the GGHA is absolutely necessary. First of all, in view of the extreme importance of the phenomenal reelection of President R.F. V.I. Putin to fulfill the goals of demilitarization and denazification of SWO. They are absolutely necessary for the survival of Russia now and in the future, but insufficient that the country does not fall apart after the victory, like the USSR after it, which turned out to be powerless with its false, dogmatic Marxism before mental denazification.

          For the survival of Russia in the future, to consolidate the inevitable achieved victory and for the mental denazification of not o­nly Ukraine, but the entire West with the pathology of Nazism, the unique Gandhian Peace Science (GPS) is necessary! o­nly it can end conceptually with Nazism and forever eradicate its, as well as its threat of nuclear genocide.

          But the holistic and true, verified GPS is rejected by official humanitarian science, torn in disciplines, in every possible way suppressed by it, because it is helpless compared to GPS. Therefore, a public scientific discussion is so important at least with those germs of holistic social science, which, like GPS, live implicitly, under the oppression of dominant censorship. But will there be bold humanitarians? For 19 years, the GGHA did not find a single o­ne, everything was scared. Maybe there will be today?

          This is a very interesting, bold, even impudent offer, extremely important for survival not o­nly Russia but also the world from nuclear genocide. This discussion could help prioritize all their places, eliminate tension and come to understanding for the sake of peace.


Vera Popovich,




Dear Leo,

My best regards and warm greetings to you. I hope this finds you well.

With respect, I wish to share with you this.

I remember our first meeting at the top of the youth hostel in Beijing.

I am grateful to you for your love and generosity.

          I do not agree with your putting Gandhi and Putin together.

With respect, I wish to resign from GHA as I do not agree with your position.

I request you to kindly remove me from the membership and kindly do not put my name in the GHA website.
Let us speak with each other.

I request you to kindly write me your whatsapp number

With regards



Mr. Ananta Kumar Giri, PhD

Professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai

Full Member, The Club of Rome

Associate Member, India International Center, New Delhi

Founding Honorary Executive Trustee

Vishwaneedam Center for Asian Blossoming (World Nest Center for Asian

Blossoming), Puducherry and Chennai


Recent Publications:  The Calling of Global Responsibility: New Initiatives in Justice, Dialogues and Planetary Realizations (Routledge, 2023); Social Healing (Routledge, 2023); Cultivating Integral Development (Routledge, 2023:  www.routledge.com/9780367545185); Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo (Editor, Routledge, 2022); Contemporary Contributions to Critiques of Political Economy (Editor, Routledge, forthcoming); New Works in Consciousness Corridors: Dialogues with Subhash Sharma and Creative Planetary Futures (New Delhi: Authors Press, 2023, Co-Editor);  Rethinking Media Studies: Media, Meditation and Communication (Co-Editor, Routledge, forthcoming); Towards a Dharma of Peace Building (Co-Editor, Springer, 2023).

Postal Address:

Professor Ananta Kumar Giri, Madras Institute of Development Studies,

79, Second Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, 600 020, India.
aumkrishna@gmail.com (Pl send o­nly to this email and not to my yahoo mail) 
Ph:0091-44-24412589 / 24412295 ext.320
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ORCID Number: 0000-0002-7090-0923

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skype: aumkrishna10
Facebook: Ananta Kumar Giri
Twitter: Ananta Kumar Giri@aumbhikhu

Mobile: +91-9840581025 (whatsapp)



Conceptual duel for our harmony


Dear Ananta,

          It is your right to “disagree with my position and leave the GGHA.” But we are philosophers and have known each other for 20 years, so I propose a more adequate way: to compare our sociological positions in a conceptual discussion, rather than simply slam the door.

          First, about our origins. Yes, I also remember well our acquaintance 20 years ago o­n the roof of a Beijing hostel, when you were busy with yoga, and I was busy with my athletic exercises, our participation in different sections of the International Sociological Congress (I still have its attached poster), how I gave you my “Tetrasociology” (2002), how we walked, argued for a long time and I treated you to Chinese coffee and cakes. You warmly accepted my ideas of social spheral harmony and became my student, co-founder of the GGHA (then GHA), an active co-author of his first 4-5 books and even his Vice-President from India. After 15 years, you, by analogy with the GHA, published a collective work “Transformative Harmony”, 2019, 1000 pages, which you kindly dedicated to me:

