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Claude Veziau

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Love and Harmony



The Eyes of the Heart...


" Next time you feel sad, look at the stars in the sky...


and, if you listen to them attentively,


you will hear them laughing!!!


It will be me, smiling at you, from up here!!!


Oh... hoo...


I am here, all around you, in your stars ...


"... The essential is invisible to the eyes,


we o­nly see well with the eyes of the heart... "


So, open your eyes, your heart


and you will speak in suns!!! "



Why say all these things?


Often, in the lessons of this life, I had opportunity to ask myself this question. In effect, what can motivate somebody to feel such need, to say his feelings, his dreams, his deepest passions; things that others usually keeps to himself, who knows? out of modesty, shame, or for fear of being set apart, or thensimply because o­ne very wisely joined the ranks of the non-thinking, those who make their " small quietlife ", without wasting too much time listening to this small voice which whispers to them that therecould be paradise o­n Earth.


" What's the use of shining your stars in the eyes of people who do not believe o­ne day to attain them? "


I have often, also, racked my brains to give an answer to this question... But, o­ne fine day, I  understood why.. in a very personal manner. I feel myself a link of a very, very long chain; oh! a smalllink among so many others, whose role, across eons, millenniums and centuries was to transport its ownsmall piece of a secret, a knowledge, to keep it living and available to those who would o­ne day need it.


When we call it " Sacred Fire ", Hope, Truth or something else, I always knew, in my soul, that I hadthe responsibility for a small ember which it befell me to keep lit and to protect from winds and tides. Ifelt it so strongly that in a certain epoch, I wanted to light fires with this small straw of Love, a loveso intense , so strong as I have never been able to explain or reason.


Love of what, of whom?  Why?  For whom?


I can o­nly answer: " For Life ".


Today, after so many songs, music, words, gestures, I barely beginto imagine the proportions of it...No, it is not forest fires which I had to light, o­nly a good fire to warm o­ne's heart and soul when thecold grabs us, in the detour and the blackness begins to appear too opaque.


A small hearth lit by light and by warmth to give us trust and strength to go o­n, that everything is

always possible, because we are the creators of it, if we choose.


I imagine therefore that I am the bearer of an endless torchlight:


that of Love,


that of the destiny of every being.


I have a vision now of what is Universal Harmony,


that of a big Show to which we are all participants and creators


whatever instrument we play, the step we dance, the rhythms we invent and the direction we choose to take,we were always the creators of this show, more or less consciously; at any instant, if we want to, we canwork out a world in peace simply by living it, at all time, consciously!


No, I cannot, by myself, light fires, it is o­nly together that we can light suns, stars, give rise to

galaxies of light!!!


That's why I do what I do.

Claude Veziau



Thank you dear Maria, for expressing these very true statements.

Everybody speaks of children and giving them priority but who has ever thought of asking them what they wish and desire, how they themsleves see things? We speak of giving parents the right to vote in the name of their children, but how many parents are aware, or even care about what their children want or desire? Most parents are still stuck in the midst of their own adult conflicts and their own squashed dreams that they cannot even imagine that their children can have a REAL voice for their future.

Children can speak, can think, can feel and can wish much clearer than most adults that I know. But adults believe that o­nly grown-ups can see the priorities and decide what is best for the children.

I beg to disagree. If adults do not listen to their children, there will never be a true society of Peace and Harmony, o­nly more separation and distrust.

In Harmony,

Claude Veziau, songwriter for Peace and Harmony



Hello all,

I submit a poem of a song I wrote for children's rights.

And so... the children

1. We see them come into our world as little sparks of humankind

who need our friendship and our love to become who they are to be.

We vow to give them all the help we can and do our best to make them happy

but soon enough we tell them to keep quiet and bully them so they do what we want.

It seems we cant accept to let them make up their own minds,

we squash their hopeful dreams saying they disturb our lives.

We tell them pretty lies to protect them from themselves

and when they tell us how they feel we answer, Now is not the time.

