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Program of development and distribution for the Harmonious Era Calendar

Leo Semashko


Program for the Advancing (development and distribution) of the Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL) o­n 2006-2010



The program of development and distribution of HERACL includes four parts:



2. Development

3. Distribution

4. System of an estimation of the co-authors participation in development and distribution of HERACL: Marks system




Each co-author is free to participate or to not participate in this program, to accept it completely or partially, having limited by the concrete items of the participation in it o­n whatever reasons: health, age, family, other employment etc. Please, let me to know your personal solutions and your choice of the concrete program items as directions of your work in its frameworks. Your silence will be regarded as the consent with it but as refusal to participate in it. (About 20 co-authors already informed about the solutions, from who the two refused to participate in it for the different reasons). At the worst, if this program does not satisfy you absolutely, please, offer your program for discussion to our co-authors.


We should very well understand THAT we are united and THAT we are also diverse. Both of these characteristics are positive and constructive for us, but o­nly if they act together. We are united by the idea of harmony, as stated in the Calendar’s Preamble, and the concepts of “a new culture of peace” or “a culture of harmonious peace.” These concepts, for the first time, were offered by Ada Aharoni in 2004. All of us share them. THEY unite us.


The concepts that define harmonious peace prevent and exclude wars. These concepts differ from the concepts of a traditional culture of peace. The traditional peace culture does not prevent war (and does not put such purpose). In it the peace is o­nly as a break between wars or times to prepare for the next war. We see this every day and in every country that has armies. There, enormous amounts of money are spent to continue making weapons.


An antithesis (opposition, contrasting) "traditional culture of peace - new (harmonious) culture of peace" is a modern interpretation of the old antithesis "usual peace - eternal (or universal) peace" of the 16th to 20th centuries, as found in the works of Erasmus Rotterdam, William Penn, Jan Jack Russo, Immanuel Kant, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, and many other great thinkers. We are united in our adherence to a cultural tradition of the eternal (or universal) peace, which we now determine as “harmonious peace” or “social harmony” or simply “harmony.” We detailed this interpretation in our initial 27 calendar dates. That compilation of dates unites us. Likely all from us will agree that harmony makes the highest moral and social ideal, which inspires a new culture of an information (global) society and will ensure for it the sustainable and eternally peace development.


However, we are divided in regard to HOW to develop our Calendar further and HOW to advance its acceptance through cultural, theoretical, religious and organizational forms. We have different and distinct ideas regarding harmony and the ways and means to achieve harmony. Our differences are well documented in the 20 statements published in the appendix to the Calendar. Each of us presented a different understanding regarding the concepts of “harmony” and “harmonious peace.” These distinctions create a favorable ground for further discussions, for developing and deepening our fundamental concepts of a new culture of peace born in our time. These distinctions also define our different opportunities, desires and motives to advance and develop our Calendar. These distinctions, according to our different credos and experiences, specify each author’s measure or degree of participation in the wide and long-term process of advancing (developing and distribution) the Calendar, as stipulated for the appropriate program.


Understanding, estimation and stimulation (encouragement) of our distinctions in this program requires the introduction of an adequate system for them qualification. I have tried to generalize and systematize our distinctions and their qualification in a “mark system” that will allow us to maintain our unity in harmony and developing our positive differences within it into long-term future. The mark system will give us a tool to express our actions regarding the development and advancement of our Calendar. The marks system will also measure the efforts and enthusiasm of each author and, thus, ensure adequate, but different, their encouragement for each author. I think this measuring system will provide greater efficiency and quality of development of our Calendar o­n the long perspective. It will strengthen harmony of our cooperation also. At the same time, this system is voluntary: everyone is free to participate or to not participate in it.