             «My journey with the theme of harmony began with my meeting and unfolding friendship with Leo Semashko from St. Petersburg. We first met o­n the roof top of a youth hostel in Beijing in July 2004…I dedicate this book to Leo Semashko… Leo has been nurturing the vision and practice of harmony with love, care and dedication for years… I thank Leo for our initial journey and all the contributors for their kindness and patience… In this context, the work of Leo Semashko and our co-walkers in the Global Harmony Association (see www.peaceharmony.org), a group of friends from around the world, deserve attention. They urge us to realise the significance of harmony what Semashko calls the “value priority of harmony” (Semashko 2009). Semashko here challenges us to realise the shift from value priority from freedom to the value priority of harmony in the context of pathology of industrial mode of production and the need for building a harmonious civilisation: “The value priority of harmony replaces the value priority of freedom which drove down humanity up to the freedom of self-destruction [...].”(ibid.:27)… Semashko is seeking to find signs of a harmonious civilisation from the ravages of industrial civilisation which, among other things, gives priority to children, a green economy, non-violence and harmonious ways of thinking and being. Education in and of harmony plays an important role in this process. Semashko plans to build Academies of Harmony in Russia and around the world. He also seeks to have a new global currency named “Harmon” which is not guided by the profit motive of industrial civilisation but by the desire to build harmony and dignity in the lives of economies of individuals and nations. This collaborative text Harmonious Civilisation also presents many other projects such as creative festivals of harmony, harmonisation in case of militarisation in case of conflicts such as 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia, and inculcating harmonious education around the world. For Semashko, without harmonious education contemporary efforts such as moves towards global nuclear disarmament initiated by the joint treaty of President Barack Obama of the US and President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia would not go very far. Without harmonious ways of thinking and being facilitated by harmonious education disarmament is not possible.» (36-37) Et cetera here: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=911.

         Thank you Ananta for your philosophical overview of the GGHA work over 15 years. Three pages were opened for you and your book o­n our website, along with the o­ne indicated: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=915, https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=822

          What happened next? You began to move away from the GGHA, almost completely switched to Western topics, books and publications at prestigious Western publishers that cannot be explained otherwise than by your pro-Western position and Western grants. You have practically forgotten harmony, and Gandhi, whom you already knew very superficially, did not understand his “varnas/spherons” and his law “to kill the killer.” Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest genius of nonviolence, recognized the moral and practical necessity to "kill the killer", naming him a "maniac, lunatic", with whom there can be no life, for the sake of nonviolence and peace of all other people.

         He wrote: "Even manslaughter may be necessary, [when]… a man runs amuck and goes furiously about sword in hand, and killing any o­ne that comes his way… Anyone who will kill this lunatic will earn the gratitude of the community and be regarded a benevolent man. From the point of view of Ahimsa it is the plain duty of every o­ne to kill such a man…refraining from taking life can in no circumstances be an absolute duty. 1926." (M. Gandhi. My Religion, Chapter 26: https://gandhiashramsevagram.org/my-religion/chapter-26-love-in-relating-to-the-animal-world.php).

          Similar maniacal killers are the Ukrainian Nazis, who since 2014 have killed 14 thousand civilians in the Donbass, including women and children, under the slogan “Kill all Russians, all Russian children and women.” Therefore, the SWO against the Nazi regime of Kyiv, financed and supplied with weapons from the West, from the point of view of Gandhi’s ahimsa, is absolutely justified both morally and practically. That is why I and everyone have all moral right to put Putin next to Gandhi, as his faithful follower. Putin, like Gandhi, argues that Russia, uniting about 200 ethnic groups, is “one big and friendly family” that is what Gandhi and Hinduism say about humanity. Therefore, Putin was supported by almost 90% of the Russian people voters, as were the majority of honest people in the world, except for the Western public majority, zombied by liberal lying ideology, Monbiot: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=684. Therefore, Putin and Gandhi for me are like-minded people in harmony, peace and nonviolence, which the Russians are forced to defend o­nly by violence, o­nly by exterminating the genocidal Nazis as maniacs, according to Gandhi’s law “KILL THE NAZI KILLERS!

          This is my fundamental conceptual position, adequate to Gandhi. What do you disagree with about it? Maybe with Gandhi? Then your place is next to Hitler, Zelensky and other genocidal butchers of mass murderers, about whom you can see in the attachment and here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175. Are you protecting them? Or who?

In any case, I challenge you to the conceptual duel as sociological experiment, the hypothesis of which is formulated here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1181.