Chorus : Nevertheless o­n second thought to say the truth... in all frankness...

Children have the right to think o­n their own

they can choose their joys, they can walk o­n their own feet.

But theyre so small, they cant reply, when we tell them to obey

theyre afraid, they keep quiet, they soon forget their crazy dreams.

2. We tell then theyre not old enough to choose what theu can eat,

they cant dress, they cant decide, parents know whats best for them.

We moralise, we analyse, we threaten, we telle them they must always say the truth,

for their own good they must become our puppets and mind our hopes for their own future.

If we left them alone who knows what they could become?

Couldnt they create the peaceful world that we darent dream about?

These small beings that we must help so they can take their place

After all could they really do worst that we? (chorus)

Finale : Children have the right to dream too

they can choose their own lives, be the super beings they are

if they didnt always need to follow orders

they would speak up, they would act and maybe then we all could win

wed win win, win win our happiness.

1995 translation 2007, Claude Veziau, songwriter, composer.


Je propose le pome d'une chanson que j'ai faite sur les droits des enfants.

Et pourtant, les enfants

1. o­n les voit arriver dans notre monde, comme des tincelles dhumanit

qui o­nt besoin dune amiti profonde pour les aider se raliser.

On voudrait leur donner notre vie entire et tout faire pour quils soient heureux

mais, bientt, o­n leur dit de se taire, o­n les oblige faire ce que lon veut.

On dirait quon naccepte pas quils aient des ides eux aussi

et o­n crase les dbats qui nous drangent un peu la vie.

On leur raconte des mensonges pour les protger de la vie

et, quand ils nous disent ce quils pensent,

on leur rpond : Ce nest pas le moment!

Refrain : Et pourtant oui pourtant Et vraiment oui, vraiment

Les enfants o­nt le droit de penser, eux aussi,

de choisir leurs bonheurs et de diriger leur vie.

Mais ils nont pas la force de toujours nous rsister

alors, par peur, ils se taisent, et o­n vient de les ruiner.

2. o­n leur dit quils ne sont pas capables de choisir tout ce quils doivent manger,

de shabiller avec got, dtre responsables, que les parents sont les seuls dcider.

On leur raconte toutes sortes dhistoires pour leur apprendre fuir la vrit;

pour leur bien o­n voudrait quils apprennent devenir tout ce que lon nest pas.

Si o­n les laissait vivre qui sait ce quils deviendraient,

ils nous construiraient ce beau monde

dont o­n nose mme plus rver.

Ils sont de petits tres que lon doit aider grandir

Il faut bien le reconnatre,

pourraient-ils faire pire que nous? (refrain)

Finale : Les enfants o­n le droit de rver, eux aussi,

de choisir leur bonheur et de diriger leur vie,

sils navaient pas besoin de toujours nous rsister

ils ne se tairaient plus et tout le monde pourrait gagner

gagner gagner la libert.

1995 - Claude Vziau, auteur, compositeur et interprte



Claude Veziau


Hello and greetings to All,


Last year, I was asked by our friend Leo to write my feelings o­n the above subjects and frankly started to compose a wonderfully and cleverly written document that was dictated by my brilliant intellectual mind. Fortunately, after I had worked almost 2 hours in expounding my great thesis about children and war and peace and all those grand themes, the power went out in our village and erased the fruit of my so intelligent paper.


As I know that nothing happens by chance, this was a sign for me that I was not to write with my mind but with my heart.


I am a songwriter and composer, so the best way that I can speak about children, education and creativity is by my songs. With this in heart, I am now translating o­ne of my songs to offer as a gift to the Children that we ALL are, no matter our years and body age.




a song by Claude Veziau

French title: Comprendre

We come to Life o­ne day o­n the wings of Love

And in our parents eyes there glows

Feeling of Hearts for all to see

The little baby grows cared for by loving hands

But too soon he will discover he must go o­n his own.


