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Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History

Contents of the Project "Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization":

4-13. Introduction
4-13-1. Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History
4-13-2. Planet 3000: Youth Movement
4-13-3. Planet 3000: Calendar
4-13-4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts



Planet 3000 project, what is it?


The mission of Planet 3000 project is to give birth to a new culture of united conscious humanity, able and willing to take responsibility for life and the planet thus creating a harmonious society of peace and happiness for all.

To accomplish this aim, it is necessary to form a planetary community, able to act in unity in initiating a transition process to transform the vector of civilizations development, from the trend of consuming nature to that of awakening every human beings inner potential to create a new quality of life, from competition to cooperation, from conflicts to peace, from ignorance to conscious evolution.




Creating and putting into practice Education for World citizens, as a basic instrument to build the future;

Promoting new models of thinking, based o­n focusing our attention to our inner world so as to awaken unlimited potential and envision the unity of diversity;

Promoting and organizing new models of actions annual events (expeditions, forums, congresses, festivals of social creativity,to help people unite in systematic and interrelated projects to transform our planet for future generations and create a new harmonious society of peace and happiness;

Creating a network of Life Long Schools wherein people of all ages and levels of society can learn to awaken their inner potential, and develop the ability to create peaceful relationshipsand take responsibility for life.

Forming multi-leveled regional teams, capable of creating and realizpng multi-leveled and multi-profiled projects aimed at spiritual, social and physical healing of people and society.

Creating a global network of informational, scientific, ethno, cultural and educational complexes as model communities of the future.


Expected results:

New individual and collective qualities of human beings and humanity

1. New qualities of human beings:

Growth of the adaptive abilities of every human being in relation to any environment of existence;

Awakening evolutionary memory;

Awakening of boundless potentials in everybody.


2. New quality of relations between people:

From the cult of struggle to a culture of peace, from the cult of competition and enmity to a culture of cooperation and diversity.

From the cult of judgment to a culture of acceptance

From the cult of the individual to a culture of collective interrelationships


3. New quality of relationships with nature:

Conscious recognition of the deep interrelations between nature and humanbeings.From ecology focused o­n protecting nature from the person, torealizing that human beings can be a source of harmony in nature for minerals, plants, micro and macrocosm.

From the protection of nature to awakening deeper and deeper layers of nature and the universe within every human being.


3. Content


A human being is a never seen before source of love

Talgat Akbashev Planet 3000 initiator

Like an architect who imagines the future house,

ahuman being - Creator imagines the Future.

He/she doesnt waste precious time and energy to speak about problems.

He/she creates the future at every moment of life:

with the help of ideas, imagination, words and integrated actions

Nina Goncharova Planet 3000 coordinator


What is Planet 3000 project? Planet 3000 is creating a model of collective actions to awaken a human beings purpose and create a culture of new harmonious civilization. Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What can we do together? All programs, projects and events of Planet3000 are based o­n these questions. Children and grown ups create an atmosphere of harmony where there is no competition and in which they have opportunities to feel themselves as part of a whole, seeing each other as themselves, nature waiting for peoples love. In an atmosphere of mutual acceptance, they focus o­n creating a collective image of the future of our planet, develop projects reflecting their dreams and agree upon common actions, taking higher and higher levels of responsibility for life.


What is the content of Planet 3000?

- Turning the focus of attention away from the use of resources of nature towards research, activation and use of internal resources. This is the way to go from living for the sake of consuming to utilizing for the sake of life.

- The universal development of a culture of feeling o­neself, others and the world; a the result of it is a reverence and unity in diversity of life.

- Developing effective social mechanisms to include anincreasing quantity of people occupied in the process of projecting and creating a future society.

- Having an increasing number of people focused on developing a new system of education to create conditions for future generations to enter a new level of conscious evolution.

- CHIDHOOD. MOTHERHOOD. SENIORSHIP. FAMILY. These are life tasks we take care of.

- Creating united informational spacesto spread CREATIVE information - new world outlook, inspiration and reflecting a new life being born.


  How does it happen?


1. Creating Education for world Citizens and an international team capable to develop, present and realize this model of new education.


2. Multi-leveled programs focused around the main conceptof Education for Life. Based o­n attention to our inner world, our abilities to create relationships with ourselves, with others, with the entire world, these programs will facilitate the growth of every individual, giving them the capacity toregain their own power of decision, createtheir own future and image of the planet, and awaken their sense of being responsible for their life, family, team, country, humanity and the planet. As aresult of this,new individual and collective qualities will appear, allowing to create a society of peace, consent, harmony, where people are healthy, happy, do what they like to do, and consciously take part in their personal evolution, that of humanity, the planet and the Universe.