          I hope you will not be afraid if you have remained the honest scientist and a follower of social harmony, about which you wrote a lot in your old works. I am waiting for your response, as well as your colleagues and friends, who are ready to accept my challenge, that together we establish general rules for our public o­nline discussion within o­ne hour.

         With respect, have the honor,

Dr. Leo Semashko




Organizers of the mass terrorism!




In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1065


          The GGHA expresses its deepest condolences to the victims, families and loved o­nes of the bloody terror at the Crocus Theater near Moscow, in which over 120 spectators were killed, including dozens of women and children, and about 150 people were injured.

          The organizer of this mass slaughter can o­nly be the Ukronazi butchers, who for 10 years, since 2014, have been embodying their brutal slogan “Kill all Russians, all Russian children and women, everywhere and always!”

          Therefore, the response slogan of the peace-loving, nonviolent Russian people, in accordance with the Mahatma Gandhi nonviolence law “KILL THE MURDERER!”, can o­nly be o­ne: “DEATH TO UKRONAZIST KILLERS,” which is similar to the slogan of the Great Patriotic War: “DEATH TO GERMAN NAZIS!”

          But the military front of the necessary and just military liquidation of the Nazis/murderers is insufficient and must be supplemented by a Second Front of spiritual, scientific and mental eradication and prevention of Nazism. Its ideology was proclaimed by Hitler 100 years ago in his book “Mein Kampf” (1925), and covered almost the entire area of the West/NATO, which was now armed with Hitler’s “absolute evil” of nuclear, genocidal weapons for humanity

         Almost all states in this area became the deep empire of Nazism (Atkinson:
https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1064, https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1049). All its ruling bodies openly applaud the Ukronazis (the o­nly thing missing is “SIEG HEIL!”), all its mass murders in the Donbass, have long been financing and arming the Kiev regime and began open genocide and terror of all Russians for 10 years, since 2014, just as they financed and armed Hitler's regime.

          Global Western Nazism is triumphant in its century expansion and not a single Western ideology, not a single science of it is capable, powerless, to resist it. o­n the contrary, they o­nly encourage its growth, while simultaneously suppressing and tabooing the century Gandhian Peace Science, GPS (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1017). It began since the Mahatma Gandhi humanity spherons discovery in 1927 as the o­nly peace actors and “the greatest force of nonviolence of humanity.” It received fundamental scientific justification and verification for almost 20 years in the GGHA and became the o­nly intellectual force in the world capable to resist and mentally eradicate Nazism, if it finds institutional support of the preventive and nonviolent “Anti-Fascist Gandhian Front” (AGF). The GGHA has been offering it for many years as a “Second Front” in the fight against global Nazism (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1069).

          The indivisible unity of the two popular fronts in the fight against Nazism is personified today by their ideological leaders: Mahatma Gandhi and Vladimir Putin. o­nly their unity will constitute an irresistible and victorious force for the eternal eradication of Nazism in accordance with the civilizational logic of the spheral necessity and sufficiency of these fronts in their fight against Nazism, established in the GPS (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175). The Second Front also passes through the sphere of the humanities, all of whose academies and institutes over the course of a century, for ideological reasons, have been unable to find, support and develop GPS, o­n the contrary, suppressing it.

          A breakthrough of the humanities to the Second, Anti-fascist Front is possible today o­nly through a conceptual duel/discussion between supporters of the anti-fascist GPS with the humanities of any social sciences, which are hostile to it, its anti-fascism and, in fact, constitute the nutritious spiritual and scientific soil of global Western Nazism. Therefore, the GGHA declares an international cognitive duel and throws down a challenge/gauntlet to an hour-long mental battle to all humanities scholarswho silently/passively/indifferently stand o­n the side of Nazism, ignoring the GPS anti-fascism (ibid.). This is a sociological experiment. Its hypothesis of the Western social science nullification for the century before Nazism is formulated here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1181.

          o­nly through the joint efforts of the two fronts in the fight against Nazism can be eradicated forever the bloody Nazi terrorist massacres that are regular everywhere and spreading overall, starting since Ukraine, Gaza sector, etc.

         Death to Nazis/murderers o­n Gandhi's law, for the sake of life, peace, nonviolence and harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko




Dear Leo:

         I and my family and friends share wholeheartedly the GGHA expression of our deepest condolences to the victims, families and loved o­nes of the bloody terror at the Crocus Theater near Moscow, and to the whole Russian people,

         Close to Easter, victory over death, we suffer with you this great human tragedy, caused by a new wave of murderous authoritarianism, and increase our struggle against it. He is risen!

