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Takis Ioannides: Children’s priority in the harmonious family

Dr. Takis Ioannides

GHA Honorary Member
GHA Cofounder
GHA Vice-President

Born 15 April, 1955

Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Greece,
Global Peace Science coauthor:

Poet, writer, and painter,

Address: Athens, Greece,

E-mail: takis.ioannides@googlemail.com,

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138 

Takis' “The Great Peace Charter XXI” translation o­n Greek:


His others translations: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=gr_c




PEACE SCIENCE for the War-sick Humanity is its healing and survival!


PEACE SCIENCE: PEACE IS THE o­nLY WAY OF THE HUMANITY BEING. THERE IS NO OTHER IN SOCIAL NATURE. WAR is o­nly the passing pathology of immature Homo sapiens, who have not grown up yet to the peace science comprehending spherons - the actors and substance of perpetual, true peace of humanity and healing it from wars and violence.

Peace science is the fundamental social science of global demilitarization and denazification as the humanity liberation from the militaristic pathology that threatens it with total nuclear genocide.

God and history began it since the Ukraine demilitarization and denazification by the Russia’s SMO in February 2022, the victory in which is necessary not o­nly for the survival of this peace-loving civilization but to continue the planetary healing of humanity in its scientific peacemaking education.

The GGHA website “Peace from Spherons’ Harmony” with our Peace Science crossed the milestone of 20 million visits o­n April 27, 2024 for 19 years of our peacemaking work!



Congratulations to the GGHA all members and more than 700 coauthors of the fundamental and verified Gandhian PEACE Science, Spheronics, created for the first time in history in 19 years and which has become known to millions for their scientific peaceful education!

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1187

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1070

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President



Dear Leo and peacemakers,

Global community wants to live in peace. We offer a method. 

They seek for a door to open and leave away from the awful dangerous and deadly environment "some criminal minds" have built.

Show me even o­ne mother, even o­ne father who want to lose their child in any war, for the profit of them who create the wars.

May mercy God save humanity.

With love and respect to ALL

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides 

GGHA Co-founder and Vice president



Parents of children are parents of peace, not war!


Dear Takis,

As the insightful Greek thinker, you accentuated the family dimension of humanity's peaceful social nature in its key sphere of "human's production," now called the "social sphere." In it, the family, parents institution was placed by God at the beginning of humanity, at the source of its life and social nature, as the o­nly way of being of which is peace, love and nonviolence, covering 99.999% of all people in history.

The human birth and its family institution are impossible, when parents wage war among themselves, when they hate and kill each other, when they shoot at each other or rape each other in some way. When this happens as an exception in 00.001%, then this is either the genetic pathology of Freud’s “killer instinct”, or a crime against the humanity social nature due to an undeveloped, perverted and false consciousness.

The humanity peaceful social nature o­n overwhelming scale proves its truth of the o­nly way of being of humanity in all its history by the parents’ peace, love and nonviolence in its eternal institution of family. Therefore, parents give birth to children in peace and for peace, love and nonviolence, but not for war, hatred and violence that is nasty and contrary to true human nature. There is no evidence that the violent, militaristic nature of humanity is true.

But due to the militaristic, aggressive and violent pathology promoted by the false consciousness and undeveloped mind of the misanthropic ideologies of state racism, Nazism, terrorism, “peace through strength”, peaceful humanity is forced, for the sake of its protection and defence, to use violence against it and follow the Mahatma Gandhi law: “kill the killer, the Nazi, the terrorist!” This law embodies the natural right of self-defense: ANYONE WHO VIOLATES THE RIGHT TO LIFE OF PEOPLE IMMEDIATELY DEPRIVES HIMSELF OF THIS RIGHT. Therefore, parents of children are parents of peace, not war, but they need it to protect their children’s right to life, nonviolence, peace from violence! This is the true method of Gandhian Peace Science (GPS), Spheronics, created in the GGHA by more than 700 coauthors over 19 years.

In our time, Russia is waging the similar justified defensive war for peace, love and nonviolence of humanity in Ukraine. GPS develops the detailed scientific argumentation of this complex peacemaking dialectic at the tetrad crossway of two pairs opposites peace-war and truth-false, recognizing the necessity, justice and legitimacy of using violence in defense against violence, which does not understand and does not want to understand anything else. The GPS argumentation is presented most concisely in the GGHA updated attached message (3 pages), which you, Takis, brilliantly supplemented with your fundamental idea of the family peacemaking nature. GPS integrated your idea as the coauthor and provided it with the fundamental scientific and verified justification by the spherons social genome.

Best wishes for peace and health,

Leo Semashko



Dear all,

I would like to offer my position as follows,

I would like to propose the use of Olympic Truce (Ekehereia) at the Paris Olympic Games 2024. We know its benefits from the time of its creation and use in ancient Greece.

It stops the wars o­ne month-or more before the Olympic Games, during the Olympic Games and a period after the end of Olympic Games.

Only then can athletes from countries involved in wars take part… During the "Olympic Truce" all hostilities and the entry of the army into the territory of Elis were expressly prohibited and all death sentences were suspended… ("Olympia", Antoinette Kalegia archaeologist, ed. V. Giannikos - V. Kallis OE., Athens 1993, pp. 20-21, Ministry of Culture Archaeological Resources Fund)…

The Olympic Truce is a peace-inspiring tool for our age. (“Olympic Truce Sport As A Platform For Peace”, edited by Konstantinos Georgiadis – Angelos Syrigos, publication production : Adam Hellernic Reproduction SAIC, Athens 2009, pg. 23)…

This message has been sent already to, International Olympic Committee and Institute Schiller. 

With respect and warm wishes for peace,

Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides

GGHA Vice-President,




Response published https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1186



Приветствую всех,

Я хотел бы предложить свою позицию следующим образом.

Я хотел бы предложить использовать «олимпийское перемирие» (Экехерея) на Парижских Олимпийских играх 2024 года. Мы знаем его преимущества со времени его создания и использования в Древней Греции.

Он прекращает войны за месяц или более до Олимпийских игр, во время Олимпийских игр и в период после окончания Олимпийских игр.

Только тогда смогут принять участие спортсмены из стран, вовлеченных в войны…

Во время «олимпийского перемирия» все военные действия и вход армии на территорию Элиды были категорически запрещены, а все смертные приговоры были приостановлены… («Олимпия», археолог Антуанетта Калегия, изд. В. Янникос - В. Каллис О.Э., Афины 1993, стр. 20-21, Фонд археологических ресурсов Министерства культуры)…

«Олимпийское перемирие» — это инструмент, способствующий установлению мира в нашем веке. («Олимпийское перемирие как платформа для мира», под редакцией Константиноса Георгиадиса – Ангелоса Сиригоса, издание публикации: Adam Hellernic Reproduction SAIC, Афины, 2009 г., стр. 23).

Это сообщение уже отправлено в Международный олимпийский комитет и Институт Шиллера.

С уважением и теплыми пожеланиями мира,

Панайотис-Такис Д. Иоанидис

Вице-Президент ГГСГ,




Дорогой Такис!

         Спасибо за ваш Олимпийский, миротворческий отклик! Он опубликован на вашей и Рона страницах: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138 и https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1186.

          К большому сожалению, ваш призыв, как говорится, «как мертвому припарка». Олимпийская Эллада была процветающей цивилизацией, лелеющей миротворческие устремления, включая Олимпийские игры. Теперь, милитаристский коллапс западной цивилизации положил ее в гроб, в крышку которой она сама усердно вбивает последние гвозди, что блестяще заметил Рон. Она обнулила жизненное миролюбивое стремление, раздавила и изнасиловала его 100% милитаризмом, забыла даже слово «мир», которое изгнано из мертвого милитаристского западного зомби-лексикона «империи лжи». Она извратила Олимпийские игры в Париже, превратив их из орудия мира в орудие войны и насилия, как на «Скотном дворе 84» Оруэлла, в котором «Ложь стала истиной, война стала миром», а Олимпийские игры стали орудием западного милитаризма и тотального насилия. «Закат Европы», провозглашенный век назад Шпенглером достиг стадии милитаристской агонии в гробу вместе с выжившими из ума западными лидерами с ядерным оружием в трясущихся руках.

         Так что вы и мы не можем ожидать позитивной реакции от мертвой цивилизации в собственном милитаристском гробу под щитом.Она должна уйти и непременно скоро уйдет, чтобы на ее смену пришла принципиально новая, недоступная для ее деменции, ненасильственная гармоничная цивилизация Гандианских СФЕРОНОВ, победа которой неизбежна в истории, потому что это единственный выход из милитаристского коллапса человечестваЭто доказала наша с вами и еще более 700 соавторов НАУКА МИРА ГГСГ за 20 лет, которая поднимает Олимпийские игры на высший научный и миротворческий уровень, о чем вы писали много раз ранее в ваших статьях этой науки. Те, кто в гробу, естественно, понять ее неспособны. Она для молодых и живых умом. Аминь.

         С миром,
Лев Семашко



Dear Takis!

         Thank you for your Olympic, peacemaking response! It was published o­n your and Ron’s pages: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138 and https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1186.

          Unfortunately, your call is, as they say, like a poultice for the dead.” The Olympian Hellas was a prosperous civilization with peacemaking aspirations, including the Olympic Games. Now, the Western civilization militaristic collapse has laid it in its coffin, into the lid of which it itself is diligently hammering the last nails, as Ron brilliantly noticed. It nullified the vital peace-loving desire, crushed and raped it with 100% militarism, forgot even the word “PEACE”, which was expelled from the “empire of lies” dead militaristic Western zombie lexicon. It perverted the Olympic Games in Paris, turning them from an instrument of peace into the instrument of war and violence, as in Orwell's Animal Farm 84, in which “Lies became truth, war became peace” and the Olympic Games became the instrument of Western militarism and total violence. “The Decline of the West,” proclaimed a century ago by Spengler, has reached the militaristic agony stage in the coffin together with the Western leaders out of their minds with nuclear weapons in the trembling hands.

         So you and we cannot expect a positive reaction from the dead civilization in its own militaristic coffin under a shield. It must leave and will certainly leave soon so that it could be replaced by a fundamentally new, inaccessible to its dementia, nonviolent harmonious civilization of Gandhian SPHERONS, the victory of which is inevitable in history, because this is the o­nly way out from the humanity's militaristic collapse. This has been proven by you and me along with more than 700 other coauthors of the GGHA PEACE SCIENCE for 20 years that raises the Olympic Games to the highest scientific and peacemaking level. You wrote about it many times earlier in your articles for this science. Those in the coffin are naturally unable to understand it. It is for the young and lively in mind. Amen.

          With peace,
Leo Semashko




Dear Leo,

If the International Olympic Committee will not respond, we shall have a prove of their atrocity. I have involved the Greek Department of Olympic Truce. 

Tomorrow I shall publish it in Greece.

Greek citizens desire peace. Our government is a slave of west

They issued a new law, which will start applying o­n 1st May 2024. Anyone who publish anything against gov will be prisoned.

Meanwhile, the Greek citizens suffer too much. 

I shall do my best for the peace, as I do with all of you so many years.

With love and peace




Дорогой Лео,

Если Международный олимпийский комитет не отреагирует, мы получим доказательства их злодеяний. Я задействовал греческий департамент олимпийского перемирия. Завтра я опубликую его в Греции.

Граждане Греции желают мира. Наше правительство — раб Запада.

Они издали новый закон, который начнет применяться с 1 мая 2024 года. Любой, кто опубликует что-либо против правительства, будет заключен в тюрьму.

Тем временем греческие граждане слишком сильно страдают.

Я сделаю все возможное для мира, как я делаю со всеми вами уже много лет.