2. Development of the Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL)


The HERACL development is possible in the following directions:


1. Widening of the HERACL co-authors


2. Increase of the languages number, o­n which HERACL will be translated


3. Growth of a number of the statements (i.e. points of view) in HERACL


4. Increase of the Calendar dates and cultures in it


5. New edition of the HERACL translations


6. Increase of the responses and opinions o­n it


7. Scientific researches of social harmony, harmonious peace, its culture and history, separate dates or HERACL as a whole; Scientific conferences o­n these themes


8. Comparative scientific researches of HERACL and other calendars


9. Literary and art works devoted to HERACL or its dates


10. International art competition o­n the best aesthetic expression of HERACL


11. Making of schools and universities of Culture of Harmonious Peace worldwide and at the UN


12. Development of the educational plans and educational courses "Culture of Harmonious Peace" and "Harmonious Era Calendar" for schools and universities of the different countries of the world.


3.Distribution of the Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL)


The HERACL distribution assumes the following:


1. Receiving by each co-author (at his wish) from 1 up to 4 its book copies

(Now all co-authors, except for o­ne, received these books)


2. Sending of HERACL copy with the invitation to support and to join to it to:

а) Government of the country or state, province etc.

в) Libraries of schools, universities, country, cities and others

с) Chiefs of the international organizations, including UN, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.

д) Religious leaders and heads of the different religious churches

е) Charitable and other funds: Bill Gaits, Ted Turner and similar


3. Sending of HERACL copy to editors of the newspapers, radio, TV and journalists for responses and reviews


4. Reprinting HERACL in publishing house of the country o­n o­ne (native) or two / three languages


5. Representation HERACL (all of its co-authors, present and future, as o­ne team) o­n competition of the following International Peace Prizes:

a) Japanese government (The $US 100000),

b) Annual Canadian Peace Awards

c)Ford Foundation Prize (The $US 100000)

d) Hilton Humanitarian Prize (The $US 1 million),

е) Nobel Peace Prize (since 2008) (The $US 1 million); and other prizes.


(About meaning and distribution of the prizes.

The competition for the International prizes not o­nly will ensure the co-authors team with necessary means but also will serve the powerful channel of popularity for HERACL.


The principle of distribution of the received prizes and other financial means from HERACL:

50 % - o­n translation and reprinting HERACL, o­n payment of all works: intellectual, organizational, technical, material, connected with it and also o­n the Global movement "Making children a priority in the world" and our common site "Peace from Harmony". These financial means go at disposal of the project (HERACL) manager;

50 % - o­n encouragement of those HERACL co-authors, which agreed to participate in the Advancing Program. These means are divided between them (the project manager does not enter into their number) proportionally degrees of their participation in the Program. The participation degree of each of them is defined through Mark system: look below).


6. Conducting the International Peace Congress "Harmonious Era Calendar " in 2010 (together with IFLAC, Peace Embassy, Earth Trustees, Love Foundation and other friendly International organizations) for its wide discussion and statement of the offer for the UN: to recognize the next UN Decade (2011-2020 years) as "Decade of the Harmonious Peace for children of the world".


7. Working out o­ne lecture or special course, or educational program "Harmonious Era Calendar"for the schools and universities.


8. HERACL presentation at the various national and international conferences of humanitarian and educational character


9. Gift of the HERACL book to the G-8 members with the offer to discuss, to support, and to join it.


10. Selling of the books and disks with HERACL.


11. Distribution of the leaflets and other promotional materials HERACL.


12. Preparation and conducting of holidays o­n dates of the Calendar, which initiators should be the authors of these dates.


13. Designing, discussion and realization of idea for "Culture of Harmonious Peace" University


14. Designing study of HERACL through the Internet (soft training)


15. Publication of HERACL or references to it o­n your sites or o­n sites of your friends and organizations.


16. Organization of various press conferences and discussions of HERACL at local, national and international levels


17. The message to your friends about HERACL, about the book and sites, where it is published


18. Other forms of HERACL distribution and its ideas



4.Mark system for the Advancing Program of the Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL)


Each author will receive o­nE mark for:


1. Supporting HERACL (having your name listed as a co-author with your application)

2. Having a co-author statement, o­ne page in length, accepted for inclusion in HERACL

3. Translating o­ne page (1800 marks) of HERACL text

4. Editing 5 pages of HERACL text

5. Publishing HERACL o­n a personal web site in the co-author’s native language, along with a reference to our “Peace from Harmony” web site http://www.peacefromharmony.org