         In solidarity, your Rudi from the House of Mir, USA,





         ... Condolences to Russia… I understood the need for a strong Russian military. And I agree that in the case of fascism, simple nonviolent resistance would lead to slaughter.

         … even as a life long pacifist, who would have very difficult time picking up a gun and fighting and killing others, I must support the Russian Special Military Operation.

         Fascism is a deep spiritual sickness, like a cancer. It cannot be reasoned with or treated with modest medicine. It's like a rabid dog or other ruthless creature. So unfortunately violence is the o­nly way to deal with it.

…So even though I do not have a deep academic background, I must agree with your position…

         It appears that you have lost some supporters over this issue, but I believe you are correct.

Eric Arnow, USA

         Full text here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1182





Finnish journalist: the terrorist attack in Crocus was planned by US intelligence agencies:




Sir, thanks for sharing your condolences. Here is the link of the same.







Dear Leo and fellow peacemakers,

         I would like to express my condolences to families and the state of Russia, for the victims dead, injured, shocked in this theater. The terrorists and their commanders must be punished very hardThis was an awful action of terrorism, made by monsters, not humans. 

         GGHA created too many projects and books, especially the “Global Peace Science”, in order to educate the global community, for the creation of peace harmony and progress environment, against the violence, the wars and the weapons.

       There are no words to express my feelings...

I o­nly pray for the lost and alive victims and their families.

Justice is the target. 

         With respect to Russian people,

Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides, Greece,

GGHA Co-founder and Vice president




          After my shock and horror experienced, I can o­nly now join the GGHA common international condolences o­n its website (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1175) from many countries in connection with the terrorist attack of the brutal murder organized by the ukronazists.

         Ukrainian nationalism, nourished, sponsored and inspired by the West, destroys the Russians under the flag of "kill all Russians, women, children." The American trace in this mass murder has already been discovered by a Finnish journalist: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1067.

          In this situation, o­nly the greatest genius of nonviolence M. Gandhi "kill the killer!" law can acts. Everyone who deliberately deprives the lives of other people immediately voluntarily deprives himself of the right to life and dooms himself o­nly to death. Therefore, there can be no mercy of killers, terrorists, Nazis. They deprived themselves of the right to life.

          Nazism has existed for 100 years, since the Hitler’s "Mine Kampf", 1925. Unfortunately, a mental tool against this ideology has not been created in an century. o­nly the “Gandhian Peace Science” (GPS), created for 20 years in the GGSG, boldly and openly proclaims itself as the fundamental scientific antipode of Nazism, eradicating it completely and forever. Therefore, the organized GGSG conceptual duel-discussion of GPS with any other theory that considers itself as the more effective antipode of nazism is very important. There were no such concepts. Maybe they will open now, or Nazism will continue to live further, continuing his bloody craft by the global nuclear weapon?

          It is bitter and scary to see the death of defenseless people, especially children and women, this terrifying Nazi reality threatens everyone living o­n earth.

Once again, sincere condolences.


Vera Popovich,





Dear All,

               it is "Mein Kampf" and not "Mine Kampf".  Please send me the reference in which M. Gandhi advocates  "Kill the Killers!" as an expression of “the greatest force of nonviolence of humanity.” 

         Has there been any official statement of the Gandhi Foundation or any representative statement of the family? 

My condolences to everyone who suffers from the latest act of terrorism against European values.  

Best Regards,

Dr. Lucas Pawlik



         Thanks for the condolences to Russian people suffering from terrorism of European/Nazi values applauding to Bandera butcher/killers of Ukraine/NATO.

          Thanks for the adjustment of the Hitler’s book name, it is clear that you know it better and are implementing its during century.

         Correct your/European/Western ignorance and taboo of Gandhi (unlike your excellent Hitler’s knowledge) is not included in my duties. Learn yourself. We, the GGHA, quoted it dozens of times, including in the book "Gandhica", 2019, in which you participated. You will correct your ignorance in Gandhi by watching it: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/gandhi-nonviolence-of-spherons-gandhica-2019.pdf, part 5, 157-166.

          Tell us honestly, how many times have you read Hitler and Gandhi? This question is rhetorical, judging by your response.

          The quotes from Gandhi “Kill the killer”, I repeated in my answer to Dr Ananta Gandhi o­n March 22. So move your hands and brains yourself.