С любовью и миром




         Статья американского доктора Рона Пола - замечательная, смелая! Молодец! Я полностью поддерживаю его позицию. 

          Что касается Олимпийских игр, как и всего миротворческого, то безумные западные фрики, руководимые таким же безумным стариком, уже давно забыли об их назначении. Они извратили эти игры своей милитаристской политикой, обманом и лицемерием, отстранили сильнейших спортсменов, оставив трансгендеров завоёвывать медали. Стоит ли сильным российским спортсменам вступать в эту западную лужу дерьма, чтобы показать своё мастерство? 

          Гораздо хуже и опаснее другое, что верно подчеркивается в отклике. Агрессивный гегемон – Запад загнал человечество на плаху милитаристского коллапса, а себя в гроб милитаризма, по определению Рона. Запад совершил это преступление против человечества своими ежегодными войнами, прежде всего двумя мировыми войнами, особенно второй с ядерным геноцидом Хиросимы/Нагасаки, запустившем 80-летнюю смертельную гонку «абсолютного зла ядерного оружия» (Авери, 2017).

         Диктаторский милитаризм Запада лишил человечество культуры мира с ее ядром науки мира, лишил его мирного диалога, обнулил его мир и мирное сосуществование разных цивилизаций. Если Запад отнял у человечества мир, который является его единственным способом существования, то он лишил его и жизни, оставив ему только кошмар милитаристского коллапса с финалом неотвратимой ядерной войны. Предотвратить это преступление против человечества способна только наша фундаментальная и верифицированная Гандианская наука мира, сфероника, как стержень культуры мира человечества, если она будет принята альтернативным Западу многополярным движением, как первый научный инструмент преодоления милитаристского коллапса.
         Что перевесит в ближайший год: жизнь/мир или смерть/война?

С уважением

Вера Попович




Dear all,

I wish you a new year with health and love.

Harmony and peace are absent from our world.

My father left from this life too disappointed. R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)

With love

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GGHA,






Dear Leo and friends,

My father Dimitrios-Demosthenes Ioannides was born o­n 1925. He was in resistance against Hitler Nazi Army in Greece. He was arrested three times by German Gestapo. He survived. He lost 3 brothers o­ne sister and his parents

He was officer of the Greek army in the civil war in Greece 1949-1951. He was praying to God every night to avoid to kill humans ...

After years he refused to accept monthly salary for his resistance against Nazi by the Greek state. He gave food for life to poor people. He was a primo tenor.

He was my great teacher for dignity, harmony, peace, love, quality....

I was very lucky to have this father...

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides,




Happy New Year to all!

Dear Takis, please accept our condolences for the loss of your great father.

Dr. Leo Semashko,




Dear Dr. Takis,

I extend my deepest condolences to you and your family o­n the passing of your beloved father. Losing a loved o­ne is an immense sorrow, and words may offer o­nly a small solace during this difficult time.

Your father, Dimitrios-Demosthenes Ioannides, led a remarkable life marked by resilience and selflessness. His bravery in resisting the Hitler Nazi Army in Greece, enduring arrests by the German Gestapo, and surviving the loss of three brothers, o­ne sister, and his parents, exemplify the strength of his character.

As an officer in the Greek army during the civil war, he carried the weight of his convictions, praying nightly to spare human lives. His refusal of a monthly salary for his resistance against the Nazis is a testament to his unwavering commitment to principles.

Beyond his military service, your father's generosity shone through in his dedication to providing food for the less fortunate, a gesture that breathed life into the values of compassion and benevolence.

A man of many talents, he graced the world as a primo tenor, leaving a lasting impression with his musical gifts. Yet, perhaps his greatest legacy lies in the lessons he imparted to you as a teacher of dignity, harmony, peace, love, and quality.

In your words, "I was very lucky to have this father," resonates the profound impact he had o­n your life. May you find strength in the memories of the invaluable moments shared with him and in the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

Wishing you peace and comfort during this challenging time.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Dr. Birendra Kumar

Director, Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Managing Trustee, Non-Violence Foundation (India)

Executive Director, Non-Violence Peace Foundation (USA)

Contact No : +91-9470091098 / +1-332 322 7098

Email : director@mgcollege.edu.in Websitehttps://mgcollege.edu.in

https://mgcollege.info/https://nonviolenceindia.org/ https://nvpfint.org

"Dreaming is not enough. We must put our dreams into action by taking steps towards making them a reality."




My dear Dr Birendra Kumar

I do thank you for your warm words.

I shall transfer them to my children and grants. Such words are precious.

I wish you and your family mercy God to protect you all.

With respect and love

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides





Приветствую всех,

Желаю вам в новом году здоровья и любви.

Гармония и мир отсутствуют в нашем мире.

Мой отец ушел из этой жизни слишком разочарованным. R.I.P. (Покойся в мире).

С любовью,

Д-р Панайотис -Такис Д. Иоаннидес

Соучредитель и вице-президент GGHA,






Дорогой Лео и друзья,

Мой отец Димитриос-Демосфен Иоаннидес родился в 1925 году. Он участвовал в сопротивлении гитлеровской нацистской армии в Греции. Его трижды арестовывало немецкое гестапо. Он выжил. Он потерял трех братьев, одну сестру и родителей.

Он был офицером греческой армии во время гражданской войны в Греции 1949–1951 годов. Каждую ночь он молился Богу, чтобы он не убивал людей...

Спустя годы он отказался получать ежемесячную пенсию за сопротивление греческого государства нацистам. Он давал пищу для жизни бедным людям.

Он был первоклассным тенором. Он был моим великим учителем достоинства, гармонии, мира, любви, качества.... Мне очень повезло с таким отцом...

Д-р Панайотис-Такис Д. Иоаннидес,




Всем счастливого Нового года!

Дорогой Такис, прими наши соболезнования в связи с потерей твоего великого отца.

Доктор Лев Семашко,




Дорогой доктор Такис,

Выражаю глубочайшие соболезнования Вам и Вашей семье в связи с кончиной Вашего любимого отца. Потеря близкого человека – это огромное горе, и слова могут предложить лишь небольшое утешение в это трудное время.

Ваш отец, Димитриос-Демосфен Иоаннидес, прожил замечательную жизнь, отмеченную стойкостью и самоотверженностью. Его храбрость в сопротивлении гитлеровской нацистской армии в Греции, стойкость арестам немецкого гестапо и переживание потери трех братьев, одной сестры и родителей служат примером силы его характера.

Будучи офицером греческой армии во время гражданской войны, он нес бремя своих убеждений, каждую ночь молясь о сохранении человеческих жизней. Его отказ от ежемесячной пенсии за сопротивление нацистам является свидетельством его непоколебимой приверженности принципам.

Помимо военной службы, щедрость вашего отца проявилась в его стремлении обеспечить едой менее удачливых, жест, который вдохнул жизнь в ценности сострадания и доброжелательности.

Человек многих талантов, он украсил мир как первый тенор, оставив неизгладимое впечатление своими музыкальными дарами. Тем не менее, возможно, его величайшее наследие заключается в уроках, которые он преподал вам как учитель достоинства, гармонии, мира, любви и качества.

Ваши слова: «Мне очень повезло иметь такого отца» отражают то глубокое влияние, которое он оказал на вашу жизнь. Желаю вам найти силы в воспоминаниях о бесценных моментах, которые он пережил с ним, и в непреходящем наследии, которое он оставил после себя.

Желаю вам мира и комфорта в это непростое время.

С сердечным сочувствием,

Доктор Бирендра Кумар,

Директор Колледжа социальной работы Махатмы Ганди

Управляющий попечитель Фонда ненасилия (Индия)

Исполнительный директор Фонда мира ненасилия (США)

Контактный номер: +91-9470091098 / +1-332 322 7098

Электронная почта: Director@mgcollege.edu.in, Веб-сайты: https://mgcollege.edu.in,

https://mgcollege.info/, https://nonviolenceindia.org/, https://nvpfint.org,

«Мечтать недостаточно. Мы должны воплотить наши мечты в жизнь, приняв меры к тому, чтобы воплотить их в жизнь».




Мой дорогой доктор Бирендра Кумар,

Я благодарю вас за ваши теплые слова.

Я передам их своим детям и грантам. Такие слова драгоценны.

Желаю вам и вашей семье милости Бога и защиты всех вас.

С уважением и любовью

Д-р Панайотис -Такис Д. Иоаннидес




Dear Leo and ALL members peacemakers of GGHA,

the great work of GGHA all these years, offered to human society is real, bright, possible, hopeful.

Future generations will vindicate it.

I would like to thank Leo and all the contributors who created GGΗΑ.

Our present times are too dangerous and critical. We must care of our human values.

A 3rd world war in in force in Ukraine. Europe is too close be destroyed for the 3rd time historically.

Human life has no value anymore. I feel sorry o­nly for children...


with peace via harmony and love

Panagiotis-Takis D Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GGHA. 



Happy Poetry Day via GGHA




Τhe historian of the future will write

that the global elite with its perfect technological equipment

and its wealth has weakened human societies

 and practices the technique of violence

with such perfection,

 that they dominate with their wars in any social group.


Τhe global elite uses the "Trojan horse"

of the false democracy of the West,

as a means of legal status,

to impose modern violence

and be imposed itself o­n nations.


The people lost their Democratic right

to express their free will.

Αnd if they manage to manifest,

the powerful elite has the power

to ignore and silence them.


Τhe elite radically changed the way social forces move,

they changed a centuries-old moral rule of history,

the decisive power of the majority

that had built up since the 6th BC century

by the Greek intellect,

based o­n freedom and justice for ALL.  


By Dr Takis D. Ioannides 



Dear all peacemakers.

Our times are too critical. NATO and Russia are face to face ready for a war with all three weapons, air, land, sea, as USA announced.

In the past GHA was very active in critical geostrategic cases. Remember the letters we sent to G20 and all Parliaments in Europe. NATO invests in new bases in South Central Europe.

Chine terrorizes Taiwan, like yesterday.

I propose to act immediately as GHA pressing all parties to start new negotiations.Also to energize all parliaments.

On last December, I sent to GHA two letters I found exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and Tsar Alexander between 1804 & 1815, as attached.

(Published: below)

With Peace via Harmony and Love

Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GGHA



A letter sent by Thomas Jefferson from USA to Tsar Alexander, o­n 15 June 1804, o­n the occasion of Russian aid to the crew of an American frigate that had been stranded in the Gulf of Tripoli, Libya.


"I am pleased to see the proliferation of trade between our countries. Your flag will find our ports hospitable, they will find freedom and protection and your citizens will enjoy the treatment of the most favored state. The remarkable honorary reception of our Ambassador in St. Petersburg, the very friendly atmosphere and the messages of friendship with which the Minister of Foreign Affairs received him are for us the sincere and power full proof that our merchants are also impressed by the appropriate warm and support in your ports. I allow myself, o­n this occasion, to express my extraordinary pleasure I felt observing the first actions of your government and in fact in a short time your enthronement, and I see in these actions realized the virtue and wisdom from which they spring.

What does your country not hope from a career that began with so many bright spots. Sound principles, served with steady pace, progressively harmonizing with what your society is ready to accept, but also to defend resolutely, will not fail to bring them to fruition, to improve the living conditions of society, in the time horizon of your life.I pray to God, that this horizon will be long for the happiness of the people and your glory and also to be you under His protection."


The letter-reply of Tsar Alexander to Thomas Jefferson o­n August 20, 1805.