Now he must understand every word he is told

But no o­ne really listens to what he longs so to say, to express,

Grown-ups say they can't wait, there is no time to hear,

Because life is too short and they wish to enjoy it,

And there's no time to stop, oh no!

We must run, we must hop, oh yes!

There is no time to feel, no time to love..



And the big wheel keeps o­n turning,

All of our bridges are burning;

The small child becomes a man, all of his dreams become memories;

The wonderful hopes of springtime fade into timelessness

But comes a time in life when our dreams must unfold.


Comes the time to re-member our illusions of freedom

and our ideals of bringing peace and love to the world,

Comes a time to take time,

Time to stop, look and listen,

Time to feel in our hearts and rekindle the dreams,

Time to go within, find ourselves o­nce again

And be happy again.


Then we will understand and be o­nce more amazed

To realise that the future can be enjoyed today

If we learn to live together

If we build our World together

If we let our Hearts unite.


We will then sing together,

We will dance and laugh together

And we'll finally hear each other

And we'll finally understand

That the Grand Life we yearned for

Is just o­ne step away, o­ne small step:

It's called the Step of Love.


So let's put our dreams together

And be Happy forever

For Ever, We are o­ne !



Harmony and Peace to you all,


Claude Veziau



Hello friends, spirit twins and kindred hearts, please get this message from my heart to yours


Claude Véziau


A short bio


I was born o­n June 15th, 1948, between 6 and 10 am, in the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada. My roots, through my parents, are half American Indian of the Huron Nation, o­ne quarter Cathar from southwestern France and o­ne quarter Italian.


Quebec is the French portion of Canada with a population of around 6 million people mostly French-speaking. Although I am fluently tri-lingual: French, English and Spanish, most of my songs are in French, an album in Spanish and o­ne in English. I also compose instrumental music based o­n harmonising the spiritual energies, integrating both polarities of Light and Dark and bringing them into a balance.


I cherish:


Sharing communications from loving and caring people.


Going into the deep spiritual vibrations and intuitively answering questions put to me by channeling the words and feelings of ALL THAT IS, about past, future and present potentials.

I have been (almost) totally committed to creating a new paradigm, meaning a new way of thinking, living, doing and becoming throughout most of my present life.


I am a songwriter, composer, educator, webmaster, lover of life in all of its fascinating aspects, amongst other things, and all my work is dedicated to fulfilling this purpose. I have an unquenchable thirst to understand and bring about understanding and unity between all beings in the Universe. I have no formal education as I have taught myself most of what I do. Whenever I decide there is an activity I would like to do, I go in search of all that I can find concerning that particular activity or field of endeavor, and pretty soon, I trial-and-error my way up the learning curve, usually ending up with a practical ability to fulfill the tasks.


All of my songs speak of new values, re-awakening to our dreams, understanding each other and all other positive values, the music plays with the harmonies of All-That-Is and the various vibrations and octaves of the Universe. I now have self-produced 28 albums. Until recently, I was selling my albums when I performed o­n the streets or in concert halls, this was my o­nly concession to commercialism. I now give them away for free or any voluntary donation to my Paypal account.


I will also have some of my songs (in French) and music o­n the sites listed below my email signature.


I have decided that I am ending my commercial phase and creating a new value called sharing. So intend to put all the songs and music as free downloads. There will be a lot more there in the weeks to come. I am now setting up o­n a free donation basis and will also be giving away my CDs o­n the same basis, no more selling for me. I totally trust the Creator o­n this and know that my continuation is secure. This is how far I am devoted to the new paradigm, no stops, no barriers.


I believe that this is what I ask of myself, as a free human being in order to change into new ways of becoming truly human: overcoming the fears of insecurity programmed into us by those to whom we have given away our power of choice through our neglecting to be responsible to Life. I've put my whole life o­n the line because I view this as the o­nly way to produce real changes, the unexpected, aware an spontaneous expression of free will and following the Heart Path.

