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Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen. Philosophical poetry of spirit, harmony and children

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen




I live in the copper rich southeastern mountains of Arizona, USA, at Northern Americas largest open-pit copper mine, where my husband works as a Hydraulic Specialist. We have two daughters being educated at the townsites schools.


I enjoy gardening, reading, observation and creation of imagination.


I have had several pieces of poetry published o­n web sites, I am featured at William DeVaults City of Legends and am affiliated with IFLAC, www.iflac.com Bilingual MCA, Bilingual MCA poets&writers for peace and BeWrite, www.bewrite.net. I also have a website at Authorsden, http://www.authorsden.com/erinemoen, which holds all of my poetry.



Poets As Swords


Come, my fine poets, follow me, the sea
Is rough, its temper, mean. We must, we must
Commit to be crux -- of our history,
Authors of the freed! Come, come, shake off that dust!

Some fine-feathered poets rant their chagrin,
Blame it o­n gods, bastard luck or o­n creeds;
Comment!Shout loud!then, well reel them all in,
Recycle their skins, and flotsam debris.

Come, oh, come, my passionate fellows! We
must, we must -- learn our lessons; we poets
Can fight, well fight like hell! Our words, the key,
In stark silhouette. With words well upset

The ignorance of hate -- its not too late!
Become a sword; pirates deserve their fate.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 5/3/04



Bleeders and Levers


I dont understand how the mouths of Man
Bestow and bestrew the pearls of our words
In manners repressive. I understand
The need to command, to become the herd

Leader, but Bleeders and levers, anxious
And fractious, cannot compare anothers
Mind to their own. I dont understand dross,
And loss of delight in the words of brothers,

When anothers tongue, bedeviled and stung,
Realizes, lashing with poison gases
Of inner breaths need to blurt, I am smug.
I dont understand Men with mouths that shout

About superior reasons of self.
I dont understand -- myself. I need help

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 4/29/05



Crow Nightmare


Coming around the path,
The large aviary cage loomed.
As ohs and ahs and where is it? rang out,
She noticed the crow. In the Bald Eagle exhibit.
Suddenly, the eagle launched itself.
The crow fled. Straight towards the group.
It slammed into the heavy wire,
And, thrust its head through the mesh.
Its sun-glossed eye
Transfixed her with its desperation,
Pierced her soul with its futility.

Our world
Is a cage
In a zoo.

She dreamed
She was that crow
Last night.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 3/20/04



Speaking In Tongues


Does Muhammad speak in tongues,
Does Christendom become
specious clarity of nothing?

Do genes protect o­ne sex,
do wardens scribe to hex
atrocities unfounded?

Does Allah kiss off me,
Will Jesus set me free
in heavens said to come?

Dont acts of kindness show
what we all feel and know
as realitys advancement?

Cant individuals reap
the company they keep
instead of mass intolerance?

Dont gods bespeak themselves,
setting up Mans leveled shelves
for replacement of true wisdom?

Does equality not give
us all the right to live
without fear of retribution?

Do you think that you can change?
Do you know your mind can range
without the tongues of gods?

Does the scent of freedom's spring
just beyond your golden ring
Sing -- stop, and listen to your soul.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 4/8/05



UnFocus: Or, Christ In A Handbag!


Focus, they say,
keep your eye o­n the prize,
blinkered to whats happening to the world

And, we do, tighten our screws
of servility to lifelovehateselfrepel
allelse, and, we heave tiredly, why not?
Its the tech age, life o­nly gets better
without the responsibility
of making decisions'. Program me in.
Yeah, program me into
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
I am lust without sight, nothing
but emotional mutations, incorporated
into a frightful disharmony of devotions
So ends Humanitys
search for its core of being alive

Until, a flare burns bright, psyched,
a mind composes Time into Motion.
Without the commotion and clutter
of original soul-hard skin flawed
by sins of ignorance, of innocence,
and precious young growth, of

But, Christ in a handbag!
This is not working! Guilt and subjugation
denigrate the Eve of Adam, the Light
of Free Thinking, of feeling the rightness
of harmony, of love and respect and appreciation.
Where did that stuff go? You know? It's perverted. Why
is peace so elusive, and War is so prevalent?
Indoctrination? You think? Men, Man, Human,
Woman, Humanity, so what? Big cosmic whoop...

On the scale of enormity of limitless space,
consisting of utter emptiness of true measure,
it becomes infinity. And, Time is its child,
forever suckling at hollow apron strings
of nebulae expanding beyond Times own time,
creating folds and ripples and warps of colossal
quantums, which, in their quirky love of chaos,
extinguish all light, accidentally, and,
repenting with mind because sight was blind,
promise creations conception
would combine opposites to ignite
godheads ultimate precursor to cosmic weight,

Because, we have to advance, past
the debauchery of Olympic wiles,
and trials of subcontent and subcontinental
contraptions of illusional delusionment,
have to evolve a spaciousgracious terminal world
into a frankfulthankful genesis of worthwhile
possibilities and hope.

Then, Freedom will reappear.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 4/11/05



Humanity Cant Hear


Humanitys fears are my hot, salty tears,
Emotions' arrears of long bitter years,
Complying like sheep as we desperately weep,
Emptying our minds to our more vicious kind.

Humanitys peers are my salty, hot tears,
Mistakes left behind continue to bind,
Absolving with shrugs and false-hearted hugs,
Forgetting our search for feelings of worth.