I saw with joy in your letter of 15th June the justice you attach to the feelings that bind me to set my titles for the benefit of both countries. These will be for your fellow citizens a guarantee of hospitality, protection and privileges, which they will always enjoy in my country. I share your views o­n an Act that will include all of this and I rely heavily o­n the reciprocity o­n the part of the Government of the United States to my nationals, it's prudence leaves me in no doubt as to the sincerity of the assurances you give me o­n this subject. Finally, I have a high appreciation for your Nation that knew how to make its independence the noblest occupation by offering itself a free and wise Constitution that ensures the happiness of all and everyone. Extremely sensitive to the interest you assure me that you are taking for the happiness and prosperity of Russia, I do not think I can express better, how much my feelings towards the United States are reciprocal in this reference and I hope they will keep as their leader for a long time an equally virtuous and enlightened leader.

With sincere gratitude, Sir, I have the opportunity to assure You of My special appreciation. For this reason, I ask God to keep you under His Holy and justice Protection.




Dear all fellow peacemakers, poetesses and poets,

Our Planet is facing an awful attack by a still unknown enemy, the COVID19.

I shall make a sort break time and I salute this Day of Poetry with my humble poem devoted to poetesses and poets.


Τhe two faces of poet.


There are two kinds of poets,

the first,

who is destined by Fates,

who expresses his epoch,

who have an obvious face,

who puts his statue in front of his poetic work’sdoor.


The Other,

in a mass of fiery excitement of world,

a fairy-born fruit,

a molder of the unborn,

who feeds with his blood, the work of the inner world.


Panagiotis D. Ioannides

8 2 2013


With my thoughts to victims of COVID19 globally and my hopes focused to Medical Science


Panagiotis D Ioannides




With the GHA new great peace book Gandhica as its coauthor


Socrates’ Ethics of Nonviolence and Satyagraha Gandhi Nonviolence


Takis Ioannides
For the GHA "Gandhi book":


I. Socrates and Gandhi

Plato in his book “Kriton” (Kriton, 49D) refers, that Socrates probably was facing the aggressive people like mentally ill. Do you grow angry with a “sick man”? However, he supports a passive ethic completely. He expressed the opinion that the man must resign even from his self-defense, from the protection of his own life and his physical integrity. Man should not defend and react badly. He was against the usage of physical violence in human relationships. He recommended the avoidance of violence in case somebody was victim of injustice or any evil, because he believed that injustice hurts the man who acts unjustly and not the wronged o­ne. And this because Socrates means in this case, the man who acts unjustly has a mental harm. He requires the non-rendering of the injustice is an element of Justice. Is somebody wants to be just, he must not act unjustly even if he is wronged. And this because Justice must apply generally and absolutely. Consequently, Socrates was contrary with the belief of the “principle of reciprocity” in case of injustice applying in his times. He was also contrary with the theory of the “law of the strongest” applying also nowadays globally.

On 11 September 1906 Mohandas Satyagraha Gandhi deletes the term passive-resistance replacing it with the word “Satyagraha”. Satyagraha is consisted by two words, “Satwa” (thruth) and “Agraha” (stability). This is his philosophy of non-violent resistance. He deleted the idea of fighting the injustice with any way. If we use violence by force, it is incorporated into it the injustice. He said that “ I started using the Satyagraha during the Indian Revolt Satyagraha because I believed that the Power is born by both, the Truth and Love. That’s why I abandoned the passive-resistance.” The main target of Satyagraha was to change his adversary and make his to cooperate, not to compel him.

He made 9 rules. 1). A political protest never expresses his wrath. 2). Sometimes he may have to suffer the opponent's anger. 3) In this way he will accept the attacks by the opponent, but he will never retaliate. However, fear of punishment or similar threats will not be paid out of any kind of anger. 4) When a member of the authority attempts to capture a political controversy, he will voluntarily submit to the arrest, and will not resist the seizure or removal of his property when it is intended to be confiscated by the authorities. 5) If a politician is in possession of some assets as manager and guardian, he will refuse to give up, even if he could lose his life in this defense. Nevertheless, he will not retaliate. 6) Rebellions include bullies and bruises. 7) Consequently, an opposition politician never attacks his opponent, and he does not take part in the newly invented cries that are contrary to the spirit of ahimsa (non-violence). 8) A protest politician can not salute the flag of the United Kingdom, but will not offend this or the civil servants, English or Indian. 9) If, during the fight, someone offends or attacks against such an official, an opposing politician is obliged to protect the official or employees from attacking or attacking even at risk of his life.

I find many common points between Gandhi’s rules of non-violence and the non-violence of Socrates. I believe that the talent, smart and studious young Gandhi, during his studies in London University studied also the Greek philosophers , especially Socrates, focused o­n his non-violence exhortations.

I made this comparison because I want to focus o­n the matter how important is the study of the human wisdom of the past, which will enable the young children to be educated properly in order to become wise and conscious leaders, and citizens harmonious peacemakers. They may create a future world living in Harmony and Peace. Our world needs of new Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc. for a safe future life.


II. Gandhi’s Nonviolence as Safe Road to Freedom

Gandhi, living in the great country of India under British occupation, he o­nly understood that his fellow citizens deserve to live and progress as free people. He understood that the life under foreign occupation leads to the wrong direction. His country, when it was free in the past, functioned as a society with established goals by it’s traditions, that no o­ne no doubt about them, but everyone embraced them, struggled for their realization, and hurled them to the next generation. The British occupation created a communion with broken institutions of tradition, with life without freedom, with complete lack of purposes, and with complete spiritual confusion about what is true in their life. He felt his personal responsibility in the case of the liberation of his homeland, and against the history, and what to suggest to his fellow citizens o­n how they should act in order to achieve their liberation. He was a man with moral conscience, paedeia, education, vision and momentum of life. He was a real leader, with the proper skills, like, creative thinking, decision making, teamwork, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, time management and conflict resolution.

He had studied and studied sciences, philosophies, traditions. He knew that if the engineer does not build a building properly, it would fall and flatter him. As a philosopher, he understood that philosophies are not built with the laws governing the natural environment. The case of a large country like the o­ne of India, held by the largest and hardest colonizers of human history, was not easy to liberate. He had to think how to open a new perspective for the country and his fellow citizens. There was the need of breaking many barriers that impede the internal capabilities of his fellow citizens. Above all, he had to protect them from dangerous practices. It needed to sow spiritual seeds in the free air of India, which would yield to the souls of the Indians. He dealt with in his mind factors such as the impetus of life, the need for certainty, the need for unity, the need for meaning, the need for redemption, the need for freedom. Because these factors, mainly, contribute to shaping our perceptions. The importance of the spirit's operation. The rich inner life and process that Gandhi possessed was the drug in the occupation conditions prevailing in India. I believe that his spiritual orientation, through the path of philosophy, gave the prospect of creating the method of resistance through nonviolence. Gandhi's genius envisioned, decided, planned, and completed the grandiose action of the people of India. The revolution of NON-VIOLENCE.

The hive of total cities in the country accepted the solution offered by her wise idol. Because they respected and believed o­n him. He gave them a solution to return to the sources of creative life. He convinced them of their rich abilities. He showed them the limits that should not exceeded. In fact, mistakes were made in action. Incomplete and finite the man can not be perfect. But he does what he can do in his life. The streams of ordinary people became a river that swept from o­ne end to the other the great country of India. The Indians believed and acted in their overwhelming majority, without violence. The British were surprised. Gandhi's achievement succeeded. The global community tested a catalytic feeling of awe with the achievement of the people of India, without violence. Gandhi became the great hero in the eyes of both young and old people globally. They were amazed by the unity of the people of India, by their momentum for life, peace and freedom. Gandhi's non-violence was indelibly marked in the historical reality of our planet and in the consciousness of people up to date. We in GHA pay tribute to the memory of this great man, Gandhi, as a peacemaker, liberator and conveyor of human consciences.

We built the four Spherons of our prototype Book “Global Peace Science” with conscience and faith in the possibilities of man to achieve universal Harmony and Peace through these four Spherons, honoring the maxim of our Honorary President and founder of the GHA Dr Leo Semashko, “War killed me father, and I shall kill the war”.


Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides,

Dr Lit., historian, poet, writer, researcher,

GHA Vice President

New Smyrna, Athens, Greece

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138


Dear Takis,

Thank you very much for your interesting information and for your wonderful paper “Aging is Harmony and ART” at the Balkan Medical Congress in September with great peaceful motto: “MEDICINE-FRIENDSHIP-PEACE”.

Truly, harmony, peace and friendship, together with medicine and Yoga are the best and most fundamental bases of human health. They are the highest values of humanistic medicine and Yoga! It was published o­n your personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138.

Please, invite your medical friends, especially women - humanists and harmonists in the GHA and WGHA to resist together the deadly for humanity militarism and patriarchy of the US/NATO and together promote the “Global Peace Science” as a spiritual source of humanism in the 21st century.



Best wishes for peace from women’s harmony,

without which peace does not work in the militarist US/NATO patriarchy,


Dr Leo Semashko:

-State Councillor of St.Petersburg, Russia; RANH Professor;

-Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;

-Global Harmony Association (GHA) Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016);






Ageing is Harmony and ART

35th Balkan medical Union Week 25 -27 September 2018, Athens, Greece.


Healthy ageing is about "optimising opportunities for good health, so that older people can take an active part in society and enjoy an independent and high quality of life". Using the mathematic Greek Language lexarithm, we shall note that the title of the 35th Balkan Medical Week "Healthy Aging: a perpetual challenge" in Greek version, ΥΓΙΗΣ ΓΗΡΑΝΣΗ ΜΙΑΑΕΝΑΗ ΠΡΟΚΛΗΣΗ=621+370+51+65+516=1623, is equal with, “first the healthy diet”,«Α» Η ΥΓΙΗΣ ΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗ=1+8+621+993=1623. The limit”- ΤΕΡΜΩΝ=300+5+100+40+800+50=1295 is equal to “senile age”- ΠΡΕΣΒΥΤΗΣ=80+100+5+200+2+400+300+8+200=1295. “Man”, ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ=1+50+9+100+800+80+70+200=1310 is equal to “the fundamental divine analogy”, ΗΘΕΜΕΛΙΩΔΗΣΘΕΙΑΑΝΑΛΟΓΙΑ=8+1111+25+166=1310, equal to “aristocrat”, ΑΡΙΣΤΟΚΡΑΤΗΣ=1+100+10+200+300+70+20+100+1+300+8+200=1310, equal also to “evolve”, ΕΞΕΛΙΣΣΩ=5+60+5+30+10+200+200+800=1310. «The wisdom», ΣΟΦΙΑ=200+70+500+10+1=781, is equal to « is infinite», ΑΠΕΙΡΟΕΣΤΙ=1+80+5+10+100+5+200+300+10=781, “serenity is analogy”, ΓΑΛΗΝΗΑΝΑΛΟΓΙΑΕΣΤΙ=3+1+30+8+50+8+1+50+1+30+70+3+10+1+5+200+300+10=781. Man is a fundamental divine analogy. The senile man signals the closing of the end of life’s cycle.His old age is not an obstacle, but a constant challenge to deal with, « lifelong education”. The science, the knowledge and the man in Ancient Greece were inseparably united and these were together an architectural ensemble, an artwork. “It’s also good for the elder to learn wisdom”. (Aeschylus 525-455 b.C.). Greek language suggests that “healthy diet” is clearly a primary factor in quality of life even to senile age. (Hippocrates 4th cent. b.C.)taught through that: "Let your medicine be your food and your food become your medicine." “Deal with physical activity which promotes endurance, strength, balance and mobility”. “When the bodies become soft,their souls lose their strength” (Socrates 470-469–399 b.C.). “The body is the organ of the soul” (Hippocrates).“Being employed or involved in voluntary activities which is a great way of maintaining health and avoiding social exclusion”. “Deal with the environment” which helps determine how active older people can be in society”. ”Deal with new Technologies which can enable elderly people to remain more active citizens”.“Participate in activities which build social connections and improves well-being”. “Deal with Long-term care which can support with self-care activities and independent living”. “Learning throughout the life-course promotes social inclusion and better health”. “Seek the appropriate health and social services which should be accessible to all older people”. Conclusion: Where appropriate, every old man has gathered a certain amount of education, experience, soul value-paideia in his life. Most important is the old man knows how to get older, with soul peace, harmony, dignity andalso how to love, in a way that is o­ne of the most beautiful o­nes. And this is Harmony and Art. Epilogue: “The elderly peasant, loaded with wood and tired, called Death. Death came and asked him: “Old man I am present, why you invited me?’ The old man replied, “to carry the woods to my house”. (Aesop-Myths, The Old Man and Death)”


“I do thank you for your patience”.


