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May 31, 2007


June 1, 2007:Protection and Childrens Priority Day

on the Harmonious Era Calendar


Peace from Harmony Board Address



Human resources are paramount for the decision of any task, especially regarding questions of how to make children a priority within a society. What social groups are so interested in childrens priority that they have the best intentions for childrens well-being in education, health, sports, care of the state and society? Certainly, it is, first of all, the parents and primogenitors. It is also those who are connected with children: teachers, children's doctors, trainers, the preschool tutors and so o­n. Mothers are interested most of all because they begat the children, carrying them under their hearts for many months, giving birth to them in torments, and then giving their children the greatest part of their lives, time, care, attention and so o­n. These social groups, led by the mothers and grandmothers, comprise the basic human resource of the CHILDRENS PRIORITY movement. This is true because, if the childrens priority is not important to mothers, parents and primogenitors, teachers and doctors, it will not be important to other social groups, society and state.


Proceeding from this, the Peace from Harmony Board ADDRESSES mothers and parents, especially young parents for whom childcare will be necessary for many years, and also to primogenitors, teachers and everyone connected with children, TO BE UNITED around our web site: www.peacefromharmony.org. Our site already has collected more than 200 people from 36 countries of the world. It is the FIRST and SOLE web site in the world that has proclaimed CHILDRENS PRIORITY, necessary for the survival and harmony of humankind. The Peace from Harmony first put forth in May 2005 the beginning of the Global Movement "Making children a priority in the world" (pages of the Section 10 of our web site).




WE CALL the mothers, fathers, primogenitors; all people who have children, are expecting children, work with children, and are concerned with the future of children TO JOIN in this global movement, CREATING in each house, neighborhood, city, settlement, region, and country the necessary local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENs PRIORITY" movement. Taking into account the duration, complexity and responsibility is part of process,




1. STUDY the Magna Carta of Harmony (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3), which gives the scientific reasons for making children a priority in order to strengthen the spirit, will and reason of all who care about children. The web site also states the correctness and vital necessity for making the children a priority for parents, society and the future of mankind. Children are the beginning of the beginnings in society. Children are societys initial resource from which the quality of all resources and the quality of the entire society depends. In our Magna Carta of Harmony is written down, that the rights of children, their priority as the prime budgetary financing of sphere of children and payment of parental, first of all the mother's labour, will be supplied o­nly with the Law "Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents". Therefore a main objective of Global movement and local groups "CHILDREN PRIORITY" is the establishment of this Law, which project is already created at us:



2. CREATE within local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENS PRIORITY" movement courses of education and self-education for parents and primogenitors to study the scientific, political, economic, pedagogical, legal and psychological literature that reveals the various aspects of making children a priority within the family, schools and society


3. INFORM, through our web site, information regarding all mothers, fathers, parental, family, pedagogical and other groups and branches of the "CHILDRENs PRIORITY" movement and their activities in all inhabited points of the planet. This information WILL BE NECESSARY and it will be published o­n the web site to be generalized and distributed as an invaluable experience of humankind. The address for contact: Leo Semashko <leo44442006@yandex.ru>


4. PUT FORWARD the most active and capable leaders and activists of local groups and regional branches of the "CHILDRENS PRIORITY" movement in the International Coordination Committee of Global movement "Making children a priority in the world". Then this movement will receive a strong, authoritative and representative managing body generated from the basic level. o­nly such a body will ensure that CHILDRENS PRIORITY will be a successful worldwide development!





The slogan of our movement: CHILDREN - FIRST!


WE INVITE all people of a good will sharing our Address spread it in your organizations and among your friends. It should be heard by all parents and caregivers of children o­n the Earth!!!


Distributing this Address you could add to it your ideas, poems and photos expressing necessity the CHILDREN PRIORITY!


June 21, 2007, is the second anniversary of Global Harmony Day. This day will make sense when children of the world experience the conditions necessary to foster harmonious development in their world. These conditions can o­nly be ensured when a law about "Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents," is accepted all over the world within the framework of the Magna Carta of Harmony. The preparation of these conditions o­n a global scale will require considerable time, possibly as much as some decades. But if WE, mothers and parents, first of all, do not begin this preparation now, the movement to make children and global harmony a priority will never occur. If we do not begin, children will always be victims of wars, violence and illegality. We send you a photo of o­ne of millions children a victim. Susana Roberts sent this photo as a constant reminder and symbol of a modern situation of children in the world.


This photo should force us to wake up and be united in establishment of the CHILDREN PRIORITY! Today a priority of a war-gain reigns in the world, for which billions dollars are spent and for which hundreds of millions of people work every day. The modern-day notion of peace is really an everyday preparation for new, severe global wars that will consume our children and grandchildren. With the modern paradigm in place today, we prepare our children to be victims of these wars.


The situation in the world will change o­nLY when humankind replaces war as a priority and, instead, makes the CHILDREN PRIORITY. In our Magna Carta of Harmony, this statement is scientifically proven in detail. Therefore, we call all people of good will to be united under the aegis of the CHILDREN PRIORITY, which is necessary not o­nly for our children, but for all humankind. No other way of human survival and harmonization exists! o­nLY THROUGH the CHILDREN PRIORITY!!!


We offer you o­ne of the best poems o­n this theme, our children's emblem, and also a photo of a child, a victim of war, along with Susana Roberts' passionate comment.



By Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, India


We should all come together

With an agenda, common

We are the witness, remember

An answer to the next generation.


Forget not for what June 1st stands

Childrens protection and priority day,

Something we have to do, duty bound

On this priority day, lets show a way.


Todays promising children are potent

To shape the universal future tomorrow,

As trees to grow, they are seeds meant

Lets protect them, today and tomorrow.


At lifes fag end when fate abandons us

All the ties of worldly life shall fall apart

Caught in the webs of luxuries and riches

Is not selfishness binding our thoughts?


Yes, why not we all come together

With an unselfish agenda, common

We are a witness to time, remember

Think of justifying the next generation.


Peace from Harmony Board:


Professor Ada Aharoni, Israel:




Professor Reimon Bachika, Japan:




Professor of French language and Poet Ammar Banni, Algeria:




Doctor of literature and Poet Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, India:



Renato Corsetti, Italy:




Painter Nina Goncharova, Russia:




Dr Charles Mercieca, USA,




Poet and writer Susana Roberts, Argentina:




Dr Bernard Scott, England:




Composer Claude Veziau, Canada:




Dr, Social Philosopher Leo Semashko, Russia, Board Chair:







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