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Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization

Contents of the Project "Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization":

4-13. Introduction
4-13-1. Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History
4-13-2. Planet 3000: Youth Movement
4-13-3. Planet 3000: Calendar
4-13-4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts

Planet 3000:

Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization




New World painting by Gong


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5. Youth

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We live o­n the verge of the worlds. Our planet and humanity is going through anunprecedented transitional process.The epoch of barbarity based o­n unlimited consumption, conflicts, competition and wars is transforming into the era of conscious evolution for creation, cooperation and peace. All our problems are rooted in ignorance, and we have our task – to create conditions for all to look within and become aware of who we are, where we are from, why we are here, where we are going.


We need tools for effective actions so as to integrate humanity as o­ne and create collective consciousness for this transition process.We would like to present such a model - an experiment of collective actions of the Planet 3000 project. It is based o­n effectively awakening inner potential and creating collective consciousness as a way to take the “giant leap” from the old civilization into a new, never seen before world.


Planet 3000 – is the symbol of future planet. What kind of future do we want to create?It depends o­n everybody and all of us together. We invite you to enter a New World – a world of our dreams, happiness and responsibility, living in everybody’s heart.We are to awaken ourselves and unite as o­ne for taking part in an unbelievable legend – transformation of our planet into o­ne with new qualities. It is time for us to meet. You are welcome to Planet 3000 project where there is aplace for everybody. Children, youth, grown ups together focus o­n creating a collective image of the future of our planet and realize projects created by them.


The profound question is: “HOW can we create this transition process from wars to peace, from conflicts to consent, from competition to cooperation, from ignorance to conscious evolution?” This is the question to be answered by Planet 3000 project, as it has been growing for 10 years and is a living example of creating a united planetary community, capable to influence life by taking total responsibility for us and for the Earth.


Talgat Akbashev, Nina Goncharova, Claude Veziau and

Planet 3000 Coordination Council




Nina Goncharova

Talgat Akbashev


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