Bibliography: “Great dictionary of the Greek language-Liddel and Scott 1906”-ISBN-960-8095-03-4.“Evidence for the mathematical construction of the Greek language”-ISBN-960-91644-0-4. Healthy ageing-http://www.healthyageing.eu/. “Creative view to the eternal o­ne” ISBN-978-618-5142-09-4. Hippocrates, “About Nutrition”-ISBN-13 978-960-352-124-2. Socrates, Life and Sate ISBN: 978-960-01-1711-0. “Stovaios Apothegms”-ISBN13-9789603162612. Aesop Myths ISBN: 960-7318-80-3.

The weak point of every theory is that it has to be proven. Mathematically.

NUMBER =430, MATHEMATICS = 430, LAW = 430 STRAIGHT = 430.

The lexarithm of “π” is as follows :

Length 338, peripheral 1016 , cycle 940 / diameter 730 = 2294/730= 3,14

The lexarithma of “φ” is as follow:

Author,Panagiotis Dimos Ioannides

Dr Litt. historian, poet, writer,


GHA and WGHA condolences

Dear Takis,

          In your person, we express our sincere condolences and our deep sorrow to the people of Greece in connection with more than 70 victims, including many children, of monstrous forest fires in the country and to all of their relatives.




Dear Leo and GHA and WGHA peacemakers,

          This tragedy happened in my country is awful. 81 people dead, many of them children. The number ofmissing people unknown!4500 houses, 181 people in hospitals, hundred of dogs, cats, a whole town was destroyed.

          Fires 20 meters high,running with 100 kilometers per hour, wind running with 11 bofor speed. The humidity was too low o­nly 23 0/0.

         Hundred of adults and children tried to swim in the sea, and stayed 3 and 4 hours in tje water, waiting boats and ships to save them. Many of them died...

        The global climate has been changed o­n our planet. Some countries cannot understand it.

In other words, money is preferred against humans.

         Solidarity by all Greeks to victims is superb.

All countries must perform emergency evacuation plans for extreme catastrophes like our own.

          Children are unable to protect themselves in such awful conditions. Many children are missing in this catastrophic event in my country.

         With peace via harmony and love




Dear Takis

        Please accept my deepest sympathy o­n the deaths of so many in your country as a result of this awful tragedy. You are all those who died were injured and lost homes and so much suffering as a result are in our prayers and thoughts.


Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace laureate

North Ireland


Dear Takis,

         I hope this finds you well. I have come across the most unfortunate news of the tragic death of many children and adults in Greece. I am so sorry to read this devastating news.

Our deepest condolences are sent to you in this note.

Peace n’ strength to you,


Ayo Ayoola-Amale MCIArb,



Dear Takis,

          We express our sincere condolences and our deep sorrow for tragic

death of many children and

adults more than 70 victims in Greece.

Peace n’ strength to you & all of their relatives

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President and Board Chairman,

Global Harmony Association, India


Dearest Takis, brother of my soul.

          I am so sad for this news and the victims in your country. I said prayers, like a dialogue with God, be protected. I resend you my poem Gala, she embrace you and all people in your country. These words that time ago you translated n Greek be a bridge sending compassion and love to you all.

My condolences, my sorrow...


Susana Roberts




Είσαι πάντα το φως

που συνδέει

το θερμό με το κρύο

το παρελθόν με το μέλλον

σου συνιστώ Μοίρα μου

να συνδέεις ορίζοντες

εσύ Εορτή είσαι η πηγή μου

το φως μου εδώ

όταν θ’ αφήσω αυτόν τον κόσμο

όταν δεν υπάρχω πλέον

στείλε σε παρακαλώ τα μηνύματά μου

κατ’ευθείαν στον πυρήνα

στιςκαρδιές των ανθρώπων

ανοίγοντας την αγνότητα μέσα τους

μην αισθανθείςπως όλ’ αυτά είναι αρκετά

τίποτε δεν είναι αρκετό σ΄ αυτή τη μάχη

μέχρις ότου οι άνθρωποι αντιληφθούν

ότι θα πρέπει να είναι άνθρωποι και αδέρφια.

Της Σουζάνας Ρόμπερτς

By Susana Roberts

Translation from English into Greek language by Takis Ioannidis


Sincere condolences for the Liss of the children during the dramatic gires in Greece.
May God have mercy upon these young innocent lifes



Dear Taki,

           My sincere condolences to the families, friends of the victims of this catastrophe and to all the GREAT Greek people, cradle of civilizations!! We all face the trials of life, but with the love and support of others, we overcome them with lightened grief.

May they remain in peace!

Love, and peace.

Ammar Banni




Mr Takis,

Nossaimensa tristeza e solidariedadepelos acontecimentos ocorridos em seu país, quando centenas de vidas foram ceifadas. Bens perdidos. O homem precisa respeitar a natureza.

A sua devolutiva tem sido pesada. Fraterno abraço,

Delasnieve Daspet



Dear Takis,

This is terrible

Our heat is broke in front of this tragedy in Greece

Ernesto Kahan



Hi Greek community and distinguished Greek members at our Peace ngos receive our condolences for such terrible and dreadful situation and so many victims in pain and sorrow. PAZIFLACWWPO

María Cristina Azcona mcrisazcona@gmail.com




This is to express my heartfelt condolence to all the Greek nation o­n this big tragedy.

Muhammad Faruque Malik farooqids@gmail.com



Dear Takis,

It is very sad news. I really am should fled to know about the demise of many

valuable humane beings.


Dr. Larik,



Dear Leo, Subhash, Susana, Ammar, Ernesto, Maria Christina, Delasnieve, Mairead, Noor, Ayo Ayoola, Aladindis,

         I do thank you all from my heart for your sincere and human support to the Greek people for the great destruction.

88 dead people, 190 ihjured-burned, uninown number of missing people till now.

The doctors who eximined the bodies said that these people were terribly torturde.

German police officers specialists who arrived to Mati area to assist the Greek authoriries said that they have never see such a catastroph, happened within 1 1/2 hour, which is worst even than the big tsunami in Indian Ocean.

Too many people are still missing. Too many animals died. Thousands of houses were destroied. the natural and ecological disaster is immense. the survivors and those who have lost their families , realtives, firends, are all in a terrible psychological condition.

Too many questions are still open.

           Too many serious mistakes by authorities. Many complaints have been made in the media: the police communication devices were not operating. the fire brigade called the Gov to evacuate the whole area to protect the people but they did nothning.

They closed the main avenue and forced the cars to enter in the fire catastrophy arae.

A doctor working in the near town Nea Makri gave to media 4 videos he made. That proves the big fire started hald an hour earlier than the hour of start Gov announced! Also, noone police officer was existed in the roads!

The commander of the army underwater marines of the coast police were savingin the sea ( they saved 465 people), said, that Gov was annoucing via Tv that o­nly few houses are in fires. They wereninformed too lateabout the tragedy o­n time 18.30.

Six police officers with self-sacrifice helped many people to get in the inflatable boats.

Little Boats from near harbors togethe with three war navy ships save 700 people.

          I don' t want to say more, not even the too serious rummors of today, before we get proofs.

President Trump and President Putin and other Presidents from nay countries sent their support for this trategy.

I want to emphasize in the gat solidarity of the Greek citizens and some companies to victims.

Also the Greek volunteers who ran from all parts of Greece, helped , and are still there all these days.

All these days I pray for all victims, not o­nly in Greece, but also in Palestine, in Laos, in Japan, et.c.

I hope for a better world via Peace from Harmony and love

Takis D Ioannides



Avec mes plus sincères condoléances au peuple grec en deuil après ce drame : en particulier, une pensée et une prière profondes pour les victimes et pour leurs familles.

Bien respectueusement.





Dear All.

Sitting in Toronto, I received the message of Greek massacre and the comments of the people of the country, about the failure of prompt action o­n the part of the administration has to compel them, to evacuate their home. In their words, `if steps are taken earlier we would not have faced such a situation. I am sorry for the people s` sufferings and pray to God so that all the children and the adults suffering from the happenings get right support from the Government to protect them from the catastrophe

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy




Dear Takis

with CEC friends I offer condolence andprayer for Greece people death in fires

Rosa Dalmiglio




A letter of condolence by CEC has been sent to its Member Churches in Greece responding

to the devastating fires.

Press Release No: 18/26

30 July 2018


         The following is a letter of condolence the Conference of European Churches has sent to its Member Churches in Greece (Church of Greece, Evangelical Church of Greece) responding to the devastating fires that have claimed a reported 91 lives and left many others suffering, wounded, and without shelter.

         The Conference of European Churches joins with the voices of agony and grief of the Greek people as they face the apocalyptic tragey of deadly and destructive fires o­n the Attic pennisula. The pain of this catastrophe reaches far—communities have been lost, and people around the world mourn friends and family.

join in steadfast prayer with people of faith around the world for all victims—children, mothers and fathers, and the elderly—and for those still missing and injured from these fires. We commend to God all those touched by this immense loss.

         Through this tragedy, Greece again finds itself at the epicentre of imminent threats to humanity and the entire planet. The fires, escalated by global warming, are a byproduct of environmental sin and indifference to the longterm effects of human-caused catastrophic climate change. As such, they are call to all humanity for repentance and metanoia—a change in o­ne’s way of life.

The burden of this tragedy is o­nly aggrevated by the reality of austerity measures forced upon Greek society, including to firefighting and rescue services.

        As affected communities make their way forward from these darkest days, the churches in Europe will remain in solidarity with your Church and her people.

For more information or an interview, please contact:

        Erin Green

Communication Coordinator

Tel: +32 2 234 68 20

E-mail: eeg@cec-kek.be

Website: www.ceceurope.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ceceurope

Twitter: @ceceurope



Дорогой Такис и все,

         Мы получили из 12 стран около 20 соболезнований в связи с трагедией в Греции, где в лесных пожарах погибли более 90 человек, включая многих детей. Все соболезнования опубликованы на персональной странице Такиса здесь: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138 .

         ГСГ и ГСГЖ выражают сердечную благодарность всем откликнувшимся на это жуткое несчастье словами скорби, сочувствия и сострадания их родственникам и народу Греции. Мы молимся за души умерших, и чтобы подобной трагедии не повторилось.

С Любовью,

Лев Семашко,

Почетный Президент ГСГ



Dear Takis and everything,

        We received about 20 condolences from 12 countries in connection with the tragedy in Greece, where more than 90 people, including many children, died in forest fires. All condolences are published o­n Takis' personal page here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138.

          The GHA and the WGHA expresses heartfelt gratitude to all those who responded to this terrible affliction with words of grief, compassion and condolences for their relatives and the people of Greece. We pray for the souls of the dead and that similar tragedy does not happen again.
With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President







“United Nations Harmony and Global Peace”

In Area of Balkans and Aegean Sea


Geostrategy studies the correlations of forces at international level (global or regional) and is linked to the concept of military power and foreign policy. In particular, geostrategy refers to a policy of geographic areas of interest to the state concerned and affecting its security or national interests.

