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объявить 21 декабря 2012 года
... и праздновать его ежегодно во всем мире!

Каждый из нас несет прямую ответственность за будущие поколения и дальнейшее существование всей планеты!

Мы призваны к жизни в любви, равноценности и справедливости, в дружбе и сотрудничестве! Мы должны с радостью, миром и свободой в сердце приложить все усилия для обеспечения достойного будущего!

Примите участие в формировании этого ежегодного праздника вместе с нами!

Размножьте этот призыв, и каждый год отмечайте 21 декабря с добрыми мыслями, в торжественном расположении духа и в творчестве! Воодушевите этой идеей как можно больше различных объединений и культурных обществ, чтобы они присоединились к этой инициативе!
Межд. Ассоциация «Мир через Культуру»
E-Mail: info@peace-through-culture.org

November 3, 2009 - the birthday of a harmonious civilization and the beginning of a Harmonious Era of mankind.


This day was printed program book GHA "Harmonious Civilization", which first gave to mankind a scientific understanding of its harmonious civilization, its theory, thinking, language and alphabet. This book marked the beginning of a Harmonious Era of mankind, having absorbed the other two features of a harmonious civilization that emerged in 2009 - the beginning of nuclear zero, which was position of Russia and the United States in April 2009 and the publication of Alexei Stakhov's book in Canada  "Mathematics of Harmony ", which marked the beginning of the arithmetic of harmony in science and society.

Leo Semashko, April 25, 2011


April 13 as "Susana Roberts’ Day, Harmonious Peace Hero"
in our Harmonious Era Calendar
13 de Abril elegido como "Dia de Susana Roberts, Heroe de la Paz Armoniosa" en nuestro Calendario de la Era Armoniosa.

to este dia con nuestros queridos escritores en Latinoamerica porque la Paz no tiene fronteras , somos todos iguales, seres humanos que deben vivir y ser tratados como hermanos en cada rincòn del mundo

I share this day with our dears friends writers in Latinamerica because Peace have no borders, we are all equals, human beings that have to live and be treated as brothers in every corner of the world.

Dearest Leo Semashko
Global Harmony Association-President and founder.

Today I remember that time of hard work and I need to send you my strong hug and admiration you have already achieved during these last four years, that day I were opening my eyes to this world of harmony , I apreciate so much this posibility and I wish to continue learning more and spreading your work in other lands.You have my support as a creative woman I am and understand that peace never can be reach without harmony and harmony is posible with the application of the noble principles: to understand, to know, to realize, to reconize, to appreciate, to believe, to achieve,in all of them Tolerance..

I have to say thank you so much to you for this day of joy to me, this is the way I chose to live surrounded for positive knowledges that can help others never mind place, time race or creed.
My full appreciation a many thanks to you!!!

Susana Roberts
Honorary Member GHA.

April 13, 2011


Dearest Susana Roberts,

I can not hide my extreme admiration and surprise by your inspired and selfless work, when you for 5 days and nights have translated with English o­n Spanish our Magna Carta of Harmony text in 20 pages!!! It really heroic and sacred work with o­ne’s heart and full self-feedback to ideals of peace, love and harmony, to which devotes our Magna Carta. I kneel before your noble, sacred and devoted service to these ideals!!! You create the highest sample of total dedication to universal values of our global community "peacefromharmony" by your personal example!!! Your creative and selfless work is the great contribution in a culture of harmonious peace and you are the CREATOR OF WORLD HARMONIOUS PEACE CULTURE o­n the full right. You sacrifice to peace the most expensive: your life time and health!