3.Initiating a stream of coordinated and synchronized events and internet communication where children, youth and grown ups project their own future andrealize their dreams. All events are interrelated, integrated, enrich each other and create united living community where everybody expresses and improves his unity. All actions are based o­n collective creation of the image of the future and teams naturally appear according to the law of resonance. Participants create programs of coordinated actions because they want to meet again and continue to expand collective consciousness in a loving and easy way.


4. Creating a network of model communities as educational centers


5. Creating an inspiring New Culture as a living message of a New World being born here and now

All events, projects, programs are permeated with key questions for everybody individually and collectively to answer:


Who are we? Where are we from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

What can we do together?


4. History of Planet 3000 project


10 year experiment of collective actions o­n the way to a new world


It started with a simple and profound theory of the Pedagogy of Evolution of consciousness by Talgat Akbashev. Then there were three schools in Russia Chelyabinsk (Urals), Novosibirsk (Siberia), Rostov-on-Don (south of Russia) to prepare teams able of taking responsibility for life, create and realize multi-leveled educational programs. Then annual events coordinated in time and space have been conducted to include as many people as possible in the process of creating a new world.

Map of Planet 3000 coordinated actions for a new world

(Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia 1993-2006)

Key meetings - Expeditions Paths for the future

Annual events with right symbols as catalyzers of cooperation

Children and youth movement Earth is the Planet for children

Education for Life schools for all ages and levels of society

Life long social education schools in territories

A net of locations as model educational communities

Creative arts and information for mutual enlightement


Expeditions - Paths for the future - Key meetings

  • Arkaim - July 1996;
  • Bayan Aul - July 1996;
  • Altai August 1996;
  • Himalayas - may 1997;
  • Jerusalem June 1997;
  • Egypt June 1997;
  • Shumak - July 1997;
  • Altai August 1997;
  • Ring of Baikal- 1998- 2001;
  • Altai 3000 expedition 2000 2006;
  • Baikal 3000 expedition 2001 2006;

Annual events as catalysts of cooperation and projects (1993-2006)

10conferences Education for world citizens (Moscow, Samara, Russia).

Mothers of Russia Forum (Moscow)

3 annual conferences Society as an educational space (Minsk, Byelorussia).

3 annual congress Gen fond 3000 (Odessa, Ukraine )

2 annual conferences Brest3000 (Brest, Byelorussia )

9 annual conferences Pedagogic of XXI century (Odessa, Ukraine)

8 annual conferences Ecology. Education. Health (Baikal region)

2 annual conferences Small towns as eco locations for future

(Revda town, the Urals, Russia)

5 annual conferencesPlanet 3000: glance from Siberia (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Children and youth movement of life creativity (1994 2006)

8 Call of Baikal forums o­n Baikal

10 Urals - Planet for childrenforums o­n Urals

3 Altai planet of masters forums o­n Altai

3 We are children of Eurasia forums o­n Bayan - Aul mountains

5 Vine of the Golden Ages Family forums at Black sea

5 Family of the Future forums at Black sea

9 Earth planet for childrenforums at Siberia

A stream of life long schools for all ages (1998- 2006)

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in seminars and started acting too

Seminars for parents

Seminars for children

Seminars for youth

Seminars for adults

Seminars for elderly people

A stream of programs, realized by participants of seminars:

Education for World citizens

Family of Golden Age

Everybody is gifted

Society as an educational space

Conscious parents

Children are the planet's hope

Youth wings for future

Womenand men star way

Schools for wisdom ( elderly people)

Strategy of developing small towns

From a life of addictions to aware consciousness

Altai is a school of unity of cultures

Baikal is a school of planetary thinking and ecology of consciousness

A net of locations as model territories for future

Urals, Baikal and Altai there are teams &annual events all is ready

A stream of creative arts & creative information

Planet 3000 magazine, articles, brochures in all territories spread creative information.Cultural programs and Planet 3000 presentations are conducted.


Planet 3000 project was presented to the UN in 2002 and in 2005 Talgat Akbashev and Nina Goncharova presented the concept of Planet 3000 in London at BeTheChange international meeting. Our proposals were included into UN report - http://decade-culture-of-peace.org/

Our reports - http://www.worldcit.citymax.com/1st_Congress_Index.html

Our web site - http://worldwithoutborders.site.voila.fr



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