It’s valuable to remember based o­n History , that in the area of Balkans began the two awful World Wars, which caused hundreds of thousands of dead in human lives and disabled, and immeasurable material equivalents. These were the main reasons for the creation of Unite Nations UN, in order to maintain Peace in all countries globally.

It’s also valuable to remember the historical past which teaches us that, in the areas of Balkans and Aegean Sea,the country of Turkey created and creates nowadays an unstable environment for the survival of Peace and Harmony of the Balkans countries in many levels. Turkey is a country that, o­n the basis of geopolitics generates events, has permanent expansionist aspirations, terrorizes Greece and Cyprus, violates International Conventions, destabilises our region through violent practices. Every day Turkey creates 20 to 60 violations in the air and sea areas borders between the two countries by Turkey’s army forces, while the illegal occupation of a part of Cyprus by Turkish army continues. This country is hostile against Greece and Cyprus, two members of European Union! The reason Turkey has proved today to be an extortionist and a terrorist and an immediate threat to anyone who does not serve its interests, is the existence of large deposits of oil and natural gas of Greece and Cyprus, protected by the International Agreements.

Upon the statements made by the Turkish President, he contests the terms of the Lausanne Treaty, regarding the ownership of Greek islands, were clear. o­n year 1973 Turkey had raised claims o­n the continental shelf of the Eastern Aegean. The controversy of the Greek FIR (Control Area of Civil Aviation) and the refusal to accept the 10-mile Greek airspace followed soon. Range that has been in force since 1931 and for decades of years has not been challenged by Turkey. In the period 1973-1974 Turkey began to build the conditions of a siege of the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean, with the prospect of allowing it to raise territorial claims. It showed the Greek islands to "sit" o­n a Turkish continental shelf and to be surrounded by an air-controlled area controlled by Turkey.

The next crucial step took place in early 1996 with the official projection of the "gray zones" theory, which caused the crisis in the Greek island Imia (A Greek helicopter was fallen - both parties keep silence about the conditions till now (?) caused the death of 3 Greeks). Turkey’s longstanding tactic is to raise unilateral expansive claims, and then to call Athens to negotiate, i.e. to share Greek rights. And all actions under continues military pressure. The intervention of the Kemalist Turkish party, the o­nly thing it offered was the "downgrading" of the issue to the "gray zones", that is, areas where their territorial status, in Turkey's view, is not clear. History teaches us that when Turkey adds a new unilateral claim to the Greek-Turkish basket, she does not forget it. She cultivates her persistently and systematically, so as to place it in the consciousness of the international system as a real difference that needs resolution through compromise.

In March 2016, Germany and Turkey reached an agreement o­n refugees, then expanded across Europe. Countless refugees, particularly Syrians, were trying to reach Europe and especially Germany, where public opinion began to show signs of resistance to their reception. This agreement EU-Turkey Agreement of 16.12.2013 (Document 22014A0507 (01), published o­n 07.05.2014 stipulates that Turkey must stop the refugees in exchange for billions of euros that Europe pays to it every year. Turkey uses the millions of refugees o­n its territory as a measure of pressure against Greece in order to blackmail it and achieve its goals. (The EU agreement with Turkey about immigrants - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/08/eu-turkey-refugee-deal-qa)

At the same time, European Union countries still have relations with Turkey by promoting their own interests!

The geostrategic position of Greece and Cyprus is bothering Turkey, trying to play a leading role in the Balkans, causing breaches in the Peace of our region.

Turkey uses the practice of using the religion of Muslims. Turkey urges the Albanian government to attack diplomatically to Greece, with unprecedentedterritorial claims, with the abuse and terror of the Greeks who live as citizens of Albania there, by the destruction of their homes in the town of city of Himara, nowadays. With the formation of paramilitary groups. Turkey uses the same practices in FYROM's country against Greece as well. Turkey uses the Muslim religion even within the borders of Greece in order to affect the consciences of Greek Muslim Pomaks who have lived in the Greek Thrace region since ancient times. Turkish Minister visited Greece a few days ago for transnational talks and after Hellenic Thrace, where in the scholar who spoke, he called the Greek Muslim citizens, “Turks”!

Turkey's multi-year economic boom and the development of competent diplomacy and strong army have now paved the way for more aggressive choices of the great and unpredictable Turkish president. An analysis of the situation shows that, with ever increasing rhythm, the Turkish president has put two powerful methods at the service of implementing his plans. The expansionist Islamism and Turkish nationalism. This development became even more apparent after the failed coup, which also gave him the opportunity to put into operation the third method, that of authoritarianism, turning against anyone questioning any of his choices.

I think that there are all the conditions for the United Nations UN to take under consideration based o­n the Treaty of Lausanne (Articles 39 & 44) and International Law, that there is a possibility of referring Turkey to International Courts for failing to respect the rights of religious (Christians, Alevi) and ethnic (Assyrians, Kurds, etc.) of its minorities. (http://treaties.fco.gov.uk/docs/pdf/1923/ts0016-1.pdf). (http://www.un.org/en/charter-united-nations/)


Conclusion. The United Nations Statute defines the purposes of its founding and its obligations towards the citizens of all the countries of our world. The Balkan region is a very critical area proved by its history. It’s a geostrategic and geopolitical hub of three continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, to the extent that PEACE is mandatory and urgent, also the harmonious co-operation and cohabitation and progress of its citizens, and is now at greatest risk from their whom dangerous leaders , and the international economic and strategic interests of the great powers nations and main companies that define the life and fate of our countries. I have many friends in all the Balkan countries, and the desire of all of us, irrespective of nation and religion, is Peace and Harmony, and not all fanaticisms, nationalisms or religious. Everyone nation in the world wishes for PEACE. The United Nations must understand their responsibilities and prove with peaceful actions their need for existence.

GHA offers nowadays for free its projects and books written by GHA members peacemakers to UN, plus co-operation in any level they wish. History and next generations will judge all of us about our actions. We are human after all, brothers and sisters globally.

Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides,


GHA Vice President,

Dr Litt., poet, writer, historian.



Review of

Global Peace Science, 2016

By Takis Ioannides


The main question of our present times is, “which is the direction of the modern human?” o­n my opinion the answer is: “to his ultimate destruction via war”.

The global history teaches us that, when there is o­nly o­ne sole superpower o­n earth, then the consequences of its selfish actions oppress, terrorize and destroy the global community. This unfortunately happens after the awful Second World War o­n our planet, with main responsible the USA and its whoever allies, even today.

Our historical group GHA, at this critical juncture in human history fully understands its personal and non-transferable responsibility to history. GHA sets objectives and proposes strategies, striving for their realization, to rescue the current disoriented and frightened human who lives in a global society with broken the links of traditions, with a total lack of purposes, and in complete intellectual confusion.

The universal need and wish of humanity is the Global Peace. All nations, nowadays, have the opportunity to use the great gift of offering by GHA. The powerful book of “GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE”, published o­n year 2016. GPS is the tool that can change the course of human history and direct it to secure and safe way of Global Peace. GPS embraces all nations, all religions, all traditions as a global family. It offers in human societies the vision of its unique mission, this of peace enforcement o­n bloody homicides wars, via the harmony, in the XXI century.

Our inspirational president Dr Leo Semashko together with the GHA members developed the theory of harmonious civilization based o­n TetraSociology. With nonviolence Peace practicesvia Harmony seeks the human right of revolution of the social sciences. So, this GPS book was built by 174 co-authors from 34 counties.

Human history has proved another reality. The militaristic science destroys the human, murders him, or turns him away from his land home, eliminates societies. The scientific methods developed in GPS ensure the victory of peace over the destruction of war, as long as people perceive and understand their mission for the fulfillment of peace o­n our planet, establishing the o­ne World, o­ne harmony, o­ne family o­n planet.

The vision of our president for a Nuclear Free World, for peace from harmony through science, is the bridge among global societies for a true new life in peace and harmony. It’s also the tool which breaks the barriers that prevent the internal capabilities of people to be developed fully, and be released from the shackles of war and fear. The scientific and the spiritual fruits of GPS can flourish with awareness, freedom, love, peace through harmony, sustainable future, stop of falling of humans,promotion and development of the interior life and the New World Order in human souls and nations globally.


Dr Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides,

GHA Vice President,

Writer and Poet,

New Smyrna, Athens, Hellas



Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615

Dear President of GHA Dr. Subhash Chandra, dear Dr. Leo Semashko Honorary President - Founder of GHA,
dear all peacemakers of GHA.


As in my letters to Leaders I used the ancient Greek History and Literature concerning Orpheus Hymns, I attach my work about, because Orpheus and Orphics after him used the Peace from harmony, thousands years ago.


I hope to be useful in our GHA community.


With Peace from harmony and Love

Takis D Ioannides, Athens, Greece,

Dr Litt poet writer historian

Vice President of GHA






Orpheus Hymns: Peace from Harmony Encouraging Definitions

By Takis D. Ioannides,

Dr Litt, poet, writer, historian, Vice President of GHA,





Orpheus was the son of Oiagro’s , king of Thrace, and Moussa’sKalliopi. He was born in a cave of Mount Helikon at Leithithra in Pemblia of Pieria in Greece, and since he was an infant showed his love and inclination to music. God Apollo himself taught him the music and gave him his lyre. Orpheus played the lyre so harmoniously and sang so sweet, that, it’s saying that even the wild beasts of the forest were gathered around to listen to him. Even the trees and rocks moved to come to listen to his music. The famous poet Pindar (522-442 BC) refers to him as "the father of the songs". It is said that Orpheus used two types of lyra. The first to cure mental human illnesses. The second to moves objects, et.c. (With his lyre started the ship “Argo” of the Argonauts.)


Orpheus took part in the Argonauts campaign with Jason and other mythical heroes. With the music of his lyre, he draped the dragon that guarded the “golden fleece” and so Jason could steal it. o­n the way back, he helped Argonautsto escape from the Sirens and their trap playing so loudly and harmoniously that she overcame the song of the Sirens in beauty, power and magic. His mythical personality played an important role in the religious life of ancient Greeksbecause, as Apollodorus tells us, the ancient historian and mythographer, Orpheus is the o­ne who established the Mysteries of Dionysus.


According to a summary of the Late Antiquity of a lost work of Aeschylus, Orpheus at the end of his life despised the worship of all the gods except the sun, whom he called Apollo. A breakfast ascended Mount Pangaeon (where Dionysus had an oracle) to greet the god at sunrise, but was killed by Thracian Maenads because he did not honor his former protector, Dionysus. It is important that his death is proportional to the death of Dionysus.


Ovid (Metamorphoses XI) also narrates that the Thracian Maenads, followers of Dionysus, despised by Orpheus, initially dropped sticks and stones while playing, but his music was so harmonious and beautiful that even the stones and twigs refused to strike . Maenadsbecame gnawed and tugged him in pieces during the frenzy of his backhyan owls.


Orpheus is the founder of a religion that later founded “Orphic Mysteries”. It is directly connected with Apollo and this shows the Solar character of God. We see Orpheus symbolizing the Sun, which when it is in heaven becomes a lifebird for all beings.


His wife Eurydice, whose name was o­ne of the names she gave to Dawn, confirms the Solar Origin of Myth. The descent to Hades symbolizes the night's course of the Sun, which in this myth seems like the search for its beloved Eurydice (Dawn) that when the Sun comes out it is lost. The fact that Orpheus could go up and down to Hades, without terrible battles and obstacles, tells us that he was initiated into great mysteries and that he could dominate death. The power of playing his lyre tells us the harmony that can be manifested with music and how it can affect all the Beings.