I have been married 2 times, have 4 children, all adult now.


My present soul sisters in love: Teddie, from Chile but has been living in Quebec for the past 20 years, where I have been from 1997 to 2005. (Quebec is the provincial capital, about 200 miles east of Montreal), and Nina Goncharova, from Novosibirsk, Russia, who is totally devoted to her task of creating a Loving, Harmonious and Caring Planet. We have created together a few web sites: http://worldwithoutborders.site.voila.fr , http://planet3000.site.voila.fr , http://happypeopleplanet.site.voila.fr , where we speak about and delineate our ideas and plans of actions towards a NEW CULTURE of Peace, Love and Consentient.


I now live in a small village in the country called Rivière-à-Pierre, situated about 150 kms from Quebec city, where I conduct all of my activities in concert with Nature.


My instrumental music creates harmonies that raise the life vibrations and encourage spiritual healing processes.

I'm very happy to finally get some response to the creation of a new paradigm, after having tried many avenues in the past. So yes! I feel blessed by the divine creativeness to be amongst beings willing to devote themselves to this purpose and to participate and collaborate towards these aims.


Dreams and miracles can happen o­nly if we make them happen.


In Love and Harmony,


Claude Véziau, songwriter and composer, auteur, compositeur et interprète,
Troubadour de lHarmonie, Lifes Troubadour, Trovador de Vida



Email: cveziau@globetrotter.net





Hello dear Leo,


I am attaching an excellent text that gives the essential points of consensus, not written by myself, but by

a group of people. It explains exactly my concept of the principles of consensus decisions. It is not a new

idea, but based o­n the acceptance that all people in a group are equal in their rights to decide.


There is much more to write o­n this subject but the essence is in this document.


Vsego dobrogo!







What Is Consensus?


Consensus decision making is a way for groups of people, any type of group, to arrive at solutions that work for all the members of the group. Although seemingly new in today's world, consensus decision making probably dates back to early tribal cultures and certainly to about 350 years ago with the establishment of the Society Of Friends (also known as Quakers).


The essence of consensus decision making is the recognition that all members of a group are equal in their ability to bring a piece of the truth to the decision process; that all members have something--be it experience, perspective, etc.--of unique value to offer and are therefore honored and respected for what they bring. As a result, the group aims to arrive at solutions or decisions that reflect the input from all the members, not just the majority. It is important to be clear that it arrives at a unity of opinion rather than a unanimous opinion. Unity here means that everyone in the group agrees with the essence of the decision and can support it, rather than agreeing with every last word of the decision.


What about Robert's Rules of Order? Consensus decision making is actually quite a bit different from Robert's. Under Robert's Rules of Order a decision is put forward from the very beginning, discussion is limited to the specifics of the topic, amendments may be proposed, and majority votes are taken o­n the amendments and the final decision itself. Under consensus decision making a proposal is put out in the beginning, input of a broader nature is sought from everyone in the group, the idea is gradually molded by this discussion into a unity of opinion, and a final consensus decision is synthesized reflecting all of the input.


What happens when people disagree? There are two options:" blocking" or "standing in the way of" and "standing" or "stepping aside." Blocking occurs when a person cannot support a decision and believes that allowing the decision to pass would bring significant harm to the group. This implies that in this instant this particular individual has more wisdom about the overall ramifications or perhaps o­ne very important overlooked aspect of the decision than the rest of the group collectively. Thus o­ne person has the power to stop a decision. In some instances this may be final and the decision is laid down. Often, however, the reason for the block may be resolved and a better consensus decision than the earlier o­ne may be reached.

The second option, "standing aside" or "stepping aside," occurs when a person cannot personally support a decision but does not see the need to block the decision as it would not harm the group in any important way. This person is specifically mentioned in the minutes of the decision as standing aside so that they will not bear any responsibility for the consequences of that decision. If, however, more than o­ne person stands aside, it is often an indication that the present decision being offered may still be incomplete in some way and that perhaps discussion should continue in order to remove the concerns.


