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Planet 3000: Youth Movement

Contents of the Project "Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization":

4-13. Introduction
4-13-1. Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History
4-13-2. Planet 3000: Youth Movement
4-13-3. Planet 3000: Calendar
4-13-4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts

Planet 3000:

Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization

Youth Movement

7 Call of Baikal forum, Tunka Valley, Republic of Buryatia, July 2004

Planet 3000 regional youth teams from 12 placesof 5 countries


Festival of social creativity «Earth is Our Common House” movement


“Can we create a school for the rehabilitation of grown ups?”

a boy asked his mother after living some days at such a festival.


        We all are children of our planet Earth and our inner baby – pure, wise and loving, lives insideeach of us.All youth events conducted from Baikal to Byelorussia, are united by o­ne symbol – “Earth is Our Common Home”.It's essence is to create conditions for children and youth to meet; through games, they create dreams and projects, and obtain inner force, social conviviality and become able to create harmonious relationships that will transform the world.

Mission and tasks:

1. Awaken inner responsibility and social consciousness through becoming aware of our life purpose o­n this Earth.

2. Actively including children and youth in positive social creativity.

3. Creating Earth is Our Common Home project from the perspective of youth.

4.Forming international teams of children, youth and grown ups capable of generating and managing constanly evolving, many leveled projects.

5. Creating mechanisms of informational, organizational and economical support for youth projects.

What is the content of these festivals?

They are schools of conscious creation of a new quality of life.
 Festivals are schools for the CULTURE OF LIFE:
.       Culture of creating health 
.       Culture of creating harmonious relationships
.       Culture of individual and collective life creativity 
.       Culture of self organization

How does it happen?All events – Call of Baikal, Ural Planet, Children of the Mountains, Altai is a Land of Masters, We are Children of Eurasia festivals are interrelated and integrated as o­ne. Youth teams support each other; there is constant exchange of delegations and coordinators. For example, 8 sessions of the Baikal youth managers school were guided by a Kazakhstan youth team. Youth events at Altai are conducted by coordinators from Altai, Baikal and Siberia regions.All events are organized according to know how educational technologies of developing cooperation. They are based on the unique value of each participant and the capacity to create o­neness.By strengthening the best qualities of each other, children and youth can accomplish all the tasks and do it easily through a game and in the natural state of a human being – of joy and enthusiasm.      


1.Youth team taking care of their living environments, schools, workplaces and obtaining the capacity to take full responsibility for life.

2.Creating Earth is Our Common Home youth project

3.Programs of actions coordinated in time and space in places where they live and act together, and a map of communication and cooperation between teams to realize Earth is Our Common Home project.


Youth participants’ impressions – participants of My Altai youth festival of social creativity, conducted in Ust-Kan region of Altai Republic (11-20 July 2003) – number of participants – 79 from 7 regions of Siberia

The knowledge that I got here will never die. It is impossible to forget. I will use it in my life. I have become balanced and joyful”(Michael Ermakov, 19 years, Pautovo village)

“I have obtained a feeling of pride for our entire camp as I found out that people can feel joy without drinking. I wish these festivals to be conducted every year” (Alexander Lipunov, 15 years, Anuchicha village)

“I have become calm and happy…. I want more and more of such kinds of camps to be created” (Galina Kuznetsova, 14 years, Vershinino village)

“I have obtained soul pacification. I am glad that I came here and do not want to go back where I came from”(Alexander Oleynikov, 16 years, Biysk)

"Our new friends shared the experience of making good commitments, that they do in their cities and villages. We lived in non-formal communication, games and saw the ways we can be useful for our small homeland -Tunka valley and our Buryatia.

(Vera Aushieva, 14 years old, Arshan village, Republic of Buryatia)


"The Call of Baikal trip was a wonderful experience full of different events and people. I have lived another life style and culture that has enriched me"

(Maria Schneider, 17 years old, Switzerland)


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