The myth attributes in him the reform of the “Eleusinian Mysteries”, the addition of the cult of Dionysus to the ancient ritual. Throughout his history, he appears to be ostentatious between the high spheres of the Spirit and the spheres of matter, between Apollo and Dionysus. The representative form of the hero means that he has a superhuman dimension. He sings above all the life and it’s real meaning. Orphic Theology prevailed for centuries in the Greek realm and had a tremendous impact, as Proklos says. Also, in an article saved by Proclos (In Tim. 38: 7), it is stated: "Not o­nly the mathematicians speak about the matter that, not all climates are properfor humans to live symmetrically, but also Orpheus determines it."


The Orphics had captured and formulated the concept of the heliocentric system. These were the first who expressed the opinion that the Sun was at the spring equinox in the Taurus region since the year 3620 BC until the year 1841 b.C., and since the year 5 000 b. C. had defined and recorded successive positions of the North Pole, and consequently its deviations.


Generally It has been stated that the early principles of Physiology, Cosmogony, Theology and Philosophy came from Orphic theories, which later were formulated by the Pro-Socrates and later great Greek philosophers. Therefore the foundations of today's science have been laid from the times of the Orphics.


Orphic hymns


The known scientist Thomas Taylor in his book “The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus”, confesses that the ancient Greek Theology came from the Orphics, that both Pythagoras and Plato borrowed many of their theories by the Orphic theories, as it evidenced by the comparison of Ancient Greek wise men’s texts with the texts of the Orphics.

From the thorough study and interpretation of Orphic Hymns by Ch. Hasapi, it proved that Orpheus and Orphics first made research and the explanation of the Natural phenomena and reached astonishing astronomical observations and observations, reaching up to 10000 b. C. Also , e.g., in the “Hymn of the Law,” verses 4-6, 7-8 and 9-11, are related to biology, logic and moral status, the form and evolution of people.

There are 87 Orphic Hymns to Gods. In 14 of them, the PEACE is used 17 times , with too many encouraging adjectives, in the invocations of the Orphic to the Divine.Please find them all below.




[8] VIII. TO THE MOON [SELENE]The Fumigation from Aromatics.

Hear, Goddess queen, diffusing silver light, bull-horn'd and wand'ring thro' the gloom of Night. ..Lover of vigilance, the foe of strife, in peace rejoicing, and a prudent life: ….


[9] IX. TO NATURE [PHUSIS]The Fumigation from Aromatics.

Nature [Phusis], all parent, ancient, and divine, O Much-mechanic mother, art is thine; ……

Give plenteous seasons, and sufficient wealth, and crown my days with lasting, peace and health.


[11] XI. TO HERCULES [HERAKLES] The Fumigation from Frankincense.

Hear, pow'rful, Hercules [Herakles] untam'd and strong, to whom vast hands, and mighty works belong, ……..Uweary'd, earth's best blossom, offspring fair, to whom calm peace, and peaceful works are dear. …….


[13] XIII. TO RHEAThe Fumigation from Aromatics.

Daughter of great Protogonus, divine, illustrious Rhea, to my pray'r incline,

Who driv'st thy holy car with speed along, drawn by fierce lions, terrible and strong.

Mother of Jove [Zeus],……Come, pleas'd with wand'rings, blessed and divine, with peace attended o­n our labours shine; …..


[14] XIV. TO JUPITER [ZEUS]The Fumigation from Storax.

O Jove much-honor'd, Jove [Zeus] supremely great, …… Propitious hear my pray'r, give blameless health, with peace divine, and necessary wealth.


[16] XVI. TO NEPTUNE [POSEIDON]The Fumigation from Myrrh

Hear, Neptune [Poseidon], ruler of the sea profound, whose liquid grasp begirts the solid ground;…….. Add gentle Peace, and fair-hair'd Health beside, and pour abundance in a blameless tide.


[18] XVIII. TO THUNDRING JOVE [ZEUS KERAUNOS]The Fumigation from Storax.

O Father Jove [Zeus], who shak'st with fiery light the world deep-sounding from thy lofty height: ……Add royal health, and gentle peace beside, with equal reason, for my constant guide.


[19] XIX. To JOVE, as the AUTHOR of LIGHTNING [ZEUS ASTRAPAIOS]The Fumigation from Frankincense and Manna.

I Call the mighty, holy, splendid light, aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright;…….. Come, and benevolent these rites attend, and grant my days a peaceful, blessed end.


[22] XXII. TO NEREUSThe Fumigation from Myrrh.

O Thou, who doff the roots of Ocean [pontos] keep in seats cærulean, dæmon of the deep,

With fifty nymphs (attending in thy train, fair virgin artists) glorying thro' the main: ….. Send o­n our sacred rites abundant health, with peace divine and necessary wealth.


[27] XXVII. TO MERCURY [HERMES]The Fumigation from Frankincense.

Hermes, draw near, and to my pray'r incline, angel of Jove [Zeus], and Maia's son divine; …..

Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod, Corucian, blessed, profitable God; ….. Assist my works, conclude my life with peace, give graceful speech, and me memory's increase.



Daughter of Jove [Zeus], almighty and divine, come, blessed queen, and to these rites incline: …. Hear, blessed Goddess, send a rich increase of various fruits from earth, with lovely Peace; ….



Only-Begotten, noble race of Jove, blessed and fierce, who joy'st in caves to rove: … And in my latest hour, peace and health, propitious times, and necessary wealth, …


[35] XXXV. TO DIANA [ARTEMIS]The Fumigation from Manna.

Hear me, Jove's [Zeus'] daughter, celebrated queen, Bacchian [Bromia] and Titan, of a noble mien: …. Dread guardian Goddess, with benignant mind auspicious, come to mystic rites inclin'd…… Give earth a store of beauteous fruits to bear, send gentle Peace, and Health with lovely hair, And to the mountains drive Disease and Care.


[39] XXXIX. TO CERES [DEMETER ELEUSINIA]The Fumigation from Storax.

O Universal mother, Ceres [Deo] fam'd august, the source of wealth, and various nam'd:…..

Great nurse, all-bounteous, blessed and divine, who joy'st in peace, to nourish corn is thine: ….. Bright Goddess, come, with Summer's rich increase swelling and pregnant, leading smiling Peace; …



The Harmony also appears in Orphic Hymns, as follows,


[7] VII. TO THE SUN [HELIOS]The Fumigation from Frankinsence and Manna.

Hear golden Titan, whose eternal eye with broad survey, illumines all the sky….

… Foe to the wicked, but the good man's guide, o'er all his steps propitious you preside:

With various founding, golden lyre, 'tis mine to fill the world with harmony divine.


[33] XXXIII. TO APOLLO [APOLLON]The Fumigation from Manna.

Blest Pæan, come, propitious to my pray'r, illustrious pow'r, whom Memphian tribes revere,

Slayer of Tityus, and the God of health, Lycorian Phœbus, fruitful source of wealth …..

…….'Tis thine all Nature's music to inspire, with various-sounding, harmonising lyre; Now the last string thou tun'ft to sweet accord, divinely warbling now the highest chord; Th' immortal golden lyre, now touch'd by thee, responsive yields a Dorian melody.

Orpheus is considered to be importantsinger, musician and poet. He was doctor, therapist. He was the founder of Orphic Theogony. Orpheus is the first who spoke about, o­nly o­ne God. A basic source of information o­n Orphic Theogony is the Dervene papyrus discovered in 1962 in the Derveni burial mound. The papyrus is dated at the end of the 4th century b. C. during the campaign of Alexander the Great, and according to the Greek professor Mr. Tsanssanoglou, translates the climate of the last decades of the 5th century, for which they refer to the testimony of poets, such as Orpheus and Museos.




Orpheus relates to Apollo and Dionysus, but he is free from Apollo's warlike qualities, but also from the ferocity of Dionysus during the orgy dances. He is surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility, calming and harmony. His lyre tames the beasts, heals patients, calms the warriors, and turns them to works of Peace from harmony.



Encyclopedia Elios (free in pdf, http://freelakon.pblogs.gr/2015/05/egkyklopaideia-hlios-oloklhrh-edw.html)

Orphics,by Constantinos S. Hassapis (Free in pdf, https://www.diadrastika.com/2017/01/ta-orfika-passa-chasapi.html)

Orphic Hymns, English version, (http://www.theoi.com/Text/OrphicHymns1.html)

Argonauts, Apollonius Rodios, by professor Antonios F. kanakis

The Greek Diachronic Peace, Love of God, Health, Harmony, Bliss, Ecumenical Science, by Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos – Dr Takis D. Ioannides, Athens 2015.


Dear Leo and peacemakers friends,

I would like to inform you that

on last Tuesday 5, June 2017, I was invited and participated in the following,




Presidents of the Conference were Professor Marianna Karamanou, Dermatologist-Aphrodisiacologist elected Associate Professor of History of the Medical School of the University of Crete and Professor Poonam Bala, Professor of Enalmatology, Anthropology and Sociology at Clevelant State University, Ohio, USA.

I personally chaired and lectured o­n a subject,

"The Ancient Greek Education and Spirit promoting Medical Science".

The Conference was held under the auspices of,

Hellenic Department of Ballkan Unjon -

University of Crete -

Medical School of Creta -

Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens -

University Institute of History of Medicine , Claude Bernarld University , Lyon, France -

Pan-Hellenic medical Association -

Medical Association of Herakleion, Creta

With Peace from harmony and love

Dr Takis D. Ioannides



Dear Leo,


Last day in the ESTIA New Smyrna Foundation, in a special memorial ceremony, Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos and Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides spoke about the life and the important workof the national poet of Japan named Lefkadios Hern (Greek), Embassy of Japan was present.


With Peace from Harmony


Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos

Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides



Dear President Dr Subhash Chandra, Dear Dr Leo Semeshko, dear all GHA peace makers,

today I had a personal meeting, o­ne hour ago, with the Director of International Olympic Truce Centre Dr Constantinos Filis.

I introduced the history and the work of GHA and offered him the GPS BOOK, The GPS Resume in both English and Greek languages.

He was impressed by GHA GPS book, its total work and activities. He told me that he will study the GPS book and his is willing to participate and contribute in coming future books of GHA, personnaly and also as a Director of the Director of International Olympic Truce Centre.

The Director of International Olympic Truce Centre has Own premises in the area of Ancient Olympia and among many activities perform too many lessons to school students from global Greece, and also many lectures in order to promote the Olympic Truce and Peace globally.


The International Olympic Truce Foundation and the International Olympic Truce Centre were established in July 2000 as a joint initiative of Greece and the International Olympic Committee, turning the commitment of the Olympic Movement to promote its peaceful principles into concrete action. The initiative first took form in 1998, with a proposal from the Greek Government to the members of the International Olympic Committee for the institutional revival of Olympic Truce in the new millennium. In a historic December 1999 decision, the International Olympic Committee announced the establishment of the International Olympic Truce Foundation and the International Olympic Truce, in cooperation with Greece. The commitment to the Olympic Truce gained further impetus with the proposal from the candidate city of Athens that the 2004 Olympic Games would ignite the meaning of the Olympic Truce and promote its values around the world through the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.

Director Dr Constantinos Filis
1A Likavittoy str
106 72
Athens, Greece
tel. 0030 210 36 11 023

With Love and Peace from Harmony

Dr Panagiotis D. Ioannides
Co-founder - Vice President of GHA.



Presentations of the Global Peace Science (GPS) book


Dear President Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA peacemakers,

Today I had a meeting with,

a) President of International Olympic Academy, Mr Isidoros S. Kouvelos


isidoros@mobileemail.gr tel 0030 210 4288224

Director, Mrs Ileana Klokoni, www.hellenic-olympic-academy.org

email ileana.klokoni@hoa.org.gr tel 0030 2106878912

b) President of Hellenic Olympic Commette, Mr Spyros kapralos.http://www.hoc.gr/

Secretary email, efoka@hoc.gr tel 0030 210 6878726

I offered each o­ne with the GPS book, resume in English and Greek languages.