I shall offer a date of April 13 as "Susana Roberts’ Day, Harmonious Peace Hero" in our Harmonious Era Calendar. I also shall offer you in our site Board as the highest sample of peacemaking, peaceservice and peacedevotion. I shall open o­n our site your personal page that you could and farther inspire us by your heroic enthusiasm of peacemaking! In our community "peacefromharmony" exist many others excellent women and men similar to you: Ada Aharoni, Martha Ross DeWitt, Nina Goncharova, Reimon Bachika, Ammar Banni, Harold W. Becker, Renato Corsetti, Guy Crequie, Takis Ioannides, Jan Jacobsen, Abram Jusfin, Tatomir Ion-Marius, Dimitry Ivashintsov, John McConnell, Rudolf Siebert, David Stringer, Alexander Verbitsky, Claude Veziau, which together create the new sacred spirit of a culture of harmonious peace for the best world, for children and future generations.


With love and reverence before you,

Leo Semashko

April 13, 2007-

April 13, 2011



Dear Leo,

I suggest o­n behalf of WICOorg July 20th as the Day of International Sisterhood (It is the day I Founded WICO o­n 2003 which is also my Birthday. I hope you like the idea


Dr. Dalia Steiner

WICO Founder and International President

"Ambassador for Peace"





Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar since May 20, 2007 to July 3, 2008

New authors: 3:

David Maidman, Canada

Hoda Hussein,Egypt



New Dates: 7

New Countries: 2:




Total o­n July 3, 2008 the Harmonious Era Calendar have:

Authors: 43

Dates: 55

Statements: 27

Languages: 16

Origin Countries: 19


Dr Leo Semashko

Founder and President, Global Harmony Association and Harmonious Era Calendar

July 3, 2008



New dates:


David Maidman, Producer, Canada offers Think Peace Day on February 15. o­n February 15th, 2003 the largest protest in human history occurred. Millions of people from all continents marched down the street of more than 800 cities to show that they did not support the invasion of Iraq.http://thinkpeacemovie.com/, pumpkinheadbc2005@yahoo.ca


David Maidman
Executive Producer
Think Peace
P.O. Box 283,
720 6th Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 3C5


Hoda Hussein, Egypt, offers Universal Day For Changing The World o­n 26 January.

The 26 of January 1951 Egypt suffered a great massacre. The English colonization burned the entirety of Cairo. Imagine the whole population, buildings, boats and fields, theatres and opera and monuments of the great Cairo being o­n fire! This was to discourage the revolutionists. But at the end there was independency and rebuilding. People changed every thing. Let us declare the 26 of January as a day to change the world, the world of the individual as well as the world in general. january26@googlegroups.com


Racial Harmony Day is celebrated annually o­n 21 July in Singapore. The event is to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots , which took place o­n 21 July 1964. Racial Harmony Day was first launched o­n 21 July 1997. It is part of the National Education Programme, headed by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated o­n the anniversary of the communal riots that occurred o­n 21 July 1964. Racial Harmony Day represents a day for schools to reflect o­n, and celebrate Singapore's success as a racially harmonious nation and society built o­n a rich diversity of culture and heritage. Schools are also encouraged to recite a declaration o­n religious harmony during the celebrations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_Harmony_Day



Leo Semashko offers four new dates:


1. Peace from Harmony Day o­n February 15, in the honour of birth of the International site "Peace from Harmony" o­n February 15, 2005.

2. Magna Carta of Harmony Day o­n December 16, in the honour of the first publication of the Magna Carta of Harmony by 43 authors from 16 countries of the world o­n December 16, 2006 o­n the International site "Peace from Harmony".

3. Global Harmony Association Day o­n November 30, in the honour of approval of the Global Harmony Association Statutes o­n November 30, 2007.

4. Harmonious Education Day o­n April 14, in the honour of approval of the World Harmony/Peace Academy and general harmonious education in an information society by 65 authors from 20 countries of the world, which was approved by Global Harmony Association o­n April 14, 2008. This project opens a conscious exit in space of social harmony and harmonious peace. April 14, 2008 will go down in history as a date of the first intelligent step in this unknown for humankind cosmos inside it through harmonious education.


I invite to cooperation in creation of the Harmonious Era Calendar the founders of the Calendar of Internationalism, which can be a part of the Harmonious Era Calendar.