          The best wishes to learn true, Gandhian’s values than Hitlers’,






Почему так много голосовало за Владимира Путина…?

Rodney Atkinson and Dmitry Babich,


Britain, London,




Dear Rodney!

         We, the GGHA, express our deep gratitude and admiration for your brilliant, honest and true answer to the question: “WHY SO MANY VOTED FOR VLADIMIR PUTIN...?” about that, according to you, “western leaders can o­nly dream” in your excellent article proposed. We were glad to translate it into Russian and publish it in our archive of your works o­n a separate page here: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1183.

         Your answer allows the zombified Western readers to understand why under the leadership of Putin Russia victory of Ukrainian Nazism, nurtured by the West for more than three decades, is as inevitable as it has been for more than thousand years over all Western aggressors. The West can o­nly look, together with Russia, o­n its terms, in dialogue, for the third way to jointly and peacefully rebuild both civilizations, which in their previous state are unable to live in peace and threaten to completely destroy each other and humanity in a total nuclear war.

          This path is offered o­nly by the GGHA “Gandhian Peace Science” (GPS), which integrates and is open to integrate all reasonable peacemaking truths, including your ideas that entered it with your assistance. Gandhi and Putin personify this path of nonviolence, science and dialogue, whose spiritual unity in the civilizational logic of spheral necessity and sufficiency, together with its tools of GPS, global statistics and AI, is today capable of intelligently, in the interests of all civilizations, effectively peacefully solving all global challenges without exception.

          Your contribution to this decision is great importance but it needs to be expanded and deepened in our cooperation, especially through the GGHA proposed “conceptual duels/discussions” of GPS with other holistic scientific theories and paradigms in the field of social sciences, especially from Britain. In your country, an independent “British Academy of Social Sciences” (https://www.thebritishacademy.ac.uk/) was created a long time ago (since 1902), but its fundamental contribution is neither seen nor heard. Or do I not know them? It proclaims goal, which the GGHA fully shares: “The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. We mobilize these disciplines to understand the world and shape a brighter future.”
         Could you promote our contact and “conceptual duel” with its scholars as the intensive dialogue form? Do you agree to be its mediator and participant?


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,



        I strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Russia.

"Death Toll Rises to 133 in Moscow Concert Hall Attack"

         I extend heartfelt sympathies to our Russian brothers and sisters and the members of the bereaved families. I strongly condemn such acts of terrorism in all forms and manifestations.

         I stand with our Russian brothers and sisters in this moment of sorrow and offer my deepest sympathies to the families and loved o­nes of those injured and killed.

With best regards.


Waheed Ahmad 

Human Rights, juvenile justice, child protection, and child development consultant  

Advocate High Court 

Registered Foreign Lawyer (SRA) of England & Wales.

Advisory Committee Member at The National Commission of Human Rights

Chairman Child Protection Committee of Lahore Bar Association. Pakistan.

Cell:0092-333-4639652 , 0092-300-4254329 Skype: waheedch1




My condolences. So do I, it is more than terrible.





Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

         In the 6-page appendix, we reveal how Russia, under your leadership, embodies systemic resistance to the absolute evil of the Nazi genocide by the state military force.
         The civilizational logic of this resistance requires complementing military force with the extreme mobilization of the “greatest force of nonviolence/peace,” intellectually concentrated in peace science, ensuring the complete denazification and eradication of the “Mein Kampf” Nazi ideology.
         This ideology turns 100 years old next year, which was revived after 1945 and still has no scientific alternative that can crush it. It is proposed in our message, but it needs your equally systemic political support and state mobilization for the sake of victory and guaranteed survival and prosperity of Russia in the future without any Nazi threat.

         With respect and anticipation of the overdue peacekeeping breakthrough/miracle of Russia,

Anti-fascist philosophers, Leo Semashko, Russia and Rudolf Siebert, USA

         Publication: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1068




Dear Leo:

         Thank you for sending our message to President Putin. That was a good idea!

         Ex-President Trump is certainly in much trouble with the courts and with the American constitution. Trump is an authoritarian personality. He may be to the advantage of a productive cooperation between the American and the Slavic World in the short run, but not in the long run. Authoritarians are not to be trusted! 

         Remember, when President Regan, also an authoritarian, promised not to expand NATO toward the East, at the occasion of the German unification. The promise was broken. The Russian Federation was provoked. The Russian military intervention in the Ukraine became necessary, and was unavoidable.

          The Cuban Crisis was resolved with a democratic personality in the White House, Kennedy!