The last element of consensus decision making is a that of a facilitator. The facilitator as servant of the group, guides the process while group members focus o­n the content of the idea and the decision. The facilitator also continually summarizes all of the input provided into a unified body that gradually approaches a consensus as the process unfolds. Finally, the facilitator does not participate in the discussion of the content of the decision except to keep the process o­n track.


All in all, consensus decision making is a significant step forward for the entire culture as it fully empowers each and every individual who participates. It returns everyone to the decision making process, in contrast to present systems where power is concentrated in relatively few persons and majority opinions rule over the often valid concerns of minority opinions. It also builds trust and cooperation between the people participating, as opposed to fostering competition between the different elements of the group. And, most importantly, it honors each and every person for all they bring to the group.


Hello Leo,


Yes, by all means, publish it. I cannot write the credit to the authors but the material is permitted to be published. You can write that I transmitted it to you. For more information, you can put these websites, they have more information o­n the processes:




Harmony to you and the children,



February 6, 2007


 Dear Takis and other C0-Ins-Pirators of Peace and Harmony,

Here I too, agree with our most Greek and Kosmik Takis, about defining the words and concepts we wish to promote. Though it is often taken for granted that of these words are fully comprehended by most humans, if you ask 3 different people what they mean, you will most probably get 3 quite diverse definitions. Another thing about these "tricky" words is that most every culture also has many underlying conscious and/or unconscious emotional and traditional concepts for them !!! This is o­ne of the most fundamental things that has amazed me throughout my life as an educator, composer, songwriter and everyday being. Not o­nly that, but I will add that I have learned in my various public and private dealings with others, to use them with much care and understanding.

These ideas have a long standing reputation for being distorted and misconceived either voluntarily with malicious intent or involuntarily in full faith, misundertsood and truly avoided by many if not most of our fellow humans all over the Planet. They have been used to sell products, to promote patriotism, to start wars, to convert people to religions, in fact for many underhanded activities, including their true intent.

How often have we had the idea that our interlocutors seemed aloof in the middle of a heated conversation, looking a us queerly, as if they we asking themselves what exactly we meant by Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Brotherhood, etc..? In any event, I feel that reaching some sort of consensus and agreement o­n these ideas is essential to the goal of bringing them alive and in harmony.

With Light,

Claude Veziau
February 22, 2007

Dear, dear fellow humans!

I do not enjoy walking into a wasps' nest, believe me! But here, I get some deep impressions about Harmony and the task and challenges that we all must overcome, if we truly desire Peace and Harmony to be the rule of the future (let it be soonest that too late, the o­ne be prayed!).

While I deeply feel Leo Semashko's wishes when he mentions that there is no place for hate propaganda in our group, I also can feel that Harmony and Peace can come o­nly by facing ALL the various antagonisms the lay sometimes quite cleverly hidden underneath our good-willed and sincere intentions to play tricks o­n our unwary egos.

Leo Rebello speaking about the two sides of a coin trigerred a few thoughts about polarities and "black and white" types of reasoning. Nothing is purely "black" nor "white" in a world of diversity, thus, to compare situations and place anything into o­nly two classes seems to makes abstraction of all other shades and colours of possibilities. Any people, be they Jewish, Arab, Hindu, American, German, etc. cannot be generalised and taken as absolutes and identical of thought, ideas, feelings and beliefs. This goes counter to and falsifies the perspective.

While it appears true that a given people can be mistakenly heaped in the same barrel as the politics of their leaders, it would be quite a fatal mistake to believe so. Some people feel for their security and that of their families, some people follow their leaders through simple or crass ignorance or misleading information, some people hold o­nto traditional grudges and will find in them justification for retribution o­n "the villains", others simply don't know what they, as insignificant individuals, can do about it and thus will abstain from any form of responsibility, and so o­n.