The Calendar o­n-line edition is updated every week – see:




Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar since February 15 to May 20, 2007

New authors: 5:

GermainDufour, France,

Jan Jacobsen, Norway,

Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, India: he translated the Calendar o­n Hindi

Lucy Semashko, Russia,

DavidStringer, England

New Dates: 10

New Statements: 3

New Languages: 1

New Countries: 1 - Norway

Total o­n May 20, 2007 the Harmonious Era Calendar have:

Authors: 40

Dates: 48

Statements: 27

Languages: 16

Origin Countries: 17


On behalf of the site authors I express everyone, who has brought in the additions into the Harmonious Era Calendar a deep gratitude and high appreciation for your contribution. The special gratitude I express Dr Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy as its translators o­n the Hindi. I offer to recognize his as the “Site Honorary Member” and officially to announce about this o­n June 21 as the Global Harmony Day o­n Harmonious Era Calendar.


Dr Leo Semashko

Founder and Pesident, Peace from Harmony

May 20, 2007



New dates:


Germain Dufour, Spiritual Leader of the Global Community, offer to celebrate o­n May 27 of Life Day (http://www.telusplanet.net/public/gpa/Lifeisprotected.htm).

On and around May 26 of every year millions of people around the world join together in a global call to celebrate Life, the gift to the universe from God. On May 26, 2007, the Global Community is asking all Peoples of the world to participate in this celebration of Life in your own community. The following project is appropriate to everyone.


Leo Semashko offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar date of April 13 as "Day of the Harmonious Peace Heroes" in honour of heroic Susana Roberts’ and another translators of the Magna Carta of Harmony efforts.


Leo Semashko offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar date "Magna Carta of Harmony Day" o­n December 21. This day in 2006 the first time the Magna Carta of Harmony was published. It gives the first scientific representation about a society of social harmony and harmonious information civilization going o­n change of an industrial-risk civilization.


Jan Jacobsen (Norway) offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar date «Global Disarm Day» and Global Disarm Call o­n September 9.


The Earth Charter authors (2001, http://www.earthcharter.org/) and a line of other organizations (http://action.defenders.org) offer April 22 as Day of the Earth.


ProfessorAdaAharonifromIsrael,Jew,andProfessor Ammar Banni from Algeria,Muslimofferto includeintheHarmoniousEra Calendar " Day of Brotherhoodof the Jews and Moslems of the World " o­n May 23 inahonourof their common historical father Abraham.


Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy Poet & Review Writer, hailing from Hyderabad City, India, offers the 2nd day of October i.e., o­n the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, as a day of “GATEWAY TO FRIENDSHIP AND NON-VIOLENCE” to impart “LOVE AND AMITY” between India and Pakistan and the rest of the world.


Lucy Semashko offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar three dates: Day of the help for all requiring o­n March 15; Day of home animals o­n June 20; and Day of dream o­n 19 May.



New Statements:


Gateway to Friendship and non-violence


Statement for Harmonious Era Calendar by Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy


In this present phase of conflicts between the peoples, as a co-author of the Harmonious Era Calendar, it is the best choice to opt for 2nd of October as the universal date for the GATEWAY TO FRIENDSHIP AND NON-VIOLENCE’; so that the people of India and Pakistan in particular and rest of the world in general would make intimate moves to get acquainted with the concept of ‘LOVE AND AMITY’.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi was a symbol of PEACE and simplicity, philosopher of non-violence, who played an influential role in imparting and implanting UNIVERSAL PEACE through non-violence. Following his footsteps, with a broad-minded gesture of goodwill and inspiration, people should come forward to choose PEACE as the ultimate weapon that can eliminate conflicts and succeed in molding the war-torn paths with love and compassion. Why not the adamant attitude and the feelings of aggression get erased from the deep caverns of human mind and transmit humane concern in every heart?Ultimately, let the concept of Friendship and Non-violence break the shackles of the enslaved and deprived lot and douse the universe with love and peace, so that the warmth of friendship and joy reflect in every heart and every thought of mankind.Hope, this poem imparts the urge for peace, where dwells within, the light of eternal delight:




Place, let us place

Place the flowers of Peace

On the sacred soil

Of our holy Mother Earth.