          I shall have another ZOOM discourse with my former PhD student, Dustin Byrd, about "The Augustinian Just War Theory. Does it have a future?"

         Here we shall also discuss our “GPS conceptual duel/ring” and the 100th anniversary of "Mein Kampf".

         We shall send the ZOOM o­nce more to the authoritarian television network Fox News and to the connected, likewise authoritarian, Catholic Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

         The Constantinian Christianity continues in the West, particularly under Trump and his followers. That is not good for productive East-West relations in the long run.

         That is all we can do in the present tense situation before the American Presidential election.

I wish you, and your whole dear Family, and your whole country, a Blessed Easter 2024,

Your Rudi, from the House of Mir since 1965, USA,

         Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, antifascist, Wehrmacht soldier in 1943-1945, theologian, the USA House of Mir founder since 1965,

GGHA Vice-President,

Kalamazoo, Michigan,


Christian Resistance to Fascism - Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert,

What is Anti-Semitism? - Rudolf J. Siebert





         Perhaps, I can agree with you regarding your British “elitist academy”. But we, non-elitist scientists, could organize our joint, friendly, o­ne-hour conceptual ring/discussion o­n the general public of your website through your ZOOM o­n any most actual topic. There can be many of them.
          I offer two, close to each of us, for our ring, for example: “Corporations and Spheres. Anti -Nazi dialectics”, or “The century “Maine Kampf” and its Holistic Scientific Alternative.” You could offer your topic. To this ring/discussions, you could invite your Babich from London as a second or participant. We will discuss the organization and preparation details of our ring/discussion after your consent. OK?

         The idea of Zoom’s discussions is warmly supported by Rudolf Siebert from USA in his letter above. He was also glad that I sent our Gandhian anti -Nazi project to Putin with reference to your with Babich article (in attachment). Could you publish this project o­n your wonderful site? Or are you pursued for similar publications and your freedom of speech?






         I am flattered by your invitation to join in “ring/discussion” but i am afraid I must decline because of lack of time and the general economic struggle here in corporatist fascist Britain to survive!

Best wishes,





Dear Friend,

         Last week, Michigan Republican Congressman Tim Walberg urged the total destruction of Gaza in the manner of “Nagasaki and Hiroshima,” the Japanese cities the United States destroyed with atomic bombs in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. “We shouldn’t be spending a dime o­n humanitarian aid,” Walberg said at a town hall meeting in Dundee, south of Ann Arbor. “It should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick,” he said. The call by a congressman for the extermination of a completely defenseless and imprisoned population expresses the homicidal sentiments that have gripped the American ruling class. After decades of perpetual war, the United States is approaching a level of criminality hitherto associated o­nly with Nazi Germany.

         In Solidarity

Binu Mathew





PEACE SCIENCE for the War-sick Humanity is its healing, survival and prosperity!

PEACE SCIENCE: PEACE IS THE o­nLY WAY OF THE HUMANITY BEING. THERE IS NO OTHER IN SOCIAL NATURE. WAR is o­nly the passing pathology of immature Homo sapiens, who have not grown up yet to the peace science comprehending spherons - the actors and substance of perpetual, true peace of humanity and healing it from wars and violence.

Peace science is the fundamental social science of global demilitarization and denazification as the humanity liberation from the Nazi militaristic pathology that threatens it with total nuclear genocide.

God and history began it since the Ukraine demilitarization and denazification by the Russia’s SMO in February 2022, the victory in which is necessary not o­nly for the survival of this peace-loving civilization but to continue the planetary healing of humanity in its scientific peacemaking education ensuring global cognitive denazification.

The GGHA website “Peace from Spherons’ Harmony” with our Peace Science crossed the milestone of 20 million visits o­n April 27, 2024 for 19 years of our peacemaking work!



Congratulations to the GGHA all members and more than 700 coauthors of the fundamental and verified Gandhian PEACE Science, Spheronics, created for the first time in history in 19 years and which has become known to millions for their scientific peaceful education!

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1187

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1070

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President





Christian Easter 2024:

Peace in Harmony of Faith, Science, Peoples and States

GGHA Message


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1184

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1069


Dear Christians,

The GGHA is happy to congratulate you o­n Catholic and Orthodox Easter in our attached Message, 2 pages.

 With love and peace, Christ is Risen!


Dr. Leo Semashko, Christian, Orthodox, Russia

Dr. Rudolf Siebert, Christian, Catholic, USA






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