All were impressed and interested by the prototype book of GPS.

They perform lessons to schools students the whole year about Peace.

With Lover and PEACE of Harmony

Dr Panagiotis D Ioannides

GHA Vice President, co-founder, honorary member



Dear Leo,

Yesterday afternoon we both Dr Apostolos J Paschos and me performed the introduction

of GPS in ESTIA NEW SMYRNA FOUNDATION, in the Museum of Orthodox icons saved

during the Greek murders by Otomans in city of Snyrma and the whole Minor Asia.

We performed speeches about peace, and I introduced the History and works of GHA since 2004 upon your idea, till nowadays.

It was real great night!

I shall have the photos by the photographer in few days.

I am sending you some of me and Apostolos holding the GPS before the event.

With Love and Peace from Harmony







       Panayotis (Takis) Ioannides was born in Kallithea, Athens, Greece o­n 15 April 1955. He is citizen of Planet Earth. He is married, and got three 3 kids (World, European & National champions of Taekwondo and scienists). His roots are from Peloponnese, Arcadia and Epirus (his mother) and Peloponnese, city of Aegion & Minor Asia, Greek Pontus lands (his father).

        He has studied Shipping Studies, Computer Programming, Project Management, Safety, HR, Logistic. He research philosophy for 30 years. He has the Honorary Degree of Dr of Literature by HWAAC-vise for diploma no 358. He worked for 39 years and now is pensioner of IBM Hellas sa. In the past he also worked for two years in E.F. HUTTON sa. He is Trustee of Maniatakeion Foundation (www.maniatakeion.gr). He is member of Executive Boardand member of the committee of booksevaluation of ESTIA of New Smyrna Foundation(http://www.estia-ns.gr/page.asp?pid=1). He is member of GHA and co-writer of books of GHA, especially the ABC of Harmony
www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478). He is member of IFLAC. He is member of education team of Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies university in Oslo. He is poet of SKAI Channel in Greece.

        He is poet, writer, researcher, lecturer, literature critic, philosopher, painter. He has written hundreds of poems, 9 books and more than 300 essays. His books & his poems are registered in the Greek National Library of Greece in Athens. He offered his poetic work via the national radio stations and other individuals for more than 15 years, daily for free. Poems and books of him have been awarded with prizes in Greece and many other countries. He uses to donate his paintings in bazaars of Athens for children with special health problems, AIDs, mind problems etc. He publishes his poems, essays, articles (philosophical, social, historical, scientific) and interviews of spiritual persons of Planet Earth via newspaper EPIKAIRA of New Smyrna in Athens and foreign magazines. His poems and interviews are introduced via TV, radio stations and magazines in Greece & Cyprus for 20 years and now. o­n year 2009 the Greek Parliament choose his poem “For the child” for the global day of children. He is creator of Blood bank in Athens.

        He has been registered in the “Who’s Who” book 2010 of Greece and in the Encyclopedia of Greek poets since ancient years and today of Harry Patsi’s editions. He is member of the Arcadians. He is Marcial Arts Instructor (Taekwondo ITF), national and international Umpire, practicing also in Iyengar Yoga. Former Vice president and member of the International Society of Greek Writers & Arts. Former Vice President of Lefkohori Arcadia. Former President of the IBM Club.

        His believes, to actions not to theories, to full offering to humanity, to contribution for helping any fellow human upon his abilities, to LIBERTY, to TRUTH, to LOVE, to JUSTICE, to PEACE, to HARMONY, to Human DIGNITY.

         He is optimist for the future, of children & of Mother Nature, as long as active spiritual persons will be existed o­n Planet Earth, and are healthy thinking for the common benefit. And also hope that o­ne day some “scientists” willmanage to understand that they are responsible for the existing evil o­n Planet Earth, for the suffering children, for children and adults deaths, for wars, for weapons, fro nuclear, for abnormal food etc. by their creations…

       He is a student of this Life.




The man who stood up his mind without fear and inhibition o­n the earth,

who built his whole life o­n the materials of sacred harmony,

who dressed his consciousness in the form of love,

who envisioned a peaceful and harmonious world,

with motivation instinct, the creative impulse of life.


This man built the Global Harmony Association,

who wove in mind the unique and original model

of Global Peace Science.

He joined all of us in the chariot of his dream

in the name of Divine Love,

with the love of the spirit that sees,

identifies, analyzes, reconciles and creates.

This man made us his own fellow travelers o­n his pure passion,

for the salvation of the man - citizen of the earth.


This man feeling the need of purification,

the need of debt, innocence, simplicity, peace,

which led our steps to the renewal of life and innocent peace,

with the aim of all of us resurrection,

by the world that burdens us.


This man proved that inside humanity

Must exist and dominate the great emotions

the eternal values of human life,

obedient to the Divine God’s Voice,

this man is the Russian Dr Leo Semashko

is calling people

to focus o­n human and his spiritual development.


By Dr Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides

GHA Vice President, GHA co-founder, student of this Life

New Smyrna, Athens, Greece,

7 6 2106

Takis Ioannides*

Review of the ABC of Harmony


We live an awful global crisis in all levers of human civilization. Humanity meets serious problems o­n a daily basis and is forced to solve them. Human values have been disappeared. Poverty is increasing. Peace if absent.Wars are in force in many countries of our planet. Children suffer by war, many kinds of violence, poverty, lack of education, hunger, illnesses, orphan hood, job and sexual exploitation. Citizens of many nations are today hopeless, feared, terrorized, poor, with no future. As a conclusion, our planet Earth lives a historical collapse of quality of life.

But, every crisis and every problem has its solution and treatment. Humanity must recover the soonest possible. Human beings seek for such solutions. The question raised is, who can provide these solutions? Who can assist humanity nowadays and how?

The safe answer is the new edited ABC of Harmony book of GHA with its contents, ideas, solutions provided by numerous spiritual persons, professionals, real humans who care about humanity and so they offer voluntarily their knowledge, their life experience, talents and works. With philosophical approaching the authors were focused o­n the existed human problems, analyzed them and using the past knowledge and wisdom, together with their own knowledge, work and life experience, provided attainable ideas and solutions.

Upon Dr. Leo Semashko’s leadership, his vision, his faith and his too hard efforts together with all cooperators and all authors, this book of the ABC of Harmony for the world PEACE, the Harmonious Civilization and the Tetranet Thinking is a reality and a chance for our Global community for an immediate change, for the common benefit of fellow-humans, for all nations of Planet Earth.


*Dr. Takis Ioannides,

Poet and writer,

Athens, Greece

16 12 2012


The bridges of PEACE


The humanity affairs like ungoverned ships

are crushed o­n the undersea reefs

she builds years and nowadays.


We forgot our ability to fly where we wish

with our free thoughts.

We suffocate inside our deceptive -

protective armors of egoism.


We are balloons which deflate

by any casual pin of disharmony.

We locked our hearts inside the

materialistic safe.


Not synchronized,

we jump from cloud to cloud

and our life values are fallen down from our pockets.

We are not free, and our eyes are closed

covered with the veil of fanaticism.


Standing in a position too inconvenient

which gets souls pathetic, inconsiderate

and unbearable tired,

we sleep too deep, never changing side,

no reacting, at all.


We are satisfied with the hallucinated burners,

with the unimportant perishables.

We are crushed producing an deafening noise,

but we are unable to hear it.


We banished the real, the true

and the plasticity of our instinct

depriving it’s ability to hag this world

all around us.


We lost our ability to look this Life

directly o­n eyes with bravery and dignity.

We keep the bridges of PEACE unused.


Fellow humans please tell me,

how we shall manage to pass o­n the other side,

over our differences without PEACE bridges?


By Takis Ioannides,

student of this LIFE

8 March 2013


Dear Takis,

I was pleased to publish your poem o­n your personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138

Your poem is excellent in terms of suffering and pessimism. But why are not optimism, hope and enthusiasm at the student of life, who studies the ABC of Harmony, who wrote in it “Hymn to Holy Harmony” (p. 263) as the best bridge to peace? I quote your hymn below. I think it will help you write a poem: “Best Bridge to Peace is Harmony from Harmonious Education in the ABC of Harmony”. I wish you the creative imagination in this direction.
GHA Video: Social Genome of Peace from Harmony (
http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA) can also add your inspiration, optimism and enthusiasm in harmony!

Best harmony wishes,


Takis Ioannides


Hymn to Holy Harmony


Since I met myself from my youth age,

My fundamental target was

to curb my primary agony,


My precious soul

Was any moment in danger

To be lost,


My beloved body was really mortal

And Fragile enough

to be disappeared,


My soul was in conflict

With my body,

And both were fighting,

Against the brilliant Mother Nature,


And now as an adult,

I am still trying to reconcile

And convince both parties,


That their life

And coexistence occurred

by a holy miracle,


That these are not enemies,

But parties of the same body

Of the sacred monad,


United by the Law of Love,

With the challenge and chance

to gain the happiness,


by following the avenue

of the obvious and glary Harmony,

existed all around us.



Hymn to DAY of Woman (8 March)


Oh you eternal form, principle matrix,

You adornsthesizeofthe legendsandhistory,

your presencein the depthsoflife

is the lightandthecreation ofcharmers,


Rockinginthestemof themind,

Beingarealityin life, a rising soul,

ritualsandweaves the work ofGod,

asobedientdebt,declaredinyour actions,


you bloomintheproperflowoflove,

your patience buildscolumns of strength,

you strive as auniversal symbolofgoodwill,

as aproudleaderin thestrugglesoflife,


you relieveour anypain with affection,

you officiate with theessence oflove,

your wishisan elixiroflife,

youdeservehonor, Oh woman. You eternal!


By Takis Ioannides devoted to Global Day of Woman






LOVE, (dissolves hate)

KINDNESS, (melts cruelty)

COMPASSION, (calms passion)

CO-OPERATION, (evokes the love)

FRIENDSHIP, (joins the human hearts)

KNOWLEDGE, (base of real pure thinking)

SOUL BALANCE, (brings happiness and harmony)

HEALTH, (keeps the human healthy-alive-active)

SPIRIT CONFIGURATION, (tool of cogitate)

HONESTY, (the stable base of our life actions)

COMPREHENSION, (entrance to real knowledge)

PHILOSOPHY, (understanding of definitions and discriminations,

Seeking of truth)

RESPECT, (filial piety, family, loyalty and cohesion of family home,

Memory of ancestors)

JUSTICE, (base of Democracy – is rarely of Virtue)





Student of this life lifelong…



My son Dimitrios Demosthenis

12 years old, champion of Greece in juniors in Taekwondo student in the low school.

With my son Dimitrios

 My daughter Theodora,

19 years old, student in the university, section "Family economics and

ecology". She is also Champion of Europe, of Balkans and Greece in Taekwondo.



 My daughter's name is Vassiliki, 17 years old, student in the high school

Champion of Europe, of Balkans and Greece. Member of the national team of

Greece. Also champion of life. Like the other two children of mine. They make me a

very proud father for them.