Thirsting for peace

Let us take an oath together

To heal the bleeding wounds

Caused by mistrust and conflicts.


Lo ! Why not? Yes, why not?

Why not we aspire to remove,

Remove the barriers of caste,

Remove the barriers of hate,

Remove the barriers of creed,

Remove the barriers of greed,

Remove the barriers of religion,

Remove the barriers of rebellion,

Remove the barriers of disputes,

Remove the barriers of disparities,

And weave the bond of LOVE;

The ultimate objective of which…

Is to reach the gateway of peace

Where exists, love and amity.






by David Allen Stringer International Coordinator The Universal Alliance



I was drawn to participating in the Universal Alliance in the early 1990’s by the very fact with its “Three pillars”, material (a sharing economy equally distributing resources, work and wealth), ideological (a grass roots democratic o­ne-world, o­ne-humanity federation and Spiritual (a lived, lay spirituality or ethics of non-violence inspired by guidance from Spirit manifest in daily living), it approached the transformations we all need o­n all three levels of Earth & Body, Mind-Soul & Spirit at the same time, Being a very practical person (a worker with the land) as well as a poet and philosopher, it had often struck me that some people – or movements can o­nly envisage change o­n o­ne of these levels o­nly, be it material or ethereal, for example, e.g., at o­ne extreme, Trade Unionists, at the other, EsotericMystics. Thus, it might be said that our Universal Alliance seeks to bring together people from all these different levels and aspects of life back into a re-integrated pyramid of mutually interactive “correspondences” (like that of this ancient Congolese Cosmology of Maweja-Nanjela), according to what each has to give. By bringing together all these, sometimes divided, aspects of our personal and social lives and beings; we can, thus, ensure the spreading of Harmony from within us as out through our societies, as first of all these three levels of life and being need to be “harmonised” with each other, in ourselves.


There are three words from Greek, for our ideal worlds. The first is Utopia or “nowhere place” which carries the connotation that this must remain an impossible dream in our sinful and corrupted world; the second, which I prefer is Eutopia- or “Harmonious Place”, which indicates an achievable state of society, with social justice in ecological harmony with the rest of Creation, the priority focus of our current times being o­n “green issues” such as wild flora & fauna conservation and organic food production etc. This is not, however, in my Vision, the final goal, as, rather, it is simply a preliminary stage to creating a world in which all can be nourished and progress further, spiritually, into Etopia, or “the Perfect Place”, (a Vision of the recently deceased Greek writer & painter, Arion Nasiokios) in which humanity, at o­ne in its consciousness with that of the Cosmic Creator whence it emanated, could become so purified of non-altruistic lusts & ulterior motives that never again could we fall from Eden, from Harmony & cause harm!


Plus o­ne statement: Alexander Verbitsky, which not translated o­n English, look o­n Russian


Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar since September 2006

to February 15, 2007


New authors: 8:

Poet, Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine, France,

Writer Robert Weir, USA,

Professor Charles Mercieca, USA,

Poet Tatomir Ion-Marius, Romania: he translated the Calendar o­n the Romanian language

Poet Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan: he translated the Calendar o­n Urdu,

Lawyer Alexander Verbitsky, Ukraine: he translated the Calendar o­n the Ukrainian language

Journalist Natalie Sidorova, Russia

Professor Ammar Banni from Algeria


New Dates: 11

New Statements: 5

New Languages: 3 – Ukrainian, Romanian and Urdu

New Countries: 3 – Ukraine, Romania and Pakistan


Total o­n February 15, 2007 the Harmonious Era Calendar have:

Authors: 35

Dates: 38

Statements: 24

Languages: 15

Origin Countries: 15


On behalf of the site authors I express everyone, who has brought in the additions into the Harmonious Era Calendar a deep gratitude and high appreciation for your contribution. The special gratitude and appreciation I express his translators o­n the new languages: Tatomir Ion-Marius, Muhammad Iqbal and Alexander Verbitsky for their great work for social harmony. I offer to recognize behind them the Highest Site Honorary Title "Creator of World Culture of Harmonious Peace", if not will be the site authors objections, and officially to announce about this o­n June 21 as the Global Harmony Day o­nHarmonious Era Calendar.

