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Planet 3000: Calendar

Contents of the Project "Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization":

4-13. Introduction
4-13-1. Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History
4-13-2. Planet 3000: Youth Movement
4-13-3. Planet 3000: Calendar
4-13-4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts

Planet 3000:

Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization



All people as conscious planetary community taking care of children,each other, nature, the Earth and life, acting together in loveand consent this is the essence of Earth is Our Common Home projects

Planet 3000: Earth is Our Common Home

2006-2007 Calendar

All youth events are parts of Earth is the Planet of Children movement





1-5 June


Earth is the Planet for Children celebration

All Planet 3000 regions

All regional coordinators

15-19 June2006

Vineof family of Golden Age


Black Sea

Irina Kharchenko

3-9 July 2006

10 Ural-Planet youth forum



I. Prihodkin

2-10 July 2006

Children of Mountains youth camp



N. Popova

A. Plotnikova

10-18 July


9thCall of Baikal youth forum



N. Skobelkina

20-30 July


Call of Mountains expedition Altai 3000 10 years



T. Akbashev

July 2006

6th Family of the Golden Age festival



N. Rutkevitch

N. Portenko

1-10 August


10 Pedagogic of 21 century festival



G. Panchenya

18-20 August 2006

Civil dialogue a way to a civil society conference



L. Vasilieva

3-9 September 2006

International World Citizens meeting Altai Planet, devotedto 10th Anniversary of Planet 3000 project

Novosibirsk Altai

T. Akbashev

N. Goncharova

C. Veziau

22-26 September


2nd Planetary congress of

of Biospheric Rights


Jose Arguelles

1-5 October



Teachers are Hope of the Future


All coordinators

9 September


Circle The Pyramid event


Samone Myers


7 November


Veterans are conscience of the planet (former leadersand presidents)



All coordinators



On the Way to Alternative civilizationforum

USA, Denver

Terry Sisson

22 25 June 2007

Earth isMother Planet


Rais Atnagulov

July 2007

10 anniversaryCall of Baikal -



N. Skobelkina



Altai is a Land of Masters youth festival




Zhanna An, Svetlana Matina

1-5 October



Teachers are Hope of the Future



All coordinators

17-19 October 2007

11 Education for world Citizens congress


Olga Gizitdinova

19 October


Earth is a Garden of peoples


Claude Veziau

November 2007

Ethno cultural potential of peoples a resource for peace and prosperity

Democratic Republic of Congo

Augustin Zand

December 2007

8Planet 3000: a glance from Siberia meeting

Russia Novosibirsk

Nataly Popova

Nina Goncharova

Claude Veziau



International Education for Life Movement

GONG 3000 Planet 3000



Altai, Belukha Mountain



Devoted to the 10th anniversary of Planet 3000 - Altai 3000 project

20-30 July 2006

You are welcome to take part in a happy event in Altai to become aware of:

who we are, where we are from, why we are here!

Biysk Elanda o­nguday Ust-Kan Ust-Koksa VerhniyUymon Zamulta

In 1996, the 1st Altai 3000 expedition took place. It initiated a wave of actions at Altai to create conditions to transform Altai into a model territory for the future. 10 years have been devoted to creating a network of interrelated ethno-cultural complexes to pave the way to an Altai Cultural Community for a United World.

This year will be the 17th Altai 3000 expedition. It will become a roving school of life, conducted by Talgat Akbashev initiator of Planet 3000 project. We will learn to better feel our inner selves, each other, nature and the planet. To feel and find out why we are here and what we can do together to bring about a happy, conscious world. We will collectively create an image of a network of cultural and educational complexes at Altai and all over the world in the framework of Earth is Our Common Home project.

Participants Planet 3000 coordinators and all those who feel responsibility for life and feel the inner Call of the Mountains.

Expected results:

- Increasing potential and awakening the inner energy of participants

- A program of coordinated actions of Earth is Our Common Home project and proposals for the Government, El Kurultai of Altai Republic, and the international community for cooperation






20 July 2005

Arrival at Biysk.

13.00. Leaving for Altai Mountains

21 July 2006

10.00. 13.00.Starting ATF seminar (ATF Akbashev Talgat Fuatovitch)

15.00. 17.00. Collective project work (Popova)

19.00. Russian Banya

21.00. Evening Gates of Altai program (Goncharova)

22 July 2006

Departure. Arrival at Gorno-Altaisk. Meeting Altai Republic Government

Departure. Arrival at Kamlak Village (American Indian Culture)(SergeyRozhkov& Zhanna Mantsurova)

23 July 2006

Arrival at Cherga Village. ATF seminar

Evening program The Call of Altai lives in me

24 July 2006

Departure. Arrival at o­nguday (Anna Plotnikova)

ATF seminar

25 July 2006

Departure. Arrival at Ust-Kan. Meeting L. Maikov - the head of administration and Altai 3000 coordinators(S.Matina)

ATF seminar

Meeting Altai Hun evening party at Oibok tourist camp (Zh. An)

26 July 2006

Departure. Arrival at Kirlikvillage. Meeting Altai tyarlikcha K.Kipchakova. Departure. Arrival at Ust-Koksa. Visiting ethno complex (V.Otrishko)Visiting N.. Roerichs museum in Verhniy Uimon.