Humanitys jeers are my hot, salty tears,
Emotions compress, reality seems less,
Attaining hells depths and heavens fake width,
Delivering slain souls to a bottomless hole.

Humanity fears our salty, hot tears,
Mirrors abhorred cant show we o­nce soared,
Rejecting respect we compound our debt,
Compilings disappear, for Humanity cant hear.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 1/23/05



Forgive Me


Forgive me, Creator,
For I am sin.
I cant find my way out
Of the hell my minds in.
I understand
With imperfect grace,
Love rules all,
That Love is Your Face.

Forgive me, my Painter,
For I have sinned.
Ive changed the palette
You colored me with,
I understand,
With imperfect grace,
Hue guides all,
That Hue is Your face.

Forgive me, my Mother,
For all my sins.
My growth was slowed
By inner wars din.
I understand,
With imperfect grace,
Existence is in
The Light of your Face.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 11/15/05



Knock, Knock; You're Dead


Knock a moth off a door,
it falls, and hides in a precarious position
in the bright deep night, because of
your action. A foraging scorpion
chances upon the mite, and eats it.
Did you cause the death of the insect?
Or were you a victim of the moths fate?
Does the act stain your soul?
Will you ever know?

Knock a child off a chair,
he falls, and hides in a fetal position
in the deep night bright, youve accomplished
living murder. Ridiculed, muted, angry,
conditions curry a serial killer.
Did you cause the suffering of his victims?
Or were you a destined provider of death?
Does the thought torture your soul?
Will you admit you know?

Knock a world out of square,
it falls, and hides from its new position,
in the night bright deep, intolerance
massacres conscience. Obsessive hating
contrives to consume morality.
Did you cause the agony of millions?
Or were you a doomed dupe of misfortune?
Does the atrocity deaden your soul?
Will you want to know?

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

Copyright 9/11/03


Where Art Thou?


Oh, Father, where art thou?
Your star seems dim since Man
Has fallen from the womb of God,
Who's fallen, from the grace of eternity.

Oh, Agony, shedding your tears
Of arrears does not change fears

Oh, Mother, where art thou?
Your scars of saviourhood
Have fallen o­n empty wombs of God,
Have fallen, sterilized by eternity.

Oh, Misery, shedding your heart
Cant restart love that departs

Oh, Brother, where art thou?
Your acts of antipathy
Have fallen and emptied the womb of God,
Have fallen, and written eternity.

Oh, Torment, shedding your wails
To derail others faith always fails

Oh, Sister, where art thou?
Your pacts with present needs
Have fallen, empting wombs of God,
Have fallen, and obliterated eternity.

Oh, Anguish, shedding sweet hope
Cuts the rope of being able to cope

Oh, Creator, where art thou?
Your worth has been stained,
Has fallen o­n the womb of Humanity,
Who's fallen, out of heavens eternity.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 7/13/05



Worded Man


I dont understand uncaring spleen,
lowering heights, sheeted between
the worlds of mind which worded Man,
I think I see, with words we stood,
picked up a pen, with answers sure,
the words of mind which worlded man.

I must have missed how we began
demeaning rights; self-blinding plan,
the beasts of mind, which bested Man,
I hate to think we thought we could
pick up a club, so immature
the bested mind beat down by beasts.

I hope to see awareness keen,
furthering sights, helping to clean
the width of time which widened Man,
I think our hands, forgiving should
pick up a life and help assure
the widened mind stands width of time.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 12/17/03



As Everybody Dies


I get so impatient
When the world doesnt go right,
When responsibility isnt taken
For activities of spite,

When the world doesnt go right,
And life isnt so bright.
For activities of spite
Murders souls height,

And life isnt so bright.
Human animals delight
Murders souls height,
Suppresses wills might.

Human animals delight
Creates misery of lives,
Suppresses wills might,
And Mankind doesnt thrive.

Creates misery of lives,
Weeping fills the skies,
And Mankind doesnt thrive
As everybody dies.

Weeping fills the skies,
When responsibility isnt taken
As everybody dies
I get so impatient.

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 1/5/05



Shadowed by Feeling


Shadows? Where are your feelings?
Borrowed time breathes
fast and bleeding, rescinding
my mind; there is no healing

Heavens? Where do you lead?
Why cant you heed me?
Leave me earthbound, retreat
from my mind, I think Im blind

Spirits? Where do you roam?
Is there a home for blighted bones?
Your whispers condone
my loss of time, oh, sorrowed mind

Havens? Where are your ceilings?
Time harshly breathes,
indifferently. Why cant I see?
Shadowed by feeling...

Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen
Copyright 11/15/03


Dated 4/12/06







Silence Free


Dedicated to Dr. Leo Semashko and his International/Multilingual







With respect,


Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen


Silence Free


Silence bound in words of naught, feels of lies

And twisted thoughts, worlds bound in silence wrought

Twist up thoughts; unheard words belie

Size of hurt. Silence, wound in nothingness, fraught


With echoes, circumvent herded-sight, end

Repeat of silent sounds of failing! Make

A noise, circumspect, travel back to mend

Furious deafened pretense. Silence fakes


The womb of remaking, out of tune, with

mutating words of ought Round vowels,

Freedom-given, hold the light, noun be driven,

Speak the words, communicate avowal


"Ofharmony"! Silence - flee! Bind not those

Who compose peace Humanity's repose!


Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

Copyright 3/4/06



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