Dr Leo Semashko


1.Tatomir Ion-Marius of Romania suggests  2 dates, Statement and the Calendar translation o­n Romanian:


Tatomir Ion-Marius of Romania, peace activist and poet, suggests 2 dates to the Harmonious Era Calendar:
6 February as the Global Day of Friendship with The Animal World - to promote in a special way the friendship with the animal world o­n this day, and to reject their torture and experiments o­n them and 
7 May as the Global Gratitude Day, dedicated to the feeling of gratitude, for all the wonderful gifts provided to mankind by the Universe. He suggests also for the Harmonious Era Calendar, to include the International Day of Peace, which was established by the UN resolution to be celebrated each year o­n 21 September.


Tatomir Ion-Marius

About Peace and Harmony


We are looking for solutions to the burden of war, hatred and conflicts we inherited as results of the past centuries. Major changes are taking place,and we are blessed to notice that mouvements for Peace and reconciliation are winning the hearts of the peoples,which join them with untold joy,hope and enthusiasm.


Nothing will can stand in the way of their dreams, of their will for Peace, which increases second by second, day by day. From different walks of life,from different levels of social existence, their souls yearns for Peace,and all the separating walls are falling to let free way to the understanding and brotherhood,to the o­neness and cooperation.


In the dark age of the division and enmity,hatred and intolerance, peoples were reminding daily the objects of their hatred,celebrating the wars,to find reasons in continuing the fight,to march o­n the senseless path of pain and suffering. Many childrens and innocent beings died in this race, and many lives were crushed. In the name of the childrens, we are sealing forever those dark chapters of the history, with our comitment to forgive and embrace the healing love and Peace.


We are decided to forget all the evil, to not give him chances to come back and grow, and we will plant reminders of peace, Peace Poles containing the universal prayer and message : May Peace Prevail o­n Earth! I believe that the message and universal prayer May Peace Prevail o­n Earth transcends all differences of ideologic,religious or ethnic appartenance,and ties together all the peoples of mankind in the ideal of Peace.


Together we will create the Harmony o­n all the existential levels. We will look in the Harmonious Era Calendar with joy and will remind daily the duty to build a society of Peace and tolerance,for the sake of our childrens and for the future generations! Peace from Harmony is the heritage of the coming generations! May Peace Prevail o­n Earth!January, 2007


2.Muhammad Iqbal of Pakistan offers o­ne date and the Calendar translation o­n Urdu


Muhammad Iqbal, peace activist and poet of Pakistan offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar the India and Pakistan Reconciliation Day o­n the date of  birth of the common spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhiin October 2, 1869. January, 2007


3.Ammar Banni, Professor of French language from Algeria offers o­ne date and the Calendar statement


Professor Ammar Banni from Algeria offers to include in the Harmonious Era CalendarDay ofLovers o­n February 14.

Ammar Banni

Harmony and Cultural Diversity


The Harmonious Era Calendar: The quality of Social Existence and Future of Children (2006) represents a new cultural dimension of peace. Its joint authors meet to discuss, exchange, expose their opinions o­n the cultural, religious, social and information questions. It will allow these researchers to carry the strong points of the social harmony for the future generations, and the weak points of the culture of the wars, hatred, which enjoy a favorable statute in the current society.


Vis-a-vis with this worrying situation, the universal harmony of an information society will take over. It will receive the vast samples of very varied ethnic groups which contribute the cultural richness in children and young people.Social harmony will be a symbol of diversity in its broad but common movement. The pluralistic internal is in the heart of the harmonious external. This internal animates the future project of social harmony. However peace for a long time based its concept o­n a fictional and sacred o­ne-dimensionality, which allows to understand a traverse of history and its consequence.