Visiting Zamulta village (Tribunskaya family)

Visiting Nizhniy Uimon village

27 July 2006

Visiting the place for ACCEM

Camping. PresentationofACCEMproject. (T. Akbashev, N. Goncharova and Altai 3000 coordination council)

ATF seminar. Collective project work.

                                           28-29July 2006

A trip to Belukha Mountain

30 July2006

Departure for Biysk. Tel /fax +7 (383)220-39-89


E-mail: gong3000@ngs.ruNina Goncharova

E-mail:cveziau@globetrotter.netClaude Veziau



International Education for Life movement

Siberian Center for Eurasian projects, Authors and Publicists International Association

Planet 3000: a glance from Siberia org. committee

GONG 3000 informational center

In the framework of Earth is Our Common House project

World Citizens Siberia Planet 3000

10 year Anniversary meeting

3-9 September 2006



Devoted to the 10th ANNIVERSARY of Planet 3000 Altai 3000 project

& the 55th anniversary of GONG 3000

Motto: Life is Celebration of Creation

A Human being is born to awaken and follow his unique Life path, to learn to love, to serve humanity and to be happy. We are all participants to a historically unprecedented Legend being born through us the creation of a world of Beauty, Love, Peace and Harmony, with all of us awakening to WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE FROM, WHY WE ARE HERE. In 10 years of wandering asPlanet 3000 project, we have collectively created teams who take real responsibility for life.


We invite people from all over the world who consider the Earth to be our common home and humanity as o­ne family.This meeting will be a new step in our interrelated actions as o­ne loving world team. We will celebrate our meeting in Novosibirsk and then we will travel to Altai Mountains to visit the envisioned site for ACCEM and create new horizons of life. You are welcome to our planetary dream for PEACE and LOVE to be created TOGETHER!


3 September 2006


Celebrating Planet 3000 10 years way

4-8 September 2006

Visiting Altai Mountains

9 September 2006

Summary Siberia Planet meeting

Talgat Akbashev, Nina Goncharova, Claude Veziau & Planet 3000 team

You are welcome to take part in this HAPPY event

Nina Goncharova Gong3000@ngs.ru Claude Veziau cveziau@globetrotter.net



An invitation

Government of Republic of Buryatia, Authors and Publicists International Association, Institute for Planetary Synthesis, Siberian centre for Eurasian projects, Pedagogic league, Enlightening Center for Social education, Foundation for the Law of Time,

10th Call of Baikal forum

2nd World without Borders meeting

July 2007

At Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

In the framework of Planet 3000: Earth is our Common Home project


What is the purpose of this meeting?- To develope ideas and plan of actions accepted at the 2nd Planetary congress in Brazil (September 2006).To form a planetary team for developing Earth is Our Common Home project for creating a society of peace and content.Together to focus o­n the vision ofBaikal and the planet of the future and to create the joint project of coordinated actions o­n awakening internal potential of people for transition process for creating a new civilisation.

History: From 1997 to 2006 nine international forums of social creativity of children and youth The Call of Baikal took place o­n Baikal. More than 300 instructors for peace and health have been prepared o­n Baikal for different territories. Children and youth have shown the ability to take responsibility for life, to cooperate, to act effectively and make transformations for a better life.

9 conferences Ecology. Education. Health have been conducted. More than 40 000 people took part in seminars and events of the forum.

Why with participation of children and youth? - Youth and grown ups will present results of 10 year collective actions since the 1st Call of Baikal forum (1997), see new opportunities, integrate visions and actionsinto o­ne joint project for future.

Why o­n Baikal? - It is a receptacle of the purest water and information of the world. It is considered to be the Eye of the planet and it is the place for future to be created by all of us.





Visiting Buryat national temple datzan.

An opening 10th Call of Baikal ceremony - 10 years experience of collective Call of Baikal World Without Borders actionsof children, youth and grown ups in the framework of Planet 3000 project.

Presentation of regional teams and social, cultural and educational projects in Siberia, Russia, Eurasia and the world.

Presentation ofPlanetary net of ethno cultural and educational Rings of Life communities Baikal, Altai, Russia, Eurasia, Australia, Brazil, USA

Baikal is a school for planetary thinking, ecology of consciousness and international cooperation project and results of the 2nd Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights presentation (Russia, Brazil)

Who are we? Legend from the Future Art/Music Performance (Russia, Canada, Brazil, Africa)

International youth camp Earth is the planet for children

Visiting Baikal for conducting master classes andcollective work

Shumak anniversary expedition (Call of Baikal 10 years), devoted to creating a never-before-existing team capable of acting together as o­ne loving family.

Expected results: Earth is our Common Home joint project, Baikal is a school for planetary thinking, ecology of consciousness and international cooperation, Planetary net of ethno cultural and educational Rings of Life communities projects. Call of Baikal Call of the Planet book and film


Stepan Efimov Head of organizing committee vise head of the Government of Republic of Buryatia

Talgat Akbashev Planet 3000 and Call of Baikal projects initiator

Nina Goncharova - Planet 3000 coordinator World without Borders project initiatore-mail: gong3000@ngs.ru

Claude Veziau Planet 3000 coordinator, World without Borders web site directore-mail:cveziau@globetrotter.net




You are welcome to a New World and Zabaykalye!

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