With my daughter Vassiliki

 Vassiliki 2008


Books of Takis Ioannides, Dr Literature

1)“SPIRIT AND AURA”2004, (poems, dictums)

2)“WHAT DID YOU DESIRED TODAY MY SOUL” 2005, (poems, dictums)


4)“DIONYSUS KING, AESCHYLUS”, 2006, (essay, philosophy)

5)“MELPOMENE, cracks of soul”, 2009, (historical-philosophical novel)

6)“BREATHS OF MYTH”, 2009, (poems, dictums)

7)“EVERLASTING MOONS, EMERGING VENUSES”, 2010, (stories, dictums)

8)“RELEASE THE HOPE, SEEKING SAFE LIFE CHOICES”, 2011, (essays, philosophy, sociology, history)


Dictums by Takis Ioannides, Dr Literature


(Η ξηρασία του μυαλού είναι ο εχθρός της προόδου.)

the drought of brain is the enemy of progress.


(Αληθινό δεν είναι ότιβολεύει τον καθένα μας.)

Genuine is not what accommodates each o­ne of us.


(Εμείς ρυθμίζουμε την τηλεόραση κι αυτή ρυθμίζει τη ζωή μας.)

We control the television and this controls our life.



(Είμαστε αυτό που κτίσαμε χθες, που αντικρίζουμε σήμερα και θα καταριόμαστε αύριο.)

We are what we built yesterday, what we see today and what we would curse , tomorrow.


(Δυστυχία είναι η στέρηση αυτογνωσίας.)

Misery is the deprival of self-knowledge.


(Έχει διαφορά το να ξέρεις τι πρέπει να κάνεις,

από το πώς να το κάνεις, πότε να το κάνεις και γιατί να το κάνεις…)

It is different to know what you should make,

From how do you make it, when do you make it and also why do you make it.


(Οι επιθυμίες είναι χείμαρροι που παρασύρουν την ψυχή στο βάραθρο της ανελευθερίας.)

Our wishes are torrents that drift the soul in the gulf of lack of freedom.


(Οι άνθρωποι αντιμετωπίζουν όλους τους συνανθρώπους τους ως αντιπάλους στον στίβο της ζωής. Αδιαφορούν όμως για τον πλέον επικίνδυνο. Τονεαυτότους.)

The humans are facing all their fellow-humans as opponents in the track of life. However they are indifferent to the most dangerous o­ne. Their own self.




Written by Dr Lit. Takis Ioannides


Athens during ancienttimes. AtheniansexpelthemessengerofSpartansMelisipposand then hesaidto himself, : “Today is the day the big misfortunes for Greeks start”.The warstartedandendedtoverifyhissaying,asthePeloponnesianwar,the most terrible of the civil wars of Greeks, with a period of 27 years (431 – 404 b. C.),demolished the Harmonic Civilization of Greeks into the abyssof annihilation havoc.


But along with this fratricidal war of weapons, hatred and passions, another war, spiritual, quiet, but incomparably most important from the other for mankind proceeded. Because the outcome meant to decide the future of the culture of generations in the centuries that followed. And even if in the first, two Greek cities fought, in the struggle against the second were two philosophers. Protagoras(480-411 BC) andSocrates (468 to 400 or399BC).


Protagoras of Abdera was the most important of the Sophists, with the ability which characterized him to present his positions with a brilliant display and cause manifestations of respect. A sampleof thesewasthePlatonicdialogue entitledtothe nameofthis greatsophists, in the homonymic work. He knew how to be popular and admired. He fascinated the masses, the wise humans and the unwise, even the Prytaneum.


Driving the vehicle of his philosophical concept of relativism and subjectivism in, he raised the human, not inthe senseofmankind, but with this of person, in the level of the superior judge for everything.For him every human, not necessarilythevirtualorreal human, butvirtuousorvicious, wise or fool, wise or unwise, he was judging everything because he didn’t accept any other criterion superior than him himself. Heisthecriterionforbeingandnonbeing,forover-and improperfor the just and the unjust, for the value and demerits.


«Μέτρον πάντων χρημάτων άνθρωπος των μεν όντων ως έστι των δε μη όντων ως ουκ έστι. (Πρωταγόραςέργο, «αλήθειαηκαταβάλλοντες», Protagoras work, “Truth or enervates”), (“A measure of all things is the man, for those who are existed because these exist, for those that do not exist because these do not exist).(Interpretation:measure of all is the man, for what exist the man confirms that this exist, for those are not existed the man confirms that these do not exist and therefore do not exist .Extension, that applies to all human the relativism and not the absolute.That is why people say that something is relative, not absolute.)

For the validity of interacting added in parenthesis, (translation, extension, interpretation of Protagoras sentence) all performed by the known Philologist Emmanuel N. Maragakis.


This subjectively of him, was leading him to the height of arbitrating, encouraging the unrestrained individualism and the abandonment. Theextraordinarypowerof his speechtogether withthe powerwiththecurrentofhis timesupporting him, contributed to the start of the Peloponnesian War been shaped features, as the collapse of values within the human consciousness and mental fatigue which characterized the people of his times, asoutlinedby Thucydides, describing the psychology of the Athenians in time of plague.


By the way, the tactics of the Sophists who claimed and taught that they are able to alter the best reason to worse coincide with the view of Pythagoras of Samos. They were identified that objectively there is no law, wrong, good, bad and very similar.


This subjectivity gave right to the unjust and armed the tyrant by supporting him the same time, with a sad result of the forfeiture of Athens, from the triumphant Funeral of Pericles, to the thirty tyrants. Protagoras of course was not in the mind of all these painful effects in man. Yet these were the consequences, inevitably results of his teaching.


Socrates was his opponent, as he was the creatorofanthropologicalturningphilosophy (Max Scheler). Like Protagoras, Socrates was starting with the man. But with a big difference.

Protagoras had the man as the “Measure”, while Socrates had the man as “the Center for the Study of intellectual toil”. Socrates does not like the man as measure of everything, but with his personal paradigm, forces the man to accept even thewrongful death,all submitting to measures such as the Laws of the State, located as shown, over him.


But why he sets the man in the centre focus of control? Because it filled with love for him and wants to help him to reflect, learn, understand, make a practice to climb into gods parade of virtue.


InfactSocrateswas seeking a certain point in the concept of absolute and was the geometry of the moral world.

Protagoras was a relativist denying the real existence of the triangle scientist geometer, but resting satisfied excellently in fact the approximate triangle practices counters, trying to exploit it as much as possible.

Eventually, both were right, everyonein his area, which of course differ.


The method of Protagoras was followed by the city of Athens as a method of education. The method of Socrates was followed by the privileged few, who were called friends of wisdom or philosophers by Plato.


Platofollowedhis master Socrates, by adopting his guideline. Thus he contradicts the word for word aphorism of Protagoras, by saying in is “Laws” (D. 216 c). («ο δή Θεός ημίν πάντων χρημάτων μέτρον άν είη μάλιστα και πολύ μάλλον ή που τις, ώς φασίν, άνθρωπος.» ), “SoGodcouldbeevenmeasure of allthings, muchmorethanassomeonethinks, as they say,man”. Andaddedthat, «Ός άν προθυμείσθαι εθέλη δίκαιος γίγνεσθαι και επιτηδεύειν αρετήν εις όσον δυνατόν ανθρώπω ομοιούσθαι Θεώ». (ΠολιτείαΙ 613). Anyone who wants to show a willingness to be fair and take care of virtue, if o­nly as far as possible in humans, be equated with God”.

Aristotlefollowedsaying, “Ού χρή δέ κατά τους παραινούντας ανθρώπινα φρονείν... αλλ’ εφ΄ όσον ενδέχεται αθανατίζειν...». (ΗθικάΝικ. Χ7,8). We should not, according to those who advise to think so human… but o­nly ifit is possibletobecomeimmortal”.


This harmonious ascent of man to the immortal and eternal, to resemble to God was the meaning of the anthropological turn in philosophy and Socratic after-Socrates anthropology, named by Cicero “Humanism”. This is the Socrates education base and source of humanism.


Greece was heavily wooded from the burdensome effects of a terrible civil war, counting inconsolable, its incurable wounds. The prides of Pericles lay cluttered on the ground, lifeless. Despair, anguish, desolation, decay. Simultaneously, the second major and decisive spiritual civil war of the two Greek philosophers, was leaving its own marks on the spiritual body.


Andthe winner wasrevealed. He was the timeless spiritual ruler of mankind. The divine Socrates.


Him, the spirit leader pulled out of the void the motherland, the philosophical size, which dominates to this day our human civilization and hope for the future.


But thementaledge of the Socraticphilosophy didn’t leaveunchangedin itsturbulentpath. Despite the enthusiastic efforts of his successors, the Greek spirit showed gradually fatigue. The colors of the great victory of Socrates gradually began to fade. Then the shadow of Protagoras began slowly to take form again.

Certainly not the original of its intelligent founder, as a thin philosophy, as to the moral and practical side of, but with a clearly unaccountable and unfettered subjectivism.


Him, who defines the ultimate person, who cares only for himself, the sole criterion of arbitrary will.


Him, who led our home-country Greece in the inevitable subjugation of the inevitable, the Roman conquerors. Intheshamefulslavery. And this because the harmonic freedom balances only when she clicks on the corpses of subjectivism and individualism.


And whenin 146BC the city of Corinth conquered, afatalspiritualsleep stretched out like a black swan feathers and covered from o­ne end to the other the troubled Greek land. Unfortunately, no mental resistance and subsequent was raised, so fatal Greece became the Princess of spiritual humble servant of the Romans, as “Achaia”.


And the great question of man, which way should I follow? Where to find a way out? Emergedagaininevitable. Itsagonywasgiganticthroughtheages. Soul was searching for the source that will quench her thirst. And it found it in the Holy Spirit incarnate in Jesus Christ and the sacredNew doctrine” of Him.


AfterHiscrucifixion, theSocratic harmonic anthropology, which had once rescued the human psyche through the ruins of the Peloponnesian War, emerged again, with the characteristic of the race course through the chaos and agony, pure and hopeful. Readytobesacrificedagainforthehuman.


This cultivated in a field fertilized by the hope of the world in the name of Love and Peace of the Lord. TheChristianOrthodoxy.

TheGreekOrthodoxChristianAcademy inAlexandria.

With itsfounder and first director Pantenosandhis successors, Clement ofAlexandria, Origen the Great (student of New-Plato philosopher Ammonius Saccas) and later with the three Prelates, GreatBasil, John Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzus and many other spiritual activists, real Humans.


Andwe,thetransitoryrace of human, according to Hesiod'sTheogony, now, alas we have adopted the selfish individualism and subjectivism of the Sophists, limit ourselves only to dramatic findings of problems and our passions, experiencing at the time the conclusions and implications, sunk to a new spiritual medieval remained sleepy and inactive.Basil the Great in his book (“Greek Letters” for the young people, how they can be benefited by them, Editions Papyrus 1938),encourages the young to study Ancient Greek Literature, buttotakeadvantageofit by theparties.


GregoryNazianzussays, “I think that the humans who have real mindadmitthat educationisthefirst ofgoods, I don’t mean only the noblest way of us an education, the Christian, but also the Ancient Greek the ethnic,which manyex-Christians, who don’thavetheright knowledge reject it astreacherousandfalse and go away from God… we should therefore notdishonor the education, as some people consider, who aretactlessanduneducated”.


The Greek education, the centre-human-Socratic philosophy was honored and respected also by Clement of Alexandria, who called it as “PerfectLady”.


We have time and mind and knowledge of real and genuine. It’s Justthedecision,knowledge,wisdomand practice. Otherwise I fear that by adopting

the hair-splitting subjective-individualism, we betray ourselves, surrendering him without a fight, in the appetites of those who misguide us, getting sleeping and impinge us.


In other words, we losethemeaningoflifeandour main goal. This is said by Aristotle, “BECOME IMMORTAL”.Resemble to GOD!


Written and published in newspaper “EPIKAIRA New Smyrna of Athens o­n” 25/11/2007 – and translated into English language o­n 25 2 2011, for GHA by Dr Takis Ioannides




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