A new prospect intends to articulate unit and diversity thanks to the availability of universal information. o­ne of the tasks of harmony today is to ensure cultural diversity and the opposite to social monoculture. But today social harmony remains while o­nly by phrase or slogan for a cultural diversity. Why harmony dogma is fruitful there? And main question: how to apply harmony? How the clean culture of harmony must be articulated with the universal educational cultures, and various individuals and organizations?


A priority task is that the harmony will serve for a rise and blooming of children in all areas of the world. That it found a confirmation in the various actions of the international organizations. Thus I would wish that the harmony make it possible to consolidate a dialogue, made the mutual respect and friendship, to keep cultural diversity cultural as a base of the human societies o­n the five continents. The harmony develops cultural riches. But the challenge of harmony is veiled.29/01/07


4.Dr Charles Mercieca from the United States offers 1 date:


Dr Charles Mercieca from the United States offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar a new date: "Global Leadership of Social Harmony Day" o­n October 30, when in 2006 China has accepted the unprecedented decision "building a society of social harmony. 27/01/07




5. Lawyer Alexander Verbitsky, Ukraine, offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar two dates, statement and Calendar translation o­n the Ukrainian language.


March 1 as the Reverence Day. It is day of admiration before Life, reverence and deep respect of the World, its unique harmony, environmental nature, all peopl and nations, children, youth and old humans, women and men, Human as creator of harmony, human culture and its highest spiritual values o­n the Earth.


December 31 as the Global Thanking Day. It is day of gratitude of all people for gift given the human to be and to create o­n the Earth harmony of the world. The gratitude and thanking is a quality of the cultural and harmonious human, who understands dependence of the life from all natural and social environment.27/01/07


6. Natalie Sidorova, journalist, chairman of club "Paradise" from St.-Petersburg offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar 1 date: January 13 as the Earth Paradise Day. January 13, 1980 in a private apartment at the centre of St. Petersburg the club of creative and harmonious dialogue was born. It united the people of the most different trades and ages. This club is a original urban island of harmony, where the people communicate in home conditions, being together pleased and helping each other. Since then much has exchanged, our children and grandsons have grown but harmony feeling at meetings remains constant. We would like to distribute this feeling o­n other people in the different countries and consequently we offer to include January 13 as the Earth Paradise Day in the Harmonious Era Calendar. 16/12/06


7. Robert Weir, the writer from USA offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar the following statement

Robert Weir

A People’s Campaign for Peace in the United States


Peace is often in the news today, almost as much as its diabolical antithesis – war. While politicians postulate, violence continues, innocent civilians die and citizens around the world pray for peace. But war contorts those supplications into cries of pain, agony, suffering, anger, frustration, sorrow and grief.


So, where are peace, harmony and happiness for which people clamor? Where is “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” that the founders of my country, the United States of America, espoused? Where, in my government, do we have a paradigm of peace?


Certainly not in the oxymoron “peace through strength,” as espoused by President George W. Bush, for that phrase is symptomatic of bullying. Certainly not in the manufacture and use of bombs, missiles, bullets and tanks that blaze and rumble through Iraq and Afghanistan, through Palestine and Israel. Certainly not in tribal warfare of Africa where the death toll goes mostly unreported by mainstream media. Certainly not in ceasefire rhetoric that produces minimal results.


Where is the paradigm of “peace through understanding” that comes from truly listening to another person’s point of view? Where is the joy that comes from “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” whether that neighbor is the person next door, a homeless person across town, or a fellow human being in Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, China, North Korea, India or Africa? Where is the realization that we – all of us o­n Earth – are connected as o­ne global species?


In Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA – where I live – weekly peace vigils have been held at the U.S. Federal Building since before the Attack o­n Iraq in March 2002. Other vigils in another part of my community protest the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that began in July 2006. And a vigil was held in a city park o­n August 9 to commemorate the lives lost due to the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 61 years ago.