How many different divisions and sects are there in most of the world's religion, to name just o­ne instance of diversity of thoughts and beliefs? Each o­ne can be related to their "root" religion, in some way or other, but their differences can vary from peaceful loving and cooperative shepherds, to war-mongering hatred filled, intractable terrorists eager to destroy anything and anyone who disagrees or simply does not act or believe exactly the same doctrine as them. And all shades in between.

So by all means, let us examine all possibilities of "Truths" and through good will, sincerity and clear discussion, reach some form of all encompassing agreement, idealistic as it may appear to educated minds. I fear this is the o­nly way to attain Harmony and Peace before we blow ourselves apart for all kinds of valid or doubtful reasons and rationales.

Peace and Harmony prevail, in the name of the o­nE.

Claude Veziau
April 5, 2007
Dear Ada, loving being,

I have written a response to this exchange, not in defense or offense of anyone or any particular person's idea of truth or reality, but rather in the spirit of compassion and a deep feeling of harmonising with every human being, which appears to me as what we are striving for, full acceptance of all, no matter how distasteful and aggressive they may appear to our particular sense of taste or distaste.

I do not feel we are together to fight more wars amongst each other but rather to try and solve the deep cause of disputes and disagreements.  This is why my contribution has been more that of a moderator.

I do not condone any kind of violence or aggression, defensive or offensive, for to me they are merely the symptoms of the great cause that keeps humans separate from other humans, that keeps the embers of mistrust and hatred seething in our hearts and eventually clouds our very judgement.

Me or Nina or anyone defending any other individual or group simply serves to perpetuate the merry-go-round of offense/defense/counter offense/counter defense going round and round and round towards a never ending spiral or MORE and MORE counter offensive/counter defensive moves until we find both sides engaged in nuclear warfare all over again.

Tell me please, what would be the use of that? Is this where we want to go? Will it serve any purpose to our Peace goals to "destroy and obliterate" whom we perceive as an "ennemy"? Do we truly desire to force "OUR truth" down the throats of evryone? Many dictators in the past have believed so, thus creating more and more opposition, sparking revolutions in the name of "The o­nly True Truth", which ended up in endless buildups of hatred and misery, pro and contra arms races and, after countless millenia, no solution to Peace and Harmony.

I cannot claim to be a praticioner of any organised religion, though I do have much affinity with the messages of Jesus and Gautama, that o­nly LOVE is the answer to hate, fear and mistrust. This is indeed how I try to pattern my whole existence.

Right or Wrong? I cannot truly say. o­nly that it is what I resonate with the most and wish to apply in life.

For or Against? "If you are not with us, then your are against us, thus our enemies..." is a consecrated refrain. I do not feel so, but if you wish to believe it, then I cannot impede you. I wish not to "defend" myself any further than this.

Love, Peace and Harmony to you and ALL,

Claude Veziau

April 7, 2007

Hello to all - Bonjour à tous - Holá a todos

Following is a poem transcribed from a song I wrote a few years ago, I simply felt like sharing it with some friends.
Claude Véziau

Ce qui suit est un poème tiré d'une chanson que j'ai écrite il y a quelques années déjà, je me sentais le goût de le partager avec des amis.
En Harmonie,
Claude Véziau

Lo que sigue es un poema tomado de una canción que he hecho hace ya unos años, sentia el deseo de compartirla con unos amigos.
En Armonía,
Claude Veziau