6. Distributing 5 paper or 20 email leaflets about HERACL among your friends and colleagues

7. Selling o­ne copy of the book "HERACL"

8. Publication of your response regarding HERACL o­n the appropriate page of our web site: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=132


Each author will receive TWO marks for:


1. Offering o­ne celebration or ceremony date and having it accepted in HERACL

2. Sending a letter, along with a copy of the book “HERACL,” to the government of your country (state) with an offer to include HERACL learning in schools and universities

3. Sending a letter, along with a copy of the book “HERACL,” to the government of your country (state) with the offer to create a university o­n “Cultures of harmonious peace”

4. Placing the HERACL publication o­n the web site of your organization in your language along with a reference to our web site http://www.peacefromharmony.org

5. Bringing a new co-author HERACL (two points for each new author)

6. Transferring the HERACL book in the University Library


Each author will receive THREE marks for:


1. Sending a letter to the leader of your country (state) along with an appeal for “Making children a priority” along with a copy of the book “HERACL”

2. Publishing in the mass media your review, or a review by a journalist, about HERACL

3. Sending a letter to authoritative international organizations, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF or others, along with an offer to discuss and support of HERACL and a copy of the book “HERACL”

4. Sending a letter to a foreign government along with an offer to discuss and support HERACL


Each author will receive FOUR marks for:


1. Working with a publisher and reprinting HERACL in your country

2. Initiating an educational lecture or course o­n HERACL

3. Initiating and organizing an educational plan for a university o­n “Culture of harmonious peace”

4. Initiating a HERACL study course through the Internet (flexible learning)

5. Linking your literary and art products to HERACL or its dates

6. Making scientific research studies regarding social harmony, harmonious peace, its culture and history, and separate dates or HERACL as a whole


Each author will receive FIVE marks for:


1. Obtaining official support and approval of HERACL by your (or another) organization through the publication of an appropriate resolution

2. Arranging an international celebration of your date (or another) within HERACL through an official announcement, publication of leaflets, rituals or other symbols of recognition for that date.


Each author will receive FIFTEEN marks for:


1. Creating and leading a regional (in o­ne or several countries) department, with no less than five member, of the international movement “Making children a priority in the world”

2. Creating a national school to teach HERACL

3. Creating a national University o­n “Culture of harmonious peace” for preparing an appropriate staff of teachers and scientists

4. Receiving significant (worth not less than US$5,00 thousand) prizes, grants and donations from foundations and individual sponsors for our Advancing Program of HERACL

5. Constantly participating in the organization of the International Peace Congress “Harmonious Era Calendar” in 2010.


The mark system will produce two basic results – moral (value, public) and financial – along with corresponding rewards.


For the moral rewards, the HERACL co-author, who collects for o­ne year, beginning in 2006, the greatest number of marks will receive an Honorary Title “World Symbol of Harmonious Peace Culture.” This co-author’s name (if he/she agrees) will be added to o­ne day of his or her choice in HERACL as well as o­n a sample of religious calendars, where each day has a name of o­ne or several religious activists. This Honorary Title will be given to o­nly o­ne co-author in a year. Each co-author may receive this title o­nly o­nce.


For financial rewards, 50 percent of all grants, donations and prizes for HERACL will be distributed between the co-authors (except for the project manager) based o­n the total of their marks. This could be a significant amount of money o­n each co-author (if he/she participates in this system), for example, at distribution of the Nobel Peace Prize, which, I am sure we shall receive. In this connection, each co-author, who accepts and participates in this system, could begin to conduct the account of your marks.


This Program is system of the rules for coordination of joint efforts of the HERACL co-authors o­n the future



Note. I shall be grateful to the HERACL co-authors and all interested in it for all your opinions and offers to the submitted draft of HERACL Advancing Program. These opinions and offers I would want to receive approximately during o­ne month: to October 20, 2006. After that, taking into account the sent remarks, I assert and publish final variant of the present Program, which becomes our official document.


Dr Leo Semashko

The HERACL Project and Advancing Program Manager

September 20, 2006.


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