In addition to these vigils, another force is active within my country and elsewhere in the world. That force is a campaign to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace within the U.S. federal government.


The Department of Peace movement exists as proposed legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and in the U.S. Senate, introduced by Senator Mark Dayton. The House Bill has 75 co-sponsors. The Senate version has o­nly two so far, but that number will increase during this 2006 Senatorial election year as the issue of war versus peace rises to the top of political debate. Thousands of people are involved with the Department of Peace campaign throughout the United States.


The movement exists in other countries as well. The first international People’s Summit for Departments of Peace took place in London, United Kingdom, in October 2005. Forty people from 12 countries participated in the two-day summit. Currently, citizens in 20 nations have initiated actions to establish a Department of Peace within their homelands.


Author-speaker Marianne Williamson initiated The Peace Alliance, which is the campaign’s principle grassroots support organization. “The o­nly two forces more powerful than any bomb are love and hate,” Ms. Williamson said, “and love triumphs hate.” Ms. Williamson reminded that we live in a new century of enlightened thinking where fear and oppression can and must be replaced with understanding, love and forgiveness. That is the destiny of our species if we are to survive.


We also learned that Congressman Kucinich originally wrote the Department of Peace legislation prior to the September 11, 2001, attack o­n the World Trade Center in New York City, not simply as a deterrent to international warfare, but in response to the need for nonviolent resolution of domestic and community violence within the United States.


While the War in Iraq, for example, has cost U.S. taxpayers over $300 billion in four plus years, the cost of domestic violence within the U.S. is $300 billion annually, according to the World Health Organization. Health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking and homicide committed by intimate partners exceed $5.8 billion each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Domestic violence is the single greatest cause of injury to women, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. There are 31,000 gangs in the U.S. and the rate of youth homicide in my country (11.0 per 100,000 people) is more than ten times that of other industrialized nations; the second and third highest rates are 0.9 and 0.8 per 100,000 in the United Kingdom and Germany, respectively.


Clearly, U.S. citizens live in a violent society. This barbaric paradigm was created with old thinking, shoot-em-up gunslinger thinking, bring-em-on and beat-em-up thinking, my-dad-can-whup-your-dad thinking, I-win-and-you-lose thinking. That thinking has killed 100 million people, worldwide, in the last 100 years.


We give peace a chance. Serving as a complement to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Peace would be the primary political instrument to bring the peace paradigm into greater human consciousness, and it would bring the voice of peace to the U.S. President’s highest advisory Cabinet.


I strongly encourage you to please get involved in a peace campaign – regardless of what country you live in. The organization within the United States that is most responsible for establishing a Department of Peace here is called The Peace Alliance; the web site is www.thepeacealliance.org. Other countries have similar organizations and campaigns. If your country doesn’t have a Department of Peace campaign, start o­ne.


Robert Weir

District Leader for the Department of Peace campaign in Southwest Michigan, USA. Writer. E-mail: robtweir@aol.com, web site, www.robertmweir.com.


September 28, 2006



8. Guy Crequie, poet and the philosopher from France, offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar two dates: Fathers' Day o­n June 19th and Mothers' Day o­n second Sunday of May


Guy Crequie

For an Epoch of Harmonious Peace in a Society of Information

Creative education of values to the future generations


Statement for the Harmonious Era Calendar


Eleanor ROOSEVELT wrote o­ne day: « If we want our revolutionsscientific, economic and social to be successful, we shouldprepare ourselves for the revolution of education which will be inevitable if wewish to face up to new conditions, to understand them andcontrol them. Without a completely new approach of education, ouryouth will not completely be equipped to confront the future world. »


It seems to me that the calendar for a new epoch conceived by international authors and conducted by Leo SEMASHKO, registers in this perspective of the world without wars and dialogue between civilizations.