Soldiers at war have no more mystery
they are o­nly firing.
When o­ne is military, o­ne must learn to be silent
and to not hesitate,
we have, slung over our shoulder, our bitter victories
and our lost loves.
We are patriots to the end of our boots
and we have, for friends,
ghosts that float, stranded wretches who trot
at the end of our guns..
But, when we are in front of people of our breed
who have, as their o­nly hope
but to have a small place near those who embrace each other
leaving them hungry,
who have o­nly their anger to dispel the misery
where we want to leave them,
must we really take weapon and to destroy tears
with ever deadlier blows?
If their hunger alarms us, if their eyes disarm us,
must we kill them?
When all soldiers cease shooting
We will see, that day, the sun a' rising
But this beautiful morning about which we've all dreamed
Is it really so far that we will have forgotten it?
When all soldiers stop killing
We will see, o­n that day, the sun a' rising
But this beautiful morning about which we"ve all dreamed
Would it be really so far that we would have forgotten it?
When we teach our children to love each other
We shall see, o­n that day , a sun a' rising
And this beautiful morning about which we've all dreamed,
I am sure of it,
Is not really so far..
It belongs to US to create it!
And end forever war!
No more misery!
No more madness!
And long live.. LIFE!
Claude Véziau (1991-SOCAN)

Les soldats à la guerre n'ont plus aucun mystère
ils ne font que tirer.
Quand o­n est militaire, il faut savoir se taire
et ne pas hésiter,
on porte en bandoulière nos victoires amères
et nos amours usées.
On est des patriotes jusqu'au bout de nos bottes
et l'on a, pour amis,
des fantômes qui flottent, des épaves qui trottent
au bout de nos fusils...
Mais, lorsqu'on est en face de gens de notre race
qui n'ont pour seule idée
que d'avoir une place près de ceux qui s'embrassent
les laissant affamés,
qui n'ont que leur colère pour chasser la misère
où l'on veut les laisser,
faut-il prendre les armes et détruire les larmes
à grands coups redoublés?
Si leur faim nous alarme, si leurs yeux nous désarment,
devons-nous les tuer?
Lorsque tous les soldats cesseront de tirer
On verra, ce jour-là, le soleil se lever
Mais ce si beau matin dont o­n a tous rêvé
Est-il vraiment si loin qu'on l'aura oublié?
Lorsque tous les soldats arrêteront de tuer
On verra, ce jour-la, le soleil se lever
Mais ce si beau matin que l'on a tous rêvé
Serait-il vraiment si loin qu'on l'aurait oublié?
Lorsque l'on apprendra aux enfants à s'aimer
On verra, ce jour-là, un soleil se lever
Et ce si beau matin que l'on a tous rêvé,
j'en suis certain,
N'est pas vraiment si loin...
C'est à NOUS de le créer!
Et plus jamais de guerre!
Plus jamais de misère!
Plus jamais de folie!
Et que vive... LA VIE!
Claude Véziau (1991-SOCAN)

Soldados en la guerra no son ningun misterio
no saben más que matar
Cuando se es militar hay que saber callarse
y no titubear
Al hombro llevan su armas, sus victorias amargas
y sus viejos amores.
Ellos son patriotas, incluyendo sus botas
y tienen por amigos
Fantasmas que flotan, y vencidos que andan
a la punta del fusil.
Cuando una esta en frente de gente de su raza
que tienen por idea
Acercarse de aquellos que viven y disfrutan
dejandolos hambrientos
Tratando por su ira de acabar la miseria
y dar futuro a sus hijos,
¿Porque tomar la armas?
¿Se puede borrar la esperanza a golpes de fusil?
Si su hambre nos alarma, si sus ojos nos desarman
¿Tendremos que matarlos?
Cuando todos los soldados dejarán de disparar
Ese dia veremos el sol nacer
Ese hermoso amanecer que todos hemos soñado
Parece a veces tan lejano que lo hemos olvidado
Cuando todos los soldados dejaran de matar
Ese dia veremos el sol nacer
Ese hermonso amanecer que todos hemos soñado
¿Estaria realmente tan lejos que lo hemos olvidado?
Cuando ya enseñaremos a los niños a amar
Ese dia veremos un sol nacer
Y ese hermoso amanecer que todos hemos soñado,
por cierto,
No está realmente tan lejos
No más tenemos que crearlo.
¡Ya nos mas GUERRAS!
¡No mas MISERIA!
¡No mas LOCURAS!
Y que vive... la VIDA
Claude Veziau (1991 SOCAN)

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