For his part, the great violinist YÉHUDI MENUHIN, undoubtedly o­ne of the greatest of the twentieth century, in a essay called: "Citizens of the world " declines 4 essential qualities for a humanist practice of the social relationships:


- Be responsible for what occurred in the past, as much as what will take place in future,

- Be aware of a geographical space, transcending national borders,

- Have an acute conscience of all creation, of all demonstrations of life,

- That every citizen of the world has belief and respect for his specific humanity.


The present education system in every country with its particularities is however inserted, dated, in a legislative and regulatory environment defined by the State in given political, economic, social, cultural conditions.


As wrote the teacher of education Tsunesaburo MAKIGUCHI, happiness characterizes the existence of o­ne who can entirely acquire and create a harmony between social and individual values.


Next to the three powers: legislative, executive and judicial, there should be a specific authority within the United Nations I mean: « the United Nations of education »


It seems to me that it is a similar proposal which every year, January 26th mister Daisaku IKEDA, addresses among his annual proposals to the general secretary of the UNO.


In the present world, 860 million adults are still illiterates, 121 million children do not have access to school, therefore the importance of the campaign "Education for all" which is backed by the UNICEF.


The UNICEF in its report "The state of the children of the world" reminds us of the emergency to reduce military expenditures. 4 days of fewer military expenditures every year per country before 2015, this measure would allow all children of the world to achieve primary school.


In my work « The humanist challenge of an ordinary citizen (for a dialogue between civilizations) - editions The Manuscript, Paris December, 2005, I added that education must aim at 3 objectives: teach, think, undertake.


To end this short contribution, regarding the calendar of the epoch of harmony, I think that the day of January 1st of every year is that of happiness. It goes beyond the global golden rule of religions day.

Edited by Claude Veziau

October 20, 2006



9. Leo Semashko behalf of the site authors offers in the Harmonious Era Calendar o­ne more date: "Global Harmonious Community Day" o­n February 15 in honor of the opening our International site “Peace from Harmony” February 15, 2005. Our site united for two years about 200 people of harmony from 33 countries of the world. This date will be the best monument for our site and his authors.
February 11, 2007



Your Harmonious Era Calendar is a grand idea.Thank you for offering me this opportunity to edit your letter to PresidentPutin.While editing, Ilearned much more about the Calendarand about you. I absolutely love your statement: ”make the year to be so full ofcelebration that there remains no more days for war, enmity and humiliation.” Iam delighted to know you.Have I told you that Iam among the many UnitedStates citizens who are working to establish a high-levelDepartment of Peace within the U.S. federal government? I think wecan make it happen – not soon, but eventually. There are also Department ofPeace initiatives in Canada and other countries. Perhaps,we will be able to add a “Department of Peace Day” to your calendar. …………………….

Robert Weir

June 29, 2006


Dear Robert,


I very much like your activity o­n an establishment of a Department of Peace within the U.S. government and your offer to add our Calendar by the appropriate date. Please, look as it has made others in our Calendar and send me the appropriate text with date of Day of Peace Department. We shall include it in a new edition of our Calendar. I also wait your short bio and your statement (on o­ne page) for Calendar.


Leo Semashko,

June 30, 2006



Mona Gamal El-Dine



I am very happy to celebrate the Global Harmony Day, thank you very much for your efforts to Global Harmony Day to save children all over the world. I am Universal Peace Ambassador and I hope be between your list of authors, perhaps member13

Congratulations for You, Children and all our Friends!


Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine,

Universal Peace Ambassodor, Poet



June 22, 2006


Dear Mona,

Thanks for your support of the Global Harmony Day and participation in it. But I havenotunderstoodyourfollowingphrase:"I hope be between your list of authors".DoyouwouldliketosupportourHarmoniousEraCalendar (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=182 )and to join its authors? Or something another? Please let me to know, what exactly.

Best harmony wishes for your and children,



June 23, 2006


Dear Dr Leo,

Thank you; you are understood what I mean. I would like to support your Harmonious Era Calendar and to join its Authors

Love and Peace for our friends of Global Harmony



June 25, 2006


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